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Broken Promises Hurt

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Bakugou had been waiting for his red headed best friend behind the school for a while now. For weeks Bakugou asked for Kirishima to just spend time together like they used to. But of course he wouldn’t show up. He never really did, always forgetting about the blonde. So Bakugou gives up and begins to walk home. It wasn’t worth trying to wait another hour again just to have Kirishima possibly come to tell him; ‘sorry man, I forgot! I was with Deku!’


It had been like this for a while now, everyone being so riled up over Deku’s... everything. To be fair, he had everything Bakugou had ever wanted. A ton of positive attention, immense support from his peers and teachers, and he was given a quirk. By his own idol. He was practically cheating. Bakugou worked so hard for years to control his quirk, and Deku was just gifted with it.


Bakugou had spent hours everyday practicing and training and studying and practicing some more to be the number one hero. But by now, it was inevitable that Deku would claim that title.


The thought of it all stings Bakugou internally. Of course he wouldn’t actually admit that though, he thought perhaps it was just the fact he hadn’t reached his final peak yet, his coming of age.


The blonde never bothered Deku anymore. He never spoke to him. Never even stole a glance. In fact, he grew very quiet. He never seemed angry, just... numb. He dozed off in class and stopped paying attention. At this point he knew Deku would steal his dreams. He always did. And it crushed him.


That’s why everyone, even his own best friend, had been obsessed with the kid. Obsessed with the second All Might.


Bakugou’s phone vibrated and his heart leaped. Someone actually texted him? No one ever did that anymore. Not even Kirishima.


For a while now, Kirishima had been training with Deku, and they worked out pretty often in the gym.


Bakugou stopped attending the gym after he found the two boys and Iida lifting weights together, laughing. He felt the same sting he felt every time he saw Deku.


He would never admit it, but he was growing very tired of his life. Bakugou lost to his own rival. Someone he swore to beat.


There was no point in trying to beat Deku.


The blonde quickly picked his phone up and glanced at the text. From Kirishima.


idiot ’: Hey bro! Sorry I never met up with you, I was studying maths with Izuku!


Bakugou bit his lips and felt tears fill his eyes.


me : it’s fine


idiot ’: How are you man? U seem rlly quiet this week


This week? Try this month .


Of course Kirishima just noticed his recent behavior. Maybe he got bored and decided to pay attention to Bakugou for once.


me : i’m fine


idiot ’: Are u sure? U don’t seem like it :/


Bakugou stopped in his tracks and wiped his tears quickly.


Quit it. Stop being a little bitch.


me : i said i’m fine shithead

me : what happened when you guys studied


idiot ’: Ohh lol we just talked a bit and then finished the packet

idiot ’: Want the answers?


me : i already finished it

me : if you’re not going to go next time please tell me bc i don’t feel like wasting my time waiting 4 you


This took Kirishima a while to respond to.


idiot ’: Sorry man I didn’t know it bothered u!!


me : whatever go talk to your loser friends


idiot ’: Are you sure you’re okay dude? You really don’t seem like yourself


This pissed Bakugou off. What the hell did Kirishima know? Why would he even care to know?


me : now you seem to notice

me : so why do you care


idiot ’: We can talk after school if you want. I’m worried about you

idiot ’: You always seem so tired :(


He was right. Bakugou was losing sleep, and losing weight. He stopped working out and ate very little. It was obvious something was wrong.


His eyes were stinging from tears.


me : okay then

me : please don’t cancel on me


idiot ’: I won’t! I promise! :)


This made Bakugou slightly smile. Slightly.




The next morning rolled around and Bakugou woke up earlier than usual and actually tried to make himself look decent today. Excitement was rushing through his body. Usually he would just do his normal deeds, shower, brush his teeth, comb his hair, and throw on his uniform in the messiest fashion. But today would be different because Kirishima promised him. He grabbed his clothes and snuck into the shower rooms, only to find Deku grabbing a towel. Bakugou felt himself freeze.


He slowly walked over to his own shower and tried to avert his attention elsewhere. But of course that failed. Deku noticed him.


“Ahh, Kacchan! You’re up early!”


Bakugou cringed.




Deku raised an eyebrow and smiled nervously. It bothered him that the usual explosive teen was emitting nothing but sadness.


“So.. what brings you here to the shower rooms at this hour?”


He watched Bakugou shrug as he slowly pulled his tank top off. Deku’s eyes widened as they traced over Bakugou’s pale and skinny frame. His chest was becoming smaller, his waist extremely tiny, his abs fading. What the hell was going on?


“Kacchan... you know... If you ever need anything, I’ll always be here for you.” Deku gave a weak smile.


Bakugou nodded and slowly pulled his oddly small shorts off. He had shed so much weight that he had gone down at least two sizes in clothing. Deku quickly looked away and minded his own business.


What Deku didn’t know was that tears were streaming down Bakugo’s cheeks as they spoke. This was not a good start to his day.

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Deku had noticed Bakugou’s change in behavior a long time before any of their classmates did. Of course it bothered him in the beginning, but he realized that he shouldn’t waste his time comforting someone like Bakugou, especially since he wouldn’t do the same in return. Deku is the peak of UA’s success and he doesn’t want anything to get in the way of his ‘coming of age’. Yes, they were best friends at one point but that was in the past. Bakugou bullied him for years and Deku decided he wouldn’t take it any longer. He was proud of himself, and so was everyone else. That was all he needed at the moment.

UA had declared the teen number one after an event that required every student to fight one another with their quirks until there was one remaining winner. The results were listed in a tier, winners ranking from 1st place to 3rd. After Deku defeated the last standing person, that person being Bakugou, the class cheered him on and ranked him as the best of their class. Deku remembered seeing Bakugou crushed; both physically and emotionally. The teen was left pummeled in the ground and Deku had only used 1%. It was quite pathetic on the blonde’s part, after all, he was claiming he would win the whole day. Students from their class grew annoyed to hear Bakugou’s bragging and to see him defeated was practically a joke.

Even Kirishima wore a disappointed expression when he approached the blonde to help pull him up from his miserable state. It was quite embarrassing to see his own best friend covered in dirt, he looked absolutely fucked. The red head had even laughed at Bakugou when he failed to stand up and continue fighting after Deku threw him a punch that would seal his fate. He expected Bakugou to be victorious but it turned out he was all talk and no action. A dog with a loud bark but no bite. Kirishima was unnerved to see Bakugou’s terrified and humiliated expression when they made eye contact. The blonde then weakly shook off his friend’s hand after regaining full consciousness, and stomped off without a word. Kirishima didn’t see him again that day.


Moments pass of sheer silence being emitted throughout the bathroom. All the boys could hear was the sound of the water trickling from both showers. Deku was waiting for the blonde to snap at any moment now.

The green haired teen was slowly massaging his hair with his shampoo for about five minutes now, waiting for Bakugou to finish his own deeds so he can shower in peace. The tension was making him uncomfortable. His bubbly shampoo smelled of green apples with a hint of cinnamon, Deku’s favorite. Kirishima had bought it for the green haired boy and he couldn’t be happier.

Deku’s relationship with Kirishima had grown a lot over time. They’ve become very close throughout the year and Deku was really happy, Kirishima always supported him and helped him with everything regarding hero business. They even hung out after school a lot. The boys had a nice thing going.

Deku does feel bad about practically taking Bakugou’s best friend, but what could he do? It wasn’t his fault Bakugou was acting out all of a sudden. If he really wanted Kirishima back, he’d do something about it. But the boy did notice Kirishima and the blonde barely hung out now, it was always Bakugou by himself. Alone studying in the library, working alone in projects, even alone in the gym, the place that Bakugou and the red head used to spend most of their time in. Hell, Deku knows it’s become common for Bakugou to timidly avoid people like the plague whenever he can. It’s normal that Bakugou likes his privacy, but not like this.

The boy flashed his eyes at Bakugou a couple times to find him covering his face with his arm. That was odd, what would he do that for? Was he washing his costume’s makeup off? Bakugou did like using eye liner to match his black mask.

Suddenly a hiccup grabbed Deku’s attention. Was he... crying? That was highly unlikely, but the way Bakugou was behaving lately... Deku wouldn’t doubt the boy was crying alone in the shower.

The teen felt a smile tug on his lips slightly. It made him feel strangely euphoric to see his childhood bully cry alone to himself when he thought no one was watching. It was pathetic, to be honest. It almost gave Deku more confidence.

Deku shook his head. No. That’s wrong to think of. Bakugou is just going through a lot right now and it wasn’t his place to judge. After all, Deku was a crybaby as well.

It seems the tables have turned though.

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Bakugou finished drying his hair after getting dressed and finally stepped out of the bathroom. There was no regret in his crying because in Bakugou’s mind, emotions shouldn’t be pent up. Keeping feelings inside was a sign of weakness, and crying was just a smart coping mechanism on his part. At least that’s what he thought.

On another note, there is no doubt in his mind that he felt Deku’s eyes piercing through the back of his head while he left.

“Fucking creep... Why does he feel the need to look after me...” Bakugou mutters as he grabs his bag and heads out.


The air was too cold today for Bakugou’s liking and it also didn’t help that he had forgotten his coat in his dorm room. His hair was still slightly wet and dripping with his previous shower water. “Fuck’s sake... I’m freezing...” He shuddered with every step he took, at this point he was prone to getting a cold.

As he adjusts his uniform’s sleeve, his phone vibrates from his pocket and sends chills down his spine. It must have been a text from Kirishima.

To say his heart only skipped a single beat would be an understatement. Bakugou was slightly— okay, heavily crushing on Kirishima for a year now. There was something about his energy and caring nature that made Bakugou head over heels for his best friend. He wasn’t ashamed, and was planning on asking Kirishima to the school’s (new addition) dance.
Well, that is if Deku didn’t interfere.

Bakugou pulls his phone out in a frantic manor.

idiot: Good morning! Can’t wait to meet up after school! :)

Bakugou smiled for the first time in a long time. He re-read the text at least eight times before replying. The more he read it, the more his ego was being stroked. His confidence was returning, what a nice surprise!

me: hope you don’t chicken out lol

The cold pricked Bakugou’s fingers as he struggled to type his message back but he was too determined to let it bring him down.

Another response from his best friend.

idiot: Haha don’t worry bro I’ll be there

His cheeks were tinted a soft shade of pink. If anyone notices the blush he wore he can just blame it on the cold, after all- his ears were burning and just as red as his cheeks.

Bakugou’s smile grew wider. “Hehe.. what a—“

Without watching where he was walking on the sidewalk, the blonde bumped straight into a taller boy. That taller boy being Todoroki. Damn, has he always been this big?

The bi-color haired teen flashed his eyes at Bakugou, only to avert them quickly after.


“Ahh.. Bakugou. My mistake, I’ll be more careful next time.” Todoroki says with a nonchalant smile.

Is this kid delusional?

“Whatever half n’ half...” And with that, Bakugou steps aside and begins walking off.
Until Todoroki grabs his arm and seemingly yanks him back into his chest.


“My mistake. Again. But have you finished your part of our project? Sensei wants it done by Friday. And you seem cold by the way.”

What was his problem? ‘You seem cold?’ This was the first time in a while where anyone seemed to express genuine care for the blonde, (well, that and the half assed ‘are you okay’ from Kirishima) and he felt himself do a double take on Todoroki’s words.

But Bakugou did indeed remember to work on his project. Yes, he didn’t spend as much time as he used to on his studying but he still made sure to do his homework.

“Yeah I worked on it. Now get off m-“ “Ayy, Bakugou!” A loud but familiar voice cut him off. Was that Kirishima calling to him?

“Move.” Bakugou muttered and shoved himself off Todoroki. The taller teen watched Bakugou walk off and hesitated to reach for his shoulder. He was being so stubborn like always, but Todoroki was a little glad to see the blonde so full of energy again.

Was Kirishima really calling to him though? Bakugou would be surprised. He walked closer to the school’s entrance to find a vibrant red headed boy’s hair peeking out from the crowd of students. It was a little hard to blend in like that anyway.

Bakugou’s heart rate sped up instantly and he even stopped in his track to gaze at the boy for a second, before being shoved aside by a student.

“Watch where you’re fu-“

“Hey bro! You’re in school right on time!” Kirishima confidently swung his arm around Bakugou’s shoulder. The blonde almost fainted.

How he let his love for his best friend get to this point, he doesn’t know. But he’s not complaining.

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Kirishima had been concerned for his friend for quite some time now. After the sports festival was when Bakugou really changed, and stopped communicating with Kirishima.

It didn’t faze him though.

He started to involve himself more in school, much more than before. He was quickly rising to the top of the class where Deku and Momo were, succeeding so much that he even replaced Bakugou’s place in class.

Studying with Deku was so much better than with Bakugou too. The smaller teen wouldn’t yell at Kirishima if he got something wrong, he wouldn’t smack his face with their textbooks (which hurt like a bitch), and would instead just politely tell the redhead to check his answers.

It was really nice being with Deku. Kirishima loved his aura... much more than Bakugou’s. Of course Kirishima did like spending time with Bakugou anytime he felt like it— (keywords: felt like it) but it wasn’t the same anymore. At this point Kirishima slightly used Bakugou for tips in training and fighting. Anytime they sparred, Kirishima would avoid any kind of conversation with the blonde and focused solely on their fight so he could get to Deku faster.

And yeah, the redhead would beat Bakugou in sparring every single time. He would leave Bakugou with so many bruises and cuts, and this left a tingling sensation in Kirishima. What was it called? Oh yeah, satisfaction.

One time Bakugou had asked Kirishima to help him up and the redhead would have normally obliged, but this time he just laughed and shook his head, leaving the blonde to struggle on the ground.

Sometimes Kirishima felt bad. But in a way, it made him happy to see Bakugou finally affected by something. Kirishima Eijirou made THE Bakugou Katsuki snap. Snap to the point of no return it seems! Bakugou never spoke anymore, he never bothered anyone! He even made space for Kirishima to succeed. It was great. Sometimes Deku and the redhead would joke about it.

The day after the festival, the two boys hung out in Kirishima’s room. For about an hour they laid on Kirishima’s bed, staring at the ceiling and talking about nothing until Deku abruptly brought Bakugou up. “Uh.. since we’re on the topic of the sports festival.. how is Bakugou? I know he’s your best friend and all..” Deku nervously asked with averted eyes.

“Are you kidding me? He’s not my best friend, dude. That guy is just rude and I finally noticed how much he put you through. Anyways, I don’t know what his problem is. But I’m happy he finally calmed down. No more king explosion murder, amirite?” Kirishima laughed.

Deku smiled. Now he doesn’t have to feel bad about how happy he was to see Bakugou so hurt, because someone else felt the same way. Was this wrong? No... it couldn’t be. Bakugou deserves this.

“All I know is, I’m never stooping down to his level again. Of course I’ll still be around him, but a guy can only handle so much aggressive behavior. He just needs someone to put him in his place.” Kirishima flashed a toothy grin.

Deku fiddled with his fingers. “I’m just a little worried... He seemed so... distraught when I beat hi-“ “Dude! Don’t even think about that! You’re doing so well right now, and you should be proud of yourself!”

Deku was proud. He was the one who finally put Bakugou in his place.


“So what’s up?” Kirishima smiled as they began walking through the school’s hallway.

“I...” Bakugou’s heart rate picked up for the third time that day. God, what is happening to him?

Normally he never, ever had crushes. But Kirishima was different. He listened to everything Bakugou said with a different perspective, and he wasn’t scared off by his demeanor. The blonde longed for someone to understand him the way Kirishima does. He was always there for him and supported him no matter what.

Whatever was happening between them now... Bakugou hoped he could tell Kirishima how he feels soon, maybe it could fix things.

Bakugou looked down to Kirishima’s hand slightly groping his shoulder, and he tensed up. “Sh-shitty hair.. let go of me.”

Kirishima didn’t budge.

Bakugou sighed and rolled his eyes. “Anyways.. Nothi-“

“Cool! So, how are you doing in school? I’m almost to the top of the class with Deku! Aren’t you proud man?” The redhead boasted proudly with no hesitation, and a little jump to his words.


That vile word coming out of his best friends mouth, again.

How long has it been since the sports festival? Surely it had been long enough for the redheaded idiot to forget about Deku already. But Bakugou lost track of time long ago. He still hated hearing about that fool though..

Was this feeling jealousy?


Maybe humility.

Bakugou didn’t respond, and instead shoved him off. He’s not taking shit again today, especially this early in the morning. He decided they can talk when they meet up after school.

“Tch. Whatever. I’m going to class.” The blonde flicked Kirishima’s longing hands back. “Aww come on man! Don’t be jealous.” He smirked and that earned him a hard slap on the face.