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Sindria the Musical

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Now presenting a possible version of the Musical that Reader from my Goddess Descends fic put together. {As this is a stand-alone play, reading that is not necessary to enjoy this ;-) } Disclaimer that there will be things portrayed differently from the manga/anime as this is for the Sindrian populace to enjoy.

It would be fun to include reactions/commentary of the Sindrian Group, but I'm not sure how to differentiate it from whats going on stage without things getting too crowded. Plus only half the generals are present (Ja'far, Yamraiha, Sharrkan, and Masrur) and it would also be fun to have the play redone when all 8 generals are together to watch.

As an actress myself, I have this in Script Format as it is a stage performance. Basically action is in brackets and music is centered. Names are in all caps. Some songs are like the originals used, others I changed a few words here and there, and sometimes I arranged the music differently.




[Stage Directions]

CHARACTER NAME: Dialogue they say

Song Title w/ Link to Reference


Lyrics they sing