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Oh No, He's Hot!!!

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Kaminari knew he was going to be late before he had even crawled out of bed that morning. He didn’t even need to look at a clock to know, he just felt it in his soul.

Even knowing that he was definitely going to walk into class anywhere from five to ten minutes late, and definitely attract the ire of Aizawa, he still couldn’t be bothered crawling out of bed too fast. He had only gotten back to the dorms last night at about midnight, by which point everyone else had already said their greetings and gone to bed. It was a little disheartening to have missed everyone, but he knew he would be able to make up for it tomorrow.

Besides, the rest of the class knew he would be returning late; he had been down south in Kagoshima visiting his aunt, and his flight ended up getting delayed because of some villain incident on the runways, so he had messaged ahead to let everyone know that he wouldn’t arrive for a long while.

He hadn’t had the energy to even unpack his bag last night, which only made things more difficult as he stumbled around his room trying to get ready. He huffed in annoyance as he yanked on the pants of his uniform; he had actually hit a decent growth spurt in the last three months of summer vacation, which meant that he was in dire need of a new uniform. Luckily, he had a new pair of boots that could hide the shortness, but he knew he would have to take a trip to the uniform office soon.

Kaminari crammed his laptop, notebooks, phone and a wide assortment of chargers into his bag, knowing that he would have to forgo breakfast this morning to get to class on time. Lamenting the waffles that he would have to deny himself until later, he ran a hand through his hair and checked his expression in the mirror.

His summer vacation had left its mark on him in more ways than one; his skin was a little more tanned, and a few freckles had made their presence known across his nose. His growth spurt, in addition to giving him a few more inches of height, had also broadened his shoulders out a bit and cut down whatever remnants of baby fat he still had. His jaw was more defined, as were his cheekbones, and the fact that he had maintained his training regime over the holidays made sure that he (probably) wasn’t going to be too far behind his classmates.

Giving up on making himself any more presentable, he dashed out the door and began the frantic sprint to get to class on time. He cursed, a litany of foul words escaping his mouth as he ran. He had been spending too much with Bakugou.

The journey between the dorms and class didn’t seem as long as usual – perhaps his slightly longer legs were to thank for that, or maybe even his holiday training regime. Whatever it was, he was just grateful that when he jogged up to the door of what was now Class 2-A, Aizawa was nowhere to be seen. Checking his phone, he relaxed upon realizing that he had crossed campus faster than he thought; class didn’t start for another ten minutes, though Iida had drilled everyone into arriving with twenty minutes to spare, so by that metric, he was still late.

Being as graceful and agile as he was, Kaminari ran directly into Tokoyami in the doorway, spewing out apologies as he backpedaled and blinked widely. Tokoyami seemed to have banged his arm  against the doorway and Kaminari winced, fully ready to accept any sort of condemnation when Tokoyami looked up and to his surprise, just blinked at him. Kaminari blinked again, before rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.

“Sorry man, I wasn’t looking where I was going. Is your arm alright?”

“O-oh.” Tokoyami murmured, averting his eyes, looking a little flustered. Probably embarrassed that Kaminari had seen him rubbing his arm. “I’m fine, Kaminari. I wasn’t watching my step either.” Kaminari blinked, surprised by Tokoyami’s odd shyness, but smiled and nodded anyway.

“Ha, alright. How were your holidays?” Tokoyami perked up a little, the odd expression on his face lingering.

“It was nice.” He said. “Did you spend the holidays in Saitama?”

“Oh! No, I went to Kagoshima to visit my aunt for a lot of it.” He said happily. “It’s a lot hotter than Saitama, though. I was melting for half the holidays.”

“Ahh,” Tokoyami murmured, “yes, you’ve…tanned.” Kaminari beamed.

“Yup! Not sure if it suits me or not.” He murmured, examining his own arm. Tokoyami coughed into his fist, looking oddly flustered again.

“It looks nice.” The other boy murmured, voice sounding a little off. Kaminari blinked, but he shrugged it off.

“Thanks man!” he said, feeling all warm inside. Tokoyami didn’t exactly throw around compliments on a regular basis, much less to him, so it was good to hear.

“Hey Kaminari!” he heard from inside the classroom. Perking up, he looked over Tokoyami’s head, which was a lot easier now, huh, and saw Urakaka waving at him. She did something similar to Tokoyami, blinking in surprise before smiling widely again. Kaminari slipped past Tokoyami, who seemed a little frozen, and walked over to her.

“Hey Urakaka!” he called out in return. “Did ya have a good break?” Urakaka nodded eagerly.

“Yeah, it was really good! I got to spend a week at Tsuyu’s house! Nagoya is really different to here.” She said. “And look! I got a helix piercing!” she tapped the top of her ear, where Kaminari could see a small silver ring gleaming. He grinned. He’d always had an appreciation for piercings, as somehow who had endeavored to collect a few himself, and he couldn’t stop himself from reaching out to gently touch the loop.

“It looks really good!” he said, frowning in confusion when he saw that Uraraka’s face had turned a vibrant shade of red. “Ahh, you okay? You look really red.” Urakaka waved her hands, face reddening even more.

“I’m fine!!!” she stuttered, “You just got very close is all.”

“Oh, sorry! I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.” He said. Urakaka smiled.

“It’s fine, really. I’m glad you like it! I was worried that people would think it looks weird.”

“Nope.” Kaminari said, popping the p, “it looks good!” Uraraka flushed pink again.

“Hey Urakaka, have you seen my noteboo- oh holy shit.” Midoriya, who had drifted over from where he was talking to Todoroki, stopped short and stared at Kaminari, looking a little shell-shocked. Urakaka started giggling, and Kaminari looked between the two of them, baffled.

“Uh, you okay Midoriya?”

“I’m bi-FINE! I’m fine!” Midoriya stammered, smile a little haphazard. Urakaka was laughing openly behind Kaminari while the green-haired teen flushed, fiddling with the ends of his sleeves.

“Well…that’s good!” Kaminari said, trying to cut through the weirdness in the air. This was an odd interaction, but he shrugged it off. “You had a good holiday?” Midoriya nodded several times, eyes still wide and cheeks red.

“Yes, 100%, they were super.” Midoriya seemed to cringe a little at his words. Kaminari rubbed the back of his neck.

“Well, I guess I’ll talk to you later?” Midoriya nodded vigorously again, and Urakaka, still giggling, waved her fingers at him. He saw Urakaka and Midoriya whisper furiously to one another when he walked away, and distantly wondered if he had done something wrong.

The next person he ran into was Tsuyu, who approached him as he was shoving his bag under his desk.

“Oh, hey Tsuyu!” she smiled at him.

“Hello Kaminari. Hmm, you’ve changed a lot over the holidays.” He blinked in surprise, then tilted his head to the side.

“Oh, yeah. I finally got a decent growth spurt!” he grinned happily at her. Tsuyu nodded.

“Among other things.” She said cryptically. Kaminari cocked his head at her, but she didn’t elaborate. Feeling a little weird just standing there silently, he kind of nodded to her and then moved away. He saw Iida lecturing Shinsou about something – knowing the purple-haired newcomer to their class, it was something about sleeping on his desk – and waved.

Iida smiled when he saw him. “Ahh, welcome back Kaminari! I was disheartened to hear that you would be back late! Did you get a good sleep? Proper rest is essential for functioning!”

Kaminari chuckled. “Yeah, I slept fine, thanks Iida.” Their class rep moved past him to talk to someone else, and Kaminari brightened up when he saw Shinsou. “Shinsou! How were your holidays?”

Shinsou jerked up from the table and turned to blink blearily at him…

…and promptly fell off his seat. Kaminari yelped in alarm and rushed over to his grumpy, purple-haired friend, who was lying on his back on the floor, blinking in shock. His eyes widened when Kaminari leaned over him, fretfully searching him for injuries.

“Holy shit, dude, are you okay?” he exclaimed, reaching out to help Shinsou up. Though the other boy tended to shrug off help, today he accepted Kaminari’s helping hand, blinking owlishly at their joined hands and back at Kaminari’s face, looking rather like he had just been hit by a train. Kaminari reached out to gently brush the part of Shinsou’s head that he thought he might have hit against the floor, and the brainwasher made an odd noise in the back of his throat, leaning back a little.

“I, uh, I’m-I’m fine.” He stammered out, still looking a little alarmed. Kaminari cocked his head to the side, frowning in concern.

“You sure? I can take you to Recovery Girl if you would like.” He offered. “You fell pretty hard.”

“Yeah, you can say that again.” Shinsou muttered. Before Kaminari could ask what he meant, he cleared his throat. “I’ll be fine.” He said. “Class is starting soon, anyway.” Kaminari nodded, then noticed something as Shinsou turned away, looking a little embarrassed.

“Uhh, I love you, man, but can I have my hand back?” Shinsou’s eyes once again bulged to the size of saucers as he registered that he was still holding Kaminari’s hand, and he ripped his own away.

“Sorry, I…” he trailed off for a moment. “Sorry.” Shinsou sat down in his own seat, rather abruptly, sticking his head into his hands. “This has not been an ideal morning.” Kaminari smiled sympathetically.

“Oh, I get what you mean, dude. I didn’t have time for breakfast this morning, so I’ll probably be dead to the world by second period.” Kaminari scratched the back of his head. “Hunger and ADHD don’t go well together, let me tell you that.” Shinsou blinked at him.

“Oh, I have some food in my bag, if you want.” Kaminari smiled bashfully.

“That’s really nice of you, but I don’t wanna take any of your food…” he trailed off as he registered that Shinsou was already on his feet again, rifling through his bag, cheeks still flushed. He bit his lip and accepted the breakfast bar he was handed. “Thanks, man, you’re the best.” Kaminari looked up at him, and promptly jumped a little in surprise. “Wait, holy crap, am I taller than you now?”

Shinsou looked a little taken off-guard by the question, but upon closer inspection, by which Kaminari meant sliding up to the purple-haired boy until their noses were almost touching, and exclaiming in delight when he noticed that he had a small lead on the other. It was miniscule, probably only a fraction of an inch, but it was something. He opened his mouth to speak to Shinsou again, only to see that the other looked practically catatonic. Oh, shit, Shinsou normally napped before class, didn’t he? Kaminari was eating into his beauty sleep! (Not that he needed it, of course).

“Ahh, sorry to keep you, man! I’ll let you nap now!” he exclaimed, lifting the breakfast bar in thanks again before darting away. Behind him, Shinsou practically collapsed into his chair, cheeks the approximate color of Kirishima’s hair. Midoriya, who sat in front of him, spun around in his chair, whisper-screaming “I know, right???” as Kaminari walked obliviously on, unaware of how much chaos he was causing.

He said hello to Ojirou by sneaking up behind him to seize his tail, now with Shinsou’s breakfast bar crammed in his mouth. Ojirou looked a little surprised to see him, as did Momo, who gave him a nice smile and turned a little pink when he excitedly waved to her.

After talking to them for a while, he ran up to greet Todoroki, who had somehow arrived even later than he had, sculling down what was probably boiling hot coffee. He accidentally caught him right as he was drinking some, and Todoroki ended up inhaling half of it. Kaminari spent the next minute or so checking that he was okay as Todoroki stared open-mouthed at him.

“Really, I can grab some more tissues if you need-” Kaminari murmured. Todoroki shook his head.

“It’s really fine, Kaminari.” He said, voice firm but tone soft. His cheeks were a soft red, and Kaminari just smiled at him. Poor guy was probably a little embarrassed about spitting half of his coffee on the floor. “Uh, good holidays?” Kaminari nodded, sharing a few details of his trip to Kagoshima as Todoroki nodded along, not seeming to be paying too much attention, even though he kept his eyes trained on his face the whole time. It was a little intense, and as much as he liked and respected Todoroki, Kaminari was relieved when the other was beckoned away by Midoriya. Spotting another of his friends, he darted over to Jirou.

Out of sight and earshot, Todoroki bolted over to Midoriya, who was trying to unsuccessfully calm down a flustered Shinsou. The brainwasher was still red, and looked completely shell-shocked.

“He’s-holy fuck, Midoriya-” Shinsou hissed as Midoriya nodded sympathetically, “god he’s so fucking pretty-”

Todoroki smacked his hands on the desk to get their attention, eyes still on Kaminari. “I am so fucking gay.” He muttered, quickly getting dragged into their frantic, whispered conversation.

Kaminari steamrolled obliviously onwards, grinning at Jirou as he propped himself up on his own desk. “Hey! Did you have a good holiday?” Jirou blinked at him – why were so many people doing that today? – and nodded, an odd look in her eyes.

“Oh, yeah, they were pretty good. Went to a few concerts, though I gushed to you about them already.” Kaminari nodded brightly. Exchanging texts with Jirou about all of the bands they both loved had quickly become a fun pastime over the holidays. “What about you?” she asked.

“Oh! I got to visit my aunt in Kagoshima, so that was fun.” He grinned. “I finally got more of my growth spurt!” Jirou nodded.

“Yeah, I can see that.” She said reaching out to prod at his upper arm. “I think you need a new school shirt.” Kaminari twisted his arm a little at the motion to check, and nodded.

“Yeah, I definitely do.” He said, looking up and stopping dead in surprise when he saw that Jirou had gone very red. Her hand had somehow slotted itself around his bicep when he had moved his arm. It was funny, he mused; back when they’d started at UA, she had been able to almost wrap her whole hand around his upper arm, but now, her fingers didn’t even come close to touching. Maybe her hand had shrunk.

“Mmm.” Jirou made an odd squeaking noise. “Uh, you kept up training over the holidays?”

“Yup! Not a bad change, I gotta say.” He said. She nodded, dropping her hand from his arm.

“Uh, yeah, agreed.”

Jirou jumped slightly as a low tone came from her pocket. She fished out her phone and looked at the screen. “Oh, shit, I gotta take this. Talk to you later?” at his eager nod, she wove away through the desks, pressing the phone to her ear.

Kouda, Sato and Shouji wandered in the door, drinks in hands that obviously indicated they had gone to visit the vending machines around the corner. They looked surprised to see him, too, though that was probably because he hadn’t been around last night. After speaking to them all briefly, he spun around, intending to go and talk to his friends – the self-proclaimed Bakusquad – when he found himself face to face with Aoyama.

The blond just eyed him eerily for a moment before reaching out and placing his hands on either side of Kaminari’s face.

“C’est magnifique.” Aoyama said simply, gently kissing Kaminari on both cheeks before releasing him and walking off as if nothing had happened. Kaminari stood frozen and bewildered for a very long moment, before he shook his head. Alright then…

He wove his way through the desks to his friends, waving at them. Kirishima spotted him first and brightened up, waving him over.

“Kami! Hey!” Kaminari bolted over, launching himself at his best friends.

“Guys! I missed you!” Mina shrieked in delight at the spontaneous hug, reciprocating easily with a laugh. Kirishima and Sero also rose to the task, yelling happily at him being back. Bakugou grumbled loudly, but Kaminari would swear on his life that he briefly felt a toned arm snake around his shoulders in a half hug before retreating. He pulled back, grinning widely at them, and observed a wide range of bizarre, random reactions.

Mina shrieked again, once more in delight, before leaning forward and studying him intently, a shit-eating grin on her face. Kirishima blinked as his smile returned to his face, looking a little stunned. Bakugou’s eyebrows had disappeared somewhere in his hairline, and the explosive blond was looking at Kaminari like he had just declared that he was going to be the next President of Zimbabwe. Sero seemed to be emulating Shinsou, in that he looked borderline catatonic. Kaminari cocked his head to the side, surprised and slightly alarmed by the odd reactions.

“Uhh, what?”

“Kami!!! Your face!!!!!” Mina exclaimed, still grinning at him. Kaminari straightened, wondering if this was the reason behind everyone’s odd behavior this morning.

“What about it??” he asked. “Aww shit, do I have breakfast bar on me?”. He brushed himself down, rubbing at the sides of his mouth to dislodge any crumbs. Mina stopped in her tracks, staring at him before she turned and exchanged a long, meaningful look with Kirishima. Kaminari stared at them, more confused than before. “I feel like I’m missing something here…”

Bakugou scoffed. “Fucking moron.” He muttered. Kaminari had barely had the thought, well, at least Bakugou is acting like himself, before he turned to the blond to see his cheeks slightly red. He blinked in concern. He had never seen Bakugou flushed unless it was from exertion. Definitely not in a classroom setting.

“You okay man? You look kinda red.” Not fearing the explosions that might have plagued anyone else in class, he reached out and pressed the back of his hand to Bakugou’s forehead. “Huh, you don’t feel warm.” He retracted his hand only to see Bakugou looking even redder. The blond seemed in shock for a moment before he scowled and turned away, muttering malevolently under his breath. He turned his attention to Sero. “You alright dude?”

Sero jumped, blushing before he grinned. “Uhh, yeah, I’m all good.” Before he could ask anything more, the door slid open, and Aizawa, covered in his sleeping bag as always, flopped into the room. There was a scramble for everyone to clamber back into their assigned seats, and class for the semester officially began.

It was hard to sit through lessons after months of relaxing, but it was nice to see all of his teachers again. Hero training was always the best part of the day, though, so Kaminari was practically bouncing with excitement when Aizawa told them to suit up and go to training ground B.

The day only improved when Kaminari was stuck in a group with Shinsou and Sero, but things quickly took a turn for the weirder. They were doing an exercise to help them navigate collapsed buildings, but that meant that tripping hazards were abundant. He himself was caught by a diligent Sero about three times, each one punctuated by blushing on Sero’s part. Kaminari himself managed to just barely grab Shinsou’s arm as part of the floor collapsed in on itself, and in his desperation to yank the brainwasher back to safety, ended up knocking himself over and leaving Shinsou sprawled on top of him.

The blushing on Sero’s part was nothing compared to the redness of Shinsou’s cheeks when he clambered off him. Kaminari brushed off his apologies, oddly regretting the loss of Shinsou’s warmth after they were both on their feet. He didn’t mind having the other boy sprawled on top of him (if anything, he had enjoyed it, which was something he would examine in more detail later). That was part of why it stung so much when Shinsou retreated from his side and barely spoke to him for the rest of the exercise.

They did well, ultimately, though Aizawa fixed Shinsou and Sero with a sharp look as he praised Kaminari for being the most focused member of their group. That soothed the sting a little. Kaminari generally wasn’t used to being selected out for praise, much less for focusing. The bottle of Adderall crammed into his bag was a testament to that. It put a little spring in his step on the way back to the dorms, though that spring faded when Shinsou practically fled to the other end of the locker rooms to shower. Sighing in confusion, Kaminari showered fast and dressed faster, ducking outside.

He had no clue why everyone was acting so strange today, but it was starting to worry him. Had he done something? Was there some big inside joke that he wasn’t part of?

His inner turmoil must have shown on his face, because he felt the couch dip down beside him, and looked over in curiosity to see (well, ‘see’) Hagakure sitting beside him. She was one of the only people who hadn’t spoken to him this morning.

“Hey.” He greeted simply as she wriggled to get more comfortable, judging by the movements of her floating pyjamas.

“Hi!” she responded chirpily, sounding normal, unlike everyone else here. “What’s up? You looked downright miserable as I was walking over.”

Kaminari blinked, then sighed, rubbing his forehead. “It’s, ahh, it’s nothing.” He felt a small hand land on his arm.

“Come on Kami, you aren’t fooling me with that. Spill.” Kaminari smiled ever so slightly. That was one reason he liked Hagakure; she was straight to the point.

“It’s just…everyone’s been acting weird since I got to class this morning, and Shinsou hasn’t spoken to me since the training exercises this afternoon.” He gently scuffed his foot against the edge of the couch. “I just don’t know what’s going on.”

“…You mean you haven’t realized?” Hagakure said, sounding surprised. Kaminari blinked.

“Realized what?” he said. He heard Hagakure suck in a breath.

“Oh. My. God.” He heard her whisper reverently. “Wait here! I’ll be back!” she leapt off the couch and bolted away. Kaminari stared after her in confusion. After a minute or so, her floating clothes reappeared, a mirror clutched in her hand. She jammed herself back onto the couch beside him, so close that she was pressed up against his side. She shoved the mirror into his hands. “Look.”

“Uhh…” he had no clue what had possessed her, but he did as she asked. “Okay? Why?”

He heard Hagakure mutter a curse. “Why are you like this.” She murmured. He barely had time to feel offended at that before she snatched the mirror from him and started to prod at his face. “God, Kami, look at yourself.”

“I am???”

“Not properly!” she exclaimed in his ear. “Look, you might just see Kami, you wanna know what everyone else has seen today?”

“Um, sure?” he said reluctantly. She poked at his face.

“Here I see cheekbones far sharper than before. Same goes for your jaw. You’ve shed the teenage curse that is lingering baby fat and yeah, your jawline could probably slit my throat and I would thank you with my dying breath.” Kaminari blinked in stunned alarm before Hagakure kept going.

“And here we have freckles. They’re fucking adorable. You’ve seen Midoriya, right? Freckles increase cuteness by at least 300%. It’s a proven fact. Now, your skin. You’re tanned, enough that it’s noticeable and gives you a nice ‘I actually spend time outdoors’ vibe while also not so dark that you look like an Oompa Loompa.” She barreled onwards.

“Now, to things not face-related. You’re taller, for one, and people will always love a tall man, Kami. Always. Why do you think people love All Might so much?”

“Uh, because he was the Symbol of Peace and saved countless people?”

Hagakure scoffed. “Yeah, on a surface level. He’s also 7’2’’.” Kaminari stared at her, but she obviously wasn’t done.

“And your arms,” at this, she reached one hand out and ran it up and down his bicep, alrighty then, “well, muscles are always a winner, Kami, always.”

“…Got it.” He murmured, feeling awkward as she kept her hand on his arm. “Uh, do you mind?”

“Just let me have this.” She said, finally withdrawing her hand a moment later. “In addition to that, well, you were already pleasant to look at, but your proportions have just levelled out perfectly. All in all, a recipe for blushing, stammering and teenage sexuality crises.”

She placed the mirror back on the table with a flourish as Kaminari stared at her.


Hagakure sighed in defeat. “Oh my god. Kami, you got a glow up. You got hot. You’re hot now. Congratulations. You’ve joined the ranks of Todoroki and Yaoyorozu as the undisputedly prettiest members of Class 2-A.” Kaminari stared at her, mouth agape.

“I, what, wait, REALLY?” he exclaimed, jumping to his feet. “You mean everyone was acting weird because…”

“They want to jump your bones.” Hagakure said wisely as Kaminari tried not to choke on his own tongue. He felt like he had tripped into an alternate dimension. Was this what being on drugs was like? Was he on drugs right now?

He sat down on the couch again, eyes wide and mouth open in shock. Hagakure patted him on the back. “But, wait…that doesn’t explain why Shinsou stopped talking to me.”

“Oh, it does, actually.” Hagakure said. “I think he just has a weakness for blonds with sunshine personalities, honestly. You got him really flustered this morning. That’s why he fell off his chair, after all.”

“Oh.” Kaminari said, wilting a little. “So, he was just surprised, I guess.”

“Don’t get all sad. I’m pretty sure Shinsou’s wanted to jump your bones for months before this happened.” She said, gesturing to him. “You probably overwhelmed him, the poor thing.”

Kaminari stared at her. “You think…Shinsou likes me?” Hagakure sighed.

“Wow, you are thick.” She groaned. “Yes, Kami, he likes you.”

“Oh my god.” Kaminari muttered. “Oh my god.” Hagakure giggled, getting off the couch and scooping her mirror up along with her.

“Well, glad I could help, Kami. Sleep well!” and, with those various bombshells dropped on him, Hagakure skipped away.


What the actual fuck?

Kaminari probably stood there, in the common room, for fifteen minutes straight, just staring at the ground and blinking absently.

So, wait, he was apparently really attractive now?

Kaminari slapped his hands to his cheeks. That…was a curveball he hadn’t expected.

I’m pretty sure Shinsou’s wanted to jump your bones for months.

He jolted abruptly as Hagakure’s words came back to him, and he recalled the especially flustered look on the other boy’s face, not just that morning, when he’d fallen off his chair, but also during the training exercise, when he had ended up sprawled on top of him. He bit his lip, eying the stairs that led up to the second floor, where Shinsou’s room was. He considered his options for a moment.

Fuck it, this had already been the weirdest day of his schooling career, might as well add some more drama to it.

He found himself pounding on the brainwasher’s door before he could convince himself not to. At the sound of Shinsou’s voice, asking him to come in, he threw the door open and bolted over to the brainwasher, who was at his desk, one earbud dislodged as he blinked at Kaminari in shock.

“Kami, what-”

“Hitoshi.” He said, ignoring how Shinsou’s eyes widened at the use of his first name. “Go out on a date with me.”

And, for the second time that day, Shinsou tragically found his body tumbling from his chair and onto the floor while his brain screamed in confusion.




(He still said yes, though)