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Fandom X Reader Inserts

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Hello everyone, I decided to remake the rules and fandoms to post as a journal entry. Before anyone gets confused, this is for Fandom inserts, as in Character X Readers or Characters X Oc’s inserts, even though I sometimes forget to add the littlest details whenever I typed these. ^^’ Anyways, I have a couple of rules that people should follow before requesting, even though I really, really appreciate it if they are being followed.


Here are the rules that I’m going to list down below, some may same harsh but in reality, I have to make the tough choices and I hate that.



1). Before requesting, please don’t leave out specific details that you want in the story. I really appreciate the details that you want.

Example -

[Fluff] Sektor X Werewolf! Wife Reader *Monster Within*


[Angst] Hector X Clemece *Pain*


2). You may add a plot to your request with your heart’s desire, however, the plot needs to follow the fellow rules such as rule number one, three and four.


3). Please don’t ask for Incest inserts, it makes me uncomfortable and I really don’t support the fetish/kink. [It’s forbidden love between family members, that’s all you need to know since I don’t want anyone looking it up].


4). Please don’t request Lemon/Smut/Lime inserts, it’s out of my comfort zone and I really appreciate it.


5). People may make request any LGBT/LGBTQ inserts, however, I wish that people will respect everyone's requests.


[Fluff] Arcee X Female! Human Reader *Jealousy at the park*


[Fluff] Kung Jin X Fang Vrbada *Proposal*


6). I’m sorry but I won’t do any requests that will contain real-life people such as, Youtubers, Actors, Actresses, Musicians, and Celebrities.


7). For this final rule, your request must be a fandom that I know of, if you don’t see the fandom that you want to request, I’m sorry.


That’s all the rules that I have in mind, now on to the fandoms that I know of. Like I said in rule seven, if you don’t see a certain fandom that you like, I’m really sorry but I will add it to the list once I have seen it.



Mortal Kombat

Dragon Ball

Fullmetal Alchemist

Devil May Cry

Attack On Titan

One Piece


The Walking Dead 

Voltron: Legendary Defender



Game Of Thrones 

HTTYD (How To Train Your Dragon)

Transformers (Prime, MTMTE, Beast Wars, Bayverse)


Star Wars


Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia


Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)


South Park

Alien Vs Predator

Castlevania [Netflix Series]


Hazbin Hotel

Red Dead Redemption