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The Summer Sun That Blows My Mind

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Morning light shimmered through the windows of the Todoroki dining room where two men sat at breakfast.

Izuku spooned cereal into his mouth, while scanning headlines on a tablet.

Shouto bit into fluffy scrambled eggs, savouring the taste of his lover's food.

"Ah the JP Hero Billboard Chart is out!" Izuku's spoon slipped out his hand, clattering upon the tray.

Curiosity lifted Shouto's brow, he leaned forward voicing a burning question."I wonder how we placed this year?"

Izuku tapped the screen."I'll tell you in a second!"

The pair had worked for Endeavour as sidekicks before branching out to form a duo in January, hence they longed to know how they ranked since then.

Reaching across the table, Izuku squeezed Shouto's hand, eyes gleaming."You're ranked at 81 and I'm at 84 and — and we made the top 20 list of the most prospective heroes too!"

You moved up. Shouto's lip spread into a smile. He was proud of them both for having moved out of the triple digits together."Congrats, Izuku."

"No, congratulations to us," Izuku said warmly, gazing into Shouto's eyes.

They leaned forward, sharing a celebratory kiss from across the table.

Pulling away, Izuku picked up the tablet to study their individuals stats, only for his brows to furrow moments later.“We need to improve our community standing, it's our lowest stat..."

Shouto scrubbed a hand across his face, knowing what this would lead to. "My father is going to lecture us."

Enji was guaranteed to nag their phones until Enji
caught up with them in person to fuss over their community standing; The Number One Hero had never stopped watching over their hero development.

"Yeah...the sooner we fix this, the better." A solemn Izuku agreed, offering a solution. "How about we volunteer somewhere?"

“Sounds good." Shouto recalled that Momo gave guests lectures at their Alma mater last year. "There's Yuuei, we can help with lessons."

There was no doubt that Nezu would welcome them in a heart beat, having a soft spot for the duo since their school days. Moreover, this option would allow Izuku to document new Quirks, filling up another notebook.

To his surprise, Izuku shook his head, face apologetic.“Great suggestion, Shouto, one I'd take up in the future but I was hoping for something more hands on for now.”

Hands on huh? Shouto looked down at the empty plate on the table, the perfect suggestion popping into his head. "How about volunteering at a soup kitchen?"

Izuku's crinkled his nose at that. "Uh that's not hands on enough."

Fuyumi walked into the dining room soon after, her gaze flitting between the two men. “Good morning guys. What's going on?"

"Good morning Fuyumi-san," Izuku curled his lips."We need to raise our community standing, so we're looking for a way to do that."

"Izuku wants to do something hands on." Shouto added. Truth be told, Shouto did not care where they worked as long as they were together.

Putting her tray down, Fuyumi sat next to Shouto, murmuring, "hands on you say?"

“Would you both be okay with working outside the prefecture?” She asked a few beats later.

Exchanging a glance, Shouto and Izuku nodded at each other before answering 'yes.'

"My friend's grandfather has a farm in Nara, he's been looking for help." Fuyumi flashed Izuku a hopeful look.

"Mmm." Izuku rubbed his own chin, seemingly imagining the farm work.

"He's going to say yes." An amused Shouto told his sister.

And Shouto was right for the following Monday found both men in the backs eat of a taxi wheeling over a long bumpy road that lead to the Fujiwara Farm.

Izuku peered out the taxi window at the lush green fields that stretched for miles."I wonder if there're any horses."

"We'll find out soon enough." Shouto stared at the low hanging clouds nestling between the mountains in the distance. "The area looks peaceful though."

"Yeah it does."

After the driver pulled up to the front of a traditional Japanese house, both men climbed out the taxi, with Shouto retrieving their bags and Izuku paying the driver.

The taxi sped away when a portly man in faded overalls came out of the house, followed by a brown and white dog. "Welcome to the Fujiwara Farm, young heroes!"

Izuku bowed. "Thank you, Fujiwara-san, I look forward to working with you!"

"Thank you, I look for forward to working with you," Shouto said flatly.

"It is you who I should thank, it's hard to convince youngings to work on a farm and now I'll have two strong heroes working for me." Fujiwara let out a hearty laugh.

Giving the heroes a tour of the farm, Fujiwara outlined their duties before leading them to the staff living quarters to get changed. "Come to the barn once you're done here."

Said quarters were furnished with single beds and accompanying dressers. Shouto set their bags down and he and Izuku swapped their casual clothing for a matching pair of white Tee shirts and blue overalls.

Shouto fastened the hook on his overalls, casting a glance in Izuku's direction and what he saw made him stare.

Catching his heated stare, Izuku blinked."Do I look weird?"

"Sexy is more like it." Shouto admitted, admiring the way Izuku's muscular arms bulged against the shirt and how well Izuku filled out those overalls.

Colour flooded Izuku's cheeks at the compliment. He slowly raked his gaze over Shouto's
body's before meeting those mismatched eyes."You don't look bad yourself."

Shouto smiled, reflecting that Izuku came a long way from the boy who would hide his face when complimenting Shouto; Izuku had grown more confident over the years.

Leaving the room, they headed to the barn, listening to the cacophony of animals calls along the way. Shiro, the dog, joined them,trotting besides Shouto.

Izuku regarded the Shichi. "I think he likes you."

Shouto stopped, offering his hand to the dog that sniffed it before running off, paws clopping on the gravel. "Maybe not."

That earned him a chuckle from Izuku.
Fujiwara awaited them in the barn smelling of hay and taught the heroes how to milk cows, leaving them to their first chore.

Seated on a stool now, Shouto looked down at his lubed slicked hands and reached for the brown cow standing alongside him. Never had Shouto dreamt of doing this for work.

Milk drizzled into the pail as Shouto tugged on the cow's udders, his thoughts drifting to the many products containing milk before he wondered how Izuku fared in the neighbouring stall.

A yelp and a thudding sound gave Shouto an alarming hint, driving the worried man into the next stall to check on Izuku.

There Izuku lied among hay on the floor, wearing a milk pail on his head.

Kneeling beside Izuku, Shouto swallowed, hoping the cow did not trample his partner."Izuku? Are you okay?"

To Shouto's relief, Izuku smiled, sitting up."Yeah, I think I tugged too hard on the cow and made her angry."

Removing the milk pail from his partner's head, Shouto tried to keep a straight face but failed, laughing at Izuku who nudged Shouto with his elbow, bursting into laughter too.