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Broken Promises Hurt

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Bakugou had been waiting for his red headed best friend behind the school for a while now. For weeks Bakugou asked for Kirishima to just spend time together like they used to. But of course he wouldn’t show up. He never really did, always forgetting about the blonde. So Bakugou gives up and begins to walk home. It wasn’t worth trying to wait another hour again just to have Kirishima possibly come to tell him; ‘sorry man, I forgot! I was with Deku!’


It had been like this for a while now, everyone being so riled up over Deku’s... everything. To be fair, he had everything Bakugou had ever wanted. A ton of positive attention, immense support from his peers and teachers, and he was given a quirk. By his own idol. He was practically cheating. Bakugou worked so hard for years to control his quirk, and Deku was just gifted with it.


Bakugou had spent hours everyday practicing and training and studying and practicing some more to be the number one hero. But by now, it was inevitable that Deku would claim that title.


The thought of it all stings Bakugou internally. Of course he wouldn’t actually admit that though, he thought perhaps it was just the fact he hadn’t reached his final peak yet, his coming of age.


The blonde never bothered Deku anymore. He never spoke to him. Never even stole a glance. In fact, he grew very quiet. He never seemed angry, just... numb. He dozed off in class and stopped paying attention. At this point he knew Deku would steal his dreams. He always did. And it crushed him.


That’s why everyone, even his own best friend, had been obsessed with the kid. Obsessed with the second All Might.


Bakugou’s phone vibrated and his heart leaped. Someone actually texted him? No one ever did that anymore. Not even Kirishima.


For a while now, Kirishima had been training with Deku, and they worked out pretty often in the gym.


Bakugou stopped attending the gym after he found the two boys and Iida lifting weights together, laughing. He felt the same sting he felt every time he saw Deku.


He would never admit it, but he was growing very tired of his life. Bakugou lost to his own rival. Someone he swore to beat.


There was no point in trying to beat Deku.


The blonde quickly picked his phone up and glanced at the text. From Kirishima.


idiot ’: Hey bro! Sorry I never met up with you, I was studying maths with Izuku!


Bakugou bit his lips and felt tears fill his eyes.


me : it’s fine


idiot ’: How are you man? U seem rlly quiet this week


This week? Try this month .


Of course Kirishima just noticed his recent behavior. Maybe he got bored and decided to pay attention to Bakugou for once.


me : i’m fine


idiot ’: Are u sure? U don’t seem like it :/


Bakugou stopped in his tracks and wiped his tears quickly.


Quit it. Stop being a little bitch.


me : i said i’m fine shithead

me : what happened when you guys studied


idiot ’: Ohh lol we just talked a bit and then finished the packet

idiot ’: Want the answers?


me : i already finished it

me : if you’re not going to go next time please tell me bc i don’t feel like wasting my time waiting 4 you


This took Kirishima a while to respond to.


idiot ’: Sorry man I didn’t know it bothered u!!


me : whatever go talk to your loser friends


idiot ’: Are you sure you’re okay dude? You really don’t seem like yourself


This pissed Bakugou off. What the hell did Kirishima know? Why would he even care to know?


me : now you seem to notice

me : so why do you care


idiot ’: We can talk after school if you want. I’m worried about you

idiot ’: You always seem so tired :(


He was right. Bakugou was losing sleep, and losing weight. He stopped working out and ate very little. It was obvious something was wrong.


His eyes were stinging from tears.


me : okay then

me : please don’t cancel on me


idiot ’: I won’t! I promise! :)


This made Bakugou slightly smile. Slightly.




The next morning rolled around and Bakugou woke up earlier than usual and actually tried to make himself look decent today. Excitement was rushing through his body. Usually he would just do his normal deeds, shower, brush his teeth, comb his hair, and throw on his uniform in the messiest fashion. But today would be different because Kirishima promised him. He grabbed his clothes and snuck into the shower rooms, only to find Deku grabbing a towel. Bakugou felt himself freeze.


He slowly walked over to his own shower and tried to avert his attention elsewhere. But of course that failed. Deku noticed him.


“Ahh, Kacchan! You’re up early!”


Bakugou cringed.




Deku raised an eyebrow and smiled nervously. It bothered him that the usual explosive teen was emitting nothing but sadness.


“So.. what brings you here to the shower rooms at this hour?”


He watched Bakugou shrug as he slowly pulled his tank top off. Deku’s eyes widened as they traced over Bakugou’s pale and skinny frame. His chest was becoming smaller, his waist extremely tiny, his abs fading. What the hell was going on?


“Kacchan... you know... If you ever need anything, I’ll always be here for you.” Deku gave a weak smile.


Bakugou nodded and slowly pulled his oddly small shorts off. He had shed so much weight that he had gone down at least two sizes in clothing. Deku quickly looked away and minded his own business.


What Deku didn’t know was that tears were streaming down Bakugo’s cheeks as they spoke. This was not a good start to his day.