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i was a little bit lost (but i'm not anymore)

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Izuku sighed, resting his forehead against his front door. It was four in the morning, two hours later than he was supposed to be home, and he was lucky that his roommate had been willing to babysit tonight. He really didn't have the money to worry about paying their neighbor for those extra two hours. Izuku felt bone tired; his arms were aching from having spent the past few hours prepping the bakery he worked at for the morning staff, and he knew that he wouldn’t be able to rest them anytime soon. Eri had to be at school by 7:30am, meaning they had to leave an hour before that to catch the two buses to her primary school. Then he had a 9am class at with mandatory attendance that went toward his grade. Not to mention the three classes after that—one which included his internship at the nearby pediatrician’s office.

Izuku lifted his head with a groan. His schedule was awful, but he wouldn’t change it for anything. It was absolutely necessary for him to make his dream of becoming a quirk specialist a reality, despite his own lack of a quirk. He wanted to do what he could to help the heroes out there, making sure they were in their best shape so that nobody had to suffer needlessly.

He struggled with unlocking the deadbolt on the door, missing it with his key twice before getting it to slide home so he could enter his apartment.

It was a tiny thing, with two bedrooms that were more like closets than anything, and it definitely had not been designed to house two adults and a child. Izuku and Eri shared the marginally larger one, a bunk bed shoved into one corner and a chest of drawers opposite the door which held both of their clothes. Denki Kaminari, the only other adult Izuku trusted in this world, lived in the other room.

Denki coming into Izuku’s life was a surprise. As a fellow omega—but one with a powerful quirk—Izuku was horrified to learn that Denki had been kicked out of his home when he brought home an omega to introduce to his parents. He had already been accepted to Yuuei when it happened, with dreams of becoming a Pro-Hero, but couldn’t afford the tuition on his own. None of his family members had stepped up to take him in, and because of that, he became a homeless omega teen who had to learn how to get what he needed to survive.

This led to Izuku meeting him when Denki had broken into the back of the restaurant Izuku had been working for. Izuku had been a dishwasher, low on the totem pole and working the graveyard shift, so it had been a shock to see a dirty blond come out of nowhere, holding a duffle bag and ready to rob the place. Izuku had threatened him with a kitchen knife, ordering him to leave. Then he saw Denki’s limp. Izuku was a sucker for anyone who was hurt, never able to ignore someone in need, so he ended up wrapping Denki’s ankle as the other boy told him his story.

And that was that. Izuku had a single room in his dorm, covered by his scholarships, and nobody looked twice at Denki’s constant comings and goings from the room. It was college; two omegas sharing a room was not the weirdest thing most people had seen on campus.

Of course, that had been before Eri came along. Izuku had been on his way home from a late shift when he stumbled upon the five year old girl sitting at a bus stop alone. There was nobody else in sight from what Izuku could tell, and he approached her curiously but with caution.

“Hello,” he said softly, crouching in front of her. “My name’s Izuku. Are you lost?”

The girl, who had been playing with a loose thread on her dress, looked up at him with a bright smile. She shook her head, pigtails bouncing back and forth. “No,” she answered with a sweet voice. “Daddy said he would be right back!”

Izuku frowned, taking another look around at the dark street. There weren’t any stores open at that time of night, especially in this neighborhood, so Izuku couldn't guess where he could be. “Do you know where he was going?”

Eri’s smile faltered a little before coming back even wider, looking as if it were painted on her face. “He said he had to go to the store, so Eri-chan had to wait right here for him to come back!”

Izuku took her tiny hands in his, wincing at the icy feeling of them. He rubbed at them to give them some warmth. “Do you know how long he has been gone?”

Eri shook her head again. “Not really,” she admitted slowly, “but the moon was over there—” She gestured toward the treeline to the east. “—when he left.”

Izuku could feel a fury build within him at her words, guessing that she had been out here alone in the cold night for at least a few hours now. He shrugged out of his threadbare parka—it barely doing anything for him—but still wrapping it around her, and sat next to her on the bench. The wind cut through him sharply, making him shiver, but he forced himself to not focus on it. The next bus was still about fifteen minutes out, and it was only luck that it had been a mild winter so far, allowing him to give her his jacket. Not that he wouldn’t have done it regardless, but at least it wasn’t worse outside.

When Izuku could see the bus a few stops away, he ducked his head to where Eri had listed into his side sleepily. “Eri, honey,” he said softly, getting her attention. “I don’t want to leave you here, baby. It’s too cold for you to stay outside by yourself.”

“But Daddy said he’d be back,” she murmured, cuddling closer to him.

Izuku was almost positive that he wasn’t but couldn’t tell that to a child who wouldn’t understand. He looked at the bus that was closer now, and made a snap decision that would either be one of the best choices he’s made or would blow up in his face. “How about this: you can come home with me, and in the morning, we’ll come back and wait for your Daddy.”

Eri looked up at him, and Izuku could have sworn that her eyes held understanding far beyond her age. He thought she might say something, but she only nodded and wrapped her arms around his neck, allowing him to lift her just as the bus was pulling up.

Izuku fumbled for his wallet in his jacket that Eri was still wearing, and flushed in embarrassment when he pulled his money out and realized he was a dollar short for both of their fares. The driver just waved them inside, eyes sympathetic, and Izuku thanked her before taking a seat near the front.

The next morning, a rare off-day for Izuku, he had woken Eri up early and offered to go back to the bus stop, but she refused. She told him she knew that her daddy wasn’t coming back for her as soon as he left her there, and Izuku’s heart broke all over again.

After that, Izuku couldn’t let her go. Denki had come home after working that day and suggested calling the local child protective services, and Izuku had almost snapped at him, feeling his instincts rise up and tell him to eliminate the threat to his pup. Denki had taken one look at his face and backtracked, sending soothing pheromones to bring Izuku back down from going feral.

By the time school started back up the next semester, Izuku and Denki had found an apartment for the three of them and moved in. The first few months were rough, all of them sharing an air mattress in the living room as they both started looking for better jobs. Izuku enrolled Eri in the best preschool he could find within his budget, and with Denki not going to school, he was willing to watch Eri while Izuku was at work.

That had been two years ago, yet both of them were still living in that tiny apartment, more money coming in but not enough to move. Denki had offered to look for jobs for Izuku to take that were better than what he was doing now, especially since Eri was growing out of things faster than Izuku could buy them. As he took off his shoes at the door, Izuku hoped that Denki had found something, because he didn’t know how much longer he would last doing this.

Luckily, Denki was still awake in the living room, munching on a bag of sour candy as he watched something on their old tv. The blond grinned at Izuku when he saw him in the doorway.

“Izuku!” He scrambled off of the couch, arms already outstretched for scenting, and Izuku fell into his embrace gratefully. It had really been a long night.

“I’m so tired,” Izuku whined.

Denki hustled him over to the small pile of blankets at the end of the couch, taking time to wrap him in them before flopping down on top of him and cuddling close.

“Izuku,” he said again, joy filling his voice. “I think I finally found the answer to all our problems.

It took a second to register, Izuku letting his mind drift a little as he was surrounded in their combined scents, but suddenly he was far more awake than he had been a few minutes ago. “You found me a job?” Izuku asked hopefully.

Denki nodded. “And it pays really well! Toshi was the one to actually recommend it to me, considering he knew a few people who are doing it.”

Shinsou Hitoshi, Denki’s contact to the less savory side of the world, was a sidekick working towards becoming a hero. He was a few years older than them, and Izuku still wasn’t sure how Denki met him, but he was a lifesaver when it came to keeping them afloat in harder times. An omega himself, and with a quirk that wasn’t stereotypically “heroic,” he was having a hard time breaking out on his own, but he still made enough money that if Denki needed something, Shinsou was there to provide it.

He had actually been the one to get the paperwork Izuku needed to be made Eri’s parent. It was a convoluted story, but what it boiled down to was Izuku having Eri as a teen, quietly and without going to a hospital, and her living with her alpha parent until they died suddenly. It made Izuku seem like an omega stereotype, but it wasn’t that important to him. What was important was that Izuku would never have Eri taken away from him, and she would never be forced to go back to her father who had abandoned her.

“Alright, show me what you signed me up for,” Izuku told him.

Denki grabbed the beaten up laptop from the low coffee table, opening it and giving it a small spark to power it on. It had been a gem they found at the pawn shop nearby, old and battered but still working. It didn’t come with a charger, but Denki was pretty good at controlling his quirk enough to make sure he didn’t accidentally overload, and they had gotten it for a low price. It was good, considering that Izuku had taken on a few classes online, his general classes that he still had to fill, and Denki was able to use it for work occasionally.

The two of them waited as the machine booted up, slowly going through all of it’s checks before Denki was finally able to open the internet browser and load up the site.
It was tasteful looking, with clean lines, and Izuku leaned forward to try and focus his mildly blurry eyes on some of the words. It was as Denki was logging in that Izuku finally realized what the site was.

“Denki!” He hissed, slapping at his arm to get him to stop typing. “What the fuck is this?”

Denki smiled smugly, smoothly navigating the home page to open up what looked like a profile for Izuku himself. “This,” he said with a gravitas that had no business being in his voice, “is a website for meeting people.”

“It’s a sugar baby website!”

“Okay, good, so you do know what this is,” Denki replied easily.

Izuku just stared at Denki, dumbfounded.

“Look, so I know this isn’t exactly what you meant when you said find you a job—”

“No shit!”

“—but,” Denki stressed, “you’re a cute omega with an ass you can bounce a quarter off of, and these lovely rich patrons would love to be in the vicinity of it. Honestly, for a job, you could a lot worse.”

Izuku closed his eyes, breathing slowly through his nose so he didn’t give into the urge to kill his best friend. Denki wasn’t dumb, but he did dumb things like this all the time, and it had seemed to fall to Izuku to fix those mistakes before something worse came from them.

So it was with a tight voice that he said, “Denki, why would you think this is a good idea?”

“Is that a serious question?”

“Yes,” Izuku snapped. “I want to know where your head is at so I can pull it out!”

Denki turned, picking up Izuku’s hands as he did so. “Izuku, this is honestly the best idea I could come up with. Any other job that you could get to make the type of money you need would cut into your school hours, and this wouldn’t. Plus it’s easy money and a flexible schedule, so you wouldn’t have to miss out on anything with Eri anymore.”

Izuku looked down, hating how those words hit home. He hated the fact that he wasn’t there for Eri like he wanted to be. It was hard, balancing a child, a full-time job, and a full course load; it meant that a lot of the time, Izuku wasn’t there when Eri went to bed, or wanted to do something simple like going to the park. Some of Izuku’s best memories from his childhood were just doing things with his own mom, and he constantly felt like he wasn’t giving Eri that.

Rubbing his eyes frustratedly, he looked at the clock on the wall. “Okay. You have twenty minutes before Eri has to be up to convince me that this is a worthwhile idea, and if you don’t by then, I want you to delete the profile.”

Denki grinned. “I can convince you in ten.”

Katsuki was on his laptop at home, browsing through his news feed, when the email came in. It wasn’t anything overt; a simple message with an even simpler email address, but Katsuki’s interest immediately locked onto it. He opened it quickly, clicking the link to take him to the site.

Katsuki hadn’t always been on this site; no, before he had gotten into the top ten hero rankings, he had tried to meet people organically. But now, with his limited time and high standards, it wasn’t possible to find someone that way. Which is why Katsuki turned to the webpage, where people signed up with the intention of having something easy. And if he had to shell out some cash to do so, it wasn’t a problem—he was single, living alone, and his parents had money. He wasn’t doing anything with the amount he had anyway, so why shouldn’t he give it to someone that might need it more?

Of course, that would first require him to actually be able to find someone to give it to. For six months, he had been signed up, paying the fee to have a membership and see all the profiles of those who were willing to give their time for money, but hadn’t found anyone who was to his liking.

There were a few that looked like his type: short, a little muscle to make it feel like he wasn’t with a goddamn toothpick, and male. But each one of them had schedules that seemed to be tighter than his own, and some of them just aggravated him when they had a conversation. If he wanted a doormat, he would just hire an escort; he was looking for someone with a little bite back, someone who wouldn’t be afraid to say what’s on their mind.

Tonight seemed to be the same old profiles, with a couple that had been added, but nothing that caught his eye in the long run. Katsuki sighed, running his hand over his face. He moved the cursor to log out when a flash of green caught his eye.

Deku, he read, and snorted. “What the fuck kind of name is that?” He muttered to himself, but clicked on the profile anyway.

Deku, it seemed, was a 20 year old college student, studying to be a doctor. He had a list of hobbies in his sidebar, things like hiking and baking, but to be honest, Katsuki didn’t care about that. He was more interested in the pictures.

“Holy shit,” he said, blinking in surprise. Deku was hotter than expected.

The picture wasn’t anything risqué, not like others on the site, but it was perfect in its simplicity. It was a full body shot, face turned to the camera but body in profile, and Katsuki’s eyes locked onto the pair of legs that looked like they could crush a man’s skull, along with an ass that sat high and perky. His eyes trailed up, taking in decently built arms and a pair of broad shoulders, before they landed on that mop of curly hair and a pair of bright green eyes.

He would look better with a haircut, Katsuki thought to himself. Those eyes of his shouldn’t be hidden like that.

Flicking through the other pictures, Katsuki got a good sense of who Deku was, seeing an adult who was barely learning what it meant to be that, probably barely getting by in life, based on the clothes he wore. And Katsuki could feel something build in his gut, even as he critically went over everything about Deku in his head.

He wanted to take care of this stranger, someone he had only seen just now on the site. He seemed well spoken by his bio, if not a bit mouthy, and Katsuki couldn’t help but hope that Deku wouldn’t cause him to lose interest before anything even happened.

He clicked on the little checkmark next to Deku’s name. It would send an alert to Deku that Katsuki was interested in him, and then the ball was in Deku’s court. In order to start talking, it was up to the user who was looking to give their time to initiate the conversation.

Closing the computer, Katsuki stretched and decided to take a quick shower, hoping to get his mind quiet enough that he could sleep before his early shift. But it wasn’t working, the green-haired male stayed stuck in his head. What would he be like in person, Katsuki wondered. His profile was very tongue-in-cheek, witty in a way that most people weren’t when meeting face-to-face; but Katsuki couldn’t help but hope that Deku was like that even in-person. Even with a body like his, it wouldn’t be enough to keep Katsuki from ending any communication with him if he bored the fuck out of the blond.

Katsuki knew he was picky. He always had been, even as a child over something simple like the type of spice that went into his food. Katsuki liked what he liked, end of story. And he didn’t get where he was today by giving into anyone, so he wouldn’t start now.

The next morning was a little easier on Katsuki, his mind filled with his job rather than Deku, but once lunch came and he checked his emails, his mind went spiraling back to where it had been last night.

You have received a message from Deku!

Katsuki scrambled to open the site, navigating to that little message icon that was cheerily showing a small ‘1’ at the top to read what Deku had sent.

Deku: Hi! Sorry if this message comes off awkward; I’ve never been on one of these sites and I’m not sure how to start a conversation here considering that. But you liked my profile, so hopefully you’re still willing to talk! I’m Deku, although you probably already know that. I’m not sure what else to add that isn’t something you might have already seen, so I guess I’ll ask a question: what exactly about me drew your interest?

Deku: Oh, that came out a lot differently than it sounded in my head, please ignore that. I promise I’m not that vain.

Deku: I’m going to be honest, I don’t know what to say now.

Katsuki chuckled a little at the back-to-back messages. Deku didn’t seem like the usual sugar babies who Katsuki talked to, freely admitting that he didn’t know what he was doing. Most tried to go for an air of mystery, enticing people to ask more about them, but Deku was like a breath of fresh air.

Deku: I’m going to be honest, I don’t know what to say now.

Katsuki: It’s alright, don’t worry about it.

Katsuki: I can answer your question easily, though. You seem to appreciate honesty, so I’ll tell you that it was your photos.

Katsuki: Your eyes are cute, but that mop you call hair is a mess.

Katsuki: And you have a nice ass.

Katsuki didn’t worry about coming across rude. He was who he was, and it was better to be that from the start instead of letting Deku get a different idea about him.

Closing out of the site, Katsuki pocketed his phone and went back to work. He couldn’t wait to see what Deku sent back.

Izuku stumbled into his apartment once again in the early hours of the morning. Denki wasn’t up this time waiting for him, his bedroom door closed as he was most likely sleeping, and Izuku was grateful for that. He had developed a cough earlier that day, his lungs rattling with each explosive sound, and he knew that Denki would start to worry that Izuku was getting sick.

Izuku couldn’t get sick, not with his schedule. Other than Denki, there was nobody to take care of Eri, and Izuku had already used up all the available reprieve days given by his professors for when Eri had been sick herself. His hours at the bakery had also just been cut, and couldn’t afford to lose even more because his body wouldn’t cooperate. So he moved to the bathroom and took some cold medicine, hoping to stave off whatever he might have caught, before going into his room.

Eri was bundled up in her blankets on the bottom bunk when he walked in, silvery locks strewn across her pillow, and Izuku couldn’t help but smile at her. He took a careful seat on the end of her mattress, taking care to not wake her, and brushed a few pale locks out of her face.

He hadn’t been careful enough, however, as Eri stirred with a soft whine, eyes cracking open to see him.

“Hey, baby,” he murmured, voice soft in the dimly lit room. “Go back to sleep.”

She shook her head, struggling to get out of her blankets so she could raise her arms towards him. “Missed you,” she slurred out, sleep heavy in her voice, and Izuku had to blink back tears.

He gently pulled her into his arms, cradling her with all the care in the world, and said back, “I missed you too. Sorry I wasn’t here when you went to sleep.”

“It’s okay, Okaa-san,” she told him, sounding far beyond her years. “I know you were at work. Uncle Denki read me a story before bed.”

A tear slipped down his face, and he forced his voice to sound light as he replied, “Yeah? What was the story about tonight?”

She yawned, rubbing a fist against her eye. “A princess,” she mumbled, already half-asleep. “She had to fight her way past a wicked witch who tried to stop her from doing what she had to do to save her kingdom.”

“Sounds fun,” Izuku said, running his hand through her hair to lull her. “You’ll have to tell me about it in the morning.”

“Okay, Okaa-san.” Eri drifted off, still wrapped around Izuku, and he didn’t move from his spot. There was something comforting about having her in his arms, especially with how little he was able to do it. He shifted the two of them slowly, easing down onto the pillows behind them, and fished out his phone. He couldn’t fall asleep now or they wouldn’t get up in time to get ready, so he figured distracting himself would be the best bet to staying awake.

You have a message from Katsuki!

Izuku blinked at the notification. It was from hours ago, right after his shift had begun at work. Curious, Izuku logged into the site, bringing up the message thread.

Katsuki: It’s alright, don’t worry about it.

Katsuki: I can answer your question easily, though. You seem to appreciate honesty, so I’ll tell you that it was your photos.

Katsuki: Your eyes are cute, but that mop you call hair is a mess.

Katsuki: And you have a nice ass.

Izuku flushed at the messages, not expecting such a blunt message in response to his own. Surprisingly, though, it was welcomed. Izuku had expected something other than what was said; what, he didn't know, but it was nice to see that not everybody on this site was a little creepy.

Izuku had messaged a few other people who had also liked his profile, but the responses he had gotten weren’t…exactly what he wanted. People asking for dates right off the bat, asking how much his “rates” were, asking for prices of his nudes, of all things. He hadn’t replied back to any of them, and had come away from the experience ready to murder Denki for getting him into this mess.

But he didn’t feel the same way after reading Katsuki’s messages. The man was blunt, no doubt; but he was also far more honest than the others had been, immediately picking up on Izuku’s nervousness and responding in a way that didn’t allow Izuku to freak out. That made him want to reply back.

So he did.

Katsuki: And you have a nice ass.

Izuku: Wow, that was far more blunt than I expected, but thank you for your honesty. I didn’t know what I was getting into by being on this site, but some of the other people I messaged…

Izuku: Well, let’s just say that I’ve felt like a piece of meat more often than I thought possible in one day.

Izuku chewed on his lip, thinking about what else he could say. He didn’t know anything about how this was supposed to go, and he assumed that it wasn't meant to be a messaging service in the long run. Of course, as he was thinking, the little three dots at the bottom of the page popped up, showing that Katsuki was online.

Katsuki: I’m sorry to hear that, but I’m not surprised.

Katsuki: A lot of people on here tend to think that it’s only transactional.

Katsuki: Not to say it isn’t, but there is a way to go about it. Not everyone wants to be bombarded with a business instead of a person.

Izuku smiled at the messages. Katsuki seemed to be in the same boat as him, not liking the relatively cold way this site can be.

Izuku: Yeah, that makes sense. It’s not a dating site, but it’s still a site to meet people.

Izuku: Also, you’re up early. Couldn’t sleep?

Izuku waited for the reply, other hand rubbing at Eri’s back as she shuffled against him.

Katsuki: No, just got up for work. My job doesn’t let me work normal 9-5 hours, and somebody has to have the weird shifts.

Katsuki: And you? Getting up for school?

Izuku thought about not telling Katsuki about his late night, but figured it couldn’t hurt.

Izuku: Nope! I work overnight, so I’m still up from my shift.

Izuku: It’s not the best thing, but it brings in a paycheck. I would normally be trying to catch some shuteye, but I have to be up to get ready in an hour anyway, so I decided to just power through.

Izuku: I’m glad I did though. It’s nice, being able to talk to someone right now. It’s keeping me distracted, at least.

Katsuki: Is that all I am? A distraction?

Katsuki: Okay, that was a joke. I would use those stupid fucking emojis, but they’re more hassle than they’re worth.

Izuku laughed, a sharp bark of laughter that made Eri shift. He shushed her quietly, rubbing a little more firmly at her back, and she eased back down.

Izuku: I would say I understand, but I use emojis for everything.

Izuku: If I could get away with putting them in my school papers, I probably would put them even in there.

Katsuki: Oh, so you’re one of those people. Well, sorry to tell you, but I probably won’t understand a single fucking thing you’re saying then.

The grin on Izuku’s face was so wide that he cheeks were starting to hurt a bit, but he couldn’t help it. Katsuki was funny, in an assholish kind of way, but Izuku was also a bit of an asshole at times too. The only difference was that Katsuki swore a lot more than he did, but considering that Izuku had Eri around, it wasn’t surprising.

Their conversation continued, Izuku learning more about Katsuki without him really saying anything about himself; but he supposed it went both ways. Izuku wasn’t shy about talking about his life, but he didn’t come out and say everything. The conversation flowed naturally, and Izuku hadn’t even realized an hour had passed until his alarm went off.

“Okaa-san?” Eri murmured, used to waking up to the sound of it. “Is it time for school?”

“Yeah, baby,” Izuku told her, brushing back her hair. “Go brush your teeth, and we’ll get ready.”

Izuku: I have to go, unfortunately; I have to get ready for classes.

Izuku: But I really liked talking with you, and hope we can do it again soon.

Katsuki: That’s alright, I have to go into work about now anyway.

Katsuki: Don’t work yourself too hard, and I’ll talk to you later.

The little smiley face emoji he sent afterwards made Izuku grin.

“Okaa-san! The toothpaste exploded!”

Chuckling to himself, Izuku went to help Eri with her problem.

It had been a few weeks since Katsuki had started talking to Deku, and honestly, it was one of the things he had come to look forward to most out of his day. Deku had a pretty consistent schedule, despite it being hellish, and Katsuki had subconsciously started to work around it. When he realized what he was doing, he shrugged to himself and rolled with it; it wasn’t like it had been a problem thus far.

And Deku was great to talk to. Katsuki found himself talking more about his life than he did usually, opening up to get Deku to open up as well; and from what he was getting while doing that, Katsuki might have actually found someone that he wanted to help. It wasn’t sexual (okay, that was a lie; Deku was stunning), but it fulfilled something in his life that he had been missing for a while: companionship. As Katsuki was already in his thirties, that was something he was finding that he wanted more and more.

Which is why, as the annual Hero Awards came up, Katsuki was seriously considering taking Izuku as his date.

Katsuki: Hey, I know you’re at work right now, but when you see this, I want to talk to you about something.

Katsuki: Nothing bad, but I know that you signed up for the site because you were willing to offer up your time for money.

Katsuki frowned, hating how that sounded. He didn’t want Deku to think this had been some long con on his end, but he didn’t know how to word it any better.

Katsuki: Hey, I know you’re at work right now, but when you see this, I want to talk to you about something.

Katsuki: Nothing bad, but I know that you signed up for the site because you were willing to offer up your time for money.

Katsuki: Shit, that’s not coming out right.

It was as he was typing out another message to explain himself better that those three dots appeared, surprising Katsuki that Deku was online at the moment.

Deku: No, it’s okay! To be honest, I’m surprised this didn’t come up sooner.

Deku: But that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy just talking with you!

Katsuki chuckled at Deku’s message. Seems like he wasn’t the only one worried about how things sounded.

Katsuki: Hey, trust me; I know you did. I enjoyed it as well.

Deku: Okay, good! I didn’t want you to think I didn’t~

Deku: What was it that you wanted to talk about specifically?

Katsuki: I actually wanted to know if you would like to meet in person?

Katsuki: I have a work thing coming up where I should bring a date, but I don’t want that to be the first time we meet.

Katsuki watched as those dots appeared and disappeared three times, impatiently waiting for Izuku’s response. He hoped that Deku would be willing to do so, but he wasn’t sure. Deku wasn’t like the others on the site, willing to jump at the first chance for a quick buck; but that could also work against Katsuki in this case.

Deku: Would we be able to meet for the first time without the expectation of anything? I don’t want to have to worry about the ins and outs of this before I have to, and this way, we can see if it’ll work before dealing with all of that.

Katsuki: Of course. I do want to discuss it a little, but that can be at the end.

Katsuki: I came on this site because I have more money than I know what to do with, and if it can help out people like you, I want to be able to.

Heat crept up the back of Katsuki’s neck. He hadn’t meant to sound that earnest, but it had come out that way. But he wasn’t lying; his paycheck was outrageous, especially as the current number three hero, and Deku was the perfect person to use it on.

Deku: I can understand that, and I wouldn’t be opposed to doing it.

Deku: There’s also some things I want to talk to you about that aren’t easily said over messages.

Deku: To use your words, it’s nothing bad!

Katsuki: That’s fine, Deku. There’s something I need to talk to you about in person as well.

Well, that was an understatement. Katsuki was recognizable as a hero, never really keeping his personal and public life separate. But on the site, he had used a picture of himself that was far enough away that you wouldn’t easily tell who he was. He had done that to discourage the sugar babies that would only see him for his paycheck and not as a person; but now it wasn’t working in his favor, as he had to tell Deku in-person that he was Ground Zero.

Deku: Alright, then, it’s a date!

Deku: Just send me the time and place; I have to go back to work now, unfortunately, but I’ll check my messages once I’m off!

Katsuki: Okay. Don’t work too hard, Deku.

Deku: I would say I won’t, but we both know that would be a lie~

Katsuki closed out of the message thread, tossing his phone onto the couch beside him. It was his day off, a rarity for him since he tended to take shifts for heroes that had families and other obligations, but his HR department forced him to take today. Katsuki huffed at the memory of his manager storming into his office and telling him that if he didn’t take a day off, she would be required to suspend him from work indefinitely. Katsuki had argued, as was normal. What good was it running your own agency if you couldn’t work when you wanted to?

But she had been right, in the end; he really did need the day off. He had finally cleaned out his fridge of whatever was in there that shouldn’t be and gotten the dusting of the living room done fairly easily. He wasn’t a dirty person, having learned how to clean as he went in order to prevent him from having to do any deep cleaning often, but he also wasn’t at his apartment often enough to prevent things from gathering dust. But now with all of that done, he was bored.

So he called Eijirou.

“Aren’t you supposed to be having a day off? That doesn’t include calling to see how the agency is running,” Eijirou said as soon as he answered.

Katsuki rolled his eyes. “Haha. You’re fucking hilarious.”

Eijirou’s tone was amused as he replied, “I know.”

Katsuki shook his head at the man who was, apparently, his self-proclaimed best friend. “That’s not why I was calling.”

“Oh? Are you actually using your phone for personal things instead of barking orders at poor interns?”

“This was a mistake,” Katsuki decided with finality. “I’m hanging up now.”

“No, no!” Eijirou was laughing on the other end of the phone, no malice in his tone. “I’m just messing with you, Bakubro. What do you need?”

Katsuki debated on telling Eijirou about not calling him that stupid name once again, but decided against it. If he was still using it after fifteen years of knowing each other, then it was a battle Katsuki wouldn’t win, despite how much that irked him. “I wanted to know that restaurant you took Raccoon Eyes to a few months ago.”

“...Akiko’s?” Eijirou sounded confused. “Why do you ask?”

Katsuki frowned at the question. While Eijirou did know about Katsuki’s profile on the site, he was under the assumption that Katsuki didn’t use it that often, not able to find anyone that he actually wanted to talk to. And now Katsuki would have to admit that he had found someone on the site, since he knew that Eijirou wouldn’t let him avoid answering the question.

“I may,” Katsuki started out casually, hoping to keep Eijirou from getting too exuberant over this, “have started talking to someone from the site, and am taking them out to meet them.”

“Ah, man, that’s great! Yeah, the restaurant is Akik—wait.” Eijirou’s tone went from casual to excited in a split second, and Katsuki sighed. “You met someone on the site?!”

“Keep it the fuck down, shitty hair, I don’t need the whole agency knowing my damn business!”

“Oops,” Eijirou laughed, and Katsuki could strangle him. “Sorry, man, forgot where I was for a moment. But that’s great! What’s their name?”


The line was silent for a moment. “ useless?” Eijirou asked, confused. “That’s a sucky name.”

“I don’t know, maybe. But don’t say anything about this, shitty hair, especially to your wife,” Katsuki warned darkly. “I don’t need her sticking her nose in.”

“Aw, come on. You know how bad I am at keeping secrets from Mina!”

“Well, you better get good at it, because I’ll murder you otherwise! I don’t need her ass trying to take over here!”

“Oh.” There was surprise in Kirishima’s tone, as well as understanding. “You actually like them, don’t you?”

Katsuki chose to ignore that, embarrassment flooding him at the ease in which Kirishima could see right through him. “Just send me the number to the place,” he snapped, hanging up before the other man could reply.

Ten minutes later, Katsuki was calling the restaurant, throwing his name around to get a table earlier than the three month reservation wait they normally had. He had to pay a decent sum to get it to happen, but that Friday was when he would finally meet Deku. He opened his messages.

Katsuki: Hey, Friday at 7:30pm. Akiko’s in Musutafu. Wear something nice.

Katsuki: Hope to see you there.

Chapter Text

“I have nothing to wear, Denki!”

Izuku was standing in the middle of his room, looking frantically at his best friend as they attempted to figure out what Izuku could wear to meet Katsuki.

When Izuku had gotten the message on where to meet, he had immediately started to research the place. Expecting something nice but not too fancy, he had been thoroughly surprised to find that the restaurant had a formal dress code. Izuku didn’t even own a tie, let alone formal clothes, so he did what anyone would do in his situation. He ran into Denki’s room, panicking.

Denki tried to calm him down, reassuring him that Katsuki didn’t expect him to show up in a three-piece suit, but it had done nothing to help. Izuku owned exactly three pairs of jeans, a pair of khakis, four t-shirts, and one collared shirt that had seen better days.

“Izuku, seriously,” Denki started with an exasperated look, “just wear those jeans and that shirt. You can borrow my loafers and a belt. He’s not going to think less of you.”

Izuku gave him a dirty look. “I’m not going to show up to a five-star restaurant in jeans,” he hissed back.

Denki shot back, “Well, unless you’ve got a secret pair of slacks hidden somewhere, that’s what you’re going to have to do.”

“I could wear the khakis…” Izuku trailed off at the look on the blond’s face.

“If you wear those, I’m going to murder you myself. Jeans are better than those.”

That was fair, Izuku thought to himself. His khakis had seen better days, Izuku having worn them since he was fifteen, and a stiff breeze would probably cause them to disintegrate right off of his body.

Eri, who had been quietly playing on the floor with her dolls, looked up with a smile. “I think you look nice, Okaa-san.”

Izuku smiled back at her softly. “Thank you, baby. That means a lot.” He turned back to the mirror he was standing in front of, critically examining his clothes. The jeans were the best he had, no frayed hems or broken belt loops, and as long as he ironed his shirt, it wasn’t the worst. He scowled at his hair, knowing that it had been too long since his last haircut, but he didn’t have the time to get the money together to do anything about it. “He’s going to think I look like a slob,” Izuku muttered to himself.

Denki came up next to him, looking sympathetic but not willing to give in. “He’s going to think you look like a broke college student doing his best with what he has. Which is what you are. He’s not going into this with any illusions.”

Izuku looked pointedly at Eri sitting on the floor.

Denki grimaced a little. “Okay, maybe one illusion. But you’re going to remedy that!” He gave Izuku a goofy grin in reassurance, and Izuku couldn’t help but shake his head.

“You do realize that he’s not stupid, right?” Izuku couldn’t help but think of the worse case scenario. “I’m an omega with a kid, which means that not only is my time super limited, I also am not only worried about making money for myself, but for her too. I don’t want him to think—”

“That you’re a gold-digging tramp?” Denki chimed in cheekily.

“I don’t know why I put up with you.”

“Aw, Izuku,” Denki cooed, flinging his arms around the other omega’s neck. “You know you love me.”

A laugh was forced out of Izuku’s throat, and he shoved at the blond. “Get off of me, doofus, you’re going to wrinkle my shirt even more!”

Denki’s arms turned into vices, preventing Izuku from moving him easily away. “Admit you love me first, or you’ll have to take me with you as your necklace.”

Izuku shook his head wryly. He wrapped his arms around the older omega, chin coming up to gently scent the top of Denki’s head. “Fine, fine, I love you. Now get off, I have to iron this shirt before I go.”

Denki let go of him, giving enough space for Izuku to shrug out of the button up before snatching it away. “Go, take a shower real quick; I’ll iron this while you’re doing that.”

“Thanks, Denki.”

While Izuku was in the shower, he let his mind run through all the possibilities of what could happen during this date. Denki wouldn’t like it, but it was almost soothing to be able to figure out what his responses might be to something that could go wrong. The biggest concern, of course, was telling Katsuki about Eri.

Izuku wasn’t ashamed of Eri, not at all, but he knew how the two of them looked to outsiders. An omega, barely out of his teens, with a seven year old daughter; Izuku had presented around twelve years old, so to everyone, it looked like he was a victim of presentation rape.

He wondered if Katsuki would think the same, and judge him like the rest of the world. Women and omegas, Izuku thought bitterly, were constantly blamed for not being able to fight off their attackers. Izuku himself had been called a whore, a slut, a knot-chaser; all because nobody asked him about his story and made assumptions.

But those assumptions are what let Izuku illegally claim Eri as his own. No judge in his right mind would have given Izuku custody over her through adoption, especially since he was still in school and an unmated omega. But with this, nobody could take her away. Izuku worked his ass off, had her in school, a roof over her head that wasn’t the nicest but was clean, and she ate every meal she was supposed to. He was, on paper, the model parent.

But Katsuki might not see that. He might think Izuku was simply a dumb omega, having ruined his life before it could even begin, and Izuku didn’t want that. It wasn’t just because of the money; although he could be honest, the idea of “dating” someone that he got along with and having a stable paycheck was nice. But he genuinely liked Katsuki as a person, and didn’t want him to think worse of Izuku because of the thing Izuku was proudest about in his life: his daughter.

A knock on the bathroom door shook him out of his thoughts, Denki yelling that if he didn’t hurry up, he would miss his bus and end up late to the restaurant. Izuku rinsed off quickly, almost slipping as he stepped out of the shower, and dried off as much as possible.

Denki was waiting in his room with the ironed shirt and the promised loafers and belt, and Izuku shoved his body into the clothes as neatly as possible, not wanting to undo the work Denki had done. It was only once he had kissed Eri goodbye and was out the door that his nerves came back, and he spent the whole bus ride frantically texting Denki, almost missing his transfer in his panic.

When he finally got off the last bus a block away from the restaurant, Izuku immediately felt out of place. There were people walking past him in high-end clothes, their shirts probably costing more than his entire months wages, and he almost bolted. But he forced himself to take a deep breath and move towards the restaurant. He could do this, and he didn’t want to look like a jackass by standing Katsuki up.

Walking into the front doors, Izuku was greeted by a hostess, who gave him a look at his attire but asked, “Name?”

Izuku froze. “Katsuki?” he said hesitantly, suddenly realizing that they had never traded last names.

She blinked slowly at him, but turned to the computer to input the name. She pursed her lips into a frown, looking at him before looking again at the list. “And yours?”

He wondered how she knew that the name he gave wasn’t his, but assumed that Katsuki came here often enough that she could recognize him. “Izuku,” he told her. “I’m Midoriya Izuku.”

“There is no ‘Izuku’ on the list.”

Izuku frowned in confusion. “But—that’s my name. Maybe you got the kanji wrong?”

She huffed a tiny breath, but grabbed a pen and a piece of paper. “Go ahead and write it out. But I did not see an ‘Izuku’ on the list.”

Izuku scribbled his name quickly, handing the paper back, and she studied it before giving him a look. “You do realize that this can be read as ‘Deku’, correct?”

Izuku flushed. “Yes,” he admitted a little meekly. It was one of the things that he had been teased about as a child, but he didn’t expect it to be brought up here of all places.

“You may wish to correct your date,” she told him. Izuku opened his mouth to ask her what she meant, but she had already taken off into the dining area. Izuku scrambled to keep up with her, keeping his eyes down as to not any eye contact with anyone who would be offended by his presence here, and she led him to a private room.

She popped her head past the screen doors, announcing Izuku to Katsuki, and ushered him in quickly with a smirk. Closing the door behind him, Izuku took a deep breath before raising his head and look at the man.

And promptly freaked out.

“Holy fucking shit,” Izuku gasped out.

Bakugou Katsuki, aka Ground Fucking Zero, smirked back at Izuku from where he was sitting. “Well, at least I don’t have to come up with a way to tell you, huh?”

Izuku scoffed a little disbelievingly. “If this is what you said you had to talk to me about, trust me, we’re talking about it.”

Katsuki laughed while gesturing to the seat in front of him. “I figured. A nerd like you wouldn’t be able to resist,” he teased lightly.

“Speaking of,” Izuku started, taking his seat as he did so, “why did the hostess tell me to ask you about my name?”

Katsuki raised a brow over the menu he was perusing. “Your name? Did she give you trouble when you arrived?”

“Kind of,” Izuku admitted. He was trying to focus on the fact that this was Katsuki, and not Ground Zero, he was talking to, but he could feel his nerves a little more potently now that he knew. “I gave her your name at first, and when she asked for mine, she told me that ‘Izuku’ wasn’t on the list.”

Katsuki’s head raised fully, looking surprised, and Izuku had a feeling he now knew why she brought it up. Still, it was a little amusing when Katsuki asked, “Wait. Your name isn’t Deku?”

It was that question that helped lessen his anxiety, and he started laughing. “What parent in their right mind would name their child ‘Deku’?”

“What parent in their right mind spells ‘Izuku’ like that?” Katsuki shot back, a grin starting to curl at his lips.

Izuku threw his head back, laughing harder. He gasped out, “My mom used the kanji she liked for my name, I don’t think she really thought about how it could be read differently.”

Katsuki joined him in his laughter this time. “My mom just mashed the kanji of her name and my dad’s together to get mine, so I’m not really one that’s able to judge. Izuku, though. Man, I’ve been calling you Deku this whole time.”

Izuku smiled at him, shrugging. “It’s okay,” he told him. “I used to not like it when I was younger, but now, it’s just a name. You can call me that if you want—”

“Sounds good.”

“—only,” Izuku continued with a mischievous grin, “if I can give you a nickname as well.”

Katsuki stared him down, studying Izuku’s face before he smirked. “Do your worse.”

Izuku picked up his menu, going to look at the prices. “It’ll come to me,” Izuku reassured. “I’ll have it by the time we're done eating.”

“Just choose what you want to eat,” Katsuki said good-naturedly, rolling his eyes.

Izuku looked down at the menu, already making the decision to choose the least expensive thing on the menu, when he realized that the menu items didn’t have any prices. He sent a look Katsuki’s way, slightly confused.

“There’s no prices because it’s a high-end restaurant,” Katsuki told him without lifting his own gaze. “It’s expected that you order based on what you want to eat and you’ll be willing to pay what the chef decides. Don’t worry about it; I’m paying.”

It suddenly hit Izuku again that this wasn’t a normal date. Katsuki had found Izuku on a sugar baby website, and expected to be the one to pay for things because that’s why Izuku was on there. Swallowing thickly, Izuku saw the first thing on the menu and decided on that, some pasta dish that he didn’t fully read.

Katsuki placed their order by ringing the hostess, easily taking control of the conversation, while Izuku sat and thought about what this all meant. Katsuki was obviously willing to throw his money around, which Izuku should have been grateful for, but it almost left a bitter taste in his mouth. What was he doing here? He could feel every stitch in his clothing, collectively not even worth the price of the upholstery he sat on, and he knew he stuck out like a sore thumb.

Katsuki finished ordering, dismissing the hostess, and turned to Izuku. He must have seen the look on the green-haired man’s face, because he sighed. “Deku,” he called softly, getting Izuku’s attention.

Izuku looked up, an automatic, “I’m fine,” slipping from his mouth.

Katsuki sighed. “I can see that we aren’t waiting until after the meal to have this conversation,” he remarked wryly.

“No, no,” Izuku said a little frantic. “I promise it’s nothing. I’m just a little overwhelmed, but we can wait until after we eat.”

“I don’t want you freaking out during the meal,” Katsuki told him bluntly, and Izuku shut up. “We both know why we’re here, but you shouldn’t have to worry while you’re trying to eat. So, I’m just going to say it; I’d like to make an arrangement with you. Money isn’t an issue for me, but it is for you, and I’m prepared to help with that.”

Izuku’s throat tightened up, and he could feel tears build at the back of his eyes. It shouldn’t have been as reassuring as it was, but Katsuki telling him outright like that made it an easier pill for Izuku to swallow. He needed help, and if he was able to get it by basically being arm candy to one of the top heroes, then why not?

And the money would be nice; he could finally get Eri those new shoes she had been needing for a month now, and maybe even be able to get her something nice for Christmas. And Denki, who had been with him for years now, wouldn’t have to always pick up the slack where Izuku couldn’t, and would be able to do more things for himself to better his own life.

But Izuku knew that before he could agree to anything, he had to tell Katsuki about Eri. It was a make or break kind of thing, so before he could second guess himself, he blurted out, “I have a daughter.”

The silence that followed after his statement seemed to go on, but it was only a few seconds until Katsuki simply said, “Okay?”

Izuku’s jaw dropped, and he sputtered out, “Okay?!”

Katsuki shrugged, looking like it wasn’t that big of a deal. “You have a kid. That’s not so strange. Also, it explains why you work so much in the long run. Baby items are expensive.”

“Ah.” Izuku flushed, realizing that Katsuki misunderstood him. “Um, no. Eri’s actually seven.”


Izuku waited for the inevitable judgement, but Katsuki once again just shrugged. “Can’t imagine it’s any less expensive at that point.”

“Are you actually serious?” Izuku couldn’t believe that Katsuki was actually a real person. The last time he had corrected someone’s assumption that Eri was younger than she was, Izuku had gotten laughed at directly to his face. And here Katsuki was, just rolling with the punches.

Katsuki looked Izuku in his eyes, face serious. “I don’t know what happened that you have a daughter that old, but it’s not my place to judge. I told you that. You’re doing what you can to take care of her, and that’s admirable.”

Izuku swallowed, looking down. Other than Denki, nobody really acknowledged all he was doing with Eri, and it was validating to hear that someone else who didn’t even know her thought he was doing a good job.

“Let someone help you.”

Izuku paused before nodding just once.

Katsuki gave him a lopsided smile, mouth closed but curling up on one side. “Then that’s settled. I did some research on what this should entail, so if you want we can figure that out now.”

Katsuki went on to list the things that he was willing to pay for, and Izuku was surprised that it went up to and including his tuition at school. Izuku was quick to assure him that wasn’t necessary, as Izuku had a full scholarship; Katsuki just nodded and took out a small notebook, crossing off from a list that he had apparently made beforehand.

By the time their food had come, Katsuki had gotten Izuku to agree to three basic things: his living expenses, anything that Izuku would need for Katsuki taking him out to places, and expenses that came with taking care of Eri. Izuku had tried to argue that Eri fell under living expenses, already planning on using the majority of that on her, but Katsuki wouldn’t hear anything of it. He told Izuku that Eri was her own person, and Izuku deserved to not have to worry about doing for both of them at the expense of himself.

He had Izuku list out what his bills were and what he made from working at the bakery, and then doubled the amount, not even blinking at the number. Then he got what Izuku paid for in Eri’s things: school, clothes, and general needs; and doubled that as well, adding the two numbers together. The final amount made Izuku blanch, and he was already starting to shake his head when Katsuki said, “So that’s what the monthly amount will be.”

“M-Monthly?” Izuku repeated. Izuku had only seen anything close to that amount a couple days before he paid for school, when his scholarship hit, and that immediately went away as soon as the bill came in. “Katsuki,” he protested, “that’s w-way too much.”

Katsuki gave him a dry look. “Deku, this isn’t even a tenth of what I make monthly.”

Izuku inhaled sharply. He knew that Katsuki must have made a lot of money, but to see that amount and be told that it was nothing? How much did Katsuki actually make?

Katsuki shuffled, leaning over to take out his phone from his jacket pocket, and opened it to his bank app. He looked at Izuku, asking, “Do you know your banking information off the top of your head?”

Izuku gave him an embarrassed smile, wobbly around the edges and looking like it would fall at any moment. “I, uh, don’t actually have a bank account right now. I didn’t have the money for the deposit, and never got around to getting it together to finish that.”

Katsuki stared at him for a moment before ducking his head and typing furiously on his phone. He handed the device over, screen open to a new account page, and Izuku furrowed his brow in confusion.

Katsuki rolled his eyes. “Put your information in, Deku. I’m going to get you an account with my bank so I can transfer the money easier; I’ll just do your first month’s money as the deposit.”

Izuku, who had decided to take a sip of his water, choked suddenly at the thought that by the end of the night, he would have more money than he knew what to do with. Katsuki reached over quickly, slapping Izuku on the back as the younger man barely kept his voice down when he asked, “You’ll what?!”

Katsuki smirked, hand coming to a stop to rest on his back, and Izuku flushed faintly at the feeling. Katsuki’s hand was warm, most likely a side effect of his quirk, and it felt nice. “Izuku,” Katsuki said, using his first name for the first time that night. “I already told you; money is not an issue. By agreeing to this, you’re agreeing to let me handle it.” He learned down, lowering his voice as he got closer to Izuku. “So let me take care of you.”

Izuku took a deep breath in. “Okay.”

After that date, Katsuki knew that it wouldn’t be easy to get Izuku to go along with all that he wanted to do, but Katsuki was surprised by exactly how hard it was. As the person to make the deposits to Izuku’s account, not having anymore access than that despite technically being an owner, he was able to get statements about how much Izuku was spending. He didn’t want them, not really; but he was curious when he went to make the second month’s payment.

When he saw the balance, he called Izuku. “Why is your account barely touched?” He demanded once Izuku picked up.

“...Kacchan?” He asked sleepily, and Katsuki couldn’t help but find it a little cute. The nickname—well, he did say Izuku could give him one, but he hadn’t been expecting one so cutesy. He had to make sure that Izuku didn’t use it around his idiot friends, because he would never live it down.

“Yeah, Deku, it’s me. Now explain why there’s still the majority of what I put in your account left.”

Izuku was quiet on the other end of the line, before he huffed. “Kacchan, I promise I have spent what I needed.”

“Really? Then if I asked for a picture of your closet, you’ll have enough clothes?”

“Kacchan,” he whined. “It’s too early for this.”

Katsuki smirked as he teased, “Oh, you start getting normal sleep and now it’s too early?”

Izuku whined again, and Katsuki could hear him shuffling in his bed. He had no idea what his bedroom looked like, but it didn’t stop Katsuki from imagining how Izuku must look right now. From their dates, he found out that Izuku didn’t like being cold, so it was likely that Izuku was bundled up in his blankets at that very moment, hair even more wild than usual; and suddenly, Katsuki wanted to see him.

“Get up and get dressed,” he told Izuku, already making plans for his day off. He had to rectify this. “We’re going out.”


“Yes, now,” Katsuki confirmed. “I’ll come pick you up.”

“No!” Izuku quickly said, voice raised. Katsuki cocked one eyebrow in surprise; Izuku had never once raised his voice like that in Katsuki’s presence. To be honest, Katsuki didn’t believe he could, but it was nice to know that it wasn’t the case. It also meant that Katsuki still had some more digging to do to get Izuku to open up and relax with him around.

Izuku had continued speaking as Katsuki had his minor revelation. “No, that’s okay,” he said, sounding a little frantic. “I can meet you where you want.”

Izuku obviously didn’t want Katsuki to come to his place, which meant that he was probably embarrassed, but Katsuki let it drop. He had time to find out more about that later, and he wasn’t going to forget. “Alright,” Katsuki said easily. “You can head over to my place then. And call a cab; I’ll pay for it once you’re here.”

Izuku huffed again but agreed, hanging up to get ready. Sending Izuku a quick text with his address, Katsuki figured he had at least forty five minutes until Izuku got here, and knowing the nerd, he would probably forget to eat breakfast before he left. So Katsuki went to take a shower and get ready, already thinking of what he could make for Izuku.

Katsuki was downstairs when Izuku arrived, opening the cab door for him and handing off a few bills to the driver to cover the fare. Izuku was already staring up in awe at the high-rise Katsuki lived in as he got out of the cab, eyes wide, and Katsuki steered him forward with a hand on the dip of his back.

“Holy shit,” Izuku whispered to himself as they walked into the lobby, and Katsuki grinned. He did like showing off, and the look on Izuku’s face was definitely feeding his ego.

They got into the elevator, Katsuki hitting his floor and taking a long look at Izuku. The omega was dressed down, it seemed, with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and Katsuki eyed the frayed collar critically. His eyes trailed up, looking at Izuku’s curls, and mentally added a haircut to the list of what they had to do today.

As they exited the elevator and walked to Katsuki’s door, Izuku spoke up. “Kacchan? What are we doing today that is so important that I had to get ready immediately?”

Katsuki looked back at him with a grin. “We,” he started, ushering Izuku past the front door, “are going to do what you won’t.”

Izuku immediately froze, causing Katsuki to almost crash into his back, and he turned to Katsuki with a frustrated look. “I already said I didn’t need anything,” he pointed out.

Using Izuku’s frustration as the perfect distraction to get him into the kitchen to eat, Katsuki got him sitting in the chair easily, and said smugly, “And I say that you do.” Grabbing the plate of food, he set it down in front of Izuku with a simple, “Eat.”

“What—Kacchan!” Izuku exhaled sharply through his nose, closing his eyes as his frustration must have peaked. “You don’t have to do this.”

Katsuki leaned against the island countertop next to Izuku, his own plate of food in his hands. “Breakfast? I made enough for two, and knew you wouldn’t have eaten yet.”

“Well, if someone hadn’t demanded I leave the house immediately—wait, no,” Izuku cut himself off, looking sharply at Katsuki and whacking him on the arm. “Stop distracting me! This is about you trying to take me clothes shopping when I don’t need them.”

Katsuki snorted. “Deku, I’ve seen you wear that shirt at least eight different times in the past month. Even if it was your favorite, nobody wears a piece of clothing that much in that short of time unless they don’t have many clothes.”

Izuku went quiet, looking down at his plate, knowing that Katsuki had a point. He sighed heavily. “Kacchan, it’s not that easy,” Izuku said softly. “I can’t just buy whatever I want when I have to worry about saving money to have when this ends.”

“You’re already expecting this to end? Am I really that bad?” Katsuki went for light and joking with his voice but missed, hitting somewhere around confused and a tiny bit hurt. He knew Izuku was wary about the whole arrangement, but Katsuki didn’t think he was that bad.

Izuku gave him an incredulous look. “No. But I can’t depend on this, not when you could find someone at any time and not need me around anymore. I have to think of Eri, and saving what money I can will let me make sure she’s okay.”

Katsuki barked out a short laugh. “Yeah, I don’t think you have to worry about me finding someone,” he said, amused. “I work enough that I have next to no free time, and what little I do have is spent with you or sleeping.”

Izuku frowned. “That doesn’t mean that you won’t—”

“Deku,” Katsuki cut him off. “If I haven’t found someone the normal way by now, I’m not likely to do so. I’m a thirty-one year old workaholic who has a high risk job. Trust me, nobody is coming along.” He pushed off of the counter and shifted Izuku’s plate closer to him. “It doesn’t bother me. Now, finish this and then we’ll start heading out.”

Izuku quickly finished his food and followed Katsuki right back out the door to the garage. Izuku was quiet all the way to the shops, lost in thought, and Katsuki was super tempted to ask him what he was thinking about. But he had come to learn that if you left Izuku alone, his thoughts always ended up being said.

Which is exactly what happened as Katsuki was handing his keys to the valet.

“That’s no way someone should live.”

Ah, there it is, Katsuki thought to himself. He turned to Izuku, smiling a little without humor. “Yeah, well, they don’t tell you this part when you’re training to become a hero. Something a fan once told me might be something you understand. They said it was like college, where you have three things you have to do: school work, sleep, and living your life; but you only have enough time to do two of them. I chose my work and being healthy enough to do my job. So I now have no social life.”

“And yet you’re using your day off to take me shopping.” To say Izuku looked unimpressed with Katsuki’s choices was an understatement.

Katsuki smirked at him. “Well, it’s my life, right? I can choose what to do with it.”

Izuku just shook his head in exasperation.

“Now,” Katsuki told him, “let’s get you some nice clothes. If we finish quick enough, maybe I’ll be able to get some sleep.”

Izuku opened the door to the store, rolling his eyes. “That’s manipulation, Kaccha…oh.”

Katsuki enjoyed the way Izuku’s eyes went wide at the inside of the store, with it’s obviously high-end feel.

One of the workers came up to them, and Katsuki could see the look on his face as he took in the clothes Izuku was wearing. Katsuki’s hackles rose a little, and he stepped forward, bringing the worker’s attention onto him. “We need a full wardrobe,” Katsuki told him without preamble.

“Certainly. Will it be for you or your…companion?” He looked as if he doubted Izuku should even be in the store.

Izuku picked up on it, shrinking into himself, and Katsuki scowled at the man. “It will be for Izuku.”

“Is that the name I should put the order under?”

“No,” Katsuki told him. He pulled out his wallet and took out his black card. “You can put the order under Ground Zero.”

The employee stiffened, taking another look at Katsuki as he then recognized who he was dealing with. His voice was warmer when he said, “Of course, Ground Zero. I’ll be sure to do my best at getting him a wardrobe.”

“Yeah, I’m sure,” Katsuki muttered as the man walked away. He turned to Izuku. “Hey, don’t let that asshole get to you. He only works here; you’re the one shopping.”

“Actually, you are,” Izuku murmured back. He still looked a little cowed at the interaction that just happened. “I’m just here to play the doll to dress up.”

“You’re not,” Katsuki replied, frustrated. He grabbed Izuku’s arm and guided him towards the pedestal nearest to them. “You’re here to get clothes that you like, not to be something that I dress up.”

“Isn’t that what this whole arrangement is about?” Izuku asked rhetorically. He scoffed. “Why couldn’t we have just gone to a normal department store?”

Katsuki unconsciously wrinkled his nose at the thought. His dad was a well-known designer, and Katsuki had never been dressed in anything that was from a department store. He didn’t always look like he had just come off a runway, but even the t-shirts he wore as a teen had been high-end, most of the time having been made by his dad himself. He had looked like a punk band reject, but at least an expensive one.

“I’m not going to have you wear something that is going to fall apart the first time it’s cleaned,” Katsuki told him. “I already know you’re not going to go shopping this large again, so I might as well have you get things that are going to last.”

One of the seamstresses came up, and Katsuki gestured at Izuku. Izuku was frowning at him even as he stepped onto the pedestal to be measured. “I just don’t think that spending this much is worth it on something that I’m probably not going to wear that often,” he pointed out.

“Arms up.”

Katsuki raised a brow at Izuku as the omega lifted his arms in response to the seamstress. “And why wouldn’t you wear them? You’re not working in a manual labor job.”

“Yes, but I’ve been in classes with these people since I started college,” Izuku explained with a sigh. He turned his back to Katsuki so the seamstress could measure his other side. “If I show up to class suddenly wearing nice clothes, everyone is going to talk.”

“Spread your legs.”

Katsuki watched as Izuku gave the woman a startled look but did what she said, and asked Izuku, “Why should you care about that? No, seriously,” Katsuki insisted. He leaned forward and rested his elbows on his thighs. “The Hero Awards are in three weeks, and they’re televised. You’re going with me as my date, and I’m sure your classmates are going to recognize you from that. So wearing some nicer clothes before that isn’t going to make what’s going to happen stop.”

“Maybe I don’t want my classmates to think of me as some sort of—of—”

“Sugar baby?” Katsuki finished dryly, and Izuku flushed in anger and embarrassment, eyes sharp as they cut to the side. Katsuki lowered his voice soothingly and said, “Deku, listen to me. Those people, who you only see in class, don’t matter. In the end, they mean nothing to you because they don’t know you. The only people whose opinions should mean anything to you are Eri’s and your best friend’s. And in a roundabout way, both are reasons why you’re doing this, and they don’t care.”

“But I care,” Izuku snapped, frustrated. “I care what my classmates think of me because I could be working with them at some point in the future, and who’s going to take the omega seriously when all they can think about is this?!”

Katsuki sat up at the sight of Izuku’s sudden tears, the green-haired man rubbing at them furiously. Katsuki shooed the seamstress away and approached the pedestal, reaching out and taking Izuku into his arms in a hug. Katsuki wasn’t a hugger normally, but Izuku was, and had gotten Katsuki used to giving and receiving them with Izuku.

He didn’t say anything as Izuku let out his tears, only rubbing his back firmly. Izuku pulled back a little when he was done, eyes now puffy but dry, and smiled a little at Katsuki. “Sorry, Kacchan,” he said.

Katsuki pinched Izuku’s cheek, gently shaking him and making Izuku whine. “Nothing to be sorry for. Now, can we finish up here before we head out to the other stores?”

“Other stores?!”

Despite Izuku’s reluctance, they got out of the first store fairly quickly, a majority of Izuku’s clothes being able to be bought immediately instead of being tailored. Katsuki dragged Izuku to two more stores after that: one for shoes, where they bickered over how many pairs to get, and one for outerwear, where Izuku saw the cutest matching peacoat set for him and Eri upon immediately walking in. Katsuki bought the pair on the spot despite Izuku’s protests.

It was only once Katsuki was dragging Izuku back to the car after setting up a tailoring appointment for Eri and him that Katsuki started to get a little nervous. The first few stores were easy to get Izuku to swallow, as they were regular stores that you could shop off the rack at, even if it was limited stock. But the next place wasn’t a store, per say, so much as it was the designer’s personal workshop. And he knew that Izuku wasn’t stupid, so as soon as they walked in, the younger man would be able to tell that where they were was a lot more expensive than before.

And his expectations were spot on. “Kacchan,” Izuku hissed as they walked into the shop, bell ringing on the door, “where are we?”

Katsuki assumed it was a rhetorical question and didn’t answer. Izuku opened his mouth, no doubt to tear into Katsuki like a piece of meat, when a voice sounded out from the back of the shop, “Katsuki? Is that you?”

Katsuki turned quickly to Izuku, smiling tightly. “Okay, so don’t freak out, but this is where I get all my suits done, and I know the desi—hey, Dad,” he finished as the owner of the voice came out of the back room.

Masaru took one glance at Izuku before giving Katsuki a dry look. “I assume that you don’t want me to tell your mother that I saw you today,” he said in a tone that matched.

Katsuki nodded, giving his dad a grateful look, before pushing a still fuming Izuku a little forward. “Dad, this is Midoriya Izuku; Deku, this is my dad, Bakugou Masaru, better known as the designer Nitro.”

Izuku’s face went through a myriad of expressions before settling somewhere between surprise and weary acceptance. “It’s a pleasure to meet to meet you, Bakugou-san,” he said, bowing to Masaru.

Masaru waved off the bow, laughing a little. “Please, call me Masaru. Katsuki has told me next to nothing about you, but considering I’ve only met his friends a handful of times, I’ve come to expect it.”

That startled a smile out of Izuku, and Katsuki was glad that it was his dad that was the one he was dealing with right now. His mom would have made Izuku even more nervous, but the two male omegas were similar enough in temperament that Izuku was able to relax.

“Katsuki told me that you were going as his date to the awards ceremony in a few weeks and needed something for the event,” Masaru said as he led the two of them further into his workplace.

Izuku gave Katsuki a look before turning back to Masaru. “Well, I’m glad he told one of us, because I didn’t realize that Katsuki was going to be bringing me to have a piece designed,” Izuku demurred, smiling but eyes furious. Katsuki knew that once they left, Izuku would probably tear his head from his body.

Katsuki took a step back, letting his dad run the show as he guided Izuku up onto the pedestal near his work table. Masaru kept up a light chat the whole time he took Izuku’s measurements, keeping the green-haired man distracted so that he wouldn’t be nervous, and was able to get them all quick enough that Izuku was back onto the ground within five minutes.

“So,” Masaru started, shuffling the papers of his designs around, “what would you like for the event? I can do a suit like Katsuki’s, or we can do something more O-Fashion.”

O-Fashion, or Omega Fashion, was a specific type of style that took on the idea that there was not one way to be an omega. Izuku didn’t normally dress in that style, but Katsuki assumed it was more because he didn’t have the money, not because he didn’t want to. Especially since at the other stores, Katsuki had caught Izuku looking at pieces that were more along the lines of O-Fashion. So when Izuku looked to Katsuki to make the decision, but Katsuki just nudged his chin back towards Masaru. “I’m not the one wearing it, Deku. It’s up to you.”

Izuku bit his lip, looking torn, and Katsuki had a feeling he knew why. Izuku was still young enough that he cared about what other people thought of him, and it made Katsuki aggravated that people had torn down the beautiful omega enough that Izuku felt the need to stifle his own wants in order to conform. Katsuki sat up, ready to tell Izuku that he should do what he wanted, when Masaru shot him a sharp look before turning back to Izuku.

“I…” Izuku took a deep breath before squaring his shoulders back. “I would like to see what you could do with O-Fashion.”

Katsuki grinned as Masaru said, “I think I might have the perfect piece for you.”

Chapter Text

Izuku looked at himself critically in the mirror, eyes running over his figure in the outfit Katsuki’s father had made for him. It was stunning for sure, something fit for an event like the Hero Awards, but Izuku felt like he was five again and playing in his mother’s closet. He also eyed his new hair cut critically.

Katsuki had taken him to a salon that apparently specialized in curly hair, something Izuku hadn’t even known existed, and the stylist had taken one look at his hair and demanded he sit in the chair immediately. Not even addressing Izuku, they had instead asked Katsuki what he thought would look good, and Katsuki had simply said, “Something that doesn’t hide his eyes,” smirking at Izuku as he did.

Izuku had flushed, remembering one of the first things Katsuki had told him was that he liked Izuku’s eyes, and sat back in the chair. The stylist had gotten to the cut without prompt, and Izuku had been cut, washed, and styled into a haircut that he couldn’t actually complain about.

The undercut made his face look a little older, bringing attention to the shape of his jaw and cheekbones, and the top was long enough that his curls looked nice instead of messy. The stylist had given him a few products that they then taught him to use, up to and including a weird blow dryer attachment. Izuku had been slightly overwhelmed but happy with the results when it was all said and done.

But now, with the hair and the outfit, he was quickly getting overwhelmed once again.

Denki, who had accompanied him to Masaru’s shop so Izuku could be put properly into his clothes, whistled when Izuku showed him the completed look. “Holy shit, Izuku,” he said, grin ecstatic and wide, “you look amazing!”

Izuku ducked his head to the side, fiddling with the fabric of the top. The outfit itself was both grandiose and classic, something that shouldn’t have worked but did. It was a two piece suit—although, to call it a suit was doing it a disservice, as Izuku had never seen a suit even close to this before.

The pants were simple, a champagne color that complimented his coloring and tapered to fit his legs, but the top—the top was elaborate, a strapless piece with golden embroidery and pearls woven into the fabric, forming a lacy design over the voluminous fabric that billowed out behind him. The “skirt” was attached with small clasps along the upper edge of the back, and two puffy “sleeves” wrapped around his upper arms.

Izuku loved the look of it, the illusion of a dress from the back but with the open front, and he couldn’t wait to see Katsuki’s reaction to it. The older man didn’t know what it looked like as Masaru refused to show him, and Katsuki had been put out when his dad had only taken enough money to buy the materials but not for the labor. It gave Izuku an insight to Katsuki that he hadn’t realized, the man showing that he was not just generous to Izuku himself, but also that he wanted to take care of his family.

Speaking of Masaru, he stood off to the side, occasionally studying the fit of the outfit but far more enraptured by Eri, who was chattering away at his side about all the pretty clothes around her. When Izuku had shown up at the shop with her, Masaru hadn’t looked surprised, making Izuku believe that Katsuki had told him. He had just taken Eri’s hand and introduced himself, complimenting Eri’s new dress that Izuku had bought her a few days ago. And that was it, Eri was sold on the stranger she had just met.

“He does, doesn’t he, little one?” Masaru asked Eri, bringing her attention to Izuku.

Eri smiled brightly. “Okaa-san, you look like a princess!” She chirped, and Izuku couldn’t help but smile at her.

“Thank you, baby, but you’re prettier.” Eri laughed at his words, shaking her head but not arguing, and Izuku felt his love for her swell in his chest.

“When is your date supposed to be here?” Denki asked, and Izuku sent him a dirty look. Eri knew that Izuku was going to the event with Katsuki, but Izuku had stressed to her that it was just as friends. Denki calling it a date where she could hear was a little aggravating, as Eri wasn’t dumb, and Izuku could already tell that he was going to have to do damage control.

“He should be here soon, actually,” Izuku replied, looking at the clock, “so maybe you and Eri should start heading out.”

Eri whined at the words, realizing that her time in the shop was drawing to a close. “But Okaa-san—”

“No buts, Eri,” Izuku said firmly. “It’s already 7:30, and your bedtime is at 9. Uncle Denki is going to take you to get something to eat and then you have to go home.”

She pouted but nodded, and Izuku gave her an amused look. He bent carefully, crouching a little and opening his arms for a hug. She ran right into them, burying her face in his neck. Izuku scented her, the gland on his jaw rubbing over the crown of her hair in a parental mark, and her own little high-pitched purr sounded in contentment.

Quickly after, Denki and Eri left, and it was just Masaru and Izuku in the shop. The older omega smiled as he looked at Izuku. “You do look amazing,” he reaffirmed.

“Thank you, but it’s all you. This outfit…” Izuku turned back to the mirror to admire it again. “It’s incredible.”

Masaru shook his head. “Yes, I agree that the outfit is nice, but it’s not what makes you look like you do. That’s you; it’s there to accentuate how you look, not the other way around.”

Izuku flushed, a little embarrassed at the small bubble of joy that formed at the man’s words.

“Now,” Masaru announced, clapping his hands, “for the finishing touches.”


Masaru moved over to his set of drawers along the back wall, pulling out a little black bag. He grabbed what looked like a stick from it and turned to Izuku. “Your eyes are one of your best features, so what we’re going to do is make sure they pop.”

By the time Masaru was done, Izuku had on eyeliner and a little bit of lip gloss, and Masaru had been right by saying that it made his features pop a little more. He had always considered himself more on the plain side, but somehow these two little pieces of makeup made him feel more confident than he had in a long time.

“Holy shit.”

Izuku straightened up with a snap, whirling around to see Katsuki, who had just come into the shop. His eyes were wide, the red irises dark with something that Izuku couldn’t identify, and his mouth was still parted from the words he had breathed out. Izuku felt something stir in his gut as he took in the sharp suit Katsuki wore, the black on black only cut by a tie the same color as Izuku’s outfit, and he flushed, averting his eyes.

“You look…” Katsuki trailed off, approaching Izuku slowly. He cleared his throat, visibly swallowing, continuing with, “Stunning. You look stunning.”

Izuku laughed a little nervously, still not meeting Katsuki’s eyes as he peeked at the blond’s expression. “Thank you. Your father is an incredible designer.”

Katsuki shot a look at his dad, who had gone over to his table to give them a moment, and looked like he wanted to say something to refute Izuku’s words but didn’t. Izuku could feel the blush on his face grow hotter.

Katsuki shook himself out of his thoughts and checked his watch. “Alright, as much as I would like to stay and admire the way you look—” He shot Izuku one of his usual smirks. “—we only have an hour until the doors open, and the paparazzi are going to want to get photos before the event.” He offered Izuku his arm to lead him out of the door.

Izuku gulped, not like the sound of that, but took the arm, adjusting his skirt before nodding. “Alright, let’s go. Can’t keep them waiting, right?” His voice was a little higher than normal.

Katsuki said a quick goodbye to his father, leading Izuku out of the shop to the car that waited curbside. He helped Izuku in first, making sure the fabric wouldn’t get caught in the door, before following him into the backseat.

Katsuki made small talk on the ride there, asking Izuku about his classes, and Izuku took the distraction for what it was. He went on about the lab he had to do the day before, working at the free clinic near the school, and both of them began to relax as they fell into their normal rapport.

It was only when the driver rolled down the partition to announce they had arrived that Izuku began to get nervous again. He could see the flashes of the paparazzi from the other side of the tinted windows, so many bulbs going off, and his breaths started coming faster.

Izuku's head was pulled to the side, Katsuki gripping his chin gently as Izuku’s eyes met his. “Breathe,” he said firmly, and Izuku took in a large gasp. “You're fine,” he soothed. His hand shifted, thumb coming up to brush across Izuku's cheek. “It's only a few pictures, and before you know it, we'll be in the venue away from them all.”

Izuku nodded. Katsuki was right. Nothing was out there other than a few photographers, and Izuku could handle them, as long as Katsuki was by his side.

Katsuki gave him a smug smirk. “There's the Izuku I know. Now put on that pretty smile and blow all those extras out of the water.”

Izuku laughed, knowing that Katsuki had said it to get him to smile, and that smile stayed on his face as Katsuki helped him out of the car.

“Ground Zero! Ground Zero! Over here!”

“Ground Zero! What do you have to say about the rumors of you getting to number one tonight?”

“Ground Zero, who are you wearing tonight?!”

Izuku could feel his smile become slightly strained, and Katsuki squeezed his hand where it rested on the blond’s arm. The paparazzi had focused on Katsuki right off the bat, but as soon as Katsuki had taken the time to reassure him, their eyes turned to Izuku, hungry. Izuku knew what they looked like; an older alpha hero with a young omega on his arm, a face that had never been in the public before, and like sharks, they circled at the blood that was suddenly in the water.

“Ground Zero! Who have you brought with you tonight?”

“Ground Zero, is this a new fling?”

“Ground Zero! Face this way!”

“Alright, just keep your smile and face in the same direction I am,” Katsuki muttered under his breath, and Izuku nodded slightly to show he understood.

The first few minutes were crazy, Izuku continuously having to check Katsuki out the corner of his eye to make sure he was doing what he was supposed to, but soon Izuku fell into it, shifting by the feel of Katsuki’s arm moving against his. He started using his free hand to adjust the skirt of his suit, making sure that the full effect of it was able to be caught by the cameras, and before he knew it, they were at the end of the paparazzi line and moving into the building to take their seats.

“Not so bad,” Katsuki said, pulling out Izuku’s chair at the table. “It’s certainly been worse before.”

Izuku looked at him incredulously. “Worse?”

Katsuki nodded at him, taking the seat next to him. There were two name cards in front of them, and Izuku looked at the heavy paper that had his own name scripted in gold leaf. “Oh, yeah,” Katsuki answered. He tugged at the tie around his neck and Izuku slapped at his hands on instinct.

Katsuki frowned at him but continued. “My first few of them were a shitshow because the paparazzi knew that we were rookies, and they use that to get sound bites that could be used for the gossip rags in the morning. I can’t tell you how many times I had to stop Eijirou from saying something stupid in order to protect his public view.”

Izuku almost didn’t want to believe it, with how they were just now, but it made sense. So instead, he decided to focus on a different part of Katsuki’s words. “Eijirou?”

Katsuki laughed. “His hero name is Red Riot. He’ll probably be sitting here, actually, once he and his wife get past the frenzy outside.”

Izuku blanched. Red Riot would be sitting here, at the same table as Izuku, with his wife, Alien Queen, and Izuku didn’t know what to do with that information. He had gotten used to Katsuki, having met him before he realized he was Ground Zero, but he wasn’t prepared to meet another two top heroes. Especially since those heroes seemed to be close enough to Katsuki that he called them by name.

Katsuki took one look at his face and said, “Deku, it’s fine. Shitty Hair and Raccoon Eyes are probably the least serious heroes that you will meet; plus I’ve already told Shitty Hair about you, so I’m assuming he told her because he can’t keep a secret to save his life.”

“Aw, bro, you’re talking about me? Don’t make me look bad to him before we’ve even met.”

Izuku looked up to see the couple approaching the table, looking amazing in their ensembles, and Izuku could feel his heart rate skyrocket. Red Riot, who had forgone his usual tall hairstyle, grinned and held out a hand to Izuku. “Kirishima Eijirou, and this is my wife, Kirishima Mina.”

Mina waved from next to Eijirou, and Izuku took the offered hand, stammering out, “I-I’m Izuku. Uh, Midoriya Izuku.”

Eijirou blinked. “Wait, so your name isn’t Deku?”

The one sentence was able to dispel Izuku’s nerves as he pursed his lips and looked at Katsuki. “How many people did you tell that my name was Deku?”

“In my defense,” Katsuki started out teasingly, “your mom did spell it weird.”

Izuku rolled his eyes hard before turning back to the couple, who both were looking surprised at Katsuki. Izuku didn’t understand the look, but decided that it must have meant something to the three heroes. Still, he said, “Yeah, no. Apparently Katsuki never learned to read properly. My name is Izuku, actually.”

Mina laughed, brushing it off. “No, that’s okay. It’s very nice to meet you, despite Katsuki keeping you a total secret. Which we will be talking about,” she said pointedly to the blond.

Katsuki rolled his eyes. “Just sit down, they’re going to start soon.”

Katsuki was right, of course. Most of the heroes who were attending had taken their seats already, chatting with their fellow heroes, as the host for the evening, retired hero Present Mic walked onto stage. Izuku turned to pay attention as Mic introduced himself, getting everyone to quiet down. He started the event by recapping some of the most well known rescues of the year, Katsuki himself having at least three as a solo hero and two more working in a group. Izuku smiled at him proudly when it was brought up.

It was as Present Mic was just getting into the top fifty hero rankings that Katsuki tapped Izuku on his arm. Izuku looked over to Katsuki taking out Izuku’s phone from his pocket. “It keeps vibrating like crazy,” he told him lowly, as the rest of the room burst into applause for one of the heroes.

Izuku’s stomach dropped. The only person that would be texting him at this time was Denki, and if it was continuously going off, Izuku could only imagine the worst.

Snatching his phone out of Katsuki’s hand, Izuku used the cover of his skirt and the tablecloth to unlock the device. On the screen, there were twelve missed calls and over twenty messages from Denki, each one worse than the last.

Denki: izuku you need to call me asap

Denki: izuku seriously

Denki: it’s Eri. i had to take her to the hospital

Denki: she was saying something about not being able to breathe earlier and i freaked out

Denki: izuku PLEASE answer me

Denki: we’re at the hospital now. the doctors are taking her into the ER

Denki: izuku this isn’t funny anymore i don’t know what to do

Denki: we’re at Musutafu general

Izuku shakily handed the phone back to Katsuki, chest tight. Katsuki read over the texts quickly, swearing loudly before shoving the phone back into his pocket, and he quickly whispered to Eijirou and Mina that they had to leave. Izuku was frozen in shock, feeling like his mind was in molasses, as he tried to process what he had just read.

“My baby,” he croaked out, causing the three heroes to stop their low argument. Izuku looked up into Katsuki’s face, and Katsuki’s own expression fell into something severe at whatever he could see. “I-I have to go,” Izuku told him.

Katsuki was already rising from his seat. “Come on, Deku,” he said, helping Izuku up. Neither Eijirou nor Mina said anything as Katsuki escorted Izuku out of the Hero Awards, already calling their car around to leave.

“And for our number one Hero this year,” Present Mic’s voice echoed, following the two out of the auditorium, and Izuku could feel the other shoe about to drop as his attention was grabbed unwittingly, “we’re proud to announce that for the first time ever, Ground Zero tops our charts!”

“Kacchan,” Izuku murmured, eyes growing wide. He tugged at Katsuki’s sleeve, knowing that the other man couldn’t follow him to the hospital, not now. “Kacchan, wait! You were just named—”

Katsuki shook his head sharply. “I don’t care right now,” he said. He opened the main doors and started leading Izuku through the paparazzi that hadn’t been prepared to see a hero so soon. He shielded Izuku with his body, and Izuku could only see a few bulbs flash before they were in the car and rushing towards the hospital.

Katsuki watched as Izuku paced the length of the waiting room, wringing his hands and constantly looking towards the hall where the doctor would come from with news on Eri. He wore Katsuki’s suit jacket, having gotten cold after entering. The large train of Izuku’s own had been taken off in the car to allow him to maneuver more easily in the hospital, and Katsuki sat in one of the chairs, tie cast aside and sleeves rolled up as his quirk reacted to his stress and made his body temperature rise.

They had been at the hospital for three hours now, waiting in the children’s ward as Eri was put through test after test. Once they had gotten there, Izuku had flown into Denki’s arms, demanding answers. The blond omega had told them that Eri had been fine before getting home, enjoying her dinner, but once it was time for bed, she had developed a cough that wouldn’t go away. Denki had taken a listen to her lungs, especially when she had said they felt heavy, and heard a slight rattle, which prompted him to rush her to the emergency room.

Izuku had sent him home after that, omega scent reassuring Denki into leaving and getting some sleep, and the two had settled in to wait for the doctor to bring them news.

On Izuku’s next pass in front of him, Katsuki reached out and grabbed Izuku around the waist, pulling him to crash down into the seat beside him. “You’re working yourself up more,” Katsuki told Izuku, scowling. “Rest. You’ll be no good to Eri exhausted.”

Izuku scowled at Katsuki, shoving his arm away but not getting back up. “Don’t tell me how to react when it’s my daughter in there,” Izuku hissed, and Katsuki had to control a flinch when those eyes turned on him, dark with fury and despair. He had never seen Izuku look like that even remotely, and it wasn’t a look he liked.

Still, he knew that Izuku wasn’t really mad at him, so Katsuki pushed on anyway. “Listen to me,” Katsuki ordered, and Izuku bared his teeth in slight warning. “Just because she’s not my daughter doesn’t mean I don’t care what happens to her. No, this isn’t the way I wanted to meet her, but it’s what we have; and I’ll be damned if I let you tear yourself down while she’s hurt. You need to be strong for her right now.”

They stared at each other for a long moment, and Katsuki could feel that he was being analyzed by Izuku for his worth. When Izuku huffed and turned his head, going back to watching the hallway, Katsuki felt like he had passed some sort of test that he hadn’t even known he was taking.

The next half hour passed slowly for the pair, neither one of them willing to move in case news came, and Katsuki worked at getting Izuku to relax a little. His broad hand rubbed soothing circles into the place between Izuku’s shoulder blades, and the omega had just started to relax incrementally when Eri’s doctor came out.

“She’s okay,” she said, hands out placatingly as both of them jumped from their seats. The doctor looked curiously at Katsuki for a minute before turning to Izuku. “You’re her dam?”

Izuku nodded. “Yes, I’m Midoriya Izuku. Can you tell me what was wrong? Why couldn’t she breath?”

The doctor sighed, gesturing for them to follow her. “Eri seems to have some scarring on her lungs,” she started, checking the chart in her hands, “and from a few blood tests we took, we were able to rule that it’s likely to be from long-term asbestos poisoning. We seem to have caught it early enough that she can be healed from it and not have any lingering side effects. But based on her blood tests and how she reacted upon immediately getting home, it’s likely that even if we do heal her, she’ll end up exactly where she is now again.”

Katsuki knew about asbestos poisoning, after he had saved a kid that was trapped in a shitty building when a villain had attacked nearby, and he knew that the majority of the time, it came from older buildings that weren’t kept up to code. That, along with a few other instances where Izuku reacted when Katsuki brought up anything about where Izuku lived, clicked together in Katsuki’s mind; and if the conclusion he came to was true, the two of them would be having words.

Izuku didn’t realize where Katsuki’s thoughts had gone, too focused on what the doctor was saying, and Katsuki didn’t bring it up just yet. He had time, and Katsuki would use it to his advantage

They were let into Eri’s room soon after, the little girl awake but lethargic, and Izuku automatically crawled onto the bed with her, avoiding the IV she had in her hand. Katsuki lingered by the door way, not wanting to intrude on the moment.

“Okaa-san,” Eri quietly cheered, smiling curling at her lips. “I missed you.”

Izuku pulled her into his arms, ducking his head to give her a kiss on the forehead. His voice was quiet as he replied, “I missed you, too, baby. Sorry I wasn’t here sooner.”

Eri shook her head, burying into Izuku’s collarbone, and Izuku’s hand came up to cradle her closer. “It’s okay,” she said. “You had the thing tonight, and Uncle Denki took care of me.”

Izuku’s face was pained at her words, and a tear slipped down his face. “No, baby, I should have been here,” he reassured her. “Nothing is more important than you are.”

Eri hummed. “Did you have fun?” She asked.

Izuku smiled sadly at her, and Katsuki could almost hear the thoughts of self-recrimination going through his head. “Of course I did, sweetheart,” he said. “I got to meet a few heroes, including your favorite, Alien Queen.”

Eri gasped happily, head shooting up from it’s spot in Izuku’s neck, and Katsuki laughed at the sheer joy on her face. Both Midoriyas snapped their heads towards him, and Katsuki watched as Eri’s eyes went wide when she seemed to recognize him. “Okaa-san,” she whispered, turning big eyes to Izuku, “that’s Ground Zero.”

Izuku brushed a piece of her hair out of her face. “Yeah, baby, it is. He’s the one I went with to the Hero Awards.”

“Hi,” Katsuki chimed in, approaching the hospital bed. He kept a soft look on his face, even as his heart clenched at the sight of her being dwarfed by the hospital bed. “You must be Eri. Your dam has told me a lot about you.”

Eri smiled up at him sweetly, and just like that, Katsuki was done for.

The rest of the night was spent with Eri, entertaining her when she had the energy and sitting quietly as she rested against Izuku when she was tired. Katsuki had somehow been convinced to join the two on the bed during that time, and Katsuki thought it was when he rented Monsters Inc. on the small television that was in the room. Eri chattered away during the movie, Izuku joining her most of the time, and Katsuki was feeling more calm in the hospital room than he felt in his own home at times.

Sometime during the night, Eri had drifted off, snuggling with Izuku on the bed, and it had been peaceful for those few hours. Izuku didn’t nod off himself, but he stayed quiet, just soothing Eri as she slept, and Katsuki couldn’t help but think Izuku looked as if he had no care in the world with his daughter in his arms.

So, of course, he decided that it would be the perfect time to bring up the apartment situation. Izuku stared at him for a long moment, eyes going from surprised to angry, and he snapped out, “No.”

Katsuki sighed. “Deku, you heard the doctor. You can’t stay where you are.”

Izuku scowled at the blond. “Then I’ll look for an apartment myself. You are not going to do whatever it is your thinking—and I’m not stupid, Kacchan, I know you. You’re probably already thinking of moving us in some lavish place that probably costs almost ¥400,000 a month, and it’s unnecessary.”

Katsuki matched the scowl on Izuku’s face, but kept his voice low to not wake up Eri. “It is not unnecessary,” he insisted. “You and Eri need to be in a place that’s not a fucking biohazard, and if I have to pay a little bit more money each month, then it’s not a problem.”

“I’m not going to be looking for a shitty apartment, Katsuki,” Izuku huffed, aggravation lacing his tone. “But I’ll look for something that’s within my budget, and we’ll be fine.”

“And what budget would that be?” Katsuki asked, his own anger rising. He didn’t understand why Izuku wouldn’t just listen. “The one you use from before? Because that was when you had no money, Deku, and using that is going to just land you in another place exactly like where you’re at now.”

Izuku looked as if he wanted to get up and storm away, but couldn’t with Eri on his chest. “This isn’t something that you have to worry about, okay?” Izuku shook his head. “This is my apartment, my daughter, my problem.”

“Bullshit,” Katsuki hissed back. “You agreed to let me handle whatever had to deal with money when we started this—”

“Okay, no, I didn’t,” Izuku cut him off. “I agreed to the amount you were giving me, not that you would continue to raise it whenever you thought of the next frivolous thing you wanted to add on. I don’t need more money, Kacchan; you’re already giving me an outrageous amount as it is.”

“Then use more of it for a decent apartment! Because if you know me, then I know you, and I know that you’re going to pinch pennies and think a place is just okay and move in, and you both could be in the same situation as this in a few months.”

“And that is my problem! It’s not your responsibility to—” Izuku cut off, eyes dropping, and Katsuki knew what the next words out of his mouth would have been.

“What, Izuku? Take care of you?” He said sharply, finishing Izuku’s sentence. “Because that’s also something you did agree to. Which means that I’m going to argue until you let me do it.”

Izuku shuddered, arms tightening around Eri, and said lowly, “I don’t want you spending any more money. You think you have unlimited funds, but what happens if you get injured to the point that you are forced to retire early? Do you have enough money saved up to live like you do for the rest of your life?”

Katsuki huffed, wanting to laugh a little. He understood where Izuku was coming from, but Izuku didn’t realize how much money he actually had. While Katsuki didn’t have the kind of money to live lavish if he stopped working tomorrow, he did have a nest egg that would allow him to live comfortably. Plus the inheritance from his parents wasn’t small either; which was a big reason why he didn’t mind spending money on those he cared about.

“Izuku,” he started gently, “I don’t spend irresponsibly. For a while, I haven’t had anyone to spend money on, and I don’t spend it on myself. Now I have you, and Eri, to do so with. Even if I stopped working, I would have enough money to put Eri through college when she goes.”

Izuku shook his head slowly. “It’s not—” He cut himself off again with a sigh, before continuing with, “Please. I don’t want you to spend more money for an apartment.”

They sat in silence for a few long moments, Katsuki’s mind furiously working to figure out a way to solve this problem. Izuku had directly asked him to not spend money on an apartment; and if there was one thing Katsuki was learning about himself in regards to Izuku, it was that it was impossible not to give Izuku what he asked for when he normally asked for so little. But this was almost the opposite, with Izuku asking for nothing from Katsuki other than what he already had.

And like that, Katsuki had an idea. It was a crazy idea, something that if his mom or his friends found out about, they would most likely berate him for it. But he didn’t care. This was the only solution he could think of where they both got what they wanted: Izuku into a nicer apartment, and Katsuki not spending any more money than what he already did.

He was sure this would work. “Your problem with this,” Katsuki began, trying to keep the smug tone out of his voice, “is that you don’t want me to spend any more money, right?”

Izuku narrowed his eyes, suspicious, but nodded.

Katsuki smirked, looking Izuku in the eye. “Then, if I was able to find a place to my standards where I didn’t have to do that, you would move in?”

Izuku pursed his lips, eyes flickering back and forth Katsuki’s own as he tried to figure out where the older man was going with this. “It’s not possible that you would be able to,” Izuku told him. “You have ridiculously high standards.”

“Humor me,” Katsuki urged.

Izuku gave him a look. “Okay, fine. Yes, if you were somehow able to not only find an apartment that fit my budget and your standards, without paying the difference for it, I would have no problem moving into it. But it’s not going to happen.”

Katsuki’s smirk grew wider, and he knew he sounded unbearably smug as he said, “Oh, but it will.”

“I don’t know what you’re thinking, but not even you, Kacchan, can do the impossible.”

“You said—” Katsuki started.

“I know what I said,” Izuku told him, frowning. “But I’m not just going to go on blind faith here, especially when you haven’t even checked it out to see if the owner will do it.”

“Oh, don’t worry about the owner. He’ll agree to it.” Katsuki was having a lot of fun with this, especially since Izuku’s arguments wouldn’t work this time.

Izuku gave him an exasperated look. “I’m going to need proof, Kacchan.”

“How’s this for proof?” Katsuki told him. He picked up Izuku’s free hand, holding it gently. “I’m Bakugou Katsuki, the owner. Move in with me.”

Izuku took a long look at Katsuki’s face, realized the blond wasn’t joking, and promptly pushed him out of the bed.

Eri woke up with a snort, looking confused at a fuming Izuku, who leaned over the edge of the bed to glare at a smug Katsuki. “Okaa-san? What’s going on?”

“Nothing, baby,” Izuku told her, running a hand through her hair. “Kacchan just said a joke I didn’t appreciate.”

“Not a joke, Deku,” Katsuki told him.

Izuku glared at him harder. “Maybe you should rethink that, since I’m not moving in.”

Chapter Text

Izuku was moving in.

He scowled, watching as Katsuki lifted the few boxes of stuff Eri and he had, and couldn’t help but feel like he had been tricked. He had been insistent on not moving in with Katsuki, knowing that somehow, it was going to mean he was losing ground somewhere in their relationship; but the sneaky blond had talked to both Eri and Denki, getting them on his side of the argument and making Izuku lose it anyway.

Which was surprising, considering how slow to trust Denki was. Izuku had assumed the other omega would have been against Izuku leaving their mutual home. Instead, Denki had told him that if Izuku didn’t move in with Katsuki, he would. Plus, Denki had been ready to move in with his—actually, Izuku still didn’t know what to call the two of them, even though Denki and Shinsou were now going to live together.

“I think that should be the last of it,” Katsuki said, interrupting Izuku’s thoughts. Katsuki closed the trunk to the car, a new model that Izuku had never seen him drive before, and if judging by the appearance of the tires, Katsuki hadn’t driven before.

Izuku gave Katsuki a dry look, shifting Eri a little on his hip as he did. “Really? Are you sure? You sure you don’t want to magically find things in the house that could be ours but are actually something you bought to act like they were?”

Katsuki flushed a little bit at the reminder of an hour ago, where he had tried to smuggle a new Barbie into Eri’s toy box despite the fact that Izuku had never bought Eri a name-brand toy in her life.

“No,” he said, a little embarrassed, causing Izuku to laugh. Katsuki stomped over and lifted Eri out of Izuku’s arms, easily taking her weight, before marching back over to the car and getting her settled in her car seat.

Izuku just shook his head as he approached Katsuki, who was struggling to get the belt secure around Eri without tangling it. Izuku nudged him away, fixing the mess easily, and Katsuki just frowned, confused. “How…?”

Izuku just patted him on the cheek, a small smirk on his face, and got in the passenger seat.

By the time they had arrived to Katsuki’s building, Izuku was once again a little put out about the move. Despite Eri’s excitement and the pros to living there, Izuku still felt like he wasn’t doing anything on his own. He had been independent for so long, and now, Katsuki was taking care of everything while Izuku just sat back and was along for the ride. It wasn’t a feeling he was used to, and he was honestly starting to feel a little useless in the grand scheme of things.

Katsuki and the receptionist of the building brought the boxes from the car to the elevator while Izuku got Eri out of the car, and the trio made their way up to the apartment.

Izuku had only been there once before, when Katsuki had taken him on that crazy shopping spree, but this was the first time he was actually able to look around. It was open concept, every room easily visible from the next; clean to the point that Izuku thought Katsuki might not realize how messy having a child around was. Izuku had thought Katsuki would be the one for modern furnishing, but a lot of it was homey, giving the entire space a warm feel.

The kitchen was top of the line, Izuku eyeing the stone countertops and stainless steel appliances (perfect for sticky fingerprints), and Izuku was almost nervous to even breath in the space. He couldn’t see where he would fit in, having never been in a place this expensive, and it was a bit saddening. But it was only temporary, he told himself. Katsuki was only doing this because Eri had gotten sick.

Speaking of Eri, she was already exploring her surroundings, opening drawers and cabinets to peer inside, laughing as she found things that were funny to her. Izuku mentally reminded himself to check those places so there was nothing inappropriate she could get ahold of, but let her do what she wanted.

Katsuki was watching him when Izuku finally turned away from Eri, and he asked, “What do you think?”

“It’s nice,” Izuku replied automatically, and then hesitated. “It’s not what we’re used to,” he admitted slowly.

“Well, you better get used to it, Deku,” he said, nudging Izuku in the side. “This is your home now.”

Izuku nodded, resigned. He gestured to the boxes. “Ah, where would you like me to put our stuff?”

“Oh, right. Here, let me show you your rooms.”

Izuku’s room was across the hall from Katsuki’s towards the front of the long hallway, with large windows that were able to be shaded using a remote that controlled—well, everything in the room. A large bed dominated one wall with a TV mounted across from it, and it had a walk-in closet and an en suite attached.

“This used to be the guest room for when my parents’ would come,” Katsuki explained, helping Izuku bring his few boxes in. “But I figured it would be good for you, and you can do what you want with it. I turned the office into a combined guest room, and changed the other guest into Eri’s room.”

Eri’s room, Izuku found out, was something out of a little girl’s dream. Katsuki had spared no expense, it seemed, and Izuku pursed his lips as he took it in. It was done in soft pinks and whites, with what looked like a custom-made bed that was styled to look like a hot-air balloon. Along one wall was what looked to be a high-end entertainment system and a wardrobe with clothes in it, and Izuku side-eyed Katsuki as he realized that all of them were brand new. Custom lights, custom toy box, custom fucking everything, and if Eri wasn't standing in the room, looking as if all her dreams had just come true, Izuku would be tearing Katsuki a new one.

But Izuku could wait. Katsuki was doing a lot of great things for them, but it was also too much. Izuku never had any of these things before, and he had been fine. He might not have been comfortable, but he had been surviving.

So after a dinner that Izuku had taken upon himself to cook, he put Eri to bed in her new room and marched out to the living room where Katsuki was.


Katsuki, who had been watching a show, looked over at him lazily. He sat up quickly though, most likely reading Izuku’s face, and seemed to know what was about to happen.

“Deku,” he started, trying to head off whatever Izuku was about to say, but Izuku wasn't having it.

“No,” Izuku snapped. “No. I'm not going to bite my tongue anymore. Do I thank you for doing all of this? Of course. But where the fuck does that leave me?!”

Katsuki looked alarmed at how Izuku’s voice rose sharply, and he was up off the couch in an instant. “Hey, wait—”

Izuku shook his head firmly. “Katsuki, I’m literally just here at this point. I don’t work anymore. I don’t contribute to important things. And I have a bank account that I have no idea what to do with because you keep paying for everything. Eri has things that I once dreamed of giving her, but I wasn’t the one to get them. I mean,” Izuku laughed bitterly, flinging his arms wide and gesturing to the room around him. “I’m living in your home like I’m some sort of prized possession because I couldn’t even pay for a home that wouldn’t make my daughter sick. I’m fucking useless, just like I always knew I would be. My fucking name even lets people know that, and I’m—”


Izuku’s vocal cords locked up at the tone, and he looked at Katsuki, who was suddenly furious.

“You’re not going to talk about yourself like that,” Katsuki demanded, and Izuku couldn’t even find the words to argue because Katsuki gave him a dark look when he opened his mouth to do so. “I’m not going to let you trash talk yourself into something that you’re not. Izuku, you’re twenty. Twenty. Take a fucking second and realize just how much you’ve done at your age. You have a daughter who you do your best for, who adores you and would be worse off without you. You’re in one of the hardest school programs in the country, on scholarship, and you used to work a full work week on top of that. Do you know what I was doing at twenty?”

“You had just become a hero,” Izuku said, but it was the wrong answer because Katsuki just laughed humorlessly.

“Yeah, but I was an idiot. I bought whatever I wanted, acted like I knew what responsibility was while thinking the world owed me something, and if I had been in your shoes, I would have ended up breaking and never amounting to anything. You’re not useless. You’re so far from it that I can’t even measure the distance because it’s nowhere in sight.”

Izuku scoffed, and Katsuki growled in frustration.

“You want to know what you bring to this relationship? You make me better. Sure, I can fucking buy whatever things you might need, but you make me not crazy.” Katsuki took a large step forward, grabbing Izuku’s wrist to tug him into Katsuki’s chest. “The two of you have only been here less than a day, but already this apartment feels more alive than it ever has since I bought it. You’re nothing like you see yourself, and if I could make you see even a little of what I do, you would realize you’re far more important than you make yourself out to be.”

Izuku averted his gaze, Katsuki’s words making his eyes burn. “You’re just saying that.”

“God fucking dammit! Do you want me to call any of the people I know? Because every single one of them would tell you that since I’ve met you, I’ve been a different person. Eijirou, Mina, my dad; all of them would tell you that I’ve been better since I’ve met you.”

“But that’s just it,” Izuku stressed. “This isn’t equal. I’ve made you better? You’ve done the same for me, but you also provide everything that we need, and that’s not equal to me!”

Katsuki huffed and pulled Izuku closer, wrapping his arms tightly around him, and Izuku couldn’t help but just collapse. He could feel the shirt under his face grow wet with his tears, but he couldn’t stop them in the slightest. It was hard, knowing that he had to be so strong all the time, but that was who he was. And Katsuki just waltzing in and taking that responsibility from him—a responsibility that he hadn’t wanted to think about, lest it make him buckle under the pressure of just being good enough—made him both more furious and more grateful than he knew what to do with.

Katsuki ducked his head, resting his cheek against Izuku’s curls, and whispered softly, “Izuku, it’s not about money. I could give a shit if I have any of it. Even if I was poor with nothing to my name, I would still want to help you, because you deserve it. But if having my money makes even a little bit of your life easier, then that’s what I’m going to give you.”

Izuku only cried harder. Katsuki was like nobody he had known before, except possibly his mother, but she had passed away the last year of high school and Izuku had been alone for so long. He was amazing, hiding a heart of gold under his gruff exterior, and Izuku sometimes felt like he was taking advantage of him.

“You’re not,” Katsuki said, and Izuku hadn’t realized he said all of that aloud. Katsuki pulled back a little, tilting Izuku’s chin up to look at his face. His red eyes were pained. “Izuku, I want to do this for you. If it makes you uncomfortable, I can tone it down a little, but I’m not going to stop doing for you or Eri. Right now, you two are my most important responsibility, and nothing is going to change that.”

Izuku hiccuped and wiped at his eyes. “I just don’t want to be a burden. I need to help you too.”

Katsuki swallowed what he was going to say, most likely more of the same as he said before, and Izuku appreciated it. Instead, Katsuki said, “Then help in ways that you can right now. You can go with me to all those stupid events I have to do; you can make this apartment something I want to actually come back to instead of just a place I need to sleep. Just be yourself. Do what you want to do, and not what you think I want you to do. I promise that that’s enough for me.”

Izuku nodded, taking a deep, steadying breath. He could do that. Katsuki worked so much, and if Izuku could make life a little easier on him by helping out here, then that’s what he would do. It wouldn’t be hard, especially since he wasn’t working now.

Katsuki grinned at the determined look that appeared on Izuku’s face. “There we go. The person I met was one of the strongest people I know. Be that person, Izuku.”

Izuku would be the strongest he knew how to be. It was time to stop sitting back and just going along with everything. He wasn’t someone to let others do for him without doing anything in return, and Katsuki would soon come to learn that. Izuku would make sure of it.

Katsuki didn’t know what he expected when he told Izuku to do what he wanted, but he was sure it wasn’t what he got.

For the past few weeks, Izuku had taken over like a hurricane, inserting himself into the general running of the three of their lives and turning it into a well-oiled machine. There was now a dry erase calendar on the wall in the foyer, color-coded to mark down all of their schedules, and Katsuki now knew far more about his own schedule than he had before. Normally, he would just let his agency’s HR department handle it, telling him where he was supposed to be a day before he was supposed to be there, but Izuku had called them and relieved them of that duty quickly.

Izuku had also taken over the everyday chores of the house, claiming that he was home far more often than Katsuki was and if he wanted to clean the house, then he was going to do it. Katsuki had just let him do what he was going to do, and when he came home after his shift, he had walked into the most spotless home he’s been in. Katsuki was clean, but he also was a bit of a slacker when it came to things like dusting and consistent vacuuming of the rugs. Izuku was a whole new breed of being, however; Katsuki was almost afraid to touch anything in case he messed it up and Izuku came for his head.

His office had also been completely rearranged that day, and Katsuki had suddenly wondered if he had gotten a secretary instead of a roommate. And then his mind went in a completely different direction when thinking of Izuku as his secretary, and he had to awkwardly stomp his way to his bedroom.

Okay, so he was only human. When Izuku hadn’t been around 24/7, Katsuki had been able to ignore his own body’s reactions to Izuku; their relationship wasn’t like that, even without the complications of the added money, and it wouldn’t become like that because Izuku would probably rip his balls off before even entertaining the idea.

But now, it was different. Katsuki got to see Izuku at every point of his day, from his crazy bed head and sleep marks as he stumbled to wake Eri up for school in the morning; to his perfectly put-together appearance in the clothes Katsuki had bought him, even after a long day of school and interning at the clinic. And fucking hell, Izuku was stunning no matter what he did, and Katsuki was fucked.

Not to say that it was only about looks. Izuku was also constantly doing little things for Katsuki that he didn’t think about, like packing a lunch for the hero when he made one for Eri, or bringing particularly slanderous articles about Katsuki to his PR people to fix before Izuku “did it himself.”

Seeing Izuku be so forward about what he wanted to do made Katsuki realize that he had wanted someone like that in his life for a long time now; and now that he had Izuku, Katsuki’s dumb ass decided to complicate it even more by falling in love with the younger man.

Yeah, Katsuki wasn’t blind anymore. It may have only been realized recently, but Katsuki had been half in love with Izuku from the first time he saw him, awkwardness and all. His mom had always told him that he was like her the most, and considering that she had all but bought his father a house before she even asked him out on an official date, she...wasn’t wrong.

He wished he could call her and ask her what she did to deal with her tendencies, but as he was trying to prevent her from storming his apartment to meet Izuku, he had to settle for the next person he could trust.

Mina was waiting for him on the front steps of the agency, dressed in her civilian clothes as it was her day off. Katsuki had just gotten off and had already told Izuku he would be back late, so the two of them had hours for Mina to pry every little detail out of him about the situation. Can’t wait, he thought sarcastically to himself.

They went to a nearby cafe that Mina liked, where she bought the sweetest thing she could find on the menu, and Katsuki looked consideringly at the menu before doubling the order. It was only once they were sitting, both sipping their sugar concoctions, that Mina demanded, “Spill.”

Katsuki sighed, deciding to make it easy on her. “You ever feel like the stupidest person because you’ve done something you know you shouldn’t have?”

She raised one brow at him until he realized who he was talking to. Mina was quite possibly the most confident person he had ever met, and it wasn’t a front. She was just that confident in herself, and always had been, even when she made a mistake.

“No,” she said simply, “but Eijirou has tried to explain it to me and I think I get what you’re saying. Why do you feel stupid?”

Katsuki pressed his lips together before saying, “I think I’ve fallen for Deku.”

Mina’s lips twitched, and she snorted before she could stop herself. Katsuki glared at her as she burst out into peals of laughter. “Oh, honey,” she gasped out between giggles, “you said that like I didn’t know.”

He stared at her for a long moment before demanding, “How? How could you have possibly known when I’ve only figured it out?”

“Katsuki,” she started, still letting out an occasional laugh, “I saw how you were with him at the Awards. You bought him a custom outfit made by your dad; and when you were announced the number one hero, something you’ve been working towards your whole life, you didn’t even care because he was your top priority. If you weren’t in love with him, you wouldn’t have done any of that.”

“And you’re, what, okay with this?”

“It’s not my place to judge who you fall in love with, doofus,” she told him fondly, popping him softly on the side of his head, “but if it helps you, I am. He’s young, yes, but only physically. From what you told me, he’s incredibly responsible and he doesn’t just bow to your whims, and from the little I’ve seen of him, I already think he’s great.”

“Yeah, but—”

“I’m going to stop you there,” she interrupted. She took a large slurp of her drink. “You’re worrying because you guys started this whole thing as a sugaring relationship, and now you think that if you try to pursue him, Deku’s going to think you’re trying to pay him for sex.”

Katsuki frowned. He hadn’t actually thought of that, because that meant Izuku actually would want to be with Katsuki. But he knew if he voiced that to Mina, she would try to convince him that he was wrong, and he knew he wasn’t. So he just said, “Not exactly.”

Mina narrowed her eyes, holding his gaze for a long moment, before firmly announcing, “Bakugou Katsuki, you are a goddamn idiot.” She sighed heavily, raising her hands to rub at her temples. “If you think for one second that Deku doesn’t like you back, then you’ve taken one too many hits to the head. That boy is so gone for you that even Eijirou noticed, and you know how oblivious he is.”

Katsuki shook his head, sitting back in the booth. “You’re wrong.”

She gave him a considering look, sipping her drink as she studied him. Katsuki met her gaze head on. There was nothing he had to hide, not since she now knew what he had wanted to talk about in the first place.

“Why?” She asked him simply.

Katsuki knew what she was asking. “We had a blowout a few weeks ago,” he admitted softly. “I was being a little overbearing and Izuku had felt like he had to go along with it instead of doing his own thing. It’s fine now, Izuku is being himself, but…” He trailed off. How was he supposed to explain that some of the things Izuku had said gave him the feeling that Izuku didn’t trust him? That even despite opening himself up to Izuku, Izuku wasn’t doing the same; at least, not to the same level that Katsuki was. And that if Izuku couldn’t even trust him, why would he come to like Katsuki in a way other than what they were?

“You need to talk to him,” Mina said, eyes soft, and Katsuki was grateful for her. Even when he didn’t say anything, she knew exactly what he meant, and that’s why he trusted her with his serious thoughts. And he knew she was right; if he didn’t talk to Izuku about this, it would just fester and rot, making everything between them awkward. And Katsuki didn’t want that.

Katsuki and Mina finished their drinks after that, chatting about less serious things, and Katsuki gave her a hug before leaving, the surprise on her face from it proof that he really had changed.

By the time he made it back to the apartment, he was feeling more confident in his decision to talk with Izuku about everything. But then Izuku greeted Katsuki as he normally did, smile firmly on his face, and Katsuki lost all nerve. Tomorrow wouldn’t be too bad to talk to him, Katsuki decided, not wanting to get into it that night.

But then tomorrow became the next day, and then the next week, and before Katsuki knew it, a month had passed and he still hadn’t talked to Izuku. He couldn’t bring himself to do it, especially since he didn’t want to lose the ease in which they had been living.

Katsuki knew that as soon as he opened his mouth, he would be losing everything that Izuku was. No more casual nights on the couch, watching shows and movies Izuku hadn’t been able to see because he hadn’t had the money for them, with Izuku pressed into his side contentedly. No more personal lunches handed off in the morning, Izuku chirping cutely, “Have a good day, Kacchan! Stay safe, and come home in one piece!” No more little notes left on his things, reminding him of what he had to do, signed with a tiny x after Izuku’s name.

And Katsuki couldn’t live without any of that now. At work, sometimes the only thing to get him through a particularly rough shift was knowing that Izuku would be sitting in the living room, papers spread out across the floor as he studied, quiet other than his breathing. Eri would be there as well, playing with her dolls next to him, and both of them would look up as he came home and give him the same smile they always did, like his presence was enough to make them happy.

It was one of those nights, where Izuku had enough homework that he hadn’t been able to make dinner and had ordered in from one of the restaurants on Katsuki’s dietician-approved list. Katsuki was greeted with his favorite dish, still hot on the living room table, and it hit him that he was never going to be able to tell Izuku about how he felt. In Izuku’s words, this was temporary; a means to an end that would come when Izuku graduated and got a well-paying job.

The food tasted like ash in his mouth as he ate, and he thanked Izuku absent-mindedly when he got up to take their dishes to the sink. Katsuki missed the calculating look on Izuku’s face, but didn’t miss when Izuku plopped down onto the couch beside him and shoved his feet under Katsuki’s thigh.

“Tell me what’s wrong,” Izuku ordered.

Katsuki put on a confused face, trying to delay the inevitable. “What? There’s nothing wrong. Why would there be?” Katsuki winced at his answer, knowing that his slight rambling gave away that there was something wrong, and Izuku knew this.

Izuku huffed, shoving his feet further under, and curled up towards Katsuki’s body to dig his head into Katsuki’s shoulder. “Tell me, or I’ll bring out the big guns.”

The “big guns” were Eri, who, as soon as Izuku told her Katsuki was upset about something, would pull out her big eyes and have Katsuki spilling his guts because he couldn’t handle that look.

“Nothing’s wrong,” Katsuki insisted. “I’m just a little tired from work today.”

Izuku gave him a dry look before calling out, “Eri, baby? Can you come here real quick?”


“Traitor,” Katsuki hissed, pinching Izuku’s side. “I’ll remember this when something goes on at school that you don’t want to talk about.”

“We all have to make sacrifices for the greater good, Kacchan,” Izuku murmured back cheekily before Eri was upon them.

She scrambled up onto the couch—crawling over Katsuki and elbowing him in the gut, making him lose his breath—and settled into the tiny space between the two adults that a piece of paper shouldn’t have fit in but seemed to fit her perfectly.

“What’s going on?” She asked, snuggling more into Katsuki’s side.

Izuku gave Katsuki a smug look, and Katsuki scowled back. “Kacchan is upset and won’t tell me what’s wrong,” Izuku told her.

Eri whipped her head around, and Katsuki was immediately frozen by the eyes she pulled out. “What? Why are you sad, Kacchan?”

“It’s nothing, princess,” Katsuki replied, pushing her hair back out of her face. The nickname was a new occurrence, it having slipped out one night at dinner. Neither Izuku or Eri had said they didn’t like it, so Katsuki continued to use it.

Eri didn’t look like she believed him, turning to Izuku and saying, “Kaa-san, Kacchan’s lying, isn’t he?”

Izuku’s face did something weird, the smugness from Eri calling Katsuki out warring with the resignation from his own new nickname. Katsuki had made a comment once about how Eri’s names for them could almost be mistaken for each other, and Eri had liked it so much that she immediately started dropping the O sound. Izuku had given him a dirty look when Katsuki mouthed at him about payback.

“I am not,” Katsuki protested.

“He is,” Izuku refuted.

Eri looked back at him, eyes still in full force, and Katsuki was helpless as he said, “It’s not important, I promise.”

Izuku looked as if he wanted to argue that, but he honestly didn’t know how without knowing what was wrong with Katsuki.

“I’ve just have some things on my mind that I have to work through by myself.” The look he gave Izuku was to tell him that response was more for him than Eri, and Izuku gave him a contemplative one back before nodding.

“Okay, baby, let’s let Kacchan think on his own. It’s getting late, and I know you haven’t had a bath yet.”

Katsuki watched as Izuku lifted Eri off the couch and carried her into his room, no doubt to put her in the tub in his en suite, and Katsuki’s heart filled his throat. God, he was a goddamn mess, already filled with so much love for the two of them that he didn’t know what to do with it.

He flipped on the TV, keeping the volume low so he could hear the giggles emanating from the bathroom, and tried to relax. Izuku wouldn’t let this go—he knew that—but he at least had a reprieve for tonight.

He spent the time Izuku was bathing Eri thinking about how he would have that conversation with Izuku, and nothing he thought of seemed like it would work without making Izuku pull back from him. Katsuki knew that Izuku cared for him, but he didn’t love him, and that was the worst part about this entire situation.

“Kacchan, Eri wants you to help read the story to her.”

Katsuki got up from the couch, following the two into Eri’s room, and the three of them settled onto the couch that he had put in there for just this reason. Katsuki’s job when reading was to make the different voices, while Izuku read the narrator’s part, and it was something Katsuki took great pride in. If he had to work overnight, he made sure to take his break around the time Eri was going to bed, just so he could make the voices over the phone as he read from the ebook he stored there.

Soon enough, Eri was knocked out, dead to the world, and Katsuki lifted her from her place lying on Izuku. He tucked her into her bed, gave her her favorite stuffed animal, and shifted to let Izuku kiss her goodnight. “Kaa-san loves you, baby,” Izuku said softly.

The two moved back into the living room, and Izuku picked up one of his medical texts to read as they both settled on the couch.

“Kacchan,” Izuku said softly as he got comfortable. “I don’t know what’s bothering you, but you can always tell me, okay? Don’t think that I’m not here to listen.”

Katsuki nodded. That was the problem, Katsuki thought to himself. Izuku would listen to what he said, and then he would take it to mean that he should back off. And that was the opposite of what Katsuki wanted.

Chapter Text

Izuku wasn’t sure what to do about the situation with Katsuki.

Ever since that night, Katsuki had been distant, but in ways that Izuku couldn’t put to words. He was still the same person, still did the same things, but it was like there was a wall now, one that no matter how much Izuku battered at, he couldn’t get through.

Izuku was sitting in his Wednesday’s morning class, the only one that he had that day, trying to figure out what to do. He hadn’t paid attention at all, and by the time his professor dismissed them, he had taken only a single line of notes. Frustrated, he wrote down to email the professor for the notes later, shoving his things into his bag to quickly get out of there.

“Excuse me, you’re Midoriya, right?”

Jumping, Izuku looked up to see a girl standing there, and he nodded. “Yes, that’s me.”

A smile appeared on her face, and Izuku couldn’t help but think it looked cold. His hackles immediately rose, and he knew his face reflected his wariness.

“I would say it’s nice to meet you,” she began, “but that would be a lie now, wouldn’t it?”

Izuku blinked in surprise at her words. “I’m sorry, who are you again?”

She tilted her head, and her blond buns shifted. “I’m Himiko. Toga Himiko.”

Izuku raised a brow at her. “Well, Toga, to echo your words, I would say it’s nice to meet you, but we don’t need two liars here, now do we?”

Toga laughed. “You’re so funny,” she chirped, smile widening. “No, really, you’re a whole comedian. I really especially love the joke you’re playing on the public right now.”

Izuku sighed, closing his eyes. He really didn’t want to deal with this right now. Katsuki was supposed to be picking Eri up from school since it was a half-day, and the three had planned on going to lunch.

“I’m sorry, but you’ll have to excuse me. I have plans to keep, and I don’t have time to deal with insipid little girl drama.” Izuku gave her a sharp little smile, knocking into her shoulder as he pushed past her.

Of course, it wouldn’t be that easy, Izuku thought to himself as he heard her follow. He was able to get out to the courtyard of the building before a hand grabbed at his shoulder and spun him around.

“That wasn’t very nice, Izuku,” she mock-pouted, and Izuku could feel his temper flare. He knocked off the hand that was still on his shoulder, giving her a disgusted look.

“I don’t know what game you think you’re playing,” he hissed, incensed, “but keep me out of it. I don’t have time to deal with you.”

“Always with the jokes,” she smiled again. There was something dark in her eyes, bloodthirsty, and it seemed Izuku was the one she wanted to spill it from. “I just wanted to know how you did it.”

“Did what?” Izuku snapped. “Not get to where I’m going? Well, that’s because some girl is constantly stopping me when I really don’t want to deal with her.”

“Of course not!” She smirked. “I wanted to know how a pathetic little knot-slut like you became the sugar baby of a top hero.”

Izuku’s stomach dropped. He didn’t know how she found out about him being a sugar baby, but it was alarming. Nobody should be able to see his profile, especially since he set it to private, and she didn’t look like the type to be paying for other people.

So Izuku acted like he didn’t know what she was talking about. “I’m sorry, but you’re mistaken. I don’t know how you came to that conclusion, but it’s best that you not. What I do with people is none of your fucking business.”

Toga laughed again, and her high-pitched voice made Izuku want to rip out her vocal cords. “See, that’s funny too! Because I could have sworn you never wore designer clothes before. In fact,” she said, adopting a faux considering expression, “you used to wear the same four t-shirts day after day. Then suddenly you showed up in a shirt that cost more than a person’s rent would. Now, I don’t know about you, but that means that you either robbed a bank or came into money very quickly. Although, considering that suit you wore, maybe money came into you.” She winked.

Izuku snarled. “I don’t like what you’re implying, little girl, but I really, really suggest you shut up before I shut you up.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” she said, “you wouldn’t be able to. It’s not like you have the energy to do so, constantly laying on your back most of the time. Do you do that for the professors too, or is that just a privilege for Ground Zero?”

“I work hard for my grades.”

“Oh, I’m sure it’s hard work.”

Izuku inhaled sharply. “I’m going to walk away now,” he told her, “because I can be the bigger person.” Katsuki’s words came back to him in a rush, and he used them on her. “You’re nothing to me. I could care less what you think of me, especially considering I don’t know you at all. I have too much on my plate already to deal with catty bitches like you.”

Izuku spun around, and Toga grabbed his shoulder again to stop him. His hand flew up, gripping it, nails digging into her skin, and growled out, “Let the fuck go of me.”

“I don’t think I will.” The sickly sweet tone from before was gone, and a dark tone replaced it. “I just wanted to know what you think you were doing, giving omegas a bad name. Nobody actually thinks that your relationship is real, and it’s dirty whores like you that make it worse for the rest of us.”

“Dirty whore?” Izuku laughed at her words. “I hate to break it to you, sweetie, but I’m a virgin.”

She came around him, face severe as she blocked his path once again. “A virgin? Nice try there, but I know about that daughter you have. She old enough that we all know just how long you’ve been spreading yourself around.”

Izuku sighed tiredly. Of course, it always came back to Eri. Normally, the illusion that everyone believed about her made it easier for people to not want to look into her past, but Izuku was sick of it. Not of Eri, never of Eri; he would put up with people like Toga thousands of times in order to keep her with him. But between the media saying things about Katsuki and him and the fact that he had been up for the past 24 hours studying for a test later that week, Izuku didn’t have the normal patience to deal with this.

“Listen, I’m tired of this. We can go around in circles all day, and you’ll still believe what you believe in the end. You think it’s me that makes a bad name for omegas? Try looking in a mirror. As one yourself, you know how shitty this world is for us, and how many of us deal with presentation rape. So for you to be spewing the same propaganda as that of disgusting people who think we should be able to control what other people do is sickening. Now get out of my way; I’m already late.”

As Izuku walked past her, fuming from her words, she took that chance to yell at his back, “I hope you know that you’re setting a bad example!”

Izuku froze. He turned slowly to her, taking a step forward. “I’m sorry, but I seem to think I misheard you. Because if you’re saying what I think you are, I suggest you shut your mouth.”

She shrugged, acting as if she didn’t know what she was doing. “All I’m saying is that you should really be more careful on how you present yourself around your daughter. We wouldn’t want her to turn into a slut like you. Unless she’s already on that path. You know, some people like to train their children early.”

The crack that broke the air was loud, and Izuku was heaving from the force of his swing. His hand was still in the air, fingers stiff, and Toga was staring at him in surprise while the red bloomed across her cheek.

“Don’t you ever,” Izuku snarled, “ever mention my daughter like that again. I can take a lot, but if you try that again, I will put you in the ground.”

“You psychotic bitch!” Toga screeched. Her hand came up to cradle the cheek that was slowly moving from a deep red into the purples of a bruise. “You’re fucking crazy!”

“No, I’m a fucking mother, you dumb bitch! You say one more word about Eri and I won’t hesitate to end your pathetic, miserable little—”

Izuku lunged, but a pair of arms caught him, dragging him backwards away from Toga.

“Izuku! Izuku, calm down!”

Izuku screeched wordlessly, fighting against the grip around his waist. “Just wait until I get my hands on you, I’ll wring your neck—”

Izuku was lifted off of the ground, and the scent of calming pheromones surrounded him with a rush. Izuku struggled against them, kicking his legs and digging his nails into the arms holding him, a hiss of pain coming from behind him.

“What the fuck?!”

Izuku was seeing red at this point, his entire being focused on getting to the blonde bitch that was now crying crocodile tears as a crowd began to surround them. Nobody talked about his daughter; Eri had been through too much to let somebody talk shit, and Izuku wasn’t going to let it stand. And if it meant that he had to tear her apart to teach everyone that lesson, then so be it.

“He’s a fucking psycho!” Toga yelled. “He just attacked me out of nowhere!”

“Oh, yeah?! Why don’t you tell them what you said about a little girl you don’t even know?!”

There was a sharp inhale behind him, and a voice Izuku finally recognized as Katsuki’s darkly said, “What.”

Izuku settled somewhat, secure now that he had back-up. “She said that I was raising Eri to be a whore,” Izuku told him, eyes still locked on Toga. Just because he was calm now didn’t mean he wasn’t ready. “She said that a seven-year-old girl was basically a slut, and that it was my fault.”

Katsuki’s arms loosened, a growl torn from his throat, and Toga stepped back, eyes wide as she realized that there was no way she would win this argument.

Katsuki took a deep breath, his chest pressing into Izuku’s back, before he said in a deadly tone, “I suggest you leave before I let Izuku go.”

Izuku bared his teeth at her in a feral grin. “Oh, please do,” he purred, and he felt Katsuki shudder against him. “I really want to see if she’s as tough as she acts.”

Toga flinched, looking around her at the crowd of students that were suddenly looking at her with disgust forming in their eyes. She sent one baleful glare Izuku’s way before quickly leaving.

“You should have let me at her,” Izuku told him.

“Yeah, maybe I should have.”

Katsuki finally put Izuku back on his feet, turning Izuku around to face him. “Hey, nothing she said was true, okay? You’re a great dam.”

Izuku huffed, his ire rising at the thought of the omega, but he nodded. He knew he was a good dam to Eri, and some bitch wouldn’t be able to convince him otherwise.

Something occurred to him in that moment, though, thinking about Eri. He looked around, spying Katsuki’s car parked illegally on the curb, and could just make out Eri dancing along in her car seat to the music that was still playing through the speakers. “Did you leave her in the car alone?” Izuku asked, horrified.

Katsuki looked terrified for a second, as if Izuku would turn on him. “Yes,” he said slowly. He lifted the keys that were in his hand. “But I have the remote start going. The car can’t move without the keys nearby.”

Izuku pursed his lips at the alpha. “Yes, but someone could have stolen her.”

“I locked the car doors, Deku,” Katsuki protested, offended.

The bickering was helping to calm Izuku down even more as they walked over to the car, and Izuku opened the back door to scent Eri, still a little on edge.

“Kaa-san!” She cheered, throwing her arms around Izuku’s neck. “Kacchan put on the music from the movie we saw last week for me!”

Izuku stared at her for a long moment. How could anyone think that this bright little girl was anything other that precious? He pulled her as close as he could without taking her out of her seat. “You conned Kacchan into playing that song that he hates, huh?” He asked her with a little laugh.

She only grinned at him impishly as Katsuki sighed behind him.

The soundtrack played the whole way to the restaurant, Eri singing joyfully in the backseat, and Izuku finally was able to settle back into his skin. He didn’t know what he would do without her.

Looking at Katsuki, Izuku couldn’t help but also wonder what he would do without the blond. Today was something that had happened without warning, and instead of backing off, Katsuki had stepped up to the plate and was ready to defend Eri as well. Something hot stirred in Izuku’s gut at the thought, but he brushed it off. He was just reacting to the fact that Katsuki was an alpha, his instincts twisted up by the fact that it was Izuku’s pup Katsuki was defending. Sure, Katsuki was good-looking, but Izuku knew better than that.

The rest of the afternoon went by peacefully, the three of them getting lunch before taking Eri to a park near their home, letting her run off her excess energy she didn’t get out at school. Katsuki was able to keep up more than Izuku who, while in shape, was no match for a pro-hero and a child hopped up on adrenaline.

It was only when they were heading home that Izuku finally took a moment to process everything that happened today. Surprisingly, he didn’t feel embarrassed like he thought he would. He felt almost proud, knowing that if it came down to it, he could protect what was his.

Katsuki gave him a look at the little laugh he let out, and Izuku shook his head. “Nothing, Kacchan. I’m just happy.”

Katsuki smiled, a rare full one that made him look even better than he usually did. “Good, Deku. I’m glad.”

Katsuki pulled into the pick-up line at Eri’s school, already scowling.

Izuku had been the one to drop Eri off, being within walking distance from the apartment, and he normally was the one to pick Eri up as well. So Katsuki had never been to the school before, but he already couldn’t stand dealing with it. A little older, the building wasn’t bad, but the masses of parents milling around made Katsuki want to tear his hair out and scream at the top of his lungs. None of them knew how to control their brats, and Katsuki had to slam on his breaks at least three times to prevent himself from hitting a kid who wildly ran out in front of the car.

And the parents. It seemed that none of them knew how to drive, despite having done it for a while now since they were here, and Katsuki had been caught having to watch for people pulling out in front of him without any precaution. It honestly made him worry about Eri in these conditions, but he knew she was smarter than that, knowing to wait where it was safe rather than endanger her life.

There was a knock on his window, a teacher’s aide standing there with a clipboard, and Katsuki rolled it down.

“Sir,” he said pleasantly, “we have all parents’ cars listed on file for security reasons, and it was brought to my attention that yours is new. If you could tell me the name of the child you’re here to pick up…?”

“Midoriya Eri,” Katsuki replied. He fished out his ID and handed it to the man. “I should be listed on there as one of the people to pick her up.”

“Of course, just one second…” He took a look at Katsuki’s ID, eyes growing wide when he saw exactly who he was talking to. “G-Ground Zero,” he stammered out. “Wow. It’s an honor to meet you!”

Katsuki gave him an even look. “Of course,” he said slowly, trying to not startle the man into turning into a fanboy. “I’m a little on a time crunch, however. So if you could please bring me Eri, that would be appreciated.”

“Oh, yes! Sorry! If you could just fill out this form with the car details, I’ll go run and get her!”

Katsuki took the clipboard and did that, watching as the aide almost sprinted across the car line and into the throng of children gathered there. Katsuki could just barely see the top of Eri’s head, her little horn a beacon for his eyes, and he smirked when Eri seemed to guide the aide back to where they were, obviously recognizing the car.

Katsuki got out, rounding the back of the car so he could open Eri’s door, and it was almost funny as people started whispering when they saw him. He smiled at Eri, who was now walking with a little skip, and snatched her up into a hug once she got close enough.

“Hey, princess, have a good day at school?” He asked.

She nodded, the braid Izuku had bound her hair back into bouncing with the movement. “Mhmm! We got to watch a movie about sea creatures!”

“Did you? Do you know what your favorite was?” Katsuki handed the clipboard back to the man as he listened to Eri babble about the sea turtles that she saw. The whispers surrounding them had gotten louder, at a fever pitch now, but Katsuki ignored them and got Eri buckled into her car seat with ease. After that first time, he had been determined to learn how to do it, and Eri had let him practice on her when Izuku had been in class one day.

Soon enough, they were on their way, Eri still talking about the marine life, and Katsuki listened with half an ear as he navigated through the lunch rush traffic. And of course, it’s when Katsuki isn’t paying attention to either for a brief second, changing the radio, that Eri decides to drop a bomb on him.

“—and the squids were really cool too, Tou-san! They had all these legs, and if you look underneath them, you can see that they actually have a beak, like a bird! Our teacher said that birds might be a distant cousin, but I don’t know—”

Katsuki almost slammed on the breaks in surprise, choking on his spit. He looked through the rear view mirror at her, eyes wide, and she came to a slow stop in her talking as she realized he was looking at her.

“Princess,” he said, clearing his throat as the words got caught. Oh god, he didn’t even know if what he heard was in his imagination or not. He tried again, keeping his voice level. “Princess, what did you just call me?”

Eri gave him a blank look, before flushing bright red and ducking her head, reminding Katsuki of Izuku when he was embarrassed. She twisted her fingers around each other, and Katsuki made the split-second decision to pull over into a parking lot so he could look at her fully.

“I’m sorry, Kacchan,” she whispered once they were stopped. “I didn’t mean to.”

Katsuki’s heart stopped for a moment, and he reached back to take a little hand in his, squeezing with the utmost care. “Hey, no, it’s alright. I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t mistake what I heard. You did nothing wrong.”

She sniffled, wiping at her eyes roughly, and Katsuki took that moment to move back there and unbuckle her, pulling her into the front with him. She curled up into his embrace, fingers clutching at his shirt, and unconsciously, he let out a soothing rumble.

“Come on, princess, there’s no reason to cry,” he told her. He helped her wipe at her eyes, using the sleeve of his jacket to do so. “Can I ask you why you called me that.”

Eri mumbled something, burying her face in his chest, and Katsuki sighed. “Repeat that for me, please,” he said softly.

A sigh heaved her tiny shoulders, and she looked up at him with red-rimmed eyes. “I know you aren’t my real dad, but Kaa-san isn’t my real mom either, and I call him Kaa-san because he chose me to be his daughter and I chose him to be my mom, and if we can do that, why can’t I choose you to be my dad, and—and—” She hiccuped, her words sending more tears down her face. He was a little confused by her words—confused by what she meant about Izuku—but pushed it aside for the moment. He would ask Izuku about it later, as right now, he was more worried about soothing her distress. Katsuki couldn’t bear to see her cry over something that honestly didn’t bother him. In fact, it was the exact opposite; he would love to be the dad to this wonderful little girl, who always was able to put him in a good mood no matter what and that he would do anything for.

“Hey,” he said, turning her to face him a little more. “This isn’t just my decision; your Kaa-san has to agree as well. But if it was just up to me, I would be your dad in a heartbeat.”

“R-Really?” She asked quietly.

Katsuki didn’t know when he had become the Midoriya whisperer, but it seemed to be a job that he wouldn’t be getting rid of any time soon. Although, he wouldn’t want to get rid of it even if he was told to. “Yes, really. Who else is going to go to Pixar movies with me so I’m not judged?”

She giggled a little at his teasing, and Katsuki smiled at her. “Eri, you can call me whatever you want, but you have to talk to your mom about it first.”

She hummed and laid her head on his chest, and Katsuki ran his up and down her back soothingly. “I know,” she said, “but this can be our secret until I talk to him, right?”

Katsuki paused, thinking about it. Eri had only called him it once, and she did promise to talk to Izuku. And that really wasn’t his business what happened there, because in the end, it was completely Izuku’s decision on if he allowed it or not.

“Okay, princess, that’s fine,” he agreed, and lifted her back into the backseat to get resettled. “Come on, let’s go pick him up from school now.”

Eri looked at him as she helped with her buckles. “Can we listen to the soundtrack from the movie we saw last week?”

Katsuki gave her a dry look, and she grinned back at him. “You know how much I don’t like those songs,” he told her.

She shrugged. “Yeah, but can we?”

Katsuki sighed heavily. “Yes, princess. That’s fine.”

The rest of the ride to Izuku’s school was filled with the songs from Katsuki’s own personal hell, but Eri singing along with them in the backseat made them just bearable enough to endure. The day was nice out, so Katsuki had all his windows rolled down, and at every red light, he could see people recognizing him and looking confused at the music that was pouring out of his speakers. And then they would catch the sight of Eri bouncing along in the backseat, and either understand with a smile or look even more confused at the sight of her.

Katsuki pulled up to the school, stopping outside of the building Izuku told Katsuki he would be in, and turned to Eri. “I’m going to go get your mom real quick, okay? The doors will be locked, but I’ll leave the music and air on.”

“Okay!” She chirped, still bouncing to the music, and Katsuki rolled his eyes fondly.

Katsuki got a little turned around as he was walking the path towards the back of the building, the branches leading to other buildings briefly confusing him, but he figured it out once he could see Izuku standing a little bit away. Katuski’s brow furrowed as he slowed down. Izuku was talking to a blonde girl, someone that Katsuki was assuming was a classmate as Izuku never talked about friends other than Kaminari. He didn’t want to interrupt if it was important.

Katsuki had just gone to look for a bench sit on to wait out Izuku when movement caught his eye, and he stared in shock as Izuku’s hand whipped out, slapping the girl so hard that Katsuki could hear the crack perfectly. Katsuki started running, Izuku still talking to her, and Katsuki could hear the blonde screech back.

Izuku was screaming by the time Katsuki was close enough to make out words, and he heard, “—fucking mother, you dumb bitch! You say one more word about Eri and I won’t hesitate to end your pathetic, miserable little—”

Izuku lunged, but Katsuki was just a hair quicker, wrapping his arms around Izuku’s waist and dragging him backwards from the girl. Katsuki shouted, trying to diffuse the situation, “Izuku! Izuku, calm down!”

The sound that came out of Izuku’s mouth was one of the most terrifying things Katsuki had ever heard in his life, and the omega started fighting against the grip Katsuki had on him.

“Just wait until I get my hands on you, I’ll wring your neck—”

Katsuki physically heaved Izuku off the ground, almost losing his balance as Izuku struggled, and Katsuki let go of his control over his scent glands, sending what he hoped were calming pheromones. Izuku continued to struggle, powerful legs kicking out and almost making Katsuki drop him. The blond hissed in pain when Izuku’s sharp little nails dug into his forearm. “What the fuck?!” Katsuki shouted in alarm.

The blonde was crying, tears pouring down her face but her eyes not turning red in the slightest, and Katsuki couldn’t help but think they were fake. Izuku was one of the kindest people on this planet, and to make him react like this was something Katsuki didn’t think was possible. A crowd was beginning to form around them, and Katsuki winced at the idea of this getting to the media.

The blonde was looking around her, eyes lingering on the people around them. “He’s a fucking psycho!” She yelled, and Katsuki could see her looking like she could taste victory. “He just attacked me out of nowhere!”

“Oh, yeah?! Why don’t you tell them what you said about a little girl you don’t even know?!”

Katsuki inhaled sharply, thinking about Eri immediately. It all made sense now; the blonde had mostly like said something she shouldn’t about Izuku’s pup, and the one thing most people knew better than to do was anger an omega like that. Katsuki’s voice came out dark, fury barely held in check as he said, “What.”

Katsuki could feel Izuku finally settle somewhat, and it was the wrong fucking time for a little voice in his head to realize that Izuku’s ass fit perfectly in the cradle of his hips, but sue him. Seeing Izuku almost go feral over something said about their pup made Katsuki a little hot.

“She said that I was raising Eri to be a whore,” Izuku told him simply, and Katsuki could see his eyes still locked on the blonde. Katsuki could tell that while Izuku was calm on the outside, he was still alert, and if the girl did something, Izuku wouldn’t hesitate to take her down. Izuku continued his statement, face placid but hands balling at his sides. “She said that a seven-year-old girl was basically a slut, and that it was my fault.”

Katsuki let his arms go slack a little, his instinct screaming at him to let the omega go so he could tear her apart, but he didn’t give in. Letting Izuku go to jail for homicide wasn’t something he should do. That didn’t stop a growl from leaving his throat, scaring the girl into taking a step back with fearful eyes. She flicked her gaze once around the circle, looking for support, but Katsuki could see how the crowd was now eyeing her, judging her for the shit words that had come out of her mouth.

Katsuki inhaled deeply, his chest forming to Izuku’s back easily, and he used the scent of the omega to attempt to settle his own bloodlust. His tone was still sharp, however, when he said, “I suggest you leave before I let Izuku go.”

Katsuki could see the look on Izuku’s face as he bared his teeth at her in a feral grin, and holy fuck, he never thought that seeing Izuku this way would do it for him, but did it ever.

“Oh, please do,” Izuku purred out, his voice vibrating through his own chest and into Katsuki’s, and Katsuki couldn’t stop the shudder that went through his body. “I really want to see if she’s as tough as she acts,” Izuku finished innocently, and if Katsuki hadn’t known better, he would have thought the tone was true.

Katsuki saw the girl flinch, looking around one last time at the crowd, hoping that there was someone there to give her support. When she didn’t find it, she glared at Izuku before scurrying away.

“You should have let me at her,” Izuku told him, and Katsuki noticed a small pout on his lips.

“Yeah, maybe I should have,” he admitted, looking towards where she ran off. Katsuki realized that he still had Izuku lifted off the ground and set him down, mourning the loss of him being so close. But he could deal, and he turned Izuku around to face him to say, “Hey, nothing she said was true, okay? You’re a great dam.”

Izuku made a little noise, eyes flashing as he nodded, Katsuki figured he was still infuriated about what had happened and couldn’t blame him for it. Katsuki himself was also still a little on edge, part of his mind still ready to fight.

Katsuki was still thinking about that when Izuku shifted, a look coming across his face as he peered around Katsuki to see the car down the path. Katsuki turned back as well, just barely making out Eri bouncing through the window in the distance.

“Did you leave her in the car alone?” Izuku asked, his tone scaring Katsuki for a minute as he suddenly realized that Izuku was still in Mama Bear Mode.

“Yes,” Katsuki said cautiously. He held up the hand that still held onto his keys. “But I have the remote start going. The car can’t move without the keys nearby.”

Izuku pursed his lips, the look he gave Katsuki telling the blond exactly what he thought about that. “Yes, but someone could have stolen her.”

“I locked the car doors, Deku.” Katsuki frowned and started walking back to car, almost offended that Izuku would think him dumb enough to leave the car unlocked.

Izuku followed him, just humming in response, and Katsuki sent him a playful glare.

Lunch was uneventful, thankfully, and Katsuki enjoyed watching as Izuku was able to relax and joke around with Eri while they ate. Afterwards, Eri asked to go to the park, and Katsuki didn’t know what he was getting into until he found himself constantly running after her, her energy crazy high. He found himself getting tired far earlier than he thought, while Izuku smirked from the sidelines and watched the two.

“Tired?” Izuku teased.

Katsuki huffed. “Nobody told me getting old would do this to me.”

Izuku just laughed.

By the time they got home, Katsuki was exhausted, and he groaned when he realized that he had to get up early for his morning shift.

Izuku shooed him to his room. “Go on, get some sleep. I’ll handle the story time tonight.”

Katsuki gave Izuku a grin. “Thanks, Deku.”

Izuku smiled back at him, eyes finally back to their normal lightness. “No, Kacchan, thank you. Without you there today, I don’t know what I would have done.”

Katsuki couldn’t help but think back on what he saw, and now that he didn’t have to worry about keeping Izuku contained, the memories almost seemed more powerful than they were. He kept the shudder that wanted to roll through him contained. Shit, looks like he wasn’t sleeping as peacefully as he thought tonight. Still, he replied back, “It’s what I’m here for.” It was true. Katsuki was there to protect the two of them, even when they didn’t fully need it.

Izuku just shook his head and pushed Katsuki to his room, hearing what Katsuki didn’t say aloud. “Yeah, of course. Now, seriously, get to bed. I don’t want to see a sleep-deprived Kacchan anytime soon.”

Katsuki just grinned and did what he was told, listening to Izuku go back into the living room to get Eri ready for bed as well.

Chapter Text

It was a few days after the whole situation with Toga that Izuku finally decided to go out to run some errands with Eri. Katsuki was at work all day, leaving the two of them to their own devices, and Izuku figured getting out of the apartment would be good for them.

The temperature had dropped enough that Izuku had to bundle up with Eri, pulling out the matching coats that Katsuki had bought for them. Izuku grinned a little at the memory of Eri getting fitted for hers, her tiny face confused at the seamstress who was measuring her. Katsuki had gotten a picture of it, and Izuku still laughed every time he saw it.

Soon enough, they were on their way, Eri wrapped in a matching scarf and hat set as well, and Izuku grimaced at the keys that were in his hand. Katsuki had been almost angry about the idea of Izuku taking the bus with Eri in the cold, and had forced a spare set of car keys into his hand, telling Izuku that if the weather was cold enough for jackets, he needed to take the car. On one hand, it was a nice gesture, Katsuki wanting to make sure that the two of them didn’t get sick in the weather; on the other, Izuku had been taking the bus with Eri for two winters now, and driving wasn’t something that he had seen himself doing until he had bought himself a car.

But Izuku took the car anyways, knowing that if Katsuki found out he hadn’t, he would be subject to another lecture on taking care of himself and not leaving anything up to chance.

Izuku drove the two of them to the mall that was closest to them, although to call it a mall was a bit of a misnomer. It was honestly just a street of high-end stores, packed in tightly together, and the only reason Izuku was here was because Christmas was coming up, and he had to get Katsuki a present before it was too late.

Izuku finally found a parking garage that wasn’t awfully full, and Eri and he were on their way just after parking, walking down the street casually as Izuku tried to figure out what to get Katsuki. They ended up stopping in a few stores, and the service was nothing like how it had been the first time Izuku was in one of these; Izuku hated the fact that his clothes made people more willing to be nice, but it was a sad fact of life at this point.

Eri ended up coming out of the stores with more things than she probably needed, but in lieu of the upcoming holiday, Izuku was hard-pressed not to buy her things. Christmases for them had been a rotisserie chicken from the supermarket and a few toys from the thrift store that weren't too damaged; now, Izuku had the money to buy Eri things that she wanted instead of just needed to survive, so he went a little overboard.

Although, overboard to Izuku just meant that Eri had gotten a few extra things that could have waited for the holiday but were instead bought now. He could only imagine what overboard for Katsuki meant, and he was nervous to see what Christmas would bring. Izuku had gotten Katsuki to tone it down and not spend more money than agreed upon, but Christmas had no rules, and Izuku just knew that Katsuki would take it upon himself to buy whatever he pleased. Izuku shook his head in exasperation.

“Kaa-san! Look! Can we go in there, please?”

Izuku looked at where she was pointing, laughing a little when he realized what type of store it was. He figured it couldn’t hurt.

Walking into the merchandise store, Eri’s eyes went wide as she took in all the different items sold for pro heroes. Izuku was also a little gobsmacked, eyes lingering on the one-of-a-kind figurines that lined the highest shelves, and he had a feeling that this might end up being a store that he and Eri came back to often.

Eri had ducked away from him briefly, running over to the Alien Queen stuff, and Izuku made a mental note to ask Katsuki for the woman’s number. Eri would be ecstatic to meet her, and Mina didn’t seem like the kind to mind if Izuku asked for that as a favor. Eri came bolting back, holding up a t-shirt that had Mina on the front of it, and Izuku laughed at how it hung to her calves when she held it against herself. “Baby, I don’t think that’s your size,” he said through his chuckles.

Eri looked down at it before meeting Izuku’s eyes. “I can grow into it, though, right?”

Izuku just took the shirt from her and said, “Don’t you want one that you can wear now though?”

Eri furrowed her brow, thinking about it, and Izuku had to stifle another laugh when he realized that she had the same expression Katsuki did when he was thinking about something. “I guess,” she finally admitted, and Izuku couldn’t hold back his laughter anymore.

It took some time, but the two of them were finally able to find a shirt in Eri’s size that she liked, and Izuku paid for it along with a Ground Zero hoodie that he found in his size. They took their purchases and hit a few more stores, Izuku making sure to keep an eye on Eri as it was now getting busier with people, and it was only once they had gotten out of the last one with a dress for Eri that things started to go sideways.

Izuku was carrying the bags in his left hand, holding onto Eri’s with his right as she looked at all the stores they passed, and Izuku was starting to notice the stares they were getting from the other people shopping. Izuku started walking a little bit faster, having a feeling that if he didn’t get to the car now, the two of them would end up surrounded very quickly.

Izuku cursed to himself at the fact that he parked so far away, but he could see the sign for the garage in the distance. Izuku and Eri got one more block down before the storm hit.

It started with a single flash, and Izuku’s eyes snapped up, seeing a small mob of paparazzi standing near the entrance to the parking garage. One photographer had noticed him approaching and took the picture, and the rest seemed to turn en-masse to do the same.

“Midoriya! Midoriya, look over here!”

“Izuku! How do you feel about the rumors that you’re with Ground Zero only for his money?”

“Midoriya, could you tell us a little more about what it’s like being the omega of the top hero?!”

Izuku flinched, the lights of the cameras blinding him for a moment, before he ducked down and scooped Eri into his arms, cradling her to prevent her from being lost in the crowd of people. That was the last thing he needed, headlines about how he was a shitty parent because he lost his child while shopping crossing through his mind.

The move caused the reporters to realize that Eri was there, and they all started shouting again.

“Midoriya! Do you think it’s right to be raising a child in the spotlight like this?”

“Midoriya, can you tell us a little more about how you let yourself have a child so young?”

“Izuku! How did having your daughter make people look at you after realizing that you were only a teen when it happened?”

“Eri! Look this way! Smile for the camera!”

Izuku snarled at that last one, tightening his grip on Eri. The photographer reared back in surprise, not expecting the sound to come out of Izuku’s mouth, but then his gaze turned calculating. He quickly snapped a picture of Izuku’s face, and Izuku could feel his blood pressure skyrocket.

He hunched his shoulders, curling around Eri’s head where she had begun quietly sobbing at all the people around her. A few paparazzi, realizing that it would be a good photo op, got a few pictures of her tearful face, and Izuku shoved through the reporters before they could get any more. The group continued to yell at Izuku’s back as he got them into the building. It was only once they were in the car that he was able to take a breath.

Eri was still crying softly, cradled in Izuku’s arms, and Izuku crooned to her, trying to calm her down. It took a while, though, as every time Izuku thought she was calm enough to go into her seat so he could drive her home, she started up again, clinging to him with bruising force. But finally Izuku was able to get her buckled in, and they left the garage, passing by the paparazzi that were still standing there. They took a few more pictures of the car, and Izuku couldn’t be more grateful that the car’s windows were tinted heavily, preventing clear pictures.

The adrenaline from the encounter had worn off about halfway through the ride, so by the time Izuku was turning onto their street, he was bone exhausted. “Son of a bitch,” he hissed, seeing the reporters that were also outside the building. Izuku quickly drove into the garage, the automatic sensor in the car raising the gate so he didn’t have to fumble with anything.

Izuku carried the bags and Eri into the elevator, the little girl dozing in his arms from the day, and once he was in the door, he dropped the bags and went straight to her room. He took off their coats and shoes, curling up with her in the enclosed space of her bed to reassure himself that she was safe.

The next thing Izuku knew, he was being woken up by a hand rubbing at his back, occasionally drifting to run through his hair, and Izuku opened his eyes to see Katsuki bent over the two of them on the bed.

“Hey,” Katsuki said softly, seeing that he was awake, “you too have a fun day? I saw the bags in the hallway.”

Izuku stared at him for a moment, and it came to his awareness that Katsuki probably didn’t know what had happened yet. Izuku looked at the clock that was on Eri’s wall and saw that it was still early enough that none of the entertainment report shows would have broken the story yet.

Izuku shook his head slowly before burying his face back into the comforter, not wanting to say anything in case Katsuki got upset. It wasn’t his fault that the paparazzi showed up, but he knew that Katsuki didn’t like his personal life aired for everyone to see.

Katsuki’s brow furrowed in confusion. “Deku? What—did something happen while you were out?”

Izuku chewed on his lip, curling around Eri even tighter. His leg was cramping from the fact that her bed was not made for both her and a full-grown adult, but it was enclosed, feeling enough like a nest to give Izuku comfort. He really didn’t want to have to tell Katsuki what had happened.

Katsuki seemed to realize this, because he dropped the subject. “I’ll make dinner real quick, okay? Just be a few minutes.”

Izuku’s hand came out quickly, snagging into the hem of Katsuki’s shirt, and he tugged. Katsuki looked at him, and Izuku shifted over, lifting Eri so that she was laying on top of him, and Katsuki got the message. He crawled into the bed with them, back pressed up against one of the walls, and he pulled Izuku a little closer to let his head rest on Katsuki's chest.

It was peaceful enough that Izuku started to doze off again, content in having everyone in the nest. It soothed his instincts, especially with them so high-strung lately, and if he could keep everyone right where they were, he would do so in a heartbeat.

But eventually Katsuki shifted, getting up to keep his daily schedule and go get dinner ready, and Izuku took the chance to slowly wake Eri up. Her eyes were still a little puffy as she opened them, but the redness was gone, and Izuku kissed her gently on the forehead.

“You ready to get up, baby?” He asked softly.

She snuggled closer, blinking at him, and Izuku couldn’t help but feel softness build in his chest at the motion. “Kaa-san, I’m hungry,” she murmured.

Izuku smiled at her, trying to cheer her up a little. “Well, that’s good, because Kacchan is home and he’s making dinner. Maybe if you catch him, you can ask for your favorite.”

Her eyes snapped open wide, and Izuku huffed as she pushed off of him, scrambling across the bed to bolt out of her bedroom door. Izuku shook his head at the sound of her screaming Katsuki’s name, following in her wake to see her jumping up and down at his side, tugging his wrist with every movement. Katsuki laughed and swung her up onto the counter, and she grinned at him and asked him to make her spicy ramen.

“Ah, a child after my own heart,” he teased her as Izuku’s soft feelings from Eri grew to include Katsuki as well.

Katsuki quickly prepped the ingredients, moving around Eri who stayed on the counter, and Izuku took a seat at the kitchen island to watch. The repetitive motions of Katsuki’s hands mesmerized him for a few moments, and Izuku’s mind drifted off to think of what else Katsuki was good at when using his hands.

Izuku’s face suddenly flushed. He wasn’t surprised by his thoughts, having gotten used to them popping up at random lately, but usually they were late at night, when Izuku was in his room and could do something about them.

Katsuki was attractive, not just in the physical sense, and Izuku’s instincts constantly screamed at him to lock the alpha down. But he knew better than that, and didn’t want to make their relationship awkward by propositioning the alpha when he knew that Katsuki didn’t feel the same way.

While Izuku was musing over this, Katsuki got the food started and turned on the TV from his spot in the kitchen. The sounds of it snapped Izuku out of his thoughts, and he looked at the clock to see that it was right about when the news would break.

Izuku sat there, eyes wide as he stared at the opening scene for the show. It was like watching a train wreck in real time, Eri and Katsuki chatting away in the background, and he sat mute as the host appeared on the screen.

She introduced herself, plastic smile on her face, before jumping right into her first story. Luckily, it was about a villain fight that had happened across town, which ended with the hero in the hospital. Izuku had sympathy for him, he really did, but at this moment, he could only hope that it had been big enough to blow his outing out of the running.

“And in other news,” she said pleasantly, turning to the camera, “today in our shopping district, some of our reporters were able to catch one of our newest celebrities out and about with his daughter. Midoriya Izuku, better known as the omega who has been seen often with number one pro hero Ground Zero, was doing a little shopping when he had an altercation with the paparazzi.”

Katsuki’s head snapped up at the words, stopping mid-sentence from whatever he had been telling Eri, and Izuku watched as he saw the video of what happened outside of the garage. Katsuki’s face was completely blank, eyes focused as Izuku snarled on the screen, face contorted into a hostile expression as he escaped through the throng of reporters.

“Midoriya was seen to be combative, no doubt from lack of dealing with the public eye, but his actions did raise questions about his character. Most omegas would have just left the scene peacefully, not interacting, but Midoriya seemed to be more likely to attack than do that. Some have wondered if it was due to his having a child so young, unable to learn how to control his instincts as they would have been heightened from the birth, and it brings into question if allowing an omega to care for a pup when they aren’t in control is a good thing.”

Izuku’s throat tightened at her words. That was one of his worst fears; someone coming to investigate that Izuku wasn’t fit for Eri, digging into their background and finding out that she wasn’t his. Denki had assured him that Shinsou knew what he was doing, and that the paperwork would be able to withstand even the highest scrutiny, but a simple blood test would bring that all tumbling down.

“Ground Zero wasn’t available for a comment,” she continued, “but we’re all wondering what he would have to say about what happened here this morning. Also, as some food for thought, do we, as the public, truly want our top hero to be with an omega that doesn’t even seem fit to be in public?” She finished with a pause, before moving on to another story about two alphas that had been caught brawling in public, and Katsuki shut the TV off.

The room was silent, and Izuku could feel his anxiety rising with every second that went by. Eri was quiet as well, the scene on the TV reminding her of the morning, and Katsuki was just staring off at wall, jaw working in thought.

Izuku couldn’t handle the silence anymore. “I’m sorry,” he croaked out, and tears began to form in his eyes. “I didn't expect them to be there.”

Katsuki spun around, eyes wide in shock and fury, and he said, voice sharp, “Izuku, what do you have to be sorry for?”

Izuku couldn’t look him in the eye. “I should have known better than to take Eri out into that,” he admitted. Drops of water fell onto the counter top, and Izuku wiped at his face hurriedly. He didn’t want Katsuki thinking Izuku was trying to guilt him into siding with him.

Katsuki turned off the stove before rounding the island, and Izuku was immediately pulled into his arms. “Izuku, that wasn’t your fault,” he told him gruffly. “I saw what was happening, and you did your best.”

Izuku was confused. “But those things they said,” he started, raising his gaze to Katsuki’s, “it’s going to look bad on you. They were right; I should have controlled myself better.” As soon as he started, he wasn’t able to stop the torrent of words coming from his mouth. “It’s just, they started yelling at Eri to look at them, and she was crying, and I didn’t know what to do—-” Izuku cut off with a gasp. He had started to shake, his tears coming like rivers now, and he couldn’t stop the rush.

Katsuki stiffened. “They what?” He looked at Eri, who was staring at him with big eyes, tears also building. He reached out one long arm, and Eri scrambled across the bar, flinging her arms around his neck as she buried her head right next to his scent gland. “I’m going to murder them.”

“No!” Izuku clutched at his arm, shaking his head wildly. “No, Kacchan, don’t. It’s not worth it, we got back safely, and nothing happened.”

Katsuki had begun to shake, his face growing dark, and he snapped out, “Izuku, they attacked you. You were shopping, something that you shouldn’t have to worry about doing, and they waited for you at the car and accosted you.”

Izuku continued to shake his head, but he really couldn’t refute what Katsuki had said. They had waited for him at the garage—although how they knew that was where he parked was a mystery—and had immediately dived on him like vultures fighting for a meal. If Izuku hadn’t had Eri with him, he would have been fine; he could have gotten away from them without any altercation. But the moment that photograph called out for her, Izuku was on high alert, especially since what happened with Toga.

Katsuki shifted, and the voice that came out of his mouth promised retribution. “Take Eri,” he told Izuku, passing her into his arms. “I have to call my PR people and find out why the fuck I wasn’t told about this earlier.”

He moved away, pulling out his phone as he did so, and Izuku couldn’t let him leave before saying, “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, Kacchan.”

Katsuki stopped, looking back at them, and his face softened minutely. “It’s okay, Deku. You’re allowed to process something before telling me. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

Izuku watched as Katsuki left, moving into the living room to make his call, and while he knew it wouldn’t be right to listen in on the conversation, Izuku stayed right where he was, rocking Eri gently as she laid against him.

Katsuki was vicious as soon as the call connected, barking out question after question about what happened, and somehow, Izuku actually felt better listening to it. Katsuki cared so much for them that he was willing to defend them to the end, and Izuku couldn’t help but think that was why he loved him.

Izuku inhaled sharply, awareness slamming into him with a snap. Eri grumbled against him at the motion, Izuku automatically soothing her, and he let his mind run as he did so.
Love? Did Izuku really love Katsuki? Izuku wasn’t dumb; he was attracted to Katsuki, sure. But he always thought that if he had fallen in love with the man, he would have immediately known. But the emotion had crept up like ivy, slowly but surely entwining itself into his foundation, and Izuku couldn’t seem to find a moment that he hadn’t been at least a little bit in love with the man.

Even from the first messages on that stupid site, Izuku had been a little smitten, and it had only gotten bigger from there. Katsuki was great with Eri, great as a person in general, and Izuku had stood no chance in the wake of that.

But did Katsuki love him? That was a question he wasn’t sure of the answer to. Katsuki had always been so generous, not knowing when to stop giving so much of his money away to take care of Izuku. But that wasn’t fully true, Izuku was starting to realize. After that argument, Katsuki had stepped back in that manner, but he didn’t step back in other ways.

Izuku’s mind went wild. Katsuki was always the one to make sure that Izuku and Eri were both comfortable, even when it didn’t come to money. Reading Eri bedtime stories together, helping Izuku study for school when his eyes were too tired to read another word; Katsuki was still giving, but now it was giving pieces of himself instead of what he made.

Izuku looked to where Katsuki was pacing back and forth, face still in hard lines, and Izuku entertained the thought. It would explain why Katsuki was the way he was with them. Nobody would have moved their sugar baby into their house without having some sort of feelings for them, and Izuku was slowly warming to the idea that Katsuki loved him back.
Izuku looked down at Eri, thinking. He also treated Eri like she was his own pup—subconsciously, but he did. Izuku knew that Katsuki loved her, couldn’t fully deny the fact, not when everything he did for her pointed to it. And Katsuki did much of the same for him, which meant that logically, Katsuki had to love him as well.

But why hadn’t he said anything then? Did he not think Izuku would care? Unless Katsuki was just as unaware as Izuku had been, which meant that it was up to Izuku to bring it to his attention.

A smile curled at Izuku’s lips, and he laughed a little. Oh, Izuku would bring it to his attention alright; there wasn’t anything else to do. Just because their relationship started off one way didn’t mean it had to continue like that, and Izuku definitely wasn’t going to let it.

A plan slowly started forming in his head, and he laughed again. Oh, Katsuki wouldn’t know what hit him once Izuku was done.

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Katsuki was suspicious, and with that suspicion came confusion.

After Katsuki had issued a public statement that he wouldn’t tolerate any harassment or slander of Izuku or Eri, Izuku had been acting differently. Not in a way that meant that he was pulling away from Katsuki; no, in fact, it was the exact opposite. Izuku had seemed to grow more affectionate.

He would constantly be by Katsuki’s side now, pressed tightly to the man, and Katsuki would be conscious of every little move he made. He also started joining Katsuki on the couch more often while he was studying, using Katsuki’s shoulder as a pillow as he read, or his lap as a foot rest while he watched TV. Katsuki didn’t mind (he definitely didn’t mind), but it was confusing enough that he didn’t know how to handle it.

And his thoughts reacted accordingly. Before, he would occasionally dream of Izuku, and wake up feeling guilty but able to brush it off. Now, though, it seemed that even in his waking hours he was constantly thinking of him, and it wasn’t always pure.

God, but Izuku had started wearing things that Katsuki hadn’t seen before; shirts that had low enough necks to show off his collarbones, the pale, unblemished skin of his throat for all to see; pants that seemed more fitted than they had before, Izuku asking Katsuki how they looked in the morning when Katsuki’s brain wasn’t awake enough to function and control his thoughts. It was maddening, especially since, once Katsuki could process it enough, he started imagining peeling it off of Izuku with haste.

Katsuki was not handling it well, to say the least.

On top of that, Christmas was only days away, and Katsuki might have gone a little overboard on gifts for the two of them. He ended up having to hide them in the storage room in the basement, but he was quickly running out of room. Even if Izuku was being affectionate, that wouldn’t stop him from murdering Katsuki come Christmas morning.

So he called Eijirou.

“I have a problem,” he said once he heard the answering click.

“What?” Eijirou sounded confused, and Katsuki looked at the time quickly, wincing when he realized it was in the middle of when Eijirou was probably sleeping for his overnight shift. Still, the redhead had answered, so he might as well do what he had to.

“I have a problem,” Katsuki repeated. “I may have bought too many gifts for Deku and Eri.”

Eijirou was silent before bursting out into raucous laughter. “Oh, man,” he gasped out. “You’ve really got it bad, huh?”

Katsuki huffed. “You are absolutely no help, asshole.”

Shuffling sounded on the other end of the line, and Eijirou came back with, “Nah, I’m not going to get between you and Izuku when he sees what you did. Boy would murder me and then come for you.”

Katsuki hung up the phone.

Eijirou called him right back, and Katsuki picked up with a sigh. “I’m not asking you to be a shield, I’m asking if you could help me hide some of them.”

“Oh,” Eijirou said. “Yeah, bro, I got you. Mina and I can be over in a bit to help.”

Katsuki narrowed his eyes a little. “Don’t you have work tonight?”

“Yeah, but that’s not until ten. We’ve got plenty of time.” Eijirou let out a yawn, and Katsuki wrinkled his nose in disgust. “We’ll be over soon.”

Soon meant an hour later, apparently, and Katsuki gave Eijirou a look when he opened the door. “Why did you come upstairs? They’re in the storage room.”

Eijirou hooked a thumb over his shoulder at Mina, and she waved. “Izuku asked me to help him with something the next time I came over,” she explained. “I figured since I’d be here, might as well.”

Katsuki looked at her in suspicion. “Does he even know you’re here?”

“Of course! I texted him as soon as we were heading over.”

Katsuki didn’t like it, but he pointed down the hall. “He’s in his room.”

“Thanks!” A mischievous look crossed her face before she ducked past him. Katsuki opened his mouth to stop her as he didn’t like the look, but Eijirou clapped him on the shoulder and dragged him out of the door.

It wasn’t hard to get the gifts into Eijirou’s trunk, but it still took some time since Katsuki was meticulous about not damaging any of the wrapping. The bigger items were staying, not able to be moved easily, and Katsuki threatened Eijirou that nothing better happen to the gifts.

“Relax, bro,” Eijirou laughed. “I know how you are. You’ll get the gifts back in the exact same condition you gave them in.”

“I better,” Katsuki said with a growl.

By the time they had gotten back upstairs, an hour had passed, and Katsuki eyed Izuku’s closed door curiously before going to check on Eri, who was playing in her room while they were downstairs.

“Whoa,” Eijirou said as they walked in, and Katsuki puffed up a little smugly. Eijirou gave him an amused look. “You really did go all out, didn’t you?”

Katsuki just rolled his eyes. Yes, he did, but Eri was his princess. She only deserved the best, and Katsuki was willing to give it to her.

Speaking of Eri, she was currently on the floor in front of her toy chest, playing with a few of her dolls, and Katsuki smiled at her. “Princess,” he called, and Eri looked up. “Have you met Eijirou yet?”

She shook her head, looking curiously at the red-haired man near the door. “Is he a hero, too?”

Eijirou grinned, activating his quirk on his arm, and Eri gasped out, “You’re Red Riot!”

“Sure am, little bug,” he replied, “but you can call me Uncle Eijirou, if you want.”

She giggled, chirping, “That’s what Auntie Mina said! But she’s Alien Queen,” Eri whispered reverently, and Katsuki started laughing at the put-out look on Eijirou’s face when the man realized Eri already had a favorite.

“You’re darn right I am.”

Mina was standing in the doorway, smile bright on her face, and she patted Eijirou’s shoulder as she passed. “Tough luck, babe,” she teased.

Eijirou rolled his eyes fondly. “I can’t fault her for having good taste.”

Mina laughed, and Katsuki gave them a disgusted look. “Could you two not flirt where there’s a child’s eyes present?”

“Oh, please,” Mina shot back, sitting down on the floor with Eri. “Like you and Izuku are any better.”

Katsuki sent a sharp look Mina’s way, cutting his eyes to Eri once to warn her to shut up, and Mina rolled her eyes at him. She reached over, picking up one of the dolls, and said, “Eri, how would you like to sleepover at my house tonight?”

Both Eijirou and Katsuki startled at the question, and Eijirou said with a cautious tone, “Uh, I don’t know—”

“Oh, can I?! That would be so cool!” Katsuki could see the enraptured look on Eri’s face at the idea, and he was already cursing Mina for her impulse decisions. Like hell he was letting Mina take her for a night, especially with everything that happened last time she went anywhere other than school.

“Eri, it’s a nice offer,” Katsuki said, not trying to crush her excitement, “but it has to be okay with your dam.”

Mina waved him off. “Izuku said it was fine already.”

Something about that seemed off to Katsuki, so he called out, loud enough to travel, “Deku! Did you say it was alright for Eri to go with Mina?!”

There was a pause before Izuku yelled back, “Yeah! I figured it would be okay, let Eri get out of the house a little!”

Katsuki blinked in surprise. Just yesterday Izuku hadn’t even wanted to let Eri go to a friend’s house for a few hours, and now he was fine with Mina taking Eri overnight? Something was up, and Katsuki was going to get to the bottom of it.

He turned towards the door, about to go seek Izuku out, when Mina said, “Katsuki, can you help me pack a bag for her? I’m not sure where all her things are.”

Katsuki sighed, but agreed. He had all night to figure out what was up with Izuku anyway, since Eri wouldn’t be here.

Soon enough, Katsuki was telling Eri goodbye, kissing her gently on the cheek with a reminder that if she wanted him to read her a bedtime story, all she had to do was call. Eri nodded, clutching at her stuffed animal, bundled up in her outerwear. “Okay, Kacchan! I love you!”

“I love you, too, princess,” he said, and that was that. Eijirou had already taken Eri’s car seat to put in his own car, and Eri was gone for the night. It was quiet, and Katsuki almost didn’t know what to do with himself.

“Deku?” He called out, moving towards the living room. “Do you want to order something to eat?”

Izuku popped his head out of the door to his room. “Yeah, that would be great,” he said, looking a little flushed. Katsuki’s mind went immediately into the gutter, imagining all the things Izuku could have been doing to look like that, until Izuku said, “Just order me something you’ll think I’ll like; I’m working on a project right now and have to finish it before tonight.”

Katsuki nodded slowly. “Alright, that’s fine. Do you know when you’ll be done?”

Izuku’s smile took on a different edge, one that Katsuki couldn’t fully read, and he replied, “I should be done by the time the food gets here.” He ducked back into his room, closing the door behind him.

Katsuki called in the order, being told that it should be there in a half-hour, and he flipped on the TV to distract himself. It was really off-putting to not have Izuku or Eri in the room with him; it made the house seem both too big and too small at the same time. Katsuki huffed. What the hell had he done with all this time in the past?

By the time that the food had come, Izuku still wasn’t out of his room, and Katsuki called for him, taking the food into the kitchen. He was just setting it out on the table when Izuku called out, “Katsuki? Could you come help me with something real quick?”

Izuku calling him Katsuki should have been his first warning.

As Katsuki rounded the corner to the hallway, wiping his hands on a towel, he replied back, “Of course, what do you—” Katsuki froze, dropping the towel in surprise, as he took in Izuku standing in the middle of the hallway.

Katsuki’s mouth went dry, eyes starting at Izuku’s feet, which were encased in black thigh-highs that wrapped around his calves snugly, sliding up into thick lace bands that wrapped around even thicker thighs. They were held up by thin black leather straps that hooked to the garter belt around his waist, and the panties Izuku wore were perfectly framed, see-through black lace cradling his cock and balls, making Katsuki’s mouth almost water with the sight of them.

On his torso, Izuku wore what looked like a harness, leather and lace creating beautiful designs across his skin and coming to rest around his neck, drawing the eye to his smooth skin. In Izuku’s hand, he held a thin black riding crop, slapping it rhythmically against the skin at the top of his thigh, and Katsuki’s heart jumped into his throat at the sight of it. That fucking asshole, he thought viciously. He knew leaving Mina alone with Izuku was going to cause problems.

Izuku followed his gaze, seeing that Katsuki was focused on the riding crop, and he raised it up, moving the repetitive motion to his other hand. “Mina knows some interesting things about you,” Izuku said simply, and Katsuki wanted to scowl but couldn’t, the almost silent pants that were leaving his mouth preventing him. Izuku smirked, tilting his head. “Imagine, that when she told me, how surprised she was when our interests lined up in such a perfect way.”

Katsuki swallowed thickly. God, but if Izuku was saying what he thought he was saying, Katsuki wasn’t going to have to worry about not knowing what to do for the rest of the night. God, he didn’t have to worry about anything, really.

Still, he had to ask, voice cracking, “Izuku, you don’t have to do this. I promise, this isn’t what I’m expecting from you.”

Izuku sighed, sending him a mock-disappointed look. “It’s cute how you think that you could make me do anything, Katsuki. I’m doing this,” he purred, and Katsuki’s knees almost buckled, “because I want to.”

“Okay,” Katsuki squeaked, and he cleared his throat, repeating himself. Izuku just smirked amusedly at him. Katsuki, dumbly, asked, “So, we’re not eating dinner?”

Izuku gave him a look and turned towards the bedroom. Katsuki’s heart almost stopped at the sight of the details that he hadn’t seen before, cock filling at the sight of the orange stitching up the back of his legs and panties laced with a shiny orange ribbon the exact color of his uniform. With the color of his hair and majority of black, Katsuki couldn’t help but think Izuku was purposely trying to murder him from loss of blood to his brain.

Katsuki followed him down the hall, and Izuku surprised him by not turning towards his own room but Katsuki’s instead, and suddenly Katsuki couldn’t remember the last time he had been in his room that day. There were so many possibilities to what he could be walking into; especially if Mina spilled more of his own kinks, and he honestly didn’t know if he wished that she had or not.

But when Katsuki walked in, the room looked the same as always, the only difference being Izuku, who stood at the foot of the bed, fingering the tip of the riding crop. That, alone, was enough to have Katsuki’s head spinning.

Izuku watched him with a detached expression, the only sign on his face that he was enjoying this being his eyes, which gleamed with excitement as he said, “Strip.”

Katsuki did so without question, dropping his clothes to the floor without care, and Izuku pursed his lips at the sight. “You should know better than that, Katsuki,” Izuku said. “Alphas don’t get to play unless their rooms are clean.”

Katsuki whined, a sharp noise that came out of his throat without permission, and he cut it off quickly. Picking up the discarded items, he had to walk past Izuku to get to the hamper, and Izuku took the chance to trail the crop up the outside of his thigh, making him stumble. Izuku just laughed, and it was that sound that fully made Katsuki realize that Mina had spilled all his secrets.

See, Katsuki was a simple man, but he definitely had some kinks that were better off not seeing the light of the public eye. An omega who he could easily take but would use him and abuse him and put him away wet? That was a fantasy, but able to be found. That same omega also using him for his own pleasure, a little humiliation and all? Now that was something he had only dreamed about, most people too in awe of his status as a top hero to really do it properly.

Izuku wasn’t like that though. He knew Katsuki for who he was, and he didn’t care. Katsuki’s fame and money meant nothing to him, and the fact that Izuku was willing to do it, and enjoyed it, made the blood rush directly to his cock.

Izuku had moved once he turned back around, now standing to the side of the bed. He beckoned Katsuki closer with a finger, and Katsuki was helpless to obey. Once he was close enough, Izuku put one hand onto his chest and slid upwards, cheekily flicking at his nipple with the edge of his nail before grabbing at the back of Katsuki’s hair and yanking hard.

Katsuki’s head snapped back, and he almost fell to his knees, but Izuku used the grip he had to urge Katsuki onto the mattress. Katsuki went easily, letting Izuku guide him, and Izuku made a crooning noise at the back of his throat. “Oh, honey,” he said softly, with a hard edge lingering underneath, “do you remember what you told me the first time we met?”

Katsuki’s head was spinning, hormones sending him into a space that he hadn’t felt in a long time, but he still had enough sense to shake his head in the negative.

Izuku helped him settle on his back, putting one knee on the bed to lean over him, and the feel of the stocking against his hip made Katsuki buck a little. His skin felt so goddamn sensitive, like he had overused his quirk on every part of his body, and it really had been a long time since he'd had this if he was already feeling like this from a little sensation.

Izuku released his grip on his hair, raking his fingers through the strands, as he said, “You told me to let you take care of me. Remember that?”

Vaguely, Katsuki thought to himself. His mind was currently too focused on what Izuku was doing to really think, but he had the sense that those words had come out of his mouth at one point. So he nodded once, eyes coming around to meet Izuku’s.

Izuku smiled at him, and said something that almost sent Katsuki spiraling down deep. “Well, right now, I want you to let me take care of you.”

Katsuki’s breath caught, and he nodded again. Izuku looked into his eyes, searching for something, before he asked, “Can you tell me that aloud?”

Katsuki wet his lips, and let out a shaky, “Yes. You can take care of me.”

“Good alpha,” Izuku crooned, and something about his title, used in that tone of voice, made Katsuki want to bare his neck in supplication to the omega, offering up his throat for whatever Izuku chose.

Izuku took that moment to move away, but he stayed in Katsuki’s line of sight, not letting Katsuki take his eyes off him for one moment. He bent, grabbing something from just under the bed, and Katsuki couldn’t even tell you what it was, his eyes focusing on Izuku’s ass instead. The room was lit, letting Katsuki see perfectly, and the very bottom lace of the ribbon seemed to be darker than the rest of it.

Katsuki’s mouth watered, as his brain connected what he was seeing. Izuku was wet, just as turned on as Katsuki was, and a flare of pride welled in his chest. His instincts screamed at him that he had done what he was supposed to, making his omega attracted to him in the most basic of ways, and Katsuki settled further into the bed.

Izuku must have caught him looking because he laughed a little. “Do you like what you see?” He asked Katsuki, coming back to his side. This time he fully climbed onto the bed, folding his legs underneath him as he rested next to Katsuki. He trailed his fingers over Katsuki’s abs, making them tighten at the sensation, as he continued. “Do you like knowing that I’m wet for you? That soon enough, I’m going to take your cock so deep inside of me that there will be no way for you to not think that you’re mine?”

“Fuck,” Katsuki hissed out. The image of that, of Izuku taking him inside of that perfect ass, using Katsuki for nothing other than his own needs, made Katsuki pant, mouth falling open instinctively.

Izuku hummed at the sight, bringing one hand up to rest a thumb on Katsuki’s bottom lip. “Look at you ,” he murmured, “already so desperate for it.” He dipped his thumb briefly in, resting it firmly on Katsuki’s tongue for a second before moving it away. He gently tapped at Katsuki’s cheek, making the blond look at him, and said, “I need you to tell me what safe word you use, Katsuki. I can’t go farther without it.”

Katsuki frowned, his mind latching onto the fact that Izuku was stopping, before fully comprehending the question asked. “Red, yellow, green,” he croaked out, throat feeling dry even as saliva pooled in his mouth, and Izuku gave him a beautiful smile, pride in his eyes.

“That’s good, Katsuki,” Izuku told him. “Now, can you tell me what color you’re at?”

“Green,” he replied instantly, and Izuku’s smile grew wider. He pulled out what he had behind his back, and Katsuki’s eyes locked immediately onto the thin ropes he held.

“Can I tie your hands up, Katsuki?”

Katsuki nodded, still looking at the ropes. They didn’t look cheap, like something Izuku had just picked up in a rush, which meant that Izuku had taken the time to look for good ones and get them. Katsuki distantly remembered a package in nondescript brown box Izuku had received a week ago, and he wondered if these were that. It spoke to the idea that Izuku had been planning this, and Katsuki’s pulse went wild at the thought. Izuku had put thought into this, which meant that he really did want this.

Izuku lifted up onto his knees, moving towards the head of the bed, and held his hand out. “Arms up.”

Katsuki listened, thrusting his arms over his head, and Izuku took his right wrist in his hand. Izuku was quiet as he worked, winding the ropes gently around the length of his forearm, checking at the knots he made as he did. He did the same to the left with a second rope, before taking a third and binding the ends closest to Katsuki’s wrists together.

“Squeeze,” Izuku said, pressing his fingers into Katsuki’s palms, and Katsuki did so, making sure that he used enough of his strength to let Izuku know he was fine. If he didn’t, he knew that Izuku would unbind him and stop everything, and he didn’t want that.

Izuku smoothed a hand over his hair in thanks before resting Katsuki’s hands against the bed and latching them to something. Katsuki couldn’t see what it was, not without forcing his head back at an awkward angle, but he tugged against the restraint, and found that he couldn’t pull his arms farther than a few inches.

“There,” Izuku said, satisfaction painting his tone, and Katsuki could feel himself slip a little farther down, his body relaxing even more.

He drifted for a few moments, mind going quiet as he did, and he was content to let Izuku move around him, adjust Katsuki to his liking on the bed. It was only when the feel of cool leather brushed against his calf that he focused again, eyes darting to where Izuku was standing again with the crop in his hand.

“I heard that you liked the crop,” Izuku said conversationally, still tracing designs on Katsuki’s skin. “Is that true?”

Katsuki could only nod, and he shifted his leg to push farther into the sensation.

Izuku clicked his tongue in disappointment, moving the crop away, and Katsuki groaned in protest. “Please,” he asked, and Izuku’s head snapped up, looking at him. Katsuki knew why; he wasn’t the type to say please very often, but when he did, it always meant that he wanted something badly.

Izuku’s eyes sharpened in thought, and he told Katsuki, “I’m going to use it on you, don’t worry; I’m just trying to figure out where first.” He brought the crop back to rest on Katsuki’s leg, up near his thigh this time. “I could use it here,” Izuku mused, “making the insides of your thighs a beautiful pink, keeping you guessing on where I’ll hit next.” He trailed the crop up, tapping gently along the edge of Katsuki’s pec, making Katsuki twist towards it. “Or I can hit you here, right across your nipples, making you flinch from the feeling but push up for more, wanting the sharp bite of it. Or I could flip you over, and whip across your back, where you won’t even be able to see when I swing, only feeling it once it cracks across your skin.”

Izuku placed his finger to his chin, looking as if he wasn’t able to make a decision, and Katsuki said, “Any of it. All of it.”

“All?” Izuku chuckled. “Don’t you think that’s a bit greedy? I thought this was about what I wanted.”

Katsuki shuddered at his words, eyes falling shut, and he nodded, agreeing. It was about what Izuku wanted; Katsuki was only here to be something for him to use, and he wanted Izuku to use him in the best of ways.

“Mmm, I think I know now.”

That was the only warning Katsuki got before the crop snapped down, sharp bite blooming across the inside of his thigh, and Katuski’s eyes snapped open. He gasped, high and surprised, and spread his legs further apart, offering up the skin to Izuku.

Izuku continued to rain down hits, alternating between each thigh, and Katsuki jerked with each hit, hitching gasps getting louder and louder as time passed. Katsuki couldn’t tell you how much time had passed, his mind completely focused on when the next sharp burst of pleasure-pain would come, and it was fantastic.

Eventually, Katsuki started whining, the hits almost falling over the edge of being too much, and Izuku slowed, only hitting occasionally now, using the time in between each one to trail the tip across the sensitive skin instead. He flicked it upward, ghosting it along the length of Katsuki’s cock, and Katsuki felt like he could have come right then and there.

A hand was suddenly at the base, gripping tightly and preventing the feeling from blooming, and Katsuki thrust up in frustration, a growl slipping out of his throat. Izuku let one out himself, higher than Katsuki’s own but no less warning, and Katsuki bared his teeth at him.

Izuku brought the crop down on his flank, harder than the other hits had been, and said with a disappointed tone, “You were being so good, Katsuki, but if you continue to misbehave, I’ll have to punish you. Good alphas don’t get punishments, now do they?”

Katsuki backed down slightly, closing his lips over his teeth, and Izuku smiled again, murmuring, “Good, honey. I don’t want to punish you, especially when I have so much more for you to enjoy.”

Katsuki looked at him curiously, and Izuku trailed his fingers across Katsuki’s jaw soothingly. “You didn’t think this was it, did you? Oh, honey, you haven’t had anything yet.”

Izuku moved back, taking the crop with him and setting it on top of the dresser where Katsuki could still see it. Izuku gave him a look, eyes lidded, before ran his hands up towards his neck and started unbuckling the harness.

Katsuki’s eyes were riveted, watching as more of his skin was revealed slowly, even though much hadn’t been covered in the first place. Izuku let the lace slide down over his arms, catching it in his hands before taking it off fully and turning to put it next to the crop. He walked back towards the bed, all sinuous lines, and Katsuki looked up at him as Izuku crawled back onto the bed, this time straddling him.

Izuku smirked down at him, eyes glimmering in the light, and Katsuki’s breath caught. He was so gorgeous that Katsuki didn’t know how he had gotten so damn lucky. He tugged at his bindings, suddenly wanting to touch, but they wouldn’t budge, Izuku having tied him up well.

Izuku leaned forward, bracing himself against Katsuki’s chest, teasing, “Aw, do you want to touch, Katsuki? I thought that you liked being tied up?”

Katsuki tugged again, feeling the rub of the ropes, and Izuku laughed. “What would you do if you could? Would you behave yourself, staying right where I put you?” Izuku leaned even further in, close enough that Katsuki could feel his breath fan across his own lips, and whispered, “Or would you try to hold me down, giving into your instincts to assert dominance, even though we both know who’s running this show?”

Katsuki huffed at the thought, and it was enough to make him reply, “Deku, if I was allowed to, you wouldn’t know what hit you once I got my hands on you.”

Izuku’s eyes narrowed, a sly little smile crossing his lips, and said, “You assume that even then you’d be in control.” He shook his head, arching up into sitting right back on Katsuki’s hips, ass pressing firmly into Katsuki’s cock as he pushed his weight into it. “Mmm, no, that wouldn’t be the case at all. You see, just because you would be free doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t keep you right where I want you. You might be the one on top, but I’d be the one controlling the pace, telling you exactly how to move your hips, how much strength to use, whether I wanted you to thrust over and over or to sheath yourself deep, letting me milk you as I took my own pleasure while you sweat from it.”

A full body shudder ripped through Katsuki, and he rasped out, “Please. Please, let me touch you.”

“Not yet.” Izuku reached back, hands coming to slide along the curve of his ass, knuckles brushing Katuski’s cock as he did so, his fingers doing a clever little twist and pulling the ribbon out through the laces of the panties he wore. “I was thinking of something else you could do with your mouth instead of beg.”

Katsuki's eyes widened, mind going blank as he watched Izuku rise up on to his knees once again. He ran a hand through Katsuki’s hair, petting at the strands, and said, “Would you like to eat me out, honey? I sure would like you to. I’m so wet at the thought of it that I’m dripping.”

Katsuki swallowed as Izuku turned around, now straddling Katsuki backwards, and he looked over his shoulder coyly. “Is that alright with you, honey? I’m sure you’ll be great at it, with how much you like using your mouth.”

Katsuki nodded, and Izuku shifted back, hands coming hold apart his ass as he backed up onto Katsuki’s jaw, and Katsuki went for it, tongue already lapping at the rim before Izuku was fully seated.

Katsuki closed his eyes, the taste of Izuku on his tongue musky but sweet, and he pushed farther up, opening his jaw more so he could thrust his tongue against Izuku’s hole. Katsuki felt Izuku shudder, a breathy little gasp leaving his mouth, and he shifted his hips back, giving Katsuki an easier time of it.

Katsuki buried his face further into Izuku’s ass, feeling like he was suffocating if it weren’t for the wet breaths that fanned out, and he ate with fervor. He nibbled on the rim, making Izuku jolt, before pointing his tongue and pushing it against the tight hole.

“Yes,” Izuku hissed. One of his hands moved from where it was holding him spread, gripping the back of Katsuki's head and holding him to where he wanted him. Izuku ground down lightly, and Katsuki moaned, a wave of slick sliding out of Izuku and down Katsuki’s chin.

“Oh, oh, Katsuki, you’re doing so well, honey,” Izuku whimpered, breaths heavy. “You’re eating me out so well, I could keep you like this all the time, just having you right where I need you to be.”

Katsuki whined at the idea, working his tongue more firmly, and he finally got past the ring of muscle to where Izuku was hot and soft inside. The action made Izuku’s hips buck hard, almost dislodging Katsuki, and Katsuki pulled back to bite hard into the thickest part of Izuku’s cheek, letting the omega know his displeasure, even as he knew that Izuku wouldn't like that. His head was swimming from the conflicting hormones, his own mind wanting to send him down while his alpha instincts wound him up, and he pulled back, taking a deep gasp and shaking his head.

Izuku’s face was immediately over him, eyes flickering across Katsuki’s own, searching. Katsuki snapped his teeth, pulling on the restraints again, and Izuku’s eyes lit up in understanding. “Katsuki,” he murmured, soothing pheromones gently permeating the air, “I need you to calm down, honey. Can you do that for me?”

For a second, it was like Katsuki couldn't comprehend the words, mind still only focused on what he wanted Izuku to do to him. But surely, they got through, and Katsuki forced himself to relax into the bed. His previous headspace was gone, and Katsuki couldn't help but curse his fucking nature for letting it slip away. Izuku was doing something for him that he wanted, and he wanted to be good for the omega, let him finish what he planned without any interruptions.

Some of his thoughts might have shown on his face, because Izuku was right there saying, “Hey, no, it's alright, honey. It happens to the best of us, especially when you're going down. Why don't we do something a little different instead, okay?” Izuku ran his wrist gently from Katsuki’s temple to collarbone, soothing the alpha with his omegan scent, and Katsuki could feel himself coming back into balance.

Katsuki leaned into the caress as it happened, closing his eyes to the sensation, and asked quietly, “What would we do?”

Izuku gave him a soft look, suddenly not the hard Dom of before but a soothing one, and he murmured, “Well, I was thinking that I could untie you and tell you how to prep me for your cock. I would let you do it yourself, but I want to make sure you know the exact way I like it. Does that sound okay to you, honey?”

Katsuki thought about it for a second, what it would be like to actually touch Izuku as he was now, and found he didn't like the idea. The ropes were an anchor into where he wanted to go, knowing that he wasn't expected to make any decisions right now, and if Izuku took them off, there was nothing for Katsuki’s mind to latch onto for that to happen. So Katsuki shook his head, croaking out, “No.”

Izuku blinked in surprise, not expecting that, and he said, “Okay, Katsuki, that's fine. We don't have to do what you don't want to. Can you tell me what, exactly, you don't want to do that I mentioned?”

Katsuki licked his lips and shook his arms a little, bringing Izuku's attention to them. “Keep them,” he murmured, and he could feel the way his eyes were wide on his face, blinking slowly at Izuku. “I want—they help,” he admitted slowly, “get into—uh, get into that feeling where nothing matters except what you want me to do.”

Izuku’s surprise turned to an affectionate look, and he told Katsuki, “Okay, we'll leave them then, as long as you tell me if you stop wanting them. What's your color, sweetheart?”

“Green,” Katsuki choked out, that question doing a lot towards getting him back to where he was.

“And when you want me to stop?”

“Red,” he breathed.

“Good job,” Izuku praised, and Katsuki inhaled with the feeling of it. He felt like he could just float away with the pureness of it, and he tucked his head into his shoulder, shuddering.

“Hey, now,” Izuku cajoled gently, fingers sure as he coaxed Katsuki out by guiding his chin. “Don't do that, honey. How are you supposed to learn what I like when you aren't watching me?”

Katsuki’s eyes opened, head coming up to look at Izuku. “Are you—?”

Izuku smirked, a little bit of his domineering presence coming back, and he said, “Of course. Just because we had a tiny change of plans doesn't mean I wasn't going to ride your cock tonight, Katsuki. I told you when we started this: you're mine. Which means even this—” Izuku palmed at Katsuki’s thigh, running a hand up over his hip to curl his fingers around the girth of his cock, right near the base. “—is mine to use how I wish,” Izuku finished, and Katsuki didn't mistake what he was implying. Izuku wasn't just talking about his cock, which, if he had been, would have been more than Katsuki thought he would be getting.

No, Izuku was talking about his knot, appealing to Katsuki’s baser instincts in a way that didn't make them flare up; instead, it made Katsuki settle even further, his conflicting feelings disappearing with a snap at the idea that his omega wanted his pups enough to seek them out.

His cock twitched in Izuku’s hand, and Izuku gave him a searching look, before saying, “Oh, you like the idea that I’m willing to do what I have to so I can get what I want? That if I wanted to, I could take your knot and let you fill me up to the brim, unable to move away from me as I took everything you have to give.”

Izuku slid his hand down his torso slowly, a tease if Katsuki ever saw one, before palming his own cock. He ground up into the pressure, whining high as his hips continued to buck, and Katsuki could feel a string of drool escape his mouth, flushing in embarrassment at how hungry for it he was.

“And you would let me, wouldn’t you, honey? Let me keep you tied up for however long it takes me to pup myself using your cock, make you a real daddy instead of just a sugar one?”

It was that one word, something that Katsuki hadn’t used ever in the bedroom before, that did it, sending Katsuki under. He could still hear everything Izuku was saying, but it was like his words were connected to a live wire directly to his brain, making every one count in holding Katsuki there.

Izuku was silent for a moment, before he chuckled. “You like that,” he said, slight awe in his voice, and Katsuki could preen from the sound of making it appear there. “You really do.”

Katsuki then felt pressure over his hips again, and he opened eyes that he hadn’t realized closed to see Izuku haloed by the light behind him, and Katsuki thought he looked like a debauched angel above him.

The angel spoke, and Katsuki drank in every word like a man dying of thirst in the desert. “Mmm, but what would that make me, Katsuki? If you’re Daddy, does that make me Mommy?”

Katsuki bucked a little, almost unseating Izuku from his place straddling the blond, and Izuku slammed his hands to Katsuki’s chest, pushing him flat to the bed. “Now, that’s not very nice. You have to set a good example for your future pups, Daddy, so don’t go misbehaving or Mommy will have to punish you.” Izuku’s eyes darted to the side, and Katsuki followed his gaze to where the crop was still resting on the surface of the dresser.

Izuku gently grasped his chin, bringing Katsuki’s attention back to him. His voice was devastating when he said, “Don’t focus on that. Focus on me, Katsuki; this is a lesson on how I like things done, and that’s the only thing that should be important to you right now.”

Izuku let go of his chin, not waiting for Katsuki’s answer; not that he could have answered Izuku, to be honest. Everything was like looking through frosted glass, hazy and out of focus, except for Izuku. Katsuki watched as the omega rose up on his knees, arching his back so he could reach where he was wettest. Katsuki swallowed, his tongue feeling thick in his mouth, and despite not being able to see where Izuku’s fingers slipped into himself, he did what he was told. He didn’t take his eyes away from where they wandered over Izuku’s body, absorbing every broken twitch, every hard grind, every shuddering gasp that Izuku gave him.

And then Izuku was moving, bringing his hand back around and offering glistening fingers to Katsuki, who just opened his mouth and sucked every last drop of slick from Izuku’s hand. He was so focused that he jerked in surprise when Izuku’s other hand grasped his cock and sank down without fanfare, taking Katsuki in one smooth motion.

“Oh,” Izuku gasped, sounding almost overwhelmed, and Katsuki couldn’t help but think that it was surprising he felt like that when Katsuki was the one who was truly out of sorts. Izuku was warm and tight around him, and when he clenched his muscles around Katsuki’s cock, Katsuki whined, thrusting up lightly into where they were joined. “I feel so full,” Izuku moaned out, and Katsuki’s eyes rolled as Izuku lifted his hips and slammed back down, not caring that he was wrecking Katsuki entirely as he began to repeat the action.

Izuku rode him hard, hitching whines falling out of his mouth with every drop, and Katsuki watched, riveted on every movement. The fabric of Izuku’s stockings rubbed against his hips, making him jerk from the oversensitivity of his skin; and the only place he had to go was up, meeting Izuku’s hips with his own, rough slaps sounding into the room around them.

Their eyes met for a brief moment, Izuku’s gleaming wickedly, before he opened his mouth and said in a breathless tone, “You like that, Daddy? You like how Mommy is taking your cock? Because Mommy sure does.”

Katsuki scrambled to get his feet planted on the bed so he had leverage to thrust, but Izuku smiled pityingly before slamming down hard and knocking what little ground Katsuki gained out from under him.

“Not today, honey,” Izuku told him. He took Katsuki’s cock to the base, shifting his hips instead of riding him, and Katsuki threw his head back at the sensation. Clenching down, milking Katsuki for all he was worth, Izuku said, “I don’t want you to do anything except lay there and give me what I want. And right now, I want your knot. I want to feel it stretching me wide, locking you to me while you pump me full, and if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll be successful and pup me.”

Izuku knew what he was saying, the words tethered to something deep in Katsuki that when Izuku pulled them, he came unraveled with a gasp. His knot popped faster than it had ever done before, filling almost painfully, and Katsuki’s legs shook with the force of his orgasm as Izuku locked them together.

Izuku’s hand was on his own cock, stroking it fast with short motions, and with a high moan, he came as well, clamping down harder on Katsuki’s knot and making another pulse of cum seep out of Katsuki’s own cock. Izuku’s cum streaked across Katsuki’s abs, one shot even reaching his pec, and the scent of it made Katsuki’s head spin, and he tumbled head first into deep subspace.

Katsuki couldn’t tell you how long he spent down there, floating without a care, but by the time he started to surface, his knot had gone down and Izuku was cleaning the both of them up with a rag that Katsuki recognized from his own bathroom.

Izuku looked up at him, smiling sweetly when he noticed Katsuki was more aware of his surroundings again. “Welcome back,” he teased lightly, and Katsuki couldn’t help but laugh a little.

“Fucking hell, Izuku,” he huffed, feeling a little shaky still.

Izuku just giggled, a sound Katsuki had only gotten out of him once or twice before, and he sounded cheerful as he said, “You’re telling me. I never thought that you would like that, to be honest.”

Katsuki shifted, about to sit up, when he realized his hands were still bound above his head. He shuddered a little, before shaking his hands lightly to bring them to Izuku’s attention.

“Patience, Kacchan,” he scolded lightly. “I’ll get to them. I just wanted to check how you felt before I did so. I didn’t want to startle you when you came up.”

Katsuki paused, taking stock of himself at Izuku’s words. Honestly, he felt great, which was a little surprising as he usually had a harder time coming out of it than this. He looked as Izuku a little confused. “I feel…fine, actually. I don’t feel bad at all.”

Izuku tilted his head, still smiling. “I’m glad, honey. I’m still going to make sure you get something to drink and eat, but I can take the ropes off before that. Here, relax back so I don’t strain your arms.”

Letting Izuku take off the ropes was an experience in and of itself. He was meticulous in a way that Katsuki hadn’t noticed at first, checking Katsuki’s circulation as he undid each knot, making Katsuki wiggle his fingers and roll his wrists. Izuku massaged at each forearm as he moved up them, getting the blood flowing properly, and once he was done, Katsuki couldn’t help but admire the marks left behind. His gauntlets would cover them, even if he wasn’t wearing his winter uniform, and if they stayed past the morning, they would be constant reminders of what happened here tonight.

While Katsuki was doing that, Izuku had grabbed a pair of shorts for him, tapping at his hips to lift as he helped Katsuki get them on. Katsuki furrowed his brow, wondering where Izuku had gotten so good at the aftercare thing, and when he voiced the question, Izuku just shook his head.

“Would you believe me if I told you it was by a lot of reading?” Izuku admitted sheepishly, a faint flush covering his cheeks. Katsuki smirked, completely believing that Izuku, who was so meticulous about his schoolwork, would be able to learn how to be a good dom by reading about the things he should do. And then Izuku flipped the script by continuing with, “And Mina was helpful in showing me how to do the ropes and use the crop.”

It was Katsuki’s turn to flush at the fact that his best friend took the time to teach Izuku how to do some of the things he had. He mentally told himself he had to buy her a fantastic Christmas gift.

Izuku sighed fondly at the expression, brushing his fingers over Katsuki’s cheek before crawling over him to get into the other side of the bed. Katsuki raised a brow at him, and Izuku just give him a look that dared Katsuki to try and remove him.

Katsuki rolled his eyes with a huff before tugging Izuku towards him, finally getting his hands on the omega like he had wanted to do all night. Izuku cuddled up to him with a happy sigh, stroking soothingly at Katsuki’s chest as he settled.

“We do have to talk in the morning,” Izuku said softly, and Katsuki nodded, burying his face in Izuku’s curls.

“Of course,” Katsuki murmured back. “But let me just enjoy this for a while.”

Izuku nosed gently at his collarbone, placing a soothing kiss there, and Katsuki’s chest filled with a content feeling. He was so gone for Izuku, and after tonight, there was hope that maybe Izuku was just as gone for him.

Chapter Text

When Izuku woke up the next morning, he was alone in the bed, although it wasn’t concerning. He knew Katsuki’s schedule was crazy, as he normally was up before even Izuku in the mornings; also, Izuku could hear movement from the kitchen, which meant that Katsuki was probably making breakfast.

Izuku rolled over into the spot that Katsuki had laid in all night, burying his face in Katsuki’s pillow with a grin. God, but last night was fantastic, and Izuku was proud of himself for getting up the nerve to go through with it. When Mina had come over the day before and found Izuku freaking out in his room, she had been the one to snap him out of it and help him get everything set up.

He was also grateful for her suggesting a sleepover for Eri, as Izuku had completely blanked on that part with sex on the brain, and she had only laughed before telling him that it would be good practice for when she sprung wanting to have a kid on Eijirou.

Izuku burrowed further into the blankets, wrapping himself up into a cocoon in the middle of the bed, and he breathed in the combined scents of himself and Katsuki. Katsuki’s normal sugar and smoke scent was tinged with musk, and Izuku could feel his face flush as he realized what it was. But he also felt like he wanted to start purring and never stop, content in where he was.

“Deku, what are you doing?”

Izuku popped his head up, looking at Katsuki who was in the doorway with a plate in his hand. Izuku just grinned at him cheekily before burying back into the blankets, and Katsuki sighed. “I have breakfast, if you would like to leave your hiding place any time soon.”

Izuku looked at Katsuki suspiciously, before asking, “I’m allowed to eat in here?”

“I brought the plate, didn’t I?”

Izuku raised a brow at the tone Katsuki had, and he pointedly looked at the crop that still rested on the dresser.

Katsuki scowled, a pouty edge to it as he approached the bed. “That’s not as effective of a threat as you think it is.”

“Oh, but I can make it one,” Izuku purred out before swiping the plate from Katsuki’s hand.

Katsuki stared at him in surprise, pupils blown wide for a second before he shook himself. “You’re a menace and a tease,” he told him, sitting down next to him and stealing a piece of food from his plate.

Izuku playfully snapped at his fingers, grin still curling his lips. “It’s not a tease if I follow through on it,” Izuku replied brightly. “Especially when I know how good you look with pink skin.”

Katsuki fell backwards with a groan, pulling his pillow over his face, muttering out, “You’re going to kill me.”

Izuku threw his head back and laughed, patting at Katsuki’s thigh before briefly digging his nails into the tender skin. Katsuki flinched and shuddered, before removing the pillow to glare at Izuku. “Stop that. We don’t have enough time before Mina drops Eri back off.”

Izuku hummed, moving his hand away. “Aw, look at you, being such a good Daddy, worrying about the pup.” Izuku barely had time to move the plate to the side before Katsuki pounced with a growl, sending Izuku laughing back into the pillows.

They didn’t really get up to anything other than a little wrestling, both of them aware that Eri would be home soon, and Izuku took a quick shower before that happened, not wanting to smell like he did when she got there. There were some things he didn’t need to scar his daughter with.

By the time he had finished, Katsuki had left the room again, and Izuku took it upon himself to root through Katsuki’s clothes to find something to wear. He wanted to have Katsuki’s scent close to him after he had removed the majority of it from his skin, and the look he received once he left the room let Izuku know that Katsuki didn’t mind if the smirk he had meant anything.

Izuku joined Katsuki on the couch, worming his way up underneath Katsuki’s arm, and looked at the clock. They probably still had at least a half-hour until Eri was back, and Izuku didn’t want to waste the time he had. He poked at Katsuki’s cheek, gaining his attention, and said without preamble, “So I think I was pretty obvious, but I’m in love with you.”

Katsuki stiffened in his spot next to Izuku, and suddenly, Izuku wasn’t sure that he had read the situation right at all. Did Katsuki not love him the way Izuku thought he did? If he didn’t, then Izuku had made a mistake of doing what he did last night, and now he had probably ruined everything that they had until this point. Izuku scrambled back, panic flaring in his chest, and started stuttering out, “S-Shit, I’m sorry, Kacchan, I shouldn’t have said that, please don’t be upset, I’ll not bring it up anymore—”

Katsuki broke out of the trance he had seemed to be in, head snapping around to Izuku, and he reached out to snag Izuku’s wrist before he could get too far away. “Hey, whoa, wait,” Katsuki said, voice loud, “Izuku, calm down, I’m not—”

“—I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable—”

“—rejecting you, shit, Izuku, come on, calm down for me, you’re going to make yourself have a panic attack—”

“—know you only wanted a professional relationship—”

“Professional?” Katsuki asked, incredulously. “Deku, there is nothing professional about this relationship—”

“—I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done what I did—”

“—because,” Katsuki said loudly, talking over Izuku’s now mumbling, “I’ve been at least half in love with you from the goddamn start.”

Katsuki’s words shocked him into silence, and Izuku slowly looked up, meeting Katsuki’s red gaze. “Wait, really?”

Katsuki huffed, shaking his head a little. “Weren’t you just the one who was sure that I was?”

Izuku felt his panic recede just enough to let amusement bubble up in him at the fact that even now, his anxiety could still get the better of him. It was like dealing with an ever present gremlin over his shoulder—much like dealing with Katsuki, actually. Still, his smile was shaky as he said, “Sorry, Kacchan. I just…you didn’t react like I had thought you would.”

Katsuki huffed and pulled Izuku closer again, nosing gently at his cheek. “Yeah, well, when you unexpectedly spring that on someone, they may react in shock,” he teased gently.

Izuku hummed, shifting into Katsuki, before frowning. “Wait, unexpectedly?”

Katsuki looked a little sheepish. “I may have thought you didn’t fully love me.”

Izuku felt his frown deepen, giving Katsuki a look. “And you still had sex with me?”

Katsuki gave him a dry look right back. “You didn’t give me much time to think about it, showing up like you did. Not that I would have said no, if I’m honest.”

Izuku rolled his eyes at the man.

Katsuki leaned further into Izuku, brushing their cheeks together, before he said, “There is one thing that you didn’t do, though, that I’ve been thinking about for a long time.”

Izuku froze, a little confused. “What?”

Katsuki pulled back, smirk firmly back in place on his face. He moved his hand to cup Izuku’s jaw, brushing his thumb across the highest point of his cheek, and said, “That whole time, you didn’t even give me a kiss.” Katsuki pushed his lip out in a mock pout.

Izuku thought back on everything that happened and realized Katsuki was right. He had been so into making sure that everything had gone right and that Katsuki wasn’t hurt by anything that he hadn’t taken the time to even consider doing that. He flushed, eyes growing wide, at the thought that his inexperience had shown in such an obvious way. Still, he said back with a raised brow, “Are you going to fix that?”

Katsuki tilted his head a little, growling out, “You little minx,” before firming his grasp and pulling Izuku in.

There was something sweet about it, even as Katsuki pressed his lips firmly to Izuku’s. Katsuki was passionate about it, nibbling at Izuku’s lip almost as soon as they started, and Izuku fought back immediately, flicking his tongue over the bow of Katsuki’s lips before parting his mouth to let Katsuki in. They battled for control for a moment, neither willing to give it over, before Katsuki subsided with a sigh, letting Izuku take the lead.

Izuku did so with gusto, hands coming up to wrap in Katsuki’s shirt, sliding his tongue across Katsuki’s teeth and tongue in a wet glide. He pulled back to bite briefly into Katsuki’s bottom lip, soothing it with a suck before coaxing Katsuki’s tongue into his own mouth to tangle with it there.

This went on for a few more minutes, both of them lost in the sensation, before Izuku had to pull away and fully catch his breath. “Whoa,” he breathed out, lips still a little tingly, and he knew that if he looked at them now, they would be starting to show signs of bruising.

Katsuki grinned at him. “Thanks,” he said smugly.

Izuku whacked him across the shoulder, sending Katsuki into snickers, before pulling Katsuki into another kiss.

By the time that Eijirou, Mina, and Eri showed up, Izuku had settled himself into Katsuki’s space again, cuddling up to the blond, and he whined a little when Katsuki got up to answer the door. Katsuki only gave him an amused look before letting the group in, and Eri wasted no time in sprinting past him to clamber into Izuku’s lap.

“Hey, baby,” he said with a laugh, pushing her loose locks out of her face. “Did you have fun with Auntie Mina?”

“Yeah!” Eri smiled brightly, immediately launching into her story about what they had done the night before. Izuku nodded along, waving goodbye to the couple as they announced they had to leave to get to work, and Katsuki came back to join in on listening to Eri.

Katsuki kissed Eri on the head as she rambled on, turning to give Izuku one as well, not thinking anything of it until Eri cut herself off with an excited gasp.

The two looked at her in surprise, and she squealed out, “Was Auntie Mina right?” She spun on Katsuki, eyes wide. “Does that mean I can call you Tou-san all the time now?”

Izuku looked over in just enough time to see Katsuki’s flush. “Princess, didn’t I tell you that you had to talk to your dam first?” He said pointedly.

Eri gave him a look like he was dumb for bringing that up, and Izuku snickered. “Yeah, but you kissed Kaa-san. Auntie Mina said only married people or parents do that. And since you aren’t married yet, that means your both my parents.”

Izuku smirked a little at Katsuki, who had a dumbfounded look on his face. “Yeah, Tou-san,” he teased, “that means we both must be her parents then.”

Katsuki turned his look on Izuku. “Deku, I swear, I didn’t put her up to this,” he said plaintively.

Izuku’s smirk turned into a smile, and he said, “I know, Kacchan. I overheard Eri when picking her up one day talking about her Tou-san to her friends at school. I figured I would talk to her about it soon, but, well…” He trailed off with a shrug, not saying verbally about what happened between them.

Katsuki asked, “And you’re okay with this? What about her real father?”

Izuku sighed a little, not knowing how to explain it without telling Katsuki the whole story, but figured if he was already this deep in, he might as well. “Eri,” Izuku said softly, pulling his baby girl closer to him, “is not my biological daughter. She was abandoned by her sire at a bus stop a few years back when I found her after work one day, and by the time I brought her home, I couldn’t let go of her. Shin—a friend of Denki and I’s helped us get the proper paperwork so I had legal custody of her.”

Izuku knew that Katsuki could hear all he wasn’t saying, and he was nervous that Katsuki would react badly. He was a hero, and abided by the law, and Izuku had done something that was so far from legal that if it ever came to light, it would not only backlash on him but also Katsuki too.

So of course, Katsuki does the exact opposite of what Izuku is expecting. “How good is the paperwork?”

“I’m sorry, what?”

Katsuki looked serious as he repeated, “How good is the paperwork? Because I’m sure I can get it better.”

“Uh…” Izuku blinked, not fully comprehending the question but answering regardless. “I mean, it’s worked so far. But I’ve never put it up to scrutiny with the law or anything.”

Katsuki nodded, contemplative, and Izuku blurted out, “Kacchan, I just told you I did something illegal, and you’re not freaking out?!”

“Izuku.” Katsuki took his hand, making Izuku give Katsuki his full attention. “I could care less what you did. You found this little girl and took her in, even when you were struggling, and you did what you had to do to make sure she didn’t suffer, at a cost to yourself. I know what people say about you,” Katsuki admitted with a small snarl, “and while I don’t like it, I now know why you let them say it. And if I can make it to where that doesn’t backfire on you, I will.”

Izuku felt like he was in an alternate reality. “But—”

“I may be a hero,” Katsuki spoke over him, not letting Izuku try to argue, “but I’ve done missions where I haven’t been on the right side of the law, even as it was for the law. That’s taught me that there is no black and white, only grey. And if the grey you live in lets you do something good, then that’s not something I’m going to stop. I’m only going to make sure that you don’t get hurt from it.” He smirked a little. “Plus, I was a little suspicious because Eri let the cat out of the bag by bringing it up that day you got into the fight at school. I was going to ask you about it, but decided to wait until you told me yourself. It was a secret for a reason, and I knew that you had to have a good one for it.”

Izuku felt breathless, eyes wide in his face, and he didn’t think that he could love this man anymore than he did, but there it was. Izuku could feel himself falling deeper at the fact that Katsuki would not turn a blind eye but actively make sure that they were protected, and there was no way in hell that Izuku would ever let Katsuki go.

Izuku surged forward, gripping Katsuki by the back of his neck and pulling him into a passionate kiss. Katsuki reciprocated immediately, and Izuku pulled back with a gasp. “God, I love you. So much. You…” Izuku trailed off, not knowing how to put into words what he was feeling.

Katsuki gave him a lopsided smile. “I love you too. So let me show you by making sure that nobody can destroy your happiness.”

Izuku nodded. He shifted Eri into Katsuki’s arms, going to his room to look for the papers that let Eri be his. He brought them back out quietly and handed them to Katsuki, who looked over them with a critical eye.

“These are good,” Katsuki admitted. “But there is one thing that is going to mess it up.” He pointed at Eri’s blood type, saying, “She’s O+. Are you—”

Izuku nodded. “Yeah, I’m a mixed type. My mom was O+ as well, so as long as nobody goes looking into who her father could be, we can run with it.”

Katsuki nodded. “Okay, good. I’ll take these to someone that I know to have them tested to see how hard it is to disprove them.”

Izuku thought about who Katsuki could be talking about, and tentatively asked, “You wouldn’t be happening to talking about Shinsou Hitoshi, would you?”

Katsuki paused, looking up at Izuku suspiciously. “No,” he said slowly, “I was talking about one of my former teachers. But if that’s who you got these papers from, then I’m sure they came from the same place as Mindfucker is his adopted son.”

“Eraserhead?” Izuku asked automatically, before something else occurred to him. “Oh my god, Eraserhead knows who I am?”

“I’m pretty sure the country knows who you are since you’re linked to me, but sure, Aizawa knowing is the shocking part of this.”

Izuku shot Katsuki a dirty look. “Listen, Eraserhead is an incredible hero, and the fact that he knows me is a little more surprising than someone “knowing” me from the media.”

Katsuki tilted his head back and forth, saying, “Fair.”

Izuku scoffed, plopping down on the couch again and peering at Eri, who seemed to have tired herself out with the sudden excitement from going from one place to another and coming home to a surprise. Izuku slid his hands under her, lifting her gently. “Alright, I think it’s time for sleep for the pup.”

Eri whined, shaking her head. “No, Kaa-san, I’m not tired,” she said through a yawn.

Izuku laughed a little. “Oh, really? You look tired. And if you don’t go to bed, then Santa will know and won’t bring you presents in a few days.”

“Don’t worry, princess,” Katsuki spoke up cheekily, “I’ll make sure you get plenty of presents from me to make up for it.”

Izuku gave Katsuki an unimpressed look as he moved to Eri’s bedroom.

Eri went down quickly, and Izuku came out of the room to start getting ready for bed himself when Katsuki called out, “What are you doing?”

Izuku paused with his hand on his doorknob. “Getting ready for bed?” He responded, confused.

Katsuki pointed at his own door. “You’re sleeping with me now.”

Izuku raised a brow, amused at Katsuki’s brusque way of asking. “Oh, am I now?” Before Katsuki could say anything, Izuku opened his own door. “Well, let me just grab my pajamas then, and I’ll be there in a second. Why don’t you get the bed warm for me?”

Izuku saw Katsuki almost bolt off the couch and laughed a little.

A few nights later, Katsuki was lugging gifts from the basement as Izuku and Eri baked cookies, taking care to not damage anything. Eri’s gifts had been moved for the most part, only a few bigger items that Izuku and he agreed on labeling as from Santa still downstairs, and Katsuki was now moving the things he had gotten for Izuku that Eijirou brought over earlier that day.

Eri had watched, wide-eyed, as Katsuki brought up her gifts, the large tree Katsuki had gotten starting to seem dwarfed by the amount, asking quietly, “Are all those for me?”

Katsuki had nodded, chest tight at the idea that his baby girl was so surprised, but he wouldn’t let it get to him on this day. Izuku had been standing behind her, face also pained, so Katsuki had scooped her up, scenting her lightly while saying, “Of course they are, princess. Only the best for you, and you deserve it.”

Eri cuddled deeper into his arms with a light purr, before wiggling to be put down to finish helping Izuku roll out cookie dough.

But now, Katsuki was having almost the same exact thing happen with Izuku, who was watching as Katsuki brought up his gifts with wide eyes. But Katsuki took a different approach to distracting him, casually saying, “My parents invited us to their house tomorrow for dinner.”

Izuku’s eyes went wider, mouth opening to screech out, “What?”

Well, that seemed to work a little too well, as Katsuki was now under the severe look Izuku was giving him. Katsuki widened his own eyes in a mock innocent look, but the expression didn’t change on Izuku’s face.

“Bakugou Katsuki,” he hissed out, and Katsuki threw his hands up automatically in surrender. “Do you mean to tell me that you waited until just right now to let me know that we were expected at your parents’ house?!”

“It’s not that big of a deal, Deku,” Katsuki said. It really wasn’t. His dad already adored both Izuku and Eri, and his mom wouldn’t be able to yell while there was a kid in the house. Plus Izuku could charm the devil when he really put the effort into it, and his mom was only mildly worse that that.

Izuku gave him a dirty look and murmured low enough that Eri wouldn’t hear it, “We will be talking about this later.”

Later came far too soon, since as soon as Izuku had closed Eri’s door behind him after story time, he sighed and said, “Kacchan, why did you wait so long to tell me that I would be meeting your mother tomorrow?”

Katsuki shrugged a little nervously. “I completely forgot until she texted me earlier to remind me that I said I would come for Christmas instead of them coming here. When she asked, you were still in the guest room, so I didn’t think that we would have the space to have them here as they would normally spend the night here.”

Izuku shook his head, sighing exasperatedly. “I wish I had known earlier,” he murmured. “I would have bought gifts for them so I wasn’t showing up empty-handed.”

Katsuki cupped Izuku’s cheek, making the younger look at him. “Hey, it’s fine. I got them stuff already, and we can just say it’s from the three of us. Is that the only reason you’re upset?”

Izuku frowned, shaking his head. “No. I know I’ve met your dad already, but that was before. Now, I’m not just meeting your mom for the first time, but also remeeting your dad as…I don’t even know! Since we didn’t really define anything between us as it’s only been a few days, but it’s still nerve wracking. Not to mention the fact that I’m going over there with a pup that calls you Tou-san, and your mom is probably going to hate me—”


Izuku’s mouth snapped closed, and Katsuki took the chance to pull him into the living room so they wouldn’t wake Eri up with their voices. He sat down on the couch, pulling Izuku into his lap as he did so, and Izuku went easily, curling up into Katsuki’s shoulder with a sigh.

Katsuki eased his fingers into Izuku’s hair, combing through the locks at the back that were starting to get long again and curled gently around his fingers. He breathed out, tucking his nose into the longer part on top of Izuku’s head. “Okay, so, let’s discuss this. First off,” Katsuki told him, tone firm, “as far as I’m concerned, we’re partners. I would use the word boyfriend but I’m thirty-one years old and we have a pup in the house, so that seems a little juvenile.”

Izuku laughed a little, and Katsuki squeezed his side affectionately. “Also,” Katsuki continued, “I’m pretty sure Dad figured out what was going on even before we did, so don’t be worried about him. He asks after you and Eri all the time, and I’m sure that if I didn’t show up with you to dinner, he would refuse to feed me and send me on my way.” Katsuki huffed, thinking about the last point Izuku made about his mom. “My mom is a little different,” he admitted slowly, and Izuku sat up a little to meet Katsuki's eyes. “She’s an alpha, like me, but she’s the head of the family as well. So, she’s a little more alpha than your average. But she won’t be upset that you’re there. Honestly, she’ll probably be nicer to you and Eri than she is with me,” Katsuki said with a small chuckle.

Izuku didn’t laugh though, looking a little horrified. “You’re her son though?”

Katsuki’s chuckle turned into an actual laugh. “Nah, it’s just how me and my mom are. She loves me, I know that, but we butt heads like you wouldn’t believe. She was a lot rougher when I was growing up, relying on tough love more than I liked, and it caused some friction once I had left school. It took me two years before I spoke to her again, and it was only after an apology and a whole lot of therapy.”

Izuku crooned, a sad sound in his chest, and Katsuki lifted his chin instinctively and let his scent out to soothe. “I’m glad you have that relationship with your mom now though,” Izuku said softly. He tucked his head back into Katsuki’s neck, pressing closer until he was almost plastered to Katsuki’s chest. “My mom…she passed when I was seventeen. Leukemia. My father didn’t even come to see her,” Izuku said with a bitter laugh. “Didn’t help with her bills, nothing. He left when I was four to work overseas, and I’ve only spoken to him once in my life, when I had called him to let him know that Mom was diagnosed. He told me that he had no obligation to help her, and the only reason they were still married was because he didn’t want to have to split his wealth in a divorce.”

Katsuki winced, and he rumbled deep in his chest to give some comfort to Izuku. He didn’t know what to say other than, “I’m sorry that you had to deal with that.”

Izuku shrugged, not moving from his spot. “It’s okay,” he murmured, lips brushing the skin of Katsuki’s neck with how close he was. “I’ve had time to work through it. I’ve known that he was a piece of work, but it wasn’t until that day that I realized exactly how much.”

They sat there for a little while after that, Katsuki just holding Izuku and petting through his hair, letting the silence keep them company. Finally, Izuku sighed, taking a look at the clock, and said, “Come on, let’s go get the rest of Eri’s presents and get to bed. She’ll be up early to wake us up.”

Katsuki knew this, but it wasn’t until it was 5:36 in the morning, when Eri was kneeing him in the chest as she crawled up the bed, that he realized he wasn’t completely prepared for it. The two of them hadn’t gotten to bed until just past two in the morning, having spent at least one hour setting up Eri’s new dollhouse. Katsuki still wasn’t sure if it was put together properly, but it was at least standing.

Eri was now bouncing in the middle of the bed, giggling loudly as she shook Izuku’s shoulder, and Katsuki snorted as he heard Izuku groan and try to get her to lay down and sleep a little longer. The sound made Eri turn her attention on Katsuki, and she pounced on him, bringing her face super close and going a little cross-eyed to focus on his face. “Tou-san, it’s Christmas!” She said, a wide grin stretching her face, and Katsuki couldn’t disappoint her by making her go back to bed when she was this excited.

Izuku, who had turned over to look at the both of them, just watched as Katsuki stretched and picked Eri up as he rose from the bed. “Weak,” Izuku teased, before squealing and rolling away when Katsuki made to lunge at him with a wild grin.

The three of them made their way out of the room, the sun not even up yet as Izuku curled up on the couch with a yawn. Katsuki debated joining him for a second before deciding against it, settling down next to Eri on the floor as she bounced around the dollhouse in excitement.

Katsuki was just as excited as Eri, watching as she opened every gift that they both got her and her sweet little thank you’s as she did so. Some of the gifts she couldn’t use right now, like the pink bike that was now resting against the wall of the living room, but others she was excited to start playing with immediately. She was most excited about the set of beautiful collectors’ dolls Katsuki had bought her, seven in total for every Christmas that she’s had in her life, and Katsuki looked back at Izuku who was staring at them with tears in his eyes.

It was a promise, not only to Eri but Izuku as well, that Katsuki would be around for many Christmases to come in order to continue giving Eri those dolls.

Eri was oblivious to the silent communication going on above her head, playing with a few of the actual usable toys around her. Katsuki looked away from Izuku, nudging Eri. “Princess, can you help me get the gifts for your mom?”

Eri nodded, getting up and grabbing a few of the gifts that were still left, and dropped them in Izuku’s lap. Katsuki wasn’t expecting her to go back, however, and start dropping some gifts in his own lap.

Izuku smirked at Katsuki’s surprised face, gesturing for him to open them. “Go on, Kacchan. Eri helped me pick them out for you.”

Katsuki was meticulous as he opened them, able to tell which ones Izuku wrapped by the tight corners, and the ones Eri wrapped by the princess paper she had used unrepentantly.

From Eri, he got a few different things, odds and ends that would make no sense if he didn’t know her. His two favorites were a framed picture she drew of the three of them, and a set of leather bracelets in every color that he knew matched the ones she wore.

She excitedly pointed at them. “Now we can match all the time, even when you’re at work!”

Katsuki smiled at her, eyes catching on the red one she currently wore, and he plucked that one out of packaging and fit it around his own wrist. It was sturdy but soft, flexing with his movements, and thin enough that it could fit under his gauntlet without chafing. “Thank you, Eri,” he said, and opened his arms up for a hug, holding her tightly to him.

“You’re welcome, Tou-san,” she said sweetly. “I just want you to know that even when I’m not there, I’m still cheering you on!”

Katsuki tugged a little at her own band. “You’ve got to make sure that I know which one you’re wearing that day then. We’ll pick it out with your outfit the night before. Now, let’s see what else I got.”

Katsuki opened the rest of the gifts, pulling out practical things like a new winter set and a pair of headphones that Katsuki had been talking about for a few weeks now, until he got to the last gift and Izuku sat up straighter on the couch. Katsuki eyed him curiously, shaking the box a little to tease him, and Izuku huffed. “Just open the box already.”

Katsuki grinned, peeling the ribbon off the top, and opened it to find something that he hadn’t been expecting at all. “Izuku,” he asked softly. “What is this?”

Izuku flushed a little, ducking his head to let his curls hide his eyes, and he replied back, “It’s an alpha cuff. I saw it while out shopping, and thought of you. It’s not—” He cut off, flushing deeper, and Katsuki was riveted by the look. “It’s not meant to be binding like a marriage one would be. I wasn’t going to give it to you until later, honestly, but after our talk yesterday, I figured that this wouldn’t be as surprising to you.”

Katsuki stayed still for a moment longer, mind running at the implications, before he got to his feet and sat next to Izuku on the couch. He took the cuff from the box, decisively snapping it about his own wrist, and admired the way the metal gleamed against his skin, smooth as silk but made of interlocking links that looked almost like leaves. He shook his head at the irony of Izuku’s choice, telling the green-haired man, “Go ahead, Izuku. Open your gifts.”

Izuku gave him an odd look but did so, going for Eri’s first like Katsuki did. Eri had asked Katsuki to help her get Izuku a new set of pens, the ones that Izuku liked but never wanted to buy, and some hard-bound notebooks that Izuku could refill as needed. Eri had also made a picture for Izuku, but this one was not of the three of them. A tear slipped down Izuku’s face as he looked at the picture Eri had replicated from a photo of Izuku and his mom, and he ran his fingers gently over the glass.

“Thank you, baby,” Izuku said, voice thick as he turned to Eri still on the floor, and she beamed up at him. “It’s amazing.”

“Don’t cry, Kaa-san,” Eri said, scrambling up and into Izuku’s lap, forcing Katsuki to narrowly catch the presents that went flying as she did that. She wiped her hands at Izuku’s face, moving her hands roughly, and she gave him her big eyes. “It’s Christmas. You’re supposed to be happy.”

Izuku laughed a little wetly. “These are happy tears, baby, promise.”

Eri didn’t look like she believed him, but she let Katsuki pull her away so that Izuku could continue opening his gifts.

Katsuki’s gift to him were a little less useful, small things that made Izuku smile as he saw them, a few books that he wanted that came out recently, and a couple pieces of clothing that Katsuki thought Izuku would look stunning in. It was finally down to the last present, the one Katsuki had purposely put to the side, and Katsuki was not nearly as nervous as he had been before opening his own cuff.

Izuku peeled back the paper, revealing a velvet corner of the flat box, and his head snapped up, eyes wide. Katsuki just smirked, pushing it more firmly into his hand.

Izuku opened the case, revealing what was inside, and he touched his fingertips to the beautiful rose gold omega collar that laid there, stylized like tiny leaves. He took it out, holding it reverently. “Kacchan…Katsuki, it’s beautiful. But—”

“No buts,” Katsuki said firmly, shaking his head. He shook his wrist pointedly, bringing Izuku’s attention to the cuff. “You gave me this because you wanted to, and that’s the exact reason why you got that. It’s a promise to you. I’m not going to leave or disappear on you, and I want to make sure that both you and everyone watching knows that.”

Izuku looked back down at the collar, and Katsuki saw his palms curl around the chain before thrusting it towards Katsuki. Katsuki’s heart sank for a moment, thinking Izuku was rejecting his offer, before the omega softly said, “Kacchan, can you help me put it on?”

Katsuki nodded quickly, taking the chain from him and settling it around Izuku’s neck, struggling with the clasp briefly before getting it latched. Izuku looked up at Katsuki, eyes wide, and Katsuki’s breath caught at how he looked with it on. It fit perfectly, just above the hollow of Izuku’s throat, and Katsuki couldn’t help but think that it wouldn’t get in the way of showing off a bite mark. It stroked his ego to think of his omega in nothing but the finest things with his mark, and from this point on, Katsuki would make sure that was what would happen.

“Thank you, Katsuki,” Izuku said, and Katsuki knew that Izuku was thanking him for more than just the collar. Katsuki just leaned over and kissed him.

The three of them got up, cleaning up the mess of paper and gifts that were scattered across the living room, and Katsuki took Eri to the bathroom to take a bath as Izuku made them a late breakfast.

The rest of the day was spent with Izuku moving his stuff into Katsuki’s room and then lazing on the couch until they had to start getting ready to leave. Katsuki watched as Eri danced around their bedroom, wearing a new green velvet dress with her white tights, following Izuku around like a duckling as he got ready around her. Katsuki was pretty much dressed at this point, slacks and a button up on, but Izuku was still trying to decide on what to wear as he started to braid a silver circlet into her hair.

Katsuki nudged him towards the closet. “Finish getting ready; I’ve got her hair. If we don’t leave soon, we’re going to end up being late because of traffic.”

Izuku made a face but nodded, snatching up a small black bag that Katsuki hadn’t noticed on the dresser, and he disappeared into the walk-in closet. Katsuki gave Eri a confused look, but she just looked back at him also confused. They ended up shrugging in unison, and Eri giggled.

By the time that Katsuki had wrangled Eri’s hair into some semblance of a nice style, Izuku had come out of the closet in an outfit that Katsuki honestly didn’t think the omega would have put together, but it strangely worked.

The plaid overcoat was a nice touch over Izuku’s warm pullover sweater, and his collar was on full display from the sweeping neckline that exposed his collarbones and the strong line of his shoulders. He wore a pair of jeans, but tucked them into a pair of leather boots, and honestly, Katsuki would rather have the chance to take the entire thing off rather than go to his parents’.

And then Katsuki saw the little bit of eyeliner Izuku had swiped on, making his eyes look even greener than normal, and Katsuki was definitely ready to call the whole night off.

“How do I look?” Izuku asked nervously, moving to help Eri into her jacket, and Katsuki threw that plan out the window. He knew that Izuku would rather get this dinner over with so he knew what would happen rather than put it off.

“Beautiful,” Katsuki told him honestly, and Izuku flushed but smiled. Katsuki rose from the bed, snatching the jacket he had laid out earlier, and said, “Since we’re all ready then, do you want to head out?”

Izuku finished wrapping Eri’s scarf and picked her up, nodding resolutely. “Might as well face the firing squad now while I can, right?” He muttered to himself.

Katsuki pecked him on his cheek, adjusting the scarf Izuku had thrown on. “You’ve already met my dad, and he likes you. Everything will be fine.”

Katsuki didn’t lie, per se. Everything was fine, up until the point that his mother opened the door and said, “Brat, you’re late.”

Katsuki scoffed, adjusting Eri in his grip. “We are not, you just can’t read a clock, old hag.”

But her attention had already been stolen by the two people he brought with him, and she narrowed her eyes slightly at the arms Katsuki had around each of them. Katsuki could feel Izuku fidget next to him, and Katsuki broke the silence by asking, “Are you going to let us in, or are we having dinner in the snow?”

Mitsuki huffed, rolling her eyes before walking back into the house towards the kitchen, and Katsuki shuffled Izuku in front of him to enter.

“So,” Izuku said slowly, eyes wide as he took his outerwear off, “that was your mom.”

“Yeah,” Katsuki sighed. He helped Eri out of her boots, already holding her jacket, and nudged her towards the kitchen “Go, my dad’s in there. Say hi to him before dinner is served.”

Eri gave him a skeptical look before scampering off tentatively. Katsuki and Izuku could hear her excited voice greeting Masaru from the front hall, and Izuku looked a little less nervous once he heard the calmer tones of Katsuki’s father.

“We don’t have to be here,” Katsuki said, voice low so that it wouldn’t carry. “I’m not going to make you stay if you’re uncomfortable.”

“I’m not—okay, I’m a little uncomfortable,” Izuku admitted. He jerkily took off his jacket and scarf, and handed them to Katsuki to be put away. He sighed. “I just...want your mom to like me. I don’t want to be the cause of any problems between the two of you, especially since you have a good relationship now.”

Katsuki wrapped an arm around him, dipping his head to kiss Izuku gently, and Izuku settled against him easily in response. He pulled back, eyes meeting Izuku’s, and told the omega, “If my mom and I become estranged again because she can’t accept that I’m an adult making my own decisions, that’s her fault and not yours. Which means that if she says anything about you or Eri, I won’t hesitate to defend you, okay?”

Izuku looked pained at the idea of Katsuki and his mother arguing, but nodded anyway.

Katsuki grinned. “Perfect. Now let’s get this dinner over with.”

Mitsuki looked up, hearing Katsuki’s words as they walked into the kitchen, and rolled her eyes. “What, you’re too good to have dinner with your parents now, brat?”

Katsuki nudged Izuku towards the chair that was open near his father, who was sitting with Eri in his lap and watching his wife and son. “No, hag,” Katsuki shot back, red eyes challenging as they met her own. “I’m just ready to head home before you decide to start bitching at me about my choices like I’m a kid.”

The whole room froze, nobody having expected Katsuki to just come out and say it. Obviously the elephant in the room was Izuku and Eri, and Katsuki knew that despite the clothes Izuku wore, he didn’t look older than twenty-two at most. Which meant that Katsuki had a good idea what his mom would start with in her arguments.

Unsurprisingly, Mitsuki proved him right. “Look,” she sighed, rubbing the bridge of her nose wearily, “I’m sure you’re a great person, Midoriya, but you’re young. I just don’t think that you’re the right fit for my son, especially considering that ever since he’s been seen with you, the media has been in an uproar. I don’t want my son to be—well, brought down are the closest words I can think of, even though it sounds bad—”

“Are you fucking kidding me—” Katsuki started with a snarl, outraged that his mother even had the audacity to pin that on Izuku, but he was cut off surprisingly by Izuku, who’s expression changed from nervous to determined in a heartbeat.

“Bakugou-san,” Izuku said, his voice firm as he rose from his seat to come stand next to Katsuki and look her in the eye. “I personally believe that what your son and I do is none of your business, and I know he feels the same. He is an adult, with a life and a career, and while I may not know you, I do know Kacc—Katsuki. He doesn’t make any decision lightly. So you should respect them.”

Katsuki appreciated what Izuku did, really; but as he watched his mother square her shoulders, eyes sharpening into the look she used on people she was about to verbally destroy, Katsuki couldn’t help but see this going south very quickly. Mitsuki was not one to pull her punches, but neither was Izuku, and Izuku had far more to prove right now.

“That’s very sweet of you to be worried for Katsuki, dear,” Mitsuki said, smile twisting her lips condescendingly, “But I think I might know what’s good for him, being his mother and all. You’ll understand when your daughter is older and bringing home people you don’t approve of. Take if from someone who’s been a mother far longer than you.”

Izuku tilted his head. “Just because you’ve been a mother long than I have doesn’t mean that you’ve been a good one. From what Katsuki has told me, that’s a bit more of a recent development.” The smile that Izuku sent her was sickly sweet, with just enough edge to warn her off of the topic of Eri.

But Mitsuki wasn’t an alpha for nothing, and Izuku was challenging her in her own home. Katsuki shared a wide-eyed look with his dad, who was trapped by trying to keep Eri from getting more involved than she already was. Katsuki went to insert himself into the slowly escalating conversation, but Mitsuki beat him to it.

“I don’t know what your style of parenting is,” she told Izuku, sharp little smirk on her own face, “but considering I raised a kid without once having him in the media as a child and your daughter has been harassed by the paparazzi, I would think that out of the two of us, I am the better mother here.”

“Mitsuki,” Masaru hissed in reprimand, eyes flashing in anger, but Katsuki’s eyes were on Izuku, who was looking at his mother like a lion about to take down a gazelle. And take her down is exactly what Izuku did.

“You shouldn’t,” Izuku said, placid smile still on his face, “since my daughter is actually happy at her age because of me, unlike what you were able to do.”

The silence that followed Izuku’s words was heavy, pressing on all of them as they waited to see what the next move would be. Mitsuki stared at Izuku, the expression on her face unreadable as she did so, before she broke out into a huge grin, laughing a little. “I like you,” she said casually to Izuku, like the two of them hadn’t been about to go for each other's jugulars thirty seconds ago.

“What?!” Masaru and Katsuki chorused, staring at the other two adults in the kitchen. Katsuki felt like he was in an alternate universe, especially since Izuku just gave Mitsuki a laugh of his own at her words.

Mitsuki reached out, ruffling Katsuki’s hair, and he let her without protest because he was still trying to process what the hell just happened. “Anybody that’s willing to go up against me to defend not only you, Katsuki, but also their pup is a good person in my book.”

Katsuki’s jaw dropped, and he looked at Izuku in shock. The omega just smiled brightly, and Katsuki couldn’t believe it. He had witnessed a posturing match between his mother and his partner, and his mother lost. She had been the first to back down.

Masaru started laughing at the dumbfounded look on Katsuki’s face, an incredulous edge to it, and Izuku and Mitsuki joined in. Katsuki frowned as Izuku leaned over and kissed him gently on the cheek, before saying to the room, “So, now that that’s settled; dinner then?”

It was only later, when they were driving back home, that Katsuki brought it up again. “So, that thing that happened with my mom—”

Izuku stared out of the window, a smiling playing at his lips. He played with his collar (which his mom had actually complimented both of them on when she saw it, which wasn’t something that Katsuki had expected) and kept his voice low to not wake Eri in the backseat. “It’s a dam thing, with our instincts. She wasn’t too bad,” Izuku admitted. He turned to Katsuki, reaching out to lace their hands together over the gearshift. “I could see me coming back to visit.”

Katsuki smirked at Izuku’s words and lifted their linked hands, placing a kiss on the back of Izuku’s in gratitude.

It was just after the New Year when the shit hit the fan.

Izuku was getting ready for Katsuki’s yearly agency dinner when his phone rang, and he picked it up to see Denki’s name flashing on the screen.

“What’s up?” Izuku asked once he answered, fiddling with his hair in the mirror above the bathroom sink. He had gotten it trimmed a few days ago and it didn’t want to lay like it was supposed to.

“Have you seen the news?”

Izuku paused at Denki’s question. “No,” he answered slowly, already unplugging his blow dryer so he could move into the bedroom.

Denki sighed heavily. “You’re going to want to.”

Izuku’s throat closed up, mind racing with thoughts of Katsuki having gotten hurt while on patrol today. He was supposed to be home in a few minutes to get ready as well, but if something had happened, he might not have been able to call Izuku to let him know.

Flipping on the TV, Izuku put on the right channel to see what was being said about the current hero news. And it was about Katsuki, but not about him being hurt.

“—riya Izuku was seen on Christmas Day wearing what looked to be an omega collar, and many people who have seen it are already in debates on whether or not this is a good thing. Many are saying that they don’t think so, considering that they don’t believe an omega of Midoriya’s status should be with the top hero.”

Izuku could feel his body shutting down, and he didn’t know if it was in nervousness or anger.

“Izuku. Izuku!” Denki was trying to get his attention, and Izuku cleared his throat.

“I’m here. I’m fine,” he said hollowly.

“…You don’t sound fine,” Denki told him.

“Yeah, well,” Izuku huffed, and apparently it was anger that his emotions were going with. “I’m fucking tired of the media constantly picking us apart like we’re pieces of meat. I’m a fucking human being, but because Katsuki is the top hero and we’re together, the entire country is allowed to judge if I’m apparently good enough for Katsuki or not.”

Denki laughed a little bit. “Tell me how you really feel.”

“I feel like a fucking bug under a magnifying glass!” Izuku snapped, hearing a soft holy shit from the other end of the line. “I love Katsuki so much, but if one more paparazzi gets in my face and asks me about my personal life, I’m not going to be responsible for my actions.”

Denki sighed, and Izuku could hear shuffling from the other end of the line. “Izuku, I know that you’re stressed, but don’t do something that you’ll regret. I don’t want you to get backlash from it; the public eye is not a kind one.”

Izuku sighed. “I know, Denki. I know. I’m just so frustrated with it all.”

“I know. And you have the dinner tonight at his agency, right? Are you taking Eri?”

“Yeah. To both questions.”

“Alright, then finish getting the two of you ready. I’m sure there is going to be reporters, so you want to be prepared.”

Of course, Denki was right in the long run. Katsuki had gotten ready quickly when he got home, and they were out the door soon after. Izuku was checking the news on his phone as they drove, and there were already pictures of some of the heroes arriving to the banquet hall, making Izuku both more irritated and more tired in the long run.

It was only once they had given the car to the valet that Izuku realized how much he was not calmed down from earlier, and a foreboding feeling sent a shiver down his spine as the reporters shouted at them as they attempted to walk in.

It was once they were almost to the door that one particular reporter got bold enough to say something that sent Izuku spiraling.

“Midoriya! Look over here! Is it true that you’re being paid to date Ground Zero? What kind of message does that send your daughter that you would be willing to let someone buy your neck?”

A few of the reporters around the guy shifted backwards, uncomfortable by the crude term he used. Buy a neck was a term that was used to describe hiring prostitutes, particularly ones that would let you go as far as biting them for a quick buck. It wasn’t a term that used that often anymore, but when it was, it was meant to be derogatory.

And Izuku saw red.

He released Eri’s hand, letting Katsuki hold onto her, before snapping around and stalking towards the reporter. “Would you mind repeating that?” Izuku asked, and the high growl that laced his tone was a warning that his question wasn’t one that should be answered.

The reporter didn’t get the message though. He tilted his chin up and said, “The public wants to know. It’s odd how you suddenly came into his life out of nowhere, and the only explanation is that he’s paying you.”

Izuku didn’t even blink as he stared down the man. “I don’t care what you have to say about me,” he said slowly, pupils blowing wide as he bared his fangs, “but if you ever put my alpha’s name or my daughter’s name out there with anything less than the utmost respect, I will hunt you down and rip your throat out with zero hesitation.”

The crowd rippled with unease, and Izuku could hear the shuttering of camera lenses capturing his expression. But his focus was still locked onto the reporter, waiting to see the response that he would give.

He didn’t seem to think that what he said was anything bad, because he gave the final blow by saying, “It’s omegas like you that make others look like they aren’t fit for polite company. And the public deserves to know about it.”

Izuku laughed, a tinkling sound that he could see made everyone take a step away from him. “I am tired of people like you that will judge an omega from preconceived notions that don’t fit your standard,” Izuku bit out. “You want a good sound bite? Have this: I am an omega who has had a lot of shitty things happen to me, and the moment I have something good happen, it’s made into another shitty thing because I’m not some rich, public sweetheart that can do no wrong in the eyes of everyone. I’m a mother, a partner, and an omega that refuses to let anyone tear my family down, and if you don’t like it, you can kiss my ass. And you?” Izuku singled out the reporter, eyes flashing. “Say one more word against my family and I will lay you out on this sidewalk with no hesitation. That’s a promise.”

Izuku turned his back, clenching his fists as he returned to Katsuki’s side. Katsuki was staring at him with a proud look in his eyes, and he ducked to kiss Izuku firmly. “I love you.”

Izuku could feel his irritation lessen as Katsuki started to guide him into the building, even as the reporters started yelling again to get their attention, mostly about Izuku’s reaction and the fact that scent of his anger still lingered in the air.

Izuku ignored it all, stooping to lift Eri into his arms, her little face snuggling right into his neck, and his anger evaporated at that. He smiled back tightly at Katsuki. “Is that because of what I said or the fact that I didn’t actually decide to just hit him?” Izuku said teasingly as he entered the door Katsuki was holding for him.

“Why can’t it be both?” Katsuki questioned, making Izuku start laughing.

Izuku was still laughing by the time they made their way to the table that was set up for them, bad mood completely gone from before. A few heroes were already sitting at the table, most noticeably Mina and Eijirou, and Mina was the first person to notice them.

“Eri!” She cheered, getting up and rounding the table to pick her up. Eri giggled, initiating a familial scenting as she hugged Mina.

Eijirou stopped mid-sentence, turning from who he was talking to in order to wave. “Hey, you guys! We were just talking about the chaos outside,” he remarked slyly, sending a teasing smirk Izuku’s way.

Izuku stuck his tongue out at the redhead. “I’m not putting up with bullshit anymore,” he replied primly, and Eijirou laughed loudly.

The brunet Eijirou had been talking to leaned forward, eyes wide with mischievousness as he looked at Katsuki. “Holy shit, Bakugou, you actually found someone to put up with your grumpy ass?”

Katsuki growled, shoving his hand into the brunet’s face and letting off a few warning sparks. “Watch your mouth, idiot, my pup is right there,” Katsuki told him, lips twisted in a scowl.

A voice came from behind them, making Izuku jump and look over his shoulder at the pretty blonde walking up to them with a smirk. “Whoa, you actually have a kid, fam?”

Izuku could see Katsuki roll his eyes at the newcomer. “I can’t go anywhere without you all starting sh—stuff with me, can I?” He asked grumpily, and Izuku fought back the urge to coo at him.

The blonde woman just laughed before offering her hand to Izuku. “Sero Camie,” she introduced, and nodded at the brunet. “That one is my husband, Sero Hanta. You’re Deku, right?”

Izuku sighed at the question, growing used to people he met through Katsuki getting his name wrong. “Midoriya Izuku,” he corrected, shaking her hand, before jerking a thumb at Katsuki. “This one just doesn’t know how to read, apparently.”

Katsuki pinched his hip, protesting loudly, “I still stand by my statement that your name is spelled weird.”

Izuku rolled his eyes, starting to reply when a chime rang throughout the room, preventing him from doing so. A man was standing at the front of the room, clearing his throat into the microphone to get everyone’s attention. “Now that our agency head has arrived,” he said, gesturing to Katsuki, who puffed up a little as everyone looked at him, “if you could all take your seats, he’ll say a few words before we can eat and mingle a little longer.”

Izuku took Eri back from Mina, getting her settled into a chair next to him as Katsuki went to the front of the room to take the microphone. Izuku listened as Katsuki listed off the achievements of the agency, clapping and cheering at the stats he gave and laughing along when he cracked a joke about how he expected everyone to beat the stats in this next year. Izuku kissed him as he came back to the table to take his seat, murmured, “Good job, Kacchan.”

“Thank you, bunny,” Katsuki said back, using his new nickname for Izuku, and Izuku still didn’t know how he came up with it.

Apparently they had been loud enough for the others to hear, because Hanta immediately started to tease Katsuki about the nickname Izuku had for him. Katsuki snapped his teeth at the man, good humor in his eyes as he ribbed Hanta about some of the nicknames that Camie had for him, sending the whole table into peals of laughter.

Izuku looked around at them all, smile growing at the sight of everyone having a good time, and realized that this was where he was supposed to be. He was finally at ease in his skin, surrounded by people that he could call friends even though he had only just met a few of them, and it was a far cry from what he had been doing last year at this time. He wished Denki could be there with him, but his best friend was probably out with Shinsou right now, and Izuku made a mental note to grill him about it later.

Izuku turned to look at his small family. Katsuki was helping Eri cut up her chicken, having a conversation with Eijirou as he did so, face relaxed, and Izuku couldn’t help but feel lucky that this beautiful man was the one who had decided to message him on that dumb website.

Katsuki paused mid-sentence, turning to meet Izuku’s gaze with a curious look of his own. “What?” He asked.

Izuku shook his head, still smiling. “Nothing,” he replied, affection lacing his tone. “I’m just really happy right now.”

Katsuki flashed his lop-sided smile at Izuku, eyes softening in response. “I’m glad, Izuku,” he told him. “That’s exactly how you always should be.”

Izuku was beginning to believe that, now that he was on the precipice of starting a new chapter of his life. And he was glad that Katsuki was right there next to him to start it with him.

Chapter Text

Fifteen Months Later

Izuku was staring down his computer, frustrated at the email that he just received from his advisor. He was only a month out from graduating, and apparently they were just now telling him that he had submitted his dissertation with outdated requirements even though his advisor was the one to give him the requirements.

Izuku let his head fall back, an explosive sigh leaving his lungs.

“What’s wrong?”

Izuku looked over to Katsuki, who was standing at the end of the couch drying his hands. “My advisor emailed me. My dissertation is twenty pages short, and the board is going to be reading them in a week to determine if I pass my seminar course or not, so I need to fix it ASAP.”

Katsuki frowned, tossing the dish towel over his shoulder and sitting down next to Izuku. “Isn’t that the one you’ve been working on all year now?”

Izuku sighed again. “Yeah, it is. I think I have enough research that I should be able to get the twenty pages done, but it’s going to take me at least three days to read through it and figure out where I can add to. And then I actually have to add in the words.”

Katsuki pulled Izuku’s feet into his lap, digging his fingers into the arch, and Izuku groaned at the feeling, pushing his foot into it more. “I’m sorry, bunny,” Katsuki told him. “I know how much of a problem it was giving you already.”

Izuku grimaced. Katsuki wasn’t wrong. The dissertation was supposed to be the culmination of his entire schooling career, and Izuku was lucky that he had been able to work in a lab for the past three years so that he had enough to meet the page requirements. He had been working on it for months now, and to be told that it still wasn’t finished when he had already applied for graduation? Izuku was lucky that he didn’t just combust right on the spot.

Izuku really needed a break, and Katsuki took one look at Izuku and knew what he was thinking. He dug his thumbs in a little firmer and said, “Let’s go out to dinner. Just you and me. You could use a night to relax before jumping back into it.”

Izuku hummed, thinking about it. It would be nice to not have to worry about school and Eri for one night. “You think your parents would be okay with babysitting?”

“Yeah, I don't see why not.” Katsuki turned his head towards Eri’s room, yelling, “Princess, you want to go to your grandparents’ tonight?”

There was a loud clatter from her room followed by the sound of her door opening, and she came running into the room with a wide smile on her face. “Yes! Ojii-chan said he would show me how to use a sewing machine next time I came over, and I want to see if I can turn new fabric back to what it was before with my quirk.”

Katsuki chuckled, lifting her onto the couch and letting her settle next to him. “Yeah? Have you been getting better at doing it?”

Eri nodded, cuddling closer to Katsuki. “Yeah! I got cotton to go back to the plant, but I was having a problem working with the leather he had.”

As she babbled on about the different feelings each material had, Izuku couldn’t help but smile at the picture the two of them made. Eri was now nine, two birthdays having come and gone with Katsuki going overboard on a party for both of them. For her eighth birthday, Izuku had managed to wrangle him out of renting out an entire zoo for just five kids, but the compromise had been a petting zoo at his parents’ house. During it, Eri had been enamored with the tiny pony she had been able to ride, and Izuku had stolen Katsuki’s wallet before the man could buy her one. He had ended up telling him that with the apartment, they had no room for it unless Katsuki wanted to sleep with it in the bed instead of Izuku.

Katsuki had looked put out about it but relented, bending to Izuku’s logic easily. Of course, that meant Katsuki had just signed her up for horseback riding lessons as a Christmas gift instead.

It was a blessing that Eri had just wanted to go to the movies for her ninth birthday instead of anything crazy. Izuku didn’t think he could have talked Katsuki out of buying her a pet the second time, not with how excited the alpha had looked at the idea as well.

Izuku nudged Katsuki with his foot, getting his attention. “You want to call your parents now while I get her ready?”

Katsuki nodded, digging out his phone from his pocket. “Pack her an overnight bag, might as well make a night out of it.”

Izuku raised a brow at Katsuki as he got off the couch, giving him an amused look, and Katsuki gave him a deadpan one back. “Oh? A night of it, huh?” Izuku teased.

Katsuki shoved at his hip as he passed. “Just go get our daughter ready.”

By the time that Izuku had gotten a bag ready for Eri and gotten her dressed, Katsuki had already gotten off the phone and was getting ready himself. Izuku ducked into the bathroom, asking, “Are they picking her up or are we taking her there?”

“They should be here soon to pick her up for us,” Katsuki said over the sound of the water.

Izuku hummed in response, eyes trailing over what he could see of Katsuki’s body from behind the foggy glass, and he was already having ideas of what they could get up to later that night. He had bought a few new things earlier that week that he was interested in using.

Katsuki caught him looking with a smirk. “Like what you see?”

Izuku rolled his eyes hard. “Just hurry up, ass, I have to get ready too.”

“You like my ass!” Katsuki shouted as Izuku left the doorway.

“If you don’t hurry up, you’ll see how much I like it tonight when you get a punishment for being a brat!” Izuku shouted back, and he laughed a little as he could hear Katsuki drop something with a fumble.

Katsuki was just getting out when the bell rang, and Izuku was quick to let Masaru and Mitsuki up. Eri was already bouncing at the door when Izuku opened it for them, and he grinned as Mitsuki picked her up and swung her around.

“Sorry this is so last minute,” Izuku apologized to Masaru, handing him Eri’s bag. “Kacchan suggested going out for dinner to relax since I got some irritating news earlier.”

Masaru’s brow furrowed in concern. “Is everything alright?”

Izuku nodded. “Yeah, it’s just my dissertation. My advisor dropped the ball and I have to fix something before it goes for review.”

Masaru winced, knowing exactly how hard Izuku had been working on it. “Do you have to add or take away from it?”

Izuku sighed. “Adding to it. It’s only twenty pages, but with how much I already put into it, I have no idea where I’m going to pull it out of. I’m going to probably have to restructure a few parts to get it to work.”

Mitsuki patted his shoulder, holding Eri on her hip. “Don’t worry, Izuchan. You’re going to do fine. We’ll get this one out of your hair so you can take tonight to relax, and then you’ll be able to get it done.”

Izuku thanked them both, giving Eri a kiss as he said goodbye, before moving back into the bedroom where Katsuki was drying his hair.

“She’s off?” He asked.

Izuku nodded. “Yeah, she was so excited that she was almost out the door before I opened it.”

Katsuki chuckled. “I figured. She’s been itching to go over there more often since they started helping her with her quirk.”

Izuku moved into Katsuki’s space, wrapping his arms around the alpha’s waist. He leaned up and kissed him, nibbling on Katsuki’s lip gently. They got caught up in kissing for a few minutes, the ease of it letting Izuku calm down from earlier. At least, until Katsuki’s hand moved from where it was on his hip to come around and squeeze his ass, and Izuku pulled back with a laugh. “Weren’t you the one who suggested dinner?”

“Mmmm, we could skip it? I’m sure we can figure out something else to get you relaxed.”

Izuku patted his chest, moving out of his arms to head towards the bathroom. “Keep it in your pants, I’m hungry and you got me excited to go out.”

Izuku could feel Katsuki’s eyes on his back, most likely locked onto his ass, and he rolled his eyes, closing the door behind him.

It was still almost an hour until they were out the door, but once they were, Izuku was able to figure out exactly where they were going by the way Katsuki was taking. “We’re going back to—”

“—the restaurant we had our first meeting at?” Katsuki finished for him. He gave Izuku a little smirk. “Yeah, I figured we haven’t been there in a while.”

Izuku narrowed his eyes a little in suspicion. Katsuki had that look on his face where he was up to something, and it had an equal chance of either being the sweetest thing ever or something that would embarrass the both of them.

By the time they had been seated, Izuku had already come up with twelve different things that Katsuki could be planning, but most of them he dismissed. It was only once they had ordered that Izuku started getting into the more serious ideas, and none of them really stuck in his head except one that Izuku himself didn’t even think Katsuki was thinking about.

Izuku wondered what Katsuki’s thoughts on marriage were, especially since they hadn’t even mated yet. It almost seemed…inevitable to Izuku, with how much he loved Katsuki. Katsuki was it for him; it didn’t matter that he was young, not when they already lived together, had a daughter together, shared everything of themselves with each other. Katsuki was the one person that would always be on his mind that way.

Izuku opened his mouth to tell Katsuki exactly that, to get the discussion going, at the same time Katsuki began to speak.

“Kacchan, I—”

“Deku, I have something—”

Both stopped, looking at each other in surprise, before Katsuki gestured at Izuku. “No, Izuku, you go first.”

Izuku huffed, grinning a little. “Kacchan, I know this is kind of sudden, but do you ever want to get married?”

Katsuki’s jaw dropped, looking at Izuku dumbfounded.

Izuku hurried to continue. “It’s just, I was thinking about why you would want to come here, and while I didn’t fully figure it out, it did make me think of other things. And I just realized that we never really discussed it, but I do want to get married. To you, preferably,” Izuku said teasingly. “But I don’t know if you want to, so I figured, we’ve got the night to ourselves. Might as well discuss it.”

Katsuki was still looking at Izuku like he couldn’t fully understand what Izuku was saying, and Izuku started to get a little nervous. Did he come across too strong about this? Katsuki might not be the type to want to get married, and Izuku just put it out there that he was thinking about it.

Of course, before Izuku could go into full panic mode, Katsuki huffed and shot back, “You just had to steal my thunder, huh?”

“What?” Izuku’s eyes went wide. Was Katsuki saying what he thought?

Katsuki reached into his pocket, pulling out a small black box. He placed it next to Izuku’s hand. “Well, I had a speech prepared,” Katsuki said teasingly, “but I guess that’s kind of useless now since you already answered my question before it was asked.”

Izuku stared at the box, breathless. He knew he was the one that brought it up, but he wasn’t expecting for Katsuki to already have a ring or anything. Just like usual, Katsuki was already two steps ahead in knowing his own feelings, and Izuku couldn’t help but laugh. He picked the box up, pinching the lid but not opening it. He looked at Katsuki. “Just because you know the answer,” he said slowly, a smile crept across his face, “doesn’t mean that a boy wouldn’t like to hear the question.”

Katsuki matched Izuku’s smile with his own lopsided one, the one that Izuku knew only came out when Katsuki was feeling particularly giddy. “Okay then,” Katsuki said easily. “If that’s what you want. Midoriya Izuku, would you do me the honor of marrying me?”

Izuku inhaled shakily, nodding his head firmly. “Kacchan, I wouldn’t say no even if you paid me.”

Katsuki gave him a look. “Did you really just—” He cut himself off, shaking his head in amusement. “Just open the box, Deku.”

Izuku did just that, eyes landing on the ring nestled in the box, and he smiled at how Katsuki seemed to know him well. The ring wasn’t plain, not in the way that one would think of the word, but it wasn’t as gaudy as it could have been if Katsuki had gone all out like he probably wanted to. The band was rose gold, the design matching perfectly to Izuku’s collar, and came to wrap delicately around a diamond in the middle, bigger than the rest of them, but not big enough to make Izuku uncomfortable. Honestly, it was perfect for him, and Izuku slid it onto his finger decisively.

Katsuki made a noise between a groan and a whine, and Izuku’s eyes snapped up towards him. He saw Katsuki’s eyes trained on the ring, and he wiggled his fingers a little. “Katsuki, do you like the look of it?”

Katsuki met his gaze, pupils blown wide and making his eyes look dark. “Izuku, if we weren’t at this restaurant, you would find out exactly how much I like it.”

Izuku was already up out of his seat and heading towards the front of the restaurant to leave. Screw the dinner; he should have agreed to just staying home when Katsuki had mentioned it. “Well, then let’s get home so you can show me, hmm?”

Izuku had already gotten the car brought around by the time Katsuki had joined him outside, and he slid into the passenger seat without looking back. A plan was forming in Izuku's head, one that he hoped Katsuki would like but wasn’t sure since they had never done it before. But Izuku could not wait any longer to get his mouth around Katsuki, as a reward for not only himself but Katsuki as well.

Once Katsuki pulled onto the highway, Izuku moved into action, placing his left hand high on Katsuki’s thigh as Katsuki maneuvered between the other cars on the road. Katsuki gave him a curious look out the corner of his eye, figuring out that Izuku was up to something, and Izuku smirked at him.

“You know,” Izuku started conversationally, adjusting himself in his seat so his back was to the door, “there is one thing that I’ve always been curious about doing, but we never had the chance to try it out.” Izuku slid his hand up, moving to palm at Katsuki’s crotch, and the blond inhaled sharply. “Can you guess what I mean?”

Katsuki gave him an incredulous look. “You really want to? Here? Now?”

Izuku nodded. “If you don’t want to, you know what to say,” he said, alluding to Katsuki’s safe word, “but if you don’t mind, I’m going to get going on what I want to do.”

Izuku could see Katsuki’s grip on the steering wheel grow tight as he thumbed open the button of Katsuki’s pants, and Izuku pulled the zipper down. “Hips up,” Izuku ordered.

“How?” Katsuki hissed out. “I’m driving.”

Izuku looked at him, tone unimpressed as he said, “I don’t want a zipper cutting into my face, so figure it out.”

Katsuki shuddered at the hard tone and planted his free foot onto the floor, lifting his hips slightly. Izuku could feel the car accelerate as Katsuki pressed harder on the gas to keep his balance, and he yanked down both the pants and underwear in one swift pull.

Katsuki fell back into the seat heavily, letting up on the gas with a sigh, and Izuku snickered a little. Despite his demeanor, Katsuki was already fully hard, and Izuku knew it was because of the adrenaline that was rushing through his veins. Katsuki had come home often enough from a fight raring to go that Izuku knew that Katsuki got off on dangerous situations, and Izuku had taken to pushing that boundary in ways that he’s sure Katsuki hadn’t imagined.

The first time Izuku had done something relatively tame, coming to Katsuki’s office at the agency and riding the alpha in his desk chair, door unlocked where anyone could come in at any moment and see Izuku taking his alpha’s knot. Most recently, Izuku had Katsuki eat him out in a barely darkened corner of a bar, where Katsuki couldn’t see but Izuku knew that at least a few people realized what was going on.

So Izuku sucking Katsuki off in the relative privacy of their car should have been nothing, but the fact that Katsuki was still driving the car and had both of their lives in his hands? It was a perfect recipe for Katsuki to already be on edge, and Izuku planned on using that to his advantage.

Wrapping his hand around Katsuki’s cock, he jacked him a couple of times slowly, watching through his lashes as Katsuki bit his lip and made to switch lanes. Izuku licked a slow strip up Katsuki’s cock, wrapping his lips around the tip to suck hard once, and Katsuki swerved a little, righting the car in the next lane with a little struggle. Izuku hummed, making Katsuki curse, before opening his mouth and taking his cock to the base easily, tip resting in his throat.

Katsuki bucked up, hitting the gas as he did so, and the little jolt in Izuku’s stomach from the motion made him moan. He pulled off with a pop, moving to mouth at the base where Katsuki’s knot would form, and Katsuki whined, thighs tensing underneath Izuku for a second.

It was hot to see Katsuki struggling to focus on the road even as Izuku took him apart with just his mouth, and Izuku wanted to make him come unraveled at the edges. Izuku didn’t worry about Katsuki not being able to control the car, especially since Izuku trusted Katsuki so completely that he couldn’t even imagine Katsuki endangering them. If it became too much for Katsuki, Izuku trusted the man to safe word out of it.

With that in mind, Izuku decided to kick it up a notch. He took Katsuki back into his mouth, setting a hard and fast pace, listening to the sudden gasps that he was dragging out of Katsuki. The blond’s hips twitched, pushing up into Izuku’s mouth every time Izuku went down, lips brushing against the neatly trimmed hair there. Izuku could feel himself starting to get wet, and he slid his free hand back, palming at his own cock and rutting down a couple of times. Izuku slid his hand into the front of his own pants, moving past his balls to press the pads of his fingers to his hole, and Katsuki gasped out, “Holy shit, Izuku, are you—”

Izuku looked up at him, pulling off to take a breath and respond. “Fingering myself?” Izuku asked, and he took the chance to slide two fingers into himself, breath hitching slightly at the feeling. “Of course. You’re not the only one who likes me sucking your cock.”

Katsuki groaned, eyes slitted open to still keep his eyes on the road, but Izuku could tell that he just wanted to close them and enjoy this. Izuku moaned breathily, a little showy to make Katsuki react, and sucked Katsuki down, swallowing around the head of his cock in his throat, and Katsuki released a punched-out sound. Izuku pulled back enough to grip the knot that was forming, squeezing to milk out everything Katsuki was giving as he came, swallowing it down easily and digging his tongue into the slit to make Katsuki judder a little in his seat.

Izuku continued to suck, knowing he was working Katsuki into oversensitivity from how Katsuki kept shifting away from Izuku’s mouth, but still he didn’t put a stop to it, so Izuku used the fact that Katsuki had nowhere to move to enjoy himself. He kept fingering himself, moving to push a third finger in, and just as he was working up a good rhythm, getting himself closer and closer to coming, the car jerked over a pothole. Izuku pulled back with a gasp, eyes wide as the sudden rough pressure sent him over the edge, cock twitching as he came in his pants and ass clenching down on his fingers.

Katsuki was pulling into the garage of the building as he smirked, and Izuku knew that the blond had ran over the bump on purpose. He pulled his hand out of his pants, fingers glistening with his slick, and gripped Katsuki’s chin tightly once the car was fully parked to make the man look at him.

Izuku’s voice was sharp as he asked, “Didn’t I say earlier to behave, Katsuki?”

Katsuki’s eyes widened in surprise, knowing that he had fucked up by doing that. Still, he said, “Izuku, it was an accident.”

Izuku tilted his head, eyes narrowing. “That’s two,” he said evenly. “Do you want to make it three by lying to me again?”

Katsuki inhaled shakily, and he shook his head in the negative. Izuku released his chin and patted gently at his cheek. “Good alpha,” he told him, and watched at Katsuki’s eyes glazed slightly. “Now, go upstairs and get undressed. If you do that, I might take it easy on your punishment for being a brat.”

Izuku took the keys out of the ignition as Katsuki buttoned up his pants and scrambled out of the car, setting himself to rights calmly before locking the car behind him. He thumbed at the corner of his mouth, sucking the small bit of cum that had been there off the digit as he walked towards the elevator that was now carrying Katsuki upstairs. Izuku rolled his shoulders, pushing his curls back into place, and considered what he could do for Katsuki’s punishment.

Izuku had bought a new set of cuffs from their favorite shop just last week, but tying Katsuki up for his punishment wouldn’t be a punishment at all, with how much the alpha liked it. He could bring out paddle that they both liked, but even that didn’t seem like enough to teach Katsuki this lesson. Katsuki knew better than to act like a brat when all Izuku wanted to do was give him pleasure, and it was left to Izuku to keep Katsuki in line when he got like this.

By the time he was walking into the front door, Izuku had figured out what a good punishment would be, and he knew that Katsuki wouldn’t like it one bit. As Izuku came into the bedroom, he smiled at the sight of Katsuki putting his clothes into the hamper. “Good job, Katsuki,” Izuku purred out, and Katsuki jumped a little at his voice, spinning to face Izuku.

Izuku moved forward, stripping off his shirt as he did so, and Katsuki lifted his hands to brush fingers against Izuku’s side once before Izuku slapped his hands away.

“No,” Izuku scolded lightly. “I’ll let that slide since I haven’t told you, but from here until we’re finished, you’re not allowed to touch me unless I tell you to. You misbehaved, sweetheart. That means you don’t get to do what you want now.” Izuku threaded a hand into the back of Katsuki’s hair, petting lightly. “You know you’re supposed to listen to me, so now you have to or I’ll have to punish you some other way. And you know that I’m not the type to accept failure, and neither are you, right?”

“Right,” Katsuki answered, looking a little put out by the punishment, but that wasn’t worrisome to Izuku. If Katsuki liked what Izuku told him to do, then it wouldn’t be a punishment, now would it?

Izuku slid out of his pants, nudging Katsuki towards the bed and joining him there. Tonight was going to be about celebrating, but now, Izuku was making tonight about himself and what he wanted. Katsuki got what he wanted by Izuku agreeing to marry him, so turnabout's fair play. Izuku laid back, stretching out on the covers to rest his head against the pillows, and pointed to the space between his feet. “Kneel at the end of the bed, Katsuki,” he ordered, tone sharp, and Katsuki whined a little as he realized what Izuku’s plan was but followed the directions. Izuku looked him in the eye as he said, “Right now, I’m going to stretch myself open , and I want you to sit there and watch. No touching your cock, no moving closer, no reaching out to touch me in any way. I know how much you like being the one to do this, so you don’t get to. Once I’m ready for you, then you’ll be able to move, but not before then.”

With that, Izuku closed his eyes, acting as if he was ignoring Katsuki completely when it was the exact opposite. Izuku was hyper-aware of every movement that Katsuki was making, knowing that Katsuki would push his boundaries to see if he could get away with even a little bit of disobedience. It was honestly one of Izuku’s favorite parts of this, Katsuki’s testing of Izuku to see if he was good enough to be a Dom for him, and Izuku wouldn’t let himself fail.

But that didn’t mean he couldn’t tease Katsuki at the same time. Izuku started with his hands at his neck, tilting his head back to trail fingers over the unblemished skin there. He let his fingers catch on the chain of the collar he still wore, tugging lightly, and he heard Katsuki rumble a little from the sight. Izuku slitted his eyes open, barely enough to catch the sight of Katsuki still kneeling there, knees spread wide and hands on his thighs, red eyes dark as he focused on what Izuku was doing. Katsuki’s length was heavy against his thigh, filling slowly as Izuku put on his show, and Izuku shuddered at the thought of telling Katsuki exactly what to do with it.

Izuku shifted on the bed, spreading his own legs wider and giving Katsuki a better view of where he was wet and leaking. Slick coated the insides of his thighs, and if Katsuki had behaved, Izuku might have let Katsuki eat him out, thighs over broad shoulders and blond head being guided by his hands to where Izuku wanted his alpha.

Instead, Izuku slid his hands down from his neck, trailing his right along the side of his chest as the left stopped at his nipple to roll it between his fingers. Izuku arched his back with a gasp, throwing his head back and pulling more firmly at his chest even as his other hand scratched at the skin across his hip. Izuku felt the bed shift by his feet, and he snapped out, not even having to look, “Hands, Katsuki.”

A huff sounded, and Izuku rolled his head to the side to look at him. Katsuki was digging his nails into his thigh, looking put out at being denied permission to touch Izuku yet, and Izuku could see the look in his eyes that said Katsuki was closer to snapping than Izuku had realized.

“It’s okay, sweetheart,” Izuku crooned, letting his omegan purr lace his tone to settle Katsuki. “Not much longer now, okay? You’re doing so good, such a good alpha for me.”

Katsuki shuddered at Izuku’s words, a full-body thing that shook the bed, and his grip let up on his thigh. Izuku could see the faint red marks from Katsuki’s nails that were left behind.

Izuku curled his right hand around his own cock, pulling along the length of it slowly as he dipped his left hand down towards where he was wettest. He rubbed along his taint, pressing from the outside along that spot that made him shiver, before swiping his fingers through the slick there and switching hands on his cock.

Izuku used the first two fingers on his right hand to push past the ring of muscle, still loose from when he fingered himself in the car, and he spread his fingers to stretch himself out. The first time Izuku had done this to take Katsuki’s cock, he hadn’t stretched enough, but the slight pain from taking Katsuki too soon had let Izuku discover that he almost liked it like that better. Katsuki had fingered him open the next time, stretching him the right amount, and while Izuku enjoyed himself, he preferred being able to feel the drag of Katsuki’s cock along his walls and rim as he was fucked.

It was stupid, but it let Izuku feel it the next day, a little proof to himself that Katsuki was his; his to use, his to fuck, his to love. Nobody else got the privilege of being in Katsuki’s bed, and now with the ring on Izuku’s finger, nobody else would.

Izuku had gotten himself up to three fingers at that point, but with the thoughts swirling around his head, he couldn’t wait any longer. The punishment was for Katsuki, and Izuku wouldn’t back down from enforcing it, but it was also a bit of a punishment for Izuku as well. He loved the feeling of Katsuki’s calloused palms over his skin, warm and heavy and making Izuku feel as if he was cherished in the best of ways. Katsuki had succeeded in making Izuku feel spoiled in one way, and Izuku didn’t care about it at that point, considering that it was the only way that Izuku wanted to be spoiled.

Izuku pulled his fingers out of himself, moaning a little at the empty feeling, and he heard Katsuki mirror the noise. Izuku reached out a beckoning hand, murmuring, “Come here, Katsuki.”

Katsuki was over him before he could blink, settling into the space between Izuku’s legs like he belonged there, and Izuku smiled at him. “You’re so good for me, sweetheart,” Izuku told him, tucking a sweaty piece of hair behind Katsuki’s ear. “Now, why don’t you be good to me and fuck me. Hands on my hips, sweetheart, and give me what I want.”

Katsuki whined, ducking his head as he followed Izuku’s orders, and Izuku hummed as he felt the head of Katsuki’s cock nudge against his hole. Katsuki wasn’t quiet, little huffs and gasps leaving his mouth as he worked his cock inside of Izuku; but he was silent, no words leaving his mouth, and Izuku knew that it was a sign that Katsuki was slipping into his headspace.

Katsuki finally slid all the way inside, making them both shudder at the feel of Katsuki just filling him so completely, before Izuku tapped at Katsuki’s hip. “Slowly, sweetheart. I want to savor this.”

Katsuki nodded jerkily, pulling back a little before thrusting hard, making Izuku gasp a little. Katsuki listened, Izuku thought a little blearily as Katsuki kept the same pace, battering at Izuku’s inside with the full strength on his hips, but Izuku hadn’t expected Katsuki to go as hard as he was. Not that Izuku was complaining; Katsuki knew his body as well as Izuku knew Katsuki’s, so on almost every snap of his hips, he rammed into Izuku’s prostate, sending sparks of pleasure and pain up Izuku’s spine.

Izuku gripped tightly to Katsuki’s shoulders, nails trying to anchor but sliding with the sweat that was on his skin, leaving red welts in their wake. Izuku could hear his own little punched-out gasps mixing with Katsuki’s soft whines from the tortuous pace, and Izuku relented a little. He slid his leg from where it was wrapped around Katsuki’s waist and hooked it over Katsuki’s arm. Katsuki reacted accordingly, catching the limb and hiking it up higher instinctively before he froze, looking at Izuku nervously.

Izuku pulled him in, kissing him firmly on the mouth and twining their tongues together before pulling back and saying, “It’s okay, Katsuki. You did so well, listening to me without problem. You took your punishment without a problem, so this is your reward.” Izuku moved his head a little, brushing his lips against Katsuki’s ear as he told him, “Go ahead and fuck me like you want to, darling. Take what you want.”

Katsuki let out a slight snarl, eyes showing Izuku that he was still a little under, but it didn’t stop Katsuki from doing what he wanted. The first thrust was almost harder than the others Katsuki had given earlier, and Izuku gasped out a high whine, arching a little as Katsuki set an unrelenting pace.

Izuku could feel his body jerk with every snap, headboard hitting the wall as Izuku threw up one hand to brace against it. His other hand came around to dig into the meat of Katsuki’s ass, nails digging in and urging Katsuki in farther. “Oh, god, please, please, right there,” Izuku babbled, mouth running away from him as Katsuki shifted and began hitting his sweet spot with every thrust. “You’re so good, Katsuki, fucking me so well, just like that, sweetheart.”

Katsuki whined, burying his face in Izuku’s collarbone, pace quickening even more, and Izuku could feel Katsuki’s knot start catching along his rim as it grew, and Izuku clenched down, trying to pull Katsuki deeper inside. “Come on, sweetheart, give it to me,” Izuku breathed into Katsuki’s ear. His hand came up and clutched Katsuki closer to him, chests brushing against each other as Izuku gripped at the shoulder closest to his mouth. “Give your knot, I want it, Katsuki. Fill me up, fill me so much that you’ll pup me even with my birth control, show everyone what a strong alpha you are that you’re able to keep your omega satisfied.”

It was that which sent Katsuki over the edge, hips stuttering as he shoved his knot fully inside of Izuku, locking them together as he came with a gasp. The feeling of Katsuki’s cum filling him set Izuku right over the edge with Katsuki, clenching hard around his knot and milking it dry. Izuku’s cum splattered between them, and Katsuki was still shaking as he continued to come, lips pressing firmly to Izuku’s gland where his head was buried.

And suddenly, Izuku wanted it. He wanted that irrefutable bond with Katsuki, the one that everyone could see and couldn’t argue against. Izuku palmed the back of Katsuki’s head, tilting his chin up to give Katsuki more room, and he gasped out, “Mate me, Katsuki. Bite me.”

Katsuki jerked back a little, just enough to look Izuku in the eye, and his voice was rough as he asked, “What?”

Izuku looked Katsuki dead in the eye and said, “Do it. I want you to do it, Katsuki. Make me yours.”

The feeling of Katsuki’s teeth digging into his gland sent Izuku reeling, the fangs digging deeply into the tissue, and he pressed closer to Katsuki, burying his own face right where Katsuki’s own scent gland was. He nuzzled it gently, and Katsuki pulled his own teeth back to say, “Please.”

Izuku opened his mouth and dug his own fangs in, blood bursting in his mouth from the breaking of skin, and Katsuki shuddered and pressed up, trying to shove his hips closer than they already were. Izuku pulled back, lapping gently at the broken skin, and Katsuki collapsed onto his chest, making Izuku huff in surprise.

Izuku pet Katsuki’s hair gently, running his fingers through it as he eased Katsuki back down from the force of the bond forming, and Izuku couldn’t help but feel slightly giddy himself. The bond itself wasn’t this mystical thing that allowed crazy abilities, but it did let Izuku know Katsuki’s general state of being. Right now, Katsuki felt like a warm light that wrapped around Izuku, and from the peaceful look on the blond’s face, Izuku knew that it was at least accurate.

Katsuki came back to awareness a little while after his knot had gone done, and he grimaced at the sticky feeling between the two. Izuku would have gotten up to clean the both of them up, but he hadn’t wanted to move too far from Katsuki.

Katsuki turned to Izuku with his mouth open, no doubt to ask about it, but froze, eyes locking onto the fresh mark on Izuku’s neck. Izuku preened a little, dropping his shoulder to show off the mark, and Katsuki brought his hand up to trace his fingers around the edges.

“Does it hurt?” Katsuki asked, touch feather light as if any more pressure would cause Izuku to be in pain.

Izuku shook his head softly. “No, not at all. It feels…” He trailed off, looking for the right word and settling on, “Right. It feels right, Kacchan.”

Katsuki met his gaze, red eyes affectionate as he smiled at Izuku. He raised his hand to prod at his own mark, smaller than Izuku’s own but no less deep. “Yeah,” he agrees. “It does feel right.” He lifted Izuku’s left hand, playing with the ring that rested there, and said, “This all feels right.”

Izuku used the grip Katsuki had on his hand to pull the blond back down, plastering himself to Katsuki’s chest as Katsuki landed on his back. Izuku could feel the strain in his cheeks from how large he was smiling, and Katsuki reached up to pull him into a kiss, lips meeting gently as the world went quiet around them.

Katsuki pulled back with a sigh, cupping Izuku’s cheek, and said softly, “I’m glad that you agreed to letting me care for you. It was the best decision I’ve made in a long time.”

Izuku’s heart felt so full of love, not only for Katsuki but for the fact that a couple years ago, he never imagined that he would be this content, with a man who not only loved him but also his daughter. Izuku’s life was finally falling into place, and he murmured back, “No, Katsuki. Thank you for showing me that I was worth caring for.”