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You're Already Addicted To Me

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“Alpha, fuck me alpha!”


“You feel so good around my cock, baby. I’m gonna breed you so good.”


“Alpha, please fuck me!”


“I am fucking you, precious-”


“Fuck me alpha! Fuck me Hoseokie-hyung please!”


Hoseok woke up with a gasp. The voice in his dream sounded an awful lot like Namjoon, but that couldn’t be right. Namjoon was his brother--


“Alpha!” The voice echoed in his head again. This time he was sure it was Namjoon. Just as quickly as the thought materialized though, he shook his head and banished it to the back of his mind.


“Okay,” he mumbled, “okay, I’m hearing things.” He yawned and rubbed his eyes, only to be surprised when his fingers brushed against sweaty bangs. In his half asleep state, it didn’t quite register what was going on with him until he sat up and moaned in bewilderment when his achingly hard cock strained against the front of his boxer briefs. Hoseok then immediately knew what that meant. “I-I’m in rut. Oh my God, this can’t be happening now.” He flopped back against his pillows with a groan.


Hoseok came from a long line of pure alphas, which meant, among other things, that his sense of smell was heightened on a normal day. When he was in rut, he could smell an omega five miles away - or at least, it sure as hell felt like it. And both of his omega brothers, Namjoon and Yoongi, just happened to choose that very week to come home for a visit, so yeah, it was the worst possible timing for his rut to happen. His brothers were both currently sleeping in their old rooms on either side of his, which sent his alpha instincts into overdrive.


But they were his brothers. Hoseok was sure he could control himself, even though incest was encouraged in some families, as it kept bloodlines pure. Hoseok’s father neither encouraged nor forbade it, but he could tell from his father’s demeanor whenever he talked about it that he didn’t really approve. Being alone during his rut was a torture he wouldn’t wish on his worst enemy, though. He just didn’t know what to do. ‘Maybe they want it… I know I do...’


“No.” He groaned. With these thoughts weighing heavily on his mind, he settled back in and buried his face in his pillow so that he could hopefully drown out the omegas’ scents and get some more sleep.




The next time Hoseok woke up, it was thankfully at a more decent hour. The sun was streaming in through his blinds, and he could hear movement elsewhere in the house. He’d rolled over onto his stomach in his sleep, so his still painful erection was pressing against the mattress. Almost without thinking, he started rutting his hips in a quick rhythm, sweat making his nearly naked body stick to the sheets as he moaned into his pillow. He came embarrassingly quickly, but he didn’t think anything of it; he was a single alpha without an omega to spend his rut with, so he could cum as often and in as many places in his room as he wanted to.


He also needed to calm himself down a little before facing his brothers.


After changing his sheets, taking a quick shower, and putting on some sweatpants and an old t-shirt, Hoseok made his way into the kitchen, intent on gathering enough food and water to stockpile in his room for the next week until his rut was over. He planned on doing it quickly before he popped an embarrassing boner. What he didn’t plan for was seeing his older brother Yoongi standing at the stove and wearing a white long sleeved t-shirt with no pants, so his blue panties and pale, bare legs were clearly visible under the hem of his shirt. Before he could react, though, Yoongi looked up from whatever he was cooking and met the younger’s eyes.


“Oh, good morning Hoseok-ah!” Yoongi gestured to the coffeemaker with his free hand. “There’s about half a pot left, if you want some.”


Hoseok grunted in affirmation, not trusting his voice, and clenched his jaw as he stepped further into the kitchen. His nostrils flared when Yoongi’s natural scent of peaches and vanilla filled his senses, and he choked on a barely concealed moan as he poured a mug of coffee and promptly downed half of it, the bitter taste of it bringing him back to his senses. He cleared his throat and murmured a quick “thanks hyung” before downing the rest and turning around, only to nearly bump into Namjoon.


“Ah, sorry hyung!” The younger smiled, adorable dimples on full display, as he sidestepped to avoid colliding with his brother. “I didn’t mean to bump you.”


“It’s okay, you’re okay, I need to-”


“Are you okay?” Yoongi asked gently, making sure to turn off the burner before making his way over to the alpha. It wasn’t until he was right in front of him that he smelled Hoseok’s rut scent. He stopped short and his pupils dilated, and he gasped softly. “Y-you’re…”


Yoongi didn’t get a chance to finish his sentence because Hoseok bolted out of the kitchen. By the time he got back to his room and shut the door, he’d broken out into a full-body sweat and his cock was rock hard. He groaned as he shoved his pants down around his thighs, not even waiting for them to hit the ground before he wrapped his fist around his throbbing shaft, feeling his knot already swelling as he smeared precum over it and squeezed as hard as he could, the action knocking the breath from his lungs. “Omega…” he growled lowly as he stroked himself to completion.


In the kitchen, Yoongi was standing with his eyes wide and nostrils flared. Namjoon had caught a whiff of Hoseok’s scent when he ran by, but he wasn’t affected by it like the older omega was. “Hyung?” he asked softly. “Are you okay?”


“I’m…” Yoongi gulped and blinked a few times. “Yeah, I’m fine. I just haven’t smelled an alpha in rut in close proximity like that since I was with Chanyeol two years ago. It’s… a lot.”


“He’s in rut?” Namjoon asked, trying to stay quiet.


“Yeah, and he smells so good Joon-ah…” Yoongi sighed and looked longingly down the hallway.


Namjoon scratched the back of his neck. “I wouldn’t know the difference.” He paused and shifted his weight from one foot to the other. “I’ve actually never been with an alpha before. I… haven’t found the right one.”


Yoongi smiled as the younger’s words brought him out of his reverie. “Aww Joonie, so sweet.” Yoongi had to get up on his tiptoes to ruffle the younger’s hair, but it was worth it when his cheeks reddened and he giggled quietly. Then Yoongi smiled softly. “You’ll find the right one, I’m sure of it.”


“Thanks, hyung.” Namjoon poured himself a cup of coffee and perched on one of the bar stools, humming a tune softly to himself while he watched his brother resume cooking.


“Anytime, Joon.” Yoongi tried to pay attention to what he was doing - luckily it was a recipe he’d made many times before - but all the while, he couldn’t stop thinking about Hoseok.




It ended up being a couple of hours, long after breakfast was over and the dishes had been washed, dried, and put away, when Hoseok emerged again. His hair was a disheveled mess, and his dick made an obvious tent in the front of his boxers. But he couldn’t find it in himself to care how he looked when his throat was dry and his stomach was growling. Yoongi and Namjoon were in the living room watching some action movie that neither of them were fully paying attention to because of their concern for their brother, so they leapt off of the couch and went to join him in the kitchen the second they heard him in there.


“Hi, hyung!” Namjoon said perhaps a bit too brightly, because Hoseok jumped.


But he didn’t jump out of surprise; he jumped because the omegas’ scents hit him so hard it made his sensitive cock twitch. “H-hi. I’m just getting some food, my rut will last for about a week so I won’t see you much sorry!” He spoke in a rush as he stuffed water bottles, some fruits and vegetables, and whatever other food he could reach into his backpack that he had on the counter.


“Hoseok-ah.” Yoongi’s voice was soft as he lay a hand on Hoseok’s bicep, flinching from how warm his skin was, but he stood his ground. Hoseok stopped moving and his pupils were blown wide as he looked at Yoongi. “Do you want us to-”


“I know what you’re going to say, and we can’t.” Hoseok shook his head, but he didn’t shake his brother’s hand off. “I know it’s not as taboo as it used to be, but what would dad think?” He zipped his backpack closed, signaling that he was finished talking. Yoongi’s hand dropped as Hoseok shouldered his backpack and stormed out of the room.


Yoongi sighed and rubbed his temples to clear his head, his omega instincts rearing their head the longer he was in close proximity to the alpha. He never told anyone, but the entire reason he’d dated Chanyeol was because he reminded him so much of Hoseok. Yoongi had loved Hoseok more than a brother should for years, but of course he never admitted it out loud, for fear of what their father would think.


Yoongi ran after Hoseok, determined not to let this slide, and placed his hand on his arm again to stop him from going into his room. “We’re all adults, Hoseok-ah. Joon-ah and I both respect you, since you’re the alpha. But please don’t worry so much, okay?” He punctuated his statement with a kiss pressed to Hoseok’s sweaty forehead and nodded firmly. 


“But we’re brothers.” Hoseok sighed frustratedly and dropped his backpack next to his desk. “But even if we weren’t, I don’t want to make you do something you don’t want to do.” He moved to close his door, but Yoongi jammed his foot into the doorway to stop him.


“You wouldn’t be.” He raked his fingers through his hair and tugged lightly on the strands. “Just. Don’t suffer, okay Hoseok-ah? I don’t want that for you. I don’t want you to worry about anything.” He hoped Hoseok caught the meaning behind his words as he moved his foot and quietly closed the door.


Hoseok wasn’t the only one feeling conflicted. Namjoon was standing in the kitchen having a silent debate with himself. Maybe Hoseok was the alpha for him? None of the ones he ever dated felt like the one he was supposed to be with. ‘But… he’s my brother… surely that can’t be right… but is him being in rut a sign?’ He groaned in frustration and went back to the living room.


Yoongi waited outside Hoseok’s door, hopeful that his younger brother would open it any second and invite him inside.


It took Hoseok exactly ten seconds after the door closed for him to open it again, gripping the doorknob tightly as he stared at Yoongi with lust in his eyes. “Come in.” His voice was pitched lower and held an air of authority that Yoongi hadn’t heard since he was with Chanyeol but recognized immediately. The older cautiously stepped into the room, and Hoseok closed the door behind him. He paced back and forth, Yoongi watching him silently. The younger stopped in front of him abruptly. “Are you sure, hyung?” His hands were shaking, and his cock hung hard and heavy between his legs, concealed only by his boxers. Yoongi really tried hard not to look.  “Are you sure I wouldn’t be… forcing you?”


“Seok-ah.” Yoongi’s voice was soft and surprisingly stable. “You would not be forcing me, I promise. I…” He paused. Now was as good a time as ever to confess, he supposed. “I’ve had feelings for you for years. I haven’t told you because I didn’t think dad would approve, and I thought you shared the-”


“Wait.” Hoseok interrupted him, his eyes wide. “You… have?” Was he hearing right? He pinched himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming, hard enough to make him yelp, and Yoongi laughed quietly.


“Yeah Hoseok-ah.” He took the younger’s hand in his and squeezed it gently. “Ever since I was a teenager.”


Hoseok’s mind was reeling. He stared open-mouthed at his brother for what felt like hours while he tried to process this information and sort out his own feelings. If he really got down to it and stripped away the fear of judgment for doing something wrong, then maybe he felt similarly for Yoongi. For both of his brothers. The thought made heat rush to his cheeks so quickly that he felt light-headed and had to sit on the edge of the bed.


Yoongi knelt in front of him, still holding his hand, and looked endearingly up into his eyes. “If I thought you were forcing me into anything, I would have left by now.” He smiled softly. “If you don’t feel the same way I don’t want to make you feel awkward…”


Hoseok actually laughed for the first time all day when Yoongi said that, and he smoothly slid onto his knees so his eyes were level with the older’s. “Hyung no, I love you too.” When he said the words out loud, it somehow made him more aware of his need to knot and breed an omega.. Hoseok was so focused on keeping his thoughts at bay and digging his nails into his palm in an attempt to hold himself back, that he didn’t notice when his thick thighs caged one of Yoongi’s slimmer ones and his hips rolled so that his clothed cock rutted against Yoongi’s thigh.


Yoongi noticed about a half a second before Hoseok did, and their eyes met. The omega’s mind was hazy due to the close proximity to the alpha’s strong scent of cinnamon and chai and alpha in rut , but he still managed to say shakily “Can’t control yourself around me, huh?” His pussy was leaking so much slick it made his thin panties stick uncomfortably to his folds, so he spread his legs a little in an attempt to relieve some of the pressure it caused.


When he met Hoseok’s eyes again, he gasped quietly because the alpha looked different . His pupils were blown so wide his irises weren’t visible, his eyes were bloodshot, and he was snarling ever so slightly. A growl rumbled deep in his chest, and Yoongi felt a chill run up his spine. He knew that Hoseok was going to give in to his alpha instincts soon, so he spoke quickly. “You can fuck me Hoseok, it’s okay. I want you to. Do you understand me?”


“Omega…” he growled, almost gone from the way Yoongi’s scent flooded his senses. “Y-yes. I understand.” The words were hard for Hoseok to say, but on some level, he knew it was important for him to say them, so he did his best. Yoongi heard him though, and before either of them could think, their lips met in a heated, filthy kiss. Yoongi sucked on the alpha’s tongue as he dug his nails into the omega’s scent glands, making them leak just a little oil, and in the next instant Hoseok was burying his face in Yoongi’s neck to lick it up and nibble on the sensitive skin. 


Yoongi immediately tilted his head back in submission, a soft, high whine tumbling from his kiss-swollen lips as his hips canted forward in search of friction on his wet pussy. At the same time, he shoved his hand rather unceremoniously into the front of Hoseok’s boxers to stroke his cock, moaning when he felt how hot and heavy his cock was in his loose grip. “Can’t wait t’feel you,” he slurred, “gonna feel s’good…” He groaned when he squeezed Hoseok’s knot and felt him growl against his neck, an airy chuckle leaving his lips. 


“Yeah?” Hoseok growled into his neck. “Want your little brother to fuck you like a good little breeding bitch?”


“Yes yes please!” Yoongi’s desperation was growing, and Hoseok’s cock was twitching in his grip with every little sound the omega made. Yoongi wanted to suck his brother’s cock, to tease him and make him cum down his throat, but clearly the alpha had other plans. He was crowding Yoongi more and more, grunting lowly and gripping his hips to get him to move. Yoongi’s mind was cloudy, but his omega instincts were still screaming at him to present for his alpha, so that’s what he did. He stumbled and nearly tripped over his pants in his haste, but Hoseok helped him, and they maneuvered so that they were right in the middle of the floor and Yoongi was on his knees with a pillow under his head while he gripped his slick ass cheeks and spread himself. “Seok-ah m’yours…” He said deliriously, and briefly wondered if Hoseok’s rut was triggering a premature heat.


He didn’t have much time to think on it though, since Hoseok lined up with the older’s pussy murmured “That’s fucking right, you’re mine, my omega, mine…” He trailed off when the head of his cock was engulfed in Yoongi’s wetness as the omega arched his back, and his hips snapped forward without any more warning or preamble, instantly burying himself to the hilt. They groaned simultaneously, and Hoseok dug his fingers into Yoongi’s hips bruisingly tight to make sure he didn’t move before he was ready.


“Seok-ah,” Yoongi moaned, “good.. S-so good- you can move, it’s okay- aah!” Hoseok started up a brutal rhythm before Yoongi even finished speaking, panting and growling each time his hips slapped against Yoongi’s.


Even in the omega’s hormone-muddled state of mind, he was amazed at how Hoseok’s cock fit and stretched him perfectly, and how the alpha seemed to find his g-spot almost immediately. He was out of his mind with pleasure, and all he could do was moan helplessly and drool onto the pillow under his face as Hoseok pounded mercilessly into him. His hands fell from his ass and laid limp at his sides, but the alpha didn’t need him to spread himself anymore.


Hoseok was completely lost in his lust; Yoongi’s tight pussy felt like heaven to him, and the omega’s scent clogged every one of his senses and drove him further towards his release. He would have given anything for it to last longer, but with the way his knot was nearly swelled to full size already, that wasn’t possible. Yoongi, meanwhile, came without any warning just then and squirted all over his thighs and the floor underneath him. Hoseok growled ferally and started fuckign Yoongi so hard he started to slide across the carpet, so the alpha dug his nails into the omega’s thighs to keep him still.


“My omega mine, gonna breed you so full, mine-” Hoseok wasn’t sure if he was making sense, but he had to let Yoongi know his intentions somehow.


“Do it,” Yoongi muttered hoarsely, “breed me alpha!!”


That was all it took to send Hoseok hurdling over the edge. He thrusted hard one last time before his knot locked him inside of Yoongi, and he let out a choked moan as he started cumming. His whole body shook with the effort of staying upright, because he was still aware of the fact that he came so much during a rut that Yoongi’s stomach was going to swell with it, and he didn’t want him lying on it, for more than one reason.


Yoongi could only whine and try to stay perfectly still as he tried to catch his breath. The building pressure in his stomach made it harder to breathe, but he couldn’t bring himself to move to get more comfortable. He shifted a little and his hand brushed against the side of his stomach, and curiously, he looked down, only to moan at the sight. His stomach was rounded from the amount of cum Hoseok was pumping into him. “Full… s’good…” he said deliriously.


“Yeah that’s right.” Hoseok’s voice was low and rumbled deep in his chest as he draped himself over Yoongi’s back and nosed at his oily scent gland. “Taking my cum so well, omega. Gonna get you pregnant.” An image flashed in Hoseok’s mind of Yoongi with his belly round and swollen with his pups, his tits swollen with milk, and his curves softened and rounded out. It made him kick his hips forward and another gush of cum add to the copious amount already inside him.


The omega moaned at the feeling, his eyes half closed. He could have fallen asleep right then and there, lulled by thoughts of carrying his brother’s pups. Said brother had different plans, though; he felt a sudden need to fulfill a very primal instinct that was very rarely talked about but, from what Hoseok did hear, made an alpha feel possessive over their omega nearly to the point of obsessiveness.


“Yoonie…” he started quietly, not wanting to startle the omega. 


“Hmm?” Yoongi hummed sleepily. “Everything okay Seok-ah?”


“Yes.” Hoseok smiled and kissed the back of his brother’s neck. “It’s just, ah, you know that very specific marking act that’s not commonly talked about?”


“Yeah- oh. OH.” Yoongi’s eyes widened in realization, and it took him mere seconds to put the pieces together. “You want to piss inside me.” It wasn’t a question, because Yoongi knew his brother, and he knew how adamant he could be when it came to some things.


“Yes. Is that okay?” Hoseok was sniffing and licking Yoongi’s scent gland, unable to resist the sweet oil it was leaking.


Yoongi moaned softly as the alpha’s warm breath ghosted over his neck, and after a few moments of thinking over how hot it would be for him to be claimed only by Hoseok for the rest of their lives, he nodded. “Y-yeah,” his voice cracked so he cleared his throat, “yes it’s okay. Mark me so I’ll be ruined for other alphas.”


Hoseok growled and bit down on Yoongi’s scent gland, not hard enough to leave a mark, as he kicked his hips forward again and started pissing, his cock still half-hard but his knot holding everything inside Yoongi as his hot piss mixed with his cum. “Fuck… Yoongi-yah…” he moaned, neither of them caring about honorifics when the full, bone-deep satisfaction they were both experiencing was so heady.


“Alpha… f-filling me up so good…” Yoongi’s whole body shook as he came a second time, his body twitching and shuddering as his walls clenched around Hoseok’s cock, milking every last drop of piss and cum from him that he could. “Want it all…” he murmured in his hazy, post-orgasmic state.


Hoseok, finally sated, gently held Yoongi as he rolled them both onto their sides, making sure he didn’t jostle the sensitive omega too much. Yoongi whined when Hoseok’s knot shifted inside him, but he sighed contentedly once they were settled. “That was good, Seok-ah.” Yoongi giggled breathily as he turned his head to meet the alpha’s eyes. Hoseok chuckled lowly and kissed the omega’s forehead.


“So how do I compare to Chanyeol?” the alpha asked cockily.


“Cha- oh, you heard me talking to Joon-ah, huh?” Yoongi blushed. “And how the last time I smelled an alpha’s rut smell was when I was with him?”


“Yep.” Hoseok smirked. “And since I’ve marked you now, I have to know.”


“Well…” Yoongi giggled again. “To be honest, you fucked me so much better than he ever could, even when he was in rut.”


“Good.” Hoseok kissed his cheek and murmured, “Because I’m not going to let you be fucked by any other alpha ever again.”


“Possessive much?” Yoongi raised an eyebrow and attempted to look dubious, but he secretly loved it.


“Maybe a little.” Hoseok blushed, and Yoongi had to strain a little to kiss both of his cheeks.


“Cute.” Yoongi grinned, showing his gums.


“Did you just call me cute after I fucked you and pissed inside you?” The alpha laughed heartily, throwing his head back but keeping his arms wrapped securely around his brother.


The omega rolled his eyes and slapped his thigh. “Don’t make fun of me, brat. You know how I am.”


Hoseok turned serious again and nodded. “I certainly do.” He tilted his head down until their lips met in a slow, sweet kiss. “I love you.”


“I love you too, Seok-ah.” They settled into a more comfortable position and talked quietly while they waited for Hoseok’s knot to deflate.


Meanwhile, Namjoon had heard the sounds of his brothers fucking and, after sticking his hand down his pants and rubbing his clit until he came messily, was unable to pinpoint his feelings about what he’d done but had a burning curiosity itching under his skin about what it would feel like to have his big brother’s cock stretching him out. But he had to wait for the right moment to talk to Hoseok about it.


The alpha’s rut would last a week, after all. That left plenty of time for so many things to happen.