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Perks of Crushing a Flower

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"On your feet loser, so I can beat you down again!" called out the fairly unmistakable voice of one Cardin Winchester, slugging Jaune Arc in the face yet again to introduce JNPR's captain to the floor. This had clearly been an ongoing problem even after Cardin had his life saved from an Ursa. No good deed goes unpunished it seemed, as Ren managed to catch the action from out of the corner of his eye. Nora and Pyrrha had left them some time ago, off running errands for some hair brained scheme Nora cooked up. More accurately, it was no doubt an attempt to force Ren at hammer point to make an obscene amount of pancakes for her. Even now the thought made his face grow pale.

Shoving the unpleasant idea out of his head, the young man strode forward, unafraid as he shoved Cardin aside, standing firmly between him and the fallen Jaune, "That's enough Cardin. Leave him alone."

The bully gave a surprised blink, before he burst out laughing, a hand covering the armor plated chest piece he wore, "Pfffft hahahahaha. Wait wait wait YOU'RE going to tell me to stop? Look I get you have Miss Know-it-all Nikos and the Psycho Hammer chick to pall around with, but uh... last I checked, they ain't here. Don't tell me JNPR's little flower is gonna stand up to me?"

Ren didn't back down, gaze unflinching as he stared daggers right into Cardin's eyes, "I can and I will. This is the last time you mess with my friends."
Behind them, Jaune was amazed at Ren. While he was always the soft spoken one among them, he knew Ren had the biggest heart of them all. He was just hoping he knew what he had gotten himself into. Cardin may be dull, but weak was certainly not among the checklist of skills he DID possess. Even Cardn stroked his chin, regarding Lie Ren with a certain air of interest, eyes looking the lean fighter up and down.

"Hmmmm, well under normal circumstances I'd say shove it. But because I'm in such a charitable mood, I'll offer a chance." he replied, lips curled back in a sinister smirk, "You and me, one on one-"

"Done" Ren cut him off, eyes narrowed. He knew he could put up a fight and beat Cardin in the arena. His weapons and Semblance would see to that. Yet he was caught off guard when the bully started to....laugh?

"Seems someone is a bit TOO eager." Cardin chuckled, "I said one on one. But we do this MY way. We wrestle in the ring Beacon installed in the gym. About now the place is somewhat empty, long enough for us to slug it out. No weapons, no semblance, no armor. Just pure skill."

It was there Ren suddenly felt his heart drop inside his chest. He took the bait and was trapped now. Physically Cardin outmatched him. Bigger, stronger in all the ways that mattered. But if risking this meant Jaune went free, then it was worth the danger.

"Fine. If I win, you let Jaune go free. You never bother him or my friends ever again." Ren snapped, keeping his posture rigid and strong in the face of his slip up. Tapping his chin, Cardin surprisingly nodded, "Sounds fair. But if I WIN....i mean....WHEN I win, Jauney-Boy here, along with you, are gonna be my towel boys for life. And no one, not even your girls can stop that."

Leaning forward, he jabbed Ren in the chest with a meaty finger, "One hour. You come alone. I'll be there in the gym. No one else."

As Ren helped Jaune to his feet, he caught Cardin flashing him a wink as he left, flexing an arm that all but oozed confidence. Turning back to the blonde, he helped him limp back to the room. Never again. Tonight, Cardin's hold over JNPR would be done for good, even if he had to risk his own body to do it.


........One Hour Later.............

Ren fidgeted a bit in his ring gear. True it was nothing more than some dark green compression shorts that went to mid thigh, but at least it was something. At least, he thought this was the kind of stuff wrestlers wore around here. Pushing open the door, his eyes were drawn to the ring almost immediately, where Cardin practically lounged against the corner like a king on his throne. But as he focused on the bully, his eyes widened in shock! Cardin was dressed in a maroon singlet, sporting the obvious jock phisyque he expected to see, but to see what was under the heavy plate armor did give him pause. The rippling muscles under the forearms, the pronounced chest and abs showing through the material. Oh boy.....this was not gonna be easy. Catching the look, Cardin gave a wink to Ren, "Like what you see little flower? Don't worry, you'll get a nice look at these guns when they lay you out for the 3 count."

The call out only heightened Ren's embarrassment, with a few thoughts already rushing his head of the rather homo erotic nature of the sport of wrestling. Ren was a rather open minded individual. He didn't really think about sexual urges that often nor did he feel he had any crushes at Beacon. Even though Cardin was a lowly piece of scum, even he couldn't deny the guy kept in fantastic shape, sending his heart skipping just a bit.

"Gotta admit got some balls to agree to this. Come all the way here by yourself, just to stick up for your friend. I'm impressed. Still think it's a stupid choice but....still......impressive enough." Cardin admitted, cracking his neck as Lie rolled into the ring. The pair squared up in the center, with Cardin looking him over and taking in the lean features and subtle muscles of his opponent, "So all that matters is pinning your shoulders to the mat for the 3 count. No low blows or weapons. No semblance. First to get a pin wins. The specifics come later when I win."

"What makes you so sure of-OOF!" Ren began, when a knee slammed into his abdomen, doubling him over and sending him backing up into the corner! Cardin was on him like a tiger, sending knee after knee straight into his gut and solar plexus! Each blow send gasps up from his throat, curling up as his body was brutalized in the corner! A hand clenched at his raven hair, holding him up to keep him from collapsing! The laughter rumbling from Cardin's chest was not comforting in the slightest, pulling Ren so his face was pressed against the muscular chest, patting the back of his skull in the most patronizing way possible, "Awwwwww who could have guessed? Little flower is all tuckered out."

Ren felt the warmth radiating off of Cardin's chest, mingling with the flushing skin of his own flustered face. Weakly trying to push off, he found his body whirled around to face the turnbuckle pad, before the hand on the back of his skull slammed his face right into the padded item! While cushioned from the metal screws holding the ropes, the sudden smashing of his skull did leave the young huntsman dazed beyond belief, not quite sure where he was as stars danced across his vision. Cardin released his death grip, watching with a bemused smirk as Ren stumbled and swayed, a hand clutching at his temple. Looks like this was going to be even easier than her had anticipated. Giving Ren's shoulder a light shove to spin him around so his back was to the jock, Cardin wrapped his thick arm around Ren's throat, locking in a sleeper hold that practically made the young man's body jerk and spasm with a simple squeeze. Face turning red, he desperately reached for the rope, with one hand feebly clawing at the thick arm crushing his neck. Bringing his ear close to his lips the bully snickered with another sinister glint in his eye, "No use now Ren.....I got you right where I want you. All a matter of time before this is over."

Even now Ren's struggles were beginning to die down. His arms drooped ever so slightly, drool leaking out of the corner of his mouth to plop onto the smooth forearm of his opponent. All he could register was Cardin's muscles rubbing against his back, and the sudden pang of pleasure the thought brought to his core. It only took a few more squeezes to reduce the flower to a soft panting mess. Releasing the sleeper, Cardin shoved him toward the ropes, dusting his hands as Ren bounced back toward him, practically tripping over himself
Bending over, Cardin scooped Ren up over his shoulder, hoisting him up with little effort. Taking a moment to pause and flex a bicep, kissing the smooth muscle, he turned to the weak young man slumped over his shoulder. Giving one last wink, he pitched forward, bringing Lie Ren's body crashing onto the canvas with an emphatic power slam! The impact made the poor man's body BOUNCE, flopping to his side with his lavender eyes fluttering. It was abundantly clear to the both of them that Cardin all but destroyed him in a few minutes, all but cementing his claim that Jaune's friend had no hope to succeed.

Shoving Ren to lay on his back, Cardin brushed the light sweat he managed to work up from his brow, kneeling next to Ren's head. Unable to contain his laughter, he reached forward and hooked a limp leg, with the rather prominent bulge in his singlet pressing against his opponent's face. With a free hand, the bully slapped his pal on the canvas, wiggling his hips just enough to literally rub it in Ren's face, "One....two......three!"

With that decisive count, Ren's body sagged into the canvas, so punch drunk and battered he didn't even know up from down. All he felt was the lingering warmth of Cardin's chiseled body pressed into him, before he was dragged up to his feet, with Ren leaning against him for support while the winner spoke.

"Y'know......I'm changing the stakes here. I'll let Jauney-Boy go and all of your friends. But you?" he added, looking him up and down, "I like destroying you in here, so i think we're gonna be great...friends for a while. How does that sound cutie?"

In his battered state, Ren offered a tired nod, looking up at him with a punch drunk smile, ""

Cardin quirked an eyebrow at him, "Oh really now? Did you LIKE being put in your place?"

Again a tired nod, with Cardin reaching up to unhook the straps from his singlet, moving them down to his waist to reveal the signature muscles, "I take it you like what you see then?"

Ren stared, mesmerized by the sight, and only offering a small groan of agreement. His own bulge grew in his shorts, tenting just enough so that both of them knew just what exactly was going on. With all this energy, maybe the secluded area could test another theory Cardin wondered about the flower. Leaning forward, he practically breathed the question into Ren's ear with a soft whisper.

"Ever sucked a dick before Ren?" he asked, causing the young man to freeze. It took a few moments, but his opponent slowly shook his head, eyes fixated on the bulge in the singlet. Chuckling, Cardin uttered, "Something tells me Little Lie Ren wants some big meat in his mouth doesn't he?"

Ren's tired gaze looked down at the crotch of his oppressor, but to the surprise of them both, he ended up nodding in agreement. Leg's shaking, it didn't even have to come to Cardin giving an order, as they gave way and brought the young man crashing down to his knees with a hard thud. The silence in the room was palpable, as Ren's shaky fingers reached up and pulled down the singlet, letting Cardin's shaft spring open to lightly smack him in the face. The bleary eyed blink in surprise made him pause for a moment, but those lavender pupils did not stop fixating on the bouncing head of Cardin's cock. Taking the shaft in one hand, he cautiously brought it forward to give the underside an experimental lick, already inhaling the musky scent the wrestling match worked up. A light, salty tang met his tongue, but Ren did not seem to mind the flavor. On the contrary, he eagerly dove in, assaulting it with licks. The bully just tilted his head back, moaning in sadistic pleasure as his new boy toy finally found his use.

Ren kept up the routine for a few minutes before taking the shaft into his mouth with a low hum, able to find his rhythm and bob his head in time to the weak thrusts and trembles from Winchester. Ren's unusual aptitude for this was rewarded as precum squirted onto his tongue, overloading his sense of taste with a heavenly liquid that tasted divine to his beaten and submissive mind. Though stronger in the salty tang, Ren reveled and savored it, letting it roll off his tongue before offering a small gulp in reply. That was all the encouragement Cardin needed, grabbing Ren's head and picking up the pace.

"O...ooooh.....f..fuck yeah Ren....." he groaned, already reaching his peak from this amazing show of dominance. Throwing his head back, Cardin let out a roar as the tell tale pulse of his cock signaled the incoming climax. A small twitch, before the tip exploded in Ren's mouth, sending ropes of thick, creamy seed splashing within his warm mouth. Eyes glazed over, Ren eagerly gulped down as much as he could, reveling in the amazing sensation as the gooey substance easily slipped down his throat. Still, he never managed to get it all, as small droplet's trickled from the corner of his lips, traveling to his chip before falling with tiny little plops onto his heaving chest. Slowly, Ren pulled the cock from his mouth with the most satisfying pop Cardin ever heard, who dragged Ren to his feet, "Oh we are gonna have so much fun little flower."

"" Ren echoed, swaying unsteadily, mind in so much dissarray from all the stimulation he couldn't take any more. But Cardin Winchester was anything but merciful, as his hand grabbed Ren's prominent cock and gave it the tenderest of squeezes, already smiling at the stains of precum on the shorts. It didn't take more than that, as Ren's body shook with a moan and came right in his clothes. Looking each other in the eyes, Cardin leaned forward and captured Ren's lips in a dominant kiss, one that only conveyed one message, "I own you now"

The kiss didn't last long, as Ren, so overcome with the past few minutes, passed out in Cardin's arms.


From that day forward, JNPR noticed Cardin avoiding Jaune and his friends, but also noticed the bizzare change in Ren. The soft stares, the increased alone time in the gym. But Ren often tried keeping to himself, so maybe he just needed time to think.

After all, what could he possibly be doing now?