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Falling For You

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"Miss Star?" Asked a voice.

Idris jumped. She'd been looking out of the window, at the drizzly Monday morning. It was supposed to be Autumn, so she'd instructed her year 7s to paint a tree with a Fall theme.

Some of them had their phones out, which they weren't strictly allowed to, but Idris knew that sometimes rules were made to be bent.

"Yes?" She enquired, turning her attention to a small 11 year old girl, with pigtails and glasses. Her name was Lucia.

"I've finished my painting." Lucia blinked owlishly.

"Alright, well put it on the rack to dry, and put your paint pots and brushes in the sink."

The girl nodded, and did so.

Idris sighed, and gazed outside. She loved September, October, November, and December... The only thing was that she wished that she had a special someone to share it with.

Of course, she'd had a fair few relationships, but they'd never been really serious, apart from that one girl in uni.

The lesson finished, so Idris dismissed her class.

When they'd all rushed off for their first break, Idris tidied the classroom. It was messy, but she loved it, and loved her job. Some of her ex students had gone on to be successful artists, and whenever Idris heard that they had an exhibition on somewhere, she always made an effort to visit them, and find those that she'd taught and offer them her most sincere congratulations.

Idris made her way into the staffroom, and made herself a coffee.

After that, she found a quiet spot, and pulled out her phone from her favourite pair of dried-paint stained jeans, and sat down to listen to a Jane Austen novel read by an actress she liked.

Alas, Idris did not hear the other teachers gossiping about the new English teacher that was about to start working with them...