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Moments to cherish- Jake and Amy

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She shouldn’t feel like this. This was the right thing! They killed a man for gods sake! She stands up and brushes the tears away from her face. She combs her hair with her fingers and hopes she doesn’t look too bad.

She takes three deep breathes in and out and prepares herself. ‘Let’s hope this won’t be too awkward’. She pushes the doors of the evidence locker open and makes her way to the bull pin.

Terry sees her as he heads into the briefing room. “Santiago there you are! We have a meeting in the briefing room.”. She just nods and slips through the door Terry holds open for her. Jake sits in the last row staring at his hands.

Charles next to him desperately tries to have a conversation with his best friend but he fails as he only gets short one-word answers. Amy bites her lip und quickly takes the seat next to Rosa who sits in the first row. Terry enters and takes his place in the front. “Okay, 99. We have a tough few days behind us. What happened today was clearly horrible, but no one’s fault!” he clearly looks at Amy and Jake at this sentence.

“We now have to stick together and work more in a team than ever before. We must face what happens and prepare for everything. Now, our new captain will probably arrive tomorrow, and we need to make a very good impression, okay?” Everyone nods and Terry takes the word again “Now, Diaz, Boyle, you will go and check out that contact which was given on the drug case. Peralta, Santiago: I want the reports of your undercover from yesterday on my desk before you leave. Dismissed!”

Terry leaves the room first, following are Charles and Rosa already discussing how to move on with their new contact. Amy stands up and so does Jake behind her. They walk to their significant desks in an awkward silence.

Jake takes the files on his messy desk and immediately starts typing. Amy sighs, her question from the evidence locker is answered. Who knows how long it will take until she gets her best friend and partner back?

“Hey Jake, guess what! Just found a voucher for this Italian place two blocks from you! Expires today, want to come?” Charles asks excitedly. “Sure, why not.” Jake answers to his friend rather plain. Charles beams and leaves with Rosa. Both, Jake and Amy type in silence until their hours end. Charles and Rosa come in shortly before Amy leaves. “Made a reservation for us at nine so we still have time.”. “‘k. Let’s go to my place.” Jake exclaims still not full of cheerfulness like usually.

Amy finishes the last bit of her report and then leaves too. Her whole being still trying to wrap it’s head around the events of the day. In her car she doesn’t turn on her music like usually. She drives to her flat in silence and as soon as she reached her building she enters completely numb and unaware of her surroundings. She drops her keys in the box next to the door and gets herself a beer.

‘Okay, Santiago. Let’s go over the facts. You lost your captain, your mentor, a good friend because he will definitely not be happy with you breaking you and his best friend up, you lost your boyfriend. The one who is always there for you.’ She takes a huge gulp of her beer ‘You are completely alone.’. She presses her hands on her eyes, to prevent the salty tears from spilling. She thinks about who she could talk to. Who she wants to talk to.

She shots up, spilling her beer on the floor. “Jake!”. ‘Why the heck am I so stupid?’. She grabs her coat and her keys and hurries to the elevator. ‘Wonderful irony. The one person I want to talk to, I just pushed away from me for silly reasons (maybe not completely since we fricking killed someone).’ She runs to her car hoping she will catch him before he leaves for the restaurant, since knowing herself, she will spiral if she has more time to think. She honks at every single driver that even tried to squeeze himself before her. She constantly has the feeling of having forgotten something in her plan.

Finally, she reaches his building. She runs up the stairs until she reaches the 5th floor. She makes her way to apartment number 508. She wants to knock but she freezes. What if he says no? What if he came to the realisation of her being right? What if he had enough of her now? She wants to lower her hand and leave before she regrets it but the door flies open just in that moment.


“Sorry! Sorry!”.
She screams as Jake opens the door. “It’s okay…” he answers rather startled but with a smile. “I…was home and I really wanted to talk to someone about us and Dozerman and Holt being gone…and then I realised that…the only person I want to talk to about that stuff is you! So…screw just being colleagues, and screw light and breezy, right?” she ends her monologue with tears building in her eyes. Jake smiles at her and sighs in relief “Definitely!”

They just look each other in the eyes, happy smiles on their faces. Then Charles scoops in and places himself in the middle of both. “Guys, we did! We really did it!”. That’s what she forgot! “Oh…Charles is here!” she said feeling dumb about having forgotten that small detail. “Big time!” Jake smiles at her. “I will add a seat to our table for you Amy!” Charles adds excitedly.

“Euhhh…buddy could you ask Gina to go with you? For a bit…quality sibling Time?” Jake asks him never taking his attention fully of the Latina woman standing in his doorway. Jake looks at him in question than it clicks “Oh! You and Amy want to shampoo and tangle your bod-“ “THAT’S enough Charles!” Jake interrupts Charles way to graphic description.

After Charles leaves, Jake pulls Amy in a tight embrace and after a nod of her he kisses her softly. Even though they’ve only been together for a day and apart for half a day, it feels like coming home after an awfully long trip.

Amy puts her arms around Jakes neck, pulling him even closer. Jake runs his hands over her wonderful back placing them on her hips. The kiss heats up even more and Amy clings to Jake with her legs around his waist. Jake and Amy have a mutual feeling of relief and happiness pumping through their bodies.

Because of the need of air, she breaks the kiss, but her forehead remains on Jakes. “I’m sorry you missed your dinner…” she says with a smile. “I was going to miss it anyway.” She looks at him inquiring. “I was about to go to your apartment to held a romantic speech to get you back.”

She smirks “Looks like a won!” she states cheekily. He raises an eyebrow and starts carrying her towards his bed “We’ll see about that” he murmurs in her ear before he drops her on the covers.