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Passioned magic

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Scarlet wrapped her scarf around her as she stepped out into the bitter air, she never liked the winter but she will make this one exception due to her grand new job.
When she found out she was gonna enroll as a new teacher in the fully upgraded and revitalized Hogwarts, she nearly died with sheer chills. This was her utter dream to be in hogwarts and the fact she not only gets to be there, but to be there as a teacher filled her dreams to the brink.
She walked to her car and as she started to pull out her keys she gets knocked down, straight in the snow. “Sorry!” A stressed voice called out to her as the person that knocked her down sped off.
“Good lord that little shit” scarlet mumbled as she got up wiping off the slush that now ruined her outfit.

Scarlet soon drove up to the bottom of the hill as she arrived at hogwarts, the school gave her a special car glamour spray to hide her car from prying eyes. “Today’s the day!” She said to herself as she collected her things, this was the defining moment of her life and she is terrified. When she exits the car she walks up the hill which somehow turns jelly where she steps to aide her in walking up. She is greeted with the school of witchcraft and wizardry in all its glory, the castle resembles everything she dreamed it to be. The walls have a new but rain beaten look and everything about the castle reeks of that electric spark of magic.

After scarlet walked in and was greeted by a very large man and aging but sweet man she arrived in her classroom, the room had desks lined in a circular half ring with her desk in front and a huge blackboard behind with two walk in supply closets for her and her students needs. She sat down at her desk and melted into her seat letting out a long sigh, this was her dream and she succeeded in it tenfold she thought. Though her bliss was soon interrupted by a bang of the door, a smaller young person bursted into the room and ran under scarlet’s desk. “WHAT AR-“
“Shh!, hide me!” Before she could even respond or process a younger man rushed into her room looking like a bomb went off in his face.
“WHERE ARE YO- oh mam’m I’m sorry,” the boy tries to straighten his hair to no avail-“ by any chance have you seen slightly older fellow run in here?”
Scarlet looks at the said person now between her legs and they meet eyes for a split second, their eyes were dark brown but something in them made scarlet’s insides grow scrambled
“ I don’t believe I have young man”

The boy left and the stranger was now out from under her on her desk swinging their feet.
“Man, thank you miss! I was almost done for” the strange young adult exclaimed
“No problem..” she said absentmindedly scribbling in her notebook, she looked up them
“What did you do to that poor boy?”
The young adult laughed looking away
“Just trying out a new combat spell...” Scarlet Perked up at that “Combat magic?” “Yeah! I’m the brand new combat teacher!” the teacher said passion peeking into their speech. Scarlet got up from her seat and walked around to face the young adult, “Scarlet Carman, or mrs. carman, your new co-worker” she sticks out her hand and smiles. “Heheh..Shane King, my pleasure” they took took her hand. (
) As soon as they touched hands a fire coursed through their veins, heat transferring into each other’s palms and veins. The shock was so overwhelming scarlet fell on her knees and groaned, Shane sat dumb in a daze till they snapped out of it and helped scarlet up and in her seat. “Hey, you alright there scarlet?” Scarlet’s vision blurred as she felt the remainder of the heat cool down, her eyes soon focused as she came back “What happened?” She slurred slightly “I..idk maybe sparks were flying~” they laughed at their own joke as scarlet rolled her eyes “I can already tell I’m gonna hate ya” scarlet quipped picking up her notebook again “Hey! Don’t say never darling~” Shane purred and laughed as they walked to the door “see ya soon!” And with that they left