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Like most dumb shit they do, it starts with Jimin’s lack of temper and Jeongguk’s penchant for making sure it stays extinct.

Or, in simpler words, it all starts with a bet. 

The event that led up to it is something appropriately idiotic:

Yesterday, Jimin dropped his mic during soundcheck and, like the natural order of anatomy goes, had to bend over to grab it. Dutifully, Jeongguk’s palm promptly collided with the easy victim Jimin’s ass was before slinking away like the happy carefree man he’s always been.

Jimin didn’t even flinch.

It wasn’t anything new to anyone; certainly not to him and definitely not to the fans witnessing it.

But when Jeongguk did it again, not half an hour later, he didn’t stop at making the skin of Jimin’s ass as red as possible. No.

Jeon Jeongguk slapped Jimin’s ass hard enough to have him stumbling forward and then he proceeded to grab a handful of his cheek and squeeze, fingers splayed and fucking digging.

Jimin yelped, a terrifying mix of mortification and panic turning him into a flustered mess. But he composed himself quickly, because he’s a professional above all else, and proceeded to punch a dent into Jeongguk’s upper arm with the sweetest smile on his face because fans were still watching. 

And Jeongguk knew he screwed up.

But for reasons unknown to Jimin, after the concert was done and they were all backstage tiredly berating him for the deed, Jeongguk found the situation nothing but amusing.

“I do that all the time,” Jeongguk reasoned, though he was more preoccupied with aiming his empty water bottle at the trash can than on his hyungs scolding him. “To all of you.” The bottle went in and Jeongguk gave a victorious fist pump.

Hoseok pinched the bridge of his nose. “Yeah. But I’m pretty sure you never jammed your fingers up the cleft of my ass.”

Jeongguk shrugged, going for another empty bottle. “We’ve done worse.”

Yoongi snatched the bottle from Jeongguk’s fingers only to point it at him threateningly. “That’s not the point. You need to tone it down or you’re gonna out yourselves at this rate. You can be gross together all you want, but not in public. We’re all trying to protect you here.”

Jeongguk rolled his eyes. “Like people are ever gonna stop calling our relationship brotherly. It’s frankly gross at this point and the least I can do is give them reasons not to.”

It was a worn-out debate.

Namjoon sighed, gesturing for everyone to go get changed. “Okay, whatever. We’re all too tired for this right now. Just be more careful, yeah? Please.”

Dismissed and left to his own devices, Jeongguk agreed happily.

That is until him and a pipping-red puffy-cheeked Jimin were back in their room, and his most-of-the-time sweet boyfriend erupted no sooner than the door closed behind them.

“What was that all about?” was demanded of Jeongguk in the most undignified of shrieks. And it was different from the dispute earlier. So different. Jimin actually wanted motives.

And still, in spite of it all, (mostly, the very real, very imminent danger), Jeongguk’s grin stretched to pointy ends, a comical villany image if Jimin weren’t fuming. “What was what now?” 

Jimin’s eyes did a brief routine – widening, squinting, narrowing, back to glaring. “In front of so many fans, Jeongguk? Really? I don’t even wanna check social media right now and you know I’m the biggest masochist.”

And at that, every will to be a dick about it sorta drained outta Jeongguk. With sagging shoulders, Jeongguk bypassed Jimin’s tense figure and let himself fall on the bed. “I think you’re all making a bigger deal out of it than it actually is. It doesn’t mean anything. We’re all dudes. We’re all close. We’re all gross.”  

“Yeah. Yeah, okay. Except. You know. You actually finger me on the regular?”

“I’m a great boyfriend, I know.”




“What do you want me to say? I can apologize for it, sure. But you know I wouldn’t even mean it. Why would I? I didn’t do anything wrong and I think you’re all overreacting.” And with that, arms were crossed and a cheek was protruded.

Jimin huffed and rolled his eyes so hard his head swayed at once with them. “Fine. It can be excused, fine. But it certainly doesn’t help the situation. That’s what this is about.”

Jeongguk bit at his cheek, a mellow annoyance spiking up. It was already late and frankly, he didn’t want to spend what little was left of the night arguing with Jimin. He looked at him and spread his legs, slapping his thighs to beckon him over. “Come here.”

Jimin didn’t.

Jeongguk sighed.

“Listen, I’ll tone it down. But I also think you should stop stressing about it. For fuck’s sake, Jimin-ah, I could be nibbling your ear on stage and fans would still say we’re just close. Pretty sure we’re safe forever. Unless, you know, you shove your tongue down my throat or something.”

“Or something,” Jimin muttered darkly.

And said annoyance flared up. “Why are you moping over it? You’re worrying for nothing and I don’t like it, Jimin-ah. Really. We’re alright. I bet you I could act how I feel like in public and everyone would still reject any notions of,” he squeaked his voice, “‘k-pop stars Park Jimin and Jeon Jeongguk gay for each other’.”

Jimin gasped. “You wouldn’t.”

Jeongguk laughed, but he also found Jimin’s reaction curious. He was way too uptight about it.

So Jeongguk did what he always does.

Pushed some more.

“Yeah? Bet you I could be kissing your neck in public and no one would blink an eye – oh wait. You already did that.”

“Jeongguk,” Jimin mewled.

“Bet you I could back hug you and we could slow dance in public and no one would – oh wait.” Jeongguk stopped and grinned.

Jimin was cornered, but when does he act like he actually is? “So? What’s your point? That we should go on until we out ourselves?” he fake-hissed, not nearly as responsible and as outraged as he would have liked to be.

Because Jeongguk knows Jimin – as he always likes to put it – in and out, and he can sniff a provoked Jimin from miles away.

Jeongguk stood up and advanced on Jimin. To his credit, Jimin didn’t flinch at the dangerous glint in Jeongguk’s eyes – the one he gets whenever he knows he sprouted an idea that will not end well, yet he does it anyway. No. Jimin only straightened his back and squared his shoulders.

Jeongguk stopped mere inches from Jimin and bopped his forehead just because. “I’ll make you a bet, Jimin-ssi. I’ll prove to you we can be as shameless as we want in public and it will change nothing. If I succeed, you promise to stop worrying and let me be the obnoxious love-sick puppy I want to be in public.”

Jimin tipped his chin haughtily. “And if not?”

Jeongguk shrugged, smoothly tucking Jimin’s hair behind his ear. “If not, I’ll behave. Promise.”

Jimin squinted at him, clearly trying to find the fault or scheming in his words. But Jeongguk only starred back head-on and transparent. Honest.

“And how do you suggest you prove that?” Jimin challenged, very much unnecessarily.

And Jeongguk began firing away. “We get 6 tries, 3 each. The goal is to be as shameless as possible in our public displays, but without actually, you know, outing ourselves. So, no kissing – I mean, no lip kissing, no hand holding, no dick touching – oh wait.” The grin again.

Jimin swatted at his chest. “Got it, asshole. Though moment of silence for being able to touch dicks, but holding hands makes us gay. Such an unfair world.”

“Biggest no homo.”

“It’s tragic, really.”

“So what do you say?”

Jimin itched out of his skin, was the problem. His competitive side was buzzing, wanting out, about to beat Jeongguk into submission already. “So you basically want us to out-gay each other.”

Jeongguk nodded solemnly. “Do your worst, Jimin-ssi.”

Jimin tried to be thoughtful about it, but he knew his face gave him away. Either way, Jeongguk would have been able to read him blind. He never steps down from a challenge.


“Okay, but,” Jimin pondered, “how do we measure the gay? We need an arbitrary.”

“The managers,” Jeongguk was fast to suggest. “So, if any of our actions result into one of those god awful meetings with the whole management staff,” he paused for effect. “You win.”

Jimin’s pupils blew wide at the magic words. “Like the one we got after the ‘what’s tasty in Busan’ incident?”

Jeongguk smiled like the spider that caught the fly. “Precisely like the one after the ‘what’s tasty in Busan’ incident.”

Jimin swallowed and Jeongguk knew it was done. “Okay,” Jimin nodded slowly. “Okay. So I just have to top you talking about my ass publicly. Okay.”

Jeongguk held out his hand. “Deal?”

Jimin clasped it in a bone-crushing grip. “Deal.”







So that’s why 11 a.m. finds Jimin sitting in front of the vanity mirror, pinching the skin of his neck raw.

Because he never loses.

And don’t get him wrong, Jimin is still at a crossroads. Because on one side, there’s still his responsible side, his cautious side, the reputation that he still needs to uphold to some degree. Fans call him shameless all the time, but that’s because he tends to make blowjob jokes and grind on air at any given time, not because he’s about to walk through a pap-filled airport with a fake hickey on his neck.

But on the other side, Jimin never loses. Certainly not to Jeongguk’s chiseled face. Because Jeongguk usually lets him win at whatever dumb games they’re playing with the group, but it’s different this time around. This is personal. It’s one on one. It’s mano a mano. It’s every man for himself.

So Jimin rubs at the skin harder. It’s a risky move, he won’t lie, but that’s what he needs to do to get this over with. They’ve had hickey tabloids before, but never serious, never dangerous enough that managers had to pull them aside.

But if there’s one thing Jimin never does is half-ass things and he’ll be damned if he wouldn’t give himself a hickey if he could. The skin is already pink and sore, but Jimin knows it’s gonna fade within the hour. So he rubs harsher.

A red mark on the neck doesn’t say much if it doesn’t come with a story.

So Jimin made himself a walking story.

He’s wearing the tightest pair of pants Yoongi owns – something that he wasn’t really able to do until recently. Even so, the meat of his thighs and ass is thoroughly squeezed, perfectly spelling out: I-can’t-breathe, but I-know-lesbians-wanna-fuck-me-so-it’s-worth-it. In other words, Jimin needs to ooze sex-appeal.

Draped over them, it goes without saying that Jimin has to wear a clothing item that belongs to his not-so-secret-lover. He’s wearing one of Jeongguk’s oversized sacks that he likes to call sweatshirts. It’s mauve and Jimin can fit another Jimin in there. It’s perfect.

And the true cherry on top, there it is, the fake hickey is displayed proudly on the bare expanse of Jimin’s neck. It’s a masterpiece.

Jimin smiles to himself and it’s in that moment that he sees Jeongguk’s reflection walk in. He’s looking down at his phone, mouth opening to probably patiently tell Jimin that they’re already late, but when his eyes find Jimin’s in the mirror, he does a double take.

Jimin stands up, facing him and posing for him with the most satisfied of grins as Jeongguk takes him in head to toe.

But instead of the expected impressed whistle, Jeongguk proceeds to burst into a ruckus of a laughter. “But why do you look like a blueberry impaled on two toothpicks.”

Jimin’s face falls. He points aggressively to his neck.

Jeongguk squints at the abused skin. “Is that a mosquito bite on your neck?”

Jimin huffs and stomps a foot. “It’s a hickey.”

Jeongguk squints some more, until he clearly can’t possibly see anything anymore. “I doubt I did such a shit job – “

“I did it, you idiot. See how we come alive out of this one.”

To Jimin’s chagrin, Jeongguk’s expression twists into worry, all humor gone in a puff. “Jimin. That’ll affect you, not us. Who knows what story they’ll come up with – “

“I’m wearing your shirt,” Jimin counters immediately, trying to keep his whining at bay. It’s a great idea; his boyfriend should give more credit. Praise him, dammit.

“You’re always wearing my shirt,” Jeongguk only throws back exasperated.

Jimin’s speechless, so he just shrugs, sweater dropping off one shoulder. “It’s in the energy of the outfit. This is clearly a post-coital glow. I look great, I’m confident in my body, I’m proud of my hickey, and I look fucked out and satiated.” 

“That’s because you are fucked out and satiated.”

Jimin makes to argue, but he comes out empty. “Exactly. You’ve already helped out greatly. Now let’s go and let the masses skin us alive.”

Jimin leaves, but Jeongguk can’t help but linger back for just a second. Maybe the bet was stupid, maybe he just forced Jimin into endangering his own image for something childish. Because there’s no way this will end well.






It didn’t end well.

But not in ways they would have expected it to, so Jeongguk at least, is relieved.  

Sejin had looked weirdly at Jimin, eyeing the ugly splotch on his neck confused. But as soon as they were back in the safety of their car, he searched through his bag of Everything and pulled out a cream. Gave it to Jimin, no refusals allowed, and said, “Be more careful next time. Shaving can be dangerous.”

Jimin had stared at the cream quietly outraged, but obviously offended. Still, he thanked their manager and proceeded to petulantly spread cream all over his neck right under Jeongguk’s amused watch. Jimin gave him the stink eye and Jeongguk blew him a kiss.

And if that wasn’t enough, Sejin wrapped his own scarf around Jimin’s neck before stepping out of the car again.

But Jimin didn’t lose hope. There were already enough pictures taken of them, so he hoped at least one fan got the red mark on camera.

He was right.

By the time they were settled in their plane, Jimin checking social media like a mad man, there were hundreds of pictures out, and double the theories and conspiracies.

And only three of four linking them to Jeongguk.

Jeongguk’s already gone red in the face with subsided laughter as he keeps reading tweets outloud:

‘that’s clearly a hickey! jimin oppa is a man now. we need to accept he has a girlfriend’

‘The way everyone on this bird app is a virgin. Do yall even know what a hickey looks like?’

‘mans getting it’

‘I agree that it might be an odd-looking hickey, but since he’s not hiding it, then I think it’s safe to assume it’s not.’

‘okay but does no one see he’s wearing yoongi’s pants??? they’re clearly *******’

‘jimin’s fucking: confirmed’

‘maybe if we calculate the angle of rotation we can figure out who’s lips those are’

‘well I’d hope it’s none of the members cause that means they’re all shit in bed’

‘jikook is real and yall can choke’

‘Park Jimin is heterosexual, please stop forcing sexual orientations on him!!!’

 ‘Jungkook oppa please step on me.’

Jimin whips to Jeongguk at the last one. “What does that have to do with anything?” he grits out, clearly irked.

Jeongguk shrugs, getting ready to take a celebratory selca. “Nothing. I just thought you could relate.”

Jimin huffs, but doesn’t deny it, sinking into his chair defeated.







So it backfired.

Jimin supposes he was too confident in their shippers making enough of a fuss to catch their managers’ attention. But they didn’t. Too polite, and Jimin’s thankful for that, but just not today.   

Regardless, he has a new plan. It didn’t occur to Jimin, until it’s Jeongguk’s turn to out them, that his boyfriend might have tricked him. Because if Jimin’s job is to make their relationship as obvious as possible in order to win, then Jeongguk’s goal is the opposite. Fucker wouldn’t put much effort into his actions, because after all, the managers aren’t supposed to catch on. So Jimin makes a decision: whatever lame thing Jeongguk will do to him, Jimin needs to pick it up and make it bigger. Throw it right back in his face. Jeongguk has been too confident and he never mentioned anything about rules of the kind. The loser.

But nothing happened for a few days.

Jimin’s been extra attentive. Went above and beyond. Jeongguk reached out to fix his tie, Jimin stepped closer to him, letting his hands slide down his chest slowly, absently. (Cue Jeongguk being nothing but amused). Jeongguk ruffled his hair, Jimin caught his hand and intertwined their fingers with an amped up loving gaze. (Okay, not amped up, he was just being himself. So much, that he failed to realize it was just them and the staff anyway.) Jeongguk rubbed idly down his back, Jimin encouraged him to touch his ass. (To which Jeongguk himself swatted his hand away, claiming that Jimin was indecent, but also pointing out there were no cameras on yet).

Jimin got sidetracked, sue him.

Which is how Jeongguk completely blindsided him.

It’s a week and something later, and they’re in the middle of an interview. Nothing big, nothing too important, but definitely something watched by every single fan. They have a loyal fanbase, which is both fortunate and unfortunate for Jimin in the moment.

They’re seated on two rows of elevated chairs, Jimin’s in the front and Jeongguk’s in the back, but not behind him. It’s probably why Jimin thought he would be safe. Innocent and naive he was.

It starts with a kick against his chair. Jimin doesn’t look back, knows it’s Jeongguk. He’s probably bored.

The interviewer is talking about their latest achievements, so everyone is busy with thanking the fans and smiling at the camera. Jimin too, he’s just about to extend his own gratitude, when he feels fingers on his nape.

Shivers crawl down his spine, but Jimin ignores them completely, focusing on getting his words out without stuttering. He’s safe, he thinks he is, out of the woods without embarrassing himself, but then Jeongguk slides his hand down the back of his shirt, brushing his fingers along his shoulder blades.

Jimin notices the interviewer eyeing Jeongguk, but it’s with an endeared look, something close to, ‘What a beautiful bromance.’

It’s what makes Jimin snap out of it and gather his bearings.

Once he’s done talking, with only one minor breath hitch because Jeongguk knows his body too well, Jimin turns to Jeongguk with a playful smile.

Jeongguk smiles back, hand now splayed casually on the skin of his shoulder, but Jimin can see he caught him off guard. Jimin’s smile turns coy, the one that’s reserved only for the stage and cameras included, and reaches for Jeongguk’s hand. He makes a show out of peeling Jeongguk’s hand off of him, something that’s meant to be teasing, save-it-for-later kinda look. Jeongguk’s too flabbergasted to do anything but let his hand drop limply back in his lap, his eyes lost, the bet clearly forgotten. Jimin winks and turns back, but not before witnessing Jeongguk’s neck bob dryly.

Jimin crosses his legs cockily, anticipating the meeting they’re surely gonna be pulled into after the interview airs.





They are pulled into a meeting.

But it’s not just the two of them, it’s everyone.

Jimin is confused, and Jeongguk slurps his juice obnoxiously loud. He knows he’s won this one.

One of the managers is clearly way too enthusiastic for any scolding to be done. “Jimin and Jeongguk, nice job back there. Being playful with each other is really nice for the fans to see. They love skinship, so please, everyone, try to be more like them. Keep up the good work!”

Jimin has no qualms about letting his head drop on the table. He’s doing his best, dammit. Jeongguk pats his back with a theatrical joy. “Hear that, Jimin-ssi? We can finally be as loving with each other as we want to be!”

Jimin’s eyes narrow against the hard surface of the table.  

Jeongguk wants war, then war he’ll have.









Jeongguk’s been a fool. 

An over-confident fool who doesn’t realize his own weaknesses: he’s a shit liar, he can’t hide his feelings if his life depended on it, he’s way too good for this world, and Jimin.

Combine all of those things and Jeongguk’s going down.


You have thousands of fans, you have cameras, you have fans watching from home, you have plenty evidence after the concert is done.

Jimin’s about to play real dirty and he’s only a bit sorry for what he’s about to do.

Jeongguk’s twisting his arm and he has no other option than to pull out the big guns. He’s going to give Jeongguk a boner in public.

But Jimin planned it carefully, making sure he doesn’t jeopardize the concert, nor Jeongguk’s performance. So doing it in the beginning was out of the question. Doing it during the breaks in the middle could work, but Jimin still doesn’t want to risk Jeongguk’s reaction. He might be out for blood, but he would never do that to Jeongguk. So the ending ment it is – no more dancing, cameras still on, fans still screaming, the screen displays showing Jeongguk’s face.

Jimin is plain evil.

To his luck, Jeongguk is also the last one to go, so the fans’ attention would not be stolen by the other members. Jimin starts walking towards him just as Jeongguk begins talking. He lets him have his moment, and it’s not until halfway through that Jimin hugs him from behind. It’s still innocent, so Jeongguk is not perturbed much, though the fans’ screams have increased in shrieking significantly.

Jeongguk must have smelt Jimin’s intentions by now, but he doesn’t make a move to stop him, even embracing Jimin engaging into skinship.

Jeongguk doesn’t react even when Jimin nuzzles into his shoulder as he slowly slides himself around him until he can hug him from the side. Jeongguk makes space for him, even wrapping an arm around his shoulder and squeezing gently in acknowledgement, but his focus is still on his ment.


Subtly, Jimin blows air against Jeongguk’s damp neck. It’s not even apart of his plan, but he’s improvising and he knows Jeongguk enough to be aware of the goosebumps that must be prickling along his skin. He’s a goner, if his lisp breaking through is anything to go by.

The next part of the plan is the crucial one. Jimin needs to be theatrical if this needs to be done properly, so he sends a quick mental apology to Namjoon and Hoseok, and springs into action.

Still plastered around Jeongguk, Jimin moves to his front, making a show out of being clingy and squeezing Jeongguk tightly to his chest.

Jeongguk laughs breathlessly, finally addressing Jimin for the fans’ sake. “Oh, what’s this? Everyone, hyung is being really needy lately. I don’t know what – “

Jeongguk’s words get promptly lodged in his throat when Jimin rubs against him, their crotches aligned and Jimin has no shame in rutting against Jeongguk, both of their pants tight enough for everything to be felt skin-on-skin.

Jeongguk's starting to sweat again as he tries to playfully dislodge himself from Jimin. “Ah, hyung, you’re being really annoying right now.” It’s so weak and frail, Jimin feels pity.

So Jimin makes it worse. Still glued to Jeongguk’s pelvis, he starts bouncing up and down on his feet, pretending to be whiny as he brings his own mic up. “Jeonggukie is being mean, everyone. He won’t accept my love.”

The crowd aww’s and Jeongguk’s growing stiff in all the places. He chuckles gruffly, but Jimin can feel just how much he’s struggling. “Jiminie hyung’s really – “

Hoseok intervenes before Jimin can buck up one last time against Jeongguk. “Yah, stop wasting Jeonggukie’s ment time.” And then Jimin’s being yanked away, but Hoseok doesn’t realize Jeongguk’s left out in the open.

There’s a moment in which Jin starts hollering in an attempt to distract everyone, Hoseok whacks Jimin “playfully” over the head, Taehyung shakes his head unimpressed, and Yoongi distances himself as much as possible, everything happening while Jeongguk’s a flustered mess, trying to cover the front of his pants the best he can without drawing attention to the tent in his pants. He’s not even fully hard, but the leather is tight enough to outline a vein, so he doesn’t take any chances. Red-faced, he pulls through the last minute of his ment, but not without making sure to announce everyone that, “Jimin will be punished for being a bad hyung.”

Namjoon’s very pale by the end of everything.







Jimin’s smug when Jeongguk gets out of the shower.

But the younger doesn’t even look at him.

He’s moving around the room and doing his routine without even acknowledging Jimin’s presence.

Jimin pouts as he watches him ignore him, feeling neglected and alone on their bed. He knows Jeongguk can’t be mad – this was the bet after all, he can’t be that petty. Plus, no one even commented on it. Jimin checked Twitter and everyone has been mainly gushing about Jeongguk being whipped, only a few fans making jokes about him getting a boner. Jimin noticed they were even attacked for it and he’s been feeling very bad about it. Fans shouldn’t be paying for their shameless behavior. Maybe he should tone it down for the fans’ sake at least.  

But as it is, there were no angry managers (only angry Hoseoks and that doesn’t count), so it’s clear Jeongguk won this round as well.

So why is he so being dark and bloomy?

Jimin doesn’t waste anymore time on guessing games. Jeongguk’s back is turned to him, his bathrobe shed off, so Jimin tries not to be too distracted by his beautifully firm ass as he approaches him cautiously. Jeongguk’s applying lotion on his face, so Jimin knows he can see him through the mirror. Jeongguk doesn’t even grace him with a look though, continuing to pat around his nose like he’s all by himself.

Jimin crosses his arms, huffing impatiently. “Why are you ignoring me? Are you truly upset? You know I meant it as a joke. For your bet.”

Jeongguk finally pinpoints him with a look. Jimin tries not to falter, because it’s clear Jeongguk’s not in the mood for any joking. “Why would I be upset?”

Oh, so he’s playing it like that.

Jimin rolls his eyes, makes sure Jeongguk sees it, but he’s already looking back at his own reflection. “Don’t give me that. I know you’re not happy with me giving you a boner on stage.”

Jeongguk chuckles then, but it’s short and humorless. “Yeah? You know you did a bad thing?”

Jimin frowns. That almost sounded like dirty talk, but it was so dry, Jimin knows he won’t be coming for the unforeseeable future. “I do,” he says. “But aren’t those the rules of this game? Do our worst?” Jimin tries not to mock Jeongguk’s words, but he does. Because that’s what all this is – stupid.

Jeongguk’s done with his lotion, so he finally turns around to face Jimin. He’s not angry, Jimin can see that, but there’s something about his stare that makes him feel small.


It’s one of those nights.

Jeongguk plants his hands on the table behind him, leaning against it and crossing his ankles casually. Jimin wants to kneel right there and then.

“And did you enjoy that, Jimin?” he asks calmly. “Did you enjoy making me squirm in front of thousands of people?”

Jimin swallows thickly, but he doesn’t back down. Maybe he really is a masochist. “I did,” he admits quietly. “It excited me; that I could do that to you.”

Jeongguk hums. “You liked me being vulnerable,” he expands. 

Jimin feels like he shouldn’t be nodding, but he does. “I did,” he says firmly, though his voice is gradually wavering. “I do. I like it when you’re so malleable. When I can do whatever I want to you. When you let me do everything I want to you. When – “Jimin licks his dry lips. “When you always react to my touch, no matter how small.”

They’re not talking about the stage anymore, but Jeongguk accepts his answer like they do. He straightens up and reaches a hand for Jimin’s own wet hair. He doesn’t flinch away, but Jimin tenses up, anticipation pulling him taut even when Jeongguk’s doing nothing but playing with his hair.

“You have me wrapped around your little finger, don’t you?”

Jimin’s gut is tightening and his skin is growing warm. Jeongguk’s playing him like a fiddle and he doesn’t want it any other way. “I do,” Jimin agrees again. “And you like it,” he pushes.

Jeongguk finally smiles and it’s honest this time. But it’s still amused and mean. “I do. And you use that to your advantage all the time –” And then he’s suddenly pulling at Jimin’s hair harshly, forcing him to bare his neck for him “– aren’t you, Jimin?”

Jimin loses air for a second, lips parting around a silent moan. He’s scrambling for Jeongguk’s wrist, but he doesn’t do anything besides taking it in a tight grasp. “I am,” Jimin says with an almost challenging lilt, because he enjoys pocking the wolf with a stick like nothing else. “It’s so easy, Jeonggukie. You’re so easy. All I gotta do is bat my eyelashes prettily at you and you’ll roll over for me. You’ll do everything for me.”

Jimin’s playing a dangerous, dangerous game. He shouldn’t taunt Jeongguk like that, not in his position and after what he’s done, but he loves riling him up, he truly does. Loves feeling the pain of the consequences.

But to his surprise, Jeongguk’s grip on his hair loosens, and Jimin opens eyes he wasn’t even aware he closed at some point. There are already small tears clinging at his lower lashes and Jimin almost feels like he needs to ask permission to look back at Jeongguk. But he doesn’t need to, his eyes hungrily seeking him out again out of his own accord.

“I always will,” Jeongguk agrees easily, not seeing Jimin’s jab as a jab in the least. He’s leaning back against the table again, but this time he starts tugging at himself unrushed. Jimin’s eyes fall to his half-hard cock and he already knows he’ll be on voice rest tomorrow.

“But you’re not being fair, Jimin-ah. Is that any way to treat your favorite dongsaeng?” Jeongguk’s voice is dripping sweet out of nowhere, teasing bordering on eating Jimin alive.

“I’ll – “Jimin’s mind spins, thick arousal fogging his thoughts. His knees feel wobbly and his sight blurry, not able to focus on anything else but on Jeongguk’s hand corking lazily around the head of his cock. “I’ll make it up to you, Jeongguk-ah.”

Jeongguk laughs then, like Jimin said the most juvenile thing. “Of course you’ll make it up to me. You didn’t really think you’d be let off the hook so easily, did you?”

Jimin can’t quite find his voice anymore, so he just shakes his head.

His submission seems to switch something inside of Jeongguk, but at odds with Jimin’s clear lack of fight, Jeongguk’s eyes darken. “How about you finish what you started?”

And in one swift movement, Jeongguk has Jimin right on his knees, one hand buried in his hair and the other guiding his cock to his lips.

Jimin’s eyes are glazed over when they stare up at Jeongguk, mouth opening defiantly as he takes him fully. Jeongguk’s posture falters, head falling back, but his eyes still following Jimin’s lips stretching around his head over and over again. He brushes Jimin’s hair out of his eyes, and he’s not rough anymore. The tenderness betrays him and Jimin takes advantage of it immediately, picking up his pace and making the slide of his tongue as sloppy as possible. He’s painfully hard in his own sweats and he mindlessly reaches down to touch himself, but Jeongguk’s foot puts pressure between his legs before Jimin can even reach it, making him gasp and choke briefly around his cock.

“You’re not touching yourself,” Jeongguk says evenly, but his own breath is chopped. “Or me,” he makes sure to mention before Jimin can wrap a hand around him. “Since I’m so easy, your mouth should be enough, right?”

Mouthful of cock, Jimin insolently tucks his hands under him, swallowing around Jeongguk until it hits the back of his throat just to make a point. Jeongguk curses under his breath and Jimin deepthroats him for a good minute.

“Fuck my mouth,” Jimin rasps out after a bit, being considerate since he can’t use his hands anyway.

Jeongguk’s nodding in his own haze, busy with caressing Jimin’s jaw as he slicks precum along his lips. It gives Jimin time to think of something and it’s the worst idea yet.

“That’s it,” Jimin encourages as he nuzzles against him, making sure to look into his eyes as he pleads, “Do your worst, hyung.”

Jeongguk lost at least a quarter of his sanity that night, while Jimin was not only on vocal rest the next day, but also on bed rest.  

Ironically, they did end up being called for a meeting for those escapades. Turns out, having your managers scold you for a too active, too rough sex life was as mortifying as it sounds.

(Jeongguk and Jimin still high fived after they left the room).









Jeongguk is well aware he’s easily winning this bet.

He’s proving his point loud and clear, but it’s also no fun.

He’s not the one to cheat and he still loves a challenge an unhealthy amount. It’s all been fun and games, and more than that, they’ve been having great angry sex lately. Jimin just loves arguing with him about it, and Jeongguk really, I mean really, can’t complain.

But he’s bored, so maybe he should up the stakes. Do something truly remarkable, something that will shock the masses, sometimes outrageous, something unmistakably gay that will paradoxically not out them.

He needs to change tactics is the thing. Jimin being a flirt is not really news, and him being an incompetent stuttering idiot in his presence is not really news really. Whatever happened in front of a camera has been easily dismissed as either “brotherly love” (Jeongguk still dryly heaves) or fanservice (Jeongguk wishes he could ask if anyone else enjoys having their dick up their brother’s ass), so it’s not long until Jeongguk realizes that perhaps…they shouldn’t be in front of a camera.

Making a post on Twitter has crossed his mind once or twice – taking a picture of Jimin just waking up with a cheesy caption, or just posting a picture of the two of them with an even grosser caption. Jeongguk grimaces displeased. They’ve already done that and it’s done nothing but encourage the brother agenda. Jeongguk is thoroughly disgusted.

But then he finally gets an idea of what fans would truly believe.

Leaked photos or videos.

One time, there was a leaked photo of Jimin with his arm around one of their makeup artists, and everyone thought they were in a relationship, so it should work, right?

Jeongguk grumbles. If people were less homophobic, maybe.

But it was worth a try.

Nothing big, nothing too scandalous, but still a leaked photo of the two of them in their free time. No cameras, no fanservice. Eat that non-believers.

So next time Jimin announces he’s going out to meet his friends, Jeongguk seizes the opportunity.

“Can I come too?”

Jimin raises his eyebrows, pausing mid-putting on his coat. “Sure?” He considers it for a moment. “I mean, only if you really want to. I know you don’t – “

Jeongguk waves him off, suspiciously already dressed up and ready to go. “I wasn’t doing anything anyway, and I feel like going out.”

Jimin finishes dressing up slowly, skeptically eyeing his boyfriend who seldom wants to see the outside of his room on their free time, but happy regardless that he’s joining. “Alright. Great. You’re buying me drinks.”

Jeongguk nods dutifully and off they go.

The restaurant they end up in is secluded, but still public. There are tables around them, but none of the patrons are noisy, all of them pertaining to social classes high enough to not have them be necessarily moved by k-pop stars. Jeongguk knows they’re safe, but he also knows it will be virtually impossible for no one to take a subtle picture.

Only problem is, he will not know when, so he needs to be ready at all times.

So he makes sure to be plastered against Jimin’s side at all times, an arm around his shoulder, his other hand playing with Jimin’s fingers. Jimin side-eyes him curiously for a brief moment, but he doesn’t question his intentions much, even leaning back into him. Jimin’s friends are all aware of their relationship, so it’s not like they have to hide in front of them either.

Jeongguk thinks they look coupley enough as it is. He’s aware of the intimacy of their position, the absent-minded finger playing, the thigh squeeze here and there, Jimin falling into him whenever he laughs, Jeongguk nuzzling into Jimin’s hair whenever he’s close enough, even leaving a secret peck there.

And yet, Jeongguk knows he needs to do more.

Jimin talks a lot, animating everyone with his story reenactments. Jeongguk can’t help but be struck for a second there. Jimin’s face is bare of any makeup and he’s wearing those thick rimmed glasses Jeongguk likes to tease him for. His blond hair is unkept and Jimin keeps frazzling it every time he brushes his bangs back, worked up about whatever he’s passionately defending. He’s gesturing a lot too, but he makes sure to keep one hand in Jeongguk’s, allowing him to have his fun with the rings on his fingers.

And as he watches mesmerized Jimin nearly topple over the table with the force of his laughter, Jeongguk can’t help but feel his chest swell with so much gratitude and love. He’s overwhelmed for a moment (might also be the irresponsible amount of drinks he’s had) and he doesn’t think twice about leaning in and kissing Jimin’s cheek with a loud smooch.

It stops the conversation and the other guys coo boisterously. Jimin’s cheeks are already ruddy from the heat and alcohol, but he covers one up regardless, looking all shades of bashful. Jeongguk grins wolfishly back at him.

“What’s up with you, Jeonggukie?” Jimin tries to save face. “You’re so touchy, pup.” And then in a lower voice, “Be careful yeah?” He’s not even thinking about the bet.  

Jeongguk’s smile stretches wider, but Taemin jumps in, tickled amused. “Pup, huh? Cute.”

Jimin waves him off as he brings the bottle to his lips, cowardly hoping it will hide some of his face. “Jeonggukie’s just a big pup. He needs love and affection like one too.”

Jeongguk can attest to that, because if he had a tail it would wag right now.

Sungwoon joins in the laughter, thoroughly enjoying Jimin being so flustered. “You two are the most adorable couple I’ve ever seen. Seriously, sometimes I’m really jealous.”

Jimin’s lips curl bitterly, about to remind Sungwoon there’s nothing to be jealous of with the way their line of work is, but then he suddenly finds himself with a lap full of Jeongguk.

Jimin’s frozen as Jeongguk settles sideways, wrapping arms around his neck and cuddling closer, the others laughing even louder at Jeongguk’s proving himself worthy of his pet name. But Jimin darts his eyes around the restaurant, worrying more about disturbing the others rather than Jeongguk’s sudden behavior. No one seems bothered for now, so Jimin allows himself to wind his own arm around Jeongguk’s waist.

It makes Jeongguk happy. “You’re so warm, hyung,” he moans appreciatively as he rubs his head against Jimin’s. “The best,” he mumbles, coziness enveloping him in a comfortable blanket.

Jimin rubs up and down his back, swiping Jeongguk’s hair out of his glassy eyes. “Don’t drink anymore, yeah?”

Jeongguk nods, but he’s already lost in his own head, listening idly to the chatter around him and enjoying Jimin’s body warmth against his. He feels relaxed and hazy, and he can’t think of one bad thing. It’s amazing.







Jeongguk can think of at least four bad things:

  1. He’s alone in bed
  2. He’s having a bitch of a hangover
  3. Namjoon hyung is mad at him
  4. If his plan worked, it means Jimin won and he lost


Namjoon, however, doesn’t care much about Jeongguk’s death state. He’s standing over his bed, arms crossed, face as disappointed as a father’s. Jeongguk blindly pats for something to strangle himself with.

“You fucked up, Jeongguk.”

Ah, yes, the best thing any young adult can wake up to.

“Jimin won the bet, didn’t he?” Jeongguk starts rambling hoarsely. “And it was on my try too. I played myself, didn’t I, hyung? A disappointment to my people.”

Namjoon looks at him with all sorts of confusion, but he shakes his head like he doesn’t even want to know. He’s right, he doesn’t. “Do you remember what you did last night?”

Jeongguk shoves his covers aside, pleasantly surprised to see he’s naked. He must have had a good night. Wonderful news that. “Of course I do. We went out, we ate, we drank, we had a good time.” Jeongguk stands up proudly, but then the room goes sideways and he’s on his back again, his hangover flaring up. “Everything hurts. Is this what the youth feels like? Tired and hungover all the time?”

Namjoon sighs, rubbing at his temple. “There are leaked photos, Jeongguk.”

And his tone is grave enough to wake Jeongguk up like a bucket of cold water. The bet is completely forgotten, the consequences of his actions suddenly real and serious. Jeongguk never wanted to put their group in jeopardy, he never wanted to –

“It’s not wise to have young people see you that drunk,” Namjoon says.  

Jeongguk sits up on his elbows, blinking rapidly to get rid of the spots in his vision. “Wait, what?”

Namjoon sighs again. He’s wearing yesterday’s shirt and Jeongguk finally notices the bags underneath his eyes. It makes him feel instantly bad.

“The pictures were taken when you left the restaurant. Kai and Jimin were helping you get into the car.”

Jeongguk’s mind draws a blank. “That’s all?”

Namjoon throws him a withering glare and Jeongguk shrinks back.

“Just. Please be more careful in the public eye. We don’t need a scandal.” And with that, Namjoon’s done, making to leave the room without even acknowledging the rigorous nodding Jeongguk’s making himself sick with.

He opens the door just as Jimin enters and they exchange some brief telepathic exchange of, ‘Your boyfriend’s an idiot,’ and, ‘Yes, I’m aware, but I love him’, before Namjoon disappears down the hallway.

Jimin’s left standing in the middle of the room, shades on and two hot beverages in hand. “How are you feeling?”

He doesn’t sound disappointed. Just tired.

Jeongguk gulps, feeling young and reckless regardless. “I’m good.” And then in a quieter voice. “I’m sorry.”

Jimin smiles then, in that way he used to do when their relationship truly was more on the brotherly side. (Jeongguk still pukes a little in his mouth, but it must be the alcohol).

“I didn’t realize how much you drank last night,” Jimin says as he slides his sunglasses up, and Jeongguk doesn’t like the worry in his voice. “Are you okay? I mean,” He’s floundering as he takes a seat on the bed. “Are you upset about something? You don’t really drink a lot unless…” he trails off on purpose.

Jeongguk’s confused and it’s definitely not the alcohol. He places a careful hand over Jimin’s knee. “No,” he says honestly. “I was just – I don’t know. We went out, I felt good, that happens, right?”

Jimin nods. “Okay.”

Jeongguk’s not satisfied with his answer, and he searches within himself if perhaps Jimin saw something he didn’t. But…there’s nothing. There’s nothing he’s upset about. He has a good life, he has great friends, a healthy family, a beautiful lover.

But it’s the thought of Jimin himself, that makes Jeongguk pause just a bit.

If he had to change something about his life, it would definitely be his freedom.

He can’t ask for a lot, not when he’s already so blessed, but yeah.

He would love for nothing more than to show the whole world what Jimin means to him.

But regardless, Jeongguk doesn’t think his subconscious was emo enough to drink himself in a stupor over it.

Not last night at least.

So he frees Jimin’s hands, placing the two hot plastic cups on his nightstand, and then tugs at Jimin until he can lay next to him.

Jimin goes eagerly, placing his head on Jeongguk’s chest and finally truly calming down. Jeongguk kisses the crown of his head and then runs his fingers through his hair lovingly. “Hey, we’re okay,” he says. It’s unspoken, but he knows Jimin’s thinking about the same thing. “We have each other,” Jeongguk reinforces. “And it’s enough.”

Jimin gives a shuddery exhale, but he nods against his chest. “It is. We’re okay,” he echoes back.

Jeongguk presses lips to his temple. “I love you,” he whispers.

He can’t see Jimin, but he feels him tense up before his body mellows down again. “I love you,” he promises back.








It’s come to a point where Jimin doesn’t really care about the bet anymore. Jeongguk made his point, but far more important than that, Jimin wants things to remain as they are.

He’s happy, Jeongguk’s happy, there’s no need for one more obstacle in their relationship. Jimin doesn’t think he can deal with an official interdiction on not only their relationship, but on their friendship in the public’s eye.

Jeongguk also told him of his intentions at the restaurant, how he’s been trying to get a leaked picture of them, and Jimin had both laughed and internally cried.

There’s too much effort brought to their own fall.

He told Jeongguk as much, and he’d agreed. But he also said, “Hey, just one try each to go. Let’s have fun with it and be happy I won. This is for the best, right?”

Jimin too agreed. It clearly didn’t hurt anyone. Fans seemed to be happy to theorize and him and Jeongguk were free to be obnoxious in public. It was a win-win.

So for his next shot, Jimin wanted to do something just for the fun for it, with no planning, no scheming, just acting like he wanted to with Jeongguk.

Even so, Jimin didn’t really know what exactly to do. He already made Jeongguk hard on a stage, so there was nothing truly worse than that.

But maybe he didn’t have to make it worse. Maybe he just needed to be real.

He then thought of Jeongguk’s short rules and out of everything, Jimin didn’t see the relevance in any of them except the obvious no kissing on the lips rule.

So he allowed that, but started doing everything else.

For a short time, Jimin acted exactly as his heart dictated.

Jimin let go.

He started holding Jeongguk’s hand whenever he felt like it. Be it a photoshoot, an interview, or a concert, Jimin would just go up to Jeongguk, take his hand and smile brightly at him. And Jeongguk no longer was taken aback. He just squeezed back and his eyes would do that wonderful thing where they shine so brilliantly it made Jimin’s heart ache.   

Jimin hugged Jeongguk whenever he wanted to. He would hold him tightly, chin over shoulder, and he never let go, following Jeongguk wherever he walked even when he whined like a toddler.

Jimin didn’t hold himself back from being lewd either. He would slap Jeongguk’s ass, praise his physique in interviews, and even drag his fingers up his ass on one brave occasion.

Jimin was truly living the life and no one said a thing.

No one except their friends of course.

Fed up, Yoongi had erupted one day. “Did you two elope without our knowledge? What did I say about being diplomatic?”

Jimin had snorted, but Taehyung, not looking up from his phone, informed that, “They’ve been having this bet for a month. They’re trying to out-gay themselves,” he said, equally tired and resigned.

Hoseok didn’t like that. “What?”

“Yeah. Remember when Jeongguk basically fisted Jimin during soundcheck? That’s when it all started.”

Jimin regrets telling Taehyung anything, but Hoseok going blind with rage was worth it.

“So you thought solving your gayness with even more gayness would work?!”

Jeongguk laughed, bashful, but also thoroughly satisfied. He sent Hoseok a proud smile. “Yeah. And what about it?”

Hoseok shrieked with indignation and, truth be told, Jimin couldn’t blame him. Out of everyone, he was the one to deal with them the most.

It was only Yoongi who managed to calm him down, but Hoseok knew.

No one was spared from the nation’s power couple #jikook.









The bet is completely forgotten.

Not in official ways, but Jimin definitely forgot about it.

Jeongguk didn’t say anything anymore, not even claiming victory, and he didn’t do anything “bad” anymore either.

It’s been quiet for about two weeks and Jimin’s just coming back home. He’s been out all evening, training on his own, which is how he didn’t even notice his phone having ran out of battery until he takes the elevator up, mindlessly wanting to check his social media.

He’s not annoyed with his phone’s state as he’s just entering the apartment, slipping off his shoes and announcing whoever’s home of his arrival.

Only Jin it seems.

But he’s not in a cheery mood, Jimin notices immediately.

“Everything okay, hyung?”

Jin’s watching him like a hawk, snack in hand and chewing judgmentally. “How’s your day been, Jimin-ah?”

Jimin shrugs, throwing his bag on the couch. “Worked up a good sweat. You? You seem…defensive.”

Jin munches some more, shoves his hand into his chips bag almost aggressively. “I’m good,” he says ominously. But then, “Say, did you check your updates lately?”

Jimin stops at that, looking at Jin almost frightfully. He quickly runs over everything him and Jeongguk have done over the last days, but there’s nothing truly indecent there. “…No? My phone’s dead though. Why? Did something happen?”

Jin seems to break into understanding at that, his intimidating shoulders loosening tension. “Ah. Well, check your phone and then you have explanations to give.”

Jimin most certainly doesn’t know what’s meant by that, but he nods wordlessly. Still, right before disappearing into his room, he turns around like an afterthought. “Oh, where’s Jeongguk by the way? My phone’s dead so I can’t really…” He gestures in lieu of words.

Jin gives an inhumane chortle of a laugh at that. But he breaths enough to say, “Oh, he’s in a meeting with the managers right now.”

Jimin blanches just a bit but he doesn’t think much of it.




He leaves his phone on his nightstand as he takes a shower, giving it plenty time to charge by the time he gets out.

Jimin even goes through his nightly routine without checking it, wanting to be completely relaxed and ready for bed by the time he sees what exactly made Jin so malefic about this whole situation. He airily goes through a few scenarios of what it could be, but Jimin honestly can’t come up with anything. They’ve been behaving these past weeks, and – well, he does have an idea, but they’ve been careful about that. Even when they were out, they were still being responsible about everything.

But whatever, Jimin plops on his front, grabs his phone, and powers it up.

He’s even humming to himself, all unbothered, as it loads up his notifications.

And then his face drains of any blood as they keep coming in.

The hashtags, the mentions – jikook, real, kookmin, jikook, love, real, kookmin, real, love, jikook, real, real.

Jimin sits up, his heart thundering and his fingers shaky.

He finally gets to it.

The root of it all.

Their official YouTube channel.

It has an upload.

Jimin feels like his whole being gives up on him when he reads the title.

G.C.F in Tokyo (정국&지민)







Jeongguk didn’t get the beheading Jimin expected. The managers mostly ran him through protocol, but they didn’t scold him much, other than, ‘Be more subtle next time.’ But the video was a success amongst fans, and nothing was truly outed.

Nonetheless, they called a draw on their bet, deeming it insignificant at that point.

And when Jimin finally laid eyes on Jeongguk again, his heart a crying mess, his first reaction was to shove at him, right before pulling him into a breath-halting hug.

“What did you do, you idiot?” he whispered against his ear. “I wasn’t even wearing makeup.”

Jeongguk laughed, full of love and happiness, like he always is. He tightened his hold on Jimin, because no one could ever take away what they have.

“I showed the world what you truly mean to me.”