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Big Block of Cheese Day

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“I understand sir, but as much as we all complained about it, it was a fun tradition.”
“Yes Josh, but is it practical?” Josh was currently trying to convince Santos to continue Big Block of Cheese Day, but wasn’t having much luck.
“I think it is. It gives us a chance to listen to people we normally wouldn’t care about.”
“See, that’s where my problem is Josh. We wouldn’t normally listen to them. I’m just concerned that you’re letting your emotions cloud your view.”
“I assure you sir, I’m not.”
“The problem is, I think you are. This was a fun tradition for the Bartlet administration, especially for Leo. Listen- I miss Leo as much as you do, and I want to respect his traditions-”
“Then let’s have a Big Block of Cheese Day.”
Santos shook his head. “I’m sorry Josh. This just isn’t a smart thing to do.”


“Wonderful. Thank you Ma’am. Yes. Thank you.”
Josh set down the phone. “Alright everybody. A few of the First Lady’s staff will be joining us today for Senior Staff. Oh, and thank you to all of our assistants for helping out.”
“With what?”
Margaret and Josh exchanged a smile. “You’ll see,” she said.
A few minutes later, a knock came on the door. Margaret opened it.
“Hello everyone! Thank you for having us here today.” Donna walked in with a few of the First Lady’s staff. “I’m Donna, and this is Ned, Karen, Bessie, and Paul. The First Lady is dedicated to our cause. We have the day off to work on this.”
“What cause?” The assistants still didn’t understand.
Josh stepped in.
“We’ll be trying to get Big Block of Cheese Day back.”
Cheers erupted throughout the room. Josh exchanged a glance with Donna. He wouldn’t have thought that so many people knew about Big Block of Cheese Day. Donna must have seen the desperation in his eyes.
“Keep it down! The President hasn’t agreed yet. We have to convince him.” Josh smiled gratefully at Donna. She was amazing at this.
“Perfect explanation, Ms Moss. Let’s get to it!”

For the next few hours, Josh and Donna worked to find as much information as possible. The assistants and senior staff had left about an hour ago to get back to work. But Josh and Donna continued. They went over the notes that people had taken. They read through Leo’s speech notes (who knew they existed!). They found files on Andrew Jackson and the dairy farmer. They went through the list of organizations that had come. Then something caught Donna’s eye.
“Hey, Josh, look at this.”
“Cartographers for Social Equality,” he murmured. Then he looked up at Donna, smiling. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”
She smiled back at him. Then she pulled out her phone and dialed a number.
“Hey! I need a favor.”