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Scully turned around one more time, checking her reflection in the mirror.


She bit her lip between her teeth so hard that it drew blood.


She sighed at her body wrapped in black satin, “This is too much.” Knock knock knock. And there he was just on time, actually he was a few minutes early, and her heart did somersaults. There was no time to change now, so she tucked a loose curl behind her ear and walked to the door.


The heels she was planning to wear were sat next to the entryway, and she felt her whole body flush with nerves and excitement. This was really it. Years of pining and heartbreaking teetering between will-they-won’t-they had her stomach in knots and her head spinning.


Then she opened the door and the sweet smile in his eyes that spread across his lips was like a soothing balm. Instantly, she was peaceful, and this, this was the feeling that drove her crazy, how this man could both titillate her beyond belief and make her feel the most welcomed and adored she’d ever felt at the same time.


Mulder’s breath caught as his eyes wandered down her body, “Wow, Scully,” he whispered, and she could see his hand shaking as he ran it through his hair, “you are so beautiful.” She blushed instantly and tucked her face to her chest to try and disguise it, her eyes closed from the radiating warmth and love that nearly knocked her over.


He lifted a hand and ran it across her cheek, picking up some of her hair and letting a silky curl fall through his fingers, “You are so unbelievably perfect.” She leaned into his touch and felt her lips quivering. She’d always known that this would be emotional. Loving him out loud would be breathtaking. So new, and thrilling, and everything she’d ever wanted. It was so much more overwhelming when he was right there before her stroking her skin and complimenting her looks.


This man knew her for her head, but he wanted to know her for her heart as well. Then again, he already did, know her. He knew her for all that she was. She couldn’t deny the level of intimacy that they’d established over the years.


He’s held her while she’s wept on multiple occasions, kissed her forehead like it was their lifeline, and listened to her sleepy ramblings at four in the morning on a stakeout. She took in a deep breath, shuddering on it, and he instantly pulled her to him. His arms wrapped her up, the scent of his cologne and deodorant oh so familiar and comforting, and arousing as hell.


She melted into his chest as he stroked her back, “I know, me too. I can’t believe we’re finally doing this,” he chuckled softly, “I haven’t been this nervous and happy in my whole life.”


He kissed the crown of her head as she sobbed into him. She spoke with a rough tear clogged voice, “I’m bein’ ri-ridiculous, I’m sorry,” she laughed at herself a little.


He smiled onto her head and she could feel the upturn of his lips against her scalp and his breath tickling her skin as he spoke, “No, sweetheart, you’re not. I-I love you so much,” his own breath caught and he scoffed at himself, “now you’ve got me going too.”


She laughed against his embrace and felt his own chuckle reverating against her stomach. “God, Mulder, I love you so fucking much,” she praised.


He laughed louder at her use of profanity, “Scully, don’t normal people usually go on dates before they fall in love?”


She nuzzled against his warm sweater, sighing contently, “Probably.” Mulder chuckled and squeezed her tighter, “My Scully,” he kissed into her head again, “my beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, Scully.”


Her smile widened and she kissed his chest in response, “Forever yours, Mulder.”


Snot had made its way out of her nose and onto the front of his sweater and her cheeks flushed immediately, “Uhm, this is really embarrassing but I.. got… uhm…”


Mulder hugged her tightly once again, “Yeah, I can feel it.”


She burst out laughing, a melodic sound that made his stomach flutter, “I got snot on you!” she exclaimed.


Then he joined her in laughter, “I know, I can feel it seeping through my clothing.” She snorted, “Oh my God…” His hand reached around her waist to pull her back, and he smiled goofilly at the mascara that had ran lines down her cheeks, “Scully, you cried off your makeup.”


She took a deep breath and looked into his eyes shyly with pursed lips, “You made me emotional.”


He touched his forehead to hers, “You don’t need to put more on, just take it off.”


She shook her head in protest, “Mulder, I’m not going to a fancy restaurant without makeup on.”


He shook his head with a playful eye roll, “You are the most beautiful creature to ever walk this earth and you think that you need makeup on to go out to eat?” he shook his head from side to side in disbelief, “that’s… just wow. Well,of course if you want to, but know that you look just as amazing with or without it. I’ll take your freckles and rosy cheeks any day.”


She grumbled, “But I have dark circles underneath my eyes and blotchy red patches everywhere, I'm not twenty anymore.” Mulder pulled back and placed his hands on both sides of her face, engulfing her cheeks in his palms, then stared right into her glistening blue eyes, still full of emotion.


“Dana, that’s ridiculous," Mulder promised with a bewildered glimmer in his eye.


She knitted her eyebrows together and smirked, “Dana, Mulder?” she questioned with a tickled lilt in her voice.


He gave her his own mischievous look back, “Dana KATHERINE Scully, I really like your name. Have I told you that before?”


She giggled, “Once, when you were really high on pain meds.” Mulder blushed, and looked around the room, before setting his gaze back to hers, “I believe that,” he nodded abashedly.


Scully nudged his hand with her nose and made him settle his eye contact, then she smiled and blushed a little, “Mulder, I want you to kiss me.”


She darted her eyes down to his lips, licking hers unconsciously, and he gasped instinctively, “Well, yeah, uhm, I’d love to, well yeah, okay,” she grinned at his nervous ramblings and laughed under her breath.


Which made his heart beat so intensely that he felt lightheaded, “Scully! Don’t laugh at me, I’m nervous. My best friend just asked me to KISS her!”


She smirked and bit her lip, “Well you ever gonna do it?” she dared with a mischievous lip bite, slowing dragging her top teeth across her bottom lip and popping it back out.