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50 Shades of licking

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after hearing his alarm going off for what felt like hours - oli stumbled out of bed with a groan. he looked to his right. he was late for school. he threw on some old clothes with cum stains, quickly running downstairs to where he met his mom standing there waiting for him in the kitchen. she had a pretty serious expression on her face which honestly startled oli a bit.

“honey, we’re giving you up for adoption. we just can’t stand your plastic ass anymore,” she said. “omg!!” said oli. he wondered who his new parents would be. he heard a knock on the door and opened it- its bangtan sonyeondan!!! “oppa jimin is at my house!” oli screamed. “hello oli” they all said in perfect sync.

“we’re your new dads.” jimin stepped forwards, pushing jin out of the way. “and i am your daddy.” jimin smirked and flicked out his tongue suggestively. oli felt he might just melt into the floor after seeing that. jimin took oli’s hand, guiding him outside into a big white van. after he buckled in the korean man, all seven of them piled into the musty van. “don’t worry oli, i love your plastic ass.” jimin mumbled into his ear, making the rat shit himself.

a couple of minutes into the car ride, jungkook looked up from the back seat, gazing around. “what the fuck is that smell” he gagged. “it’s probably oli’s coochie,” said hoseok. all the boys laughed, except for jimin. oli had his earbuds in, listening to butter by loona on repeat, so he did not hear the banter going on around him.. but boy, did the smell turn jimin on. he didn’t care if the other guys hated the smell, he loved it, and frankly, he was finding it hard not to cum in his thong.

when they arrived at their house, the driver (cupcakke) opened the door.. counting everyone as they got out, and making sure to slap jungkook’s ass as he exited last. jimin pulled oli to his bedroom, first giving him a tour.. hearing jimins words explaining how he got his bed and desk from ikea, the only thing oli could notice was the numerous anime posters lining his walls as if the place was a museum.

“so... you like anime..” oli said, to fill the silence. “what’s that?” jimin asked. “um, all the posters on your wall?” oli pointed, a confused expression on his face. “oh, them? i don’t know what anime is, but i saw all of their tits and asses at a grocery store and god damn.. so i had to buy them all.” he explained, nodding as he did no. oli nodded as well. suddenly, jimin smelled the fresh scent of shit again, looking down and seeing the brown stains lining oli’s sexy white shorts.

he then picked him up, pushing him down onto the bed and taking off the shit-stained clothes. “oppa..” oli groaned, spreading his legs. when jimin got a good whiff of the shit, his eyes rolled back, taking in the delicious scent. “well... shit is fucking disgusting so, clean up your musty ass then we can continue.” jimin said. sadly, oli liked the feeling of shit in his ass. so, the boys all collectively kicked him out. he then died in the streets from tetanus.