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Harry: Redux

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Harry walked out to the forest with a heavy heart. He had to do this. The pain he had felt when Fred died was worse than any Cruciatus . No one else should have to die. Harry had already seen the bodies of Remus, Tonks, Colin, Lavender and many others. If his death meant Voldemort could die, he would gladly give it. Harry shook his head, Snape was a hero and now a dead one. Dumbledore was a manipulative bastard, and Harry wished he could give him a piece of his mind before the end. He had settled for yelling at the man’s portrait before leaving to do what he had to. As he walked he fiddled with the snitch in his pocket. On instinct he held it to his lips and thought, “This is the end” . To his surprise, the snitch popped open and a smooth stone fell into his hands. When he grabbed it, shapes began to form around him. 


“Mum, Da, Siri, Remus, Professor Snape, Fred, is that really you?”


Lily stepped forward and wrapped her son in a hug.


“It’s us baby.”


“Will you stay, until it’s done.”


Fred moved forward and threw an arm over Harry’s shoulder.


“Of course Harrykins. I hope you somehow survive this. George needs his soulmate now that I am gone. I was supposed to be as well. Promise me! If you live, you go get George and be happy together.”


Harry gasped in shock as that revelation was passed to him. No wonder Fred’s death had hurt so deeply. It made sense, he had a crush on the twins since third year. Now it was too late for one of them. Tears fell down his cheeks as he kissed the spectre of his lost soulmate.


“I’m so sorry, I promise. I’ll be there for George.”


They began walking off again.




“Yes Harry?”


“I’m sorry. I am sorry for everything. You should be alive and seen as the hero you are. I’m sorry for invading your mind and Pensieve. I’m sorry my family were gits to you. I forgive all you had to do. Thank you, for constantly saving my ungrateful arse.”


Everyone was crying at this point and Lily had moved to hug her old friend.


“I’m sorry too Sev. I forgave you long ago.”


“Thank you both. I think I can rest in peace now. Although, if I see Albus I’m kicking his ass. There had to have been a better way.”


James finally spoke up, “I’ll join you, and I know it’s not much but I am sorry for what I did to you in school. Pads is sorry as well, he’s just too much of a git.”


“Oi! I am sorry though. You’ve done more for Harry than any of us.”


Severus appeared shocked at the apology and confession from his former abuser.


“Thank you”


All of them stopped as they heard voices ahead of them. Lily turned to Harry, “They won’t be able to see us sweetie. We will be right beside you.” 


The rest nodded and Harry took those final steps into the clearing.


“Ah young Potter. I see you made your choice. I’ll make this quick—” Harry shut his eyes and thought of all of his loved ones still back at the castle.  “-- Avada Kedavra!”


There was a flash of green outside of his eyelids and then he felt nothing. Harry’s body hit the ground with a soft thud in the suddenly quiet forest.


Harry opened his eyes to a peculiar sight. He was at Platform 9 ¾, if said platform was glowing white and super clean. He looked around wondering what was going on. He spotted a bench nearby and decided to sit until something happened. As Harry neared it, he noticed something beneath the bench. Taking a closer look, Harry discovered a gross site. Under the bench was a distorted figure that looked similar to Voldy before he had gone into the cauldron. He shivered at the image in front of him and began to backpedal.


“Do not worry, that thing can no longer harm anyone. That was the Horcrux in you my boy.”


Hearing that familiar terminology had Harry clenching his fist and grinding his teeth in anger.


“YOU! Who do you think you are to play God with people’s lives. You ruined not only my life, but also my parents, Sirius, Severus, The Weasley’s, and so many more. All because you had to hold everything close and treat us all like chess pieces instead of the people we are. You’re a bastard and Severus and my Da are looking for you in the afterlife to kick your ass. Get out of my sight. You have nothing to say that I want to hear.”


“I did what I had to...for the Greater Good…”


“Shut up. I said get lost.”


“If you insist my boy. Just realize you have a choice now. You could go back or you could go on. The choice is yours.”


“Fine, since you don’t want to leave, I will”


Harry’s eyes popped open and he was back in the forest. He held still as he heard someone approaching. His breath caught as the person knelt by his body and he felt fingers on his neck.


“Is he alive, is my Draco ok”


The voice was so soft he barely heard it. Draco’s mum, that’s who was checking him. Harry took a chance that she loved her son more than the Dark Lord and nodded ever so slightly. Her presence left his side.


“He’s dead my Lord.”


Harry could hear Bellatrix’s telltale cackle. He was lucky Hagrid was to busy crying to realise Harry was alive as the half-giant picked him up. Otherwise everything would end all over again. Suddenly, the group was back at the main entrance of Hogwarts. Harry could hear Tom taunting the people that were slowly exiting the castle. He had to hold back a cheer when he heard Neville stand up to the psychopath. When he heard the Malfoy’s apparate away, and Bellatrix threw a spell at Neville, he knew it was time to act. Flinging himself from Hagrid’s arms, he threw his arm out and summoned Voldemort’s wand to himself. He saw Neville slice off Nagini’s head as a surprised look took over Voldy’s face. With a smirk at the evil wizard, Harry sent a cutting hex his way and watched in fascinated horror as head separated from body. Screams went up from the Death Eaters and cheers from the Order and students. 


Several Death Eaters apparated away, but more stayed and began throwing spells ferociously. The defenders of Hogwarts moved swiftly back into the castle as Harry threw up a huge shield. It lasted long enough for everyone to get inside, but then the battle was begun anew. Harry was marvelling at how well the wand was responding to him. He quickly downed multiple opponents while defending one flank of the group. Suddenly, a pain flared in his chest and he heard a thud right next to him. Taking a moment to glance down, Harry fell to his knees and scooped George into his arms. He saw the green glow fading from Bellatrix wand and something in him snapped. Hogwarts became a crater and everyone within it died as Harry exploded in magical fury.


Once again Harry opened his eyes. This time though was not the platform. Instead he seemed to be in an office, one decorated  entirely in black. There was a solid obsidian desk in front of him and behind it was a beautiful woman. Her skin was paler than anyone Harry had ever seen. Dark charcoal eyes stared into his under a head of hair the color of raven feathers.


“An apt analogy since they are my bird of choice. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, what am I to do with you Master.”


“Wha- wait what? Who the bloody fuck are you?”


“Language Master. Isn’t it obvious. I am Death and you, who held all of my Hallows and withstood their power, are my Master. You also just killed roughly two hundred people, well ahead of their time. Granted I don’t blame you. No, I blame my bitch of a sister fate. Well I am not doing all the paperwork for this mess. So you, Master, get a chance. Because you are my master I can send you back to an earlier time and just to fuck with fate you will have all your memories and knowledge from this timeline. None of these death’s count as long as you change things. Oh and once you have my Hallows again, they will impart wisdom and skills to you that you didn’t have before. I’ll be seeing you soon master.”


“Wait, wait hold…”


Harry woke up in a dark space he was very familiar with, “...on. Ah fuck”