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“Ready?” Jason watched as David slowly sipped on his signature drink. Orange juice. David unwrapped himself from his blanket and nodded.

“Yup.” A coughing fit followed shortly after. Jason winced.

“Are you sure? You look and sound like shit.” David glared over at Jason.

“I'm fine. We have to do this show.”

“No actually. I can do this show. You can sit this one out.” David rolled his eyes.

“Not to be a dick, but are you up for doing a show by yourself?” Jason fell silent.

“That's what I thought. I'll be fine.” David let out another cough, covering his mouth with the back of his hand. Jason sucked in a deep breath. There was no arguing with David. He was hard headed. Especially when he set his mind to something. Chugging the rest of his orange juice, David threw the plastic cup into the trash and headed for the door.

“Ready. Lets do this.” Jason pursed his lips. David looked like a walked zombie and he was about to go out on stage in front of a bunch of fans.

“Wait. Can you at least clean yourself up. Have Natalie clean you up?”

“What?” David looked at Jason a little dumbfounded. Insulted was more like it.

“I'm fine. Are we doing this or not?” Jason nodded, sucking in another breath. If this show killed him. At least it was something he, hated? David pretended he liked doing live shows, but he actually really hated doing them. It took a lot out of him. Traveling. Too many people. And David was a shut in in all reality. He didn't belong on the stage. He belonged behind the camera.

“Jason! Quit spacing.” David coughed out.

“Alright, lets do this.”



After the show, David quickly retreated to the dressing room. He couldn't deal with any of the fans. It was starting to become a regular thing for him. It wasn't that he didn't like interacting with them, it was more that he just felt like complete trash after the show. He felt like the walking dead.

“Natalie!” David's voice was hoarse. He tried his best to try and get her attention. He was starting to get dizzy. Making his way into the dressing room, he tripped over Jason's shoes, smacking his face on the floor as he went down.

“Fuck! Natalie!” He cried out. His throat felt like it was starting to bleed from him coughing and now all of his yelling. Natalie finally came to the door. A look of horror displayed on her face.

“Jesus David. What the fuck are you doing?” She knelt down next to him, helping him roll over onto his back. David groaned, holding his nose.

“Yeah, I wanted to bust my face on the floor.” He snapped. Natalie went silent as she stood up and went for a towel. He was bleeding.

“I'm sorry.” Tears starting to form in his eyes. Natalie sat down on the floor next to him, handing him the towel.

“Are you okay?”

“Depends what you're referring to. My nose? No. That fucking hurts. My body? No. I feel like shit. And in all honesty, I don't think I'm doing too well.” David pressed the towel to his face as he tried to sop up the blood. Natalie fell silent again, watch the brunette as he looked everywhere but at her. He was nervous and upset, a tear dripping down into his ear.

“David. Why don't you talk to me. You know I'm here for you.”

“I'm not supposed to be like this. I'm supposed to have a bright smile on my face. Pretend everything is great.” Natalie shook her head.

“That's not how this works.” She could feel her chest tightening as he tried to smile at her.

“Talk to me.” She whispered. David turned his head away from her, not wanting to look at her. He was supposed to be the happy one. The one that was always laughing. The one that was able to stay up for days on end to get his work done. The one that helped his friends out. The one that was there for his friends. Not the other way around. He couldn't wrap his head around it. David started to cough again, wincing in pain from his nose.

“I'm just worn down Natalie.” She stood up and held out her hand to David. He looked up at her with his brows furrowed. Grabbing her hand, she helped him to his feet.

“Go lay down on the couch right now. I'm going to get you ice. When we get home, I want a proper talk. Like a real talk. You need to get some shit out and you need some real sleep.” The look she gave David was pleading. He smiled lightly at her, abiding by her request.

“Thank you.”

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The click of the keys in his door were like music to his ears. He hadn’t been home in months. None of them had. It was one of the shorter tours they had done but for some reason that one in particular took more out of them than all of the other ones. Maybe because Jason hadn’t gotten to see his children for more than a few hours, David was sick for ninety percent of the time and Natalie couldn’t keep up with anything she was supposed to be doing. Everything that could have fallen apart, did. But they still went out on stage with bright smiles on their faces.



David went straight for his room, leaving his bags at the door. He wanted a shower. He still felt like shit. His orange juice diet wasn’t working. He looked in the mirror, pale faced sunken in eyes. It kind of took him back. He never looked that bad. But he put it off as being sick. The hot water on his skin stung for just a moment but felt so right. It wasn’t the same in the hotels. His home was his home. He probably took way too long in the shower but he didn’t care. Getting out, he just grabbed a robe, slipping it over his shoulders, and heading out into the kitchen for more orange juice.



“David. Do you do this all the time?” Jason asked, rolling his eyes.

“No. I don’t even know why I asked.” He chuckled lightly. Wyatt laughed along with his dad, tossing a basket ball into the air.

“What did I tell you about doing that in the house.” Jason put his hand on the ball. Wyatt shrugged.

David padded into the kitchen, opening the refrigerator.

“We have no orange juice.” He stated, practically ignoring Jason and the kids. Jason sucked in a deep breath.

“Did you ever stop to think that you are already ninety percent orange juice, David?” Charley laughed. David shut the refrigerator and glared at his friend.


“David.” Jason scoffed.

“I think she went to lay down. I’ll go get you some. Go sit down or something. Do you need anything else while I’m out before you bug her again?” David looked around, finally meeting Jason’s eyes. Jason grimaced.

“Do you need a doctor?” David shook his head, rubbing his face.

“I’m just tired.”

“Well go lay down. I’ll get you soup too.”



There was a knock on the door.

“Yeah.” David grumbled, rolling over.

“Did you call me a little bit ago?” Natalie asked as she opened the door to David’s bedroom. He nodded lightly. Natalie came into the room, slowly making her way over to the bed.

“Well What’s up?” David shook his head.

“Jason went for me. We were out of orange juice.”

“Why didn’t you just order it?” She laughed lightly, climbing into bed with him, flopping over onto her back. David shrugged, sucking in a deep breath.

“I don’t know, my head hurts.”

“Do you want some ibuprofen?” Natalie rolled into her side and sat up slightly so she could look at him. He shook his head, then nodded.

“Yeah?” She laughed.

“Okay. Hang on.” She jumped out of the bed and ran off. David let out a sigh. Natalie was too kind to him. He ran her ragged for stupid shit. She was right. He was lazy. He made Jason do something that he could have easily fixed. But he complained instead. And she thought it was funny. Natalie came bounding back into the room with a small bottle in her hand, jumping back into the bed.

“Wait.” She stopped, looking over at David.

“You’re not allergic are you?” David furrowed his brows.

“I don’t think I am. I know I am to Tylenol.”

“Okay then you’re good.” She grabbed two tablets and handed them to him.

“Shit. Water.” She jumped up and went to the bathroom and filled up a glass before returning again.

“That should work fairly fast.” David smiled, swallowing down the tablets.

“Thank you Natalie.” He set the glass of water down on the bedside table and then settled back down into the bed.

“You know what, hang on. Can you like turn around?” David asked.

“What?” Natalie laughed.

“Just. I’m still in my robe.” Natalie couldn’t help but laugh even more.

“You are something else. It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked.”

“Wait! When have you seen me naked!?” David asked grabbing a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie from his dresser.

“I walked in on you that one time at the hotel.” She giggled. Natalie’s face was on fire. But David couldn’t see her. He dropped his robe and slipped into his clothes quickly.

“I don’t remember that. But obviously I made a pretty big impression on you. A good impression I hope.” David teased, coughing a few times.

“You really know how to flirt with a girl.” Natalie giggled. David jumped back into the bed, pushing her shoulder.

“All good.”

“You know I could completely see you in the window, right?” She pursed her lips in a smile as she turned back towards David. He felt like his whole body started to sweat.

“Natalie! You should have closed your eyes!” David voice hit a higher pitch than he would have liked. Natalie laughed.

“Like I said, nothing new.” She shrugged it off.

“How are you feeling? Your head okay?” David pulled the blankets over his body, nodding.

“A little bit. Thank you.” Natalie nodded.

“How about you?” David looked at her a little confused.

“How are you feeling?” Natalie almost repeated her question. David had the same expression on his face. Natalie sighed. She was never good at these things. Especially when David wasn’t either.

“What is your mental state?” David snorted.

“You’re a dork.” Natalie fixed the glasses on her face.

“Born and raised.” David shook his head, falling silent. The silence between them spoke volumes.

“I told you this was going to happen. You need to talk to me.” David let out a long exaggerated sigh.

“What if I just tell you that I’m not okay?”

“Well that’s just saying you need to talk.” Natalie laid back down next to David, raising her eyebrows. He fell silent again. They stayed like that for a moment, Natalie picking her nails.

“When was the last time you ate? Do you want ice cream?” David furrowed his brows.

“What?” He asked, laughing lightly.

“Yeah! Why not?” Natalie shrugged, laughing with him. David nodded, a bright smile on his face. Score. She hated seeing him so down lately. The least she could do was try and make him happy with the little things.

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He wasn’t going to lie, Jason was a little upset. David was more than capable of solving his own problems. And Jason could have done the same. He could have just ordered a few things to hold the kid over but at the time, he wasn’t thinking straight either. Charley and Wyatt were screaming in his ear. They wanted to go to the store too. At least it would keep them busy.

“Fucking orange juice.” Jason mumbled under his breath.

“It doesn’t even help.” He mumbled some more.

“Dad?” Charley looked up at her father, still swinging their hands really high into the air. Jason snapped out of his daze, looking down at his daughter.

“What honey?” He asked before looking back forward. They had just came up to the grocery isle in the store.

“Can me and Wyatt go look at the toys?” Her voice straining like she had asked at least four times already.

“Oh yeah! Just don’t go off too far. I’m only going to be a minute, okay.” Charley smiled brightly before ripping her hand away from Jason’s. Both children ran off down an isle and disappeared. Jason sucked in a deep breath before turning back towards what he was doing. Searching for sickness food.

“Soup, orange juice, crackers, water, and maybe fruit?” Jason went down a list in his head as he started throwing things into his basket.

“Jason?!” A high pitched voice called. He heard the girl but paid no attention. He was on a mission. Get the food and get out. Well, he needed his children too. He heard footsteps. Then they stopped right next to him.

“Jason!” She slapped a hand on his shoulder. He spun towards the voice,

“I’m sorry, I’m a little busy,” it was no other than the bright and bubbly Tana.

“Oh shit! Hey Tana.” Jason laughed.

“Did you think I was a fan? You old asshole!” She shoved him lightly.

“Where is David?” She asked, looking around. Jason shook his head.

“It’s just me and the kids. I’m actually shopping for David right now. He’s at home sick.” Tana stuck her bottom lip out in a pout.

“Poor little guy.”

“Me or him? He’s become an asshole ever since he’s gotten sick.” Tana laughed.

“Well then he’s gotta be hurting.”

“Dad! Dad! Can we please get this!?” Charley and Wyatt quickly came running past Tana with a big box.

“It’s just like David’s!” Charley added. It was a big Nerf gun. Jason laughed.

“Only if you shoot David with it when we get home.” Tana laughed.

“You two are so cute oh my god. Well I’ll let you get back to business before the king gets even more cranky. Tell David I said hi and I’ll probably text him later to see how he’s doing.” Tana waved them a goodbye.



“Kids! I’m home! You better not be fucking!” Jason snickered to himself. He immediately recoiled, realizing that his children were right next to him. He set the grocery bags down in the counter and headed towards David’s bedroom.

“Hey! I have your damn orange juice my king.” He could hear Natalie giggling from the other side of the door. Jason had half a mind not to go in. He wasn’t one hundred percent sure that she was laughing at him or if they actually were fooling around. He knocked on the door lightly.

“You two dec-ow!” A Nerf dart to the side of the head.


“It wasn’t me! It was Charley!” His son squeaked, pointing at his younger sister. Charley held the gun in the air, laughing like a maniac.

“Go shoot each other! There is another one outside.” Jason rubbed the side of his head.

“Thank god I didn’t buy them paintball guns.” He mumbled. David’s bedroom door opened.

“It sounds like you need help out here.” Natalie poked her head out tentatively, waiting to get shot at.

“Naw. I’m good out here. I just wanted to make sure princess in there got his orange juice.”

“Oh yeah.” She said, rolling her eyes. Jason giggled.



“So what’s with you two?” Jason asked, grabbing a glass out of the cupboard. Natalie hummed as she started to unpack the groceries. He set the glass down on the counter and grabbed the orange juice from one of the bags, setting it down next to the cup. He awaited her answer, staring at her. Natalie could feel his eyes on her but she tried not to notice. She heard the question too many times over. Everyone should know by now.

“Nothing.” She finally huffed out.

“And I’m calling bullshit.” Jason opened the juice and poured it into the glass. Natalie balled all the bags up, throwing them into the recycling bin.

“And why’s that?” She asked, putting a hand on her hip.

“I can read you two like a book. You put on a show for his vlogs, yes. But off camera, there is way too much sexual tension there for you guys to not have any feelings for each other.” Jason tossed the juice in the refrigerator and turned back towards Natalie. When she hadn’t said anything Jason nodded.

“I’m not stupid. Even though I look it.” He chuckled lightly as he handed Natalie the glass.

“I’m going to have you take this to him. You kids have fun. I have a war to join.” Jason motioned towards his kids out in the backyard.

“Thank you.” Natalie stated. And Jason knew exactly what she meant.










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Natalie couldn’t help but laugh when she went back into David’s room. He smiled at her with a face full of ice cream. He was like a child. The frozen cream had dribbled all down his chin, hanging precariously off of his skin.

“You got a little.” Natalie pointed to his chin as she set the juice down on his nightstand. David hummed in response, tilting his head slightly to the side. She pursed her lips, trying not to laugh. Natalie tapped her own chin as she climbed back into the bed.

“Oh shit!” David laughed, grabbing one of the tissues from the table. He mind wondered as he wiped off his chin. Why did he have so many tissues by his bed? That ice cream slicking his skin made him look so good.

“Oh my god.” Natalie choked. David scrunched his face, throwing the tissue into the garbage can.

“Hey you okay? What happened?” He put his bowl onto the table and leaned towards her.

“Yeah. I’m fine. Sorry. Just a little phlegm.” She waved him off, hoping he wouldn’t look too much into it. He chuckled lightly.

“Well don’t get too upset.” He joked. Natalie laughed lightly, trying to play off her stupid thoughts. When did these start? Jason did something to her. David all of the sudden started looking more, attractive? She pushed those thoughts aside and focused on who was in front of her. David.

“Are you going to talk to me now. I got you ice cream and your orange juice.” She laughed lightly.

“Actually, Jason got me the orange juice.” David pointed out. Natalie sighed.

“Either way. When was the last time you ate an actual meal or slept?” At least those were actual questions to start off with. Get the conversation moving.

“Eating?” David thought for a moment. It had been a bit. He ate a few things here and there but nothing substantial like a meal.

“I think at least a week ago was the last time I ate an actual meal. And I didn’t even finish it.” Natalie sighed.

“David.” Her heart was slowly breaking. No wonder he was getting sick and looking more frail.

“What about sleep? Are you catching up on that?” She was sounding like a counselor. He shook his head slowly. Treading lightly. He hated seeing her so disappointed in him.

“I have too much to do. This tour took a lot out of me and now I have to get back to actually making content. Finding things to make my videos.” Another sigh from Natalie.

“David. You’re going to kill yourself with the path you’re on. She slowly moved closer to him, putting a hand on his arm.

“This is why you are sick all the time. Your body heals at night. Your body heals with food. And you are doing neither of those things.” David nodded, mulling over what she was saying in his brain. He slowly sunk into the bed.

“It’s not like I’m not tired. I just,”

“Then why don’t you sleep? How do you not fall asleep after everything you do?” David looked at Natalie sheepishly.

“What?” She asked, afraid of what he was going to say next.

“Todd’s Adderall.”

“David.” She whispered.

“When I need to get shit done I take it. It’s not all the time. I promise.”

“That doesn’t change the fact you’re taking drugs. Something that isn’t yours if I may add.” She stated mater of factly. David nodded.

“I know. It’s stupid. But I get a lot of stuff done.”

“Don’t try and justify it with me. You do you but I won’t be okay with it.” Natalie was heart broken. David was clean cut. He never even touched alcohol. But now he was taking someone else’s medication?

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The next morning David woke up to a weight on his chest. He felt like he was being suffocated. He shifted lightly, the weight shifting with him. A light groaned coming from next to him. He froze, his eyes slowly drifting to the body next to him. Natalie. He let out a long sigh. The weight on his chest had been her arm. He wasn’t used to the contact. Usually when Corinna stayed overnight, she would stay on her side of the bed or he would end up cuddling her for a little bit before they drifted off to sleep. Lately David was craving human contact. It had been a while since we had been with anyone. Two years to be exact. A little too long for anyone to be alone. But having Natalie’s arm thrown across him that morning, he didn’t know how to take it. It felt warm. She let out another light groan, her hand twitching slightly as she gripped his shirt. Butterflies burst in his stomach. Was she having a dream?

“David.” She whispered. His heart about jumped out of his chest. Blood rushing to places it shouldn’t be rushing to. He didn’t like Natalie like that.

“Oh David.” She whispered again. He felt his dick jump in his shorts. Sucking in a deep breath, he decided it was time for him to get out of bed. He slowly lifted her arm up off of his chest and slipped out of his bed with ease, not waking her. She must sleep like a rock. He stood there for a moment, watching as she breathed lightly. She looked so peaceful. Natalie really was a beautiful girl, he wasn’t going to deny that. His thoughts wondered as he stared a little too long. He felt a shift between his legs.

“Shit.” He mumbled as he looked down. He was completely hard now. And Natalie started to shift in the bed. He quickly made a B-line for the bathroom, shutting the door quietly behind him.

“What the actual fuck.” He mumbled, looking down at himself. He was confused and a little upset at himself. Natalie of all people just gave him morning wood.



“Good morning!” Natalie’s voice entered the room, laced with morning sleepiness. David slowly turned to her, not really wanting to meet her eyes.

“Good morning. Breakfast?” He asked, opening the refrigerator. She nodded, yawning as she rubbed her eyes.

“You’re up really early. And alert at that.” She laughed lightly.

“What’s the occasion?”

“No occasion. Nothings wrong.” David stuttered, setting out some yogurt. Natalie rose an eyebrow.

“Okay?” She shook her head, grabbing a vanilla yogurt and heading over to the couch. She grabbed the remote and turned on the television.

“Did you drink coffee? You’re never this jittery.” David shook his head, sitting down across the couch from her. She pursed her lips, watching him. She slowly opened her container, making sure it didn’t spill.

“David.” He was focusing on his yogurt.

“David.” She said again, slamming her hand down on the couch. He jumped, almost dropping his container.


“Are you okay?” He shrugged, his eyes flicking everywhere but her.

“Yeah. Everything is good.”

“Then why won’t you look at me?” He fell silent.

“I have to go to the bathroom.” He set his yogurt down on the table and got up from the couch, heading down the hall. Natalie sighed.



“Jason. Can you come over?” David’s voice wavered.

“Yeah what’s up? Do you actually want to do a podcast today?” David shook his head like Jason could see him.

“No I need to talk to you.” Jason fell silent.

“Is everything okay?” David let out a light sigh.

“I don’t know.”

“Please don’t do that to me.” Jason said, worry prominent in his voice.

“I mean I’m just confused.” Jason sighed.

“Okay. Give me an hour.”



A knock on the door startled Natalie from her thoughts. She had been watching a show. Sucked into it to be exact.

“I got it!” She yelled, ripping her eyes away from the television. She slowly slipped off of the couch and made her way over to the door.

“Oh hey Jason.” She smiled brightly.

“Good morning Natalie.” He smiled.

“Why is everyone up so early?” She laughed, letting him in. Jason shrugged.

“I was a little shocked too that David was up this early.”


“Yeah. David wanted me to come over. He wanted to talk to me about something.” Jason slipped his shoes off.

“He’s been acting weird all morning. I think he drank coffee.” Natalie laughed. Jason shook his head.

“He never drinks coffee though.”

“That’s why it’s weird.” Natalie was still laughing.

“Well. I’ll get to the bottom of it. Where is he?”

“Where do you think he is? His bedroom.” She stated, heading back to the couch to go back to her binge watching. Jason nodded.

“Alright. I’ll keep you updated.”



“So what’s going on?” Jason asked, taking a seat on the edge of David’s bed. David was picking at his nails. He hadn’t even looked at Jason yet. David sighed as he fell back onto the bed.

“I’m fucked up.” He stated. Jason laughed.

“And you’re just figuring this out now?” David shook his head.

“No like,” David sucked in a deep breath.

“This morning I woke up next to Natalie. And,”

“Did you guys?” Jason tilted his head. David shook his head quickly.

“No but she had her arm around me and things started to get a little weird.” David shifted in his spot, pulling his legs up to meet his chest.

“What do you mean weird?”

“I felt things.” David stated almost flatly. He didn’t know how else to put it.

“Feel things? David. You’re going to have to explain better than that.” Jason scratched the back of his head. David sucked in another deep breath.

“She looked so beautiful. And then she started saying stuff in her sleep and then I started feeling stuff, uh, you know, uh, down there.” David stammered over every word. Jason’s cheeks turned a light shade of pink.

“No you didn’t. Shut up. What was she saying?”

“My name.”

“Holy shit. Did you have to. You know.” David nodded. His face bright red.

“I am so confused. This is fucking Natalie I’m talking about. I’m thinking about. She’s my best friend.” David let his head sink into the bed further. Jason nodded.

“Obviously you’re seeing her in another light. Did things get heated last night?” David froze, recalling last nights activities. Natalie was pissed at him. But she seemed fine this morning. Did she forget all about it? David shook his head.

“We just talked.” He shrugged. Jason nodded, letting out a light sigh.

“You kids are young. Maybe you just need to bang it out? When was the last time you were with a a girl? Or with anyone?” Jason teased.


Chapter Text

David still couldn’t look Natalie in the eyes. All he could think about was her moaning his name in her sleep. It was starting to affect his work. He was supposed to be starting his podcast with Jason soon and that was all he could think about. Natalie.

“Earth to David.” Jason waves his hand in front of David’s face, trying to hand him the microphone. David shook his head, shaking himself out of his own thoughts.

“Sorry.” He said, taking the microphone from Jason.

“Jesus. You’re all sorts of fucked up today. Are you sure you want to do this?” David nodded, even though he was ready to go back to bed.

“We have some good content to talk about today.” Jason wagged his eyebrows. David flushed a bright red.


“Aw. Come on. It would be great clickbait! David masturbates to thoughts of Natalie.” Jason waves his hands in the air. David starts to bite on the inside of his lip.

“No Jason.” The older man let out a sigh.

“Fine. But you know I’m going to be asking more about this sooner or later.”



“And queue the music.” David said, clapping his hands together. Jason let out a light giggle. Joe pressed a button, pausing the podcast for a moment.

“I don’t really have a lot to talk about today other than our tour.” David stated, looking over towards Jason.

“I do, so don’t worry.” David nodded in relief. Joe unpaused their podcast, signaling they were back on air.

“So we were on tour for the past few months.” David started. Jason hummed in agreement.

“And you were sick for ninety nine percent of the time.” David laughed.

“I’m still sick by the way.” He coughed.

“Well your orange juice diet doesn’t work. You need a doctor.”

“Doctors don’t work.”

“For everyone out there. David doesn’t go to doctors. You should.”

“The tour was fun other than that. Everyone was so great! I’m sorry I wasn’t there for most of the meet and greets because I was sick.” David coughed again.

“I’m sorry. That probably sounds so good.”

“Do you want a cough drop?” Natalie called from the kitchen. David froze. Jason laughed.

“Yes. He does, please.” Natalie tossed the bag into the living area.

“Thank you Natalie!” Jason called.

“David isn’t talking to Natalie.”

“Am too.” David mumbled, popping a cough drop into his mouth.

“Then why won’t you even say thank you? I have to talk to her.” David fell silent for a moment. He put his hand over the microphone, making it sound fuzzy.

“And that is David trying to hide something from you guys. Should I talk about what we talked about earlier? Spill some tea?”

“Did someone say tea!?” Carly yelled as she walked into the house.

“Come join. Please.” Jason waved her over. David’s face had completely gone red.

“Jason.” His voice was stern. Carly bounced over to the couch, taking a seat in between the two men.

“I love tea.”

“Well David has a boiling pot.” Jason giggled like a small child.

“Jason. Seriously.” He looked around the room, making sure Natalie had left.

“Go on please.” Carly flicked her hair over her shoulder. Even though David was protesting, Jason looked to him for approval. David pouted.

“Okay. Okay. We’ll talk tea after the podcast.” Jason gave in. He couldn’t resist the look in David’s eyes. He didn’t want to hurt his best friend.



After that, the podcast went smoothly. They talked about the tour and what they were going to do next. If they were going to do another one ever. If David was ever going to get rid of his sickness and Carly had stuck around talking about the Tumblr blog dedicated to the Vlog Squad tea.



 After they ended the podcast, Carly was after David like a fly on shit.

“I’m not going to let this go you know.” She snickered. David sighed. He had hoped after everything,that she had forgotten. Jason had to bring it up.

“We are not talking about it here. I don’t even want to talk about it in the first place.”

“Can I know?” Joe asked. Obviously standing there the whole time. Shit. David let out another sigh.

“Everyone to David’s room!” Jason pointed, motioning for everyone to follow him.



Everyone settled down in David’s room. Carly going all out with a cup of tea. Joe couldn’t help but laugh. He loved watching Carly and Erin’s videos. They would take it to the next level with their gossip. David covered himself up with his blanket.

“I don’t want anything to do with this.” He mumbled. Jason smacked his lips.

“Aw. But this is your story.” David shook his head, putting the hood of his hoodie over his head. Carly looked to Jason.

“Is it really that bad? I mean we don’t have to talk about it. I was just curious.” She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear as she took a sip of her tea. David motioned for Carly to give him some. She laughed lightly as she passed the cup.

“It’s uh, pretty interesting.” Jason spoke, flicking his eyes over to David.

“Can I tell them?” Jason finally came out and just asked the younger boy. David fell silent for a moment, still sipping on Carly’s tea. All eyes on him.

“Fine! Just please don’t make it a big deal. And please don’t go into detail.” Jason nodded, knowing precisely what to say. He turned towards Joe and Carly and smiled brightly.

“David is jacking off to thoughts about Natalie.” Jason slurred his words together quickly, laughing. Carly gasped. Joe threw a hand over his mouth.




“Yes!” Jason was laughing like a maniac now. David buried his face in his blanket.

“He and Natalie spent the night together last night and Natalie was dreaming about him? David?” Jason nudged the younger man, trying to get the story straight. David kept quiet, his head still under the blanket.

“Anyway. She was moaning his name or something and David had to go jack it.”

“Oh my god!” Carly shrieked. She would be lying if she said she wasn’t picturing David jacking off to Natalie. Joe’s face was completely red. He had gone silent, not really knowing what to say, or think at that. Carly slowly looked over to David.

“Care to explain?”

“No.” David mumbled.

“Do you like her?” Joe asked.

“No!” David threw the blanket. Everyone’s eyes still on him. He felt pressured to say otherwise. Why had Jason brought it up in the first place. It was stupid. Everyone had fantasies. Was he not allowed?

“I mean. I like her as a friend. She’s my best friend. Just not like that. I think. I mean. It was different. I can’t,” David was stumbling over his words. His mind running a mile a minute. Carly crawled across the bed, moving closer to David. She sat up against the headrest and shifted her body towards him.

“You are allowed to date or like other people David.” Carly stated plainly.

“It’s been two fucking years. I think you deserve it.” Jason and Joe looked at each other and then to the door. They both nodded as they slowly headed for the exit.

“Liza would want you to be happy. Not dwelling on the past. Not hoping that maybe one day you guys would get back together. I know deep down that you know it’s not going to happen. You are blocking yourself. You’re making yourself unhappy.” Carly heard a light sniff. She bent down to meet David’s eyes. He had started to cry. David took his glasses off and set them down on the side table, wiping his nose with his sleeve.

“I know. You’re right. But I can’t push past it. It almost feels dirty.” Carly nodded, rubbing David’s back.

“It’s okay. I felt that way after me and Bruce broke up too. It took me a while to get back out there. Maybe not two years but a while.” David laughed lightly, finally meeting her eyes.

“Hey. Thanks. I didn’t mean to turn this into a counseling appointment.” David teased. Carly giggled, shaking her head.

“Not at all.” She took David’s hand in hers and smiled.