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The New Super Ridonculous Race

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New Super Ridonculous Race
Episode 0: Everyone's Introduced!
The First Set of Groups!

Firstly, I wanted to really improve the story, because there are some things that really need to be fixed that are kinda embedded within the original and some chapters are really messed up, so i decided to start from a base or maybe, from scratch!

Secondly, I know that no-one asked for this or for there to be 128 teams, but I'm going to do that anyways because of the requests, new teams and changed teams and also because, I'm ready to make this a Everest-sized story!

Thirdly, there has been many changes in between the original version, the updated version and this crazy story, so massive chunks of the story are subject to change!

Finally, I don't own any of the characters that are in this story, as they're all owned by their respective owners, including Disney, Nickelodeon, Time Warner, Nintendo, Sega, Capcom, SNK, FOX and many other companies and creators that have had their hands in creating these characters!

I'm going to make sure that these introductions come relatively frequently, as I've worked on them and the story chapters should be coming pretty soon, considering that I'm reworking them for this!

Don was just ready to get the quick introducing done, as he was sure that there was a lot of teams to go through and that all of them were definitely having their own special introduction.

"Toronto returns as the birthplace of funk, the city of the CN Tower and a place where the albino panther is now locked down!"
Don shouted, as he was just doing the quick introduction in Toronto, complete with the same panther being in a cage of sorts. ''Welcome back to the Ridonculous Race, where for the first time, we've got every team's introduction in a somewhat compact format!"

Don was just really shocked at the number of teams that were just joining the battle, but he still contained it pretty well.

"Through some godly miracle, 128 teams are in this race, ready to get themselves started back in Toronto!" Don exclaimed, as he was just ready take advantage of the new situation that would've been a screen time nightmare.

"With these crazy teams of two, things are going to get tense in an instant and with these introductions, you'll know who is who in...The Super Ridonculous Race!" Don's teeth still shined, as the special episode got itself started.

The introduction episode was pratically born out of nescessity, as introducing all one hundred and something teams wouldn't fit in an normal episode and this time, the introductions were from the coolest contestants.

"We're starting good with the returning stepbrothers!" Don was just seeing the two of them rolling with some serious moves.

Chet and Lorenzo rolled in with a similar shirt, as both of them had gained two distinct headbands, as one was made to be like an black beat

*The Stepbrothers' introduction*

Chet and Lorenzo were both just really smug.

"I'm Lorenzo, he's Chet, but we're on equal ground!" Lorenzo exclaimed, as he was just smugly crossing his arms.

"Equal ground to just get some money and survive this race around the world!" Chet was just adding things up. "Add the kicking butt part and you got what we're in doing in a nutshell."

"Haha, yeah, bro! That was pretty good!" Lorenzo was just giving his brother a high-five anyways.

"I didn't really prepare it, but it was awesome anyways." Chet was just looking pretty surprised, as Lorenzo was just fist-bumping his brother. "Thanks, bro!"

*Confessional cut*

The second team were both just willing to bring their skills into the race, as the former was a just a very muscular bounty hunting man with a dark blue body suit, grey boots and a pretty red helmet.

The latter was a incredibly healthy and somewhat muscular bounty hunting lady that was just wearing a typical ranger's outfit and her hair was just tied up in a ponytail.

"Samus & Captain Falcon, two very good bounty hunters." Don was just announcing the two of them were just willing to bring it down.

*The Bounty Hunters' introduction*

Samus was just looking a little bit nervous, as Captain Falcon was just saluting his own fans that were wanting to see him race.

"Well, you got what you wanted and I don't know if it's going to be good or not, especially considering we're all fighting for airtime or for words." Samus was just stating the facts.

"Clearly it's going to be awesome! 128 teams racing all around the planet, just to impress a lot of viewers and this season being a dump of money!" Captain Falcon proclaimed, as the race car driver were just genuinely excited. "It's definitely going to be a cool mess."

"I'm sorry for everybody trying to keep track of the team list. I barely can remember all of the teams, so I can't imagine what it must be for everyone else." Samus was just saying it as a matter-of-fact, albeit with a bit of a pained tone.

*Confessional cut*

Katie and Sadie were both the self-proclaimed best female friends for life, which was going to be a hard-to-keep title, even with their really solid friendship.

Katie and Sadie wore very similar clothes, as they both wore a black and white striped shirt that didn't even cover the belly, pink shorts, albeit with Katie's being a brighter shade and Sadie's being a lighter shade and matching flip-flops.

"Katie and Sadie, knowing for really being the best female friends!" Don introduced the two of them, as they were both ready to do their thing.

*The Best Female Friends' introduction*

Katie and Sadie were both squealing, as they were just genuinely excited to be in the race and they knew what they were up against.

"I know that we're not going to win the race, but at least we've got an great relationship and the fact that we could die for each other makes us stronger!" Katie shouted, as she was just trying to be dramatic.

"Er, are you okay, Katie? I don't think we could die for each other, but we're definitely going to the edges of the earth!" Sadie was just genuinely worried about her best friend.

"...Wait, did I just say that? Don't worry, Sadie, I was just being dramatic, because there's like a million teams in this thing!" Katie was just worried about it.

"Oh, did they even get all of them on here?" Sadie wanted to really ask an important question. "I've gotta ask someone."

*Confessional cut*

Sonic and Knuckles were the two needed no introduction, if only because they were so distinct, as they were the same height of about 4 feet and a few inches.

Sonic's eyes were actually interconnected at the bottom of his muzzle, as the hedgehog wasn't really all that spiky, besides his nine spines at the back and his green eyes were there. He also wore gloves, two red toughened plastic shoes with a white stripe, strengthened soles and a buckle for each foot.

Knuckles' shoes was a little more multi-coloured

"Sonic and Knuckles, two heroes that can run faster than your average record breaker!"

*The Fast Rivals' introduction*

Sonic and Knuckles were trading fists, as they were just about to kickstart their race with a serious statement that could've come out of any contestant.

"We're easily the fastest duo in the game, because I could easily run around the continent like it's no big deal and Knuckles could attack just as fast and we'll both be problems!" Sonic boasted, gaining an suspicious eye from Knuckles, as the latter was jujst confused.

"How are you guys able to cut us down, because I doubt that you'll be able to when the season's over!" Knuckles said this seriously, but he had a bit of a cheeky smile. "We won't be there and also we've got a good chance of us winning!"

"Tails is definitely going to be some serious competition." Sonic noted, as Knuckles nodded to back him up. "And I wouldn't expect him and Amy to give any less!"

*Confessional cut*

Cornelius, he son that was an school detective, was a short bald black teenager and he was wearing jeans that covered all of his socks and went down to his ankles, a blue t-shirt with white sleeves and some blue and black trainers.

Karim, the loving dad that was just going along for the ride, was definitely quite a bit taller and had some dreads that was not going downwards, but were more spread out. He was just wearing a open-collared sky blue buttoned-up shirt, blue jeans and black leather shoes.

"Cornelius and Karim Fillmore, a father and son duo with a lot of readiness!" Don was just willing to use an uncommon word, if only to make it cooler.

*The Black Father's & Son's introduction*

Karim and Cornelius were just happy to be here, as they were accidentally represent their community.

"Okay, so I know that some of you guys have been roasting my son's...stuff, but I assure, we're not all about that! We're just here to compete, take the pictures and enjoy our time around the world." Karim explained to the audience that was just about to watch him.

"Yeah, there's no doubt about it. We've got some real legit competition and I doubt that they're going to go easy on us, so we're not gonna go easy on them!" Cornelius actually saw who everybody was in the competition.

"Wait, do you even remember all of them?" Karim seriously asked the question to his dad.

"Believe me, Dad, I tried, but there's just way too many teams in this race." Cornelius had a bit of a jokey smile, ready to take all of them on.

"Yeah, I don't know how it's going to work." Karim sighed, clearly not having an handle on the densely packed roster of personalities.

*Confessional cut*

Heather and Alejandro didn't really need no introduction, as they were wearing clothes that suggested that they were okay with wearing their classic duds.

"Heather and Alejandro, the self-proclaimed reality show villains!" Don announced, as the two were just walking around with a serious strut.

*The Reality Show Villains' introduction*

Heather and Alejandro were determined to find out what was just happening with this race and why it had 220 people racing around the world and how it was possible.

"Okay, you know how that this was an rumour for a short while and no-one believed it, because of course they would! It's not and I can't believe it." Heather whined pointlessly, as the circumstances were outside her control.

"Well, Heather, more contestants means more competition and this time, we're well prepared from our several appearances on other reality shows!" Alejandro exclaimed, as this Spaniard was just making a case for the team.

"From that season of Fashionista Flip Flop to The House of Horrors, or whatever that show is, I think you'll find that we'll be able to make strategies work." Heather smugly grinned, as she was just caressing Alejandro's face. "And that our love is practically unstoppable."

"Yes, it very much is, so-"

Alejandro did manage to get a surprise kiss from Heather, as he just accepted it and he just gave in for a second and they both split apart confidently.

"-I needed that kiss."

*Confessional cut*

These two were definitely making each other known to be loud, as they both had similar haircuts that were using very different shades.

Kagura was slightly taller and had shoulder-length auburn hair, that at the bottom, was just pointing towards the front and had no bags and she was just wearing a blue jacket with an shoulder bag, blue jeans and some black sneakers.

Tomo was shorter, had black hair that wasn't too disimilar from Kagura's albeit with it being more straight and having a notice-able bang in the middle. She was just wearing a green t-shirt and blue jeans.

"Kagura and Tomo, two girls with some serious attitudes towards each other!" Don announced, as the two were just giving each other a shout or two.

*The High School Loudmouths' introduction*

Tomo and Kagura were just ready to flex on the American people with their pretty decent English, albeit with a few issues.

"So, we're coming onto your screens and Ms. Yukari's wrong, because this show is real and Kagura's gonna help me win it!" Tomo yelled, not only annoying Kagura, but also making the redhead groan.

"Are you gonna be like this all day?" Kagura asked, just trying to get some reasonable answers from her friends. "Because that would actually be a good thing."

"Shut up, of course I am! I'm going to use the energy to make sure that you can catch up to me and make sure that we win a lot!" Tomo exclaimed, getting a little bit angrier.

"That sounds like a big deal that you can't back a lot of the times." Kagura commented, putting it out there in the open, as Tomo was just grumbling.

*Confessional cut*

Drake and Josh were just having some fun times dealing with each other, as they were both running into their issues without much of a problem.

Drake was pretty thin and had an haircut that had all of the hair just go downwards and it was cut to where the hair was just covering his forehead. He was just wearing a blue t-shirt with an beach emblazoned on the front, blue jeans and black sneakers.

Josh was actually relatively rotund, albeit being not too rotuned, as his hair was just styled to part in the middle and be generally wavy, as he was just wearing a red shirt, a white t-shirt under it, black denim trousers and black sneakers.

"Drake Bell and Josh Peck, the new stepbrothers in town!"

*The Ordinary Stepbrothers' introduction*

Drake and Josh were both a little bit older, as they were definitely in adulthood, but still were a little bit of a problem to each other.

"Josh, it's nice to see ya again! I guess the job's been paying well!" Drake almost mockingly said, as the tone wasn't exactly too flattering. "Because you've been somewhere else and you told no-one!"

"I literally told you a month ago, so you can't get onto our case anyways." Josh told him, as the reunion wasn't exactly going as smoothly as they expected. "Drake, did you forget?"

"I didn't forget, I just didn't....know. At least Megan's still at home and is still being a terrible sister." Drake was actually just happy to be relieved for her sister.

"Yeah, that's definitely an improvement." Josh was definitely agreeing, as they both nodded with that in mind.

*Confessional cut*

Hugo may have looked like he was being dragged around, as Poison was just complaining to his face, but he was still walking normally.

Hugo Andre was just a very tall and very bulky wrestler that had wavy brown hair and he was just wearing a lot of pink, as he was wearing pink leather trousers, a pink leopard shirt and brown leather shoes.

Poison was also somewhat tall, though being quite a bit thinner and having somewhat thick and curvy figure, which was covered by a white crop top, blue denim shorts and red high heels, but that wasn't all she was wearing. She also had a two chains on the shorts and the beret.

"Hugo and Poison, two warriors of the ring...coming out to this great reality show!"

*The Wrestler's and Promoter's introduction*

Hugo Andre wasn't really intimdated, as Poison was just taking an questioning look to her partner, as they weren't in the greatest of moods.

"Do you even know how long it takes to get from Metro City to here? It's pretty long and you can bet that I'm not in a good mood!" Poison yelled, as she was just tired of the trip.

"But we got to see a lot of places on our way here and they're great, because they are very great!" Hugo was just genuinely excited to see that there was always more places to go.

"Come on, Hugo, what do you think this is all about? The money or the experience?" Poison asked in a very condescending way, as she was just close and personal.

"The money, of course, but I'd like to have an experience that's fun." Hugo also added, clearly not caring that much about the money. "Also, we're going to get serious cred from this!"

"...Huh, you're never going to understand." Poison groaned, as she was just looking forward to the stacks that were just landing into the location.

*Confessional cut*

That was only about nine teams, as there's 117 more to go and considering that number, Don was just sure that this wasn't going to be easy to film, keep track of or deal with.

Rocko and Filburt were both pretty awkward with each other, yet they weren't that awkward together, despite their appearances just throwing some people off, as Rocko was a wallaby with a somewhat dated shirt with rectangles, circles and squared lines and Filburt was a trutle with only glasses to adorn his eyes.

"Rocko and Filburt, two ordinary workers, who are also animals."

*The Cashiers' introduction*

Rocko was just making his chair move slightly, as Filburt was just seeing that and shaking in the anticipation for the chair falling down.

"So, we decided to go on this race, because we're in need for some money and I don't think my fund is really gonna last that long." Filburt explained, not having a shaky tone.

"And there's a million dollars on the line, places to visit and things to do, because there's a lot of places with things to do." Rocko was just a little scared of something.

"I hope those things aren't too dangerous." Filburt was literally shaking, as  the turtle was just imagining all of the questionable quality challenges that would haunt him. "Did you see the first episode?"

"Filburt, I know that we're going to be fine at the end, so...let's travel." Rocko's attitude to just let the race take him, slightly calmed Filburt's fear of poorly prepared challenges and legs. "It's too late to quit, so..."

*Confessional cut*

Shingo Yabuki was just an ordinary Japanese fanboy, though no-one could really tell from his simple attire and his brown hair covering the middle of his headband.

He was just wearing a lot of blue things, as he had a blue Japanese school jacket over a black waistcoat, which was also over a white t-shirt and he also had simple blue trousers, white trainers with black shoes and to finish it off, blue versions of the famous Kusanagi gloves.

Benimaru wasn't ordinary by any stretch of the imagination, as he was a thin model with very long blonde hair was curled at the very top that was chest-length and is mostly standing up, thanks to being able to use electricity.

He was just wearing a grey tank top under an olive green shirt that was unbuttoned at the top, tight black trousers with chaisn on the pockets, an studded armband on his left hand with a few finger rings and a fingerless glove on his right hand and standard-length fashionable black boots.

These two were here to bring some more fight.

"Shingo and Benimaru, two young, cool and accessorised Japanese young adults!"

*The Fighting Guys' introduction*

Shingo and Benimaru were both really enthusiastic about this race, though Benimaru was just being a little bit more flirtatious, while Shingo was just hyperactive.

"Alright, Benimaru-san, I can't believe that you got me on here and not the Asian edition! Seems kinda weird, but I can definitely handle every one of the one hundred and something teams!" Shingo was just buzzing with energy, ready to take down every single team.

"Whoa, whoa, slow your roll, Yabuki! There's no way that we together could take down every team, let alone you could do it But we're going to make some waves!" Benimaru was just clearly ready to reel in his expectations.

"Okay, Benimaru, what waves are we going to be making, because I think we're going to start with the big teams." Shingo

"And then we're going to be sent home, because we did that. Let's just travel around the world and see some beatitful sights, because I'm up for that."

*Confessional cut*

Gai's striking red hair and lean muscle body was just contrasting with his very simple wearing of red and blue hi-top trainers, blue shorts with an flame pattern on it and a white loose t-shirt.

Sho's unruly almost-shoulder length black hair was tied up with an red headband and he was quite an bit taller and had bigger muscles than Gai. He wore an t-shirt that was just cut off roughly on the chest and arms, as it was covered by an red chestplate and he had black armhands and trousers from the gi, including a black belt and well-used red sneakers and of course, a boomerang that had a special holder on his back.

Together, they were both here to raise their reputation with Sho's voice providing the advertisement.

"Sho and Gai, two fighting pros with two very different fighting styles and loud voices!"

*The Obscure Warriors' introduction*

Sho and Gai were both warriors that were relatively decently-known in Japan and in the former's home town, but they were here to spread their reputation around America, Canada and several other countries.

"Anyways, what's popping, guys!" Gai exclaimed, just putting his arm around Sho in a really friendly way. "Gai Tendo, the best MMA artist from Japan to be on here with my man, Sho Hayate, who's really loud."

"When was I your man? We met three months ago." Sho said, actually staying quiet for the audio. "And we didn't exactly get off too well."

"Since then, we've kept in touch, readying each other for something! It might have been this weird race, it might have been some kind of tag-team competition, but we're going to fight the good fight!" Gai was just providing the best smile that professional would bring.

"And bring some fame to my martial art and beat everyone else!" Sho yelled, clearly having his headspace in the competition, as Gai finally saw the man he met up with quite a while ago. "Did I say something wrong?"

*Confessional cut*

Despite the both of them wearing similar outfits, having some toned muscles and nearly being the same height, Ralf was definitely darker and had longer dark brown hair that was tied up in an bandanna.

Meanwhile, Clark was definitely whiter, had notable shorter blonde hair, which was kept under a trucker's hat and he was wearing sunglasses.

Clark's standard unarmoured military outfit had a lot of blue shades, as Ralf's shades were more green and brown, as were his boot and Clark's boots were definitely blacker.

"Ralf and Clark, military men that are always ready to lend a hand and a fist to help their friends!"

*The Mercenaries' introduction*

Ralf and Clark were both ready to battle, as their muscles were perfect for a race like this one.

"I'd never thought that we'd have to make an TV introduction, but sometimes, PTSD can't be stopped." Clark was just worried about the disorder. "Honestly, a lot of our old friends may have it and we do want to help them."

"Yeah, so we entered this race, realising that we could really help. I'm not sure what else we could do, other than give a million dollars to help those guys!" Ralf exclaimed, ready to somehow take down the disorder.

"And we chose this one, considering how the tournaments usually goes." Clark noted, ready to help in any way. "Besides it's a calmer time...relatively speaking."

"Come on, what's with all of that? I think if we win, we really could help those scientists and soldiers just live their lives pretty good!" Ralf proclaimed with some passion. "For all of the guys back at base, we're doing this for you."

"...I think we are." Clark realised, thanks to Ralf's overblown words.

*Confessional cut*

Wario and Waluigi were two very mean brothers, who both shared a lot of traits between each other, as these two actually had the same simple haircut, same plumber outfit with an hat, albeit with the hat and undersuit being yellow for Wario and purple for Waluigi.

Wario was actually very fat, but it was also mixed with some muscle to provide the muscled arms and the legs were very short and thing, leading to him being pretty short and his mustache had more kinks to it.

Waluigi, however, was a lot latter and as a result, he was thinner, his arms and legs were actually a lot more averaged out, but they were overall longer and his mustache was just a handlebar.

 "Wario and Waluigi, self-proclaimed competitors who say they won't cheat in this race!" Don was about to clarify something. "I don't know why they needed to tell people that."

*The Competitive Brothers' introduction*

Wario and Waluigi were just laughing at their own circumstances, as they knew that they managed to hit solid gold.

"Yeah, it's your fat man on the screen, Wario and Wario's gonna win!" Wario proclaimed, ready to get himself proven wrong by some random team.

"And with Waluigi lending some legendary skills, we're going to be unstoppable and then some!" Waluigi was actually yelling about his ability to not be stopped with a massive devious grin.

"We're going to be super unstoppable, as Wario knows a way to just chop and bash through the competition, including that loser Mario!"

"Of course, you're right! And there's no way that Luigi can handle the dances that Waluigi can throw out! We're playing legitmately dirty!" Waluigi was also referring to his extra host of skills.

"That's what we're going to do, you bitches! Have a rotten day!" Wario was just genuinely gleeful about all of the trickery that he was just about to happen.

"Same to all of the other competitors!" Waluigi finished the introduction.

*Confessional cut*

Mr. Smee was just practically bald, aside from the grey sideburns and extra hair that was just there on the middle of the head, but his bald head was just covered by the red nightcap.

He was just a short and plump man that lived to serve his captain, as he had white t-shirt with blue stripes, dark teal shorts and brown sandals that had only one stripe.

Captain Hook, obviously, had the clothes of a pirate captain, as his long and curled black hair, handlebar mustache, small stubble just added to it, along with his fair skin, his above average height and bad attitude.

He was wearing an elaborate red captain's hat with a long lilac feather, a upper-class captain's jacket with folded cuffs and gold trimmings, magenta leggings, long white socks, a lilac shirt, a strap to hold his word, black old-style shoes and of course, a hook to replace his non-existent left hand.

"James Hook and Mr. Smee, two pirates who aren't stealing anything of note, except a spot in this race!"

*The Pirates' introduction*

These two were some of the more notable teams that were obvious villains for an stupidly specific reason.

"I want some treasure, because I'm never able to get some for some reason!" Captain Hook growled, as though Smee wasn't half asleep already. "But at least, I'll be able to pirate my way through this!"

"Captain, I don't know how we're going to steal tips and we'd get arrested for it!"

"That's not what I meant, Smee! I meant that those blasted wannabe good guys in the face with my crew, but I can't have them because this thing forces me to have only you!" Captain Hook was just ranting at this point, as Smee was just saluting his favourite captain.

"Well, that should be a good thing, because it'll let you think on your toes, and there's a few villains that will know all about you!" Smee was just looking on the positive of the strange experience that the two pirates.

"Smee, I'm tired of losing everything, so we will win this blasted competition and shipwreck everyone else!" Hook was just plain motivated to just power through the competition.

"Aye, aye, cap'n!"

*Confessional cut*

Pete was just a very big black cat that also had some stubble on chin, was just wearing a blue loose buttoned-up shirt with the collars folded, blue jeans and brown leather shoes were made to travel.

Mortimer was also a pretty tall black mouse with two front buck teeth, albeit being pretty damn thin, as he was just wearing a porkpie hat, a green and white striped polo t-shirt, some khaki trousers with buttons on the front and brown shoes.

"Two guys who make it very apparent that they kinda don't like each other."

*The Reluctant Partners' introduction*

Pete was just giving a cold stare at his partner, Mortimer, who was just talking a very big game, as the two of them were just teaming up for this competition only.

"Hey, uh, mind why you picked me to go on this show? I wanted to team up with mah wife, not some lowlife who's desperate to get Minnie!" Pete was just furious about this team-up. "Teaming up with Mickey would've been a better idea and I just don't want to do that!"

"Okay, okay, so what we're not the best team! We've got skills that are going to break this race into pieces combined and let me tell you, your wife wouldn't have been this competitive!" Mortimer was just genuinely scared, actually moving away from Pete's intimdating look.

"Alright, she can be competitive sometimes, but you're kinda right. That's about it, though, so what else have we got in common? You've got an stupid big ego, a even dumber motive and decent fashion sense!" Pete was laying into Mortimer, who wasn't scared anymore.

"Can't we just learn throughout the race? Besides I've got also that ha-cha-cha-cha that you don't have!" Mortimer was just ready to throw some big talk into the game. "You just watch."

Pete was just putting his head on his right hand, as he wasn't expecting anything good.

*Confessional cut*

Stromboli was just pretty happy, though he didn't look that way with his big belly, big limbs, balding hair, slightly discoloured lips and an attempt to be an angry face.

He was just wearing a loose green shirt, a green jacket with smaller buttons, brown pants, a tied red scarf that he wore around the waist, white socks and black shoes that barely fit his feet.

Barker was just much more smug, irritating practically every other contestant, teammate being included. Strangely, despite it being white, he had a full head of hair, though no-one could tell under his hat, but his green eyes and big nose was very visible and he had a pretty big belly.

He was just carrying his red overcoat, as it was that hot, which allowed his red buttoned shirt and the top half of his loose

"Barker & Stromboli, probably the oldest and most mismatched team in the competition combined!" Don wasn't really that intimidated by the two of them, as the duo were just walking awkwardly.

*The Old Men's confessional*

Stromboli looked visibly angry, as he was just watching his partner with suspicion, as Barker was just giving a pretty smug look.

"Who the hell let you in here and why didn't they check you!" Stromboli was about to go for a punch. "I just want to travel the world, not ruin some idiot's day for no reason!"

"I'll be honest, you're not the best person that I could've chosen, but I've got a bit of a reputation that you'll never have. So, I decided to chose you because you might have been the only one-"

"Okay, you're scary and can make a decent puppet, but what's your problem!

*Confessional cut*

These two were just used to being in very different places, but despite that, Toronto actually surprised.

Rick's hair was white and spiked like a punk's hairstyle would be, except it wasn't partially cut and this old scientist was just pretty tall. He was wearing a scientist's coat, a light blue t-shirt, some khaki trousers, white socks and black leather shoes.

Morty's hair was just brown and very much styled after an afro, except it was short and not very curled. He was, of course, average in height for being 14 and his choice of clothing was just a simple yellow t-shirt, blue jeans, white socks and light grey trainers.

"Rick and Morty, two guys who travel to a lot of places and...cause some action."

*The Travellers' introduction*

Rick was already slightly drunk, as he looked like he couldn't care less, while Morty could definitely care less, but he was relaxed in general.

"Okay, so if I'm right, some wannabe badasses are going to try and take me down from some eh reality show that's got way too many people in it." Rick explained, as Morty wasn't even asking anything.

"Rick, you're going crazy here. It's some eh reality show, what are you talking about." Morty was more so exasperated than really angered, as he was just sure that no-one cared. "I guess because you're going to finally have some money and know you're going to damn do with it?"

"Aw, heck yeah! I'm gonna make some shit with it and that stuff is going to be some quality inventions, but first, we're going to mess some shit up, because that's what we do."

"If you want to mess up anything, you can call frickin' Rick over here!" Morty clearly didn't want to be here. "I'm so sick of this fucking introduction, because I swear this is taking too long!"

*Confessional cut*

Don was just ready for the waves of teams that were coming to claim something, as the first duo was already trying to do that, especially with their very Texan clothes.

Hank was actually pretty tall with his short brown hair, even compared to some of the adults, as he was just wearing a tucked-in polo t-shirt, blue jeans with a belt, some socks and brown slacks.

Bobby, his blonde son with a very similar hairstyle, was only slightly shorter than Sonic and he was wearing a grey t-shirt, black shorts, long white socks and dark red sneakers.

"Hank and Bobby, the father and son team coming from good old Texas!"

*The Father's & The Son's introduction*

Hank was just pinching his nose, as Bobby wasn't really shocked that his dad wasn't really into a show of this kind.

"I'm Hank and this is Bobby." Hank introduced himself, as Bobby was just waving to the camera. "And we're going to prove something!"

"We're going to prove that me and my dad can beat the rest by just racing honourably!" Bobby, obviously, wanted to prove a point

"Honestly, I don't know why you're watching this show. It's just people going around the world trying to get a million dollars."

"Yeah, dad, but all of the worst people win because they're good at playing games! Let's just show them by getting a win on this show!" Bobby was the real driving force behind this team. "I don't think we're going to win, dad."

"Not by a long shot, son. At least the flights are free." Hank could definitely see something good in this show, albeit something different.

*Confessional cut*

These two were actually being laid back as much as they could, as these two were just working on being in the show and supporting something that the audience wouldn't really know.

They were both around the same height of 5 feet and 5 inches.

Jeff's hair was just mostly hidden under a straw bucket hat, but he did have ear-length hair with a soul patch and some stubble on top of the lip. He wasn't really that tall, which was fine, when he was just wearing a silver t-shirt, a green plaid shirt, some jeans and red sneakers.

Hayley's hair was shoulder-length, black and didn't really have any specific styles, except for it being cut over the forehead. She was just wearing a 60s hippy headband, a grey shirt that was just short enough to not cover the stomach, which had a belly ring, some jeans that didn't go down to the ankle, a white belt and sandals.

"Hayley and Jeff Smith, the most laid-back duo!"

*The Liberal Couple's introduction*

Jeff was just really high, while Hayley was somewhat high, as they were both smoking the greenest grass that could be smoked.

"Babe, do you even know where we are? I think we're in Canada, but we're also on some picture!" Jeff exclaimed, excited to be one of the teams in the race. "No wait, we're in front of the picture, Hayley!"

"Jeff, are you okay?" Hayley was just genuinely concerned for her boyfriend.

"Okay enough to know doing stuff for a cool cause is pretty cool!" Jeff described it in an very simple way. "That's what we're here for!"

"Right. There's has been lot of improper checks and balances that's leading to the Amazon rainforest, AKA the reason why we're not in bad air, to being torn down for forestry and farming." Hayley also shared the same concern for the world's rainforest. "Along with other issues."

"I can't believe someone would do that, just to farm a few more cows, man! We're gonna help them by giving something back to the forest, dude! I think it was trees, but I forgot." Jeff tried to explained, struggling to mash it all together.

"I think a million dollars wouldn't be enough to stop the foresters from tearing down more trees and displacing more natives! I don't know what else we can do, though."

"Yeah, babe, got ya!" Jeff was just fully supporting his girlfriend, as he was just ready to take on the world with his wife.

*Confessional cut*

Karamatsu was just an average 20-year old Japanese NEET, as his hair was just short, black and had two cowlicks sticking up and he was just wearing a jumper with a zip, over a light blue tank top with blue sunglasses on it, slightly ripped jeans and trainers with varying shades of blue.

Jyushimatsu actually looked quite similar, as his hair only had one cowlick, but his clothes were definitely showing his love of baseball.
The guy was just wearing his yellow jumper under the baseball jacket with the logo of his favourite team on it, a baseball cap, beige denim pants and cream-coloured baseball shoes.

"Karamatsu and Jyushimatsu, two adults who are currently having a hard time."

These two were just trying to walk confidently, as the blue top wearing brother was just making the yellow jumper wearing brother

*The Idiot Brothers' confessional*

Karamatsu and Jyushimatsu both had confident smiles that were both sharing a reason for being there.

"Hey, American dudes! What's up with you guys, becuase I'm officially here!" Karamatsu exclaimed, both trying to woo girls and convice people that he was cool. "My name's Karamatsu and my name means I'm the second...of the brothers!"

"I'm the fifth of the brothers, because we're sextuplets! You wanna play some baseball, because I'm ready to play some games!" Jyushimatsu was just ready to swing his own baseball bat.

"We're the best brothers in the game and I can see that there's a lot of Karamatsu girls out there rooting for me to win!" Karamatsu was just ready to explain the high demand that he apparently got to enter the race.

"Alright, hustle, hustle, muscle, muscle!" Jyushimatsu was actually swinging his bat around, but the real shock from Karamatsu, when a poll that didn't put in a good light slipped out of the pocket.

"Eliminate?!" Karamatsu yelled before the confessional cut off. "What?!"

*Confessional cut*

The next duo was certainly a duo that weren't ready for least a few days before they were just being filmed doing their thing of being pretty casual.

Fry was just an ordinary 21st century adult, wearing a red shirt that was just unbuttoned, a white t-shirt, blue jeans and black sneakers, but his spiky red hair which went up at the front made him stand out from a crowd.

Bender was just a steel robot with an amazing AI, very stretchy limbs that were made specifically to get a lot of things, eyes that open and closed on their own, an antenna on the head and an opening to power his beer-powered motor.

"Fry and Bender, two rough best friends from the future, apparently." Don couldn't really believe the two of them would come from an alternate timeline or something else that would be very easy to ridicule.

*The Adult Best Friends' introduction*

Fry and Bender were more determined than ever, as these two adults were stuck together like good old times, even though Bender didn't really like the results.

"Okay, so I know that there's two hundred and something chumps that I have to beat, but I don't know why you dragged me here!" Bender complained, slightly  confused about what was happening. "You could've chosen someone else for the long job!"

"Hey, it was an AI that chose it, so it's definitely not my fault. I was just busy watching something and I already signed up." Fry explained, still being pretty indignant. "Also, didn't you want to go on this?"

"Yeah, but you're not my first choice...or my other choice, but I don't really care that much anyways." Bender was just crossing his arms and letting out a chuckle. "I'll still be the one to do most of the smoking!"

"Of course you would! But I'll be helping and bringing the beer!" Fry proclaimed, just ready to hold the beverages.

"That's right, Fry! And together, we're going to smoke a lot of asses!" Bender yelled, nearly making the camera-man understand what was actually going on.

*Confessional cut*

The two of them were just very passionate about karate if their choice to keep on carrying the gi on their back was something to be noted, even if the sisters' height was nearly half of the brother's height.

Ryo, the brother, had rough features with yellow messy hair that had bangs on the front and he was just wearing a blue polo t-shirt with a black undershirt, some light blue jeans, white socks and blue sneakers.

Yuri, the sister, looked like an typical Japanese girl with long brown braided hair and smoother features was wearing a white shirt, a purple undershirt, purple tracksuit bottoms and red high top sneakers.

Either way, they were up to only something that they could do.

"Ryo and Yuri, a brother and a sister who really like karate, if you couldn't tell."

*The Karate Siblings' introduction*

Ryo and Yuri were all stanced up, as they were just ready to prove that their martial art was market-able enough to make it work and their energy could be felt by the camera man.

"Honestly, we're not a warrior of words, which is good, because we're all about that karate!" Ryo was just ready to be serious about it. "And this time, it's in a race where it really counts!"

"I just wanted to travel around the world, but I guess we're about the best martial art easily! Besides, there's 108 teams here and I doubt that we're not going to fight!"

"Just remember your training, because it's gonna come in handy." Ryo stated, definitely having his head in the competition. "For when we've got annoying people over!"

"I thought we were going to talk! What's this about fighting them?" Yuri asked, genuinely ready to having a serious discussion, as Ryo was just touching his forehead.

*Confessional cut*

These two were just talking about stuff that no-one could really hear with each other.

Carly was actually pretty white and she had long black hair that was just wavy at the ends didn't cover any of the clothes, as she was just wearing a black and white striped shirt and black denim trousers and black boots that was tied up.

Spencer was just as Caucasian and he had short brown hair was styled to be spiky at the front and he was definitely a lot taller than his definitely young sister, as he was a definite adult. He was just wearing a light blue denim shirt that was just hiding a navy blue t-shirt, dark blue trousers and plaid sneakers.

"Carly and Spencer Shay, a brother and a sister reunited to be in this great race!"

*The Long-Distance Siblings' introduction*

Carly and Spencer Shay were both back together, as they just got themselves out of an bear hug that was just reciporated between the both of them.

"Yep, it was just getting hard to breathe over here." Spencer was just shrugging it off, as Carly was just smiling. "So I'm Spencer and this is my sister Carly."

"Thanks. We've both been in very different places for a while and now we're just gonna team up for my favourite race!" Carly told the audience, which made Spencer very shocked. "Though, apparently, there's 108 teams here."

"No way that's true! How are they gonna deal with everybody with Sam just doing things to them! By the way, Sam's in the competition!" Spencer was just being somewhat loud, as Carly was just beaming.

"Oh my gosh, that's great! Maybe we can form an alliance together and just be a super-friendly group or something!" Carly's enthusiasm was just peaking, as Spencer was just shrugging.

"Yep, some things never change." Spencer stated with a playful smile.

*Confessional cut*

Tori Vega's brown, clean and slightly wavy hair with some bright skin that was slightly tanned and beaming with some serious postivity. She was just wearing a khaki-coloured jacket, a special armband, a navy blue shirt that was covered with dull red and green stripes, blue skinny jeans with short brown boots thad had heels.

Jade West, being very plae, was just very angry at her circumstances, as while her hair was looking relatively good with how black it was and the teal stripes, the jacket had a slight tear at the back of it, but otherwise the clothes were fine.

She was just wearing black leather boots that had a lot of details on it, a black leather jacket and brown leggings and a grey shirt with a special necklace.

"Tori Vega and Jade West, singers who don't really like each other!"

*The Stage Rivals' introduction*

Tori and Jade had an intense fiery aura to themselves, though because of the latter's darker fashion choice, it stood out even more on her and Tori was actually straight up determined to make this work.

"Hello, guys, so I'm teaming up with my antagonistic friend, Jade, who's in a really bad mood for some reason! So, I actually wanted to bring my sister along, but Jade, for some reason, also wanted to race." Tori was just showing off her friend to the world that was just going to watch this hard-to-watch season.

"Apparently, they rejected your sister, though her being too annoying could be a really good reason to do that move." Jade speculated with a mean smile on her face.

"...I don't know why you're like this most of the time, because I just want to travel the world, my mom doesn't really have that much money and I don't want to end up on a hit list." Tori complained, just distracted from the potential opportunity at the hand.

"Cool, so I'd rather get target by some villains who don't know how to race, but I guess you're scared."

Tori was just confused at why Jade just wanted to anger people, as though they weren't in the same class.

*Confessional cut*

These two were just ready to get some stuff done with cold milkshakes, as they both had shoulder length-hair, though Sam's was just wavy and Cat's were completely curled at the bottom and were nearly the same height, though Sam was slightly taller.

Sam was just wearing a grey unzipped jumper, a dark blue t-shirt with an circle, triangle and square stacked on top of each other, some black jeans and grey trainers.

Cat, however, was wearing an white dress with a lot of flower patterns on it, long black leggings and grey sneakers.

"Samantha and Cat, up and coming baby sitters hailing from the American state of Washington!"

*The Babysitters' introduction*

Sam was just pretty confident about something that Cat was scared about.

"Oh my god, is it going to be cancelled?" Cat was just a little bit spooked, as she was just sure that the numbers weren't being read right.

"Come on, they somehow managed to get two hundred and something people here, I don't think it's canned." Sam was just crossing her arms with some awareness.

"And then we're going to get pranked, because that's not possible." Cat was just still all in on the plausible theory, as the show idea alone was pretty implausible. "I can't believe people would go that far from a prank."

"And that's why it's real. It wouldn't make a lick of sense, though I'd be up for it." Sam had a bit of a devious smile, as she was just sure that Cat wouldn't like it. "Cat, I've got an idea!"

"Oh my gosh, how is everyone going to fit on the screen and what are you thinking? It's crazy!" Cat was just genuinely shocked about these two facts. "I already know, because you're you."

Sam was just shrugging, as she was just figured out and Cat wasn't shocked, but very confident about what was going to happen.

*Confessional cut*

Kanji and Chie were definitely coming from a different part of Japan, as they were really here to compete.

Kanji was just a blonde guy with hair that was spiked only on both sides and in middle of the forehead and a very spiky attitude, as he was just wearing a grey shirt that's never buttoned, a navy blue skull t-shirt, black trousers and dark brown leather brogues.

Choe was just an ordinary kung-fu school girl with short brown-hair and legs that were mostly not covered by the short skirt and white socks. She was also wearing, a green tracksuit with yellow stripes and some grey trainers that were well suited for this race.

"Kanji and Chie, two students with an fiery attitude and names that I can easily pronounce."

*The Hot Blooded Students' introduction*

Kanji and Chie were both very motivated, as was expected, but they were also fired up enough to make things a little more friendly than usual.

"Chie-san, what's the one thing that we're going to do in every leg?" Kanji was just ready to make sure that he was really motivating his friend.

"Eat the best mest that you can find! Wait, but we don't have that much money, so let's just eat some meat!" Chie shouted, even keeping it up mid-sentence to just show that she was just ready to fight for anything.

"Other than the meat, what else are we doing?" Kanji was just asking the question, still not deterred. "Fighting to travel!"

"We've got our own styles, so we can actually fight against anyone who tries to stop us from just taking pictures and enjoying the sights!" Chie was just going into her karate stance. "Also, bad guys, get load of our fighting skills."

"We're not gonna show it, but they've got another problem coming." Kanji proclaimed, ready to warn all sorts of manipulators for the trouble ahead. "Senpai, you're going to witness something!"

*Confessional cut*

"With 28 teams already introduced, already ten more than the original Ridonculous Race's 18, we're well on our way to making the impossible happen! Stick around for an extra 28 teams being introduced in the next part!" Don announced, as he was just proud to see his teeth smile once again.

To be continued in Part 2, where 27 more teams reveal themselves to be in the game and these are going to be the first 27 teams, as the new teams are in italics, along with changed teams being underlined!

#1: Chet & Lorenzo AKA The Stepbrothers (Ridonculous Race)

#2: Samus & Captain Falcon AKA The Bounty Hunters (F-Zero/Metroid)

#3: Katie & Sadie AKA The Best Female Friends (Total Drama Island)

#4: Sonic & Knuckles AKA The Speeding Rivals (Sonic The Hedgehog)

#5: Cornelius & Karim Fillmore AKA The Father & Son (Fillmore, new)

#6: Heather & Alejandro AKA The Reality Show Villains (Total Drama: World Tour)

#7: Tomo Takino & Kagura  AKA The High School Loudmouths (Azumanga Daioh)

#8: Drake Bell & Josh Peck AKA The Ordinary Stepbrothers (Drake & Josh)

#9: Hugo Andre & Poison AKA The Wrestler & Promoter (Final Fight)

#10: Rocko & Filburt AKA The Cashiers (Rocko's Modern Life, new)

#11: Shingo Yabuki & Benimaru Nikado AKA The Fighting Guys (King of Fighters '97)

#12: Sho Hayate & Gai Tendo AKA The Obscure Warriors (Savage Reign & Buriki One)

#13: Ralf Jones & Clark Still AKA The Mercenaries (Ikari Warriors)

#14: Wario & Waluigi AKA The Competitive Brothers (Mario & Wario)

#15: Captain Hook & Mr. Smee AKA The Pirates (Peter Pan)

#16: Pete & Mortimer AKA The Reluctant Partners (Mickey Mouse)

#17: Coachman & Stromboli AKA The Old Men (Pinocchio)

#18: Rick Sanchez & Morty Smith AKA The Travellers (Rick & Morty)

#19: Hank & Bobby Hill AKA The Texan Father & Son (King of The Hill)

#20: Hayley & Jeff AKA The Liberal Couple (American Dad)

#21: Karamatsu & Jyushimatsu AKA The Idiot Brothers (Osomatsu-San)

#22: Fry & Bender AKA The Adult Best Friends (Futurama)

#23: Ryo & Yuri Sakazaki AKA The Karate Siblings (Art of Fighting)

#24: Spencer & Carly Shay AKA The Long-Distance Siblings (iCarly)

#25: Tori Vega & Jade West AKA The Stage Rivals (Victorious)

#26: Sam Puckett & Cat Valentine AKA The Babysitters (Sam & Cat)

#27: Chie Satonaka & Kanji Tatsumi AKA The Hot-Blooded Students (Persona 4, new)

---Teams 28 to 55 will be revealed with in the second part of the introductions and 73 other teams are going to be revealed in the future three parts!---

Also, the writing style is probably going to also be very different, considering that the original chapters were written in 2017 to 2018 and I've made a lot of improvements since then!

I just hope that I'm willing to improve even more through this monster of a story!