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"The bad guy wearing a fedora hat and who could control bad monsters, has told the little spider to bite the prince ... And just as the prince thought it was all over for him,the other prince whom he fell in love with came to his rescue—" Tanjirou pauses reading to smile and glance at the little boy grinning at him. "Do you still want to hear the rest of the story? I've read this to you a couple of times already."


A pair of big, adorable pale green eyes stare at Tanjirou rather innocently. "But mom, it's my favorite! The two princes resemble you and daddy!"


Hmm, is that so? Tanjirou thought to himself as he runs his free hand to his burgundy-tinted locks. "I suppose so."


"Mommy is the princess who could control water!"


Tanjirou pouts, "Prince." He corrects his son.


The child smirks, "Princess, because daddy told me he carried you princess-style before!"


He still does though, Tanjirou decided to keep that to himself.


"He said that?" He's more honest than I thought. Promptly glancing at the clock to indicate bedtime is almost near for the children.

The adult then decided to halt the bedtime story as he places the thick book he had been reading to the bedside table adorned by various kiddy stickers.

"Well, I guess mommy could be a princess if Inosuke would let mommy bathe him fragrant waters now." Tanjirou playfully scrunches his own nose, before pinching the little one's. "You stink already."



The child whines, swatting Tanjirou's hands away and pulling his blanket up to his own head. "Don't wanna~"



"Geez," Tanjirou gently grabs the fabric in an easy attempt to pry it away. "Inosuke, we are not doing this again."


"No!" Tiny hands try to hold on to his blanket as if it's his life. Tanjirou raises an eyebrow when a mop of silky black hair followed by green eyes peek at him with mirth tauntingly. "Okay, I will. But only if mommy will finish the story first~"


Did he get his stubborn personality from me? Dear God, please give me strength once more for tonight. Tanjirou sighs, pulling the sheets with more force though still with extra caution. "Come on now, your dad will be home soon."


"Ehhh! Noooo~" Inosuke whines whilst he's being taken, (dragged) to the bathroom by his mom.






"Oi! Don't run around!" 


Tanjirou's half-worried, half-tired voice boomed throughout their silent surroundings as his eyes instantly follow where a mini mix of him and Giyuu suddenly runs off to a dark corner. All the lights were turned off save from the bathroom. 

"Catch me if you can, mommy!"

Holding a half-soaked baby blue towel on his right hand, the adult sighs. He gestures through his free hand for the kid to run back to him so they could just sleep. 

With his most sincere voice (and obviously tired one at that), he urges the ravenette child once again to approach him.


"Come on now, Inosuke. You have school tomorrow."

The kid develops the biggest shit-eating grin he can make, "Make me~"

Where did he learn to make that face? Tanjirou thought.

"You'll catch a cold and make mommy sad, would you want that?"

The child obviously and surprisingly got none of his parents' personality, with only Giyuu's soft black hair that he mostly got from his dad. 

His light green eyes prettily framed by long lashes he probably got from Nezuko, his mom's younger sister. His pale complexion also resembling her and that ironically angelic face he possesses is enough to melt anyone's heart. 

The cheeky little kid is now naked though, Tanjirou has just finished taking him to a half-bath.

But running away from his hold right after the bathroom door opens isn't something the redhead would even smile at, not when he's already tired from all the household chores. 

"Fuck no! but you have to catch me first. Teacher said I'm the fastest at running in school. Can you outrun me, mommy?" Said Inosuke with a smirk. 

Tanjirou gasps. "Where did you learn that 'F' word? Don't say it again." 

Your dad will 'punish' me before I even punish you. Tanjirou once more kept that to himself.

"Shinazugawa-ojiisan says it sometimes, whenever Shinobu-oneesan teases him. And no, you have to make me.~"

"No Inosuke, I will not run around following you today."

Also, Sanemi-san curses in front of  kids? Tanjirou thinks he ought to talk to his husband's co-worker to lessen cursing whenever children are around. After all, he brings Inosuke to Giyuu's workplace sometimes. And it may or may not always end up with everyone shushing the white-haired before he could say anything kids can possibly copy. 

Tanjirou's droopy eyes and slightly exhausted face doesn't even make their child tremble at the sight of it. Not that Tanjirou can get angrier than that to the little Inosuke. 

He love the child more than his own life.


The adult's face form a grin similar to what Inosuke made earlier, and the kid's own grin disappears as uncertainty hits him.

"M-mommy, what are you planning?"

"Inosuke, you see, the book I read to you is incomplete. It has another book I haven't bought for you yet. Do you know the true ending? Do you want to know what really happened to the bad guy wearing a fedora hat after the princes defeated him?"


The way the child's pale green eyes roam around him only made Tanjirou grin even more. He knows his plan is succeeding. 

I'll show you that I can be cheeky too!

"He became an entity that lurks in the darkness... He targets..." Tanjirou's voice goes deeper, and the sole light source of the bathroom only makes his eyes look more sinister.

"He targets naked kids with soaked, messy black hair like you!"


As soon as the child runs into him, Tanjirou crouches down and spreads the towel to catch him, ruffling the soft hair with the gentle fabric. 

"Haha, I got you there!" The adult proudly states, he would have continued if he didn't hear his own child sob.

Ah, I went overboard.

"O-oi, don't cry."

The sobbing got louder and Tanjirou momentarily stops running the towel over the child's head to cup his cheeks. But Inosuke.has his face covered with his hands.

"Hey, I said Don't cry. It's not true. None of it is true. Now please stop crying."

Inosuke hiccups, before adjusting his two fingers to peek at his mother. Only to reveal no tears and a smirk.

"I got you, Mommy! I'll tell daddy about how you scared me and how you made me cry!"

This kid is a great actor

"You!" Tanjirou proceeds to tickle the child, making him giggle uncontrollably while spluttering "Hahaha! Stop mommy!" and "I'm sorry" between his laughing fits.

Tanjirou himself smiles at the sight of the child chuckling and giggling as he tickles his sides.

"What did you say you'll tell your dad?" The adult's laughter joins with his own son's series of giggles.


"No-- Nothin-- Hahahaha-- Nothing! I won't tell dad-- Hahaha! M-mom! Hahaha!"

Seeing the cheeky kid already red from laughing, Tanjirou halts from tickling him and he just stares at how happy Inosuke is.  When the latter already regains his composure, he turns to his mother.

"Then, can I tell daddy about how you said he'll punish you if he finds out I said fuck?" 

Ah, I blurted that out loud earlier? Tanjirou grieves his silly carelessness, but focuses on his adorable son once more.


He pinches the small nose yet again, "No. If you insist, I'll tell daddy about your tiny crush on Kanao-oneesan."


"No!" The kid pouts and a faint pink tint can be seen spreading on his puffy cheeks, "Don't! Shinobu-oneesan shouldn't know too!"

"Then, what did I say about bad words?"

"Bad words are a no no!" The child wraps his little arms around his parent's bigger shoulder and hugs him. 

Tanjirou was surprised for a moment, since Inosuke rarely affectionately clings to him. Their kid acts sweeter towards Giyuu despite the latter often coming home late.

But he just proceeds to smile, and hugs the mischievous little one. His and Giyuu's little one.

"Still, can I tell dad how I almost cried because mommy scared me?" Inosuke whispers as he giggles.

Tanjirou immediately pulls away from the embrace, "You little—" and prepares to tickle him again, when the lights turn on.

"My, my, looks like I have to lecture two naughty kids tonight."

Tanjirou and Inosuke both look at the source, and sees Giyuu standing near the door and smiling at them.



Inosuke excitedly runs to his father, in which Giyuu crouches down and embraces his first-born.

"Mm, you lecture me everyday anyway. Like that isn't enough." Tanjirou replies with a quiet tone he was sure only Giyuu heard.

Giyuu stands up and carries their child who's still clinging unto him, and he sends a small smile at Tanjirou. 

Shhh, Inosuke's here

Tanjirou rolls his eyes, 

Yeah, yeah. My bad. 

"How's my baby boy?" Giyuu gazes his son in the eyes the moment the child does the same.

"He's not a baby anymore, you know." Says Tanjirou as he himself stands up and goes to the kitchen to heat up the food.

"Yes, he is." Giyuu grins, "I actually have two babies at home." 

Tanjirou sighs, promptly closing his eyes before opening then again as he places the food in the oven. "That's my line to say. I got two babies to look after too. You're one of them, Giyuu-san."

"School is okay! I'm still the fastest in running! Kanroji-sensei said I'm very good!" Inosuke says with mirth and pride evident in his eyes, It made Giyuu chuckle.

"Is that so? As expected from my genius spawn. You indeed have inherited the perfect genes."

"Don't spoil him too much." Tanjirou's gentle reminder still makes Inosuke feign a pout. 

Giyuu unexpectedly joins in pouting, turning to the child in his arms. "Mommy is being mean~"


"Mommy is being mean~" Inosuke repeats in a cute, hushed whisper.

"The pout team, great." Tanjirou retorts before unconsciously snorting.


The three of them laugh merilly at the same time. 

"Oh..." Both adult turns to their child.

"Can I still tell daddy?"