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Tea is soothing

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The last time Harry was at Malfoy manor, well, there was a reason Ron and Hermione refused to come with him. They said it was because they weren't invited but Harry knew. Hermione couldn't hide her feelings the way she hid the scars Bellatrix scratched into her arm. It wasn't fair to ask them, Harry knew that. But he didn't think he could do it alone. Narcissa Malfoy sent him an Owl three days prior, asking him if he would have lunch with her, she'd written she wanted to discuss something with him and he knew it was about that night in the forbidden forest, what else would she have to say to him.

He couldn't go alone, he wouldn't but it turned out he have to. Luna had also been invited. "It wasn't as bad for me really, Draco came to check every day and did his best to stop his aunt hurting us. I think he could use the company." She never ceases to amaze Harry, the capacity for kindness and forgiveness. No one had seen Draco since that night. The Malfoys ran at the end but couldn't go far. Lucious was arrested and locked up until his trial in two days time, Narcissa was on house arrest. There were Aurors watching her every move but Draco. Harry heard he went to Azkaban as well he also heard he went to Saint Mungo's or that he was with his mother. His trial was in three days, Narcissa's the day after.

So Luna and Harry stood outside Malfoy manor. It was dark and all the windows had been boarded. It felt like a tomb.

"It's not polite to keep them waiting for us Harry," Luna says and takes his hand.

"I think we have every right to ignore politeness with them."

"Perhaps. But I am rather hungry." Harry let out a laugh and let Luna led him up the stairs. She knocks quietly with a peculiar rhythm she insisted stopped the fairies that live in the tween places from trying to steal their hair. Narcissa Malfoy opened the door and smiled politely.

"Mr Potter, Miss Lovegood please come in. Draco will be down shortly." So he was here. The air was thick with awkward silence as they sat down for tea. It took ten minutes for the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs to break it. Draco wasn't as thin as when Harry saw him last and his skin wasn't as grey but Harry still saw the look in his eyes. It was the same look Harry saw every day in the mirror. The pure exhaustion and fear of living when so many others didn't of having to fight for the lives of the ones you love. They may have been on opposing sides, but Harry still remembers Draco crying in the astronomy tower his wand pointed at Dumbledore.

"Hello Draco,” Luna smiled at him and he looked shocked.

"Luna, how are you?"

"As well as can be expected, did you get my letters?"

"Yes, thank you. I would have written back but I wasn’t allowed." It was a strange thought Draco Malfoy wanting to write to Luna Lovegood. Though Stranger things had happened. Probably. "What is he doing here?" Draco spits out. That's more like the Malfoy Harry knows and loathes.

"Draco, " Narcissa scolds and the blonde boy nods. A house-elf brings in lunch and they are in relative silence until the last of them had finished.

"If this is about the trials, I'll testify against Lucious no matter what you say. But You saved my life and Draco was as much a pawn in this as I was. I'll do whatever I can." Harry says to break the tension it was always his plan to testify for Malfoy and Narcissa.

"Thank you, Harry, may I call you Harry?" Harry nods, "This isn't about that but I am grateful. Draco and I are also testifying against Lucious." Draco's expression changes when Narcissa said this wasn't about the trial.

"Mother, no. I don't want him to know."

"He needs too, your healers agree."

"My healer is some muggle-born with a muggle degree."

"Draco, if you can honestly tell me what she said isn’t true I’ll drop this right now.” Draco stays silent. “After the battle ended, Draco tried to kill himself and very nearly succeeded. He was released from Saint Mungoes to a Muggle psychiatric hospital with a Witch therapist. She shed some light on exactly what Draco was feeling and suggested the best, no only way to move on was to talk to the people involved and be around friends he could talk to.” Harry didn’t know how to respond, but Luna stood and took the pendant she wore holding and orange swirling stone and placed it around Malfoy’s neck. He looks at her questioningly.

“It’s called, Laguna Agate. It helps stabilize you emotionally and guard against negative thoughts.” Luna says matter of factly and Draco smiles, he takes her hand before whispering a thankyou. Then he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath before turning to Harry.



“Do you remember when we first met? At Madam Malkins.” Harry nods. “I had never had a friend before, and My Father’s opinions were all I knew. I know I’m a total git, and always have been but that day in the shop I, I saw you and couldn’t help but think. He has beautiful eyes. So I put my foot in my mouth and started spewing garbage about muggle-borns and Hagrid. When you rejected me on the train, even though I completely deserved it. It was painful and it was easier to hate you than process why it hurt so much.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Of course not. I’m, I mean I,” he was panicking, Draco Malfoy couldn’t get the words out. He took three deep calming breaths and looked anywhere but at Harry “I’m a fairy, I mean gay, not that I realised that until third year. My Therapist says I have something called internalised Homophobia which is a large part of why I’m so hateful.”

“You’re saying you bullied me because you liked me?”

“I bullied you because I hated this part of myself and I blamed you for what I thought was disgusting and wrong feelings, It doesn’t excuse anything and the way I treated Weasley and Granger was purely the bigotry I learned from my father, I guess this is as well. But, if I want to be better and get better I have to be honest with myself. I go to a muggle support group for queer teenagers and therapy once a week. I’m trying to be a better person Potter,”

“Wow, um okay, You’re gay. Pansy Parkinson will be pissed.”

“Yeah, I was a git to her as well. It’s weird to realize the reason I have no friends is that I’m an asshole.”

“Draco, you shouldn’t say things like that about yourself, it’s unhealthy.”

“It was true, he paralyzed me on the train and broke my nose sixth year.”

“And in second year I Attacked you with a snake during duelling club. You need to stop reading muggle books, Mother.”

“You did spend a lot of time trying to get Harry’s attention.” Luna agrees softly, “What are you planning on doing after the trial Draco, are you going to come back and finish Hogwarts?

“If Professor Mggonagal will take me back. If I’m allowed to” Malfoy mumbles

“Dumbledore would have taken you back, he always saw the good in you. He told me in the sixth year, not that I believed him at the time.” Harry responds and Malfoy smiles ever so slightly before his face drops into one of guilt. Harry shifts in his seat and checks the time. He was meeting Ginny, Ron and Hermione in Hogsmeade. “I should go, I’ll see you soon Draco, Mrs Malfoy. Thank you for the tea, I’ll see you at the trial.”