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“I trust it won’t be hard for you to be inconspicuous,”

I swallowed down the thought. I knew that very well. Every since I was born, I’d faded into the shadows, and I’d been swallowed up by resentment and detachment.

A quirkless orphan? I was mere twaddle underneath the feet of heroes and villains, or anyone for that matter that had a super-human ability.

Quirks…what he called a sickness. The sickness I desperately wanted. 

It wouldn’t be hard to become an immediate disinterest at a new school when I was quirkless, especially one like U.A. Prestigious, [for smart, snot-nosed brats and upper-class rich kids] and full of uber-talented people and heroes.

The weather was a bit off, a cross between summery heat and cool winds. I swallowed thickly, my school tie fitting rather snugly agaisnt my throat, brushing my larynx whenever I breathed.

I rubbed my hands anxiously agaisnt the worn-down fabric of my blazer, feeling the lint and cotton scratch agaisnt my fingertips. Having a hand-me-down uniform would help my chances of slipping into the cracks tenfold. 

I didn't like the hot weather, it was sticky and uncomfortable. Hot like the chaste brush of my thighs agaisnt each other as I walked, desperately wanting to turn back time to when I was getting changed so I could put some tights on instead of thigh highs.

But if I did that…then…no socks are fine, aren’t they?

The moment of hesitation made a sharp sensation manifest deep inside myself, feeling my arms ache with phantom pain.

You’re distracting her Eri, go find something to occupy yourself…”

I cringed at the memory, my head lulling into a dull ache, throbbing gently agaisnt my temples.

I pulled my blazer tighter around myself, tucking a stray strand of hair behind my ear. Feeling the scar near my neck brush feverishly under my fingers. Maybe this was too much? Could I really go around school behaving like a normal student when my mind would constantly wander back to him?

It felt impossible.

I took another step, and my scuffed shoe hit the gate of the school line and passed on.

Three large cherry blossom trees hunched over the fenced school as if to hug the perimeter, peppering the concrete with pink petals.

The buildings were tall and graceful. White and lean. Almost intimidating. The grounds were well kept, hedges trimmed, pathways clear and thorns cut. Greenery surrounded the central building, statues of its founders circling a huge water feature.

A nervous expression twitched on my lips. This place was overwhelming in its very nature. A place for power and heroism. The exact opposite beliefs that had been engraved into my very nature. All too suddenly, I became spitefully aware of how much I would stand out.

People came here to become heroes. They had purpose and drive, they wanted to stand up to the world, and the chaos it ensued, and be a driving force to stop the barbarities within it. They came here to do their part for the world, and everyone in it, no matter how selfless or selfish their desires were.


Overhaul…if only you could see me now…

A wry simper formed on my lips.

You’d probably blow me to pieces.

I licked my lips nervously. I’d never fit in here…I got in on a science scholarship in the general studies course. I wasn’t interested in being a hero. And even If I did, I didn’t have a quirk to back up that claim.

With a sigh, I shuffled on my feet, watching the halls started to fill with early arrivals.

I wasn't new to the whole student fling, Overhaul tended to move me around a lot, almost like he was uncomfortable keeping me in one spot. And being in breach of his rules would leave me in a world of hurt, so I followed his orders without complaint.

I also wasn’t a very good peoples person, whether as a byproduct of being locked away for most of my childhood, or developing Chisaki’s incredibly underwhelming social cues, I didn’t play well with others. No matter how hard I’d try, I’d mess up, say something scary or rude, or a mix of them both, and make all the kids run for the hills.

I rounded a corner and almost bumped into a boy. Instinctively, I twisted around his body, watching him stumble on false grounds for a fraction of a second. The boy immediately apologised, giving me a polite smile.

“I’m s-sorry! I was caught up in my thoughts and wasn’t watching where I was going!” The boy squeaked out, his [scarred?] hands flailing about.

I watched in perplexed curiosity as he blurted out another apology, his cheeks cherry red and peppered adorably with tiny freckles. The boy was preciously naive at first glance, with big green eyes, full of wonder for the world, and a ten-gigawatt smile.

“It’s alright…” I mumbled, tugging listlessly on my tie.

“Midoriya!” Someone else called out behind him. “I told you to watch where you were going, now look what’ve you’ve done!”

A rather tall, bespectacled boy walked up behind him, wearing a very prim uniform. Who followed was a shorter girl, with choppy brown hair.

“Huh…?” The girl looked astounded. “Who’s this Deku…a friend of yours?”

I blushed to the tips of my ears and turned away. I’d never been called-out so formally before, and to be addressed as someones friend sent a tingly, unfamiliar jolt through my body. I wondered for a brief, hollow moment what it’d be like to have friends. 

“You must be the new student in the general studies class!” the girl chimed, scratching her pink cheek. “Ashido told me, she knows all the gossip these days — you know how hard it is to get into U.A on scholarships with no practical? You must be uber smart! And your quirk must be amazing…”

“Uraraka!” The taller one scolded. “It’s incredibly rude to be pestering this girl with questions, can’t you tell she’s uncomfortable?”

The girl blushed faintly, her mouth falling into a little ‘o’ shape. “I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable, I was just excited to see a new student, we don’t get very many…”

“I don’t mind…” I stammered, shoving my hands into my pockets.

“Really?!” The girl…Uraraka, beamed at me.

I swallowed softly, pressing my fingers agaisnt my pockets. “No…I wasn’t all that bothered…”

“See Iida!” Uraraka chimed, pressing her fingers together in a weird, outlandish mannerism.

“She’s just being polite,” a rumbling timbre announced from behind Uraraka.

I jumped in my shoes at the sound, noticeably startling the U.A students with my timid gesture. I hadn’t expected another voice to be added to the fray, my brain was hardly keeping up with making [somewhat comfortable] conversation with outsiders for the first time in what seemed like forever. And they were nice.

“Todoroki is right,” the boy with glasses confirmed. 

The boy named Todoroki shifted into view on the other side of…Deku was it? And it felt like Kurono had hit me with his time alternating quirk. That boy…with the red laptop bag slung over his shoulder and the deadpanned expression.


It felt like someone had punched the breath out of me, and I stared awkwardly at him, my heart humming slightly. That was a weird feeling. Like an intense liquid heat pooling in my chest, and pushing agaisnt my heart. For the first time in a long time, my heart thumped happily, mesmerised by his effortless beauty.

I felt dazed out of reality. Why did he have such beautiful eyes? Heterochromia I think people called it, mismatched colours within the iris. But his were a startling example of polarity. Or maybe he was.

Soft, timid grey and ferocious, pulsing turquoise met between the parts of his bi-coloured hair. A snowy colour clashing with dark red, like blood…

All to suddenly that fluffy red reminded of Eri’s trembling eyes, and all pleasantries evaded me.

The boy had a scar. No not like mine. It was red and feverish, pulsing angrily agaisnt his left eye. Not long and jagged like mine.

“I’m Izuku Midoriya from the Hero Class 1A,” Midoriya explained, his cheeks still red. “You can call me Deku if you’d like, that’s my hero name. These are my friends, Iida, Todoroki and Uraraka,” 

I glanced down, staring with perturbed bewilderment at his outstretched hand. It was terribly scarred, and frighteningly similar to the tortured flesh striped on my neck. I took it hesitantly and gave it a firm tug, his palms sweaty agaisnt my fingers.

“You have a r-really a firm handshake…” he muttered out, almost bashful.

I glanced back up at him from examining my hand and stared. A firm handshake? What did that even mean?

And before it could even begin to get awkward, the tall boy with glasses butted in.

“As Midoriya already explained, I am Tenya Iida, the class representative of 1A, and I feel it is my duty as a leader to help you find your way around the school grounds,”

“Wow Iida!” Uraraka cooed. “That’s so nice of you, but won’t you be late to physics?”

“2 minutes is hardly considered tardy, and if it helps in assisting her in settling in, I will take the risk,”

“Wow Iida,” Izuku praised.

"Do you know what tutor group you have?" Iida asked, leaning down slightly to observe my expression.

I cringed inwardly at the fact he was so tall, swinging my backpack around onto my hip and unzipping it. I pulled out a piece of paper, his looming presence making me tense.

“SS9…” I read aloud and Iida smiled.

“Not too far away it seems,” he said, adjusting his glasses. I blinked up at him, and watched as he gestured for me to follow him.

I picked up my pace, giving a shy wave to Izuku and his friends as I left.

Iida had long strides, and even longer legs, so I had to rush along just to keep up. We passed a classroom full of teenagers, they were chatting away happily, one girl even had vines for hair.

The corridors were long and dull, but filled with idle chatter and excited proclamation. As we walked, people would turn and whisper, pointing and prodding each other in my direction, like I was a dancing monkey.

“I just realised I don’t even know your name,” Iida voiced, glancing at me in his peripheral.

I blinked, looking up at his defined facial features. I didn’t even realise it myself, but none of them knew my name. They’d just been referring to me by gender. That wasn’t an issue by any respect, I was just a little uneasy about revealing my full name, which would most likely lead to gossip about my family. Or lack thereof.

“You can just call me (Y/N),” I squeaked out, looking down at my shoes.

Iida’s eyebrows furrowed, unbeknownst to me, and he stared down at me with a pink flush to his cheeks. “Isn’t that a little too formal for someone you’ve just met?

“I’m not bothered,”

Iida trusted me on my decision, and lead me to my homeroom class. He said his goodbyes before he sped away — literally sped — down the hall.

I scanned my fingers over the locker numbers near the classroom until I got to 49. I opened it with a key and neatly placed my folders inside.

There was a girl next to me getting her books for her first class, and her locker was frilled out with fluffy pink lining and a glitter glued timetable sheet. It surrounded by cute photos of her with friends. She glanced over at me, who had been staring with exasperated discontent.

Why did she have to doll-up her locker like that? She was only gonna have it for a year before she moved classes, and top of that, she’d hardly see the inside when she was at school.

Clearly the girl was uncomfortable under my gaze, and slammed her locker shut with a loud bang.

“You’re the new girl in our class right?” She asked, a scornful expression on her face.

I gulped, clutching my maths textbook close to my chest. “Y-Yes,”

“I’m the class rep for the General Studies Course Class 1A, Araki Asako,” she said, a smile suddenly spreading across her face. “It’s rude to stare, but I’ll forgive you because you’re new and everything's probably really overwhelming for you!”

I blinked at her. Did she mean to come off so condescending and ignorant?

Oh well, at least she wasn’t being rude. Just loud and obnoxious. I could deal with that. I hoped…

“N-Nice to meet you,” I managed to get out, my tongue suddenly twisting in my mouth. “I’m (Y/N) Chisaki,”

“Chisaki-chan then?” Asako chirped, her blue hair frilling up at the top of her forehead.

“T-That's fine,” I stammered, my heart rattling agaisnt my ribcage. I hadn’t been called that in years, and it made my stomach churn anxiously.

Who knew talking to so many people would be this daunting…

Especially since I sucked exponentially at getting the right words out, or portraying what I really felt. I’d often come off on the wrong foot, and shake people off, and create unwanted enemies. People would chalk me up to being weird, gross or socially inept. Maybe all of them at once sometimes. But I was just shy.

“This is the vice rep of 1A, Fuyume Baisho!” Asako chimed, breaking me from my stupor.

Another girl had appeared out of nowhere, with blonde ringlets for hair, and Mediterranean oceans for eyes. She had her arms cupped behind her back, and she was leaning down to look at me with this creepy, happy-go-lucky smile on her face.

“Nice to me you Chisaki-chan!” She cheered, taking my hand and giving it a shake. My arm turned into a noodle and wobbled beneath her hold rather embarrassingly.

Baisho retracted her hand, looking at me with a curious yet disturbed expression on her face.

Great, now she thought I was weird.

An awkward silence settled between us, Asako pulling at her blue hair absentmindedly as Baisho scratched behind her ear.


Think, think think dammit, c’mon (Y/N), you can do this! Just ask them a question.

“W-What are your guys quirks?”

“Oh?” Baisho tilted her head to the side and smiled at me. “My quirk is erm…not that practical…I can um make people happy by touching their face and looking into their eyes,”

I raised an eyebrow…that seemed like a pretty cool quirk to me.

“The only drawback is, that once I release them, their emotions come back twice as strong if they aren't consoled,”

Oh…never mind then.

“Oh don’t say that Fuyume-chan!” Asako said, patting her on the shoulder. “You’re quirk is so helpful, just like Recovery Girl,”

Fuyume blushed and swatted Asako’s hand away. “I-I wouldn’t go that far, Araki-chan, but thank you, I appreciate the compliment,”

And suddenly I felt like I was third-wheeling into the little flirty moment they were having

“Araki-chan’s quirk is super powerful though! That’s why she got class representative!”

Asako sniffed slightly, fiddling awkwardly with her fingers at Baisho’s praise. She couldn’t be that powerful if she was in the General Studies class…right?

“I can make flowers sprout out of my hands…” Asako said bashfully, gripping the front of her shirt.

Oh, …actually that was kinda cool. Could she get me some lavender for the vaporiser at home? Overhaul hated bad smells.

“What’s your quirk then, Chisaki-chan?”

My heart jumped in my ribcage and lodged itself in my throat. Her question threw me for a curveball.

My face fell into a quivering frown.


My chest started to hurt, and I looked down at my knotted laces. I’d gotten used to the way people looked at me when I’d tell them my big secret. Pity lingered in-between mixes of shock and bewilderment. Their disingenuous eyes.

Pity…I didn’t need their pity. I didn’t need anything from them. I was fine the way I was.

Wasn’t I?

“The world is filthy (Y/N)…and I need you to help cleanse it,”

“I’m quirkle—“

“—Stop dilly-dallying in the halls! Get to class,” a hero teacher from general studies roared as he stormed passed, hustling kids out of juicy gossip. 

Asako and Baisho stammered awkwardly. “Sorry Daedalus!”

I took a deep breath and calmed myself down. Following behind my new acquaintances like a sullen puppy. I shuffled quietly, getting shoved into a boy who looked like he was walking towards my classroom.  He glanced back at me for a second before he opened the door to the class and let we walk through.

I muttered my quiet thanks, and the boy gave me a quizzical look.

There were girls surrounding one table and boys on another. The boy moved off without another word. Baisho and Asako gravitated immediately towards the girls cluster, chatting away rather cattily.

I walked over to an empty seat and pulled out my books for class. I knew I’d be a bit behind, so I tried to catch up on some notes while the teacher was still late.

It was hard to focus with all the gossiping and yelling that was going on beside me. I rummaged through blazer pocket, pulling out my impossibly tangled headphones. I spent a solid couple of minutes getting them out of their knots, and by the time I was finished the chatter had died down.

I looked around and saw someone had sat down next to me. They had brown hair and a weird look on their face.

I swallowed awkwardly and turned away from her gaze, but I could still feel her staring at the back of my head. 

"Excuse me,” they tapped my shoulder. I turned to glance at her, my ears tinging red at all the attention I was cultivating.

“I was wondering if you could do us a favour?" The girl said excitedly.

Us? I quirked a brow, and noticed there was a bald kid standing next to her desk, staring at me too.

“Nendo and I are having a race to the cafeteria at lunch, and we need a judge,"

I frowned.  "Why me?"

The bald-headed boy spoke up.

“You’re Chisaki-san right? Since you’re new here and we don't trust our friends we thought you’d be the best bet for a fair judge," he said, scratching the back of his head.

What the hell was even going on here?

My head started to spin, and I looked away from them. Why all-of-a-sudden had I became the centre of attention. It was almost like I was in my own tv show, and all the characters orbited around me. Like a harem or something.

“After class?” I asked, biting my gums.

Their eyes lit up. “You’re actually gonna do it?!”

Besides the fact that I was really bad at saying no, I also had no idea where the cafeteria was, and having some escort me wouldn’t be so bad — despite my shitty social skills.

“Sure…” I mumbled.

The couple yelped happily, nudging each other.

“Thanks, Chisaki-chan! I’m June Iwata, it’s so nice to meet you!” She said sitting down next to me.

I smiled weakly, swallowing down an uncomfortable lump in my throat from being called that name yet again. I turned anxiously, the door to the classroom sliding open.

A rather short man with an undercut and glasses cleared his throat, making himself known. Students scrambled to their desks as he stormed up to the front of the classroom and wrote his name on the board.


Was that his hero name…or his actual name?

"Alright kids, everyone get to your seats. I trust you’re aware of our new student. (Y/N) Chisaki. Make her feel welcome yada-yada-yada,”

What a warm welcome...

He ran an eraser through his name on the whiteboard and a puff of black dust speckled his face. Kids from the back rows giggled. Occamy scowled, his cat-like eyes staring daggers at the boy behind me.

"Open your textbooks to page 108 we are learning about single variable calculus today, I trust you have experience with this topic, Chisaki.” Occamy said, sitting down at his desk.

“Y-Yes sir,” I stammered, opening my notebook with shaky fingers.

The kids started to whisper about me and I tried not to let it get to me. But one thing did catch my attention.

Her names Chisaki right?” they whispered. “Isn’t that the same last name as the leader of the Shie Hassaikai?

“You mean that plague-mask group from the Yakuza?” A girl squeaked back.

“Didn’t they have a huge fight with the All For One’s last weak?”

“Yeah…” someone whispered. “Apparently Edgeshot and Hawks were there to clean up the mess…”

“…the gangs fights are getting worse and worse,”

“Just be glad we’re not in the Hero Department…those guys have to actually deal with it,”

“Thank God we have All Might on our side,”

I swallowed nervously, clutching my pencil so hard I could feel the wood splintering.

“You could say that again, that guy…what’s his name again? Uh over-something,”

Overhaul,” someone retorted teasingly. “His name is Overhaul.”