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The tamed bird.

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The Great Hall was quite empty for this time of the day. Enola could hear the noise coming from a small group of first years talking about quidditch. Annoyed, she rolled her eyes and turned her attention back to her book.

Enola Ravenclaw was the kind of woman that was not pretty she was beautiful . No one would have thought of her another way. She had beautiful brown locks, so dark they looked almost black. Her hair seemed always messy as if she just woke up from a nap in the forest. Her pale skin was always blushed by the cold wind swirling inside of Hogwarts's hallways and dotted with moles. She always had an aristocratic posture, cold and distinguished, you would never see her not sitting straight, adding to her pretentious posture. But what people took for pretentiousness, she called it discipline. She knew that all her slightest movements were watched since she was young, she quickly learned to behave in a perfectly mannered way and now she was just used to it. With her hair, her delicate face and her manners, she was looking like a princess of old times. What people remembered of her face though, was her gaze. A cold, blue gaze that seemed go right through your soul. Her eyes seemed translucent in the sun, and an ocean of coldness at candlelight. Her full lips rarely smiled, leaving her face with an indifferent glare. People were intimidated by her, and as most do, they never tried to understand or get to know her, they judged her straight away.

She was thinking about her first year here, at Hogwarts, feeling nostalgic all of a sudden. She was so excited to be studying in the castle, the school of magic that her ancestors founded. Rowena Ravenclaw. But quickly, people started to befriend her in purpose, trying to get close to her only because of her bloodline. She has heard those girls talk about her in her back, saying that she was annoying and how they hoped that they could get something back of their friendship. The next day, she started avoiding them, and everyone else. It was true that people were only interested in what she could provide them.

I am better off alone.

After all, even if human beings needed the presence of others, she did not feel that way. Books and studies were far enough for her, and she was keeping herself occupied to not be available for anyone. But obviously, her intentional loneliness attracted some unwanted attention. Some of her comrades started mocking her, calling her pretentious, saying that she must think very highly of herself to avoid others in that way. But she just wanted to not be used, and if she needed to be alone for that, it was okay. Of course, she wanted friends, she wanted to be able to laugh with people, to smile to a comrade, to talk with her roommates. But unfortunately, things escalated quite quickly, the other Ravenclaws ended up rejecting her and she was alone for good. With a sigh, she closed her book with a sharp sound. Now she was unable to focus on what she was reading, even though the text was very interesting. A silhouette entered her visual field, sitting in front of her at the huge table. “ Hello Princess, why are you frowning so early in the morning? ” Enola raised her gaze to a blonde girl with a green tie. Aderyn Ferlet, the only person that was not hating her, but was still not treating her like a normal human being.

The blonde girl had an athletic silhouette she obtained after the long hours training for quidditch. Her straight and long hair were so light that they seemed white, even though she virulently denied, saying that white hair was for old witches and that she had time. Aderyn Ferlet was the kind of person everyone wanted to be friends with. Her eyes were the color of green velvet, rich and deep, hiding all the secrets she never told. Unlike Enola, she was always smiling and joking, even if she knew how to be serious at the right time. Her fine lips were always stuck in a half-smile, making her continuously look amused by the situation. She was not always standing straight, but no one would dare question her self confidence. The blonde girl made friends easily and was close to a lot of people from all the houses. She did not have the best grades but she could get off any kind of situation just with her smile and her intelligence. She was not pretty nor beautiful, but her charisma made her attractive in the eyes of a lot of students. As a true Slytherin, she liked to tease people, making her sometimes get into fights, but she always managed to get out of it without problems, knowing how to use words. But her favorite target was the Ravenclaw, so easy to tease and so hard to get along with, she intrigued her in a way no one managed to ever do, and she was determined to get into her pretty head.

Enola was suspecting that Aderyn would come to see her only to annoy her. As she sighed again, she looked at the troublemaker straight in her dark green eyes. She did not notice how the girl flustered when their eyes met, the Ravenclaw had a way to look a people, with her crystal-clear blue eyes, that would most of the time repel and intimidate them. But Aderyn was mesmerized each time she was looking at those cold eyes, she could not help but wonder what was hidden behind. Without letting her trouble show, she leaned forward, resting her elbows on the table. “Princess?” She was happy to see Enola roll her eyes, looking annoyed. “Don’t call me that.” A malicious grin took place on her face. “And why is that? Princess.” Enola bit her lips to keep her composure, she did not want to tell the person in front of her to fuck off while there were so many people in the room now. The room was filling quite quickly as some classes have just ended, so she started to pack her things up, getting ready to look for another reading spot. She answered in a calm voice, deciding to not show how annoyed she was knowing it would just enable the Slytherin’s behavior more. “Because I have a name, use it.” She was tired to hear people talk about her using her name, her ancestor, or worse, condescending names as “the little princess”. She was not a princess, and even if anyone and everyone were thinking so, she never used her bloodline to get anything. She worked hard her whole life, trying to prove herself to others, but it did nothing. Aderyn was still sitting, looking at her grabbing gently her books. She was harsh with everyone, but the way she behaved when she was thinking no one looked at her was so different, showing her real self, and if Aderyn knew that, it was because she was looking at her. A lot. And now, she recognized the face she was making when she was thinking about something unpleasant. She just hoped it was not her. “What are you thinking about Ravenclaw?” The book she was picking up stopped in the air. And met the table again with a snap. “Not this name, Ferlet.” The blonde looked at the beautiful eyes in front of her, expressing how annoyed she was. But she kept the same attitude, as she was doing for over a year now, teasing her like that was quite pleasant at first, forcing her usually cold face to show emotions, but now, she wanted to be closest to her, to be able to spend some time with her without making it weird. She took a shocked expression and carried her hand to her chest. “W-we are not that close, are we? Gosh, you are burning the steps!” Putting her bag on her shoulder, she reached for the book she left on the table. “And you are annoying.” Before she could put her fingers on it, the Slytherin had it in her hands, reading the summary. “Wow, quite a technical book huh?” It was a book about mastering spells and wandless magic. It was not a secret for anyone that the Ravenclaw was good at everything, but instead of thinking that it was because she has been gifted with her bloodline, Aderyn knew she was working hard. “Give it back.” Faking a reflection while her idea was already clear in her mind, the blonde leaned forward again, her jawline resting on her fist and the book in her other hand. “You know what? No. I’ll give it back to you another time I want to read it.” Like that, they would have another occasion to meet, and maybe talk about the book. She felt a bitter sensation when she saw how annoyed Enola was, would it be so hard to share a few minutes of her time with her? “As you wish.” As the brunette was walking across the great hall to go towards the huge door, Aderyn sighted. “If you knew what I wished…

꧁ ✩ ꧂

Her footsteps were heavy on the stone floor of the castle. As she was heading to her dormitory, taking the moving stairs, she was grumbling to herself. “ Stupid Ferlet, how can someone be so troublesome? And now I will have to ask for my own book… Merlin, give me strength. ” Her dormitory room was empty, but she knew that in a couple of minutes, everyone would come in to relax before dinner. Taking off her shoes, she leaned on her bed, closing her eyes for a bit. She was so tired, always anxious that someone would come and make fun of her. She did not even want to be so cold with Aderyn, but if she was not, it would be dangerous for her. What if she started caring about her, calling her a friend and then ended up alone again? It would be hard, very hard. So it was easier, for now, to just keep everyone away, to isolate herself. Enola sighted. Even if she was trying to convince herself otherwise, she was tired being always alone, faking it in front of her mother, and always acting cold and distant. She would never admit that, but the constant teasing of Aderyn made her happy, she was almost feeling normal when she was coming to her with her jokes. “ Princess. ” She giggled. Even if it was kind of accurate, she hated it so much, but Aderyn made it sound nice, she said it in a way that seemed less harsh, more… friendly. Maybe she was annoyed that she could not finish her book today, but at least she could go to see the Slytherin for a reason. She had a little smile. It was her last year here, after all, she could try to make a friend…

꧁ ✩ ꧂

They were both sitting at their house’s tables in the great hall, but their positions looked so different that Enola could not help but let go of a bitter giggle. She was sitting alone, even though the table was crowded, her comrades leaving a gap between her end them, not even acknowledging her presence otherwise. Meanwhile, Aderyn was telling a story with effusions, all the people around her laughing and reacting. She looked so happy that it made the brunette have a soft smile, thinking how nice it would be to be able to tell the stories she knew to someone. She was not even jealous, convinced that this kind of popularity was just not made for her. Lost in her thoughts, she did not notice that her gaze was locked on the Slytherin table, on Aderyn. But the blonde girl did. Feeling that someone was looking at her, she has raised her eyes, looking around while telling her story. And her eyes met Enola’s. She seemed lost in her thoughts, but she was looking in her direction, making her wonder what she was thinking about…probably her book. As Enola got back to her senses, she noticed that two deep green eyes were looking at her across the two tables. The Slytherin smiled to her, tilting her head to the side. Flustered without even knowing why she looked hastily at her plate that she barely had touched.

The end of the dinner went in the calm, all relative since the great hall was full of young exited wizards, but without any event that Enola could call weird .

꧁ ✩ ꧂

The night time was the period the Ravenclaw hated the most. When all her roommates were laughing with each other, she was sitting on her bed, reading a book, completely ignored by them. Sometimes, they would whisper, and she knew they were talking about her. “ Bitches. ” Would she think. Today was one of these days, and this time, she heard them whisper her name. “ Honestly, she is so pretentious, why does she think she got anything special? ” She tried to ignore them but they kept going. “ I just cant stand her, Merlin, why do we have to share rooms with her? Fuck. She closed her book with a snap and woke up in a single movement, her long blue dress rustling in the motion. The four girls looked at her, startled. She looked at them with contempt, tilting her head to the side. “ My apologies, I didn’t mean to scare you. ” She made a falsely sorry smile, while they were looking at her like they just saw a ghost. Grabbing her shoes, she got out of the room, on the verge of tears. “ Do you think she heard us? ” Overheard Enola as she was running down the stairs without a noise. “ Of course I did. ” She whispered. Putting her shoes on, she headed out of the Ravenclaw tower, saluting the women on the painting. She started wandering in the hallways, not knowing where to go. Her steps led her to the astrology tower, and she started climbing the stairs. She loved this place, and since the first time she felt lonely in the crowded dormitory, it has been her safe place. Looking at the view, she sighed again. She was alone like her name said. “ What is wrong with me? ” Tears were coming out of her eyes, rolling down her cheeks. Before she knew, she fell slowly on the ground, shivering of cold and anger, crying. It has been such a long time since she has felt that, and she did not think that it would be that hard to manage alone. Alone . She was alone , again. In the astrology tower, only her muffled cries echoed.

Aderyn was bored. Nothing was happening tonight. She has caught a Hufflepuff and a Ravenclaw kissing in the 3rd-floor hallway. So as she was walking, looking around for anyone sneaking out at the late hour of the night. In her peripheral vision, she saw a blue dress moving fast up to the stairs of the astrology tower. Without making a noise, she started climbing the stairs, heating someone talk. She stopped moving, still in the staircase, but being able to see who was up there. It was Enola. “ What is wrong with me? ”As she fell to the ground Aderyn felt her heart tighten. Letting her cry, not knowing what to do since she just saw something she was not supposed to. Unable to bear her cries any longer, on the verge of tears herself, she finished climbing upstairs talking to make the Ravenclaw acknowledge her presence. “ Princess? ” She said in a worried voice. The cries stopped with a gasp. “ What do you want? ” Asked her in a strangled voice. “ Are you alright? Of course, I’m not. Thought Enola. “ Yes. ” She lied. Aderyn was not stupid, she knew that it was false, but she decided to let her choose. “ Do you want me to leave you alone? ” Enola bit her lips. “ Yes. ” Reluctant, the Prefect answered. “ As you wish… ” She started to go to the stairs, walking away from the girl, while her heart was screaming her not to.

As the blonde girl was getting away from her, a feeling of awful loneliness and fear took her whole body. Without thinking, her hand reached for her, grabbing her robe. She looked at her with teary eyes, making Aderyn’s heart jump in her chest. “ Wait…