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Don't Get Caught

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Chapter one

For as long as they could remember, they were told to stay in the shadows, to not let anyone see them or know what they were. If they were to be found out, they would be enslaved.

Dean, his twin sister, and little brother were always told to stay behind and what to do if their father never came back. Dean always took care of them, made sure they had food, water, and a dry place to sleep. He knew if they were caught, it would be bad. They were Omegas.

Omegas were kept as slaves. They were bound to their masters in every way possible, a mating bite, marriage, and a literal leash. Some weren't as strict. If your family could find an Alpha for you, it was fine if that would happen, but if they couldn't, you were required to hand them over. You would get paid, of course, for your cooperation.

The Omegas were rare and in short supply, so a law was passed to make sure that families would be able to carry on and not die out.

Most Omegas now were male, there were a few that were female, but most were Betas. It was the males that everyone wanted, they were more fertile than the females.

Their whole lives they prayed they would be Betas or Alphas. They didn't want to be Omegas. Being one scared them more than anything. At fourteen, the twins presented as Omega and John hatched a plan. There was no way he was going to sell his children. They were the only thing he had left that reminded him of his wife.

John had been gone for a week, and they were running low on food, they had plenty of water. Dean sighed, looking around, they weren't able to leave the apartment, and there was no way they would survive if Dean didn't do something about the situation.

“Don't even think about it,” Hazel said, looking at her brother. She knew what he was thinking.

“I gotta get us food,” Dean said.

They were eighteen and could get by, but Sammy, he was only fourteen and newly presented as an Omega. They had tried their best to hide his scent while their father was away, but there was only so much they could do to hide the scent of his heat.

Hazel was looking out the window when she saw the van coming down the street, Omega catchers, she grabbed the go-bag and helped her little brother up.

Dean came out of the bathroom, spotting his sister moving around quickly. He grabbed Sam, and they ran out the door.

Heading out back when they heard a neighbor telling the catchers which way they were going.

“Just leave me,” Sam said. The wind was cold on his skin. The fever had set in, he knew there was no way that the three of them were going to outrun the catchers with him in heat.

“No, no way,” Dean said, hosting Sam up more.

“Dean, you and Haze will find me, but you gotta get somewhere, find dad,” Sam said.

“There they are!” the man yelled.

“Go,” Sam yelled, pulling away from Dean.

Not wanting to be caught himself, Dean listened to Sam and took off after his sister, looking back to see the catchers collaring Sam who wasn't fighting.

The other two ran after Dean and Hazel, who had tears streaming down her face. Their baby brother was about to be subjected to the horrors they swore he would never have to face.

They finally found a place to stop, hearts pounding, they were out of breath. They were further into the woods then they would like to be, but they didn't have a choice. The catcher had finally given up, not being able to smell them had helped mask their scents as much as possible.

It was an old run-down cabin in the woods, no one had used it in years. The weeds were overgrown, the windows were filthy. They could smell the rain coming, they needed to get inside and fast.

Dean picked the lock while Hazel was on lookout duty, she was crying silently, not wanting to draw attention to where they were. The lock finally clicked, and the door opened. They were careful walking in; ever since the law went into effect, people had set traps to catch fugitive Omegas. Luckily this place didn't have any, and they were in the clear for a few days.

Dean grabbed Hazel and pulled her into a hug, they both shook crying for their little brother and their missing father. They knew that anyone caught harboring Omegas were sent to prison for five years.

“Okay, you grabbed the food?” Dean asked.

“Yeah,” she said, opening the bag.

Dean looked over how much food and fresh water they had. It was more than enough for the two of them. He sighed, thinking about Sam, hoping because he was still young, they would be kind to him.

They talked about heading back into town to see if they could find some info on their dad, but they didn't know who they could trust. They slept in shifts making sure no one followed them.


Sam didn't put up a fight when they placed him in the back of the van inside a cage, they locked it with a padlock, he scoffed he could pick that no problem. He looked around the van. There were two more cages, both had a person in it. They weren't much older than Sam, they looked terrified. The catcher had attached a leash to the collar and looped it through a ring attached to the roof.

“It's going to be okay,” Sam said, trying to comfort the small blonde boy who was crying.

Sam tried to tug on the leash to see if it would come loose, it didn't budge. A wave of heat hit Sam, he groaned and sat back. The road was smooth for most of the ride, they went over train tracks a few times, Sam could tell by the way the van bounced up and down.

The boy was crying. Still, Sam looked at him; he only hoped that his siblings got somewhere safe.

“What is your name?” Sam asked.

The boy sniffed and shook his head.

“I'm Sam.”

He looked to his right, there was a blonde girl in there, he asked her name this time the girl gave it up. Her name was Jess.

“Don't worry, we will be okay,” Sam said.

“You don't know that,” the boy said.

“I do, my brother and sister will find us,” Sam said.

“I hope they aren't Omegas because if they are, we are screwed,” Jess said.
Sam shook his head he knew they wouldn't let anything happen to him, he knew they would come no matter how long it took.

The van came to a halt, launching them forward in their cages. They all groaned as they hit the metal. The back door opened, the man who collared Sam smiled at him as he untied the leash and gave it a tug, pulling Sam, so his face was smashed against the door of the cage.

“Tell me where the others went,” he snarled in Sam's face.

“Why would I tell you that?” Sam asked, smiling, relieved that they weren't caught.

The man let go of the leash, unlocked the door, he pulled Sam out rougher than he really needed to. Sam could feel the slick running down his leg, his heat was getting into the thick of it. A few more days and it would be over.

The other boy whimpered when they pulled him from the cage, the man just picked him up and set him on the ground.

“Stop fighting, Alfie. You are only going to make it worse,” the man said.

Alfie continued to cry. He moved behind Sam, so they were in a line. Jess kicked the man. They bound her ankles.

Sam looked around there was a large building in front of them made of concrete with razor wire atop of the high walls. He sighed. There was no way they could get into this building and get him out; hopefully, they would find him if he was picked by an Alpha.

They pulled the leash like a dog leading them into the building.

Sam was right. It was, at one point, a prison. There was bullet-resistant glass around a desk. It was old and cloudy, cameras everywhere. They all had badges that unlocked the door.

“Two males, one female,” the man said.

“Thanks, Roy. I can take it from here,” another man said, taking the leashes.

“Sure thing Roger,” Roy said, leaving, no doubt, to find more Omegas.

Now Sam had names, and he was good with names, he just needed last names, when he got out, he would hunt these assholes down. He was trying to keep his emotional side in check. It was hard but he was doing it like their father had taught them. Just because they were Omegas doesn't mean they can't keep a level head in a stressful situation.

They were lead further into the building to a bathroom. People were standing around looking at the Omegas that kept their gaze downcasted to the ground while they were poked and prodded made them turn so they could be inspected. Making sure that they are “good stock” as they put it.
Sam was watching what was going on. He refused to look down. He wasn't someone's slave just because he could carry pups.

He spotted a short man, with golden hair he was whispering to another man who was taller with dark, messy hair, the shorter man looked at Sam and smiled.

“I'll take that one,” the man said.

“You can't. He hasn't been processed,” Roger said,

“Then process him, I'll still take him,” the man said.

The taller man pulled him off to the side and whispered something in his ear.

“Don't worry,” the short man said.

Roger took Sam to a separate room. It looked like the doctor's office. There was an exam table, and one of those metal trays that held medical equipment. The walls were white with a white divider up to resemble some sense of privacy.

“Get undress, the doc will be in,” Roger said, tying Sam to a ring.

Sam looked at the man like he was crazy, there was no way he was going to be poked and prodded at. He stood there looking at the guy. The man pulled on the leash, yanking Sam's head down.

“I said get undressed, bitch,” Roger repeated.

Sam, defiant as ever, made no move to do as he was told, the man let out an annoyed breath as he grabbed the scissors and started toward Sam. He grabbed Rogers wrist and twisted, he dropped the scissors, screaming when Sam didn't let go. He wasn't that big yet, but he still could fight, their dad taught them self defense.

Roger tried to get the upper hand, by flipping Sam, so his back was to his chest, Sam used his legs to flip himself over, the heat swept through him, he ignored it the best he could. Wrapping the leash around Roger's neck.

“You will leave me alone,” Sam bit out.

Roger let out a choked sound and nodded, Sam let go Roger ran from the room. Sam didn't know what was going to come from attacking a catcher, and he didn't care. He wasn't going without a fight every step of the way.

The short man that said he wanted Sam walked in with a big smile on his face, the doctor right behind him.

“I need to examine you,” the doctor said.

“Bull shit, it's my first heat, I haven't had sex, and I am clearly an Omega,” Sam said.

“Do you have a name?” the doctor asked.

“Sam,” he said.

“Okay, Sam, I'm Gabriel. Will you come with me?” he asked, holding his hands up and moving slowly towards the leash.

“If you take this stupid collar off me,” Sam said.

“Okay,” he replied, removing the collar from around Sam's throat.

Sam rubbed it, looking for an exit, there was no way he was getting out. They asked more questions, they wanted to know where his brother and sister went and how they could find them that it was for their safety. He said nothing about them or where they might have gone. They won't send him to prison. He was special.