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Irrelevant Development

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There's this inconvenience that's been thrown in my way. He's loud, blond, and worst of all, a child.

A 'child' was the last thing that I needed, they're bound to be bothersome, and not to mention naive. Despite Oruchimaru's desertation, I would rather have the company of a lunatic like him to have intelligent discussions with. This one's just an annoyance, constantly making me wait. Babbling on and on about his nonsense idea of the true meaning of art.  Unfortunately, Pein reprimends me from performing such ...accidents. 

I could easily give him the transience he so desires. He would pass on silently, wiped off the face of the earth. His name and title would be no more. His stupid ideology would be no more. He would leave nothing behind. No mark on this world. He'll be so quickly Forgotten. Such is the nature of all things fleeting. 

No matter, I can find amusement in knowing that its only a matter of time. 

"Self - Proclaimed artist, lets see how long you last." Sasori muttered to himself, eyeing a piece of carved wood.

Warmth danced about the sun kissed room. Golden rays of the setting sun passed through the Shoji screens, silhouetting a boy sat by the engawa of the inn. He performed one last tug on his hair. Deidara finished his ponytail and stood up to call for his senior. They had only been partners for a short while, and rarely met outside of mission hours given Sasori's preference for isolation. So its no surprise that they've yet to know the true colors of one another. But Deidara is about to trigger that one small step forward. 

A few steps was all it took to reach his partner's room. "Oi, Sasori, I'm ready to leave." He spoke in front of the screen but the action merited no response. "Are you in there?" He slid the screen door, only to find the body of his perceived master at the farther left corner. He was perplexed at the sight. Hiruko's hatch was open. "So that ugly thing was a puppet all along, huh?" Deidara thought to himself. Young and cocky as he is, He never really concerned himself with Sasori's odd appearance. Sure Hiruko had a tail, and was quite short for his stature. but given how Akatsuki looks like a freak show anyway, he never thought of anything. He never saw what lied underneath the cloak, and neither did he want to, so he went with Sasori being an abomination of an old man with a particular interest in making really creepy dolls. He's still not wrong though. 

That aside, Hiruko wasn't the only doll in the room. Deidara crept in, observing the contents of the room, small steps giving out small creeks. Right at the center lied one of Sasori's creations that he had never seen before. Curious, he approached. It was far more refined than any of his puppets. The golden shine gave it's pale skin a warm glow. It wore typical Akatsuki bluish grey pants. Lush Red hair cupped its soft, delicate face. Eyelashes accessorising closed eyes. It looked like a boy no older than his age that looked like it was merely fast asleep, and under the warm light, it had a hint of fragility. If it weren't for the blatant mechanical parts spewing out of its belly, Deidara would've taken a bit longer to realize that it was in fact not an actual human being. 

A masterpiece. He couldn't help but take his time admiring the precision and life like accuracy of Sasori's craftsmanship. Of course, he would never let on in front of Him. He would snub the work even. After all, true art could never be something this permanent. Deidara wanted to touch it to see how it felt. If those cheeks were as soft as it looked, and so he did. He did, because Sasori wasn't there to give him smugness for his admiration. because Sasori wasn't there to enforce his superiority. Or was he? 

Deidara kneeled on one leg . His arm reached out, two fingers gently carassed its cheek. He was entranced by the puppet's face, handsome indeed. 

"Like what you see?"

Startled, as if he had been caught doing a sinful act, Deidara sprung up and turned to see the owner of the unfamiliar voice from behind. "You're-"
The light against him shrouded the figure in mystery, but his eyes readjusted. Soon enough he caught site of an icy cold gaze. Ash Brown eyes stared back. Callous as can be. His figure was enveloped by rays of light. He looked exactly like the model that slept in the room. Sasori wasn't that ugly old geezer, this was the real Sasori of the red Sand, a slightly shorter but very handsome man. 

"Crap, he saw me!" I need a diversion, Deidara panicked. "Where have you been, un? I've been waiting for you!" the 15 year old spat out with energy, hoping that Sasori won't pay mind to what he'd just witnessed.

"I sure hope you didn't touch anything else other than my cheek because the coil on my abdomen is poisoned." He retorted. His soothing voice slightly endearing the younger one. Deidara was concerned for a brief moment but reassured himself that he made no other contact. He eyed the red head as he made his way through. 

"Its my latest model, I'll be making a transfer soon as i finish its weaponry."

Transfer..? What's that supposed to mean?  Sasori , stepped over to lay on the other side of the puppet that was now between the two. He now crouched to the ground,  embraced his puppet's head in a possessive fashion, then looked up at Deidara from below. He gave a wry smile, "Charming aren't I?"  Deidara crossed his arms, raised his chin and looked away. "Tch, so full of yourself." He was somewhat flustered at the sight.  "I bet that will look better after they've been destroyed by my explosions. Un" Trying to act out disdain, but all in vein.

Sasori muttered "Ah so you do find my looks charming" he unsummoned the work in progress, then put the scroll away.  What did he mean by that? Does that mean...  Deidara put off the thought for now. Later on, he would ask the man. But right now, they had places to be. "Come on, I'm getting bored! You said there was a small village we're supposed to destroy?" Sasori climbed into Hiruko "Where was it. North of here, un?" Hiruko's hatch closed shut. A soft click was heard. "Yes, North of here." spoken in Hiruko's grizzly voice. 

They set off into the night to fulfil their next task.

Evening. they flew under the full moon, the night sky radiating harmonious shades of blue. The two artists bickered as always. "I'm telling you, un. With these bad boys there won't be a need for your puppets. These one's are fast, they won't even see it coming." Pein only mentioned having to leave no man alive, but he never specified anything else, so they were arguing how they were going to go about it.

"Oh? and what then? Leave scattered limbs everywhere? Not to mention alert all 5 of the great shinobi nations?" 

Deidara, with all his immaturity, pouted his lips.  "Fine then one explosion, C3!" 

"Are you an idiot? That's worse."

"Hey, its not like your way will be any different un! people will be screaming once they see your creepy, ugly creations clicking about."

"Ugly?" Sasori raised Hiruko's tail as a threat. "Do you have a death wish?" (A dumb question really)

"Not to mention, you'll only slice them up un, you'll leave a blood bath too! Is that even better than dismembered limbs?" 

"Kill everyone in one go? That sounds boring for a night like this." Sasori somewhat pulling Deidara's strings, playing him. Deidara fused at the statement. 

"??? OI, who exactly here hates waiting? You should be glad that my art grants you speed kills, un! Otherwise your impatient old man ass would've had a way tougher time since long before!"

old man?

Sasori pauses for a moment. "Deidara" He pipes down at the sound of his name. "You did a splendid performance on our last mission." He was taken aback by this statement. "oh, heh, isn't that so?" Obviously flattered. 

"Yes, so why don't you let me handle this? Besides, earlier today was the first time you saw my true form wasn't it? I feel like getting out of my shell tonight." The blond looked at him. Whether he admits it or not, he already admires his partner, and took great pride in his compliment from earlier. Feeling good about it, he didn't mind giving back the satisfaction of showing off one's craft. "Perhaps its about time I show you a sliver of what your superior can do." They carefully made their decent as they approached the destination. Soon everyone will meet their demise under the skilled hands of the puppet master.


A little boy reached out for his mother. Despair in his tiny arms. 

"Mother!" It's hopeless. He will never reach her.

"Yuki.." Why did this have to happen? 

Both mother and child wondered the same thing. Horror to the very core. It was supposed to be a normal day. They were out for a nice walk, a nice walk meant to spend time with each other. To enjoy the evening, the sites and the village lights. It was supposed to be a normal day, but they die tonight. "Mother!" One explosion was all it took for everythng to fall apart. Sasori had been walking the same path and witnessed everything unfold. It was only a split second but it felt like time stood still as he watched the separation transpire. The separation of the living and the dead. He found the contrast between the calming scene prior and the gruesome current one highly amusing. It wasn't cruel, it was just reality. In his mind, he kept a snapshot of the way the boy's face longed for his now deceased mother. It made his heart twist for it reminded a little bit of himself. Funny how such a moment so fleeting could invoke powerful unforgettable feelings. Disgusting He thought to himself. The C1 set houses on fire to attract attention. For everyone else, it was the beginning of their way to hell. Soon, Jonin level ninjas rushed in to face him. "C-could it be? Akatsuki?" Sasori removed his cloak. Now began their dance with death.

Meanwhile, Deidara scouted from above, making sure that no one leaves the village. During downtime however, he takes the opportunity to watch Sasori, his respect growing with every opponent defeated. It isn't that he had never watched Sasori in battle before, its that he had never seen him fight in that body that he masterfully created. His face now contrasting from its usual calm demeanor, now more meniacal. Normally, he wouldn't pick up any sort of emotion from the puppet master, but not tonight. From this, he could pick up a sense of Rage. He wondered what could have possibly happened to his master to invoke such sense of anger. Of course, he could also just be a madman.

Clean cut, clean hit, one after another. The Jonin couldn't lay a single hand on him. Men dropped one by one as his poison took over. Some were burnt to a crisp by his flamethrowers. The entire village was set on fire. No one was left alive.

He rejoined Deidara, and was was greeted by immediate praise. As expected of course. "Amazing! Sasori No Danna! Not a single scratch on you." The youth rejoiced. "Those Jonin didn't know what they were up against, un." He spoke highly, proud of his partner. The Redhead grinned at the outward expression of admiration. At least the brat gets the idea. Sure , Deidara was egocentric, obsessed over his philosophy of ephemeral beauty, but Sasori appreciates how he gives respect when due, and that he isn't overly stubborn about establishing his superiority. Perhaps he's smarter than he looks.