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Naughty Sweet Nothings

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I stare shyly at my reflect in the mirror.

I wonder why I've decided to wear this cute but childish dress. Lucien has said the cloth suits me well but I wanted something more... mature. Well, now I am here while he is preparing the material for the photo session I've asked him. The reason is Victor commanded me to be ready for a photoshoot this Monday. Kind Mr. Pokerfaced CEO wanted me to wear formal clothes in the aim to show one of her customers in a magazine, the boss of a production company whose TV shows and films begin to be famous.

Yeah, me.

And more I think about that, more I am stressed.

So as usual, I've confided my concerns in Lucien who suggested me to have a little training before D-Day. "Since I love taking photos, it will also be enjoyable to me, he had added to me in order to avoid my denials about his gentle proposition. He knew I'd refuse if not because I thought, and am thinking again, he has more important things to do like his research works for example.

Well, here I am... Even if I don't like this dress, all white and lacey. I don't think I can seduce with this and I've had enough to be labelled as "cute" by Lucien. Mmmm, a mischievous smile appears on my lips.

I know how to change the "cute" thing to "sexy"... "Are you ready?" Ah, he has finished the preparations. I am blushing a little while I am thinking about what to do when I will be in Lucien's living room but... No, I'll do it, I know I can.

Here we go for the Plan to Be Sexy and Make the Genius Swoon.

I go directly to the living room without telling anything and ready myself in sitting on the white couch. Lucien finishes to set the camera and gives me a reassuring smile. "It is all right, just relax yourself." My shyness is making me stiff but his smooth voice calms me a little. However Lucien decides to stand and to go in front of me where he is slowly bending himself. Then I am feeling his large hands and long fingers massage gently my shoulders.

Feels nice. It is as if my body is diving in a lukewarm cotton. I close my eyes in the process. "Do you feel better?, Lucien asks in pressing his fingertips a little harder on my skin. My, they are sending not so innocent shivers up my spine. "Yes, I am relaxed now, I answer quickly in taking his hands off of my shoulders, we shall begin the photo sessions.

I see a teasing glint in this beautiful amethyst eyes of his. "Oh? But your tone of voice is quite... Nervous, though. I don't think you are enough relaxed. Or this is not nervousness. "

I know I am blushing, now. I really know I am and... "Stop teasing me, I command him before pouting. I hear a light-hearted laugh following by a gentle peck on my cheek. "I am sorry, dear miss, Lucien whispers tenderly, shall we proceed to the photo session?" Aw, I can't be angry at him for a long time. My heart is beginning to melt face to his gentleness. "Go on, I offer with one of my usual big smiles.

Then the atmosphere becomes lighter as Lucien stands behind the camera. "Now, enjoy yourself trying different poses, he kindly proposes.

The first poses are quite stiff and akward since I feel quite self-concious to be photographed like that. I can't manage to keep a smile without having crimson cheeks. Lucien notices it unfortunately. "Do you want to stop?" His voice sounds more serious and worried than teasing. I shake my head, infuriated at myself. Really Stella, what happened to your plan to be sexy for him? Come on girl, don't be a chicken. Oh, Lucien is waiting for an answer. "Oh, no you... You can continue, I answer, straightening my back a little, now I am ready for the shoots. Go on, Professor Lucien."


Lucien felt a little surprised by her unusual straightforward behaviour but he returned quickly to his usual beautiful and soft smiling face. His heart was not ready for that and he knew he became more and more addicted to her shining presence. Those emotions she made him feel were so mellow but so painful at the same time... More sides of you I discover, more confused are my feelings for you, he thought.

"So let's return to the session, he said, crounching behind his camera to avoid to see directly her beautiful, naive, warm brown eyes. He set the tripod a little and began to take photos... Nevertheless, he didn't anticipate the new poses Stella was taking, nor her provocative gestures.

Before Lucien starts to use his camera, I've decided to bare myself a little more, letting slide my lacey shoulder straps and lightly revealing my thighs in raising the hem of my dress. I give that I hope to be a sultry smile at the camera even if, in the bottom of my heart, this is for Lucien.

This is weird... He doesn't tease me like he usually does and continues to shoot photos. It seems to me Lucien is panting a little but it may be only an impression. I retain my pout and spread a little my legs instead while biting my fingertip and send him a more seductive gaze. Come on, Lucien don't you know I...? Nnn? He is setting something with the camera before returning at my side on the couch.

My smile lights up when his hands gently find my hips. "You are bolder than usual, notices Lucien, is it because I am taking photos of you?

- Sort of, I answer frankly, putting my hands on his chest, I..., red hues appear on my cheeks, I've wanted to show you a sexier side of me. I'm sick and tired of being childish."

Lucien gives me a tender smile while caressing my cheek. "Be you innocent or sexy, I love you as you are." He takes one of my hands and kisses my palm. " I love all of you and I don't deny your seductive gestures make me want to take you completely, he whispers in my ear a hoarse voice.

- So take me, I suggest him before leaning on him. We share a slow, deep kiss, our warm breaths mingling softly, our tongues playing, Lucien's chest firmly pressed against mine when I decide to straddle him a little. I want more and I feel it is the same for him. He breaks the kiss and his teasing tone returns when he gently raises my dress before reaching my womanhood between my legs. "No underwear?, he asks in a mocking and amusing tone.

- I tell... you... I want to be sex... ier, I pant while his fingers caress me in my wetness.

I squeal a little when I am feeling one slowly enter me. Lucien take advantage of this moment to lay us on the couch and I do the same in unbuckling his belt. I adress him a victorious smile when I see him blushing a little while I put my hand under his underwear and stroke him in the process. It is not the first time we do it, Lucien and me always enjoy touching each other. We resume to kiss at the same time.

And I am so focused on his soft lips while pleasuring him I barely hear littles "click" sounds beside us. Another finger in me makes me wholely forget this detail. I am now feeling Lucien's teasing digits slowly moving in and out, leaving some erotic noices while his hard warmth is deliciously invading my hand. I want more so I pull out my hand while requesting to my lover. "Lucien, I...

- ...Me too, he tells, gently withdrawing his fingers. He eagerly licks the wet digits then, before standing again, probably to go to his room searching condoms. I choose this moment to take off my dress and lay again on the white leather. My warm insides are tingling and I know this is because I anticipate the moment I'll have him in me. I idly play with the wet and juicy lips, using my own fingers while closing my eyes in the aim to calm a little the fire in me. Mmmm, feels good but I do prefer Lucien's fingers. "Click" Again with that click? Wait, the camera is still worki... "Do you feel bore?" I open my eyes on a very naked, very amused and, according to the sight, very turned on Lucien.

I make no secret his quite lean and well-built body is a feast to my eyes but I am too self-conscious to compliment him now. Specially he has discovered me while I was touching myself. Even if I have become less shy this way, I want to bury myself right away. "I... I was waiting for you, I stutter rapidly while blushing.

- I see and your "wait" was truly a beautiful sight, indeed, he says with mischief while he is sitting on the couch, can I have a little taste?, he asks me then, taking my wrist and leading my wet fingers on his lips.

I nod without telling a word. Then Lucien is slowly licking my fingertips clean, thourougly sucking them after while watching me panting, enthralled at this naughty sight. He always compliments me how good and delicious I am this way, sometimes in the aim of teasing me because I am too akward towards this kind of displays of affection.

I know Lucien won't stop at this. After he has finished to taste my fingers, he bends, spreading my legs a little more and giving me a tender kiss on my intimate moisted lips and a small lick on my clit. Moans comes out of my mouth. "Click". "Your honey is so delicious, I am really addicted, he whisper hoarsely, licking appreciately his own lips. I feel myself clenching. "Lucien, I want you. Now.

- Your wishes are my commands, dear miss, he says in a sultry tone, but I want to we make love with another position, he replies while sitting. He gently tap his lap after he has put the condom on his hardened arousal. Yeah, I have a bad feeling about this but I am so excited I don't think anymore.

I sit myself on his lap and straddle him but, as I guess it, Lucien slowly turns me back and spreads tenderly my legs.

We are now facing the camera with me completely exposed to the lens. This is so naughty and, to my demise, I can't keep being more turned on. "Lucien..." I can't add anything since he takes my hips and raises them a little. I take the sign and put my hands on his thighs for leverage.

His hot and hard manhood is throbbing in me some time after. "Click". "This photo will be a memory showing how we are connected together, Lucien murmurs in my ear, tenderly hugging me from behind, let this camera see how we feel for each other now, is that okay?

I turn slighly my head to kiss him on the cheek. " But I can't really see you, I whine, tousling his hair a little, I miss your beautiful eyes.

- But you can feel me deeper this way, Lucien teases with a shallow thrust, you are so warm inside.

- Don't... comment... Oh!

- That's it... Let me hear your sexy voice too... My dear Miss Stella."


Not cute.

He tells me sexy.

My heart jumps with happiness and my body dives in our desire.

The camera takes us each time Lucien is thrusting in me.

Throbbing in and out in a thourough pace.

Entering more and more deeply as my cries amplify.

I become wetter and wetter when I listened to his hoarse, deep and wet voice in my ear whispering me how he loves this.


When his hands are tenderly fondling my breasts while I am moving my hips to feel him more.


When then his fingers tease my hardened nipples, lightly rubbing and gently pinching them.


I clench myself around him when I feel the climax coming near.


Teasing fingers find my clit and caress it.


I come right after, giving a new squeeze on Lucien's manhood.


He embraces me tighter when I feel a warm sensation spreading in me.

My name whispered weakly from this lips.

The last "click" sound I hear is during our tender kissing session after I've withdrawn myself from him. We are snuggling each other now, still basking in our afterglow. "I think I'm going to make a more adult photo album, just in case, Lucien says with a fulfilled but sad smile, and don't worry, I'll hide it." I feel my heart aches by listening this words. I won't us to be apart. I really won't even if my dreams told me the contrary.


Lucien felt Stella hug him more tighter. "Don't talk about that now, she replied, her head on his chest, I want to stay like this, in your arms and after we'll take a good bath together, okay?

- Yes, now is more important, he answered in a smooth voice, his hand tenderly sliding between the brown locks.

They continued to cuddle each other, trying to not think about their future.

"Now is more important, Lucien thought, and these photos of us drowning in our pleasure will be my sweet, precious, fleeting memories."