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The Dragon I Love

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   Harry took in a breath of the cool October air as he walked out of the noisy interiors of the Leaky Cauldron and its celebratory Friday night gathering of lovers.

   Lovers of drinks, lovers of gossip, lovers of comfort - even if they only found it in the warm greasiness of their food - and all the lovers in love. Not holding back any public displays of affection. They were irritating him and he figured he was just envious. He couldn’t find it in his exhausted self tonight to care. With a feeling of heavy guilt and an even heavier heart, he snuck out quietly with his head down, and his feet took him toward the darkness of Nocturne Alley. He stopped before going in too deep at this hour of the night - both into the roads and inside himself. 

   There was no other way to look except up. The sky was moonless and clear,  with a handful of bright stars to give some light to the blackness. Harry closed his eyes and took another deep breath, letting all his senses drown upward into the heavens.

   It was time to go home. To leave behind the chaos of his mind and remember the peacefulness of the lonely night. As he walked away, a sharp sound, like a cloud blowing a whistle, made him turn his head around. There was a silver dragon, flying softly like a shadow between the stars, brightening the darkness with its powerful light. It was the most beautiful patronus that Harry had ever seen. The detailed scales of its skin, bellowing wings, and large eyes mesmerized him and he couldn’t stop staring until it slowly dissolved into the atmosphere. He continued to feel its magic long after it had left. 


   It was harder, and took him longer, to walk away from the darker side of Diagon Alley the second time.