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how to get a girl in ten days (or lose her)

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“I don’t know. I need more. I need something interesting.”

Christen’s eyebrows raise in a tilt as she stares at her journal of pitches and listens to her editor in chief, Kate, shoot down her ideas for the umpteenth time. 

“Our readers seem to be engaged in the flirty side of the magazine. Give me something, ehhh, flirty. Something fun .”

“Life isn’t always flirty and fun . If our readers are already engaged in the magazine and we’re meant to be an authentic and candid source of reading, they’re bound to enjoy something authentic .”

“Yes. I agree. Completely.” Kate pushes herself off the conference table and walks to the head of it, resting both of her hands on it by her fingertips, leaning forward so casually and yet so authoritatively. “But we have people giving them that already. They seem to love your relationship section every issue, Christen.”

“Because that’s all you assign me to write.” Christen doesn’t mean to snap. She really doesn’t. But she’s tired of writing things she isn’t happy writing and the last syllable she speaks is sharper than she intends. She sighs and closes her eyes for a second, forcing a smile on her face, though it isn’t too hard considering she is slightly amused by how many times she’s heard these words already. “Look, I’m sorry. I hope you know how much I value my job here and respect you, Kate, but when I got this job, I was over the moon. It’s not everyday that you get a job offer from the most popular women’s magazine in the world that has fostered the ever-growing and ever-changing women’s empowerment movement. I took the job thinking I would be writing about bigger and more important things than dating.”

“That’s exactly it. That’s it. Christen, don’t you see it?” Christen’s head stays locked still but her eyes follow Kate as she moves around the table again. “You think that dating isn’t important. But, Christen, dating is one of the most important components in how a woman views and respects herself.”

“Kate,” she sighs and puts her head in one of her hands.

“No, no, no. Christen, look. I want you to give me a pitch. Right now. Something about dating. Something about you dating. Challenge yourself. Go on some dates. Go meet someone. Do it this one time, for yourself, for me, for the magazine, and I’ll let you pick whatever you want next week’s assignment to be, yeah?” 

It’s something she can’t say no to. She’s given this opportunity to finally write whatever she wants to for the magazine she always dreamed of working for, but it’s conditional.

“You promise?”

“Anything you want, Christen.”

She pauses for a moment and looks around the table to see Alex, Julie, and Ali all giving her the same look. It’s something between worry and encouragement, but she ignores it for the time being.

“Okay.” She pauses to give herself a moment to think of a pitch. “How to fall in love in ten days.” 

She hears Alex quietly choke on a cough and sends the girl a glare. Kate’s smile raises at the corners of her mouth as her posture straightens. “Give me a plan of action.”

“Uhm,” she pauses once more. “I guess I’ll go out tonight, scout out a random person-”

“Male or female?” Kate intercedes.

“Whichever feels right, I guess.” It feels so wrong coming out of her mouth. So hasty and indifferent. It’s too schemey for her liking. 

“Good. Go on.”

“I mean, I’ll pick a person and make a move and then go from there. I do my best to make them fall in love with me in ten days, journal it all in the process, write about what’s working, what isn’t…”

“I love it.” Kate approves. “It’s yours.”

Christen’s eyes find Ali’s and they look concerned but Kate is speaking again before she can fully process what she just agreed to. 

“You’re all dismissed. Go get to work and make this the best issue we’ve published.”

“Holy crap, Christen. What the hell was that?” Ali is in her ear the moment Kate is out the door and they’re following suit. 

“You go, girl. You’ve been needing some action,” Alex encourages. Both Julie and Ali send her disapproving looks as Christen sends her one that’s peeved.

“Just saying,” she mutters and shrugs in an accused state. 

“Look, C, though I agree with Alex that maybe it’s time for you to put yourself out there, don’t do it if it’s not with the right intentions,” Julie reasons. 

Christen halts and the three of them smack into her back as they stand in the corner of the office space. “Look, I’m not serious about it,” she whispers harshly, “I’m gonna go out tonight, you three are coming with me, I’ll pick the first person to catch my eye, try to make them fall in love with me, and then end it. It’s not that serious.”

“C…” Ali trails. 

“Chris, when has dating ever not been serious for you?” Julie questions.

“Yeah, Chris. I mean, I want you to get some but I don’t want you to get hurt. Or hurt anyone.” Alex suddenly has something valuable to say.

“I’m not! It’s ten days! What’s the worst that can happen? It’s too short of a time to fall in love anyway. It won’t happen. I’m gonna do what I told Kate I would and in the end, I’ll say it just doesn’t work. She’ll give me a new assignment to do quickly before the deadline and that’s it. Either way, I did my assignment and I get to write about something I actually care about next. Once she sees that I’m more than just a dating coach for our readers and actually have something valuable to say, maybe she’ll let me move on from this.” 

“If you’re sure, C.” 

“I’m a big girl, Jules. I know what I’m doing.”

“We know.”

“I’ll meet you guys at the bar on 7th that we went to a few weeks ago. Be there at 9. I’m not doing this shit alone.”




“Tobin, dude, you need a chick.” Her team leader, Anthony, slaps a hand onto her shoulder.

“Ant, I’m chillin’.”

“T, everyone is gone already. Why are you still here? You need a chick to go home to.”

“No, Serv is still here. Not everyone is gone.” 

“I’m still here because you’re still here, Tobs,” Servando calls from his desk where he’s playing with a Rubik’s Cube. Tobin’s Rubik’s Cube. “Goddammit. How do you do this shit, T? I’ve been sitting here for an hour and can’t fucking figure it out.”

“It’s a pattern. Look it up.”

“Fuck no. I’m gonna figure this shit out on my own,” he huffs and goes back to trying. 

Tobin lets out a breathy chuckle while shaking her head and turning her head back to her computer. “I still have work to do. Shouldn’t you be glad I’m still here working?” 

“Yes, thank you. But leave,” Anthony demands bluntly.

“What?” She looks up over her computer screen to meet his gaze. 

“I said leave.”

“Ant- I’m not understanding-”

“It's a Friday night in New York City, Tobin. You should not be here. You should be out, meeting girls, hooking up, whatever.”

She scrunches her face up in distaste. “Not my thing. I don’t do hookups.”

“Oh, please. I’ve seen you flirt, T.”

“Aren’t you, like, my boss or some shit? What does dating have to do with work?”

Anthony sighs and walks up to her desk. He kicks her rolling chair away and saves her work before turning her computer off. “Hey! What the fuck, dude? I wasn’t done!”

“I can’t leave ‘til you leave.”

“That’s never stopped you from leaving before?” Tobin challenges.

His nostrils flare in frustration, but she knows he’s not really mad. “I’ll tell you what, T. If you find yourself a girl, I’ll let you on the new Broadway show team. I can convince Mark even though no one from our division is supposed to be hired on that squad.”

Tobin’s eyes shoot wide and she sits up in her chair. “You’re lying. That’s- that’s our biggest upcoming project. That’s the biggest thing we’ll have done.”

“If it’ll get you out of here and out there,” he points to the ground and then makes shoo-ing motions toward the door, “I’m not.”

She bites her lip and looks over at Servando who is now staring past the Rubik’s Cube at her and nodding furiously. “How long do I have?” 

“Meeting to finalize that team is in…” he drags the word out as she counts the days on his fingers, “ten days.”

“Ten?! That’s nothing!”

“I didn’t say you had to fall in love, Tobin. All I said was to go find someone.”

“Okay, but this is a big city. How am I supposed to find someone in ten days?!”

“Exactly, Tobin. It’s a big city with plenty of women. Now, go.”

Servando is pulling her up and out of the office by the collar of her shirt before she can even say anything else. 




“Oooh, what about that one?” Alex excitedly points at a guy at the bar watching some baseball game with his friends.

“Oh hell no. He looks like a meathead.”

“Okay, that one?” Julie points to a girl dressed in a tight black skirt that ends far too high on her thighs for Christen’s liking. 

“Really, J? Does that look like the type of person I’d ever go for?”

“You’re the one who said it doesn’t matter who it is.”

“Yeah, but I want to at least be somewhat attracted to them. I’ll probably have to kiss them or something at some point and I don’t want to be completely uncomfortable for ten days.”

“Over there. Gray shirt.” Ali cocks her head to the side in a quick motion and raises an eyebrow at the same pace. 

Christen looks over to the bar to see a girl with her body leaned lazily against the bar counter, angled to talk to one of her friends. She’s clutching a beer in her hand by the bottle’s neck and Christen can practically see the valleys her veins create on the face of her hand. She’s wearing an oversized dress shirt that Christen isn’t even sure is gray because the lighting in the bar is too low to help distinguish the color, but the way it almost hangs off one of her shoulders makes Christen drawn to her. Her hair is down in loose waves and pulled around her neck to fall over her shoulders; the one that is completely covered by her shirt to be specific. It leaves no room for imagination of what her collarbone looks like or just how defined it is.

Christen has to pull her eyes away before she gets too caught up. “Yeah. Yeah, I think that’s the one. Good one, Al.”

“She’s cute. Go talk to her,” Alex urges.

Christen nods and takes a sip of her drink before she puts it down on their high top table and wipes her wet hands from the condensation of the glass on her work pants. She runs a hand through her hair, flipping her natural curls over to one side for volume and takes a deep breath. “Here goes nothing.”

She saunters over to the bar as best she can and stops just behind the girl’s friend, leaning against the countertop on her forearms, trying to get the attention of the bartender. She allows her eyes to flick over to the woman for a few seconds, trying to make eye contact, but the woman makes no move to give her any attention. She doesn’t want to get caught blatantly staring, so she keeps trying to get the bartender’s attention. He pays no mind, heading over to the far end of the bar. Christen sighs and leans her chin onto her fists, picking one of the 6 random sports games to watch whilst she waits. Before Christen realizes it, the friend is gone and the bartender is suddenly helping the woman whose attention she is trying to earn and name she has yet to learn. She’s about to sigh in aggravation of someone else being helped before her, but then the woman looks over at her and says, “What’s your order?”

“Oh, uh, I’m sorry?”

The woman chuckles and repeats herself. “What’s your order? I saw you trying to get his attention and I’m trying to help you out here.”

“I can summon a bartender on my own, thank you very much.” 

“Summon? Wow, formal word for a bar.”

“Excuse me?” Christen is sort of thrown off .

She laughs again. “It was a joke. What’s your order?”

Christen is about to tell her to fuck off and insist she can order her own drink, but then she remembers what she’s doing at the bar in the first place. 

“Cosmo.” It makes the woman laugh before she leans her head sideways toward the bartender and repeats the order. 

“So, is your name Carrie?” The woman asks when she turns her head back around. Her body steps a little closer to Christen’s and she’s doing that thing again where she leans sideways into the bar and her shirt falls slightly off her shoulder with her weight.


“Oh, come on. Sex and the City?”

Christen’s eyes widen in realization and she can’t help the embarrassed laugh that escapes her lips. “Oh, right. Of course. No, not Carrie. Christen.”

“Christen.” The woman smiles. 

“And you are?”

“Ah,” she bows her head for a moment, “I think I relate to Samantha most but if Mr. Big gets Carrie, I choose him.” She smirks.

Christen’s cheeks redden and she looks over to the bartender to see what the wait is. “I, uh- I meant your name.”

“I know,” the woman winks. “It’s Tobin.”


“That’s me.”

“Got that.”

The bartender places a Cosmopolitan and another beer in front of them just then. 

“Cheers,” Tobin holds her beer up, tilting it forward slightly. 

“To?” Christen asks and raises her glass slowly.

“Sex In This City.” Tobin winks again and her voice is a little too sultry for Christen not to know what she means. 

And The city,” Christen corrects as she clinks her glass to Tobin’s bottle. 

“I know what I said.” She smirks before she takes a swig of her beer. She lets out a satisfied ‘ah’ after she swallows and smacks her lips against her teeth.

“So, Christen,” she says her name again and it’s crisp off her tongue, “what are you doing in a bar on a Friday night?”

“Are women not allowed to go to bars after work on Fridays?”

“Of course they are. I’m here, aren’t I?”

“Guess so.”

“I guess you just don’t strike me as the bar type.”

“Oh, really?” Christen almost scoffs. “Should I take offense to that?” She tilts her head to the side and squints her eyes. She’s about to reconsider her choice of who to make a move on until-

“None. Just too pretty to be in a bar like this, is all.”

Christen fails to find words in response to that. She takes a sip of her drink instead.

“So you’re here after work, then. What do you do?” Tobin is talking again.

Christen considers lying for a moment. Then she realizes nothing has ever piqued her interest like writing has and she wouldn’t be able to go on about a fake profession for ten days if she wanted to.

“I’m a writer.”

“Oh, cool! What kind of stuff do you write?” 

“Oh, I work for a magazine, actually. The Feminine Essence . I don’t know if you’ve heard of it or if you even read magazines. A lot of people don’t these days.”

“Are you kidding?” Tobin laughs. “You guys are one of the biggest magazines in the world. Of course I’ve heard of it. That’s like asking me if I know Time Magazine.” Christen chuckles at the true statement. They really were that big of a magazine. “That’s awesome,” Tobin smiles widely. 

“Yeah,” Christen offers a polite smile back. “It’s a dream.” Sometimes . “What do you do?” 

“I’m a graphic designer.” 

Christen’s eyebrows raise then furrow. “What are you doing in New York? Shouldn’t you be in like LA or something? Like in the movie world and all that?”

“The Big Apple has everything, Christen,” Tobin smiles. “And there are different types of graphic design. It’s not all TV and film animation.”

“Sorry,” Christen apologizes quickly, “that was pretty ignorant of me.” 

“It’s no worry,” Tobin smiles politely. “I wouldn’t know the first thing about writing if I tried. Can’t even spell right sometimes.”

“Ooh, that might be a deal breaker,” Christen laughs and scrunches her nose up playfully.

“There’s a deal to break?” Tobin’s eyebrow raises and she lifts her beer to her lips again. She waits a moment before actually sipping it, though, letting a smirk spread behind the rim of the bottle as she stares at Christen. 

Flirt back, Christen. Do something

“I haven’t decided yet.” Amazing. Wow. Truly your best, Christen.

“Aw, bummer,” Tobin pouts. “When will you know?” She steps in a little closer again.

Christen eyes her curiously for a few moments, not able to hide the threatening grin on her lips. It makes Tobin smile back and giggle softly. Christen actually finds it a cute giggle. “Not sure,” she sips her drink, “Try a little harder. Might speed the process up a little.”

“Oof,” Tobin laughs and brings her hand fisted around her beer up over her heart, scrunching her face a little. “Ouch. I’m really that bad at flirting then, huh?”

“No, not too bad. Just teasing.” Christen sends her own wink Tobin’s way and Tobin bites her lip softly at it. 

She can’t wink, Tobin thinks and laughs through her nose. 

“What are you laughing at?” Christen questions her almost accusingly. 

“Nothing.” Tobin smiles softly and looks up to one of the TVs.

“So what kind of graphic design do you do then?” Christen asks, trying to gain her attention back. Tobin realizes it right away, so she turns her body so her back is against the bar and she’s facing away from the screens.

“‘Do you do’… so eloquent.”

“I’m off the clock. I don’t need big words and fancy sentences right now.”

Please. You said you could summon a bartender on your own.”

“I thought we were talking about you?” 

“I think I’d rather talk about you.”

Now Christen bites her lip. These rapid fire responses are keeping her on her toes and she’s failing at some of them. If one thing is for certain, Christen hates failure. “You didn’t answer my question.”

“Sure I did. I said I’d rather talk about you.” Tobin pushes herself off the bar and faces Christen, nodding her head to the back of the room that seems to be a little less loud and a little less crowded. “Wanna go sit over there? My legs are getting a little tired and I’m sure we’re wasting space at the counter.”

“Yeah, sure.”

Tobin sticks her unoccupied hand out a little in front of her. Christen takes a quick look at it, then looks up at Tobin without moving. Tobin quirks an eyebrow, then sticks her hand out a little further. “It’s a little crowded in here. Don’t wanna lose you.” 

“I’m sure I’ll be fine.” Goddamnit, Christen. Work with her. “But we wouldn’t wanna risk it, would we?”

Tobin smiles and mumbles, “Definitely not.” Christen grabs her hand, then turns to grab her drink and lets Tobin lead them through the crowd of raucous people. 

“So, graphic design,” Christen says as soon as they plop themselves onto a couch. Tobin sits with one leg underneath her, one arm laid across the back of the couch, hand right next to Christen’s shoulder, the other still clutching her beer and rested against her knee. Christen sits normally, legs crossed politely, but her body is slightly angled toward Tobin’s. 

“Right,” she sips her beer that is now turning warm. “I do production design.”

“What does that mean?” Christen asks shyly. “Sorry, I obviously know nothing about the graphic design world.”

“Like I said, no worries.” Tobin smiles and casually leans her thumb onto Christen’s shoulder, rubbing it back and forth a few times and leaving it there. Christen has to stop her head from turning to look at their point of contact. “Basically it means I work with the visuals in artistic sets. Concerts, theater, award shows, blah blah, blah.”

A future theater project, I hope, Tobin thinks.

“Oh, that’s so cool!” Christen excitedly turns her body to face Tobin a little more, resulting in her shoulder pressing further into the couch and Tobin’s hand falling onto it completely. Neither woman makes any effort to move. “What kind of stuff have you done so far?”

“I was actually lucky enough to be on the Meadows Music and Arts Festival team this last summer.”

“What?!” Christen’s eyes widen. “That’s, like, one of New York’s biggest music festivals!”

“Uh, yeah. I guess so.” It’s the first time Tobin goes shy that night and Christen would be kidding herself if she said she didn’t find it endearing.

“That’s amazing, Tobin.” Her own unoccupied hand finds its way to Tobin’s thigh, right over the rip in her black jeans. Tobin does look down at it, pausing for a moment before saying anything. She looks back up and offers a close lipped smile. “Thanks.”

“Yeah, of course,” Christen smiles back and retracts her hand. 

“You have really pretty hair.” Tobin lifts the hand on Christen’s shoulder to twist a strand of curls around her finger. “It suits you.” She’s back to being flirty and confident again and Christen is having such a hard time keeping up. She tells herself it’s because she hasn’t done this in a while, trying to avoid any other explanation that could potentially hold more meaning.

“Oh, uhm, thanks. It’s a hassle a lot of the time. Having curly hair is so hard to style and I woke up kinda late today so I just left it. I don’t usually have it like this. I try to straighten it or curl it because it’s so wild like this.” She’s rambling. 

“I like wild.” 

Wow, she’s good at this. “Lucky you, then.”

“Lucky me.” Tobin smiles. A silence lingers between them for a moment as they both search each other’s faces for something, though neither of them knows exactly what they’re looking for. “So you never answered me earlier. What’s a pretty girl like you doing in a bar on a Friday night? I’m sure you have somewhere better to be. Someone waiting for you at home.” 

Typical , Christen thinks and shakes her head a bit. “No, no one waiting for me…” she trails off, trying to think of something to answer. “Just girl’s night.”

“Oh, are you here with your friends?”

“Yeah. They’re over somewhere by the bar still.”

“I’m sorry. I wouldn’t have taken you away from them if I had known. I can let you get back to girl’s night-”

“Tobin, you’re fine,” Christen chuckles and puts her hand back on Tobin’s thigh. “I would have actually said no to your invitation over here if I had somewhere else to be.”

Tobin’s worried demeanor fades and a genuine smile spreads across her lips. “But it’s girl’s night . You can’t mess with girl’s night , Chris.”

“Why does that sound mocking and not at all sorry?” 

“Because I’m secretly happy to take you away for myself.” She smiles, sticking her beer in her lap where it won’t fall and covers Christen’s hand with her own, turning it over to hold it.

“That’s greedy,” Christen knocks her knee that is crossed over her other into Tobin’s playfully.


“So what else do you like, Tobin? Other than Sex and the City and graphic design.”

“Pretty girls in bars.” The wide grin on Tobin’s face makes Christen laugh. Actually, full on, squinted eyes, wide smile, laugh. The weird part is, there’s no real reason to.

“Is that right? I’m sure there are many of those.” Christen’s eyebrows raise as she plays along.

“That is, indeed, correct, Christen. However, I’m only interested in one at the moment.”

Wooow,” Christen laughs. “So proper.”

“Gotta keep up with the ‘summons’, y’know.” She shrugs cooly, abandoning the proper talk. “Hafta impress you somehow.”

“Impress me? What for?”

“Hey, Chris,” And of course. Of. Fucking. Course. Julie walks up. “We’re heading out. Gotta stop Alex’s drunk ass from leaving with someone before she regrets it in the morning. You coming or you gonna stay?”

“Oh, uhm,” she looks over at Tobin who gives her absolutely no help in deciding. She’s dropped her hand now, replacing it with her beer, sloshing it around in circles, and her other hand is on the back of the couch again, off her shoulder. Christen moves her own hand that is still on Tobin’s lap back to her own as casually as she can. “I guess it is getting kind of late. Give me a minute and I’ll be right out?” 

“Yeah, of course. We’ll be outside.” Julie says and sends Tobin a polite smile before walking away.

“Guess this is bye then,” Christen says softly but makes no move to get up.

“Guess so.” Tobin waits a moment but makes the move for them, standing up and offering a hand in assistance to Christen.

“It was nice talking to you Tobin,” she says and rests a hand on Tobin’s bicep softly before she drags it down her arm and lets go. 

“Yeah. Yeah, you too. Goodnight, Christen.”


Get her number, Tobin.

“Uh, hey, Chris?” Tobin catches her hand before she’s even completely turned around. Christen turns her head, looking down at their hands before looking up with slightly raised eyebrows.

“Sorry, uh,” she drops her hand, “you just never let me know what you decided on.”

Christen turns her body around completely again and then shifts on her feet, bending a knee and tilting her head. “What I decided on?” 

“Yeah, if there’s a deal to break.”

Christen chuckles and bows her head, taking Tobin’s hand back into her own. “Do you want there to be a deal to break?”

“I want a deal but I hope neither one of us breaks it.” She squeezes her hand, stepping in a bit closer, and then brings her other hand up to push some of Christen’s curls behind her ear. She trails the back of her index finger along Christen’s jaw and whispers, “Can I see you again?” Christen almost doesn’t hear it, but she can definitely read it off her lips. 

Oh, fuck. I’m staring at her lips, Christen thinks and snaps her eyes up to Tobin’s eyes. 

Oh, fuck. Her eyes this up close are heavenly, Tobin thinks as she runs her finger further down Christen’s face, just below her chin. She takes a chance and hooks her thumb into the dip of it, brushing it back and forth, just passing over the line of her plump bottom lip. 

Fuck, don’t kiss me. Don’t kiss me. Don’t kiss me. Christen thinks.

“I don’t know, it depends on what the deal is.”

“How about a date?” Tobin offers.

Christen bites her lip, teeth barely grazing the skin of Tobin’s thumb and makes them both blush. “How about two deals?”

“What’s number two?” 

“Phone numbers. How else are you supposed to find me again?” 

The smirk on Christen’s lips makes Tobin’s hand drop from her chin and her eyes flutter closed as she laughs. “Yeah. Yeah, of course.” She reaches to pull her phone out from the back pocket of her jeans and hands it to Christen to put her number in. 

When Christen hands the phone back and doesn’t do anything but smile, Tobin says, “I thought you said phone numbers?” She emphasizes the plural form of the word. “You don’t want mine?” 

“You can text me and then I’ll have yours.” Christen winks and it makes Tobin grin like a fool. 

“Okay. I can do that.” She puts a hand on Christen’s hip and leans in close. “Goodnight, Christen.” The kiss she places dangerously close to the corner of Christen’s mouth makes her gasp quietly, but Tobin hears it anyway due to their proximity. 

“Night, Tobin,” she smiles shyly once Tobin’s head is completely pulled back. She begins to walk away before she stops again. She turns on her heel and says, “Oh, and Tobin?” Tobin looks up. “Only certain people get to call me Chris.” She gives her one last wink while taking a few steps backwards before spinning around and leaving completely.

“Dude, I just met the coolest girl, you’ll never believe-” Servando walks up beside her, slapping his hands on her shoulder and back, but then follows her eyes to Christen’s figure walking out the door. “Oh, how did that go?”

“That,” she thrusts her now warm beer into his chest, making him take hold of it, “was my first step in getting that spot on the new Broadway show team.”




When Christen walks out the doors of the bar, she immediately sees Alex jumping up and down as Ali holds onto her wrist, trying to guide her into the cab. Christen laughs to herself. There were two drunk Alex’s: super happy drunk Alex and super whiny drunk Alex when someone tampered with happy drunk Alex. 

“Alexandra Morgan, get in the damn cab.” 

“But the guy , Ali! He’s still in there!” 

“He has your number thanks to me, now get in.”

God bless Alexandra Krieger’s heart. 

“That was longer than a minute, Chris.” Julie has a smirk on her lips and Christen’s eyelids actually twitch from how hard she rolls her eyes.

“Shut up, Julie.”

“Gray shirt was getting pretty handsy there, don’t ya think?”

“What?” Ali’s head snaps to them as she shields Alex’s head from hitting the roof of the cab. 

“Her name is Tobin,” Christen says at the same time as Ali questions them.

“Ah, I see. Tobin was getting pretty handsy there, don’t ya think?”

“She was just flirting. Isn’t that a good thing?”

“Handsy how? What does handsy mean here?” Ali is desperately trying to get information on the situation as she climbs into the passenger’s seat of the cab and spits out the closest of their addresses to the driver. 

“I don’t know, C. You seemed to be liking it.”

“Handsy how ?” Ali turns to face them in the backseat.

“Her arm was across the back of the couch with her hand on C’s shoulder and the other was full on holding one of Christen’s.”

Ali gasps and her eyes widen. 

“Oooh, Chris! You are getting some,” Alex cheers but then glares at Ali in the front seat. “At least someone is.”

Ali rolls her eyes and turns back to Christen, awaiting some sort of comment from the woman.

“I was doing my job. What was I supposed to do? Act disgusted and turn her away?”

“Wait, so,” Ali frowns, “You don’t like her?”

“I don’t even know her.”

“But did you like her?” Julie presses.

“I don’t know her!”

“Cut the crap, Christen. Just tell us if you were attracted to her or not.”

“Yeah, Christen! Cut the crap!” Alex yells and then starts laughing at herself.

“I mean, she wasn’t not attractive...”

Ali and Julie squeal. “That means yes! Oh my god, who would’ve thought all it would take was an article?” Ali half screams, half laughs.

“Oh, come on . I told you I wanted to be at least a little attracted to them if I was gonna do this!”

“Okay, okay. In all seriousness,” Julie straightens her face, “would you bang her?”

Ali howls from the passenger seat. 

“Driver you can just drop me off here. I’ll walk home.” Christen cranes her neck to look past Julie and raises her voice slightly.

“Don’t you dare!” Ali points at him.

“Look, either I drive you and you calm the fuck down or get the fuck out,” The driver snaps. 

“Yeah, whatever,” Ali waves him off. “This is New York, you’re used to worse than us.”

Christen rolls her eyes and leans back into her seat, crossing her arms. 

“Aww, little Chrissy is mad at us because she knows we’re right,” Julie annoyingly fake coos and goes to pinch one of Christen’s cheeks. Christen swats her hand away and Julie doges it, leaning into Alex while laughing. 

“Did you get her number?” Ali asks.

“Gave her mine.”

“Christen!” Alex screams.

“Alex!” Christen says back at a much more appropriate volume.

“You gave a girl your number!”

“That I did.”

“But you gave a girl your number!”

“Okay? And?”

Annnd , you never give anyone your number!”

“That’s true, Chris. You always find a way around giving your number out.” Julie adds in agreement from the middle seat. 

“Okay, how many times do I have to say that this was my job and I needed to? How else were we supposed to plan something to do next?”

“Uh, you just give her a time and place to meet you, duh,” Alex explains and shakes her head slowly like it was obvious. Julie and Ali are trying their hardest not to laugh at the realization that strikes Christen’s face at Alex’s drunk advice.

“I… didn’t think of that,” she admits sheepishly.

“Silly Chrissy,” Alex giggles. 

“Yeah, silly Chrissy.” Julie smirks. 

Shut. up. Julie.”