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bind your love (legs)

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The gust of wind that had managed to slip past the crack between the windowsill sent a shiver down Wei Wuxian’s back as he lay face down on their bed, thick liquid trailing down his thighs, his mind and body still in the midst of coming down from the highest peak of pleasure. Clothes that shielded their bodies against the frosty air of the night now lay scattered on the floor. Heavy pants and slight creaking of the bed echoed around the room; the scent of musk enclosed within the four walls.

Wei Wuxian’s erratic breaths trembled as Lan Wangji pressed an open mouth on the curve of his love’s neck, teeth grazing the damp flesh before pressing a tender kiss on the reddening mark he had placed earlier.

A familiar length brushed against the bruised skin on the backs of Wei Wuxian’s thighs. Wei Wuxian gingerly propped himself up on his elbows, glancing back with hooded eyes at the man who hovered above his body. 

“Er-gege”, he breathed, his voice rasp. “You’re not finished yet?”

Lan Wangji’s eyes of molten gold flickered towards him, his lips slightly parted. He inched his face closer, his heated gaze never leaving Wei Wuxian. Lan Wangji nuzzled the tip of his nose against Wei Wuxian’s, pressed a hand on the back of his husband’s head and pulled him in for another round of fervent kisses; hot breaths mingling with each other. Lan Wangji pulled away but not before placing a gentle bite on Wei Wuxian’s bottom lip.

“No.” He replied.

Wei Wuxian’s body wanted to give up. He felt like he was about to give up. But he didn’t want to. He wanted to continue drowning in the sensation of being at the complete mercy of Lan Wangji- letting him use his body in every way he liked. Wei Wuxian wanted to continue losing himself in the fires of pleasure; the heat of their hours of love making engulfing every nook cranny of his spent body.

He pushed himself up, a knowing smirk painted on his plump lips. Wei Wuxian coiled his arms around Lan Wangji’s neck, his face close enough for his mouth to be ravished once more. “Fuck me until I lose my mind then, Hanguang-jun.”

A low growl rumbled from Lan Wangji’s throat; his golden eyes seeping with hunger. It didn’t take long before Wei Wuxian was pressed down the bed as he was just a few minutes ago- legs spread far apart, hands gripped above his head, his lips being viciously sucked and bitten. 

Lan Wangji’s free hand roamed the expanse of his hot skin, groping and kneading as he did. He took interest in the perk buds, rolling it between his fingers. Wei Wuxian gasped for a well needed breath of air as Lan Wangji left his mouth to trail kisses across his clavicles, the center of his chest- stopping on each bud for a nip and a pull. The wet kisses continued down Wei Wuxian’s stomach, new marks of territory being inflicted on his shuddering body. 

Wei Wuxian’s eyes snapped open when he felt Lan Wangji’s torturous hands and mouth leave his skin.

“Lan Zhan?” Wei Wuxian asked, his voice thick with need and lust as the weight between his legs disappeared. Lan Wangji walked towards a pile of clothes discarded on the floor- seeming to be looking for something.

“Lan Zhan come back, please .” Wei Wuxian whined. “I’ll help you clean that up later.” 

Having found what he was looking for, Lan Wangji stood back up and made his way to the bed, settling himself between parted legs.

A satisfied smile tugged on the corners of Wei Wuxian’s mouth; his legs instantly curling around his husband. “Much better.”

Wei Wuxian waited for a harsh tug on his hips, teeth sinking down somewhere on his skin, a kiss so deep that he’d be left knocked out of his breath and a long rod penetrating his waiting hole that was still slick from their earlier activities- but none of that came as he was left staring at Lan Wangji who remained unmoving.

“Lan Zhan?” Wei Ying tilted his head in question. “Are we done already?” he donned a rather teasing pout.

Lan Wangji’s lips pulled taut, his heated gaze drinking in every line of his husband’s beautiful face.

And oh how beautiful Wei Wuxian was in his husband’s eyes. He was the light to his darkness. The ray of sunlight breaking through thunderous clouds. The person who pulled him out of his suffocating shell. The burst of color in his dull life. And most importantly, the husband whom he loved with every fiber of his being.

A small laughter bubbled from Wei Wuxian. “I might just melt on the spot if you keep on looking at me like that, Hanguang-jun.”

Lan Wangji narrowed his eyes at him; a bitter taste in his mouth. “You are not going anywhere.”

“Is that so?” There was a mischievous glint dancing in Wei Wuxian’s lustful eyes. “How are you so sure that I’m not going anywhere? I might still be sore from your merciless fucking but I believe I can still manage to crawl my way out of the bed.” Wei Wuxian pushed himself up, a curtain of ink black hair spilling down his shoulders as he slowly- painstakingly -slithered towards Lan Wangji. He placed a crooked finger underneath Lan Wangji’s chin and lifted it up so that it was perfectly leveled with his eyes. “How will my dearest husband make me stay, I wonder?” Wei Wuxian ran the pad of his thumb across Lan Wangji’s bottom lip, his heady gaze following the movement. “Will he tie me up? Fuck me until I won’t be able to stand?” Wei Wuxian’s teasing hand travelled down the span of Lan Wangji’s chest stopping when it reached a specific spot. His eyes flickered to his husband’s golden orbs that screamed desire and passion before diverting his attention on the fully erect member. Wei Wuxian trailed a finger down the length and slowly coming up to trace a circle along the nearly leaking head. “What will you do, Lan Zhan?”

Lan Wangji clenched his jaw, keeping control of what was left of his self-restraint.

“Both.” Lan Wangji replied.

A wave of excitement and a tinge nervousness swelled from the pits of Wei Wuxian’s stomach. “Oh?”

He was abruptly pushed down, a hand behind his head to support the fall; making sure that he wouldn’t get hurt. Utterly curious of what his husband was up to, Wei Wuxian parted his knees to take a peek. Lan Wangji immediately drew them back together, an arm curled around Wei Wuxian’s legs, confining them. Wei Wuxian swallowed as he saw a too familiar strip of fabric in Lan Wangji’s hand. He was about to ask if his wrists were going to be tied to the bedpost again when the cool fabric began to wrap around his legs. Wei Wuxian felt the fabric loop around a couple of times, tugging every now and then to make sure that they were secure. After a while, Lan Wangji took the two ends and deftly tied them into neat knots, bounding Wei Wuxian’s legs together.

Wei Wuxian had been tied up by this husband of his many times already- wrists tied to a branch of one of the trees at the back mountains of the Cloud Recesses, to the foot of the bed, a chair, Wei Wuxian’s dick wasn’t even spared when Lan Wangji decided to tie his forehead ribbon around it one time after finishing a bath together, and the list was endless. But it was the first time that the sect ribbon was tightly coiled around his legs. It sent a rush of adrenaline in his tired yet willing body.

Lan Wangji began to lift the bounded limbs, his eyes drifting close as it pressed soft kisses starting from Wei Wuxian’s ankle up to the backs of his knees. Wei Wuxian’s breath staggered as Lan Wangji nipped the back of his thigh, leaving a trail of fresh love bites. 

Wei Wuxian’s vision blurred for a fraction; abruptly flipped to his front. A breeze of cold wind tickled his plump cheeks as his ass was lifted from the warm bed sheets; a strong hand kneading the already bruised flesh. A gasp escaped him when Lan Wangji began to prep his entrance with a thumb prodding the swollen rim. Two slim fingers plunged in the damp flesh, igniting a new wave of impending pleasure on the pits of Wei Wuxian’s stomach. His hole was stretched and his insides massaged as Lan Wangji continued to finger him. Wei Wuxian began to clench and unclench his walls around the digits, unable to escape from the budding high. His whimpers grew louder when Lan Wangji began to hit a certain spot that rendered Wei Wuxian senseless. 

The tip of his weeping cock was brushing against the sheets beneath him, adding up to his misery. Wei Wuxian reached down to wrap a trembling hand around his erection to pump himself into oblivion.

“No.” Lan Wangji stopped him, his hand now held down on the small of his back.

“I-I have to.” Wei Wuxian stammered, craning his head to glance at his husband. “I want to. Please please , Lan Zhan, let me. I- ah,”

The set of three slim fingers were now replaced by a rock hard rod. Wei Wuxian forced his arm free, bringing a finger to his mouth and bit on his knuckle, suppressing needy moan.

“Fuck,” Wei Wuxian breathed as Lan Wangji eased himself in and out in a rather slow manner. Wei Wuxian braced himself on his forearms, gathering all that was left of his strength to meet Lan Wangji’s agonizing thrusts. Lan Wangji held his hips in place, hands clamping down his flesh.

“Stay still.” Lan Wangji said, almost a growl.

“No.” Wei Wuxian complained, attempting to sink Lan Wangji’s length further into his body. “No,” his legs strained against the fabric, writhing for its release. “Just fuck me Er-gege, please. Rip me apart I don’t care. Ram into me until I couldn’t scream anymore. I’ll take you in again and again, Lan Zhan, so just-”

A scream ripped from his throat as Lan Wangji delivered a deep plunge. “Shut. Your mouth.” Lan Wangji grunted.

Wei Wuxian’s body bucked at the force of his husband’s thrust, his mouth dropped open, continuous moans and whimpers of Lan Wangji’s name spilling from his lips. Lan Wangji pulled their bodies apart, his head barely inside his husband. Wei Wuxian was about to complain at the sudden loss of contact when his hips snapped backwards, Lan Wangji’s dick hitting the deepest part of his core. It was a frustratingly slow pace but Wei Wuxian was certain that he was about to lose his fucking mind.

“L-Lan Zhan,” he heaved, tears trailing down his face. “The ribbon. Take off the ribbon.” He tried pulling one of his legs free but it was to no avail; the forehead ribbon was tightly coiled around his limbs. Wei Wuxian’s hands shoot out to grasp the edge of the bed as his body pushed forward because of his husband’s vicious pounding. His body felt so constricted and he wanted nothing more but to spread his legs as far as he could to ease the aching pleasure he was currently being put into. “Lan Zhan, it’s too much.” He looked back, one hand reaching out to hold Lan Wangji’s hand on his hip. Lan Wangji’s pace quickened, his eyes bloodshot, not sparing a second for Wei Wuxian to rest. Wei Wuxian yelped, his eyes squeezing shut as the curve of his husband’s pulsating length hit his prostate. “T-too much.” He choked. 

Lan Wangji reached forward, dipping his head to take Wei Wuxian’s dribbling mouth in his. Wei Wuxian whined into the kiss, his tongue in constant battle with another. Lan Wangji released his lips with a bite, moving on to lick the shell of his husband’s ear.

Ah -slow down.” Wei Wuxian cupped Lan Wangji’s cheek, his legs shuddering against each other, the thick cloth leaving vine like imprints on his skin because of his constant writhing. “Slow down, Hanguang-jun. I was joking when I told you to rip me apart. I didn’t think you would actually do it- nggh .”

Wei Wuxian burrowed his head on the sheets, fingers clawing at the smooth fabric as Lan Wangji buried himself deep into Wei Wuxian’s ass. 

“What,” a scream inducing thrust, “do you take me for?” Lan Wangji groaned into his ear.

Wei Wuxian was literally digging himself his own grave. His vision was flipped once more- now lying on his back. Lan Wangji hovered above him, teeth clamping down on the exposed neck, muffling his own moans as he continuously slammed into his husband, his cock sheathed tight within because of how Wei Wuxian’s legs were bound together. Lan Wangji pushed himself up, bracing the well defined limbs on one shoulder, hips circling as it delivered another push.

Wei Wuxian’s throat felt hoarse from all the moaning and screaming he had been doing for the past half hour. He covered his teary eyes with a limp arm, face flushed from their fierce love making. Their new position drive him closer to insanity. The muscles on his shins felt tight, his body quivering at the lack of movement on his legs. He felt heat tightly knotted on his stomach, his cock dripping with precome- the pearly liquid dribbling down his upper body. The same substance leaked from his puffy hole as Lan Wangji pulled himself out. Wei Wuxian swallowed, saliva trailing down the corners of his mouth. His flaccid arm reached for his husband’s waist, his hand weakly pushing, urging him to sheath himself inside once more.

“Lan Zhan,” he rasped. “Where did you go? Go back in. Put it back inside.” Wei Wuxian rubbed circles on his husband’s waist.

Lan Wangji placed his hand above his husband’s caressing the trembling fingers. He lifted it to his mouth and pressed a gentle kiss on the palm of Wei Wuxian’s hand. “Not yet.”

Wei Wuxian shifted his head to the side to gain a better view of his husband. “What?” he breathed; his mind nearly out of its order.

His eyes snapped wide open when Lan Wangji brought his thighs together, closing in on the hard length situated in between his damp skin. “Lan Zhan?” His heart stammered. “What are you doing?”

Lan Wangji kept his mouth shut, eyes fixated on his beautifully knackered husband. A roll of his hips and his cock pushed forward into the warm creamy skin, his essence dripping down to Wei Wuxian’s stomach.

Ngh -” Wei Wuxian arched his back as Lan Wangji’s arousal brushed against his own weeping length. Lan Wangji eased himself in and out of Wei Wuxian’s thighs, the heat of his dick against Wei Wuxian’s sensitive skin driving both of them into madness. Their pulsating lengths continued to slip against each other, the brief yet spine-tingling contact eliciting staggered gasps.

“S- Ah! ,” Wei Wuxian seized the hand on his thigh. “Stop fucking my thighs already. Put it in-” his body shot forward at the sudden push. Wei Wuxian bit his thumb, forcing his moans down. “Put it in, Lan Zhan.” He could feel his hole clench at its emptiness, almost begging to be filled once more.

A line formed in between Lan Wangji’s eyebrows, his golden eyes drinking the sight in front of him. “Not,” a thrust, extracting a sob from his needy husband. “Yet.”

Wei Wuxian’s entire body bucked at the change of pace, Lan Wangji’s thrusts growing in speed and strength. His cock nestled in between Wei Wuxian’s wet thighs slipping in and out, filling the jingshi with sounds of slick slaps of skin. Wei Wuxian buried his nails on the creased sheets beneath him, his stomach and chest filled with a mix of his and Lan Wangji’s seed. He turned his head to the side, exposing his neck. Lan Wangji wasted no time in leaning down to suck and bite on unshielded skin.

Wei Wuxian threaded his fingers in Lan Wangji’s silky hair, his eyes watery and begging for release. “Inside, Er-gege. I want you inside. Please, please, go back inside. Put it in me. I can’t take this anymore. I need you- FUCK!

In a matter of a nano-second, Lan Wangji had slipped himself between Wei Wuxian’s thighs, bounded legs dangled down his back, and a swift drive of his shaft into Wei Wuxian’s sweet spot.

Wei Wuxian’s desperate whimpers bounced from wall to wall, fresh tears escaping from his eyes. The ribbon holding his legs together made it harder for him to control his shuddering body. He wanted to position himself in a way that laid him fully bare and completely open for Lan Wangji to savage. The ribbon restricted his movements; almost as if imprisoning his rampant and unabashed pleasure. 

“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian hiccupped. “Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan.” He cried, his arms reaching for his husband as if he were a child. “Kiss me. I’ll feel better if you kiss me.”

Lan Wangji slipped a hand under Wei Wuxian’s head and pulled him in for a much needed kiss. His free hand finally gave Wei Wuxian’s erection the attention that it needed and began pumping up and down, thumb caressing the skin just below the head every now and then.

Wei Wuxian took a sharp intake of breath as he felt himself slowly succumbing to the throes of pleasure. He gave up on pulling his legs free from the taut fabric and let them dangle down Lan Wangji’s back as the thrusts grew faster- almost desperate. 

A snap of Lan Wangji’s hips and a squeeze on his tortured cock, Wei Wuxian’s scream echoed throughout the quiet walls of the jingshi. Every limb shuddered at his climax, his toes curling and his bound legs briefly shooting upward. His eyes began to see stars, his breathing erratic as his limp body was left moving at every thrust like lifeless doll as Lan Wangji chased after his own climax.

Lan Wangji busied his mouth with swallowing his husband’s tired moans as he reached his peak. Wei Wuxian wailed at the spurt of warm liquid spreading inside his walls; a few drops making its way down his thighs and back. Lan Wangji rested his sweaty forehead against Wei Wuxian’s, their uneven breaths mingling with each other. 

Wei Wuxian’s eyes felt heavy, body still quivering from the mind-blowing ecstacy. Lan Wangji pecked his lips before moving to pull himself out and to take the ribbon off from Wei Wuxian’s legs.

“No.” Wei Wuxian rasped, his weak arm reaching for Lan Wangji’s hand as it began to untie the knots. “It’ll spill when you take it off. I want it inside me.”

Lan Wangji’s golden eyes widened a fraction. Wei Wuxian didn’t have enough energy to tease him for it and just settled for a tired smile. 

“I have to clean you up.” Lan Wangji told him, fingers already soothing the marks on his legs.

Wei Wuxian grumbled. 

A small curve tugged on the corners of Lan Wangji’s mouth, his eyes gentle. He placed a tender kiss on Wei Wuxian’s forehead. “Do not be stubborn.”

Wei Wuxian couldn’t help but huff. “Who’s the stubborn one? Do you know how much I suffered from that little play of yours? Lan Zhan, I honestly thought I was going to go crazy.”

Lan Wangji nuzzled his nose against Wei Wuxian’s neck. “Wei Ying looked beautiful.”

Warmth bloomed on Wei Wuxian’s chest. A loving chuckle escaped him; he stroked his husband’s hair, placing a few kisses on his crown. “You really like seeing me tied up, don’t you?”

Lan Wangji hugged him tighter. “Only if it is Wei Ying.”

Damn right. 

“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian yawned, his eyes blinking slowly. “When you clean me up, do it quietly okay? I can’t keep my eyes open anymore. Oh, and when you want to have another round, do you mind if I keep on sleeping? I’ll still be able to pleasure you in sleep Er-gege, don’t worry.”

A faint chuckle traveled to Wei Wuxian’s ears. He would have been able to relish it more if it weren’t for the slumber calling out to his body. Another yawn escaped him and he made sure to whisper an I love you to his dearest husband before completely succumbing to sleep- dreaming of an instance where a white robed man tied a ribbon around his wrists, telling Wei Wuxian that he was his.