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Down The Hill

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Josef was gone. He was just gone. Red soon got a new medic, but it wasn’t the same. The team knew virtually everything about Josef; he was like a mother hen, he could smell out unhealthy things, he likes his daily check ups (as in making sure everyone is okay), Caleb was one of his favorite co-workers for some reason, Josef really liked Misha, though the giant was too oblivious to notice. The team also knew that this was odd, Josef never went anywhere alone and would always tell someone if he did. This time though… This time he never came back from town. Everyone left Mann Co., their contracts expiring. Misha decided to be a lumberjack, one of the most manly (and the only place that would take him) thing he could think of. Demo was… Something. Pyro became a house man for his husband. Engie was still an engineer. Scout came back to his mother and is finishing his education. Spy was still a spy for the government, though he didn’t have too many jobs. He stays with Scout and his wife, trying to make up for all of the years he was gone. Sniper was keeping close to Scout (even if Spy didn’t appreciate) and was hunting and selling with his own pawn shop. Soldier, oh god that man. He had a home, a wife as well, though he was still crazy patriotic and weird. Solly did what Solly wanted to honestly.


Medic, he was gone, no one knew if he ran away, if he was taken, or killed by Mann Co., just no one knew. The mercs kept in close contact with each other, meeting almost two times a month with constant texts and phone calls. It saddened Misha, he always thought about if he was still around, how everything would change. The only things Misha had of Josef were his medi gun, tools, books, cloths, papers, and, of course, Archimedes. His other birds had perished, though Archi lived. Misha felt like Archi knew that Josef was alive, and was waiting for him to come back.