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i want to be loved

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There was that embarrassingly bright hair, standing outside the school as usual, checking the students for dress codes as they walked in. Even though he obviously just used it as an excuse to peek at girls every morning. Everyone knew other than the faculty, and well, Uzui-sensei, but he was just as much of a pervert than this boy!

Zenitsu Agatsuma's high school life wasn't so bad. Here, he could escape the pressure from his 'family' and he finally had friends. It was all thanks to Tanjiro, and that weird ability he had to make everyone love him. Him and his bread-chewing sister, Inosuke, the kind teachers...he actually looked forward to school on most days. That didn't particularly mean his grades got much better.

"Yeah, it's been a bit of a problem lately. Is it some kind of season for omegas? I hope the school is doing its job so they're safe..." 

Tanjiro was munching on his lunch, Nezuko nodding beside him with her usual bread. They were both alpha's, but were much kinder and not as rough as alpha's were usually perceived to be.

"I know people are coming of age, but damn is it hard to be surrounded by pheromones during gym." Genya spoke, even though he was a beta, almost everyone could feel the effect of an omega's pheromones.

"Haha...yeah..." Zenitsu mumbled, shoving his mouth with food. This was awkward. When he was 10 and got officially labeled, the doctors told him he was an omega. An omega! He couldn't let Kaigaku find out, especially if his step-brother had come out so proudly of the office and held out the paper that said 'alpha' in pretty cursive. On the other hand, he just crumpled his own paper and threw it away, begging the old man to never mention it, and that it might have even been a mistake.

All these years, he's been living as a beta, and here he was, 16, and he hadn't even had his first heat. That actually gave him hope, hope that there had truly been a mistake! And even if he believed that, these kind of talks always made him want to change the subject.

"The beginning of the year is usually the worst, so I'm not surprised, I just hope nothing awful happens." Tanjiro continued, eating his rice while Inosuke just stole his shrimp tempura.

Even if he were an omega, he'd hope for a beautiful female alpha, someone like Nezuko, specifically. He just wished he could be the bread in her mouth just once.

The bell for lunch rang and he waved goodbye, cooing a special goodbye to Nezuko and walking off to his class, his mind still on the topic of omega's.

Now, wanting to hide the fact that you were an omega wasn't an unusual thing, even if they were treated way more fairly than ever before, there was still this... instinctual difference if you were a male. Something so terrifying to be and so easy to degrade. Omega's who were proud of their kind were still an oddity to him.

But, but. Most people didn't have Kaigaku as a step-brother. An awful fucking battle for who's better, who receives more praise from their step-grandfather, and who will be the heir.

Kaigaku was worthy, of course he was. He was hot, too, with that stupid fashion sense of his, always wearing that damned choker and showing off his abs. Of course he was an alpha. And he loved to just shove it in Zenitsu's face. Taunting him, telling him he deserves to be an omega with how pitiful he was and how easily he cried, how he forced their grandfather to baby him.

And he would have bruises, but Kaigaku was usually smart enough to leave them in places that the uniform would hide. His temper wasn't exactly the best.

So, of course he would want to hide the fact that he was assigned as an omega.

The school day passed, he stressed over a quiz and over the homework he completely forgot to do. For now, he had to go to the art room for cleaning duty, where he was met with the esteemed and popular Uzui-sensei, leaning against the wall and on his phone, talking to someone. He grinned and held up his finger, signaling for him to be quiet and pointed to the cabinet where the cleaning supplies was.

"Ewugh." He grumbled, stomping over and making a show out of his disgust. "You're a teacher, you should take calls when you don't have a precious student-"


Uzui shushed him, and he felt his entire body twitch with annoyance, about to snap at him before he heard him call whoever he was on the phone with 'baby.' Ah. So he was talking to one of his three wives?!? He gripped the broom so hard he nearly snapped the thing, and began cleaning the room. Of course. This damned alpha, being so fucking big and attractive, barely mentioning the fact that he had three wives! 2 omega, and even an alpha! The only reason Zenitsu knew this was because of this cleaning duty, he shared way too much information with his student.

"yeah, baby, I know. tell her I'm gonna treat her so well when I get home, I'm gonna get her right through her heat."

Eh? Huh? Eh?

Zenitsu froze. No way. No way was this art teacher actually doing this. Having phone sex with more than one wife?! Not wanting to let the alpha know he noticed, he began wiping down the counter, scrubbing with a weird sense of determination. His voice was hushed, but definitely loud enough to be heard. Was he teasing him? Seriously?

"fuck. tell her I'll drink up all her juices, I'm gonna savor that lube real good, baby."

The blonde couldn't believe what he was hearing, or what he was smelling. Pheromones. Was Uzui-sensei getting turned on?

He could smell it. He could smell it. He could— His heart was racing. There was more dirty talk, and the scent...god, the scent.

Suddenly, his knees started shaking, and breathing got way harder and heavier. What? What was happening? He's scared. 

Zenitsu's entire body was hot, and he gasped in realization as a certain region got particularly warm. His eyes immediately filled to the brim with tears and he shot a glance to Uzui-sensei, who's eyes were on him, a look of disbelief on his face.

Of course it was a shock, he'd always believed that his beloved and easy to tease student was just a beta, after all.

And that student couldn't take it. The tears fell and he sprinted out of the room and down the halls. Shit. Shit, it hurt so badly to even move. Would he pass an alpha? Tanjiro and Nezuko went home, right? Damn you, Inosuke, for always skipping out on cleaning duty. He skidded into the nurse's office and zoomed past the lady, digging into the cabinets and sobbed when he had a bottle of suppressants. He poured at least 4 into his hand and popped them into his mouth and then immediately ran out to go home, not wanting to answer any of the nurse's questions, no matter how pretty she was.

While running home, he almost felt as if the pills were actually working! He's never had suppressants before, obviously, but if they worked this good, then—

He closed the front door behind him quietly, a rush of a familiar scent violating his nose and he almost fainted right there. Kaigaku was home. He was such a prideful alpha, of course this would... "Fuck!" He grunted and tried to make his way up to his room and locked the door. Hopefully he'd gone unnoticed.

Zenitsu wasted no time and kicked off his shoes and dropped his pants, flopping onto his bed and moved his hips. He was still horny, so unbelievably horny. He could feel the slick from his ass running down his thighs and he moaned, reaching behind himself and being able to push two fingers inside.

He yelped and shoved his face into his pillow, stretching out his hole and fucking himself with his fingers, continuing to sob. The poor omega used his free hand to jerk his pitiful dick off, quickly realizing his fingers weren't enough. He needed something more, and—

Zenitsu had looked up, intending to find something to use as a dildo but his eyes met with dark emerald ones.


"Holy shit, you really are a fucking omega? I could smell something vile from a mile away, had no idea it'd be your pathetic ass." Kaigaku was grinning, a face full of evil. The blonde scrambled up and tried to pull his blanket up to cover himself, choking back a sob.

"What, trying to hide yourself, omega? Too busy being a little slut to notice an alpha right in your room?" He stomped over and ripped the blanket off of him, just laughing at the sight of his brother looking like such a bitch. "This has to be your first, or do you cry everytime you jack it? I wouldn't be surprised." 

Zenitsu covered himself with his hands, bottom lip trembling and speechless. The scent and aura just surrounding Kaigaku was too much for him to handle, it going straight to his groin and felt his ass get even wetter. He might have even been drooling. "Yeah, it's my first. Get the fuck out, you damn—" He was cut off by the sound of his own moan, a foot kicking his chest and forcing him down.

"Shut. Up." He growled, obviously not in the mood to deal with any of whatever shit Zenitsu was going to throw at him. His smirk was gone, and he was just looking at the omega beneath him like he was a bug. "He's gone, I sent him to the store. Good thing he's old and his nose isn't working like it should." 

Oh, he must be talking about Ji-chan. Zenitsu was lazily trying to get his foot off of him, not knowing what he was expecting, maybe to be made fun of. This day was destined to come, no way could he hide it for long. That is, until he saw Kaigaku undoing his belt.

"Wait, no- what are you planning?!" He screeched, kicking and forcing the foot off of him as the alpha just nonchalantly undressed. Zenitsu's reactions didn't phase him. Of course he'd be an annoying shit.

"Yeah, yeah. Didn't I say to shut the fuck up?" His dick was half-erect already, and Zenitsu hated himself for feeling himself tighten up at the sight of it. He was so big. But this was wrong.

"I don't care! You're my brother! You can't! Even if you are an ass, you have to—!" He was ignored and instead flipped onto his stomach and his hips were pulled. Face down, ass up.

"As if I'd be related to a snotty little brat like you. I'm not gonna ignore an easy omega, you're gonna take my cock real well. And if you wanna make a scene, I'll fuck you pregnant and let everyone know that you're really an omega." He groped Zenitsu's ass and spread him open, whistling at how much he was dripping. He didn't want to admit how sexy this guy was, he'd blame it on this intense bitch-smell. Kaigaku didn't go for his asshole first, reaching past that to massage and pinch his balls, earning him a squeak. "This shit is so useless. You should have been born with a pussy instead. Two pussies would fit you." He began stroking his dick, feeling the pre-cum leak out. "And this? Might as well be a enlarged clit. You like your clit stroked by an alpha, huh?"

Zenitsu on the other hand, was trembling. He did like it. No one else had ever touched him like this, he only had himself, but he didn't like feeling good. He sobbed into the mattress, clenching at the sheets. "Please...stop..." His voice was raw, already worn from the crying. Why was being an omega so awful? Why did it have to feel so satisfying to just have a hand on him? Even if he felt dirty.

"You're wet enough." Was all he got in response, and Zenitsu did not like that. He tried to get up and scramble away, but a strong pair on hands grabbed his hips, really grabbed them, so much so that he wailed. It hurts.

Kaigaku didn't care. He was lining up his dick to that twitching hole, and pushed it in, all in one go. 

Holy shit.

The alpha wasn't a virgin, but he hadn't fucked a virgin before, and this was fucking heaven. This ass was clinging to him, wanting to suck him dry. How was he to deny that? And the omega had practically screamed at the feeling, his entire body shaking violently. It felt so good. It felt so amazing. His walls were being stretched, and it felt so natural. It hurt, but he wanted this. His body wanted Kaigaku's dick so much. He cried silently, not wanting to moan or make any type of sound indicating pleasure.

His brother didn't care, he began pounding into him, grunting with an animalistic undertone, like he was mating with Zenitsu. Like he was breeding him. Zenitsu could feel it, with each time his prostate was fucked into, he could feel the need to be impregnated, and how badly Kaigaku wanted to pour his cum into him.

Moans began slipping past his lips, rocking his hips back to meet his thrusts, whining all the way. "P-...please don't...cum inside me.." He sniffled, trying his best to get the words out. What does he get?

Spank. Zenitsu yelped, his insides tightening around Kaigaku and moaning, feeling the twitches of the length moving inside him. Spank. Again, again.

"Count, bitch."

"F...five..." He whispered, yelping when he felt another slap on his already red ass. "Six!" Another slap rang across the room. "Seven!" And continued until he reached ten. Sharp nails dug into his skin, and he was forced down onto the bed, Kaigaku thrusting harder, if that was possible. 

"Fuck, you feel so fucking good when I hurt you. You like being hurt, then? Disgusting pervert."

Zenitsu whimpered, too distracted with the pleasure, it going to his head. The room was quiet for a moment, and the awful wet, squelching, slapping sound was all he could hear. Every time hips connected with his ass, a moan was forced out of him. He was painfully aware of the womb inside him, feeling it pumping with need. His dick feeling neglected, rubbing against the bed wasn't near enough.

Kaigaku could feel his knot forming, could feel himself swell up slowly as his cock left and entered that tight ass each time, opening it up to fit him like a good bitch hole. He leaned over and licked Zenitsu's ear, grinning at the moan it earned him. He let his teeth graze the back of his neck, groaning at how he squeezed his hard cock. "Yeah, don't want me to touch there. You'll cum like a bitch." And also be marked as Kaigaku's, but he wasn't so stupid, so he settled for biting his shoulder. Hard. Digging his teeth into him until he tasted blood.

Zenitsu tried to force him off, but he was too heavy, and every second he couldn't help but twitch as he pounded him into the bed. "Aghh...hh...aaah!" He wanted to say something, but he just couldn't. His hips moved vigorously, wanted to be fucked, tears and drool going down his face until he tensed up and came. God, he came. He felt it rushing out of his dick and dirtying his bed, he felt himself tightening around Kaigaku so hard that it made him even more sensitive.

And Kaigaku loved it. He pulled away from his shoulder, licking the blood that dripped from his lip and didn't stop fucking him. "Haha! Fuck, yeah. You came so good taking my dick, huh? How does an alpha feel?" He knew he was pretty much asking a doll now, but he didn't care. He slapped his ass again, and dragged his nails down his back. He wanted to hurt him more while he was in the high of it. It could still get a yelp out of him, it was worth it.

Still, the tightening around him did have an effect. After a few more thrusts, the alpha couldn't even be bothered to hurt him, he was getting close. His head hung back, holding Zenitsu's hips as he bucked his hips into him, just a few more... "Ghh! Fuck!" He thrusted hard one more time, his knot being swallowed by Zenitsu, and he came inside him. He moaned low and gutteral, dumping his semen into someone never felt so good.

They had to stay there for a while, having to wait for Kaigaku's knot to calm down until he could pull out of him. Zenitsu moaned and let his body go limp onto the bed, finally.

Kaigaku stood and picked up his clothes, not even looking back to him. "Better not get pregnant, pig." And he slammed the door.


Zenitsu's eyes were wide, and he teared up again, sobbing loudly. No need to hide it anymore. He laid there and cried nice and hard for about an hour.

Afterwards, he couldn't even stand. It hurt. Everything hurt. He felt the bruises on his ass, the bite, where his nails also made blood spill. Why was he so violent... Either way, he had to drag himself to the bathroom and hurriedly washed the cum out of his ass, but knew that when a knot was involved, there was no helping it. His only hope was a morning after pill, or he was infertile. The latter seemed very unlikely.

He didn't have the energy now. He got into some very comfortable clothes and turned on the TV, curling into bed with his favorite fluffy blanket and grabbed a bottle of water, gulping it down and blinked. His eyes were tired from crying so much, and his body was sore.

He had school tomorrow.

He'd buy some pills tomorrow morning, he was just too tired. Too hurt. Too ashamed to be an omega and too ashamed to face Ji-chan or his step-brother for dinner.

He hoped Tanjiro would be at school tomorrow. 

He hoped Uzui-sensei wouldn't tell anybody.