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Notes From the Ravenclaw Bulletin Board

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To Whom It May Concern (Which means you lot):


The Ravenclaw House Common Room Bulletin Board (henceforth known as the RHCRBB) is now open for notes and general notices. In past years, the RHCRBB was open to students, but the Great Howler Incident caused the House to lose said privilege. Please do not cause Professor Flitwick to rescind this privilege again.


A few rules apply to the use of the RHCRBB. These are non-optional and may cause a loss of privileges and/or House Points if not followed.


The rules are as follows:


  1. All notices must be run by at least 1 (one) prefect or Head. The prefect and/or Head must be a current Ravenclaw student.

  2. All notices must be signed by the person who posted them. Real names, not nicknames. Initials may be allowed to sign a notice or note if their name is within the notice or note itself.

  3. Each student may put 1 (one) drawing on the RHCRBB each week, unless they have received permission from a seventh year prefect and/or Head.

  4. All notices must be age-appropriate for first years and up.

  5. All notices must follow the Ravenclaw Code of Conduct.

  6. Notes may be permitted if they follow the following sub-rules:
    1. They address a group of more than 2 (two) people.
    2. They have a purpose relating to the wellbeing/running of the House.
    3. They follow the Ravenclaw Code of Conduct.
    4. They are age-appropriate for first years and up.
    5. They do not pertain to personal matters that may be considered inappropriate. (i.e. No asking anyone out on a date or discussing lewd matters)

  7. All notices are subject to a termination date. This date is usually 2 (two) weeks after being posted. The termination date will be included in the approval stamp, along with the date of approval.

  8. Notes are not subject to a termination date, but the RHCRBB will be cleared of all notes on the last day of each month, if the notes are not dated that day. If they are dated on the last day of that month, they will be left up until the end of the next month.

Thank you for reading this, and have a nice day.


Audrey Clearwater, Head Girl


September 1, 1995