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Expanding Lotus (北方拓芙)

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"HELL YES!! I am the greatest earthbender in this World and don't you 2 dunderheads ever forget it!" a green-eyed blind preteen with a messy mop of black hair declared, grinning cockily as she crossed her pale-skinned arms. The two muscular men she was standing in front of groaned. The one laying on top of his companion managed to raise his bleeding head and gave the 12-year-old a venomous glare. She of course didn't see exactly what look was on his face, but from the vibrations that she felt from his head's movement the preteen was able to guess. She briefly held up the middle finger of each hand while snarking: "Be glad I'm not really cheesed off today, dumbasses! If cha ever try to attack an innocent again, I'll fucking yeet both of you to the Moon; got it?"

The ravenette scarpered down the alley. Sod's law, he got someone to call for a Pro-Hero, didn't he? she thought at the vibrations of two specific people arriving. Makes me not wanna help next time an innocent civilian is getting mugged by a couple of arseholes. ...Aww, shit; I'mma anyway help people if I see someone in trouble. 'Sides, there's no way in hell Mt. Lady or Kamui Woods are gonna catch me. She snorted.

With a sweep of her arms, the youngster created a hole in the tarmac and jumped into it; the hole then sealed up as if it had never existed. A mere second later, the two Pro-Heroes hurried into the alleyway. They quickly tied up the 2 would-have-been muggers. Mt. Lady next stood guard and she called the police; Kamui Woods searched the entire alley for clues, but he found nothing.

Underground, the child snickered while swimming in the earth; she took care to avoid any pipes and electrical lines. "Whoo!! Toph, you rule!" the 12-year-old told herself when she popped out of the street in a random warehouse many miles far away from the alley where she had defeated the 2 men. She sealed the hole behind her with a motion from 1 hand, then walked out of the warehouse. Toph began gallivanting off down a random street with hands in her yellow, baggy trousers' pockets; she also had on a forest green tanktop that reached her knees and wore underneath it a yellow T-shirt. On her ankles were a pair of lime green sports bands with a black horizontal line bisecting them. Her lower arms were half covered by a lime green wristband each. She was walking barefoot.

Of course, thanks to her trip underground and all the times she earlier that day had rolled in dirt, Toph's clothes were far from clean; in fact, they were getting quite ragged after a month of the same outfit being worn with only 1 change of clothes providing an opportunity to wash her favourite outfit at a laundromat.

Toph suddenly froze and turned blind eyes towards a particular pedestrian with no hesitation. She slipped into the nearest alleyway, walked down it and turned a corner; next the 12-year-old whirled around in a ready stance.

"Whoa; easy there, kiddo," a 22-year-old's voice said. Toph's seismic sense let her know he was holding his hands up in the universal "I come in peace"/"Calm down" gesture.

She couldn't see his bruise-like burn scars nor his wild mess of bushy, black hair nor his bright turquoise eyes nor his pale skin. Heh, blind as a bat; I miss having sight, but for getting the Beifong badassery it was a small price to pay. Even though the exchange wasn't my idea or caused by me, she thought with a sardonic smirk.

"Why's a dodgy bloke following a blind little girl?" Toph asked.

The man snorted. "Everyone out there is far more blind than you, aren't they? None of them noticed your eyes," he stated.

She shrugged without dropping her stance.

"The name's Dabi, kid; what's yours?"

"The Blind Bandit."

"That so? Sounds more like a nickname."

"This coming from the liar who calls himself Dabi?"

"What makes you think that isn't my real name?"

I know when people lie. Your heartbeat clued me in. "I'm blind, not stupid. Can't survive on the streets without at least some brains."

"Really...? Tell you what, you're welcome to tag along with me if you want." Dabi crossed his arms as he spoke before dropping them and beckoning to the kid with one hand.

She dropped her stance. He's telling the truth...? "Why?"

"You are younger than my little brother, so I figured might as well offer some help."

Green eyes covered by a milky sheen gave him a suspicious look. Another truth. "You've heard about me?"

"Who hasn't? Pretty tough for anyone in the criminal underground to not hear of the crazy little shit who's the newest Vigilante."

"I'm not a Vigilante. Just a runaway, who happens to be the best at fighting any tossers I come across; not my fault they can't be arsed to use their brains."

"All right, 'Blind Bandit'; not a Vigilante. Got it." Dabi shoved his hands into his jacket's pockets and started walking. After a couple feet, he looked over his shoulder. "You coming, kiddo?"

"Yeah, sure," Toph replied, clasping her hands behind the back of her head as she followed him. If he turns out to be a creep, I can just crush him under a boulder. I don't have any dosh right now, so might as well mooch off this bloke; I can leave at any time if it doesn't work. Would be nice if I could go a few days without filching anything.

"Wow, this is scrummy!"


"You know. Delicious."

"O-kay. So, what language was that?"


"Huh. You're full of surprises, aren't you?"

"No shit, Sherlock ."

Dabi ignored her, turning his gaze back to his miso soup; the spoon in his hand clinked against the bowl as he ate. Toph abandoned hers in favour of starting to slurp straight from the bowl that she now held with both of her hands.

"Didn't your parents teach you any manners?"


Dabi rolled his eyes although he knew she couldn't see that. Fuck her power and potential! I should have known taking in a street brat is more trouble than it's worth. Hell, don't kids eat a lot? I can barely afford to feed myself. Fuck it, she can put in the work needed to buy her food; shouldn't be too hard getting the kid a job.

He got up from where he was sitting on the floor of his small apartment (which had only a kitchen, a bathroom and a living-room; no other rooms aside from those 3). Dabi placed his bowl and spoon into the sink. He turned around, then glared. "What are you doing?"

"Nothing!" Toph yelped, pulling back her finger from trying to poke a lamp that had a pattern of red arrows decorating its white lampshade.

Dabi facepalmed. "Whatever. Lets go."

"Where are we going?" Toph asked, tilting her head in curiosity as she followed him out the front door. Dabi hadn't bothered taking his shoes off when inside.

"You'll find out soon enough."

A month passed by; Dabi took on various odd-jobs that required heavy lifting, with Toph the one handling the actual lifting of heavy objects thanks to her 'Quirk'. 2 months in a barmy World... I wonder if my earthbending really is a Quirk, or is it different from the locals' superpowers? she thought during work one day, her idle curiosity not distracting Toph from the task she had.

I'm kinda tempted to call him Dabi-nii, she thought when walking down a street. He gave her earlier that day a third of the money they'd earned and told Toph to go buy dinner while he would "check out an interesting new rumour". She didn't particularly care, since the man went off by himself plenty of times whenever they didn't have the same odd-job to do. It's generous of him to help me when he has no reason to. I'm glad I don't have to steal anymore. ...I miss Mum and Dad. At least all that self-study on Japanese came in handy! I'd have been fucking doomed if I had ended up anywhere other than here or someplace that speaks either French or English. Hell, I'm lucky that I have Toph's powers; otherwise I'd have died on my first day in this Universe.

When she returned to Dabi's flat (which was in an apartment building located in a clearly rundown neighbourhood that no-one wanted to live in), Toph knew before knocking on the door that he was in there; seismic sense made doors and walls no obstacle to her version of sight. The sky was dark as night had fallen.

After the duo ate stuffed-with-grilled-salmon riceballs and drank water from bottles, Dabi smirked. "Pack your stuff, kiddo; we're going somewhere."

"Ha-ha," Toph deadpanned. She didn't own anything except the clothes she wore, a spare black T-shirt she stole from someone's laundry line 2 months ago, a pair of light green tracksuit bottoms she nicked from a different laundry line 2 months ago and a dark green backpack she took from a middle school locker via using her secret ability that no-one — not even Dabi — knew about; the two pieces of spare clothing were carried everywhere by her in the backpack. One day I'm gonna have enough money to pay back everyone I took these from, was her determined hope.

Soon they arrived in a bar. Toph went in without hesitation, having been in a few other bars during her first month in this dimension. Drunk people are easy to filch a couple dozen of yen from, she recalled. Of course, Dabi didn't know about Toph being from a different Universe; she would never tell anyone of it.

"CUTE!" Toph easily side-stepped the short 16-year-old barrelling towards her. Toga Himiko pouted as the 12-year-old strode to a wall and started leaning against it with her arms crossed. Dabi came to stand next to Toph with his hands in his trousers' pockets.

"So it's you, huh?" Dabi said to the 20-year-old sitting on a bar stool. Said guy was even skinnier than the ravenette man. "I saw a picture of you, but you look gross in person. Doesn't he, Toph?""

"Yup, for sure; hella ugly," she lied with a cocky grin on her face. The preteen of course had no idea what Shigaraki Tomura looked like.

Himiko paused in her second movement towards Toph and partially turned her body so she saw him. "Wow, the hand guy! You're friends with the great Stain, right? Right?" the blond exclaimed, moving her fists up and down.

Placing her fingers to her face, Himiko said excitedly: "Let me join the League of Villains too!"

Toph stiffened. The who what now? What kind of a soppy name for a group is that?! And Villains? These people actually call themselves Villains?! I thought it was just a bullshit term used by Pro-Heroes 'cause they're too unimaginative to think of something better! Folks here actually use the word 'Villains' for people?

She didn't move her blind gaze from Tomura, but did twitch her fingers towards Dabi. Toph wanted to demand answers on What the hell is wrong with everyone in this World?!

However, she kept quiet; the 12-year-old wouldn't ever tell anyone of dimensional travel. Toph made a mental note to send the man behind her and Dabi literally flying through the roof if he tried anything; he hadn't so far, but she didn't trust him.

Tomura pointed at the 4 who were standing. "Kurogiri, get rid of these guys," he told the mist man drying a wine glass on the bartender side of the bar table that Tomura was sitting at. "Everything I hate came together in one set. A brat, a rude guy, and a rude brat."

"Now, now," Kurogiri said while holding up his misty arms. Toph couldn't see them, but her seismic sense let her know that they weren't human arms; she had encountered a lot of very strange-looking people during the past 2 months. However, Kurogiri still gave off the strangest appearance to Toph's seismic sense. "They came all this way to visit, so lets at least hear them out, Tomura. Besides, that big shot broker brought them. They're bound to be valuable assets."

Toph didn't know it, but the man standing behind her and Dabi was named Giran; he lit a cigarette before putting it in his mouth. She wrinkled her nose at its smell. He turned his gaze from a random spot on the wall to Kurogiri as the mist man finished speaking and Giran pulled his cigarette out of his mouth with a smile on his face.

"I don't care what you do with them, but make sure I get my commission, Kurogiri-san," he said. Toph made a mental note of Kurogiri's name since he  was now the only one in the bar whose name — aside from her own and Dabi's — she knew. Giran took a step forward. "At least let me introduce them. First, this cute little high school girl;" Toph mentally gagged at his word choice, "her name and face were kept tightly under wraps by the media, but she's on the run as the suspect in a series of deaths by blood loss."

Uhh-huh. Note to self — stay away from the crazy girl, Toph thought.

"I'm Toga! Toga Himiko!" said teen enthusiastically introduced herself. "It's hard to live. I want the world to become an easier place to live!" Toph's wariness of Himiko softened. "I want to become Stain-san!"

Her wariness shot back up as the ravenette girl thought: She admires Stain the Hero Killer? ...I dunno why I'm surprised. Dabi thinks the guy had a point. And sure, Pro-Heroes shouldn't be doing their job for fame; but going around murdering them in cold blood is too much. Killing in self-defence makes sense. What Stain did was just pointless taking of lives.

"I want to kill Stain-san!" Toph raised an eyebrow at that. O-kay... Definitely nutters. Himiko finished with a grin on her face: "So let me join the League of Villains, Tomura!"

"I don't get her. Is she crazy?" he mumbled, but Toph's good hearing caught his words. Nice to know mop-head agrees with me! Maybe he isn't a complete idiot.

Giran said: "I'm sure she'll be of use. Next, this guy over here and his adorable little sister."

Fuck it, at this point I don't care; it doesn't matter if people assume Dabi an' me are related, Toph decided. She crossed her arms. If the old man calls me adorable again, or cute or whatever bullshit description he thinks suits me, I'll definitely send him through the roof so hard his grand-kids will see stars. ...Actually, does he have grand-kids? I hope not; no-one deserves this twat as their grandpa.

"They haven't committed any flashy crimes, but the guy holds fast to the Hero Killer's ideology." No kidding! When I questioned him just a little bit about how Stain might be wrong, Dabi went on a 5-hour rant about how shitty Pro-Heroes are the worst scum on Earth. Toph gripped her own biceps, remembering how shocking it had been to see the calm and snarky Dabi suddenly be filled with an intense rage towards the entire Pro-Hero industry.

"I'm uneasy about this. Does this organisation really have a just cause?" Dabi asked. Good question, Toph agreed. "Don't tell me you're going to let this crazy girl in?"

Himiko just laughed at the bored look Dabi gave her.

"Hey, you," Tomura said, "You can't even do what that crazy high school girl was able to do." Cha mean the murder spree? Toph didn't voice her question; however, she did raise an eyebrow. "What did you bring your little sister here for, anyway? I have no use for some helpless child."

Dabi smirked in amusement at the same time as Toph scowled. She promptly made a jabbing motion with her hand. A small piece of the concrete floor floated up and smacked into Tomura, sending him tumbling sideways to the floor.

The 20-year-old shot to his feet, glaring at her past the disembodied hand that was on his face (not his own hand); Tomura took a threatening step forward. Toph mock-yawned.

"Tomura, calm yourself," Kurogiri ordered.

The dry-faced young man's fingers twitched. "Don't tell me what to do!" he snapped at the bartender.

"Anyway, we shall carry out the will of the Hero Killer," Dabi said, placing one hand onto Toph's head. Say what now?! I didn't agree to that! He ignored her as she glared up at him.

Tomura became angrier at Dabi's declaration. "Jeez, everyone's so hung up about Stain, Stain..." he muttered. Mood! Toph thought, smirking in amusement at him again being the one to unknowingly agree with her.

"You mustn't, Tomura!" Kurogiri said at the same time as the red-eyed guy said:

"I don't like it." He launched towards the 4; unknown to him and everyone else (even Dabi), Toph's seismic sense plenty enough warning. "You're all no good!"

She jumped to the side as Dabi rushed forward with his hand starting to warm and Himiko did the same with a knife in her hand. Suddenly all 3 stopped as their hands went through small portals that were indigo and black. Toph couldn't see that and so was confused over why their arms seemed as if their hands got cut off (both of Tomura's, one of Dabi's and one of Himiko's). Giran exhaled smoke from his cigarette, smiling.

"Please calm down, Shigaraki Tomura. If what you wish is to come to pass, then we must increase the organisation's numbers. Now is our chance." Toph felt disturbed by (the seismic sense letting her know that) Kurogiri's neck stretching so he could whisper into Tomura's ear: "We should not be rejecting them; we should be receiving them. You must use it, all of it. And all the ideology he left behind."

Kurogiri let the 3 go, Tomura falling backwards a step. He walked towards the 4. "Shut up."

"Where are you going?" Dabi asked as Tomura walked through the doorway.

"Shut up!" came the response, Tomura not turning around; Himiko and Dabi kept watching his back. Kurogiri's neck went back to normal. Toph stared at a random wall.

Giran scratched the back of his head. "I don't want to complain about a client, but... he's young. Too young."

"I thought he was going to kill us," Himiko remarked with a cheerful smile on her face. Why do you sound happy about it? Toph silently wondered.

Dabi looked away from the doorway. "He makes me sick..." the 22-year-old muttered.

Toph cracked her knuckles. "We done here?"

"Yes," Dabi replied before he looked at Kurogiri expectantly.

The mist man asked: "Would it be all right to give you an answer at a later date? I believe he knows what he should do. It's because he know that he left without saying anything." Toph blinked in confusion, not understanding. If Tomura knows what he's supposed to do, what's the point of leaving the room?

"Ri-ight," Dabi drawled, not believing Kurogiri yet not caring enough to comment. He and Toph walked out of the bar.

A.N.: So... Turns out I can't write a fanfic in a "whatever dumb shit pops into my head" manner; even when I try to just relax, I end up doing research anyway to ensure at least some semblance of accuracy. ...Ah, screw it!! I'mma anyway keep posting each stupid new story idea that pops into my head these days. Hopefully my idiotic stories entertain all of you Readers? *does finger-guns while chuckling awkwardly* Actually, in this story's case it is more about me trying to see if I can write a particular type of situation in an interesting way.

This fanfic will be quite depressing; however, there'll be light-hearted moments too. Toph won't be harmed/hurt all the time. I tagged this just in case though, since it'll have those scenes sometimes.

It's gonna take at least a month, but I'll draw a picture of what S.I. Toph looks like & add that here as soon as the image has gotten completed. I'm not bothering to describe anyone else since typing their names into Google is easy.

Probably already is clear from the first Chapter, but I have noooo clue how to write Dabi; attempts at making sense of him through re-reading the manga was no use. Actually, I'll improvise for all characters an' Arcs in this fanfic; I've put in insane amounts of effort trying to plan out a good plot & researching info for my other fanfics, so for this one I won't bother quadruple-checking what happened in canon B.N.H.A. nor go through the manga over & over to figure out the characters' individual personalities. Everything in this story (except for the canon quotes in the first Chapter) is gonna be me guessing what approximately happened in canon & making everything else up as I go along.

Moonfish doesn't exist in this; frankly, I have neither the energy or interest to write him.

TRIGGER WARNING: In case the tags weren't enough of an alert, I'll let you know now that this particular fanfic is gonna have all sorts of messed up stuff; NOTHING sexual in regards to Toph though. The League of Villains is filled by violent nutjobs, but they don't cross the line to paedophilia this story; none of them. All interactions they have with Toph are 100% platonic. However, there is physical & verbal violence towards Toph; coz she hangs out with dangerous villains. Maybe I'll someday write a soft version of this where the danger is replaced by a bunch of fluff, but 'Expanding Lotus' has very messed up stuff in it. Please don't read this if you're triggered by abuse of a disabled child!! Stay safe, okay?