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Stiles Hale’s Life

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Derek took Stiles from his family when he was 2 weeks old and raised him has his son.

When Stiles was 5 Derek started a business where people pay to watch videos of Stiles being fucked by Derek. Stiles first video was of Derek making Stiles give him a blow job well wearing a shirt that said cum dump, and pants that had a hole so you could see his butt and another hole in the front for his tiny cock and Derek wrote cock slut on his ass. Derek made $500 on that video. Derek started making 5 videos a day and selling them for lots of money. When time came for Stiles to start school Derek homeschooled him so he could still make money off Stiles all year long.

When Stiles was 11 Derek started letting other people fuck Stiles. Stiles started getting fuck at least 5 times a day by random guys that payed Derek enough money. The first guy the fuck him made him bleed from the ass and took pictures. Stiles was use to having his picture taken naked but Derek didn’t let anyone get his real name or his face in the picture so if they come out somewhere no one will no it’s him. Over time word got out that grown men where fucking a kid so they had to move.

When Stiles was 15 he got his parts changed. Derek had a idea that if Stiles had a dick, tits and could get pregnant he could make more money so that’s what he did. A week before surgery Derek has Stiles make at least a hundred video so Derek could still make money even when Stiles couldn’t make more videos. A week after the surgery Derek started having feelings for Stiles cause he turned Stiles into the perfect person for him. Derek looked at his bank account which he hasn’t really used or checked in a while so when Derek saw he had 10 million dollars he was shocked. After that Derek made up his mind that he would stop his business and get Stiles to fall in love with him.