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One Mistake

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Regina was making breakfast when two arms settled around her waist, making her smile before leaning into the hold of the man behind her.

"G'morning, m'love." he slurred and she chuckled before turning around and circling his neck with her arms.

Regina studied the man in front of her with nothing pure adoration.

Robin Locksley.

His sleepy blue eyes, tousled hair and muscular body - God. She loved him sleepy.

He was so sexy...

She shook her head and smiled again, leaning in to steal a kiss from him.

"Good morning, handsome."

Robin smiled and his hands started stroking her skin tenderly while they just both basked in this absolute feeling of happiness.

3 years.

It had been three amazing years since he had kissed her for the first time, and Regina couldn't be happier than she did.

Because she had never felt as happy and cherished as she did with him, she had never loved as fiercely as she loved him.

And she knew Robin felt the same.

"What are you thinking about?" he murmured and she put her hand on his chest, feeling his heart beat against her palm, the gesture comforting somehow.

"You, actually."

Robin smirked and leant in so that blue eyes met brown.

"Oh are you, now?"

She nodded, biting her lips and she saw his eyes darkened.

"Robin..." she warned when he cornered her against the table.

"We've got time." he breathed, his mouth getting lost on her neck and she moaned, before tilting the head in order to give him better access.

"Not so much-" he sucked on that spot that drove her mad and she whimpered, "You've got to be at the police station in two hours."

"I'll be quick." he said, nipping at her earlobe and she closed her eyes, hands gripping his biceps.

"I've got to be at school in one hour."

Robin leant into her and she gasped, before their eyes met once again, and God, who was she kidding?

She wanted this.

She wanted him.

"No foreplay, understood?"

He smirked and one of his hands found her clothed breast before he whispered hotly against her skin,

"There is always time for foreplay, my love. "



"Regina!" exclaimed Mary Margaret when she glimpsed her running in the corridors.

The woman stopped, breathless.

Mary Margaret Nolan was one of her bestfriends.

She was also the headmistress of the school where Regina had been teaching 3rd grade for a few years now.

"I am  so sorry, I know I am late but-"

"Zelena took on your class," said Mary, "And let me say that she wasn't really happy about it."

Regina groaned.


She was about to leave when Mary Margaret called her one last time,



"Before you go in there, I think you should button up your shirt."

And in a knowing smirk, she was gone.

Regina looked down and cursed,

"Fucking English bastard." she muttered to Robin, even if he couldn't hear her.

She buttoned up her shirt and then walked quickly to her class.



Robin entered the station, whistling happily.

His life was perfect.

He had the most perfect woman by his sides - a woman he intended to marry very soon, he had a job he liked and a bunch of real friends.

How could it be any better than that?

"Someone's awfully happy." smirked a voice and he turned to see a woman with long blond hair, blue eyes and a significant red jacket.

"Good morning to you too, Swan."

The woman rolled her eyes.

"What with all the happiness?"

"Do I need any reason other than the beauty of life?"

She chuckled.

"Wow. I see." then she added, matter of factly. "Someone got laid before going to work."

Robin's eyes widened, still trying to get used of the bluntness of his friend even after two years of working together.

"Not that it concerns you." he said and she smirked again.

"Not that I want to know."

Robin chuckled and then walked to his office.

He was a police officer, and Emma Swan had been his partner for almost two years, now.

Robin chuckled at the fact that when Regina first met her, she had instantly been jealous of her, knowing Robin would spend quite some time with the woman.

It had gone soon enough, though.

Because they had learnt Emma was actually happily married and was the mother of a baby boy.

That had calmed Regina and now, the two women were friends.


Even talking about her was bringing a stupid smile to his face.

God he was so desperate for her.

He loved her with all that he was, and all that he had.

He had loved her the moment they had met and his eyes laid on her, 4 years ago.

She was just getting out of a very complicated and very long relationship. Her fiancé had dumped her like she meant nothing a few weeks before their wedding, and even now Robin was still trying to come to terms with the fact that someone could willingly let that amazing woman go.

They had met when he had just been affected in that small town after his graduation from College. One night, they had been called for a bar fight, and when they arrived she was there and he had been instantly drawn to her, had wanted to protect her before they even talked.

After they settled everything and calmed everyone, Robin walked back to Regina and introduced himself, making sure she was alright.

She had smiled the most beautiful of smile, brown eyes studying him and he had known right away that he was lost.

And thus everything began.

They had become friends, so close that he couldn't picture his life without her inside it.

It took them a year after that to admit they had feelings for each other.

Regina had been unsure if she was ready to date again after Daniel, but Robin had been patient with her and always ready to reassure her of his feelings.

She had agreed.

They started dating after that and everything had been perfect since then.

They had moved in together a little less than a year ago ( 10 months to be exact) in a little house they had bought, and now Robin was planning to ask his stunning girlfriend to marry him.

She would say yes.

He was sure of it.

He didn't doubt her feelings.

Well, not anymore at least.

There was a time when he didn't know if she was only seeing him in order to forget about her former fiancée, but now he knew she loved him just as much as he loved her.




Regina took a deep breath and entered her class, she smiled at all of her little students.

"Good morning, miss Mills!"

"Hi, children!" she said joyously before walking to Zelena.

Zelena Green.

She hated her.

First because...


There was actually only one reason why.

Because last year, when Regina had asked Robin if he wanted to come with her at the party organized at the end of the year for teachers, Zelena had tried to flirt with him.

Several times.

And Regina had seen green, she would have hit the woman here and there but when she walked to her in order to do just so, she had heard her pefect boyfriend tell the woman that he was sorry but also already very much taken, and very much in love.

(They had made great love on that night)

God, she needed to stay focus.

"Zelena." she said coldy and the English woman sighed.

"Late? Again?" she whispered so that children couldn't hear.

Regina's eyes widened.

"It's the first time since the year began."

"Was it because of that boyfriend of yours?"

Oh God.

She wouldn't let Robin alone, would she?

"As a matter of facts," she smirked. "Yes. Robin was quite willing to ... do some interesting things this morning."

Zelena's eyes darkened and then she flipped her hair back, before she stormed out of the room. Regina tried to contain her anger as she put a smile on her face, turning to her students.

"So, who want to read the poem first?"



The morning had been really calm, allowing Robin to catch up on long overdue reports.

"I'm bored to death." finally said a voice at the enter of his office and he smirked towards Emma, "I was about to grab lunch at Granny's, do you want to come?"

"Thanks for the offer." he said, "But I think I'll take lunch with my lovely girlfriend, today."

She smiled at that,

"Well, tell Regina I said "hi"."

"Will do. Enjoy your break, Swan."

"Don't I always." she smirked and then she was gone.

Robin took a deep breath before wiping his eyes tiredly and taking his phone,

RL: Are we still on for lunch, lovely? xx

RM: Yes, but only if you can keep those skillfull hands of yours to yourself.

He chuckled.

RM: You got me in trouble, this morning mister.

RL: I promise. I'll be nice.


RL: Not too much trouble, I hope?

RM: Don't worry, my love. See you later, then. xx

RL: Love you.

RM: Love you, too.

And he laid down his phone, a big stupid smile on his face.

God, he just loved her so much.

Nothing could ever change that.



She entered her house happily, knowing her favourite person would be here and as a matter of facts, it smelt really good.

"Robin?" she called, laying her key on the counter. "I am home."

"In the kitchen, darling!"

She smiled and took off her coat before walking to the kitchen and finding him there, with the table set for two.

He turned around when he saw her, and that dimpled smile she loved was thrown her way before he made his way to her and one of his hands circled her waist.

"Hello, you."

She chuckled and he brought her closer, kissing her tenderly.

"How was your morning?" she asked and he groaned in annoyance,

"Boring. Yours?"

"Quite eventful, actually."

Robin smiled and took her hand, leading her to the table before pulling out a chair for her to sit in.

"Then, my love, why don't you tell me all that happened while we eat that good lunch?"

Regina smiled.

She had never felt happier.

With anyone.

That was for sure.



The man was anxious as he drove past the Storybrooke sign.

This was it.

He had finally found her.


His Regina.

But could she forgive him after so many years?

Had she moved on from him?

It was selfish, but he truly hoped she had not.

Because he had not been able to forget about her...




The day spent without much more happening, Regina finally ended her day and she said goodbye to her students before talking a bit with Mary Margaret and coming home, without a lot of hurry because Robin was in service tonight, so he wouldn't be home before the early hours of the day ( and she hated that, she was so worried about him when he was gone).

She climbed into her car but before starting it, she took her phone because she needed to do something she always did when Robin was on night shift.

RM: Be careful, Robin. Remember that someone is waiting for you to come back. You're my hero and you don't need to be anyone else's. I love you so much.

Then, she started her car and left for their house.

She parked a few dozen of minutes later and felt her phone buzzed, she took it and smiled lovingly, stroking the screen as if it was really him while reading his usual answer.

RL: Don't worry, my love. I am awaiting to come home to you, always and in one piece. I love you so much more than anything else, you do know that. Goodnight, my Regina. xx



He saw her get out of her car and his breath stopped.

It was her.

It was really her.

God, she had not changed at all, if one thing, she was even more beautiful.

The man took a deep breath and waited for her to enter the house, before leaving the car.

He had made all the road till there,

He would talk to her.



Regina sighed and then picked up Robin's sweatshirt before putting it on.

She was ridiculous, she knew that but she couldn't care when his forest-smelling odor comforted her where nothing else could at the moment.

She hated to know him in harms way.

She wanted him safe by her side, always.

Then, her bell rang and Regina frowned.

For a moment, she imagined the worst but she checked the hour and noticed Robin's shift had not started yet, so it couldn't be that.

She forced her heart to calm down and walked to the door, frowning slightly.

She opened it

And then

Her heart stopped.

"Regina..." breathed the man tenderly.


No it couldn't be

He had left her

Years ago


Regina did the only thing she could think of, she closed the door on the man's face.

The man knocked softly on the door, and she didn't know what to do.

She shouldn't open.

She shouldn't.

Because there was Robin, now, and he wouldn't be happy to know that she let him come in their house.


On the other hand...

She deserved answers.

So despite her best intuition, Regina opened the door and took a deep breath, looking at the man in front of her.

"Hello, Daniel. It's been a while."