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The Police Captain and the Surgeon

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Toshiro was crumbling beneath Ichigo’s touch and kisses. They had only met an hour ago and already they were in the back of an Uber, their tongues intertwined and limbs tangled in an effort to press their bodies closer together.

The Police Captain did not normally do things like this, meeting strange men in nightclubs and inviting them home at the drop of a hat. However, Ichigo, the surgeon, was just too charismatic – not to mention absolutely gorgeous – for Toshiro to deny himself, let alone those big brown puppy dog eyes.

They just had chemistry. Electric chemistry, and seemed to just mould together seamlessly. Such as right now, with Ichigo’s arms wrapped tightly around Toshiro’s waist, Toshiro’s leg hitched up over the surgeon’s hip, their bodies pressed together firmly. Toshiro could barely feel the car door sticking uncomfortably into his back, and if Ichigo felt the seat belt buckles under his knee, he didn’t complain. They were far too caught up in their own world of hot lust to care about trivial discomforts.

It had been Rangiku who had spotted Ichigo first and when he had approached them, she had described him as ‘tall, orange and handsome’, and that the man certainly was. Toshiro didn’t want to think about how satisfied Rangiku would be feeling right now that her plan to find him a hook up for the night was well on its way to succeeding, and he definitely didn’t want to think about how he was going to cop her endless teasing tomorrow at work. Still though, he could throw it back at her, since he was certainly positive he was not the only one going home with a new ‘friend’ tonight - his lieutenant could not keep her eyes off that bartender with the questionable facial tattoos.

Toshiro wondered briefly if Ichigo had any tattoos and whether he’d get a chance to see them tonight, but the thought was quickly forgotten when warm fingers slipped under Toshiro’s shirt and caressed his skin over his hip gently – far too gently considering where his thoughts must have been.

Kissing him back harder, encouraging Ichigo to continue, Toshiro hummed as Ichigo’s hand slipped further up his shirt and his nails dug lightly into his back. The orange-haired surgeon was now almost entirely on top of Toshiro in the backseat, their pelvises pressed together firmly. If Toshiro rolled his hips a little to spur Ichigo on, well that was his business.

Ichigo hissed, pulling back for a moment after a particularly obvious roll of Toshiro’s hips. Toshiro chuckled before Ichigo quickly pinned him back down, lips sucking harshly on his neck and causing the Captain to moan lowly.

“So just up here?” the Uber driver called loudly, voice uncomfortable.

Toshiro might have felt sorry for him on a normal night, but he was in no state to pity anyone right now.

Cracking his eye open, Toshiro lifted his head enough to get a glimpse out the window, seeing the familiar street.

“Yes, just here,” he called back to the driver, coming to his senses a little.

The car pulled over and Ichigo and Toshiro practically fell out onto the pavement, legs weak from lust more than alcohol. The Uber pulled away and sped off into the night, undoubtedly happy to be rid of them, but neither man cared, latching back onto each other instantly.

“Come on,” Toshiro murmured, pulling back and taking Ichigo by the hand to lead him up to his apartment.

They could have far more fun there.

“Do you live alone?” Ichigo asked in elevator.

“No,” Toshiro answered, pressing the floor button again, as if it would make the lift move faster. “I have roommate. His name is Hyorinmaru.”


“He is a grumpy bastard,” Toshiro explained. “He won’t be happy when I kick him out of bed tonight.”

“You sleep with your roommate?”

Toshiro smirked and shrugged. “He’s a Bombay.”

“He’s a cat?” Ichigo chuckled and Toshiro was surprised and impressed the man knew his cat breeds.

“He’s a pain in the ass,” Toshiro corrected.

Thankfully the lift stopped, dinging obnoxiously to announce its eventual arrival to the correct floor and opening its doors far too slowly for Toshiro’s liking. Grabbing Ichigo’s hand and dragging him down the hall, Toshiro already had his key in his hand and opened the front door swiftly, pushing Ichigo inside.

He followed immediately and instantly Ichigo had him back in arms, pushing him harshly against the door, the heavy wood locking shut with a loud click. Tongues exchanged, lips moved greedily, clothes were ripped off and breathing became more and more laboured before Toshiro had the good sense to push Ichigo off him long enough to quickly lead him to the bedroom.

The last thing Toshiro heard before their naked bodies hit the mattress was this disgruntled hiss of Hyorinmaru and his quick paws running out of the room.

Toshiro woke early, thanks to his six o’clock alarm. The phones vibrations had never annoyed him so much as it did that morning. The Police Captain was warm and comfortable, leaving work the furthest thought in his mind.

Cracking open a bleary eye and quickly shushing his alarm, Toshiro sighed and laid back in the bed. Beside him, the tall and gorgeous surgeon murmured incoherently into the pillow and his arm over Toshiro’s middle tightened a little.

Ichigo had stayed the night.

Toshiro had been glad for it - it had been so long since he had been held at night, and truth be told he’d missed it.

Alas, work called and Toshiro could hardly leave Karakura Town without its’ Police Captain.

Slowly Toshiro slipped out of bed, moving with caution as to not wake his sleeping guest.

His muscles ached, and his thighs were covered in angry, red bite marks. Toshiro brushed his fingers over them as a gentle smile caressed his lips – it was like some erotic artwork for his eyes only and he loved it. Rangiku would be proud – too bad she would never see it.

Silently slipping into the bathroom, Toshiro caught a glance of himself in the mirror. He looked tired, and could have easy out beat anyone in a bedhead competition if there were such a thing, but he also looked kind of… fresh? Something seemed brighter in his reflection today anyway, and Toshiro was extremely certain it was down to the man still asleep in his bed and the sensational physical release he had gotten last night.

The white haired man hopped into the shower, ducking his head under the just-a-fraction-too-hot spray and groaned softly, his sore muscles responding to the heat.

It felt good.

It was with great reluctance that Toshiro eventually cleaned himself up and turned off the faucet, quickly drying himself off before the cool morning air could catch up with him.

Hyorinmaru was on him the second he heard Toshiro’s footsteps coming down the hall, the Police Captain entering his main living space and open plan kitchen in nothing but a towel sitting low on his hips.

“Shhh,” Toshiro hissed over the feline’s hungry wails. “You’ll wake up Ichigo.”

Hyorinmaru – with apparently no sympathy for his human or his human’s guest’s wishes – only meowed louder and more persistently.

Sighing deeply, and knowing no one ever truly won over cat, Toshiro hurriedly got the lump of black fur his breakfast before he went about feeding himself.

“Oh sure,” Toshiro muttered over his porridge bowl minutes later when the now fed feline returned, purring and rubbing himself on Toshiro’s legs. “Now you’re happy.”

Hyorinmaru looked up at him, big grey eyes portraying false innocence. Toshiro scoffed and turned away, rinsing his bowl in the sink.

The cat returned to doing cat things, and Toshiro returned to his bedroom, creeping quietly.

He smiled softly, seeing the surgeon still asleep and now basically a starfish on Toshiro’s bed; Ichigo really was handsome.

The Police Captain dressed in his uniform quickly; navy slacks with a thick but empty utility belt (he never brought his gun home), a white collared shirt with his Captain’s stripes on the shoulder and over the upper left part of his chest, and black tie. He was standing at the mirror, buttoning his navy blue jacket up when the man in his bed finally stirred.

“I like the look of you in that uniform.”

Toshiro glanced up from doing his buttons, seeing Ichigo’s reflection in the corner of his mirror. The surgeon was lying on his side, propping his head up on his elbow, Toshiro’s white duvet down at his waist, exposing the very toned upper torso and biceps the Police Captain had had the pleasure of discovering last night. Toshiro lips twisted into a bit of a smirk.

“I like the look of you in my sheets.”

Ichigo chuckled and rolled onto his back, his arms folding under his head.

“What time do you start work?”

“Depends. Eight for today,” Toshiro sighed sitting on the edge of his bed to put on his shoes, “but I normally get there early to get a head start on things.”

“Do you want me to leave?” Ichigo asked and Toshiro shook his head.

“You can stay as long as you want,” he shrugged, moving onto the second shoe. “Help yourself to food. There are fresh towels under the basin in the bathroom if you want to have a shower.”

Toshiro didn’t have one night stands often or at all actually. He wasn’t familiar with social protocol around this topic, or what to do in the morning, especially if they had stayed at his house and now he was the one who had to leave early. It didn’t feel right to kick the man to the curb so early in the morning, and Toshiro had nothing overly valuable or incriminating lying around the house if Ichigo was to go through his possessions – not that the surgeon seemed like the type of guy to that, but as a cop, Toshiro knew you could really never be too careful.

“You don’t mind if I stay a little longer?” Ichigo asked again, sitting up.

“Just don’t let the cat out,” Toshiro muttered back.

“I wouldn’t dare,” Ichigo laughed, shuffling closer until he could get his arms around Toshiro’s middle. Those soft lips pressed gently against Toshiro’s neck and the Captain tilted his head a little, the hum of content escaping his lips before he could stop it. “I had a really good time last night.”

“Me too,” Toshiro agreed softly, placing his hands over Ichigo’s arms around him.

He barely knew the surgeon, but Toshiro felt comfortable with Ichigo. The man was just a naturally calming presence – so gentle and kind. He hoped he’d get to see him again, if he was being honest, but he wasn’t sure if Ichigo was on the same page as him. Toshiro had been at that club last night as per Rangiku’s demands, but with the desire to spend one night getting his world rocked, hate himself in the morning and never see the man again. Well, he’d had his world rocked, that was for sure, but the rest Toshiro didn’t actually feel, or want. Who was to say Ichigo hadn’t wanted the same thing Toshiro had last night, and who was to say he had also changed his mind like Toshiro had?

“I’ve gotta go,” Toshiro sighed, now feeling a little down that this could be the last time he saw the orange-haired man. He reluctantly slipped from Ichigo’s arms before standing and turning to face the man sitting tangled his duvet. “Stay as long as you like. My phone number is on the fridge if you need anything.”

“Your phone number, hey?” Ichigo’s slightly glum expression picked up. “Like your personal one?”

“Don’t prank call me,” Toshiro found himself smirking a little as picked his Captains hat off the dresser and placed it gently on his head. “I know the cops in this town.”

“Clearly,” Ichigo returned with a grin.

Toshiro hesitated awkwardly for a moment before he leaned down and kissed the surgeon’s lips. It was far slower and gentler than any kiss from last night, but Toshiro didn’t want to never see the man again without getting one last kiss in.

“Have a good day,” Ichigo murmured when they pulled apart.

Toshiro smiled, “You too.”


Toshiro sighed deeply as he stepped inside the Karakura Town Police Station, removing his hat and tucking it under his arm, his Lieutenant’s shrill voice unpleasant on the ears first thing in the morning.

“Lieutenant,” Toshiro blinked at her in surprise. “You’re on time today.”

“I’m always on time, Sir,” Rangiku laughed, quickly falling in step with Toshiro as he made a beeline towards his office.

“You have never once been on time,” Toshiro corrected dryly which Rangiku happily ignored.

The police station was quiet right now, but it wouldn’t be for much longer. The rest of Toshiro’s detective squad would be arriving for work soon, and would relieve the night shift. In a holding cell at the back of the station, a few quiet men moped in their hungover states – Toshiro even though he recognised one or two from the club last night – but would be released soon enough; they were clearly in on drunk and disorderly charges, maybe urination in a public place, but most would leave the station with nothing but a smack on the wrist and terse warning, maybe a fine if they were repeat offenders.

“So,” Rangiku drawled in the way it did when she wanted something – or worse, if she wanted to know something. “How was Ichigo?”

Rangiku was his Lieutenant but she was also his best friend. Though she always followed orders and was usually respectful to him in the workspace, the line between their personal and professional relationships had long since blurred. Rangiku was a pain in his ass, that was true, but she was undeniably the most loyal person he had ever known. She had followed him to Karakura to be his second in command when he was promoted to Captain and given a district, not to mention she had followed him into countless dangerous situations in their line of work. She also followed (read: pushed) him into many a gay clubs in their time.

Due to that last one, her grin now rivalled that of Alice in Wonderland’s famous Cheshire Cat and satisfaction gleamed playfully in her eyes.

Toshiro tried to send her a withering look, but its’ sting was softened by the fact he may or may not have involuntary smiled at Ichigo’s name.

Rangiku’s eyes grew wider seeing that, and Toshiro’s cheeks heated lightly with embarrassment.

Ichigo was not good for Toshiro’s stern, humourless work image.

“Captain,” Rangiku gasped softly, surprised and delighted at Toshiro’s telling expression.

“Oooh, who is Ichigo?”

Toshiro turned to see Yumichika and Ikkaku, two of his brilliant though rather eccentric detectives, standing by their desk, stripping off their bags and jackets having just arrived.

“I haven’t seen the Captain blush like that in a long time,” Yumichika continued, voice annoyingly chipper as he turned to his detective partner. “Madarame, have you seen the Captain blush like that recently?”

“Not since Police Chief Kyoraku flashed us all at the Christmas Party last year,” Ikkaku commented dryly, looking entirely humoured by the situation.

“Oh my goodness,” Momo, the station administrator, cried as she walked in from the elevator, catching Ikkaku’s words. “Please don’t remind me. I haven’t been able to look at a bunch of grapes the same ever since.”

Around the room, the officers all grimaced in unison.

It had been a traumatising experience. Toshiro had indeed blushed, though who wouldn’t watching their superior officer, and the head of the entire Police Department, dancing naked around the buffet. Police Chief Kyoraku had done exactly that though after one too many Proseccos at the department’s Christmas party last year. The man had absolutely no shame, nor any concerns for his job. Toshiro had been mortified, and he certainly pitied Deputy Police Chief Ukitake who was supposed to give his old friend a lift home.

“But back to the matter at hand,” Yumichika drawled, shooting Toshiro a sly look as he leaned over his desk, “who, pray tell, is Ichigo?”

“None of your business, Detective,” Toshiro answered, voice stern.

“Oh I see,” Yumichika smirked triumphantly, eyes flicking to Rangiku for a moment and the Captain turned to see her make a rather rude and suggestive gesture with her hands behind his back.

She stopped quickly when she realised Toshiro had turned to her, but it wasn’t fast enough that he or anyone else missed it. He glared death at her while behind him, Momo giggled and Ikkaku snorted.

“Disrespectful, all of you,” Toshiro snapped. “Don’t make me cut your overtime pay.”

That shut them all up quickly, though they likely all knew by now that it was an empty threat, and Toshiro turned on his heal and marched into his Captain’s office. Rangiku, of course, followed.

“You never answered my question,” she pointed out, voice quieter as she closed the door behind them to give them privacy, “and don’t think I didn’t see that little smile of yours just now.”

Toshiro threw her a look as he sat down behind his desk, reaching over to turn on his computer. She sent him back the same challenging look to let him know she was not backing down any time soon.

“It was a good night,” Toshiro answered dryly, keeping his eyes firmly fixed on his paperwork as he flicked through it. “How was the bartender?”

“I never kiss and tell, Captain,” Rangiku grinned, sitting down in the chair opposite his desk.

“That’s a lie,” Toshiro threw back, turning back to his computer to type in his password. “You’re always far too liberal with the details.”

“You love it.”

“I do not.”

Rangiku hummed disbelievingly as she leaned back in her chair, “So are you going to see him again?”

Toshiro’s answer was a shrug. He honestly didn’t know if he would see Ichigo again. The whole premise of their meeting last night had been to have a one night stand together – no strings-attached sex for one night and one night only. Their one night was up, and now it was back to work and back to reality. Did Toshiro enjoy Ichigo’s company? Of course. Would he want to see him again? Yes, he would. It wasn’t just about Toshiro though, and the Police Captain had no idea where Ichigo stood on the matter, the surgeon may have simply wanted that one night of pleasure before moving on to whatever he wanted next, maybe he did want more, but at present there was no way to tell.

“Do you want to see him again?” Rangiku pressed, leaning forward again with a curious, soul searching expression.

Hesitating in his answer, Toshiro didn’t want to come off too keen to see the orange-haired man again. He didn’t like expressing his internal feeling, especially romantic ones when his heart was on the line for disappointment and possibly hurt.

“I’m open to it,” he settled on eventually, and of course Rangiku responded with an excited squeal.

Shaking his head, he kicked Rangiku out of his office and got stuck into his paperwork, trying not to think about the man he’d left in his bed this morning. He had – sort of – given Ichigo his number, so now it was on the surgeon to make the next move.

Toshiro really hoped Ichigo would make that next move.

‘You’re watching The Crown?!’

Toshiro had heard his personal phone buzz sometime after ten but he had glanced over it expecting to see another meme or cat video from Rangiku. What he hadn’t expected, but had indeed received, was a message from an unsaved number about his current T.V. show viewings.

It had to be Ichigo.

Picking up his phone at lightning speed, Toshiro opened the message and typed back.

‘Most guys would go through my underwear drawer or raid my food cupboard and yet you’re checking my Netflix watch history?’

‘I’m not most guys,’ Ichigo texted back instantly and Toshiro grinned at his phone.

That was true.

Saving the new phone number under the surgeon’s name followed by a strawberry emoji, Toshiro sat back in his chair with a smile. He was so utterly glad for the privacy of his office right now; his detectives, and most certainly his Lieutenant, would have a field day if they saw his pink cheeks and delighted grin. The Captain couldn’t help it though – Ichigo had gotten his number off the fridge and texted him. It was exciting – Ichigo was exciting. There was just something about him that made Toshiro’s heart race.

It was weird. Great weird but still weird. Toshiro always took a long time to connect with people; he had always struggled to trust people after years of bullying through school and even early in his career. Men especially Toshiro seemed to struggle with. Kusaka had been an exception, but only because he and Toshiro had been friends for years before they got together, and the long-haired accountant had been so persistent when he wanted to move their relationship to a romantic one. Even then, it had taken months for Toshiro to succumb to his advances. After they broke up, Toshiro didn’t think he’d love again, let alone ever want to pursue another romantic attachment.

Not that he was saying he wanted to pursue that with Ichigo just yet. All he knew was that he didn’t want to not see or hear from Ichigo again. If that made sense.

‘So The Crown?’ Ichigo texted again.

Toshiro grimaced. Did watching a drama about the British monarch make him seem gayer?

‘Yeah, I really like historical shows,’ Toshiro replied, though it probably just made him seem like a nerd now, and a super gay nerd at that.

Though he supposed Ichigo ought to know that about him now.

‘Me too!’ Ichigo replied and Toshiro’s breath of relief was immediate.

He saw that Ichigo was typing again and waited patiently until his office phone began to ring and Toshiro grimaced, seeing Momo’s extension come up.

For goodness sake, it was like people honestly expected him to be working while all this was going on. Did no one care that he was texting a handsome surgeon right now?!

Toshiro picked up the receiver, “Hello?”

“Sir, it’s Police Chief Kyoraku for you,” Momo’s voice came through the speaker.

Toshiro sighed deeply. Kyoraku calling could only go one of two ways; it was either a social call in which Kyoraku would talk his ear off for an hour and would probably have some awful social invite attached to it, or it was a serious case in which Toshiro would be pressed to solve it quickly.

“Put him through,” Toshiro told Momo and a moment later he heard the click of the line swapping over. “Chief Kyoraku, how are you?”

“Ah my boy, I am well,” Kyoraku’s deep and gravelly voice came through the line, “though the brass is very much on my case about a new weapons dealing syndicate inside the Karakura district. The worst part is the weapons are all stolen police weapons.”

Oh, so it was the latter type of Kyoraku called then.

“Police weapons?” Toshiro blinked, surprised. Karakura Town wasn’t exactly the most quiet and sleepy town in the country, not being so coastal with all the fisherman docks and cargo ships, but it was far from a high crime capital that would normally deal with something as serious as weapons dealing.

Kyoraku hummed into the phone, “The Kusajishi district picked up a perp with stolen Police Department guns, said he got them from a dealer in Karakura. They ran a check on the name but nothing came up. Unsurprising, since it was probably a fake name.”

“Which district had the guns come from?” Toshiro asked. If there had been a load of guns taken from the Department, surely he would have known about it?

“Sokyoku Hill district,” Kyoraku answered with a deep sigh, “about two months ago. We’ve kept a tight lid on it to avoid the media frenzy and public fear.”

It was a very tight lid if the other Captains didn’t know about it.

Toshiro frowned deeply as Kyoraku continued to explain the situation. Four more men who seemed to have no connection with each other or the first man had picked up over two more districts and had all been caught with the same type of guns. They all explained they had been sold them out of Karakura Town.

This was not good. Weapons dealing was never good, especially if those weapons really got into the wrong hands and especially if they were Police Department weapons. Toshiro felt a little bit sick – he did not want that kind of activity in his town.

“I’ve emailed you the details and I’m having the physical evidence brought over to your station,” Kyoraku instructed. “We need to shut this operation down quickly, Toshiro, before one of our weapons kills someone.”

By ‘we’ he meant ‘you’ but either way, it was now all of their heads on the chopping block if they couldn’t get this syndicate shut down. What it meant was the reputation of the Police Department was on the line, and the brass would be on his back every second of the day until the syndicate was taken down, but Toshiro cared more about the safety of his town than his job.

Things at the station flew into a frenzy after that. The case was to be kept on the down low, so Toshiro held a private meeting in his office with his Lieutenant and best detectives. He briefed them on the situation and sent them off to get started reviewing the facts of the case and looking for a lead to where this syndicate might be operating and who might be involved.

Toshiro was getting calls every few minutes from different higher ups, and he’d had a lengthy talk (read: yell) with the Captain of the Sokyuko Hill district. Eventually, he had told Momo to stop putting calls through to him – to tell anyone who called that he was on a stakeout. He locked the door to his office and shut the blinds and sat back in his chair with his eyes closed for a moment’s break.

He loved his job, but it was beyond stressful at times.

His personal phone buzzed again and Toshiro opened one eye to see Ichigo’s name on his screen. There was about few unanswered texts there and Toshiro felt bad for leaving him high and dry for the last few hours, even if his work did actually take priority. Still, Toshiro needed his vices so he didn’t go mad with the stress of the job and so he picked up his phone.

‘I cannot wait for season three! Helena Bonham Carter is an actual queen (hands up emoji)’
‘Or in this case, a queen’s sister (crying laughter emoji)’.

Then there was a few hours break in his messages, when he’d clearly been waiting for a response but Toshiro had been thrown by this new weapons dealing case. The newest message was from a minute ago.

‘Hey, does your stove work? I can’t get it to turn on?’

Toshiro blinked; Ichigo was still at his apartment?

He text back quickly.

‘No, it stopped working a few months ago. I’ve been meaning to get it fixed but I’ve been too busy. Sorry!’

‘Ah not a problem!’ Ichigo texted back instantly. ‘I am well skilled in the art of microwaving’.

Toshiro chuckled at that.

‘There’s a pizza in the freezer if you can use an oven’ he replied cheekily. ‘Please don’t burn down my place.’

Ichigo sent back a fire emoji and Toshiro rolled his eyes with a laugh.

Sighing, he put the phone down and returned to work.

Relief rolled off the young Captain’s shoulders as he stepped out of the elevator and into the familiar hallway outside his apartment.


It had been a long day. Long afternoon, really. What had started as a fairly low key day at the station had rapidly become a horrific cocktail of stress and frustration. The new weapons dealer case had taken immediate priority, which loomed heavily over Toshiro’s head with the Police Chief breathing down his neck. On top of that, the station had gone into absolute chaos when the internet went down for an hour and Momo couldn’t online shop in that time. Rangiku too decided she couldn’t work while the Wi-Fi was down and teasing her boss about his one night stand was a better use of her time. Worst of all, they station had run out of coffee by lunch time and Toshiro couldn’t caffeinate and therefore his tolerance levels had dropped severely – Yumichika had definitely copped an earful when he started hitting on the drug dealer Ikkaku had busted earlier that day.

The only solace that Toshiro had found was in his back and forth texts with Ichigo. The strawberry was a calming presence, even through text.

The pair had flirted all day. Ichigo must have stayed at Toshiro’s place for most of the day since he kept texting the Captain about things around the house, namely broken appliances, his cat, and somewhat mortifyingly, a rather thorough investigation of Toshiro’s Netflix watching history. 

It was nice though, having someone to text again. It was nice to feel a little bit giddy when he saw Ichigo’s name pop up on his phone, and it even felt nice to feel nervous before replying.

He hadn’t heard from the surgeon for an hour now, but Toshiro wasn’t worried. The man was possibly at home by now, or in transit. The Police Captain did hope that they might pick up texting again tomorrow. Toshiro had the day off and he kind of fancied spending it curled up on the couch around his phone, with a stupid smile on his face and a chuckle in his throat. He was on call over the weekend, but unless something went particularly wrong, it was unlikely he would be needed. He would, however, need to look through this weapons dealer case more closely and hopefully spot something to give him a lead to find the culprit/s. 

With that thought in mind, Toshiro groaned softly to himself as he pulled out his keys from his jacket pocket. He hated working on his days off, but unfortunately crime didn’t keep to a nine to five working schedule - it was all around the clock work.

Opening his door and a slipping into his apartment before the cat could run out on an adventure, Toshiro paused instantly once inside.

Rich spices filled the air and the sound of clattering in the kitchen had Toshiro curious and mildly alarmed (though it was highly unlikely an intruder was cooking for him). Had Ichigo not gone home?

The surgeon in question was found by the apartment owner, serving up two bowls of something steaming hot and noodle-y. He was wearing black slacks and a plain blue button down shirt - they were articles of clothing that the orange-haired man certainly hadn’t been wearing at the club last night, and were far too big to be Toshiro’s, suggesting the man had been home and returned, or perhaps to the shops and then returned.

“Got the stove working I see,” Toshiro commented, announcing his arrival as a small smile settled on his lips at the sight of the man he had been thinking about all day.

Ichigo turned to face him quickly, a big dopey grin on his face and eyes bright with mischief.

“I did,” the surgeon chuckled, putting down the bowls. “Just needed to fiddle with the pilot light a little.”

“You make it seem easy.”

“Well I am very talented.”

“Oh I am aware.”

Toshiro had become very aware of Ichigo’s talents in the late hours of last night. His tongue in particular was- 

“That was only the beginning,” Ichigo smirked, interrupting Toshiro’s wandering thoughts and stepping closer. The Captain moved closer too, feeling that magnetic pull again. “Welcome home.”

They were kissing then. It was slow and gentle, yet still held a level of heat that was surprising and also hard to describe. It had Toshiro once again melting uselessly. 

Ichigo pulled away eventually, pressing a cute kiss to Toshiro’s nose.

“I made Laksa,” Ichigo murmured. “Thought we could have a quick dinner together before I leave for work and also I think you could use a home cooked meal.”

“Are you assuming I can’t cook?” Toshiro challenged playfully.

“I am assuming you can cook, based on the quality of your pans alone,” Ichigo chuckled, leading Toshiro over to the kitchen bench where the two bowls of hot Laksa sat cooling, “but I also assume that you don’t do it often given you said your stove has been out for months.”

The Captain grimaced. Ichigo was right – Toshiro could cook, but he didn’t. He could blame not having enough time in the evenings, or not wanting to deal with the mess when it was far more convenient to just slap some avocado on toast and call it a night, but the truth was that cooking for one sucked. He had cooked every night when Kusaka had been in his life, had loved feeding his boyfriend and had revelled in the endless praise that his food was ‘to die for’. Now Toshiro didn’t have anyone to feed and sitting at the table with a full plate of food by himself was depressing, it just reminded him that he was very much alone.

“Shall we sit?” Ichigo asked.

Toshiro nodded, shaking himself from his stupor, and grabbed the bowls, leading Ichigo over to the small dining table.

Was this an impromptu date? Toshiro felt like he should have put some flowers in vase or at least lit a candle as they sat down together, the Police Captain stripping off his uniform jacket and loosening his tie, his hat long forgotten back on the kitchen bench.

“How was work?” Ichigo asked, sticking into his meal.

Toshiro sighed and Ichigo chuckled. 

“That bad, huh?” Ichigo asked, a sympathetic smile on his lips as he reached for Toshiro’s hand, his thumb gently stroking across his knuckles.

The man was so affectionate, even though he had met Toshiro less than twenty-four hours ago, and had only spent a quarter of that actually in his presence. Well, conscious presence anyway.

The Captain had been about to explain all about his day but after bringing his first taste of Ichigo’s Laksa to his lips, he was rendered incapable of thought, let alone words. All he could do was moan in satisfaction, probably a familiar sound to Ichigo after last night, and shovel more into his mouth.

“Like it?” Ichigo asked, a smirk on his face.

Toshiro could only nod, a mouth full of noodles hindering any speaking. It was spicy, but luckily Toshiro loved spice. It was authentic and the ingredients were obviously fresh. Most importantly, it was genuinely homemade from scratch, a taste that no restaurant or manufacturer could ever replicate perfectly.

“It’s amazing,” Toshiro managed eventually, taking a moment to breathe before he choked on it. It was just so good, it was hard to eat it slowly. “How did you learn to make Laksa like that?”

“My sister taught me so I would have something I could cook at med school,” Ichigo shrugged. “I mean I can’t cook much else actually, but I do believe I make a pretty mean Laksa now.”

Toshiro agreed with a nod, once again mouth filled with soup – it was possibly the best Laksa he’d ever had. Rangiku actually made a decent one too, and he was going to have fun winding her up tomorrow that he now tasted a better one.

“I’ll have to make you my Thai green curry one day,” Toshiro murmured.

“You’ll have to,” Ichigo smiled back at him.

The meal passed quickly as Ichigo had to head off soon. He told Toshiro he was supposed to be heading to work for the evening shift at the hospital and how much he hated the evening shift – something Toshiro could also relate to. Despite the somewhat rushed meal, it was a very comfortable companionship they shared. It almost felt like he had known Ichigo for years the way Toshiro felt so at ease in his presence.

He learned a little more about the surgeon over their quick dinner. He was thirty and an older brother to his younger sisters, twins Karin and Yuzu. His father was also a doctor and ran a small family practice – Ichigo had actually mentioned that at the club last night. He lived on the other side of town with his high school friend Chad and Chad’s boyfriend Uryu. 

“That’s quite far from the hospital,” Toshiro frowned a little, thinking about all the late night and early morning finishes the surgeon would have. It would be a challenge to get home at those times, especially after a long day of being on his feet and performing surgery.

“I usually ride my bike,” Ichigo sighed, standing up from the table, clearly needing to leave. “It keeps me alert.”

And fit, Toshiro added mentally.

The Police Captain cleared the table quickly, dumping the bowls in the sink. He returned to the living room quickly, where Ichigo was standing by the door putting on a long white doctor’s coat, Hyorinmaru weaving around his ankles happily.

“Someone’s made a friend it seems,” Toshiro chuckled, bending down to pick the black feline up, positive that the little cat would attempt to follow Ichigo to work.

“Yeah, he’s cute,” Ichigo laughed, fixing his collar.

“Now that’s a lie,” Toshiro scoffed. “He’s a terror.”

An absolute terror, much like the woman who had given him the cat, Toshiro’s insufferable Lieutenant.

Ichigo smirked, patting the cat on the head in farewell before he dipped down and kissed Toshiro’s lips. Heat radiated off his body and they pressed themselves close together until the cat got stuck between them and let out a disgruntled hiss. 

They broke apart with a breathless chuckle.

Toshiro couldn’t stop grinning – Ichigo made him feel things he hadn’t in a long time.

“I like the look of you in the doctor’s coat,” Toshiro commented dryly, referring back to what Ichigo had said that morning when he woke up to Toshiro in his uniform.

The strawberry laughed before his expression suddenly turned flirty.

“You should see me in my scrubs,” he winked, and Toshiro smirked. Yes, he would like to see that.

Regrettably, the time for Ichigo to leave came and the surgeon opened the door and stepped out in the hallway. Toshiro stood in the doorway as the man headed to the elevator, hoping this wasn’t the last he saw of the man who made his heart beat twice as fast.

Ichigo’s finger seemed to hover over the elevator button for a moment, a flicker of hesitation on his features. Toshiro raised a curious eyebrow as the man turned back to face him and the surgeon marched quickly back up the hall to Toshiro.

“Can I take you on a date?” Ichigo asked quickly. “Like a real one?”

Toshiro blinked, the suddenness of the question and the nervous twinge in Ichigo’s voice surprising.

“Yes,” Toshiro answered. “Yeah, I would like that.”

“Good,” Ichigo seemed to breathe in relief, his smile growing so wide it left little dimples in his cheeks that Toshiro hadn’t noticed until now. “Good. I’ll text you and we can sort out a day.”

“Sounds good,” Toshiro smiled back, the cat now starting to fidget restlessly in his arms, wanting to run off.

They kissed again, lingering a moment or two longer than necessary but Toshiro wasn’t complaining and neither was Ichigo.

“I’m going to be late,” Ichigo murmured against his lips, making no attempt to pull back, “but you’re so worth it.”

Inside the Police Captain’s chest, his heart skipped a beat.