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Work Hard Get Gold In Return [Hiatus]

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It was Monday when the announcement was made, the whole class was tasked on making a stall at the market and was set an amount of money that would be made in order for it to be sent off to a charity of the class’s choosing. Luckily, you could split up into teams but the problem was after Lila little stunt of getting Marinette kicked out of school, they had mainly turned against her so as they went to chooses different teams, Marinette went to talk to Mrs Bustier.

“Mrs Bustier,” asked Marinette quietly while the class were chatting about who was in whose team, most of them were arguing who got to be in Lila’s group,
“Yes, Marinette” replied Mrs Bustier looking up from her computer,
“Can I work on my own?” Marinette asked which got a surprised look from Mrs Bustier,
“Why would you want to look on your own, it difficult to run a stall on your own?” she retorted,
“Me and my mother have a stall at the market where we sell the outfits I’ve made in and Food from our bakery, in order to pay for fabrics I need for my designs, so if I bring in the money I’ve earned from that day, can I use that as my contribution?” Marinette answered shuffling her feet.

“If it reaches the goal, you are given then yes,” Mrs Bustier said with a smile,
“You don’t mind if my mother helps out?” Marinette squeaked,
“No, since if you read the paper of the assignment which I will before giving everyone before they leave, it says you are allowed to get help from your parents as long as they do not do all the work” she replied and with that Marinette went back to her seat to grab her bag.

“So it’s settled, Alya, Lila, Nino, Adrien, Sabrina and I will be working on one stall while Juleka, Nathaniel, Max, Kim, Ivan and Chloe are doing the other” stated Alix,
“I’m not working with any of you lot” sneered Chloe as she went to stand next to Marinette,
“I’m already working with dupain-cheng” which cause Marinette to raise an eyebrow but say nothing,
“But you two can’t work a stall alone” retorted Alya glaring at the pair,
“You didn’t seem to care about the fact I already decided to ask Mrs Bustier if I could do that when you were deciding the teams” snapped Marinette returning the glare,
“But it’s not allowed” stated Rose,
“Actually, I’ve already given Marinette permission to and I’m allowing Chloe to as well since there is more than enough people in the teams already” Answered Mrs Bustier Calmly as she held a pile of paper in her hands.

The end of the day bell rung cutting off Alya who wanted to argue again, “you have the entire week to work on this in class and out of class, the stalls have already been hired so you do not need to worry about that” stated Mrs Bustier, “grab one of these papers each as you leave”.
“Come on dupain-cheng,” said Chloe as she grabbed two papers while pulling Marinette out of the class with her. “It will be their problems when they fail so let’s just leave them to make that decision, themselves” stated Alya calming down with the rest of the class nodding while Lila smirked, none of them realizing Adrien sneaking out.