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And So...It Begins

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For the first time in a long time, Annalise regrets the lack of a female best friend in her life. If she
had someone to talk to, they could give her advice on how to deal with this latest "hiccup" in her and Rosie's
relationship. His Parents are OUT, and so is his Sister. Horsnstock is a good sounding-board, but what she needs is
a FEMALE CONFIDANTE.She orders a second rum on the rocks; after this she'll call Rosie; apologize...

"Hello". She turns slightly; it's a recent pathology hire at Grey Sloane...Dr. Amado? Prado? in Miami on a
research project with EMPD's Coroner's Office. She nods and smiles, keeping the smile friendly and not too inviting.
"You're with the Department, aren't you? Detective Villa...Miguel Prado," he says, extending a hand. "Annalise Villa,
mucho gusto."

"Es un placer," Miguel responds. "Alcohol on a school night?"

"Salud." She tips her glass in his direction.

"I'll say this for Miami-and EAST MIAMI: there is no lack of beautiful Woman in this city."

"Miguel...I can see that you're probably a nice guy, and you have the looks, and the whole 'handsome young
Doctor about town' package, which is believe me-VERY APPEALING-but I'm involved with someone, and it's a
long-term type of thing. If I'm jumping the gun, I apologize."

"I should've realized that a beauty like yourself wouldn't be single. No harm no, foul? I promise that I'm good

"I don't doubt it. I have an apology to issue, so I'll get going. Oh, I can introduce you around: I'm sure I can find
some good company for you while you're here. Buenas noches, Miguel Prado."

"A Ti, Annalise Villa."

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Maddie Buckley is duly impressed by the size and set-up of the EMPD 911 call center
The work-spaces are somewhat larger, with a bit more room for "personal mementos", and
storage. Operators have their choice of ergonomic foot-stools, chairs, medicine balls, 'standing
desks', etc. There is also a quiet room, where staff can sign-off the clock and nap, if needed. She
notices one woman who seems ill, she secludes herself in a far, darkened corner of the room (the
room lights are dimmed for maximum comfort)...apparenly if if she doesn't feel better after resting,
she has the option of going home, or to the on-site physician, abvailable 24/7.

Later, at lunch, Howie reports that the basic EMT system is much the same as "theirs", he is impressed,
though with way city and private EMT systems seem to interact more seamlessly than LA's. There also
seems to be less of an Us against Them attitude bewteen city/county and private EMTS.
The training facility is top-rate, and the instructors impress even an "old hand", such as himself.

After he, Maddy, and Howie finish their mid-day meal, he, Hen, Eddie, Chimney, and Captain Nash are
escorted to the EFFD training facility. Walking beside Chimney, Buck flashes back to semething Maddie'd
said about her boyfriend: Howrad isn't Doug, Buck, she's insisted. NOTHING LIKE HIM, in any respect. He
makes me HAPPy-be glad for me, Little Bro...sSure Mads, he'd promised...

On the way to the parking lot, after training, he spots a lithsome brunette dressed in civilian clothes-he'd seen
her upstairs, earlier-she's PD...he approaches her, his most winning smile plastered on his face.

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Annalise decides that the apology she intends to issue to Rosie is best done in person, rather
over the phone or by text. She had texted, though, to very that he's open to seeing her:

VILLaa4332: Hey-I', in the area


VILLaa4332: 20 min out-can i cum by

EMIAPATHDoc:😉😁 by all means-CUM by
I meant COME

Smiling, Annalise pulls away from the side of the street where she'd parked to send her text (NO TEXTING while DRIVING!),
then she proceeds to East Miami Path Doc's...her spirits buoyed by his up-beat mood.

His smile is as bright as ever when he ushers her into his home and to a seat in his comfortable and well-appointed living room.

"Looking good, as always." Once again, Annalise is completely taken aback by his sunny attitude. Rather than focus on that, though,
she decides to bask in the warmth of his powerful, positive aura. "You're not so bad yourself, Guapito...Rosie...I...I...

"Aaahupbobupbup..., the Pathologist interrupts. It's gone, and forgotten-never happened-like the SEX we were supposed to have."

"Speaking of which..." Annalise stands and unbelts her over-coat; she slips it off and tosses it aside. Underneath she has on only a hot
pink bra, garterbelt, and thong set, all made of satin (bordered with lace), black filmy stockings, and four inch black stilletos.

Right after his eyes pop nearly out of his bed, Beaumont gulps and says in his most 'doctor-y' voice: "Detective...there's a pink flush to
your normal complexion-I should thoroughly examine you, if you're agreeable."

"You're the medical professional, Dr."

"Please step in here." He indicates his bedroom. "Now...lets check your pulse: his big hands gently squeeze her bra-covered hand-fuls,
and he clucks under his breath when her nipples stiffen under his caress. "Hmmm-slightly elevated...I'm going to check your femoral
pulse-that's the pulse in your groin area...I'll need to move your undergarment a bit..."

Villa's breath is agitated, a little 'gaspy': "As you say, Dr."

She yelps a bit when his long, formidable middle finger accesses her hot interior, slipping past her outer and inner labia. "Is...oooh-is it-



"Somewhat elevated...please lie down, and remove your underwear." He places a pillow under the small of her back, and gets onto the bed
between her shapely, splayed thighs. "We'll elevate your knees, like so-OH...may I ?" She moans her consent, and he raises her stockinged
legs higher, leaning down a little so that her heels rest on his shoulders. "Thermometer...thermometer-ah!" he slips-off his sweat pants, and
his tank top: Annalise Villa's breath catches in her throat at the sight of his incredible musculature-AND his massive chocolate woman-
pleaser. "This may sting a bit," he warns, breaching her opening with a quick jab of his hips. "Dios!" she cries aloud.

They work together for the next few minutes, she raising her lovely, womanly hips to meet his inner progress, until he is embedded a third
of the way inside of her. "Pulse rate...rising...heart rate as well", he groans, beginning a steady, thrusting motion-not too fast, not too slow...

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Calli and Arizona

Cuddling Arizona Robbins to her substantial bosom while the blonde sleeps-this is Callie Torres' idea of
BLISS. MORE BLISS...snuggling her face closer into her lover's chest, she latches onto a thick nipple, and
starts suckling through the material of her nightie. They are going to be late, having spent most of the night
in one lesbic activity or another; but this one knows her weak points (her NIPPLES), and she's taking unfair

"Mmmm, " she moans, when Dr. Robbins unfastens her nightgown, freeing one of her double Ds, and it's big, stubby
brown nipple, "Leave enough for the baby, Baby."

Arizona is too busy to answer, besides, her mouth is slowly filling with sweet, delicious breast milk. What does her wife take
her for...OF COURSE she'll leave enough for their baby to breakfast on...IT'S SO GOOD, though, and it's turning BOTH
of them 'on'...

Travis Montgomery and Lucas Ripley

Travis is NERVOUS about approaching Chief Ripley about this matter, yet he feels that it is his duty as a FRIEND to clear some
things up. He pokes his around the corner of his open door, and spots the handsome blonde man standing in front of his desk,
studying a folder of some sort. Travis clears his throat, gaining Ripley's attention. "Um, Chief? A word?"

"Come in, Montgomery; I have a few minutes. I'd invite you to sit, but as I said"...he shrugs apologetically.

"It's, um...It's VIC, Sir...other than Andy, she might be my BEST FRIEND. If not for her, I would never have have made it through
my Husband's death...what I'm trying to say is: if what the two of you have is REAL, has substance, then I support it all the way. But I-
I guess I can't have her HURT, Chief."

"You GUESS?. Ripley is amused, yet struggling to keep his temper at bay.

"I can't have her hurt, Sir."

"Hmmm. Correct me if I'm wrong, but on Hughes' last birthday she turned 28, wasn't it?"


One minute, thirty seconds pass without a word spoken. Then Travis sees his boss' point like a bolt of lightning.

"OK...I see what you did there."

Rip smiles, all magnanimous mentor once again. "I'm gonna go. Good chat, Montgomery."

Well, THAT went well, Travis muses, leaving the office.