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Rich and Boston

B: How is it that no matter how much you hurt me...

R (he finishes the sentence): You keep coming back.

B: That's it. Exactly.

R: You love me...and I love you.

B: Love doesn't have to shouldn't...not always.

R: That's not been my experience. At all.

B: Maybe that's the prob. Your sordid past.

R: I can't deny that it is certainly sordid...are you hungry?

B: I could eat.

Patterson and Stuart

Stuart notices that the beautiful Blonde with whom he's involved with has been moping about lately:
with a bit of investigation, he discovers that tomorrow is the anniversary of *David's* death. She's not
so much sad...more melancholy, or like someone with the "blues". He keep a wide berth, which SHE notices...
She goes over to where he is seated on the love seat and puts her arms around him, curled into his lap. He
wants to comfort her, but he doesn't have much experience in comforting people struggling with the death of
a loved one.

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Tasha carefully detaches herself from Edgar's sticky (yet slick), still hard staff;
and flops onto her side, next to him, thoroughly spent. The both of them are...

Before the AC can chill them from the cooling sweat on their bodies, Tasha draws the bed sheet
over both of them (they use separate blankets when sleeping (Zapata is known for monopolizing
the blanket. Edgar, quite contentedly, says, "That was alright." "Just alright", the Latina retorts, play-
fully. "VERY alright", he amends.

"If we had a baby, I'd be afraid that I wouldn't have enough love for the both of you", Tasha declares suddenly,
apropos of nothing. "Uhhhummm...are you saying?..", Reade starts to ask, feigning alarm. "NO, Silly...un-wind
your boxers...I'm saying IF." "I wouldn't mind having a couple of babies with you, her Man states, seriously, no
jest in his voice.

"I'd have your babies, without hesitating," she replies. "I WOULD-just tell me when to stop taking the pills, and I'll
flush them. I'm as serious as I've ever been, E. I've day-dreamed about it. I'd do it."

He turns onto his side, facing her. "You would, wouldn't you?"

Her response is to slide from the bed, wrap a sheet around herself, and walk into the bathroom. In seconds she is
back, with a pink, circular disc in her hand, which she hands to him. "Believe it."

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Kurt turns to his wife with a "I just had a great idea" look on his handsomely rugged mug.
On que, Jane inquires as to what is on his mind. He responds that they should renew their
weeding vows. ASAP. His Spouse laughs, only half-taking him seriously. "I mean it," he says. I
really want to re-cement our commitment, especially now that we'll be adding to our family...

Immediately contrite, the stunning brunette says," I'm sorry, Babe. The lovey-doveyKurt
Weller surprised me, that's all. I hadn't thought about it, but we weathered a storm not long ago, and
that could be just what we need. That's a KIEF idea...that means 'great', back home."

"I knew that one-Roman."

"Ahhh! He's a lekker Brother, but he ruins shit a lot. I mean a LOT lot."

"And lekker is...?

"Roman didn't tell you that one?", she teases. "It also means awesome or great."

"Now, now...we're having a good morning, could be better, though..."

"On it." She sinks to her knees, bringing his sweat shorts down as she does..



"Damn...Jane has a "fat" ass," Reade muses, perusing some surveillance shots.

"Que??!", Zapata spits, rounding on him.

"Que??", he repeats back, with a playful grin. "You heard that, eh?"

Spanking her own rear, Zapata says, "THIS is a fat ass...also, round and juicy..."Mami Culo Grande,"
me llaman", she states proudly. "Con razon," he mutters, his eyes locked on her still quivering buttocks.

As she turns back to her task of slicing lemons, she feels his big, strong hands groping her rear. "#MeToo,
Assistanr Director", she cautions, wiggling under his expert caresses. Pressing back against him, the large, blunt
shape of his erecting penis is caught in the crevice between those fulsome buttcheeks of hers. "Ah-ah-ah!", she
giggles. "It's not your BIRTHDAY, or Christmas!"

"Christmas coming early this year," he mutters, shucking her shorts down past her thighs so that they pool at her feet.
Tasha braces herself against the counter top, shuttling her feet apart as he slathers warm butter in the crevice of her
bottom. She gasps when his gentle fingertip worms into her anus...

***BRIANA and ROMAN***

Briana Cohn pinches herself at least three times a day, every day...she shares a bed with Blonde God ROMAN BRIGGS...
who the FUCK would have ever guessed? The only drawback to their trysts is his ridiculous STAMINA...JESUS, he's ready
AGAIN! (she can feel his blunt spear-tip poking into her lower back)...LIFT YOUR LEG
he hooks the crook between her knee and thigh with his forearm, and....Ooooooh, he's in! Deeeep...

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***RICH and BOSTON***

R: Was I too rough last night?

B: No more than usual.

R: seems you're still pissed about something. Just say it.

B: YOU are the problem-you won't commit, you are alway's on the hunt: then when I try to break
away, you come charging back...and I come running back it's ME as well.

R: That's our THING...isn't it? I thought it was...

B: And the adoption with Patterson thing, that I'm just now aware of . Did it ever occur to you to loop me in? didn't.

R: Tell me what you want, Boston. You never say what you WANT.

B: I don't have the faintest fucking idea. Anymore.

R: Figure it out, and let me know.

B: I'll be doing that from a distance. From Kimmy's.

R: If you go to Kimmy's...your key might not work...if you decide to come back-just sayin'.

B: So be it.


Patterson tells Stuart that she wants to introduce him to Bill Nye the Science Guy, and her Mom. She hopes that this
isn't being too pushy, too fast. Stuart is quick to respond that if that is what she wants, then fine. He'll approach his Mom
(who is widowed) about a meeting as well.

"I'm so glad you feel that way. Really, really. I thought-that you'd consider it too quick, or something."

"No worries. I LOVE Bill Nye the Science Guy; I'm sure I'll love Mrs. Bill Nye the Science Guy's wife just as much."

"Ha, ha, ha. How hilarious...really, that's kinda funny."

Stuart bows, indulgently.

"Hi, Dad...who else? You only have the ONE are ya?"

"I'm well, Pumpkin. Wrapped taping just a few minutes agao. It's great to hear from you."

"Thanks. Remember Stuart? I want you and Mom to meet him. maybe you can bring her the next time you're in the area.

"I'll tell her. She can probably make time. Especially to meet the Guy our only Daughter is so enamored with. I'll get back
to you with a tentative schedule."

***TASHA and EDGAR***

I want you to know something, he tells her at the kitchen table. I'M HERE, NO MATTER WHAT. No matter what happens to us.
You have me at your back.

"I've never worried about that for even a second. Even if you never say a word: I can see in your EYES, feel in your TOUCH what it
is you feel for me. There is NO No matter what happens to us- I don't accept that. You are MINE, and I 'm YOURS. ALWAYS-

"Right. Yes."

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[Pulses racing, darling
How grand we are
Little by little we meet in the middle
There's danger in the dark (It oughta be illegal)
Make it a crime to be out in the cold (It oughta be illegal)]

IT ISN'T RIGHT, Patterson tells herself. YOU LOVE STUART, AND HE LOVES least that what's you tell him.
Are you REALLY doing this? Roman will be here in twenty minutes. CALL HIM-tell him that you can't do this anymore-
that both of you should just STOP THIS, and do the right thing, oh shit!...thre he FIRM...say NO...

YES, OH YES!, she cries...he vibrtaes his limber tongue against her painfully-erect clit...the ball of his thumb rubs against it,
in between licks...his wet middle finger revolves teasingling about in herrectum, heigthening and enhancing her
the time he mounts her, her vagina is dripping like a broken faucet...she's ashamed, exhilarated, remorseful, and "high" on sex:
Lord help her-particularly the forbidden aspect of the sex act...

After he finishes delivering his seed onto her belly and thighs, careful to avoid her groin area, he rolls off of her and to one side,
breathing like a man wh has just completed a 26 mile marathon.

[And we got nothing to be guilty of
Our love will climb any mountain near or far, we are
And we never let it end]

BUT THEY DO HAVE SOMETHING TO BE GUILTY OF OF, she and Roman...Stuart and Briana don't deserve
this; her nerves, her concience...they don't either...

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Patty_cake134: U up, handsome?

RB906: Yeh

Patty_cake134: We can't do this anymore

RB906: i know-slept on the sofa-Brianna hada fit

Patty_cake134: ???

RB906: smelled u on me

Patty_cake134: we're gonna get caught...and it's not cool

RB906: why...sumpin happen?

Patty_cake134: stuart wanted sum-said i'm 2 tired

Patty_cake134: 💀...really, REALLY

RB906: yeh, you're 👍

Patty_134: sooo-that's it?

RB906: i think it has to be

Patty_cake134: 'k...g-night

RB906: see ya


In the shower (together), Tasha tells Edgar that she has a really nice surprise for him. She is sure that he'll
be thrilled. She's grinning like the cat who drank up all of the cream, and so he doesn't 'steal her joy' by
saying what he suspects: that their attempts at getting pregnant have been successful-he'll let her have her

"I can't wait!" she gushes. "FELICIDADES, "PAPA"!! Vamos a tener un bebé! Wooo-HOO!"

"Muy buen trabajo, Agente...MUY BIEN!"

"Pensaba en ir al 'OB' para verificar...tengo cita para el mediodia."


Dressed and having breakfasted (both are too excited for more than coffee and a danish), they head to the
office, taking Tasha's BMW this time. They discuss whether to read the rest of the team in if the test is
positive, as they suspect that it will be. Reade says he will verify the Agency policy just to be certain
that there are no landmines re their relationship (which is a non-secret-pregnancy might change that).

At 1120am Tasha departs for the OBGYN.

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Patterson has one eye on her computer screen one eye on the clock; Tasha Zapata should be arriving soon
from her OBGYN appointment. As far as the Blonde expert coder is concerned, the best possible news is that her
Friend IS in fact expecting a little READE. She herself would love to be a Mother-someday...her rather...convoluted
personal situation will need to get resolved.

---THE NEWS!---

From her workstation telephone, Zapata phones Brianna-Reade is out of the office (meeting with Jake Keaton (CIA)
and Nas Kamal. She then texts Reade to find out his status:

Tasha: Pa

Edgar: 'Sup-just finished-I'm enroute

T: Hurry back...good news

E: 🤰 good?

T: woo-HOO!

E: ETA 30...💓 u

T: there it is. 💓 u

From the lobby at the the NYO, Reade texts that he's a few minutes away.

Zapata hurries down to his office; he steps out of the elevator as he enters his office. Patterson, at her work station, feels
her heart-rate increase-she spots Reade come into the common area. She tries to calm herself; her favorite couple will
be along soon to give her the news personally.

Reade tears up (just a LITTLE) while staring at the square of paper in his hand...his baby's ULTRA-SOUND. "Lo hicimos." (We
did it).

"Si. (Yes) I'm the happiest I've ever been, the happiest I can even imagine being. Your love did that. She moves closer, stands
on tip-toe to hug and kiss him. "Tell the Team?"

Reade agrees, and within a minute they've gathered their Team in the lab for the announcement. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" Patterson
help herself. The couple collect hugs, kisses, and congratulations from the core CIRG Group members. Weller is "stoically-
thrilled"; Jane, Patterson, and Brianna let the tears flow freely.

Tasha beams at Edgar. "Padres de Familia." (Parents)

He repeats "Padres de Familia."