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You Dont Know What To Do Either, Do You?

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"Why don't you look for a sugar baby?"

Will choked on my coffee. He looked up at Annabeth in confusion. "Why would I sleep with rich old men? My problem is literally I have money."

Annabeth put her head in her hand. "You're literally the worst fucking person I know. Not be a sugar baby, FIND a sugar baby.”

Will was still looked lost. “The whole reason I brought this relationship thing up is because I don’t have time to meet anyone, my schedule doesn’t fit with other people.”

"Okay let me say this simply. You have an inheritance you don’t think belongs to you, you have a stable well paying job and you don’t want the blood money. Why? Because your inssurfable" She took a sip of her drink. "You’re also lonely and we all noticed, there’s a bet on if you are going to get a cat or not."

"I'm allergic." said Will, offended by the idea.

"Still wouldn't out it above you. Back to what I was saying, a sugar baby is someone who is willing to spend time with you AND take the blood money off your hands. They work to your schedule. You find someone pretty and you have a partner without the attachments. Easier for you considering .. well that.” shrugged Annabeth. "Besides it's not technically prostitution, it's not always sexual."

Will perked up. "It isn’t?"

Annabeth shook her head "No. Piper used to be one remember? She could ask for anything and get it with the snap of her fingers." She snapped to prove her point.

"I guess. How do I even go about finding one." In Will's mind he imagined some craigslist add with the title ‘suddenly rich from parental inheritance, young doctor looking for a sweet treat!’ He shivered at the thought.

"You need to ask around. Actually better yet I can call Piper, I think she knows someone currently looking for a sugar daddy." Annabeth took out her phone. Before she pulled up Pipers contact, she looked at Will. "Wanna give it a try?"

Will looked down at his pastry, this conversation took up his entire lunch period.

"Yeah might as well, put her on speaker while you are at it."


I walked down Stallion St to hit my building. The guy was a fucking jackass, absolutely no respect. He played and paid shitty. He doesn’t even pay a quarter of my rent, and believe me it’s not high.

‘I should take another job.’ I thought as I jammed my key into my broken door. My neighbor had kicked it down last week, saying how I was playing hard to get and should really consider giving out for better prices.

At the beginning it was great. I had handsome men pay for my time. But soon enough they would look for real relationships and ask me to leave. The ones who don’t, well they just want prostitutes but refuse to have that name in the air.

I walked in to the bathroom, it was small like the rest of my apartment, but it had what I needed. My hair was trashed, I had two bruises on my neck (nobody knows how to properly choke someone), I looked like a whore. ‘then be one they probably make more.'

I scrubbed my mouth. Ripped my clothes off and rinsed my hair. I walked out of the bathroom and sat on my bed. Everything was sore, some people play to rough. Even brought aftercare should matter! If your going to break me at least get me a water and a washcloth!


"Just open a little wider, I know you've fit bigger in that hole!" A voice argued.

My hands where behind my back, held with scratchy rope that I knew was gunna bruise. I had two fingers down my throat pressing on my gag reflex. I grunted.

My air was cut off by a second hand gripping my throat.

"I. Said. Open." A bulb was slipped into my mouth. There was a hose on the end and a pump.

"That should stop your whining." He pumped the mouth gag twice and left my vision.


Laying down on my bed I rubbed my wrists. I needed an out, but I needed another job first. "Time to sell drugs I guess." I mumbled at the ceiling.

Before I could call a cartel my phone buzzed. Pipers face popped up on the screen and picked it up.

After saying hello a few times to not make the sore throat obvious I hit answer.

"Hello..?" I groaned.

"You sound like shit, anyway you still looking for new work?"