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Lucifer POV

"Please don't go. I- I love you. I love you. Please don't leave"

Her words replayed over and over in his mind. His eyes glowing red with fire as the anger boiled inside of him. She loved him. That was all he had wanted for so long and he hadn't even realised it. Until it was too BLOODY late. He didn't want to leave. Oh, fuck he just wanted to stay with her, take her in his arms and just hold her. Tell her everything was going to be okay and that he would stay and they'd fight together. That's all he bloody wanted. But no, Dear-old-dad is always there to make his life MISERABLE. Making stupid prophecies so he can't have the one and only thing he ever truly desired. She chose him. Finally after all this time she did. But he had to get up and fucking leave her. To protect her. Bullshit, something inside of him said, bull-fucking-shit, you did this because you always do. You get close and then you leave. You leave because you don't deserve her, you're a monster. "NO! HAVEN'T I BEEN PUNISHED ENOUGH? DA-AD? COME ON. AFTER EVERYTHING THAT'S HAPPENED. I HAVE FACED PUNISHMENT ENOUGH, DON'T YOU THINK?" He screamed sitting on his throne as ash fell from the sky ruining his otherwise pristine suit. His eyes remained raging with red flames, growing darker by the second. His anger only increasing.

"My Lord?" Dromos said from below.


"But my Lord, this is your home."

"This, this is not my home. NOW GO!" Lucifer said seething with anger. The demon scurried off.

Lucifer was furious. Furious with the world. If anyone were to show up now he was sure he would punch them so hard they would forget they ever existed. Lucifer really hoped God would show up. He'd love to give that bastard a piece of his mind. Oh, how Lucifer wished this place, this Hell, had decent liquor. At least then he could drink his pain away. What had he done to get himself here? Was it really that bad? Of course, it was. Monster. You know you deserve this. After everything. The voice continued to torment him.

Lucifer cried. He actually cried, his eyes were red, not just the irises but around his eyes were pink and swollen from tears. His pain clearly showing on his face. His hair was dishevelled and his eyes showed no mercy only anger and pain. He punched his throne repeatedly. Over and over till his hand was bloody and raw. He deserved to be punished. He deserved to feel all the pain he could get.

Lucifer removed himself from his throne and began to stumble aimlessly around the cells. He stopped when he heard the piano.


Chloe POV

"You see, we were wrong about something else in the prophecy. My first love was never Eve. It was you, Chloe. It always has been."

Chloe crumbled to the balcony floor unable to repress her heavy tears. She stared out into the sky. He was gone. He left her. After everything. He left. She was not okay and she wasn't sure if she ever would be again. She stumbled away from the balcony and towards the bar taking what ever alcohol she could find. Chugging it, she collapsed once again to the floor. What the Hell am I doing? Lucifer is gone. This isn't going to solve a bloody thing. Chloe thought, chugging more alcohol. Hoping it would just take away her sorrows, bring him back somehow.

Chloe awoke to the sound of her phone vibrating on the cold hard floor she lay on. A bottle of vodka remained in her hand. Where am I? she thought, her heart breaking as she began to remember the previous night. She picked up her phone to see Ella calling her. Not yet, she thought, please, just not yet. She somehow picked herself off the floor and picked up her phone. Wiping a tear away she answered.

"Deck- Decker," She spoke, her voice breaking.

"Chloe you okay? Where are you it's 11 am and we have a case. And man this is a juicy one, you're gonna want to come down to the precinct," Ella said in her usual cheery mood. "Chloe?" She asked when silence had followed her message.

"Yeah, yeah okay I'll be there just give me a minute and I'll be there."

Chloe's head ached as the hangover kicked in. She stood up and walked to Lucifer's bedroom. Pools of water began to form in her eyes once more. No, this is not you Decker, pull yourself together you have a job. Chloe looked around his room and found what she assumed to be his dirty pile of clothes. She picked up his white shirt. It smelled like him. Tears once again fell from her eyes as she realised this is all she had left of him. She took off her alcohol stained top and replaced it with his.

She made a pit-stop at her house and grabbed her shades and the necklace, then she carried on to the precinct, trying to restrict herself from thinking of him and breaking down.

"Ella?" Chloe said walking into the lab. "What have you got for us?"

"New case, a bunch of people found dead at the Mayan. Hey girl, nice shades, wait we had a talk about this!" Ella reached out and pulled her friend's glasses off to reveal puffy red eyes. "Hey, you okay? Where's Lucifer?"

The questions caught Chloe off guard and she didn't have time to prepare a lie. "He went back to Hell. There is a lot of things that you don't know Ella. I'm just not ready to talk about it yet okay?"

"LUCIFER'S DEAD?" Ella nearly screamed

"What? No, he's– he's really the Devil, Ella. You have to believe me."

"It's okay Chlo, I got your back, do you need to go home?"

"No, no, I need to be here, what's the case. Wait wait wait, DID YOU SAY THE MAYAN."

"Yeah, why?"

Shit. Chloe thought to herself. How was she going to explain this?