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Alice's ghoul companion

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Ken punches me in the head to get me out of my thoughts, I growl angrily and I hit him back in the stomach, he emits a sound of pain before falling to the floor on my knees.

“¡Furumau!” (Behave yourself) Akira shouted from the second floor of the house. I roll my eyes before sitting on the couch and looking out the window at the big buildings in Tokyo.

Someone sits on my lap and kisses me on the cheek, I look sideways at Ana who winks at me.

“¿Nani ga hoshī?” (¿What do you want?) I said coldly as I return my attention to the window to continue observing the buildings.

“Nanimonai, tada hanashitakatta” (Nothing, just wanted to talk) she responds quickly. I rolled my eyes before getting up from the couch and Ana with agile movements does not fall to the floor.

“Warui” (Bad) I raise my shoulders, signaling that I didn't care about my sister's comments.

“Anata wa itsumo kigengawarui” (I don't care what they say) I replied coldly, before climbing the stairs and walking to my room.

I close the door and grab a modified sugar cube with blood. I put it in my mouth before throwing myself in my bed and grabbing my cell phone.

I see in a story that there were multiple murders and disappearances, obviously everything indicates that it was Ghouls and the CCG are looking for them.

For a long time the ghouls and the CCG were enemies, but as time went by, it was agreed that ghouls that were mentally stable and that did not represent a danger to humans were forgiven and restored in human society.

I relax in my bed and try to get some sleep, but someone gently knocks on my bedroom door.

"Zalia, kazoku no saikai" (Zalia, family reunion) I heard the soft voice of my "mother." I sigh before getting up and opening the door to go to the living room where everyone was waiting.

Akira sits next to Thomas on the couch, Ken was in the armrest next to Ana. I walk a little more until I lean against the wall.

“Byōin wa Washinton-shū fōkusu de hataraku yō ni watashi o ugokashi, sono machi de yūmeina isha ga hataraite imasu” (The hospital moved me to work in Forks, Washington, with a famous doctor working in town) Thomas commented quietly

“Soshite, soreha watashitachi ni dono yō ni kankei shite imasu ka?” (¿And how does he relate to us?) Ken asks as he puts a finger in his nose, earning a reproach from Akira for his behavior.

“Watashitachi wa 2-nenkan fōku ni ikimasu” (We go to Forks for two years)

I had my arms crossed while still leaning against the wall, I squeeze my hands tightly at the mention of leaving Tokyo

"Kazoku zen'in?" (¿The whole family?) Ana asked a little excited about the idea of leaving.

Thomas nods. I sigh before I leave the living room without paying attention to my family's calls.

I climb the stairs quickly and close the door with a bang. I clench my fists in anger and feel my eyes change to black with the red pupil.

I sit on the edge of the bed and look at the floor.

¿What is Thomas thinking?

¿Ghouls in a place that is not Tokyo?

¿How will we feed there?

¿Does the CCG really agree with all this?

I hear someone knock on my bedroom door. Angry I grab a pillow and throw it against the door.

“Hanashitakunai!” (¡I don't want to talk!) I screamed immediately before lying against the bed

Regardless of my shout, Thomas enters the room before closing the door behind him.

“Tōkyō kara dasshutsu suru yunīkuna kikai. Kono kazoku ni okotta warui koto wa subete wasurete kudasai” (A unique opportunity to escape from Tokyo. Forget all the bad things that happened to this family.) Thomas commented in his calm voice

“Kagura o wasureru to iu kotodesu ka?” (¿Do you mean forget Kagura?) I responded with obvious anger in my voice

“Īe, pēji o mekuru jikandesu, Zalia” (No, it's time to turn the page, Zalia)

“Kagura o koroshita ghoul wa mada yurui” (The Ghoul who killed Kagura is still loose)

“Shitteru shikashi, fuku ven wa nani mo kaiketsu shimasen” (I know, but revenge won't solve anything.)

“Anata wa watashi ni iu hitsuyō wa arimasen, watashi wa hijō ni yoku shitte imasu. Soretomo, jeison ga watashi o kurushimeta gōmon ni tsuite wasuremashita ka?”  (You don't have to tell me, I know very well. Or did you forget about the torture Jason gave me?)

“Fōku ni ikimashou. Dare mo, ningen mo ghoul mo anata o kizutsukenai” (We go to Forks Nobody, humans or ghouls will hurt you)

Thomas's hand rests gently on my head. I opened my eyes to look at his eyes so calm and kind. I sigh before I nod ... Maybe a new beginning is a good thing.


The flight had been long and annoying with humans so annoying. Thomas rented a car so we could move around Forks without problems.

We had to learn to speak in English, but among us we continue to speak in Japanese. Also another news that I did not like at all, is that we would have to attend school to appear to be common teenagers.

While we are not immortal, we age very slowly so Ken, Ana and I continue to have aspects of teenagers.

After a trip from the airport to Forks, we arrived at a house that Thomas bought. It was a dark house with a garage, gray roof, white windows just like the two-story entrance door and had an extensive backyard that connected to the forest.

Quickly Ken and Ana run to choose their rooms. While I help Thomas and Akira with the luggage.

When we entered we found the living room, a TV on the wall, several gray and white armchairs, a couple of lamps and a large curtain.

“Heya o sagashi ni ikimasu” (Go find a room) Akira said kindly

I nod before grabbing my suitcase and backpack and up the stairs. I see Ana and Ken argue for a specific room. I roll my eyes before walking to a room that was at the bottom and putting my things inside.

The walls were black and white and most of the furniture was light blue and white. I look at the room a little more before starting to unpack.

After a few hours, the shouts of the discussion between Ana and Ken finally gave way, thanks to Akira's intervention.

In my room I had already unpacked, I just needed to put the picture of Kagura on the bedside table next to my bed and I finish.


Thomas rented a car for Ken and Ana, while in my case. My motorcycle had arrived in Forks after 3 weeks.

We went to school, but to be honest, I didn't feel like supporting some humans with uncontrolled hormones.

I was riding my motorcycle, behind the car that Thomas rented and Ana was driving, while Ken looked out the bored window.

When we finally arrived, I parked my motorcycle next to the car and headed inside the institution, ignoring the eyes of humans.

A boy approaches us with a smile next to a girl who also smiled, but did not take his eyes off Ken.

"Hi, I'm Mike and she's Jessica." I roll my eyes as Ana and Ken socialize with them. For my part, I looked at my schedules and said goodbye to my brothers, ignoring the humans

I walk through the halls trying to breathe as little as possible, without dying or attacking any human.

When I get to the Ecolonomy class, an exquisite aroma reached my nose but at the same time it was weird, I didn't feel hungry, it made me nervous.

I try to ignore it before giving some assistance papers to the teacher. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a short-haired pixie girl with a big smile on her face.

“Very well, Miss Anteiku. These are the topics that we will see throughout the year, welcome"

The woman's voice takes me out of my thoughts and I look the teacher in the eye before nodding.

“Sit next to Miss Cullen. Alice, raise your hand ”said the teacher

The girl I was watching a few moments ago raises her hand while she still had a smile on her face.


I sigh before I walk towards my desk, but when I walk more, the scent becomes more intense.

Is she the cause of that scent?

I sit in the chair before taking out a notebook and a pen. I try to completely ignore the girl next to me or try not to smell her scent that is very intense and slightly wrinkle my nose.

"Hi, I'm Alice Cullen. ¿Are you?"

The woman next to me extends her hand to me to greet me, I look at her hand before moving away a little from her and keep looking straight ahead towards the board.

"Zalia Anteiku" I said coldly

Alice's hand falls when she sees that I would not greet her, but her smile was still on her face.

"Your name is a foreigner. Where are you from?"

"Japan, Tokyo"

"Oh! I always wanted to go there, but you don't look Asian."

"I am not"

"Did your parents move there?"

"Do not"

She wrinkles her forehead at the confusion. I look at her for a moment and her smile returns automatically. I get more nervous and look at the board

Alice seemed to want to say something, but the class began, the class hours passed and I moved further and further away from her until I was at the edge of the table and with my hand covering my nose. She realized that and looked at me confused and curious at the same time.

When the doorbell rings I grab my things and leave the classroom quickly. I walk to my next class, but to my surprise the pixie followed me.

"What is your next class?"

I wrinkle my nose at his scent, look away trying to keep my eyes from changing to black with the red pupil.


"Oh! We have the same class, ”She said happily

I almost let out a growl at that, sighed a little and managed to calm down and held my breath next to her.

She kept talking to me until class until she went to her seat that for my bad luck my classmate turned out to be her again.

Lunchtime arrived and I walked to a coffee vending machine, although they are not the same as Thomas and Akira, but they will help me withstand my hunger.

At one of the tables I see my brothers who, like me, drank coffee, walked towards them and out of the corner of my eye I see Alice smiling along with other people who smelled similarly, but not like the pixie.

I sit in the chair next to Ana and Ken kicks me under the table, I glare at him and he laughs out loud. I roll my eyes and see Ana looking at someone.

I follow her gaze and stops at the table where Alice is, my sister looked at a blond boy next to the pixie.

The boy also looked at Ana and they kept looking at each other.

“Sono shōnen wa kimyōna nioi ga suruga, watashi wa kare ga kiraide wanai” (The boy smells strange, but I don't hate him) Ana commented without looking away from the boy

"Kimyōna?" (Strange?) Ken asked confused

“Sono nioi ga watashi or kinchō sa seru” (Its smell makes me nervous)

I squint at his words. Did I feel the same way all day with that strange girl

"They're talking in Japanese," I heard a muscular man at the Cullens talk

"Yes, Zalia told me they are from Tokyo," Alice said.

My brothers, listening to what the pixie said, look at me in amazement and curious that I have spoken to the girl, I put my eyes white on the eyes of my brothers  and continue drinking coffe

“Zalia? Have you become your friend? ”Said the same muscular boy

"I like her," Alice said with a big smile on her face.

"Mmmm ... And your Jasper? You keep looking at the girl next to Zalia, ”the muscular man said mockingly

"Her name is Ana, she is the sister of Zalia and Ken," said the boy named Jasper

I would look at Ana while Ken laughed out loud and our sister breaks eye contact with the blond boy and gives us a shy smile.

“¿Hoka ni nani ka iimashita ka?” (Did you say anything else?) I asked coldly while still drinking my coffee.

“Jūyōna koto wa nanimonai” (Nothing important) Ana replied quickly before looking back at Jasper.

“Sukidesu ka?” (Do you like it?) I comment with a mocking tone Ken

“Hai, shikashi watashi wa kare ni akki to issho ni sa setaku arimasen” (Yes, but I don't want him to be with the devil) Ana said emotionlessly and breaks eye contact with Jasper

“Anata wa watashitachi ga akumade wanai koto o shitte imasu" (You know we're not demons) Ken said with a grimace

I see Jasper grimace when Ana stopped looking at him, raised an eyebrow at the confusion and my eyes involuntarily go to Alice.

Our eyes meet and she greets me with her hand. The other Cullen looked at me, quickly turned my gaze to my coffee

“¿Alice ga sukidesu ka?” (Do you like Alice?) My brother asked in a mocking tone

I growl slightly just for him to listen to him, Ken tenses in the chair as he smiles at me and Ana laughs at our brother's reaction.

“Kanojo o dō yatte shitte imasu ka?” (How do you know her?) I said looking seriously at Ken

My brothers began to laugh at my reaction, I roll my eyes before getting up and leaving the cafeteria.

I walk to the patio and lie down next to a tree and look at the cloudy sky. I close my eyes trying to calm down and not get out of control.

"You're good?"

I open my eyes and see Alice looking at me with concern. I look at her for a few seconds before nodding my head and resting my head on the tree trunk again.

"Can I sit next to you?"

I shrugged in response and she laughed a little before sitting next to me. His smell, apart from making me nervous, for some reason, this time managed to calm my ghoul side.

“Do you like Forks weather?”

I straighten myself before looking at her face, she gives me a slight smile. I chuckle at his words. Who asks about the weather?

“What a beautiful laugh”

I open my eyes in surprise as I had laughed at someone I barely know and has a very strange and relaxing smell.

I sigh before returning to lean my head against the tree and look again at the cloudy sky.

"I like cloudy days and rain," I replied, trying not to give importance to his comment of my laughter.

"Is that why they moved to Forks?"

“My father has a job opportunity here in the hospital and could work with a recognized doctor”

"By chance your father is Thomas?"

My gaze from the clouds shifts to the golden eyes of the pixie.

"Yes, how do you know?"

"My father is the famous recognized doctor," She said with a laugh.

"Now it makes sense, you have the same last name, but they don't look like that" Alice continued talking

"It's because I'm adopted as my brothers Ana and Ken"

"Oh? Really? It's the same with my brothers, we're adopted too"

"I had already noticed, they don't look anything like that," I said with a joking tone

"Well, you don't look like your brothers either," she said in the same mocking tone

"I'm glad" I said horror in my voice

Alice laughs before hitting me gently on the arm, a slight smile is drawn on my face.

Maybe........A new beginning Forks .....don't be so mean