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Just another day

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The girl walked down the small path leading to the dorms. A cold wind was blowing and a few raindrops fell from the sky. She pulled her coat a little closer around herself, but the wet cold wind still got through it. It made her shiver a little bit and she sped up a notch. She looked to the ground while walking, trying not to step into one of the puddles that had been on the pavement for almost a week now. 


What a shitty week this had been. Starting Monday with rain and strong winds. It hadn't stopped pouring for days. The temperatures weren't as bad anymore but still, the wet and cold were still horrible. Couldn't the winter finally leave? It should be spring by now and too long she wished for shorts and the sun on her skin. 

But that is what you get for living in Arcadia Bay. Oregon and sea-shore weren't made by God for beaches and sunbathing. But then again it was only one little part in her shit week. 

First, there was the returning of the English-test on Thursday and she bombed that one. 13% was a horrible rating and she had no idea what made her write such stupid shit. English Literature wasn't her best course but still, it wasn't like she was bad at it. But this time she really blew it, she thought with a groan,  when a new gust of wind ruffled her hair. She wanted to scream really. At the wind, at her test or maybe Logan. 

Yeah, they had split almost half a year ago now, but still, it hurt like fuck to see him with a new girl. And it was that bitch Sarah of all people. That was the dumbest bimbo bitch she had ever seen and aaaargh. 

Dana shook her head. That wasn't her. Yes, she was pissed, yes she was sad but still. Sarah was a totally fine girl, not the smartest but she was nice. Somewhat. No, Dana, this isn't you. You aren't like Victoria! You don't think like that about other people. You don't shit on others.


She stuffed her hands deeper into her pockets. Well, that wasn't all true anymore. Victoria had changed and quite a lot that was. One would say her girlfriend had tamed her and that really well. But on the other hand who could be a bitch all around when being with Kate Marsh. That girl was so nice she would probably shine in innocents if she could. But then again, that was Kate for you so, no wonder she could get Victoria finally calm down a bit. She always wondered what that was about. 

And then there was the damn class of Biology today. Dissecting a frog urghs that had been a nightmare in and of itself. And then staying longer to help clean up was just the icing on the cake.


Dana barged her shoulder against the dorm-door pushing it open. Inside the wind stopped but it was still cold in the damn stairwell. Fighting her way up the stairs she just wanted to relax. Get some sweatpants on and lye on her couch, watching some TV. She finally reached the living quarters and in the hallway at least it was warm. The carpet was faded for years and the lights weren't the best in the corridor but the heater worked just fine. She dragged herself to her door, stuffing her hand in her pocket. Then she groaned again, leaning her head against the wood of her door. She had lent her key to Rachel because she needed a geography book. Damn. Now she had to walk to her door. All twelve metres.


Pushing herself from the door, she turned and made herself to the embark on the Oddysee. Her eyes were on the floor, her mind not thinking anything and she was almost at her destiny when a voice spoke in front of her. 

"Yo Dana, what's up?" 

The girl in question raised her tired gaze and saw that Max and Chloe had just stepped out of the smaller girls room. Both of them wore hats and scarfs, Chloe in her trademark leather jacket and Max in this beautiful pale pink coat that made her look really cute. Her parents Christmas gift if Dana's memory served her correct. Dana gave them a tired smile. 

"Heading out?" She asked, leaning against the wall. Max nodded eagerly bringing her hands up. 

Chloe is taking me out for dinner. She signed. Dana had started learning sign language and even though she wasn't very good this at least she could deceiver. She smiled.

"Oh, special occasion?" She asked with a still tired smile. 

Chloe brought her arm around Max's shoulders and pulled her in a side hug, which the girl answered with a little wiggle because she was just trying to lock her door but her finger slipped from the doorknob. A whispered admonishment to quiet for Dana really to hear was a return. Dana tried her best not to feel a little hurt. She knew Max didn't do it on purpose and it was nothing wrong with her not able to talk to Dana, but she felt a little left out. Max talked to Chloe and Rachel, both the people Dana spend a lot of time with since they formed this four people clique. Yet Dana was a little miffed that she was the only one that Max wasn't able to talk to. But she tried to squash that feeling. 

Luckily Max and Chloe were engaged this cute couple bantering, a playfighting thing that couples did so often where they shut out everything so they didn't see the pained look on Danas face for a moment. Finally, they settled and Max proceeded to lock the door. 

"Yeah, don't need a special reason to take this beauty out for dinner. All of the Bay shall see that I, Chloe Price, had gotten such a hot girlfriend." She said that with this goofy grin that only people in love really have. Dana chuckled. No matter how she sometimes felt a little alone she wasn't petty and she really felt happy for her two friends who, like everybody with two eyes could see, were madly in love. 

"Well, I think by know half Oregon knows about that Blue. Don't let anyone steal her away!" 

Chloe and Max both grinned at each other at that. "Not a chance. Well, we got to go, Ward, see ya." 

Max waved and Dana nodded. "Have fun you two."

Chloe waved over her shoulder a second time. "We will. Bye." 

Dana watched them leave with a smile. The tall and loud Chloe, holding hands with the timid and small Max. Yet somehow Dana knew who was the Boss in this relationship.

Well, time to get going, she thought to herself, knocking on the door to Rachels room.