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“Jane?” She dropped down next to him, and carefully checked him over, noting just a couple of scratches, but he’d been thrown in the air, his head had bounced on the minivan after he’d been thrown in the air by the blast. “Patrick, talk to me. Please?”

“I’m fine. Lisbon, there’s just something, something’s in my eyes.” She watched him blink and then open his eyes wider, as if - no. He reached up for her and whispered, “Lisbon, Teresa. I can’t see, I can’t see, Lisbon!”

“You’re okay, Jane, you’ll be okay - we need some help over here, we need an ambulance, now!”

“Lisbon, don’t, just don’t go away, don’t leave me -”

She started, after all these years, she had never heard sheer panic in his voice before, he was honestly afraid she’d leave his side. “I’m not going anywhere, Jane.” She pulled out her phone, and was about to swear at someone when she heard the sirens coming closer. “You’re going to be fine, Jane.” She felt tears spring to her eyes as his fingers felt for any tells in her face, and she leaned closer and kissed him before anyone came to pull them apart. “It will be okay, Jane, I promise.”

“Ma’am, we need you to move away from him, let us help him.”

“Yeah, all right, alright, I’m moving, just -”


“I’m right here, Jane, just let them help, don’t fight them. I’m going to ride with you - Cho. Cho - I’m riding to the hospital with Jane - I need you to be in charge, I need you to -”

“I’ll get on identifying the owner of the van and the victim - is it possible this was a suicide?”

“No,” Jane answered from the stretcher. “I looked in his eyes, he was a man who definitely did not want to be where he was - duct tape over his mouth, ‘ur next’ on his forehead, definitely a murder.”

“Thank you, Cho.”

“Yeah, no problem, Boss.”

“Lisbon -”

She climbed into the back of the ambulance and sat next to him, taking his hand, she was relieved he couldn’t see her face for once, as she saw her reflection on the wall, and shivered. “I’m here, Jane.” They had covered his eyes, a precaution they said, to keep any debris from making things worse. But to not be able to look into his eyes - his beautiful blue eyes -

She sighed as he pulled his hand from her grasp and found her shoulder, then slowly worked his way up until his fingers patted her lips, and she had to laugh. “There’s my girl.” Was it really only hours earlier, that he had stared down into her eyes and smiled as she gasped when he entered her for the first time, finally, and tears rolled down her face, then he had moved, slowly at first, taking his time as he watched her face, catching every nuance, then responding exactly as she needed and wanted, as if they had been this way for years, not mere minutes. Somehow she was able to focus enough to nod then whisper, “more…” He had wanted to call in ‘well’, but she had needed life to go on unchanged, as if it hadn’t just been turned inside out and sideways. They could have been at home asleep….”Lisbon?”

“Sorry, I’m so sorry, Jane.”

“Not your fault, Lisbon. I’m so tired. Just don’t go anywhere, Teresa, just need a little nap. Be right as rain.”

She picked up his hand again, and pressed his wrist against her mouth, feeling his strong pulse on her lips reminded her that he was alive, just sleeping, just resting, and she gave a brief thought to how he would change if - no - it had to be temporary, had to be. She couldn’t imagine not seeing the world through his eyes, couldn’t fathom going on crime scenes without him, telling her everything from one glance, everything she had missed- everything… she choked on a sob, and felt him shiver and he let out a whimper as they bumped over railroad tracks. “Shhh, you’re okay, Jane, everything will be okay, I promise.”