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Flash was late, Sonic thought to himself as he sipped his tea. That was unusual. Flash was nothing if not punctual, especially when it came to getting out of whatever Hero Association nonsense he’d been called to and home to his apartment in A-City, where he and Sonic stayed.

Today had been some sort of meeting – about the Monster Association, no doubt; Flash had been sparse with the details, citing “confidentiality” or some crap – but there was definitely an important piece of information Flash was leaving out. There had been an urgency to this meeting, Sonic had noticed. Flash had been out killing far more monsters than usual, but had always shut down Sonic’s pressing questions. “It’s nothing to concern yourself with,” the hero would say dismissively, much to Sonic’s annoyance, leaving his curiosity unsatisfied.

And so, Sonic sat on the futon, and waited for Flash’s return. Absentmindedly, he found himself pulling out his topknot and running his fingers through his hair. Something he’d always done when he was stressed.

Not that he’d admit it.

Suddenly, the apartment door opened. Sonic whipped his head around to see Flash calmly making his way inside, gently setting InstaKill by the entryway.

“What took you so long?” Sonic demanded.

“Ah, not even ‘hello’?” Flash mused aloud, smirking. “The meeting took longer than usual because of that…unbearable brat. Tatsumaki.” The hero scowled.

Sonic ignored him. “You never told me what it was about.”

Flash began walking towards the other ninja, then paused mid-step at the question, appearing deep in thought, contemplating his answer. Finally, he shrugged. “I suppose there’s no real harm in telling you, as long as you stay put and keep your mouth shut.”

Sonic knew he’d promise neither of those things. “Well, what is it?” He was growing increasingly impatient.

“We are infiltrating Monster Association headquarters tomorrow morning,” Flash said plainly. “I’d do this alone if they’d let me, you know, but – “

Sonic gaped at the hero. “And when did you find this out?”

“Hmm, today was the finalized plan, but – “

“So you knew about it for longer? And didn’t think to tell me?”

“I don’t see why it would be of any particular significance. It’s my work, you don’t care much for hero business anyhow.”

“Seems pretty damn significant to me!”

“How is it different from what I do normally?” Flash asked, genuinely seeming curious at Sonic’s growing irritation.

“It’s completely different!” Sonic shot back, now standing and facing Flash. Wasn’t it obvious? Fighting a monster or two or even three was nothing compared to being trapped within an association of them, that had kidnapped a child nobody seemed capable of rescuing – what was Flash thinking, running into danger so stupidly –

“You’re…worried about me,” Flash said suddenly, voice still even. He took a step towards Sonic until they were mere inches apart, and cocked his head in curiosity. “Why? Do you not trust my abilities?”

“I’m not worried about you.” Sonic’s face flushed ever so slightly, and Flash noticed, of course he did. Dammit.

“If I didn’t know you better, perhaps I’d believe you,” Flash smiled smugly, and gently brought his hand up to cup Sonic’s cheek. The latter jerked away.

“Don’t make me laugh,” Sonic snapped, but he could feel his resolve fading. Why was he so upset about this? Was he…actually worried about Flash? He supposed it would make sense, but he’d never been one to worry, or –

“You should know,” Flash said firmly, “that I would not do anything that would place myself or you in harm’s way.” He took Sonic’s face in both hands now, leaning in and pressing his lips against the other’s forehead. Sonic closed his eyes, feeling his heartbeat racing now. “Do you not realize this by now?”

“I realize you’re awfully stubborn.”

“Ah, I learn from the best.” Flash pulled away and grinned, meeting Sonic’s gaze. He ran his hands down Sonic’s chest, along his sides, and pulled him closer once more, until the hero’s chin rested on Sonic’s shoulder. “I am not foolish enough to throw myself at an enemy that I know I cannot defeat – as if one even existed.” Sonic rolled his eyes, out of Flash’s sight, but he shivered at the closeness of their bodies. It felt warm, it felt nice.

You’re not leaving me again,” Sonic said then, voice somewhat muffled in the other ninja’s clothing, but the edge in his voice very much apparent. He mentally kicked himself for being so open, so… vulnerable, but Flash suddenly tightened his grip and leaned back to kissed Sonic’s temple.

“I won’t,” he said, just as firmly, hold tight on Sonic, neither of them wanting to let go, now or ever.