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The Hero Sense

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The Hero Sense can sense immediate danger


It was always during an outing.

Grinding his teeth, Bakugou did his best to ignore the bright colors and loud noises penetrating his skull and pounding against his brain in a way that left him outwardly cringing. It was like an obnoxious collage, a wall of sights and sounds beating his senses senseless as if it were a game to them, and he'd just about had it with today.

He wasn't even sure how it happened, but Bakugou was starting to find himself being volunteered against his will or dragged out on weekend grocery shopping trips far too often nowadays. Whether it was because he picked the best produce or his classmates just loved making him miserable every chance they got was beyond him. With a longer sigh than necessary, Bakugou dropped his burning gaze to the sidewalk and trudged forward, shopping bags of fresh ingredients in hand, to rendezvous with his classmates.

If he remembered correctly, only three of them had been sent on this excursion rather than the usual six due to a couple of his classmates, or specifically, some of the idiots who liked to cling to him like koalas, had gotten themselves in trouble just before they'd left and they didn't have time to ask someone else before lunch time rolled around. So, he, Round Face, and Big Lips had all practically been shoved out the door before any of them could say anything about it.

Lucky them.

With every step practically echoing in his ears against the forever ongoing footfall of the crowds around him, the meeting point eventually came into view, near a construction site where a new apartment complex was being built, and his shoulders bristled automatically as his eyes met Uraraka's, hers bright and cheery as she grinned wildly and waved him over. She was practically bouncing on her heels as he begrudgingly approached her, clutching her grocery bags directly in her arms with the tenderness of a dragon's overgrown claws.

“You're gonna squeeze the life out of your lunch, moron.” he spat at her, praying to every deity he could think of that she wasn't the one who bought the bread and was currently crushing it.

With a childish whine and a pout, she loosened her grip, her fingers looping through the handles like a normal person's. “No, I'm not...” she muttered.

Bakugou eyed her suspiciously, cocking an eyebrow when she no longer met his gaze, pink cheeks puffed out and small beads of sweat dotting her face.

He narrowed his eyes. “What did you buy?”

Groceries.” she responded a little too quickly, the bag returning to the safety of her arms when the blonde leaned over to check its contents.

His gaze caught a glimpse of a brown paper bag and a pink box and he felt a vein pop in his forehead. Round Face might be a hero and a half, but f*ck did she have a lousy poker face. “Uraraka.”

“These count as groceries!” she exclaimed, stomping her feet. “And I was gonna share!”

“Didn't Aizawa specifically tell you not to go near the mochi shop?”

“THERE WAS A SALE!!” she wailed childishly, flailing her arms around like the brat she was. “I got enough samples for everyone! Even you, you big meanie!

He'd just about had it with today.

Rubbing a tired, oddly shaky hand over his face, he sighed as if he were carrying the world on his shoulders. “F*cking whatever. It's not my problem, anyway. If Aizawa gets p*ssed with you, it ain't on me.”

“Love you too, buddy ol' pal.”

“Never speak to me again.”

“Good ol' friend-o.”

“Were you dropped as a infant?”

Her annoyingly bright smile returned, securely plastered on her face. She suppressed a giggle, punching his arm a little harder than she'd probably intended, and Bakugou was tempted to just turn around and sock her in the face as hard as he could just to see what would happen.

Maybe another day.

His fingers were still shaky, his grip on his grocery bags not nearly as firm as he would like. He glanced down at his hands with raised eyebrows, tightening his fists as the shaking grew stronger. The weakness in his knees was putting him on edge and suddenly, the world seemed to be way too loud and way too quiet all at the same time.

Realization suddenly hit him. He knew this feeling.

Something's wrong.

“Uh, Bakugou?” Uraraka's voice sounded both slightly muffled and like it was echoing in a spacious room. “Are you okay? You look pale.”

“Shut up.” he snarled on instinct, dropping one of his bags to rub at his forehead. His hands felt cold.

Something's wrong, but not with him.

“M-maybe you should sit down.” Round Face suggested, her eyes scanning the area for a bench or cafe that they could rest at.

“I'm fine, Pink Cheeks. Knock it off.” He swatted at her hands, trying and failing to ignore the way his stomach was doing somersaults and how much energy was rushing through his system all at once. It was almost as if his own body was pumping him with adrenaline and the world was in slow motion.

His eyes traveled across the scenery around them, fingers itching for action and palms naturally heating up. People were walking to and fro without a care in the world, children laughing and friends teasing and couples hand in hand. Shops were bustling with life, the streets were clear, the sky was a brilliant shade of blue.

Something's wrong.


Something's wrong.

“You look sick. I really think you shou-”


He didn't even look.

Feeling as if he were struck by lightning, Bakugou dropped the rest of his groceries, spun on his heel, and without even questioning himself, he leaped, crashing into Uraraka and sending them both to the ground with a spray of pastries and baked goods in their wake. He barely felt their impact with the hard concrete sidewalk against the feeling of flayed skin and the thunderous roar of several tons of metal raining from the skies.

Chunks of broken concrete and a spray of dust wafted through the air moments after, a crowd already gathering around the commotion, phones out and too close to danger for comfort, but that didn't surprise him in the slightest. With a shaky sigh and a long moment to collect himself, Bakugou slowly lifted his head, pebbles rolling off his jacket, and peered behind him.

The sidewalk where they'd been standing was now destroyed, huge pipes of metal bent and broken against the ground and fence separating the work site from the streets and buried into the concrete. His bags were nowhere to be seen, lost in the sea of debris in their wake.

He could see Uraraka's though, scattered across the ground in a complete waste. The bag itself and the ground around it was completely speared through, thin pipes standing on end and wedged deep into the earth, leaving the afterimage of a grisly scene that his mind eye painted and immediately burned away for the sake of his sanity.

Glaring at the bag, Bakugou huffed. As it turns out, Uraraka did in fact buy the bread, now squished and shish-kebabed. fan-f*cking-tastic.

With a grunt, he pushed himself up to a seated position, barely giving his wide eyed classmate a second glance as he stared upward towards the sky. From here, he could see the bent slope in the beams above them making up the new building foundation, construction workers staring down at the streets in awe. Two or three pipes could be seen balancing precariously among the sturdy support structure, teetering in the wind as if teasing them with their own lives.

Next to him, still on the ground, Uraraka let out a hysterical laugh. “Uh... Right.”

“Aizawa did tell you to not go near the mochi shop.”

Round Face shot up at that, her eyes blown wide as she took in the mess. “My samples!” she cried.

Bakugou snorted, a little too entertained by the look of dawning horror on the gravity quirk user's face than he probably should be.

Are you guys alright!?” a voice shouted hysterically, Big Lips ducking through the crowd to get to them with a look of shock and terror swimming through his eyes. “I saw the pipes fall! Uraraka, I thought you were-”

He swallowed thickly, tears threatening to spill from his eyes as he knelt down and pulled the stunned girl into a tight hug. Numbly, Pink Cheeks looked back at the destroyed sidewalk, taking in the placement of the staked pipes and her skewered bag, and after a moment of stillness, her body shuddered.

Her eyes, wide with understanding, met Bakugou's, a nervous chuckle escaping her lips as she lightly nodded to him. “I-”

“There's blood.” Big Lips suddenly said, staring intently at the ground.

With a light gasp, Uraraka's gaze snapped to the ground, practically scrambling out of Big Lip's grip to return to her unsteady feet. “Bakugou, you're bleeding!”

Bakugou blinked, looking down at the ground in confusion and only now noticing the gigantic cut running along the side of his lower right leg, blood spilling onto the ground and painting the unbroken concrete a sickly red. Round Face dug into her pockets, pulling out a roll of gauze. “Always come prepared!” she announced proudly.

“F*ck off. It's not that bad.” Actually, now that he was aware of it, it felt like his leg was on fire, but like h*ll he was gonna admit that out loud.

“Oh, stop fussing and let me wrap it up, at least. It could get infected.” he said sternly, leaning down and tearing into his now ruined pants. “Consider it... Consider it payback for saving me.”

She smiled at him, her eyes bright and alive and glowing with so much gratitude and admiration that he felt like he was about to go blind. He groaned in annoyance and shook his head as she began cleaning his leg as best as she could, Big Lips already speaking to someone on his phone and the sounds of siren approaching from a distance. What a trip this turned out to be.

Though, in their defense, this was definitely one of their tamer experiences.

His phone suddenly began buzzing, thrown from his pocket in the fall and sitting on the ground next to him. Tentatively retrieving it, he was glad to see that he hadn't cracked it, considering he'd just gotten it replaced. Opening it up, he was immediately met with a barrage of missed calls and texts that were sent minutes ago and were only now being acknowledged.


Deku: I'm sorry for bothering you. Is everything okay?


Deku: I mean, not that you can't take care of yourself, but I'm getting that feeling that All Might's been talking to us about and I'm worried.


Deku: It could easily be someone else too. I'm just asking you because, well, you know.


Deku: I feel really sick and Todoroki's starting to fidget. Is everyone okay? Please answer me.


Deku: Call me back asap, okay? Even if it's to yell at me. I really need to know if everything's okay.

F*cking h*ll, he hated this guy.


Me: Calm down, nerd. Everyone's fine. I took care of it.

He blatantly ignored the next string of texts that followed. He could deal with Deku later. Right now, he had to deal with the noisy little b*tch supposedly trying to help him grinning at him and his phone screen smugly. “Nice to see you two getting along.”

He simply shot a withering glare back at her. “Has anyone ever told you just how annoying you are?”

She laughed. “I don't know. Was I dropped as a child?”

He may or may not have laughed with her.