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My Multiverse

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Error was wandering through a large empty AU, something that was very uncommon. It put him on edge, why would Ink make an empty AU? It was quiet as the anti-void, but it was just a large desolate valley, the colors were bland and pale, and the sun, though it shined, was bleak and dim. Error was attracted to the AU because Nightmare said he felt a strange aura coming from it and he couldn’t enter it, so Error was sent out to investigate.

Error was passing over a surprisingly tall hill, surprising in height and the fact it even exists in such a wasteland, he saw a small cottage. It was quaint and cute, small yellow bricks, a wooden door, strong roof, and a large chimney puffing out smoke. Curious as to who could be living there, he teleported to the house and knocked on the door.

It opened slowly, creaking and squeaking every second the rusty hinges moved. Thoroughly creeped out, Error was torn on whether he should enter the house, but he heard a large crash and decided to investigate. The house was dark, almost no light except from a few windows tucked up into the corners of the kitchen and living room. It was very rustically decorated, old and rusty metal dishes and silverware were sloppily set out on a wobbly table.

Another loud crash came from upstairs, and Error bolted up. That was when he saw a large ornate fireplace, velvet chairs, animal skin rugs, and paintings of a large array of Sanses, about two to every wall. Error saw two china vases on the floor, shattered to pieces. Ink was standing there, heaving and shaking. He began to scream and tear the paintings and other expensive vases to shreds. Error had no idea what was going on, but he was scared, he had only seen Ink this mad when the fought, and even then, it was rarely this bad.

Error decided to slowly leave Ink to his own devices, assuming the AU was made so Ink would have a nice place to vent his anger. Error was slowly backing up, not taking his eyes off of Ink for one moment, until he bumped into something, or rather, someone. Turning his head ever so slightly, he saw Dream, Ink’s number two. Well crap.

Dream grabbed Error by his shoulders and dragged him towards Ink, posture perfect and grip horrifyingly tight. Ink looked at Dream, and then his eye drifted onto Error, and a wicked smile spread across his face. His eyes were a bright red, the color of rage, and blood.

He was thrown onto one of the chairs, and cuffs locked him onto the chair, hands far away from his eyes, rendering his strings, his main and only weapon, useless. Twas only now that he saw Dream’s eye-lights, were gone. He recoiled and stole a glance at Ink, he was slouching in the chair, resting his head on his fist.

“Why don’t you tell me why you’re here?” Ink had asked, eyeing him carefully. Error was shaking from the fear.

“I-I-I was c-curious...” Error stuttered, looking for a way to get out of this situation.

“I see, I see. Well, why don’t you stay for a while, I’ve been plenty bored recently?” Ink asked, his eyes locking with Error’s expectantly.

“I’d really love to, but I have to get back to my...puppets! I need to finish some of them.” Error lied, praying to whoever could hear him to save him from Ink, but as he expected no one came.

“You won’t be. I’m keeping you here until you’re boring.” Ink stated, getting up from his chair and walking over to Error.

“What’re you going to do?” Error asked, and Ink snapped his fingers, but nothing happened.

Ink donned a puzzled look, and snapped his fingers several more times. Nothing happened. Ink snapped his fingers one more time and Dream collapsed. Error was startled by this, but Ink just seemed more confused. Dream got up, dizzy and clearly disoriented.

“What happened?” He asked, unaware of what’s been going on. “Where are we Ink, why is Error tied up like this. Why are your eyes red?!” Dream cried out, shaking as he backed away.

Ink snapped his fingers once again and Dream’s arms were pinned to his side by invisible bonds, or that was the closest analogy to the scene beside Error.

“What are you doing?!” Dream screamed, trying to break free, even shedding a few tears. “Answer me!” He screamed again, before Ink snapped his fingers again. Dream’s mouth snapped close, causing him to thrash and squirm more so than he normally was.

“You were always so loud and squirmy, no wonder I keep you as a husk most of the time.” Ink reflected, causing Error to shriek.

“You WHAT?!” Error exclaimed, almost rebooting from the mix of rage, disgust, horror, and confusion.

“Oh, I see. You don’t know~.” Ink chimed. “I can control and puppet people around, just like you can. But I don’t need any silly strings, I can do it with a snap of my fingers,” Ink snapped his fingers for emphasis and Dream was allowed to speak and screamed in pain. “But I can do it with a simple thought.” Ink continued, and Dream stopped screaming, now sweating profusely.

“But it seems that you glitches and alternate classic timelines, have a resistance, or just an immunity. The worst thing I can give you is a migraine.” Ink elaborated, and Error was shocked. All those times that they had splitting headaches and migraines, that was Ink trying to control them? What about Nightmare, Cross and Fresh? Was this a setup done by Ink? Did Nightmare actually care about them? Or was Ink just stringing them along only to break their hearts?

“It’s fun to watch you question everything you know.” Ink giggled as he snapped his fingers once again, and Dream’s eyelights went out once again. He pointed towards the downstairs area and without a second of hesitation, Dream walked off, completely rigid and frozen. Ink laughed at the scene before him and then looked back at Error.

“But it seems my blabbermouth has let you know far too much Glitchy~. It seems that I need to use, alternate methods other than memory erasure.” Ink stated, and opened up a viewing portal, showing Cross, Fresh, and Nightmare all standing stiff, rigid, and eyes blank.

“Spill anything, and I’ll dust them. And if you let me mess with your code, I won’t kidnap them and torture them.” Ink told him, smiling a creep smile.

Error thought about it long and hard for a few moments, he

“F-fine. Just don’t hurt them, don’t make me hurt them.” Error begged, his knees shaking.

“There’s something called a reputation. No one currently knows I can manipulate code as well as I can. If you start killing your housemates people’ll be suspicious as to why I lied.” Ink said matter-of-factually, and Error breathed a sigh of relief.

It was at that moment Dream walked up with a small cup in hand, he handed it to Ink and with a dismissive wave of his hand, Dream walked off.

“Our deal goes into effect now, drink this to knock yourself out so the transitions will be easier and I won’t have to hear you scream as I mess with your soul.” Ink told Error, holding out the drink to him.

Error took the cup and downed the whole thing in one gulp. It tasted like chocolate and caramel, but it was very bitter as well as sweet. A wave of dizziness hit him and be passed out soon after, Ink’s sadistic laugh sending him off to dreamland, and he didn’t know when he would wake up.

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Error was stressed, about to REBOOT stressed. He had made a deal with a psychotic god of creation with mind control powers, and now he’s nothing but a customizable doll to him. Saying Error was stressed didn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the pain, fear, anger, and anxiety Error was feeling. He knew he had to tell someone, he couldn’t keep it to himself, he just couldn’t. But the question was, who would believe him? After seeing how Dream reacted, Error thought about telling him, showing him the versions of hos code as proof, but getting Dream away from Ink would be way too hard.

A light bulb went off as he thought of someone who would be easy to confront, and easy to convince. Someone high up in the chain of command, but often overlooked. Underswap!Sans, also known as Blue. There was only one problem, his brother. Underswap!Papyrus was notoriously one of the most overprotective and dangerous Papyrus’ out there, so getting Blue all alone, though possible, would require split-second timing.

Error spent who knows how long spying and stalking Blue, trying to memorize his daily routine. That way he would know just what to do and when to do it. The first thing he learned about Blue, was his hyperactivity. Expected from a Sans with Papyrus’ personality, but he took it to a whole new level. Another thing is that he is really cute, like a puppy. He had the smallest chub to him and was one of the shortest Sans’ around, besides Ink whom was the shortest of all.

The stalking went on over the course of two-weeks. Nonstop watching, Error knew it was creepy, and he was going overboard, but he just liked watching Blue. If anything, he only got more excited for their first meeting outside of the battlefield. He knew it would be awkward if he were to just take him and pull him into the anti-void, and tell him his leader is a psychotic maniac, but he had a plan. He hoped it would work.

He had made several fluffy blankets and bean bag chairs, and had stolen some hot chocolate and tacos to make a more homey place as to not freak out Blue. A pain in his soul let him know that Ink wanted him. Error sighed and opened a portal to the pale AU he had made the deal inside, and sat on the same velvet chair, he had been tied to. He waited patiently as the clock ticked back and forth and the cracks of the fire sizzled. This was something he knew Ink had reprogrammed him to do, he would have fled long ago from this place, and waited until death was more bearable than the pain, but he didn’t. Ink made him not do so, even if the maniac wasn’t there to command him.

Ink skipped inside the room, Dream at his heels. Error felt fear surge throughout his body looking at Nightmare’s brother.

“Hello Error. It seems we’re going to have some fun, as Dream seems to be trying to resist my powers, probably because he doesn’t want to watch me punish people who disobey me.” Ink seethed as he grabbed Dream’s shoulder and threw him to the ground. Limp as a noodle Dream laid on the ground and Error felt sweat drip down his skull.

“Stay still Error, this won’t hurt much.” Ink said as he handed Error a cup with the same sweet and bitter drink.

Upon downing the entire thing, Error passed out. Ink giggled and summoned his soul, beginning to make changes to Error’s code. Ink was giggling evilly the whole time he was playing with Error’s soul and code, periodically stopping to massage the soul, fascinated by the texture of the 1/10 glitchy soul. Ink was surprised at the fact Error only had a tenth of a regular soul, just like Geno or Aftertale!Sans. Ink was curious as to why that was and did to research into that, but there was nothing but dead ends.

When Ink was done, he woke up Error. Error rubbed his head and looked at Ink, his eyes hazy and faded. Ink roped himself around Error’s body, his arms wrapped around Error’s neck and his hands caressing the back of Error’s skull.

“W-what happened?” Error asked, swaying lazily as he leaned into Ink’s touches.

“We were going to punish Dream for resisting. You know that resisting me is wrong.” Ink said, booping Error on the nose as he pried himself off of him, much to Error’s dismay.

Ink snapped his fingers and Dream gasped for air as he grabbed the carpet, shaking. Sweat dripped from his skull as he reoriented himself, getting onto his feet with some help from the table close by. He stumbled around for a while when trying to regain his balance. Dream felt his nonexistent heart stop as he saw Error. He stepped back, but fell on his butt as he tried to flee.

“Ink, what is he doing here?” Dream hissed at Error, and Ink giggled. “He’s here to help me. You’ve been naughty Dreamy~. You think that trying to interfere with my punishment is good? Well it’s not.” Ink boomed as he picked Dream up by the shoulders and pressed him against the wall, with the assistance of blue magic. Despite being 3⁄4 of Dream’s height, Ink was much stronger physically and magically, so Dream had no escape.

“What...?” Dream said, breathing heavily, sneaking a glance at Error’s deathly glare.

“I need to break your will, outside of my own influence. As you seem to have a care, for others that gets in the way of my plans for you and others.” Ink explained, smiling his demonic smile.

“Lets us begin~.” Ink said as he dragged Dream away through a portal, to a dark room with a variety of bloody items hanging on the wall. Dream screamed and thrashed against Ink, but to no avail.

Dream was thrown onto the ground, and a magic inhibitor collar was placed on his neck, leaving the guardian of positivity helpless to the creator’s whims and wishes.

“I will ask you a question, and you will answer yes or no. If you answer correctly, you won’t be punished, but if you answer incorrectly, you will be punished until you cannot take it anymore.” Ink explained, waving a remote in Dream’s face.

Dream was trying to comprehend what was happening, and how Error got roped into this. He tried to get up, but he was held down by Error’s strings wrapping around his soul. A surge of pure fire and agony erupted from his soul and pulsed through his bones.

“Are you allowed to interrupt me or question me?” Ink asked Dream, watching Dream squirm and pant.

Dream said nothing, only trying to bear the pain. Ink’s face fell, his expression growing grim, and his hands becoming fists. He bent down and looked Dream in the eyes, and gripped his hand.

“Wrong answer.” Ink said and broke Dream’s hand with one firm squeeze. Dream screamed in response, clutching his hand in pain.

“It seems that you need a lot of work.” Ink said, clicking his teeth. “Error, can you make sure that he g gives me the correct answer?” Ink left the two alone, Dream screaming in pain.

Error threw Dream across the dark void’s floor, his bones were broken and bent in horrendous angles, Error’s eyes were blank, unphased by Dream’s cries and begging for mercy. This continued for hours, maybe even days, but Dream eventually cracked. Ink came in and asked the same question, to which Dream nodded profusely.

“Good. Now, are you to do what I tell you to do?” Ink asked, “No matter what it entails?” Dream hesitated, and Ink walked away, giving Error the same command. But the beating was twice as long, and Dream was barely conscious. Ink came back and asked the same question, Dream forced out his answer.

“Y-yes.” But Ink was unconvinced, “Are you sure? You seem unsure Dream.” And Dream screamed “I’m sure!” And Ink signed. He told Error to leave Dream here and that they would only come back when he was ready to be honest.

As Error woke up from what he felt was a very long nap, sudden flashes of his heinous crimes flooded back to him. The guilt wrapped around his neck and bones, threatening to choke and shatter the fragile bones and soul. Tears poured like a waterfall from his eyes as he wept in the same chair he had fallen asleep in, however long ago it was. What felt like hours passed until Ink came in, a wicked grin oozing pleasure plastered on his face.

“It seems sleeping beauty has woken from his slumber. Did you have a nice nap?” Ink asked, though the question rhetorical as he giggled and snapped his fingers, seemingly forgetting the crying glitch on the chair in front of him.

Dream walked in, scars littering his bones as he walked in, his head hanging low and arms wrapped around his torso. Upon seeing Error he flinched and jumped back ever so slightly.

“Now now Dreamy, you’re not being punished, I’m just showing him our new arrangement.” Ink explained, making Error hyperventilate.

Dream stood at perfect attention and looked at Ink in the eyes.

“You are my master and I live to do your bidding. You are the only one whose opinion matters and I am obsolete, I am very grateful for you taking a chance on a piece of trash like me.” Error had to restrain throwing up at the monotone and matter-of-fact tone Dream had.

“Good boy.” Ink said, stroking Dream’s skull, making the guardian of positivity purr almost like a cat. “You’ll forget the torture, but remember the lesson you were taught. And you shall have a vague comprehension of the consequences of failing.” Ink told Dream. Dream gasped and began to ramble and thank Ink as he grabbed Ink’s shirt and pulled him close to his face.

Ink pushed Dream off of himself and snapped his fingers, causing Dream to collapse in a deep sleep.

“You can leave now. I’ll take it from here.” Ink commanded and Error wasted no time running away from Ink and never looking back, but his soul felt as if would shatter with every step he took away from Dream, whom he tortured at Ink’s command for weeks, maybe even months.

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Killer was carving at his desk when he heard a loud crash in the living room. He got up and looked out his door to investigate, and was startled to see Error collapsed on the floor, crying and screaming. Without thinking he ran down and grabbed a medical kit and the fluffiest plushies he could find. They were basic animals and grey silhouette of humanoid people. Error had made them during his stay in the anti-void and was very attached to them, but they were largely table decorations now.

Killer was soon joined by everyone else, and they all had plushies and med kits as well. Nightmare had the most stuff, on account of his extra limbs, but they all made way for him to check on Error, they knew he could figure it out quicker than they could due to him sensing negative emotions.

Nightmare kneeled in front of Error and lifted up his chin with the tip of his tentacle, their eyes meeting. Error shuddered and looked away, scooting back until he hit a chair. Nightmare tried to get closer, but Error only curled up in a ball and sobbed more. A look of defeat spread across Nightmare’s face and he stood up, returning to his boys and initiating a huddle.

“Whatever, or whoever did this is getting killed right?” Dust asked, and was met with face palms and sighs.

“Yes. Obviously. Now focus on finding their identity.” Killer said, rolling his eyes.

“He won’t respond to Nightmare, he seems scared of him.” Horror relayed, “Maybe he was tormented by something dark? Or Dream?” Horror suggested and was met with some slight head nods and consideration.

“That seems more Ink’s alley, Dream’s far too soft.” Nightmare scoffed, and was met with a few ‘really’ type looks. “What? Ink’s soulless, Dream is kindness incarnate.” And his boys sighed in annoyance.

“I think we should give him the plushies. He’s always liked fluffy and soft things.” Cross suggested, and was met with the disbanding of the huddle and the collections of all the stuffed animals in the mansion. Cross also sent out a text to Fresh, he and Error always got along.

As Error was piled under a mountain of toys, and Fresh sat next to him, he sniffled and dove onto Fresh. That whole scene lasted a few hours, Horror and Nightmare stuck in the kitchen making sugar cookies and hot chocolate, while Cross, Killer, and Dust were snuggling with Error and Fresh, adding more toys to the pile. For a moment, all that mattered was comforting Error, that was all they needed to care about and think about. No missions, no PTSD, no insanity, no responsibilities, just Error and their family. Though it was never spoken, they all wished it could be like this. Just them, and them alone.

They all had lost track of time, but when Error had fallen asleep, they decided to have a large cuddle pile and relax. The same feelings of peace and joy filled their souls and emanated from the large living room. Nightmare slept the best of all, feeling almost no negativity from his boys, but a small glint of despair nagged at him, deep within Error, guilt, horrendous guilt. Though Nightmare couldn’t sense the source, it made him sick, and it made him angry. Angry at someone, an indescribable fury burned within. He would try and ask Error about it tomorrow, it was late.

Nightmare stretched tentacles all around his boys, one draped on each of their shoulders, like a boa. They each, one by one, leaned into them, falling into a blissful dreamland. Where no one could hurt them, and the were all safe.

Upon the new day, Error was in the comfort of the hideout, an old mansion in an empty AU. Long corrupted by Nightmare’s magic, the place was may dark shades of blue and purple. Error thought it was pretty, a nice break from the anti-void. But the darkness of the room where he tortured Dream was still fresh in his mind, now the dark atmosphere and color pallet made him uneasy, and guilty. He just wanted to disappear, he wanted to leave, but he would not be silent. He fought Ink for thousands of years, and he knew that Ink would never give up Nightmare, Cross, and Fresh, he would see them as glorious entertainment. And, they would want him to do whatever it would take for him to stop Ink, once and for all.

Before he left, he gave them his crowning achievement. Dolls of all of them, arranged in a pattern around a picture frame, a gift from Killer, and a picture painted by Cross inside. Every stitch meticulously chosen and weaved seamlessly with the soft cotton fabric. He left it on the mantle, and left the hideout, as if he was never there that day.

In the anti-void, things remained unchanged, and he opened a viewing portal to Underswap. There Blue was making breakfast tacos. They smelled amazing, but as anyone who had even heard of Blue or Papyrus’ famous dishes of choice, smells and looks are deceiving. He waited for Blue to leave the kitchen to appear on the couch, sitting uncomfortably. Blue flinched and assumed an attack stance, about to pounce like an angry cat watching a big fat grey rat.

“What are you doing here villain?!” Blue cried out, summoning an array of bones to protect him, and also aiming at Error. “I want to talk. I need help.” Error confessed, ringing his hands, and looking at Stretch’s door, waiting for a blaze of fury and righteous anger to burst out and dust him.

“What?” Blue said, ceasing all signs of aggression, and giving him a confused look. “We can talk here, but I have a place in the anti-void if that is ok. I’ll feel more comfortable, and I’ll keep a portal open for you to go home whenever.” He begged, tears welling in his eyes.

“Oh dear!” Blue cried out as he ran to Error, sitting next to him. “What do you want to talk about?” Blue asked, his big and blue star eyelights glowing with concern, and suspicion. It impressed Error how Blue managed a balance of the two emotions.

“Can we talk in the anti-void?” Error asked, and Blue eyelights vanished, his voice deep and threatening. “I f y o u k e e p a p o r t a l o p e n n e x t t o m e.” Error was creeped out and nodded his head vigorously. Blue’s cheerful persona returned and he took Error’s hand, which stayed in contact for little to no time at all before Error ripped it away.

“No touching please.” Error asked and Blue agreed. They made their way to the anti-void, Error making a portal to Blue’s room right next to a fluffy bean bag. Blue marvelled at the scene before him, but was repulsed by the web of souls above them, gagging and almost throwing up.

“What do you want to discuss? I’m committing treason by not trying to kill you, you know?” Blue stated, face grim as the words smacked Error in the face.

“Ink hurt me, and Dream.” Error confessed, shaking. “How did he hurt you? How did he hurt Dream?” Blue asked, standing up, a mere step from his AU.

“He threatened to kill Nightmare, Cross, and Fresh if I didn’t let him change my code. He made me hurt Dream, I can’t stand it!” Error screamed, burying his face in his hands as he sobbed. “B-but I had to tell someone, and you always believe in others, you always give people a chance, a-and you’re so close t-to Ink I-” Error stuttered as he broke down.

Blue looked shocked, but he kept his composure. From what he had seen from tapes rescued from destroyed worlds, and heard from survivors, Error was not the emotional type. Often reveling in the suffering and pain of those whom he killed. Seeing him cry from guilt, Blue knew something wasn’t adding up. Blue walked over to Error, avoiding any physical contact, though he did touch him to move his hands and look him in the eyes.

“Tell me exactly what happened. This is serious Err-” Blue said before he was paralyzed by a pain in his soul. He clutched it and fell to the cold floor, blanketed by a thin cotton rug, and he was pulled back by blue magic, uncomfortable amounts of blue magic too.

“Error, sweetie, what did I tell you?” Ink said, standing where the portal to Underswap once was. “Don’t spill anything or I’ll dust Nightmare, Cross, and Fresh.” he threatened, his fist shaking and smile demonic.

Blue realized what was going on quickly, he knew he had to get himself and Error out of here, or who knows what Ink would do to them. Straining against the pain, Blue stood up and walked over to Error, barely making it a few steps. Though the shocked expression he saw on Ink’s face, he saw as he stole a tempting glance, was the highlight of his very short day so far.

Though, as Blue starred at Ink, the man he had pledged his loyalty to, to defend the multiverse with, he saw no such person. A horrible thing that deserved no such loyalty. He turned his head and continued to take small steps towards Error, pushing himself with every breathe, trying to stay conscious despite the pain.

Ink merely laughed at Blue’s attempts and grabbed his shoulder, needing only one step to catch the one-inch taller skeleton. “Do you really want to make me your enemy?” Ink asked, pressing his mouth against Blue’s cheeks. “You feel the pain in your soul, I could make it worse. Error was right, I can make him do anything I want, I need only ask. Choose wisely Blue.” Ink told him, grabbing Blue’s jawline and forcing eye contact, after a few tense and silent seconds, Ink let Blue go, and ceased the pain. “I’ll give you a few moments to think about it.” And Ink left the two alone, and Error broke down into tears.

“It’s ok Error, we’re going to be ok. He won’t hurt you as long as I am here. We’re going to find a way out of this. You can make a portal, right?” Blue asked, but Error shook his head and showed Blue his code. It was a jumbled mess, but it seemed that his ability to make portals, was turned off.

“Ink can do that. Though he can’t sense when and where to I make portals, he can shut off that ability whenever he pleases, regardless of where we are.” Error explained, sighing. They really were trapped here. It was giving Error flashbacks, to a simpler time, to blissful time, but underneath that bliss was a rotten stench, and one that haunted him every day of his life.

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Error was looking at the endless pocket of air above him. It was white, just as the floor, and the walls that seemed to never show, no matter how far you walked. The voices called it the anti-void, Error didn’t understand what that meant, they never said anything about it. They never showed their bodies, they were only voices. Their words were audible, but they were soft, a light buzzing. A mosquito in his ear, never going away. They had described themselves like that, but Error didn’t know what a mosquito was, not anymore.

They talked about a man named Ink, they said he was a bad person and killing the multiverse. Error asked what that meant. He would later see that as a mistake. The voices began to make him hurt, fire and pain exploded in his bones as he tried to beg for mercy. His muddy memories of colors and brother, family and friends, The Underground and surface world, faded away to dust as he screamed in pain. They called him names he didn’t understand, their words were sounds that no longer registered, and the white becoming the only thing he knew and could even comprehend.

One day, the voices stopped and silence rang. His mind was empty, no thoughts, no comprehension, and no ability to process the world around him. He saw the way the white just stayed, and didn’t move. He felt something creep up on him, something new, something he couldn’t comprehend. His eyes became heavier and heavier, until the world became a new color.


It was something opposite of the white, he couldn’t name it. But it was new, he was curious, even if he couldn’t fathom the thoughts and expressions to show that curiosity. The darkness, a word he managed to recall after hours of trying to the best of his limited ability.

When the darkness left, he saw what the voices called souls. They were colors such as green, yellow, blue, cyan, purple, orange, and red. Most of them were red. They also had blue strings, as the voices called them, tied around them. It was to keep them here so he could see them. And that they would get more when he saw the darkness.
Error absentmindedly nodded and loved seeing the darkness, new colors, more souls, he liked the colors, they were pretty.

“Can I come with you?” Error asked the voices one day, handling one of the souls, inspecting it and playing with it, like a toy. Though he did communicate with the voices, he never spoke. All communications were telepathic.

“No no Error. You need to stay here, it’s dangerous where the souls are. We risk a lot for you because we love you and want to protect you.” One of the voices said, they spoke to him often, more so than any others.

Error sighed and closed his eyes, wanting to see the darkness, he wanted more colors. But the darkness never came, he shifted and squirmed as he tried to see the darkness, but it wouldn’t come. This was new, the darkness always came when he wanted it, why wasn’t it coming now?! He made a whining noise and made a poor imitation of crying, no tears fell from his face and he was mostly hyperventilating and squeaking like a mouse or a rat. Eventually, the voices let him see the darkness and it was comforting, he felt safe, as if nothing could hurt him here.

This went on for who knows how long, it got to the point where the once endless white sky was covered by strings and souls and color. He liked his life, as if nothing could ever change, but he was wrong, very, very wrong.

Error had been given something the voices called, a ball. It was different from anything he had seen before, and often ignored the growing number of souls, instead playing with his colorful ball. It had even more colors than the souls and strings. He was told to throw it, meaning let it get away from him, and he was supposed to go get it. He found it an enjoyable game, something he did all the time. He even wanted to see how far he could make it go, and how fast he could get it back.

He often saw the darkness, and along with new souls, he got more toys. He was excited to see what the voices would bring him next. Some days they brought blocks, they were like a ball but didn’t roll and they stacked, as the voices said. Other times strings would make their way to him, but they weren’t like the strings that held up the souls, the voices said they were called jump ropes, and they told him how to hold them. He liked what the voices brought him, but their last gift was the best of all.

They told him it was called sewing. The act of using strings to make things like clothes, toys, and other items. Error was hooked immediately bouncing around like a child on Christmas Day. After a big learning curve, he began to make clothes and plush toys of himself and things the voices talked about. Things like animals and people. After each plush was made, he would ask to go outside and see the things he made plushies of, but his requests were always denied.

He didn’t know how long he was making plushies and clothes, how long he played with his toys, or how long he gazed at the sparkly souls held up by pretty blue strings. But he was happy, life was perfect. But as they say, all good things must come to an end. One day, Error was running around the anti-void, playing with his ball, when he saw a round thing floating in front of him.

Colors swirled around the round portal, the voices called it. They told him that they would let him leave the anti-void, and meet new friends. Someone he could touch and talk with, with his voice. At that notion Error was confused, what voice, he was not a voice, but they laughed and sent him through, a doll of a black squid in his black, yellow, and red hands.

His eyes were as big as saucers, looking around the snowy evergreen forest. He kept asking the voices that everything was, but they never answered him. He didn’t feel their presence, he would later say it was like he could breathe for the first time in his life of being submerged under water. As Error wandered the forest, his distress grew and grew. He shouted for the voices to come back and take him home, he didn’t like it here. But all he made were small squeaks and whines as he curled up next to a tree and hugged the squid plush for warmth. He sniffled as he did his best to cry, but no tears would fall, and he couldn’t use his mouth to cry out for help. He was alone, trapped in his own head.

After hours of crying, a dark shadow leap from tree to tree, circling the crying skeleton. A cold and dark laugh came from the shadow as he stalked the crying child, though adult was his body. A skinny hand rested on Error’s shoulder, and stronger it grew from the distress in his soul.

“My, my, my, what is the destroyer of worlds doing here all alone, and crying like a child?” He asked stroking Error’s skull like he was a porcelain doll he aimed to steal.

“My name is Error? Do you know me?” Error asked, though his words fell in deaf ears, as he never spoke these words.

“Not much of a talker are you?” Nightmare inquired, pulling himself to his feet. “Well, you can come with me, instead of crying like a baby here in the woods and freeze.” He offered and Error tilted his head, not understanding what he meant.

“What do you mean?” Error wanted to ask, but again he was ignored. “Answer me please…” he begged but only a pitiful whine escaped his lips.

Nightmare sighed in annoyance and picked Error up, throwing him over his shoulder like a potato sack. With this swift action, Error dropped his toy, and whined relentlessly as Nightmare was about to walk off.

“What’re you fussing about?” When Nightmare saw that Error dropped his plush, he used a tentacle to pick it up, Error grabbed the plush from the limb, but grabbed the tentacle and started to examine it.

“What the heck?” Nightmare said, jerking the extra limb away, letting it get absorbed by the goo covering his body.

Error continued to whine and fuss like an infant as he hugged Nightmare’s neck and nuzzled him, trying to see the darkness. But the jerking of Nightmare’s body kept the darkness at bay. Much to Error’s annoyance.

They eventually arrived at Nightmare’s hideout, where four skeletons laid on the couch, eating, sleeping, drawing or playing video games. They were all surprised to see the destroyer of worlds get plopped down on a chair, holding a plush, and marveling at the chair. It was like he’d never seen one before. The most disturbing part was when he saw the rest of them. He squealed and fumbled over to them, in awe of them, and his new surroundings.

“I don’t know. It’s like he’s been wiped clean of all memories, heck, even his ability to talk. Whoever did this, I don’t even know what to think.” Nightmare exclaimed, trying to wrap his head around the scene before him.

That was the unanimous reaction was to avoid him, but keep any and all eyes on Error so he didn’t hurt himself. Whatever did this to him was something that had to be stopped, they were the biggest threat the multiverse would ever see.

How wrong they were at the time. For they were already fighting the biggest threat the multiverse would ever face. And unbeknownst to them, their greatest allies had given them an ace in the hole, and a way to understand whom Ink truly was.

Chapter Text

Ink walked out of the anti-void and rested on his small bed in his own private house, one no one had ever stepped foot inside. He hadn’t been in the anti-void in ages, it was fun to see again after so long. Maybe he would go back sometime soon, after he fetched Blue back and punished him Error for treason. Ink chuckled at the fact Error would risk the lives of his friends just to snitch on him, well, Ink did need to punish Fresh, Cross, and Nightmare for Error’s actions. But he would have to think about that, it would need to break Error’s will, and maybe Blue too. Of course he would need to break the three people getting physically tortured, but that was a given. Ink was so giddy, but he would need to rest, this was something, sadly, he could not rush through and get out of the way. If Classic ever found out, he’d be done for.

His mind wandered to his time in the anti-void. The emptiness, the dull white, the blinding white that came from every direction, it was overwhelming. But the worst memory was the walking, he was just walking. He was as glad as he could be it was over, and that he had a bed to sleep on, and that he could actually sleep.

The multiverse was thriving, AUs as far as the eye could see and only the stray genocide run everynow and then, even then, they were swiftly taken care of. The Creators worked diligently, AUs popping into existence every day, stories rich and colors flowing from all directions. Though they owed most of their inspiration to their little helper, Ink. He was small, around three to four feet tall. He was a skeleton with ornate tattoos swirling and resting on his smooth porcelain bones. He managed to cover them up with thin layers of clothes, but a single blot of Ink stained his cheek.

He came to them as they hit writer’s block or gave them the brushes and colors they need. He helped them find their spark of inspiration when it slipped from their grasp, or taking a load off their shoulders as he helped organize their ideas. He was their little helper, a source of joy, and the most trusted person in the multiverse. Their oracle, telling of what their creations were up to and spreading their news and words to the multiverse. All was well, all as good, all was right. But no good things last forever.

Files and art were disappearing, their safe space becoming dust, and Ink was silent. They were freaking out, what they had spent hours, days, weeks, months, even years, all swept away in one coordinated attack. No one knew what was going on, well, one little skeleton did.

He knew what was happening, the multiverse was deteriorating. He was running around, trying to save what he could, but his efforts were in vain. Everything he fought to protect, everything he worked for, all crumbling before him. Starring upon the pieces of his world, his friends’ cries and screams, the AUs getting ripped like tissue paper in a hurricane, the sight was atrocious. For the first time in his existence, he openly wept.

He wept for his creators, he wept for his friends, and wept for the carnage that was playing out before him. Crumbling to his knees, he clutched his head and screamed, drowning out the noise around him. The sobbing and destruction tore through the multiverse ‘till all that remained was a white void. Though the void was a dark and dreary place, this was the opposite, the anti-void. In his mental ruin, Ink felt proud at that name. He looked around the blank world that remained, it as cold and quiet, nothing but him for all eternity. Knowing that there was no other option, Ink chose a direction, and started walking.

And walk he did, for miles and miles, he did not hunger, he did not thirst, he did not tire, and he did not even sleep, for all was meaningless in the anti-void. With no way to tell the time, Ink only walked and walked, until he forgot his name, until he forgot the Creator’s, until he forgot the old multiverse. All he knew was walking, all he knew was blankness, he had forgotten how to feel, he had forgotten everything.

Through the ages, with every step, as each memory faded away, a spark of fire burned in his soul. Getting brighter and brighter with every step he took, every memory he lost, and with every second that passed. It itched and coiled, suffocating him as he walked endlessly. It was driving him mad, the urge to create, the urge to make, the urge to see life. He could not take it one day, and looked at his soul, a white upside down heart with rainbow sparkles decorating its surface. Ignoring the pain, ignoring the tears in his already fragile mind, he buried his fingers inside and ripped the soul to shreds, until nothing was left.

A calm washed over him as a would a shower of cherry blossoms, resting on his skull and shoulders. Warmth pulsed through his bones as the urge to create lessened, he could breathe. However, even as he calmed and breathed his first breaths of tranquility, he felt a gaping hole in his being. Something was missing. Something important. It was nagging him, a horrible little bug that wouldn’t go away.

With no goals, no way, and no options, Ink walked on. But every now and then, a little voice peeped up. It was soft and sweet, though it never stayed for long. But he still walked on, the voice meant nothing to him. It was nothing of value, just a voice. Another voice piped up, gruff and hoarse. Still, it meant nothing to Ink. Over time, more and more different voices appeared, they even got louder and more coherent. He didn’t know who they were, but they seemed to know him. They called him a friend, and they seemed upset when he ignored them.

However, some of the voices talked about things that caused a small twinge of nostalgia within the soulless survivor. Their memories of him, latching onto strings that made up the memories he still had. His name, colors, and creating.

“You saved my AU, you taught me to believe in myself!” One feminine-esc voice told him, and he recalled many times he saved the AUs of legends.

Their room was small, a college dorm he assumed. He popped onto their computer screen, waving an energetic wave. Though the person was startled at first, Ink explained who he was, and why he was here. He guided them and their pencil along the digital paper, creating something. A masterpiece he called it, while the person thought such brilliance could only be average! He threw a tantrum, screaming compliments and going on a 2-hour diatribe about the awesomeness of the person’s creation.

“You got me into creation!” A young masculine voice cried out. And another chain of memories came back to him. But he felt nothing.

A young man was sitting in his room as he fiddled with the stylus. Bored and unenthusiastic. Ink’s little voice came from the tip, asking how they were and why they had a stylus in their hand, but no tablet in sight. He huffed and shrugged his shoulders, to which Ink took as the biggest insult of all time. He asked him a bunch of random questions, to which the guy stuttered and answer with vague and incomplete answers. Then, Ink gave him a tablet and guided his hand, telling him tips and tricks, whispering compliments and inspirational quotes. When the drawing was done, joy was beaming from the man’s face. And he promised to continue drawing.

“Your kind words, and everyone else’s saved my life!” One exclaimed, he couldn’t tell the age nor gender, but their tears as they cried out to him, dripped onto his skull. They were colors. Blue to be exact. As the paint dripped down Ink’s face, nearly getting into his sockets and nose hole, he felt pain. Sadness hit him like a sledgehammer as he collapsed onto the ground, memories back in their full force after what he assumed was days of talking and half-hearted listening.

The voices talked to him, comforting him and saying the words he would say to them once upon a time. As their words fell upon his non-existent ears, yellow paint dripped from the sky, they gave him happiness and joy, something he’d been lacking. He felt their strong embraces as he cried his tears, but as time went on, the paint dried up and his emotions dried up with it.

The voices were distressed at the loss of their dear friend once again. A common notion was shared between them all, even if it went unspoken. As Ink continued to walk, losing himself in his soullessness, they needed to find a way to get more of those colors, more of those paints. Ink, their friend, their inspiration, their hope, their savior, depended on it.

Every ounce of joy, sadness, pain, love, anger, greed, jealousy, and millions more poured into a waterfall. The Creators used what little remained of their power to make a new Doodle Sphere, equipped with the waterfall they had made, every emotion they had and would feel, poured out of the waterfall as emotions for Ink. It was the least they could do for someone who had done so much for them.

When the pulled Ink out and launched him into the waterfall, he was back to normal. They all rejoiced, by Ink didn’t hear them. He wandered and wandered the Doodle Sphere, looking for them. But he didn’t see or hear them. And as a consequence of his soullessness, his memories of his dearest friends suffered, being partially tied to the paints. He would continue searching for them, trying to hear their voices, but it would not be until he was far from the friend that they had known, would he find them again.

In his despair, he dipped his hands into the waterfall, letting the thick watery colors wash over his hands, he had taken off his fingerless gloves so he could relax and actually see his tattoos for the first time in years.

As he lifted his hands, some paint stayed cupped in his hands, and a paintbrush formed from the paint. His eyes sparkled as he waved it around, paint and ink splashing everywhere, making a mess of things. Though he quickly realized it was normal paint and ink, weird objects began to form from the liquid. Buildings and houses, trees, animals, and grass. Things Ink had remembered, but he had longed to see again.

He wondered, he thought, and he hoped he was right. He wanted a small rabbit, something fluffy and small. He twirled his brush around, and where he dropped the paint, was a small and fluffy bunny. Ink gasped and jumped for joy. He could make things with his ink and paint. He could rebuild the multiverse, he wouldn’t have to be alone. He was a god, he could do anything, the curiosity and possibilities were intoxicating.

He sent a tsunami of Ink, drowning the animals, destroying the grass, and demolishing buildings. He jumped into the waterfall’s large pool and tried to remember everything about the original multiverse, and after some time, he swam up and gasped for air. He began to create, making sketchbooks and figuring out how to open portals. He finally managed to get into the original universe, he got a lot of items he used to make his new world.

He began to make AUs, Underswap, Underfell, Swapfell, Reapertale, Dreamtale, and some other basic AUs. But he began to get tired of the same old stories, he began to wonder what he could do to make things interesting. What if Nightmare ate the dark apples? He thought long and hard about it, and the more he did, the more excited he became. Ink was thrilled, and when he remembered the bad endings to the classic Undertale universe, the future looked entertaining and exciting.

Chapter Text

The hideout was in a panic, they had no idea where Error had gone. They had scoured every inch of the mansion, discovering new places along the way. Though Nightmare was going into the dungeon, he had forbidden anyone from going inside, and since he had the only key and was the only one allowed through the anti-teleporting magic. Nightmare teleported in and took a deep breath before going inside.

The dungeon was quiet, cold and dark. It took Nightmare a while for his eye to adjust to the dark, but even then, he couldn’t see very well. Water dripped from exposed pipes, hitting Nightmare on the head over and over and over, the rhythmic pattern growing louder and louder as the water dripped and dropped. His pace grew quicker and quicker as he pounded through the musty dungeon.

It was moments like these Nightmare remembered why he hated the dungeon. The long hallways, shotty lighting, and filthy cells. He had once tried to clean them, but when he scraped a weird brown spot off the floor, the putrid smell drove him away and kept him out for years. Including this time, this was his fourth time in the dungeon. And since Error was missing, he knew he had to persevere through the disgusting dungeon.

His thoughts began to wander to his third time in the dungeon. It was after he had found Error in that Snowdin’s forest, it was like having a large energetic puppy crossed with a toddler. Though the most concerning part was how quiet he was, like a ninja.

One day, after Killer had tried to teach him how to talk, getting only a few babbles in response, Error had vanished without a trace. The mansion was in complete and total anarchy, and Nightmare decided, just because the door was unlocked, to check the dungeon.

Nightmare took a few steps and heard rounds of babble and banging sounds. He was right. Nightmare ran to the end of the dungeon, a place he had never been before, and what he saw was one of the first times his parental instincts kicked into high gear. Error was sitting barely an inch from the wall, criss cross applesauce and had a rusty knife in his hand, the blade against this palm. Many bloody and dust covered weapons resting on the wall behind him.

Nightmare screamed and grabbed the weapon, pulling Error away from the wall. He held him close, breathing heavily as they sat there for a few minutes, Error confused and fussing while Nightmare’s adrenaline died down.

“Are you ok?” Nightmare asked, inspecting Error for any injuries. Luckily there were none, but he was still worried.

“Nnnnnn...” Error said as he pulled away, trying to grab the knife from Nightmare’s hand.

“No no Error.” Nightmare said as he put the knife in a tentacle and then implanted the knife in the wall. He grabbed Error’s hand and began to take him back upstairs.

The fussing and fit throwing was insane, Nightmare would later see he had actually gotten bruises from Error’s fit. The two got up the stairs and the rest of the gang calmed down when they saw Error. When their little one, Error’s nickname, was far away from the door, Nightmare blocked it and locked the door, only having one key, and put it around his neck.

After that day, Nightmare began to wonder who this castle belonged to, and why they had a dungeon with torture equipment, littered with blood and dust. It made him feel uneasy, knowing that someone or someones were tortured to their deaths in this place. And the thought that the person who used to own this place may still be out there, was often a nightmare of his when he was alone.

Nightmare’s heart sank as he reached the weapons wall, the knife still embedded deep within it. He began to hurt as he stared closely at the weapons, he flinched as he saw the dust had the smallest golden tint, and other weapons had dust with a purple tint. Nightmare ran out of the dungeon as fast as he could, a nagging pain drawing tears from his eyes.

Killer was looking around the large valleys of purple and blue flowers, stopping to admire the occasional white or black lily. Horror and Dust were also in awe at the dark sky and pretty little diamonds that twinkled as the orange sun rose and painted the dark sky with colors. Cross and Fresh joined them, but with no sign of their little one, an outdated nickname used every now and then, they all decided to go back and see if Nightmare had any luck.

“Any luck?” Killer asked, and Cross shook his head. “No, we couldn’t find him.” Fresh nodded and sighed, “What ‘bout you broskis? Ya found ‘im?” Fresh’s glasses that read YOLO changed to PLS, and when he receives a negative answer, they changed to AWMAN. Dust was the first to speak up, “Nightmare’ll find ‘im. He always does.” And they all nodded in agreement. “Maybe we can make a cake, or maybe some ice cream, or how about-” But he was slapped on the back by Killer. “Calm down food boy, we’ll talk about dessert once we’ve had lunch.” Horror grumbled and the rest of the walk home was just jabs at Horror’s infinite stomach.

When the boys got into the castle, they saw Nightmare on the couch, shaking and hyperventilating. They ran up to him and tried to ask him what was wrong, but Nightmare was silent, rubbing his head and groaning in pain. Cross and Fresh went to comfort him and asked the remaining three boys to get some ice packs and pain medicine. Fresh told them to get a specific brand that they had, as he found it worked the best for dizzy spells, Cross agreed, who also suffered from dizzy spells.

Killer, Dust and Horror nodded and each went off in a different direction, leaving Nightmare, Cross, and Fresh all alone together.

“You ok...” Cross asked, slurring his words as he began to sway back and forth, he placed his hand on the arm of the couch as he got dizzier and dizzier, the world getting fuzzy. Fresh ended up passing out, followed by Nightmare placing a hand on his shoulder, seemingly unaware of what was going on around him. Cross saw a blur of color, a rainbow speed past him. His eyes widened before he felt a finger on his mouth.

“Shhhhhhh...” A demonic smile spread across his face as Ink saw the lights blink out from Cross’s eyes. Ink snapped his fingers and Nightmare got up, picked up Fresh, and walked into a portal, followed by Cross. The portal closed with a blimp, Ink giggles as he looked around the castle. He took a deep breath, and walked to the large iron door guarding the dungeon.

He teleported into the dungeon, he thought it was cute Nightmare out an anti-teleporter as if it would keep him out, a wave of nostalgia filling him up with a form of joy he rarely felt. The putrid smell still lingered, he would need to get someone to clean it up. Though Ink took a quick sip from his happy paint vial and looked at the array of weapons, covered in dust and blood.

Originally horrified at his trusty bone-carving knife stuck in the wall, he was glad that he had found it. All it took was a simple tug and the knife slid right out. He balanced it in his hand, and it was still as perfect as usual, though a bit rusty. Ink was snapped out of his nostalgic fantasy when he heard a loud thud and a very big swear.

Though is scarf got caught on a rouge nail, he jerked it off, causing a small piece to come off, thinking nothing of it, Ink jumped through the portal. It lead to the AU where he has his little toys. He looked at Nightmare, stroked his face, and pulled out his arm. Nightmare’s arm stayed parallel to the floor, and Ink pressed his knife into Nightmare’s radial bone. Nightmare flinched, and Ink glared at him. Ink pressed further into the bone, mimicking the tattoos that Ink has on his bones.

Purple tinted dust fell to the floor as Ink continued to carve on Nightmare’s arm. Giggling all the way. Though Ink stopped when he realized he had carved about half an inch into the bone. He waved a hand over his masterpiece and the wounds vanished, as if they were never there.


“Dream! Get down here!” Ink called, tapping his foot impatiently. Dream came down, his arms having jagged and crooked scars on them.

“What do you want?” Dream asked, looking Ink in the eyes. Ink was making sure he wouldn’t see Nightmare, by blocking his line of view.

“I want you to follow me. I have something to show you.” Ink said, his voice calm and grave. But on the inside Ink was giddy and excited for what he was about to do, it was something amazing, something permanent.

Chapter Text

Dream followed Ink carefully, not objecting, but curious. Ink stopped in the middle of the large ornate room Dream had sometimes been in. For no reason, it put Dream off, he felt uncomfortable, he felt afraid. Ink was sitting on a velvet chair, legs crossed, and smile wide. Dream felt happiness coming off of Ink, but it was a sadistic happiness, a bad type of happiness.

“Sit, Dreamy~.” Ink commanded, patting his lap expectantly. Dream was taken aback, but he did as Ink asked.

Ink ran his hands over Dream’s delicate figure, grabbing Dream’s arms, pulling and jerking them, wrapping them around his shoulders, pulling Dream closer and closer. Dream tried to struggle, but found himself paralyzed. Fear was taking control of the small guardian. Ink placed his hands on the back of Dream’s skull and forced Dream into a passionate kiss. It was a kiss filled with poison and insincerity, Dream was repulsed. He tried to pull away, but he was stuck to Ink.

It was only after a minute or so Ink let Dream go. “You liked that, right?” Ink asked, and Dream hesitantly nodded, but he was too shocked to see Ink grab his ribs through his shirt and squeeze, “Right?” Ink asked again, rage boiling just underneath his words. “You will, just let me see your soul.” Ink commanded.

Dream gasped and pulled his arms off of Ink, causing the skeleton’s eyes to become red. Dream tried to get off of Ink’s lap, but was locked in place by a magical chain wrapped around his neck that wasn’t there before, the other end in Ink’s hand.

“Show. Me. Your. Soul.” Ink demanded, yanking Dream closer than he already was.

Dream obliged, scared out of his mind. The golden apple illuminated the room, emanating warmth and joy. Ink looked at the soul, a lustful glow in his eyes. He threw Dream off of his lap, keeping the chain in one hand, and the soul in his other. He rubbed his hands over the soul, pressing his fingers onto it. He looked over at Dream, he was writhing in pain, giving Ink a pitiful cry for mercy. Ink giggled and lifted the soul up to his mouth, and took a large bite.

Ink moaned and loosened up as he looked at Dream as he shivered and cried. With his eyes on Dream, Ink took another bite, and the scream Dream emitted was cute, in Ink’s opinion. That continued until the soul was nothing but an apple core, covered in rainbow saliva. Dream’s eyelights were grey, void of anything. It reminded Ink of when he looked in the mirror when he had let his vials run out. For his final touch, Ink sent a surge of energy through the hand holding the apple, giving it a rainbow sheen.

Ink gave Dream his soul back, and Dream’s eye barely gained any light. “Ink, what did you do to me?” Dream asked, and Ink picked up Dream bridal style. “I made you like me. A person without emotions, no care for others, and the ability to control others.” Ink explained, and Dream merely nodded absentmindedly.

“How do you feel?” Ink asked, his face blank.

“Empty.” Dream said, exhaling softly.

“You’ll feel full soon. You just need to try out your new powers.” Ink told him, resting him on the couch.

“I’ll get your first test subject.” Ink said, leaving Dream alone, empty and swaying.

Ink returned with Nightmare. Nightmare’s steps were sloppy and uncoordinated, as if he were drunk. His eye was blank, posture crooked, and face void of all life and sentience.

“What is my brother doing here?” Dream asked, no concern, care, guilt, or love in his voice.

“So you can practice of course!” Ink said, beaming with curiosity.

“Oh. How do I do it?” Dream asked Ink, and the creator was happy to give a demonstration, and a dusty one at that.

The world was fuzzy, Nightmare’s grip on reality was slipping. He couldn't really see, hear, smell, touch, or taste, he just was. Floating on nothing in the infinite reaches of his mind. Though, after a while, a whisper came to be. It was small, but he gravitated to it. A light followed the whisper, and it made him relax, he wanted the light. It seemed to come closer, making Nightmare’s world fuzzier.

Ink lifted Nightmare off the floor, Nightmare’s arms covered in dust and stick thin. His legs were in no better condition, barely able to hold up Nightmare’s weight. Dream had Ink’s rusty knife in his hand, purple dust staining his clothes and face. Dream also had a small smirk on his face.

“What are you doing?” Dream asked Ink, and the god snickered. “You’ll see.” And Ink pressed his mouth to Nightmare’s, and the guardian’s eye sparked to life. Dream looked at Ink with confusion, what was he doing?

When Ink pulled himself away from Nightmare, he gasped for air. “I-Ink? Where am I?” Nightmare said as he fell onto the ground.

“You’re with Dream and I. And you know what we are to you?” Ink asked, placing his hand on Nightmare’s head, stroking him as if he were a cat.

“My masters.” Nightmare said, purring as if he were pet.

“See Dream? You can even make them think a certain way without directly controlling them. It’s very useful when you don’t want them waiting around for a command.” Ink explained, smiling.

“I generally like to do such things with a kiss, though if you find a method you like more, that’ll be good as well.” Ink continued.

“You kissed my before making me like you. How did you change me?” Dream asked, and Ink replied with a calming tone.

“I did that so you wouldn’t kill me, or do anything else that could jeopardize what we’re doing.” Dream nodded with understanding and saw Ink gesturing for Dream to give a command to Nightmare.

“Come here Nightmare.” Dream told his brother, and Nightmare did so, his hands hanging in front of his chest, legs shaking, struggling to support him.

When Nightmare stood in front of Dream, the smirk Dream had on his face became softer, replaced by a more genuine smile. He placed his hand to Nightmare’s face, and shed a tear.

“Can we uncorrupt him?” Dream asked, and Ink nodded,

“We can do anything we want.” Was the simple reply he received.

That day, Dream had his brother back. And he cared not how he had achieved such a day. Dream, with the help of Ink, managed to show Nightmare the multiverse, meeting all his friends and making memories.

“I really hope you like Red. He may be mean on the outside, but he is really sweet when you get to know him!” Dream exclaimed, gripping Nightmare’s hand like his one and only lifeline.

“If that’s what you say Mas-Dre-Brother.” Nightmare responded, smiling with contentment.

Dream knocked on the door and Red walked out, when he saw Nightmare, he was about to attack. Dream snapped his fingers, Red’s eyes shrunk, becoming pinpricks, all attacks disappearing. Dream and his brother were let into the house without hesitation.

“So, what brings you and your brother here?” Red asked, a dull tone to his words, but unnoticeable when unaware of why it’s there.

“Is it wrong wanting to visit a friend?” Dream responded, and Nightmare snickered.

“Guess not. I’ll see if Paps wants to cook.” Red offered, but he and Dream soon burst into laughter.

“I am not interested in a visit from Reaper, Red” Dream stated, as he rested a hand on Nightmare’s shoulder, needing the support from laughing so hard.

“Me neither. How ‘bout we go to Grillby’s?” Red offered, serious this time. Dream nodded his head and grabbed Nightmare’s hand, leading him out of the house like he was a dog on a leash.

Red walked in to the usual fanfare and welcoming of the Underfell residents, though things got weird when they asked who his guests were. After several minutes of stuttering, Dream got annoyed at the interruption and with another snap of his fingers, shut the bat up.

“Let’s get a booth!” Dream announced and lead the other two to a table, where they placed their orders, Dream and Nightmare getting chocolate milkshakes while Red ordered a burger, fries, and mustard.

Edge soon stormed in, furious Red had not reported to his post. He screamed and shouted, threatening to dust Red if he ever skipped without reporting to him at least. Dream was angry at the interruption, he remembered what it felt like to be angry, and he hated it. Dream got up from the booth and walked over to Edge. The taller skeleton began to cackle at the short little guy standing in front of him.

“And what are you doing here sweetie? Get out of my way before I make you.” Edge threatened, and Dream scoffed.

“It’s you who should be getting out of my way.” Dream said as he threw Edge out the window. Dream then walked out the door and placed his foot on Edge’s breastplate, fury boiling within him.

“What are you?!” Edge cried as he had Dream’s hand wrapped around his mouth.

“Your master.” And with that Edge went limp and got up, going home to sit on the couch until they were done.

Dream returned to the booth, sitting down as if nothing had happened. When he was given weird looks by everyone, except Nightmare, Dream sighed. Dream then snapped his fingers and everyone got rigid and stiff. Dream’s voice echoed through the bar.

“You will not question me.” And everyone relaxed.

The rest of the day went smoothly, no one questioned Dream when he snapped his fingers and people did things out of the ordinary, or when he snapped and hurt people getting in his way. By the end of the day, Dream was content with what he had done, and the day he had spent with his brother.

Though, when he and Nightmare got back, Ink said it was time for business. Fun time was over, and Error needed punishment.

Chapter Text

Killer, Horror, and Dust were pissed. They had lost Error, then Nightmare, Fresh, and Cross, and now they all knew they were screwed.

“How long ‘till we go crazy and kill each other?” Dust asked his brothers. Twiddling his knife in the air.

“I’d give it a week or two.” Horror replied, sharpening his ax.

Killer sighed, got up from the couch, and went up to Nightmare’s office. It was a dark small room with a hammock up in the top corner. Taking up a majority of the room, was a large desk. Papers piled up as far as Killer could see, and the computer had a personal fan due to overuse and overheating. It was technically Nightmare’s room, but he basically only sleeps when the coffee ran out.

Inspecting the trash can, Killer found coffee liners, tissues, and old drafts of paperwork. Killer chuckled and almost got up to turn off the light, which Nightmare always forgot to turn off from sleep deprivation, ignoring the fact he could go three to four days before needing a single cup of coffee, but Killer saw a piece of paper with Dream’s name on it. Curious, Killer picked it up, and was shocked.

Dungeon, weapons, used, blood, rust, dust, yellow, purple, Dream, Me?

And because Nightmare always dated his notes, even ones he’d made in a panicked frenzy, Killer saw that it was written on the day Error went missing after they’d found him. Killer decided that he should go to the dungeon, something was definitely down there. And he had a sinking feeling that whatever was down there, was dangerous. But if his family was in danger, he was going.

“I’m going to the dungeon.” Killer announced when he got back to the living room.

“Why? You know that Nightmare wouldn’t let us go down there at all. And if we had a pretty damn good reason to, he’d go down and we’d stay up here.” Dust asked, eyeing Killer.

“I think I have a pretty damn good reason. Take a look.” Killer said as he placed the paper in Dust’s hand, Horror peeked over Dust’s shoulder and his red eyelight grew small.

“What…?” Horror whispered, looking at the paper in disbelief.

“We’re going down with you.” Dust said, standing up, Horror stood up as well.

Killer nodded and the trio made their way to the blocked off dungeon door, and they all tried to push the blockage out of the way, but to no success.

“Damn that stupid anti-teleporter magic.” Dust growled as he tried to knock down the door.

That was when a lightbulb went off in Dust’s skull. “Stand back.”

The two skeletons did so immediately and watched as Dust, with a crude and vulgar battle cry, blew the door to bits. The explosion could be heard from all over the mansion, and they were sure they heard glass shatter.

“That’ll do.” Horror commented and the three skeletons ventured into the dungeon for the first time.

They all hated it right away, the smell, the lack of light, the water dripping. It was horrible. What freaked them out the most was the chains in the cells, they had scratch marks and were in very bad condition, a condition time could not give. A mutual understanding of why Nightmare didn’t let them down here was had, but a dread and curiosity of who was down here and who used to live here was as well.

As the trio descended further and further down into the dungeon they became tense and agitated, dreading the end of the journey. And what they saw was sickening, even for them. It was a wall of very used, bloody, and dusty weapons. The wall was barely visible due to the amount of weapons, and right where the weapons wall and the right wall over meet, is a knife hole, smooth and precise.

“What is this…?” Dust asked, covering his mouth.

“Something I’m glad Nightmare never showed us. Sure, we may not be better, but the variety of tools, the wear and tear, and the blood and dust. It’s more extreme than anything. I’ve ever seen.” Killer said as he ran his fingers over the weapons,

Some were basic knives, such as steak knives, butcher knives, and meat cleavers. While others were medieval weaponry, such as swords, maces, and flails. The worst one was an amalgamation of a bear trap and a cookie-cutter shark’s mouth, being able to grab onto something with spikes and turn in 360 directions.

Horror was standing back and analyzing the rest of the dungeon while Killer and Dust discussed the weapons. He saw something interesting, and alarming very quickly. It was a tan piece of fabric caught on a nail, it seemed to have some writing on it.


Horror’s eyes went dark as he ripped the fabric off and rubbed it between his fingers. Hate and anger burning in his soul as he looked at it.

“I know who took them.” Horror said gravely.

“How do you know they were taken?” Killer asked, crossing his arms and voice grave.

“Who?” Dust demanded, drawing his weapon and eyes bloodthirsty.

“Ink.” Horror said as he held up the piece of Ink’s scarf and handing it to the other two.

The three of them went upstairs and began to think of a way to rescue them from whatever Ink had and was doing to them.

“I think we should kidnap Blue. He’s so sweet and cute, everybody loves him. The perfect example of why no one should mess with us. And a good bargaining chip, Blue is beloved by all.” Dust said, shaking, and his left eye glowed a bright and deep purple.

“Yeah, sounds good.” Killer agreed, and Horror nodded his head in agreement.

“I think a week and a half before we send out the ransom make him all beaten and broken when we send them the video.” Dust thought aloud as he threw a knife at the target that they had hung up in their training room.

“Maybe a bit less, but we can rough him up more. I’d say three days, maybe four if we kidnap him today.” Killer suggested, he was sharpening one of his many daggers.

“I can drug him with tacos. He’s a sucker for tacos.” Horror told them and evil grins spread across their faces.

They took the rest of the day to prepare their weapons, make the tacos, and get the room they’d be keeping him in ready. Their plan was ready, all they had to do was to invite their guest of honor over for a playdate.

But when they got to Underswap, Ink was there, and Stretch was mad. Seething with anger as he stood in the doorway, shaking and screaming at Ink. The Dark Sanses were perplexed by this, Stretch was never one to have a temper. Though when his brother was involved, it was a whole different story. They stuck to the shadows as they watched the scene unfold before them. Whatever Ink had said, wasn’t very good.

Inching closer, they heard what was being said, and it was confusing.

“What do you mean they’ve kidnapped him?!” Stretch yelled as he shot a gaster blaster up at the roof of the cave.

“I’m sorry, I received a ransom note about it a few hours ago, I have no idea how this happened! I’m so sorry...” Ink said as he tried to calm the raging skeleton down to little success.

“I’m going to make those Dark Sanses pay. And pay with everything they are.” Stretch announced and slammed the door before more screams and attacks could be heard from inside.

The Dark Sanses looked at each other for a moment. They hadn’t kidnapped Blue yet, so if they didn’t who did?

Chapter Text

As Error sat on the anti-void floor, unresponsive and limp on his back, Blue was trying to figure a way out of there. Screaming, throwing things, trying his NTT phone, but nothing worked. Despite Error losing all hope, Blue wouldn’t give up. Papy, Alphys, the Queen, Red, everyone was counting on him making it out alive. He and Error were the only ones who knew about Ink, and two was far from every being acceptable.

“Error, you know it would be nice if you could actually help me try to get us out?” Blue asked, scowling at Error. Though his frown softened after a while. Blue laid down next to Error, his face meeting Error’s. “I’ll get us out. You got out, so that means we can get out too.” Blue’s smile was bright and cheerful, radiating warmth.

“We can’t get out. You have to be let out by the voices Blue.” Error explained. Sighing in defeat as he continued to stare, not even turning head to acknowledge his companion.

“What? Well, who lets us out?” Blue asked, turning Error onto his side so they can actually see each other’s faces.

“The voices. And I haven’t heard them, so we’re gonna have to wait. Or Ink’ll let us out, but I doubt that.” Error continued, turning back over onto his back.

“Well, those voices better have a good reason for being silent. Or I’ll give ‘em a piece of my mind.” Blue announced, sitting up and shaking his fist at the anti-void’s unseeable sky.

“Don’t be mean to them. They make you hurt, and would you be mean to Ink?” Error asked, looking at Blue with fear in his eyes.

“Well I- Wait! Why would you ask my if I would be mean to Ink?” Blue asked, confused and very worried about Error’s mental wellbeing.

“They say they’re like Ink, not all, but some say they are.” Error replied and Blue gasped, covering his mouth as his eyelights shrunk.

“H-how are they like Ink?” Blue asked, dreading the answer.

“They make you hurt, somehow. A pain in your soul that makes it hard to move.” Error explained, and Blue nodded his head, he was still sore from Ink’s torture himself.

The two sat in silence for a while, not sure how to continue the conversation after that. But luckily, they had a little conversation starter ready for them.

“We are so sorry we haven’t been able to talk to you guys. Ink’s been busy and we need to keep an eye on him!” A small voice said, it sounded young, very young.

“Shut up! We just need to tell ‘em when we’re letting them out and then we’ll be able to help them stop Ink once and for all.” A deeper voice yelled, more masculine than the first.

“Can we please stop arguing?! The others trusted us three to talk to Error and Blue and we can’t just chit chat! What if we miss something? What of the others start causing trouble? Without US?!” A very feminine voice exasperated and the two others shut right up.

“Umm, hi? Who are you guys?” Blue asked, not sure where they were. Their voices seemed to come from everywhere, but had no clear source.

“We’re the voices! The first creators!” They all said in unison.

“The first creators?” Blue asked.

“We created the AUs, but Ink brought them into the multiverse. And no, your AUs creator isn’t here Blue. And Error’s isn’t either. None of us have actually made AUs, not since Ink began to control and manipulate them.” The younger one said, a melancholy tone in their voice.

“Oh. So why are you here? When are you letting us out? And how many of you are there?” Blue asked, and Error paid no mind to Blue, just waiting.

“To tell you when you’re getting out. In a few days, Blue needs to get a little glitchy first so he can actually have a resistance to Ink’s mind control powers, and there are too many of us to count.” The feminine one said.

“I see.” Blue said, humming as he sat down criss cross applesauce on the ground and thought.

“Why did you torture Error?” Blue asked. A sharpened bone in his hand.

“WE didn’t. We’re some of the better ones, that don’t encourage or idolize Ink’s behavior.” The masculine one spat, clearly offended.

“Some of you, what?” Blue asked, surprised.

“Not all of us are good. Heck, you can’t exactly call us good people and we’re trying to help you and return the multiverse to its natural state. Or as close as it can get.” The feminine one said, though trailing off into a whisper, so Blue didn’t hear the last part.

“Sorry. Anyway, thanks for the information. Let us know if anything comes up. You can leave now.” Blue said as he looked around with an irritated glare in his eye.

“Fine. We’ll go, and we’ll let you out as soon as we can, if we aren’t stopped by any evil voices.” The younger one said as the anti-void got deathly quiet.

“You did good Blue. Normally I’d be tortured for that attitude.” Error said, giving his first smile since Ink had left.

“Well thank you Error.” Blue said as he laid on his back, before promptly getting up and launching his attacks and a random point.

“If we’re going to be stuck here for a few days, we might as well practice so we’re in tip top shape when we have to fight Ink and anyone...else...he brings along.” Blue said, a chipper voice soon fading as a realization hit him like a ton of bricks.

“I’m going to have to fight my friends...Ink’s going to make us fight. What if I have to kill them?! What will I do?!” Blue cried as he sank to his knees on the floor, sobbing.

Error was silent, he had no idea, and frankly, as long as they were stuck here, they had no real reason to exist. Time moves differently, so he had no idea how long the other’s would have to wait for them. And though Error showed no emotion, he was scared, really scared.

There, they sat, there they cried, there they stared into nothing. It was only until Blue began to gasp and struggle to breathe that Error got up. He ran to Blue’s side to help him, he knew what was happening. Blue was becoming a glitch. Error remembered when he began to cough and wheeze, it was hell. Error was helping Blue with breathing exercises the gang had taught him and helped him sleep when he was breathing properly once again. It was imperative Blue slept as much as possible, he’d need energy for what was coming next.

Error laid Blue on the fluffiest rug and watched him vigilantly. When Blue woke up, he would probably begin the next stage, the actual glitching. Error knew it was painful and it was hard to focus, like everything was happening at once and nothing was happening at all.

He knew it was time when Blue began to stir, shifting and groaning, clearly uncomfortable. With a scream Blue sat up and began to shake, gripping his clothes and making small tears. It was hard to look at, but Blue needed supervision. Though moved quicker than with Error’s glitching, so things might be different. And maybe not a good different

After a while of just rocking back and forth, Blue’s eyes snapped open. There were 1s and 0s flying over his eye lights, in an array of patterns. This was also the time when Blue’s body began to react it the glitching, erratic movements and jerking around, and parts of his body becoming static. It looked painful, and Error knew it was.

When Blue began to mumble, Error was sitting next to him, holding his hand. Error remembered craving physical contact when he began to mumble, and he knew Blue was wanting it too. Error also guessed it’ll help him stay grounded in reality, as he knew that Blue was probably blind at the time. Another side effect of glitching.

There they sat, waiting for Blue to stop glitching and relax. When Blue began to cry, he hugged Error, clutching him like a lifeline. To which Error thought, that right now, he must feel like. Sometimes Blue would string together bits of sentences, other times he would just blurt out words, but most of the time he just mumbled nonsense.

When the voices returned, Blue leaned into Error, cowering in fear. Error wrapped an arm around Blue, despite his reservations to touching people he didn’t know or trust, Blue’s glitchy body felt good and relaxing to touch. And Blue seemed to share the same testimate about Error, as the glitching slowed to a stop soon after. A sigh of immense calm and trust, the voices had told him long ago.

“We’re going to let you out!” The young one said, and Error silently screamed with joy.

“What?” Blue asked looking around, his eyes still glitching with 1s and 0s, he was still blind.

“As soon as Blue can see again, you are going to instantly teleport to the hideout. No matter what situation your in.” The feminine one clarified and Blue sighed in relief and disappointment.

“At least...I’ll able...defend...myself.” Blue said, his voice echoing, as if multiple Blue’s were talking at once.

It was only then Error decided to ask an important question. “Can I take your gloves off?”

“Yes...” Blue said and Error slowly slipped them off. His suspicions were correct.

Blue’s hand was black, the color faded away as it reached up to his elbow. Error sighed and slipped the glove back on, before checking the other hand. And they were the same, both turning black, like his own bones.

“Is...ok?” Blue asked, getting nervous.

“Yes. It’s fine. I just wanted to check to see if your bones were getting darker like mine.” Error explained, smiling.

“Oh. Are...they?” Blue asked, running his hands against each other.

“A little bit. You’ll see when we get to the hideout.” Error told Blue, and the little skeleton finally drifted to sleep.

“What do you have to say?” Error demanded of the voices, scowling and growing.

“Ink will be here tomorrow. We can warn you when he’s about to come, but if Blue doesn’t regain his eyesight by then, well, I’d rather not think about it.” The masculine one finally pipped up.

“Alright. Thanks.” Error said, stroking Blue’s skull, making Blue relax with every touch.

With that the voices were gone. And Error dozed off to sleep as well, Blue in his arms.

Chapter Text

Ink was ready, he had his number two ready to help him, and he had his toys ready to play with. Before he opened a portal to the anti-void, he walked up behind Dream and hugged him, placing his hands in and around Dream’s soft ribs.

“Can I have a kiss~?” Ink asked, his eyes a pale pink.

“Why?” Dream asked, smirking and turning around to place his hands on Ink’s skull, rubbing it tenderly.

“So we can get you into the right mindset. I’m soulless so I can’t truly be guilty, but you still have a soul, however deformed it may be, you can still feel genuine emotions. And we don’t need you feeling any guilt about what we’re about to do.” Ink explained, but continued. “But it can also be fun~.” Ink added, winking.

“Sure Inky~.” Dream said, tackling the guardian.

The two guardians kissed, a soft moan escaping from either one of them every now and then. Ink soon grabbed Dream’s shoulders and pulled him closer, then flipping. With Ink now on top, he summoned the chain he’d used on Dream when he’d first kissed him. And he tugged it, bringing Dream’s skull upward, and then he forcing the skull back to the floor with a prompt and deep kiss.

They continued to flip and kiss for about 15 minutes before they both needed a break. Both thoroughly happy, and satisfied, they opened the portal to the anti-void, ready to begin the punishment. Though as both skeletons got up from the floor, a strong blush was spread across both faces. Ink’s face was a rainbow and Dream’s face was a bright yellow.

Dream grabbed Ink’s arm, leaning his body against Ink’s and leaving his head on top of the god’s head. When they entered the anti-void, they saw Error holding Blue like a sleeping child. Dream squealed just a bit at the scene, he found it so cute. Ink chuckled at Dream and shook the guardian of his arm before walking up to the cute pair on the anti-void floor.

“Glitchy~, wake up. It’s time for your punishment.” Ink whispered. Error perked up and pushed Ink away, gripping the sleeping Blue tighter.

“What do you want?!” He cried out, covering place Blue’s ears would be if he actually had them.

“We’re going to punish you for trying to tell Blue about my powers.” Ink said, booping Error on the nose.

“We…?” Error repeated, and upon seeing Dream, he felt his metaphorical heart stop.

“I'll be needing assistance when it comes to dealing with your guest.” Ink said, looking at Dream with a longing look. “And thanks to you Error, credit where credit is due.” Ink added on, giggling as he poked Blue in the skull.

When Blue’s glitchy eyes opened up, he looked up, in no particular direction. “Error…? We...out?” Blue asked, his voice still echoing. Blue grabbed Error’s clothes, beginning to shake and tremble.

“Hi Blue! Did you miss me?” Ink asked, and Blue stopped breathing.

Error panicked and began to run Blue’s back, whispering a soft song. But Blue was still frozen solid, like a block of ice, and just as cold. Error had often been told this was a sign of an upcoming REBOOT. Though Error never stopped breathing before, and he often went limp or isolated himself.

Glitching and static covered Blue’s body as his eyes became covered by the glitching of his body. He was in the middle of asking a question, or screaming, Error wasn’t sure, but he was stuck on the ‘ah’ sound for the time being as he had something akin to a seizure. Error and Ink were stunned, Error usually went limp when he was close to or REBOOTing. What was going on? Error quickly moved Blue off of him and gave him some space. Ink also backed up, though he was more curious.

When Blue finally stopped, a REBOOT progress bar appeared over his head and began to fill up, a percentage showing how far along he was.

“This is new. Dream get over her and take him.” Ink called out, and Dream walked over and picked up Blue by the shoulders and threw him over his back like a sack of potatoes.

“NO!” Error screamed but Ink blocked his path and grabbed his hands, which had already been tangled with his strings, signalling he was ready for a fight.

Ink threw Error onto the ground and placed a foot on his chest, pressing down and breaking a rib effortlessly. Ink then let Error’s hands go and untangled the strings, letting the soft material rub against his boney hands. He giggled and began to pull them, and pull hard.

Error cried out in pain as Ink pulled on them, forcing Error’s eyes to make more, and it hurt, “STOP! PLEASE!” Error begged, trying to grab the strings and keep Ink from pulling more.

“Fine.” Ink said as he ripped the strings clean off Error’s eyes. Then Ink looked over at Dream. “Make sure Blue doesn’t wake up, making him uncomfortable or feeling in danger should do it.” Ink told Dream, and the positivity guardian gave a thumbs up in response.

Error breathed a sigh of relief as he was let go, but he clutched his ribs in pain as he sat up. Ink opened a portal to the pale AU Error knew all too well. And in front of him were Nightmare, Cross, and Fresh. They stepped out in unison, eyes blank and void. Though Error noticed something off about all of them. Fresh’s glasses were gone, Nightmare’s goop was more liquidy and runny, and Cross was slouching, something he would never tolerate.

Ink snapped a finger and Nightmare walked up besides Ink, staring into nothingness. “As you probably guessed by now, I was bluffing when I said I’d dust them, but I most definitely will torture them.” Ink explained, and Nightmare collapsed to the ground and screamed in pain.

It was loud, even the souls Error had stringed up above them were shaking from the noise. Ink spun his finger in a circle, like turning a dial, and Nightmare screamed louder, his tentacles flailing about. Error also saw the large tears were falling down his face.

Far away from Ink, Dream looked on. He had a hand clutching Blue’s ribcage, cracking it every few seconds, which resulted in Blue’s REBOOT being stunted at 26%. Dream may not have felt guilt about what was being done, but a small tear in his soul, or whatever it was at this point, drew his attention. Dream used his free hand to summon his soul and look at it. It was normal, or normal for what is was now, a golden apple core with a rainbow sheen. The rainbow was the embodiment of his gift from Ink, the gift of control, and it also showed his undying allegiance. As Ink’s signature color, or colors, were forever on his soul.

But the blue shone greater than the other colors, Dream knew that Ink’s blue vial represented sadness, so did Dream feel sad? He didn’t understand, he wasn’t guilty for what Ink was doing and his role in the torture of his brother, so why was his soul saying he was sad? Dream stole a glance at Blue, his limp body and glitchy bones, this wasn’t what Dream had thought their next meeting would look like. He still remembered when Ink had explained the vials to Blue.

“Your soulless?! How?!” Blue had gasped, staring at Ink in shock.

“I woke up like this, so I have no idea.” Ink said, though Dream knew it was a lie at the time, Dream was never told the truth either.

“Well, I find it ironic that the favorite color of the Magnificent Sans is the color of sadness. For we all know that I am the most positive Sans in existence!” He announced to the room, which other than him only consisted of Dream and Ink.

It was a favorite memory of his, he’d have to ask Ink if it was real or not. He silently hoped it was real. That was when he saw the blue color fade, and a golden hue take over. Dream dispelled his soul and made another crack in Blue’s ribs, setting the REBOOTing process down to 25%.

Error was trying to get to Nightmare, trying to calm him down, but he couldn’t. Nightmare just screamed and cried in pain and Error was powerless as Ink laughed. Error managed to get his feet, but shambled as he found his footing.

“See Glitchy? This is what happens when you don’t do what I say. Honestly, I can make him scream and beg for death, of his own will. But I’ll give you one more try to not mess it up. If you spill anything, I will know, and your family will never be happy again.” Ink threatened as he grabbed a rusty knife and ran it across Nightmare’s face.

Error recognized the knife, it was the same one from the dungeon wall. He saw it break and slice and the bone as if it were butter. Error was terrified, as his, basically, dad screamed in pain Ink carved his name into Nightmare’s cheek.

“Now that he’s done, time for Crossy~!” Ink announced and dropped Nightmare in a portal. A loud bang came from the portal, signaling Nightmare had hit the ground, and the portal closed.

“You didn’t think I’d stop at one Error? Did you?” Ink cackled as he brought up Cross.

Just then a blue bone shot up through Error, keeping him in place. “Just in case.” Ink explained and snapped his fingers. And Cross’ eyes sparked to life, and he collapsed on the ground. Scowling, but not at Ink.

Chapter Text

A large knife came swinging. It was as large as a sword and was swung as such by a master. Its sharp black blade shining against the blank white of the anti-void. With the whipping of wind and well timed jump, the blade merely scratched Error’s face, a small forgettable mark on his cheek. Error looked upon his brother, and backed away in fear. He cried out to his brother, but no recollection was in his eyes as another swing came the destroyer’s way.

A sloppy jump saved Error from a swift and dusty end as he cried out for his brother once again. With a strong and true swing Error was knocked to his feet.

“Abomination.” Cross spat as he put his knife to Error’s neck. Glaring daggers.

“C-Cross…?” Error stuttered, holding his hand out to Cross.

“Disgusting.” Cross said, but before he could slice Error’s throat, Ink placed a hand on Cross’ shoulder.

“Make him hurt.” Ink commanded and Cross slowly forced in blade into Error’s ulna, ripping through Error’s hoodie with perfect precision.

Error screamed in pain as he tried to push back against Cross, but he had no such luck. Dust scattered to the floor as Cross forced the knife upward, slower than he stabbed Error. Trying to stay strong, Error faced the pain and didn’t object, even as his ulna was cut in half vertically and his own dust staining his hoodie.

As he picked up his bone, a sharp pain exploded in his radius, as it was sliced horizontally and his hand dangled from the thin strips of slashed bone. Error looked upon his brother’s cold face, once warm and lively.

“Please, do you not remember me?” Error asked, clutching his right arm in pain as his eyes welled with tears.

“I remember your horrendous face. That is all you are and worth.” Cross said as he pressed his foot to Error’s ribs and ground them to a fine powder.

“That is all Crossy~.” Ink said as Cross backed off of Error and was sent through a portal, leaving only Fresh yet to hurt Error, or be hurt.

Error cried and shook as he looked at Ink, the demonic smile spread wide.

“This next punishment will be a bit different. As Fresh is pretty much useless in terms of combat, he’s just here for me to torture. So, I’m going to make you watch him suffer more than anyone else.” Ink stated as he snapped his fingers and Fresh came back from Ink’s control.

“What happened…?” Fresh asked but when he saw Ink, he froze.

“Heya Freshy~. Just relax, and sleep.” Ink said as Fresh fell to the ground, promptly falling asleep.

“W-what are you going to do to him?!” Error cried out as he shambled over to his friend.

“I’ll show you. Dream, get over here. And bring Blue.” Ink said as Dream got up and dragged Blue by his hand.

Dream opened up a screen to a black void, and all that they could see, was Fresh. He was wandering around, alone and scared. The screen itself was nothing special, just a glitchy outline.

“Let’s make this interesting~.” Ink said as he made Nightmare appear in the void.

Fresh was overjoyed to see Nightmare, running up to him and crying as he embraced him. But as he cried, Nightmare’s tentacles appeared from behind Fresh, and began to constrict him like a python would its prey.

Fresh screamed as he thrashed and kicked, but it was to no avail.

“N-Nightmare! W-why...?” Fresh gasped as the air was forced from his throat and he dusted.

“NO!!” Error screamed as he reached out to the screen, but it was smooth as glass and cold as ice.

Turning to grab Fresh’s body, Error sobbed and tried to shake Fresh awake, but Ink merely laughed at Error.

“He’ll only wake up when I want him to. All you can do is watch.” Ink explained as he pushed the viewing screen in Error’s face.

The screen, instead of its glitchy outline, now had a glowing rainbow ring on it. Error felt his soul thump at the sight of the rainbow, and his eyes became glued to the screen and what it showed. He was unable to look away, it felt so right to look at, and as the outline grew larger, making the screen itself smaller, Error lost his train of thought. But when the screen grew in size, and the rainbow outline faded, Error’s eyes stayed glued to the screen.

“I put a little tick in his code that’ll make him calm and attracted to whatever I want. It’s really convenient when I want him to shut up.” Ink explained to Dream. “Anything he sees or would feel, won’t register until I break the trance, or he REBOOTs.” Ink added and Dream nodded with intrigue.

“Can you make him do anything while like this?” Dream asked, dropping Blue’s hand.

“When I’m done with Fresh I’ll try. This is the first time I’ve used this, and I have plenty more tricks up my sleeves.” Ink responded as he snapped his fingers and Fresh began to wander through the void again.

As time went on, Fresh was met and killed by his family, friends, and enemies. It went on for hours, new scary locations, more deaths, and seeing the multiverse collapse. Fresh’s screams and sobs even translated to his physical responses. He began to cry and whine while Error held him, unaware of anything around him.

When Ink noticed that Blue’s REBOOT was 77% complete, he decided to take him out of the anti-void, and to the pale AU. Called Dream forth and the two left Error and Fresh in the anti-void for a few hours. Which translated to a day for the unfortunate duo. Ink opened up Blue’s code and almost gagged at how disorganized and messy it was. Though he managed to put a tiny little tick in their, setting Blue’s REBOOT progress to 0%.

“What’s the tick?” Dream asked, curious.

“An instant REBOOT whenever I or you feel like it. Great since he probably has a resistance against our powers thanks to the glitching.” Ink told him, shrugging as he handcuffed Blue to the couch, making sure the sharp metal cuff scratched the bone of Blue’s wrist.

He and Dream went up for a nap, making sure to set the alarm for them to get back to their dup before they have three glitches on their hands. Ink didn’t really have a need for sleep, it was just close eyes, and wake up. He didn’t dream or really internalize anything when he was asleep, but Dream was a different story. Vivid dreams and nightmares plagued the guardian of positivity, and he often felt no relief upon waking up.

But now, with his emotions muddled, he felt safe, content, and truly relaxed when he slept for the first time in his life. His mind faded to that of simpler time, when Nightmare and him had been living in their village, or off to the side of it. Days he had spent climbing trees, roughhousing, and playing games. Looking back on those days, he realized how utterly stupid he was. How had he not noticed how Nightmare had suffered, how?

He may not feel guilty for what he has done to Nightmare, but in regard to what he could have done, he wished that Ink would kiss him again. As he thought of how he would love that kiss again, his thoughts drifted from Nightmare, but to Ink. The swirling tattoos, fake passion, but the passionate kisses and pleasure hey brought. It left him satisfied when he awoke.

“Let’s go see our toys shall we Dreamy~?” Ink asked, rhetorically as he opened a portal. Error was still glued to the screen, not having moved an inch.

With a strong and swift hug from the back, Dream lifted Ink, forcing him to the ground and kissing his face and neck. Trying for the pleasure he felt when Ink kissed him.

“I see~.” Ink said as he returned the kiss, though only a minor peck on Dream’s forehead, and not the intoxicating and deep experiences that Dream had felt before.

Upon seeing Dream’s disappointment, Ink made a mental note to take a few drops of pink for Dream. When they actually got to them, Ink pried Fresh from Error’s surprisingly strong grip and dispel the screen. When Fresh was thrown into the portal, to which Ink would check on later. Ink picked up Error bridal style, making note of Dream’s death glare, and walked to the pale AU.

He placed Error in the chair he’d always sat in and ran his hand over Error’s skull, waking him up from the trance. Error screamed and kicked Ink in the ribs, before he curled up and hugged his legs as he began to sob. Ink left Error alone to sob while he took his pink vials and let a few droplets fall into his mouth.

Chapter Text

Blue woke up in a panic, smashing his fist into the couch and kicking whatever he could. He thrashed and screamed for a good few minutes until he calmed down and could actually process what was going on in the world around him. He was in a small living room, pale yellow walls, and a few rustic decorations. When Blue noticed he was handcuffed to the couch, he sighed at tried to pull his hand out of the cuff, but blue tinted dust fell to the ground the more he tugged. Clutching his wrist in pain, Blue tried to break the cuff, but he couldn’t summon any magic.

Blue looked at the cuff, seeing it had no clear signs of being magic suppressing, decided that it was probably because of his glitched out state, and that he’d need to relearn some magic. No big deal.

Blue shifted his attention from the cuff, but what it was connected to. A large cup holder that had a keychain, and a seemingly weak one at that. He placed his free hand, his left and non dominant one, on the key chain, and yanked it clean off. Liberating himself from the couch.

“Mwehehe!” Blue laughed as he looked around for where anyone could be. There was only one light on, and it was upstairs, so he decided that would be the most logical place to begin searching. Though as he made his way upstairs he began to wonder what would happen if Ink was up there.

Though he breathed a sigh of relief as he saw Error, and said relief faded when he saw that Error was crying his sockets out and screaming.

“Error, what’s wrong?!” Blue asked, kneeling beside the chair Error was sitting on.

“Go away Ink. I don’t wanna talk.” Error mumbled, shaking.

“It’s me, Blue. I’m not Ink.” Blue said, reaching a hand out to Error, slowly. But it was grabbed and Blue almost cried out in sheer agony.

“D-don’t hurt me...” Error whispered as he opened his eyes and saw that it wasn’t really Ink after all.

“I-I’m s-so sorry Blue, I d-din’t mean to-” Error stuttered but Blue shut him up quickly.

“Nope. You were having a mental breakdown. You weren’t thinking straight, but you’re ok now. We just need to get out of here.” Blue explained as Error’s eyes sprung to life.

“I can make a portal to the hideout. We’ll be safe there, I think. But only for a little while, who knows when Ink will come looking for us.” Error said but Blue was on board immediately.

“To the hideout! By the way, what is the hideout?” And Error laughed in response.

“It’s where Nightmare, Killer, Cross, Dust, Horror, Fresh, and I live. Though Fresh and I sometimes stay over and sometimes we sleep over at other places.” Error said and Blue became a little more worried.

“Are they there?” Blue asked, uncomfortable.

“Probably. But I’ll keep you safe.” Error said as he opened a portal to the hideout.

The portal was a glowing white circle. For Error, it signaled the welcoming of home, a place where he felt safe and secure. While Blue looked at the portal with terror and uncertainty, these people were people who had killed millions, and whom he had fought and almost been killed by.

Upon stepping foot through the glowing sphere, Error was greeted by hugs and warm welcomes. Horror sped off to the kitchen to make some food, all while Killer and Dust nearly suffocated him with affection.

“” Error gasped, though a large doofy grin adorned his face as he embraced his family.

When they finally released him from their death hold, the noticed Blue standing awkwardly in the corner, where the portal stills was. Error quickly dispelled the portal and turned his attention to Blue.

“This is the hideout. Mi casa es tu casa.” Error said uncomfortably, though he was glad he could use that little gem of a spanish phrase. He had learned it from Undernovela.

“So you’re the one that kidnapped Blue. We saw Ink talking to Stretch about it and boy is he mad. I know we all love ya, but not even our little one is worth crossing that guy.” Horror joked, and everyone began to howl with laughter.

“What are you talking about? Error didn’t kidnap me.” Blue said, confused and very worried.

“What?” Dust said, looking at the two. “Then why are you two together...Oh~.” Dust said as he began to blush ever so slightly.

“I wanted to tell him something and when Horror gets out of the kitchen I will tell it to y'all as well. Don’t get any ideas!” Error cried out, a bright yellow blush running across his face.

“Alright.” Dust pouted as he slinked down into the couch, all while Killer was dying on the floor laughing.

Horror eventually came out with a stack of chocolate chip pancakes and a very amused grin on his face. When everyone sat down at the long table, it was clear that an organized effort was made to have Blue and Error sit next to each other. Much to the pairs dismay.

“So what’d ya wanna tell us?” Killer asked, face full of pancakes.

“Ink has Nightmare, Cross, and Fresh. He also tortured them, in front of me.” Error said, almost tearing up at the mere saying of those words.

“Why didn’t you save them?” Dust asked, rage boiling.

“He also tortured me and Blue. He said that if I spilled anything about what he can do, he’d dust Nightmare, Cross, and Fresh. I decided to test that theory, impulsive, and knew what one of you might accidentally spill something to one of them. Or one of them might overhear. So I told Blue, he was high ranking and trusting. That’s why he tortured them, I called his bluff.” Error explained, holding back tears.

“What happened next?” Killer asked, almost scared to.

“You’re leaving some important things out.” Horror told Error, and with a nod, Error told them everything, even things he had planned to leave out. He told them of how he was violated by Ink when he manipulated his code, how he tortured Dream, how Dream seemed to care for nobody, and how he had somehow, watched as Fresh was tortured and did nothing.

“Oh my gosh, Error...” Killer said, running up and hugging him. “It’s ok. You’re safe.” he said as he whipped tears from Error’s face.

“I swear I’m gonna kill him.” Dust seethed as he ran off to his room and slammed the door, screams and attacks could be heard.

Horror also joined in on the hugging, but he also paid some mind to Blue. Giving him a quick hug, to which Blue took and squeezed Horror with all his might.

It was only after an hour or two that everyone got in the same place and decided to talk about a possible strategy for fighting Ink, and saving Dream from Ink’s control.

“Well, if we can save Nightmare from Ink’s control, then we know for a fact that Ink will be eviscerated. Only Nightmare gets to hurt Dream, they are siblings after all, and we all know that Nightmare does care about him to some extent.” Killer said, much to Blue’s shock.

“He does?! But then why is always yelling about how he wants to capture Dream and whatnot?” Blue asked, sitting on a chair alone, isolating himself from the rest of them.

“If you and your little Star Sanses are going to call us the villains, you betcha we’re going to be the villains.” Dust spat, pointing his knife at Blue.

Error, Horror, and Killer sighed and realized that they would be dealing with this as long as they’d be working together.

Chapter Text

Ink and Dream were exhausted. And it was the good kind of exhausted, after such a fun time, they both wanted nothing more than to rest and sleep. But they had plans, important plans.

“So we need to get to Classic, Geno, and Sci. They are the main alternate classic timelines on our side. Everyone else is either on Nightmare’s side or not involved.” Ink recapped, shaking Dream the list.

Both the guardians were in their pajamas, or what was left of them after last night, and were chilling in bed with hot cocoa.

“And it’s best if we keep the number of alternate Classic timelines to a minimum, keep the number of people we need to actively deceive as low as possible.” Dream said, taking a long marshmallow filled sip from his large mug.

They decided to send Dream to Aftertale to get Geno before the Dark Sanses, plus Blue. As they had seen that Blue and Error has escaped while they were getting ready. Dream had scolded Ink for his carelessness but it really didn’t concern him at the moment. They could easily say that Blue had gone crazy while he was glitching out and with being so close to Error and it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to say the Dark Sanses tricked him.

Ink would go to the original universe to talk to Classic. He thought that if things went south, he would be the best equipped for a kidnapping mission. Though he did tell Dream he may decide to kidnap him anyway. If they could find a way to control Classic, they would be unstoppable.

The two of them got out of their pajamas and out in their regular clothes. Though Dream did think about a wardrobe change later down the line, as he wasn’t the same Dream that he was when he wore these clothes. He wasn’t the same Dream that had lost Nightmare even before he was given his new ability by Ink. Though he put his crown on and shifted his cape as he made way to Aftertale.

Ink sighed and prepared for a visit from Classic. He wasn’t in the mood to deal with him. Though Classic was always overjoyed by Ink’s visits, on account of being his introduction to the Multiverse as a concept, Ink dreaded them. He was looking at his worst enemy and biggest threat, and they didn’t even know it! It was infuriating having to keep up appearances when it came to Classic. Though Geno and Sci were also bad, they weren’t nearly as so, with the migraines Ink could give allowing him to relax.

The save screen was dark and dull. Dream remembered why he rarely visited Geno. He was glad it was only a short visit.

“Dream, what’re you doing here?” Geno asked, surprised upon seeing the guardian in his realm.

“I have bad news Geno. Blue, he’s been kidnapped by the Dark Sanses.” Dream lies, shedding a few crocodile tears and weakening his aura for added effect.

“What? How?!” Geno asked, running up to Dream.

“I don’t know. Ink got a ransom note and Stretch reported him missing.” Dream explained, shaking.

“What did it say? What do they want?” Geno questioned, placing a hand to his skull in disbelief.

“Our complete and total surrender.” Dream said, sighing. “We’re gathering everyone to gather to decide what to do.” Dream elaborated, looking Geno in his non-melted eye.

“I’ll be there, just need to make sure I won’t have a genocide run on my hands when I get back.” Geno said as he checked the screens that lead to the Original timeline, and upon seeing Ink he asked one more question.

“Why aren’t you telling Classic? I assume Ink’s telling Classic because he’s there, but it’d be a lot easier for you to tell Classic right? Unless I’m missing something.” Geno said, narrowing his eye ever so slightly at the guardian.

“We’ve been running around like chickens with our heads cut off and I hounded Ink about this scheduling thing, but we had to get ready as soon as possible.” Dream told Geno, waving as he opened a portal and jumped in.

Ink looked around Snowdin and breathed in the cold air. It made him feel relaxed, at home. He always liked the cold, it reminded him of himself. Cold, yet in certain situations something fun, but dangerous if let to sit for too long.

“Heya Ink. What brings you here this fine morning?” Classic asked, winking at the guardian.

Ink was caught off guard by Classic’s voice, having not noticed him coming across the sentry station with the conveniently shaped lamp.

“Blue had been kidnapped. And we need all the help we can get.” Ink said, straight to the point and eye lights flashing red.

“What? Who?” Classic asked, shocked.

“The Dark Sanses. They want us to surrender and we’re getting everyone together to form a game plan to save Blue!” Ink announced and Classic was sold, though he noticed Ink was stiff and anxious.

“I can tell you’ve been worried sick. You’re stiff.” He said, eyeing Ink.

“Y-yeah I haven’t been sleeping a lot lately, so I’m stiff.” Ink said, sweating slightly.

He begged and begged that Classic would just accept his excuse and let him go. And luckily for him, his prayers were answered.

“Ok. Do you need me to come right now or can I get my alibi ready?” Classic asked, winking as he got up.

“What alibi? You have quite a lot.” Ink said, handing Classic a spiked ketchup bottle he had made before coming.

“A-45. And thanks, I’ve been needing this.” Classic said, taking a big gulp.

Ink smiled as Classic downed the entire bottle and put it on his sentry station.

“Thankssss Innk...” Classic slurred, the sleeping potion already taking effect.

“You don’t look so good Classic. Maybe you can take a quick nap? That way you’ll be able to have energy for the meeting.” Ink suggested and Classic’s eyes opened widened.

“What did you do…?” Classic said as he began to sway and lose his balance.

“Sleep Classic. You know you want to~.” Ink said as he, standing on his tiptoes, placed a hand on Classic’s head and pat him.

“I…” Classic forced out as he passed out cold. Pun intended.

Ink picked up Classic’s limp body and left the universe. Unaware a peeping Tom, in this Geno, was looking in.

“What the heck?” Geno asked himself, playing the scene back a few times.

His head began to spin as he tried to make sense of what he’d seen. But then a chilling realization crept up his spine. Ink and Dream work together, Ink kidnapped Classic, what if they kidnapped Blue, for whatever reason, and blamed it on the Dark Sanses? Would they be willing to do that? What motive could there be? Is he in danger?

Questions circled in his head as he fell to the cold save screen floor. And on the save screen floor he laid for a few minutes. Geno eventually got up and decided that he would play along and try to figure out what was going on.

“Dream! I’m ready!” Geno called out, wandering for a while until Dream came back.

“You called?” Dream asked, smiling a creepy smile.

“I’m ready to go.” Geno said as he followed the guardian of positivity to a place where he hoped he’d leave.

Chapter Text

Blue was sitting awkwardly in the chair as everyone played some games. He had an irritated look on his face and was scowling. Dust saw the look and begin to rant.

“What is your problem? Why are you looking at us like that?” Dust cried out, giving his own scowl in return.

“Maybe we should be developing a strategy and training instead of playing video games. Then we could save everyone and you wouldn’t have to deal with me.” Blue spat back, a growl developing in the back of his non-existent throat.

“I agree with Blue. We need to prepare, I get calming down and relaxing, but we need to act.” Killer said, only making Dust growl like an angry dog.

“Fine. Let the little blue freak tell us what to do in our own house.” Dust said, flipping Blue off.

“Can we just cut this out guys?” Error said and Horror agreed.

“If we’re going to save Nightmare, Cross, and Fresh, we need to be on the same page and not be about to rip each other's arms off.” Horror said, gnawing on a chicken leg.

Dust smacked the chicken leg from Horror’s mouth, the chicken leg was held in his mouth like a dog holding a large branch. Horror whined as the leg hit the ground and spicy sauce splattering on the tile.

“That was uncalled for.” Killer said as he picked up some cleaning supplies and began to clean the mess as Blue hesitantly pat Horror’s back.

“Whatever.” Dust said as he stormed off to the training room, where booms and crashes could be heard.

“I’m sorry Blue. Dust has some anger issues, he hasn’t coped with his recovering insanity well. I mean, he’s doing better, way better, but he has an issue with lashing out and stuff.” Killer explained, handing Blue the controller that Dust had abandoned.

“I’ll go talk to him. I need to apologize. I wasn’t very kind, and he’s probably stressed about the situation.” Blue said as he got up and went in the same direction as Dust.

“Well I feel like crap.” Killer said as he stopped the game and sat next to Error.

“Compared to Blue, we’re all the worst crap.” Error said, causing the three people to chuckle.

“And Ink’s the devil.” Horror joked and that made Error snort.

“Well he did put me through hell.” Error said as his laughter died down and he grabbed his arms and sniffled.

“I’m sorry Error. I didn’t mean to.” Horror said, but Error shrugged.

“Laugh away the pain. It’s what monsters do.” Error said, leaning his head against the back of the couch.

“You know, sometimes it’s easy to forget that we're all the same guy. Just different outcomes.” Killer said, looking at the ceiling.

“Yeah, we are Kills.” Horror said, fist bumping Killer.

Error laughed and his thoughts wandered.

“I wonder what AU I came from. Maybe it was a cool one, or maybe a version of some random AU from the outskirts of the multiverse.” Error said.

“You got trapped in the anti-void. Only someone with extreme DT and magic could do. You were someone powerful, so I’d say it’s a good thing you got glitched out, imagine Ink getting someone almost as powerful as him on his side.” Killer said, giving a fearful chuckle.

“Yeah. What if we had to fight a version of us with the power of seven human souls as his default power? We’d be toast!” Horror said, his red eye sparkling.

“I think that we’d know if I had the power of the Absolute God of Hyperdeath.” Error stated.

“So says the World Destroyer.” Killer said as he poked Error in the side of his head.

“Sneak attack!” Horror yelled as he tackled Error and began to wrestle him, but Error was not so easily subdued.

When Killer joined in the fight it Error and Horror had a choice, a two verses one, or every man for himself. After approximately 2.567897654 seconds of thought, the living room was in shambles as three grown toddlers battled for superiority.

The training room was a mess. Dummies ripped and torn, the walls had cracks thrice Blue’s size, and a crying Dust in the middle of a circle of blue bones.

“Dust…? I’m sorry about snapping. Are you ok?” Blue asked, inching closer to the circle.

“Am I ok? Am. I Ok?!” Dust yelled, a blaster firing at Blue. To which he narrowly dodged.

“Why should I tell you? What gives you the right to know how I feel?!” Dust screamed as he launched another blaster at Blue. Hitting him this time.

Blue flinched as my grabbed his chest and looked at Dust with big blue starry eyes.

“I’m sorry.” Dust’s face contorted with rage.

“Like HELL you’re sorry Ink! I won’t let you hurt them, whatever your planning I will find out and stop you!” Dust cried out, large tears dripping from his sockets.

“I’m not Ink Dust.” Blue said, irritation building in his voice, though he tried to force it down.

“How do I know that?! How do you know that?! What if he’s listening to this very conversation right now? What if you’re just a puppet, and we’re all-” Dust rambled as Blue ran up to Dust. He jumped over the circle of bones and gave Dust a hug.

“I want to see Ink pay for what he has done to me, Error, Nightmare, Cross, Fresh, and anyone else he has hurt. Maybe not as much as you, but we have the same goal at the moment. We may not know if I am an unwilling spy or not, but I would never betray you guys of my own will.” Blue said, releasing Dust from his hug.

“Tch. Whatever. I’m going back to the living room. You can come if you want, but don’t boss me around, that’s Killer’s job.” Dust said as he walked away, giving Blue no second glance.

When the two skeletons got to the living room, Blue saw the worst mess of his life. While Dust saw another ordinary wrestling match.

“What happened here? Why is Error on the ceiling? Where is Horror? Killer! Oh my gosh, what is that?” Blue cried out.

Killer had a large, and live, fish stuffed into his mouth. Horror came into the living room from the bathroom and began to laugh, and Error let himself down from the ceiling.

“Welcome to normal Blue. Please don’t tell Da-Nightmare when we get him back. I like dessert.” Horror said, but Blue latched into something.

“Did you almost call him Dad?” And Horror shrunk as he grumbled something inaudible.

“I was friends with Ink. I walked in on his ‘creative process’ once. I have seen much weirder than this.” Blue said as he began to look for the cleaning supplies.

“You’re helping me.” And despite protests, everyone was helping Blue at the end of it all.

Chapter Text

“Let us go!” The young voice cried out, trying to teach her captor.

“Why should I? You’re just trying to ruin our fun.” They said, twirling the keys to their cells around their grey finger.

“They’ll stop you! Error knows about you! He knows that people like you exist!” The masculine one said, rattling the metal bars.

“I doubt that. He’s too shaken to even think about us, we’re home free. Luring Ink to the anti-void will be a piece of cake, and then everything will fall into place.” Another grey silhouette said, walking down a flight of circular stairs.

“W-what? Why?! I thought we...!” The feminine voice said, finally looking up from the upper left corner.

“You thought I’d actually pass up an opportunity to be the bad guy for once? Oh sister, you’re more naive than I thought.” She giggled as she skipped towards the man with the keys.

“You’ll pay for this!” The masculine one said, growling. “I swear it on my AU!” And in that moment, he backed away from the cell bars.

“You have an AU? Well well well, it seems you’re less righteous than we thought.” The jailer spat, then turning his head to the sister.

“Jana, make sure Maxie and your sister are taken care of. I, in the meantime, will be getting things ready for our little guest.” He cackled as he walked off.

“Sure thing Jack. They’ll be nice and comfortable~. Right ‘Tricy” Jana spat.

“Burn in Underhell.” Beatrice said, scowling.

“You’ll get there first ‘Tricy.” Jana giggled.

There they sat for a long while, but soon Jana had to leave. “Official Evil Business” she called it, leaving the three voices all alone.

“You have an AU Zack? How? I thought we couldn’t make AUs anymore.” What’s it like?” Maxie asked, looking at him in awe.

“Just a Swap timeline, nothing special.” Zack mumbled, sliding against the wall.

“But how did you make one?” Maxie asked, a confused look on her blank face.

“I don’t know, I just had the idea and then I saw the AU in the multiverse.”

“But there’s only one Underswap...” Maxie said, realizing what Zack means.

“Yeah.” Zack said, shedding a few tears.

“It’s ok Zack. We’re not working alone, there are others that aren’t captured. And besides, no one can do anything but observe. Right?” Maxie said, trying and failing to lift their spirits.

“We can’t. The people who stand against Ink can’t.” Beatrice said, lowering her head. “We lost access to our powers when the first multiverse collapsed, I lost an AU I was making, it was never finished.” She continued.

“Ink is the ally of the creators. If you’re not his ally, you’re not a creator, if you’re not a creator, you can’t make AUs. And even then, Ink has to bring your ideas into the multiverse. He can always control them, unless their from alternate timelines of course.” Zack explained.

“Oh.” Maxie said, face dropping into somber look.

They then sat in silence for many hours, maybe even days. No one was keeping track, the dungeon, much like the doodle sphere, anti-void, and Ink’s pale AU, operated on its own independent time system that changed with whoever was in the space at the given moment. One thing was for sure, for the multiverse, it was less than a day. Everything since Error woke up to get Blue and now all took place over a 24 hour period.

When Jack returned, he grabbed Zack and dragged him away. Leaving Beatrice and Maxie praying that he’ll be ok and that their friends will find them.

“So you’re the creator of this Underswap?” Jack whispered, causing Zack to tense up. “Those still loyal to Ink have power, and if you made an AU, you must’ve given Ink control of it.” Jack continued.

“I was naive, I didn’t know any better.” Zack cried out as he was lead to a special cell.

“I see. How about we see just how much you didn’t know then?” Jack said as he threw Zack in the cell.

Chapter Text

Geno sat down in his chair, it was a black wooden chair with a red cushion on the seat and back. In regards to the long table that every Sans on the Sans council, Geno was near the front, near Ink. Due to his position as an alternate timeline or AT, he had more sway and political power than the average Sans. Though a Sans, or anyone for that matter, could get more sway and power through gaining a reputation or other things. Such as Blue and Red, one being a huge help in terms of battle and Fell being one of the first involved.

Geno knew something was off when everyone sat down in an orderly fashion, no chatter or anything. That never happened, someone was always running their mouth. Taking a quick glance around the room, he saw that Blue, Classic, and Sci were missing. The first two were a given, but Sci’s absence was strange. Red sat down next to Geno, their chairs nearly identical but Red’s having gold and silver studs lining the front and back. Geno have the moody skeleton a friendly and uncharacteristically bright smile, only to not be greeted with a reaction at all. Normally he’d get a scowl or at least an over exaggerated and annoyed sigh.

When Ink and Dream entered their room, everyone snapped their attention to the duo, all in unison. Thoroughly creeped out Geno turned his head to the two guardians, waiting patiently for them to speak.

“I bet you’re wondering why we’ve called you here so suddenly.” Ink stated, looking over the table.

Geno was the only alternate timeline Sans that was there, very few got involved in the matters of the multiverse and even then, Ink rarely let anymore than necessary get involved. Less people to keep in the dark.

“Blue has been kidnapped by the Dark Sanses. They sent a ransom note earlier today and demand out complete and total surrender.” Ink continued, being met with gasps and mummers.

“Where’s Classic? Shouldn’t he be here?” Geno asked, raising a metaphorical eyebrow at Ink. Smirking all the way.

“I went to try and find him, but had no such luck. You often survey his AU Geno, did you see him?” Ink asked, placing a touch of venom of Geno’s name.

“I didn’t see him at all. Hence why I asked you.” Geno replied, staring directly into Ink’s sockets.

“Well, it seems that we have some suspects. As we have had a kidnapping earlier today.” Dream intervened, giving a small glare at Geno.

Everyone agreed with Dream and began to say the usual hateful insults.


“Filthy murderers.”


Geno rolled his eyes as the Sanses spouted the insults they had only heard from other people's mouths. Contrary to popular belief, very few people fought the Dark Sanses, so very few first-person accounts actually exist. Aside from the survivors of their attacks, but those have rarely gone into the double digits. Geno also had often said it was awkward that they were calling alternate versions of themselves monsters, in the not good way, and with himself being an alternate timeline he never really liked saying those things.

People thankfully understood and either kept the insults tame or just stopped them in his presence. Classic and Sci also had this same feelings and when they had joined, which was around the same time, they had chewed Ink out a bit for letting “them” suffer. Pointing out that if Ink has saved the Dark Sanses, they may not have had this situation as bad as it is or even had it in the first place.

That was the end of the overall situation, besides the occasional snarky remark. But Geno’s suspicion was further amplified when they began to whisper amongst themselves as if he weren’t in the room.

“Can we just get on with the discussion?” Geno cried out, hitting his face against the table.

“Sure Geno.” Ink said, irritation tainting the joyful tone he put on.

“We’ll need to try and figure out where the Dark Sanses base is, that way we’ll be able to rescue Blue and Classic.” Dream announced, “I’ll send search parties to the outer reaches of the AUs to try and find hints as to its location.” He continued, taking a glance at Geno.

It was only then that Geno realized Dream’s eye lights were dim, a far cry from the lively hope-filled stars for which he was most known for.

“I’ll patrol my own AU in case they try to kidnap more people from the original timeline. Though we mostly care about the Sans of the universe, we can’t ignore the power that other people have, and how it can be used against us. If the Dark Sanses really are making moves like these, we may need to let down our borders and let other people in.” Geno stated, keeping one eye on Ink and Dream as he spoke.

“We’ll consider it Geno. But only if necessary, getting to many people involved may have unforeseen consequences.” Ink warned, scanning the room.

“Ok. Keep me updated.” Geno said, getting up from his chair.

“See ya later Geno.” Dream waved, opening a portal to the Save Screen.

Geno waved back, not saying a word as he stepped into the black void he called home. When the portal closed, he began to think about what had just happened.

“Ink kidnapped Classic, he blames the Dark Sanses. He also claims the Dark Sanses kidnapped Blue, so he probably kidnapped Blue. That means that Ink is trying to get us to attack the Dark Sanses?” Geno thought aloud, pacing albacore and forth.

“But why kidnap people? He could just tell us to attack them and we’d do it!” Geno declared, unsure as to what to do.

“Ink said to wait before bringing non-Sanses into the mix, but if I have to I will. No matter what Ink is planning I won’t let him hurt people.” Geno declared to the nothingness around him, a determined look in his eye.

Ink was fretting and pacing as he was in the middle of flipping out. “He’s into us! We’re doomed! It’s bad enough Blue’s joined the Dark Sanses, but if Geno joins them we might have to go up against the entire original universe! What are we going to do Dream?!” Ink cried out, gripping the guardian by the shoulders and shaking him rapidly.

“Calm down. We just have to figure out how to control Classic before Geno gets any ideas.” Dream reassures Ink, but took a deep breath before continuing, “Though you shouldn’t have kidnapped Classic so early on, this is your fault.” Dream lectured, unphased by Ink’s puppy eyes of shame.

“Ok. But can I go down to the basement and see how Classic is doing?” Ink asked, a pleading expression on his face, though Dream could tell this wasn’t exactly a question.

With a sigh of annoyance Dream stepped aside and let Ink into the dark basement of the Doodlesphere. The cold air was suffocating as he made his way down the creaking old steps. Ink’s dungeons and basements were all very similar, helped keep him in the right mindset.

Classic was tied up and chained to the wall. His ankles, wrists, and knees were fastened with rope, and his wrists were also chained to the wall. The chain was short enough to where Classic wouldn’t be able to reach out and grab Ink, or anyone else.

Though he was unconscious, Ink overestimating the amount of stuff needed to knock him out, there were ways to wake up the original. With a swift punch to the face Clasics’s eyes shot open and he gasped for a raspy breath.

“Where am I…?” He asked, and upon noticing Ink he froze, hate, confusion, and fear written on his face.

“Hi Classic! How are you?” Ink asked, crouching down on his knees before his prisoner.

“I’ll be better when you let me go and let me kick your a-“ Classic started calmly but he was silenced by Ink placing a finger to his mouth.

“Be quiet. Prisoners don’t speak.” Ink said, standing up. Classic’s face growing more and more fearful and confused.

“I just need to see your code and go from there. Also do be warned, this will hurt a lot.” Ink said as he raised a paintbrush and drew a line across Classic’s face.