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Ty, Prince Consort of Faerie

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The kitchen was abandoned. Nobody was in it expect for Ty. He didn´t believe in a normal sleeping schedule.
“It´s a social construct”, he had told Kit once, years ago. Back then Kit had laughed and kissed him, saying something along the lines of “I love you, you weirdo, but that´s so unhealthy”. Now though, he was glad Ty didn´t believe in night and day. Because now, at two o´clock in the morning, right when Kit needed him, he sat there in the dim light, a book in his hands, completely oblivious to the world around him.
“Hi”, Kit whispered.
Ty didn´t flinch. It seemed to be impossible to startle Ty.
“Kit”, he simply said, looking up from his book. “What are you doing here?”
Kit smiled at him. He was so beautiful, and Kit loved him so much it almost made him cry.
“I missed you”, Kit said honestly. “Very much so.”
Slowly Ty smiled back at him. He put down his book. “Well then, why don´t you sit down?”
“I would like that”, Kit said and sat down at the table.
“How long can you stay?”, Ty asked.
Kit shrugged. “They will look for me eventually. We have a few hours at best.”
“Then I suggest we make the best of the time we have”, Ty said and leaned over.
The kiss was the best Kit had received in a long time. It was full of love and happiness. It was so good, it finally set the tears free, that Kit had been holding back this entire time.
“You´re crying”, Ty observed when he drew back. “Why are you crying?”
“It is none of your concern”, Kit said, whipping away one of his tears, but they just kept coming.
Ty reached out to him, placing a hand on his cheek. “Everything is of my concern when it comes to you, Kit.”
Kit smiled at him, tears still streaming down his face. “I just – I love you so much.”
Ty frowned, puzzled. “And that makes you cry?”
Kit chuckled a little at that, which finally stopped the tears. “No, but because I love you so much, not being near you is almost unbearable.”
“Oh”, Ty said and nodded. “I miss you too. Everyday. Every single hour. Every single minute.”
Kit grabbed his hand. They were soft. They were always soft, no matter how much Ty trained, how much he fought.
“I just wish you could come with me”, Kit whispered, looking at their hands. “I just wish I had you by my side. Everything would be easier then, if only I had you by my side.”
Maybe then, governing wouldn´t seem such an impossible task to Kit. Maybe then, he wouldn´t constantly doubt himself. Maybe then, …
“But that´s not possible”, Ty said, interrupting his thoughts. “I´m human. I can´t be with you in Faerie and you can´t abandon your kingdom.”
Kit hesitated. There was something Julian had once said to him. One way they could be together. But what would Ty think of that? What if Ty didn´t approve? What if this would destroy everything? On the other hand, it might be their only chance.
“You could be my Prince Consort”, Kit whispered finally, not daring to look up.
“But”, Ty said confused, “human consorts aren´t allowed.”
Kit shrugged and now he looked at Ty. At this beautiful, beautiful man he loved so much. This man that had somehow managed to find his way into the heart of a broken, distant boy without even meaning to. Without even trying to.
“I am High King”, Kit said to him. “I could change the laws.”
Ty opened his mouth and closed it again. Slowly, he withdrew his hand from Kit´s.
“We would have to marry”, Ty said.
It wasn´t a question, but Kit still answered: “Yes.”
“I would have to spend most of my time in Faerie.”
“I would have to leave my family.”
Kit swallowed and closed his eyes. “Yes.”
Ty sighed and stood up. He went to the window and looked out for a long time. His back towards Kit. Finally, he turned around.
“I´m not sure, Kit”, Ty whispered and this time it was him who had tears in his eyes. “I´m not sure if I can do that.”
Kit nodded. “I am sorry. I know I am asking a lot.”
“No”, Ty went to him, placing his hand once again at his cheek. “No, you´re not. You´re always giving and asking nothing in return. If one of us is selfish, it´s me. Without me you wouldn´t even be in this position and now I can´t even grant you this small request.”
Kit shook his head. “You are anything but selfish, Ty. On the contrary, you are one of the most selfless people I have ever met. And you know, faeries cannot lie.”
Ty smiled at that. “But they can still be mistaken.”
Kit smiled back at him. “I am not mistaken. Not this time.”
They talked a while after that, enjoying each other´s company and each other´s thoughts. Kit told him about Angus, his new servant, an Unseelie Knight that had previously worked for Kieran and Ty told him about the books he´s been reading recently, about his work at the Scholomance.
They talked until the sun rose on the outside, inevitably bringing them closer to a new day. They talked until the first ray of sunlight hit the kitchen window, illuminating the dust inside the room.
“I should go”, Kit said finally.
“I know”, Ty answered.
He brought him to the Institute door. They stood there for a few minutes, watching as LA awakened before them. Kit wished not for the first time he could stay here, turn back the time and be the fifteen-year-old boy he had once been. But time was beyond Kit´s control and he had to face the fact that he had grown up. That he had made choices he couldn´t take back. Not that he wanted to, after all those choices had brought back what was most important to him.
He turned to Ty.
“Will you think about my offer?”, Kit asked finally.
Ty hesitated, then nodded. “I will, but I can´t make any promises about my answer.”
“I know”, Kit said.
“I will miss you”, Ty whispered.
“And I you.”
Ty leaned forward and kissed Kit slowly on the lips. It was a kiss full of longing and apologies and sweet, sweet promises to always stay awake for each other at two o´clock in the morning. It almost made Kit cry again.
“Goodbye, Kit”, Ty whispered finally.
He turned and let the Institute door fall shut behind him. He didn´t look back. Ty never looked back.