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Kinktober 2019

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Day 1: Love and War - Midoriya Izuku - bitter sex/hate fucking

Day 2: 4 Times Dabi Wanted You; 1 Time He Got You - Dabi - sexual frustration

Day 3: Sex Tips 101: Domming Your Man - Bakugou Katsuki - fem dom

Day 4: Awaken - Todoroki Shouto - praise

Day 5: Ready Player One - Shigaraki Tomura - thigh riding

Day 6: Who Do You Belong To? - Aizawa Shouta - brat taming

Day 7: Until The Last One Comes - Togata Mirio - overstimulation

Day 8: Butterfly - Amajiki Tamaki - tentacles

Day 9: Here, Kitty, Kitty - Shinsou Hitoshi - pet play

Day 10: Pocky Challenge - Sero Hanta - biting/marking

Day 11: Never Have I Ever - Yaoyorozu Momo & Ashido Mina - threesome

Day 12: Show Me How You Like It - Kirishima Eijirou - pegging

Day 13: You Still Up? - Kaminari Denki - electricity

Day 14: Gimmie More - Jirou Kyoka - lapdance

Day 15: Caught In the Act - Takami Keigo - almost being caught

Day 16: Birthday Sex - Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu - bondage

Day 17: Evening, Officer - Ashido Mina - degradation

Day 18: Workout With Red Riot - Kirishima Eijirou - shower sex

Day 19: My Way - Monoma Neito - deep-throating

Day 20: w.i.p. - Tokoyami Fumikage - n/a

Day 21: Lingerie Dreams - Takeyama Yu (mt. lady) - lingerie

Day 22: Angel - Iida Tenya - sixty-nine

Day 23: w.i.p. - Kayama Nemuri - aphrodisiacs

Day 24: Tease - Bakugou Katsuki - orgasm denial

Day 25: Trust - Shinsou Hitoshi - mindcontrol

Day 26: Four Rings - Midoriya Izuku - formal clothing

Day 27: Attraction - Todoroki Shouto - rivalry

Day 28: Revenge - Bakugou Katsuki - voyeurism

Day 29: Innocence - Midoriya Izuku - cockwarming

Day 30: Twice - Hado Nejire & Shindou Yo - fisting & rimming

Day 31: w.i.p. - Todoroki Shouto - seduction

Chapter Text

Kinktober Day One ~ kink: hate/bitter sex


Your eyes locked on green eyes from across the room. The drink in your hand seemed to slip from your fingers as he turned towards you.

He was handsome. Curly green hair, freckles scattering on his cheekbones, large eyes that drew you in. He was taller than you, broad shoulders, strong and lean. He was walking towards you, and you placed your drink on the table. The chatters of your friends falling deaf on your ears as he approached you.

Black slacks sat tight on his waist, your lip in your mouth as your eyes trailed up. He also wore a tight white t-shirt. He was gratifying…

Your hands moved to run through your hair as he smiled at you, his hand extended to you, and you smiled. His hand was large, tanned, calloused, yet scarred. You didn’t mind, your eyes trailing back up to his face, and you smile, taking his hand.

“I’m Midoriya.” He tells you and charming smile on his face. His voice is low, and it’s smooth. You pout your lips, leaning in close as you take in his warm hand. “Midoriya Izuku.”

“Pretty name for a handsome man.” You flirt as you take your hand back from him, you glance at him from under your eyelashes.

He chuckles, and the sound alone almost sets you off. He runs a hand through his hair, flexing for you. You have to keep yourself from drooling as he shoves his hands into his pockets, “Do I get your name?” He asks you, his eyes twinkling as he comes to stand even closer to you.

You click your tongue, looking apologetic as you shake your head. “Sorry, I don’t give my name to strangers…” You admit, a smirk on your face as you take your drink back into your hand. Your back now turned to him.

Your smirk only grows as his chest is sinfully pressed to your back. You can feel the outline of his muscles rubbing against you as his warm breath hit your neck. Taking the straw of your drink to your lips, you giggle as he speaks.

“I’m sorry, do I need to buy you a drink, love?” He asks, his lips ghosting over the exposed skin on your neck. “I did already introduce myself after all.”

You shift to look at him, your face teasingly close to his. “Oh sweetie, if you don’t know what I mean by that, I don’t think we’re meant to be.” You whisper, your lips brushing against his.

His green eyes seemed to turn black as his lips were suddenly on yours. The hollering of your friends reminding you where you were, but you didn’t care. His lips are intoxicating, and everything seems to fall into place as his hands grip your waist. He’s trying to dominate you, you can tell that through his forceful kiss, and you’re ready to give him a run for his money.


You wake up with a groan in his bed, the bright lights of the morning sun beating down on your face. You push off the bed, your arms wobbling, and you moan in pain. Your hands running down your throbbing neck. You could feel the hickies that had formed from the night before.

“Good morning, beautiful.” A husky voice interrupts your search for bruises as you lock eyes with the handsome man.

“Mm, I told you my name, please use it…” You groan as he walks over, a cup of tea in his hands.

“I thought a girl like you would appreciate getting called beautiful.” Midoriya laughs as he sinks into the mattress next to you. The sheets fall exposing your bruised breasts. “Nah, you’re definitely the kind that enjoys getting called a hoe in the morning.”

Your eyes widen, and you smack his arm as he laughs. Your cheeks burn as you cover your face, “You’re annoying, but I have to go! Duty calls!”

You chug the quite warm liquid and hand the empty cup to Midoriya. You slip off the bed and walk towards your pile of clothes. You, unashamed, pull them all as you show off your naked body. You weren’t that drunk last night, and so you could care less that his eyes are very glued to your naked form. “Thank you for showing me a great night…” You admit as he follows you out of his front door. Your eyes linger down his abs and you suck in air as you brush your messy hair out of your face.

“I know one night stands are a thing people take seriously and all… but if you’d want to…” He looks away, his cheeks blushing, and a smile fills your face. “Could I take you out on a date?”

You stand on your tiptoes, pressing a kiss onto his lips, “If you find where I put my number, then yes.” You whisper against his mouth as he chuckles.

“How can I trust you?” He asks keeping you close.

“You’ll have to,” You say stroking his cheek with your thumb as you press a kiss to his neck and walk away. A giggle on your tongue as you disappear.


One Year Later

You giggled as Izuku held you over his shoulder. Your legs kicking as he threw you onto the mattress. His grinning face blowing raspberries into your exposed stomach. You howl in laughter trying to get him to stop. “LEAVE ME ALONE!” You shriek as you try to detach his lips from your belly. You’re laughing so hard that it begins to hurt you to laugh. “I’m–‘ZUKU–GOING TO PEE!”

Izuku pulls away, peppering kisses up your chest until he’s kissing you over and over on your mouth. You’re grinning too wide for his lips to even touch yours. His kisses pressing much more over your teeth as you’re gasping for breath. “I do not clean up your piss, sweetheart.” Izuku laughs as you tilt your head up towards his. “Your laugh is so ugly!”

“Your face is ugly, ohhhhh!!!” You shout back as Izuku nuzzles his nose into the crook of your neck.

“You’re a child, you know that?” Izuku grins against your skin, and your fingers tug at his curls pulling his face back up to yours.

“Mm, so you’re into children? I may have to call Zeal on you!!!!” You tease, your face dropping to seriousness as you stare into his emerald green eyes.

“I could take her on any day for you.” Izuku brushes your hair out of your eyes, and your eyes flutter. God, there was so much you would do for this man. You loved him so much it hurt you.

“Even Sunday nights when you have an early Monday morning meeting?” You ask almost breathless. He leans back, his hands moving down your torso, and stopping below your ass. His fingers pressing into your skin gently.

It takes everything within you not to flinch as he presses into a bruise. A well-hidden bruise that he was not meant to see. “I would do it three minutes before the meeting… “ He presses a gentle kiss to your fingers, and you sit up. “I love you so much, y/n. I do.”

“Tell me again how fucking hot I was that first night,” You say shifting closer to Izuku’s warm body. Your breasts pressing against his chest. Despite being months of being together, you grin at the blush that overwhelms his face. He was such a fucking boobs man.

“You were the easiest one at the bar, I had to go after you. No one was going to sleep with me except for you!”

“SHUT UP!” You shriek as Izuku’s laughter fills the room as he grabs your waist, and he tumbles onto the bed. You giggle as you land on top of his strong chest, and you grin as you press a kiss against his freckled jaw. You shift in his arms and get your lips to press to his gently, softly, longingly.

“Alright, baby, I have to go! It’s ladies’ night!” You sigh into his mouth, his hands keeping you close to him as his tongue slips into your mouth. You moan languidly at the feeling of his tongue dancing with yours. You slowly shift your hips up against his own.

“You can tell Ashido-san she can rip you out of my fucking hands,” Izuku growls as he sucks softly against your neck. You arch into him as you shake your head.

“Stupid, she could totally beat your ass, and you have that–fuck, you have that meeting of yoURS!” Your breath hitches as his fingers slip into the waistband of your sweats. “Midoriya Izuku!”

“Fine, fine, fine!” Izuku chuckles pulling away, love lacing his eyes. “I love you, stay safe tonight? You girls can’t handle your liquor.”

You roll your eyes as you peck a last kiss to his lips. “Only because we’re half your size!!!”

Izuku walks you out of his house, and into your car. His face sticking through the window for some last kisses. You give him as many as you can until you have no more time to waste. “Okay, okay, bye! I love you!”

You watch as Izuku continues to wave at you from the street, a smile on your face until you turn the corner. Your smile instantly drops as you’re far away.

You give a call to Mina, and she instantly picks up.

“Hello? Are you ready? Damn lover boy has so wrapped around his fingers! You’re so lucky that damn villain has been in a better mood as of late too! Or else… well, I don’t even know what you would be doing!” Mina’s voice groans as you don’t even have the voice to speak back to her.

“I’m sorry… but okay, where to first?”


Five Hours Later

You ran along rooftops, your eyes locked on the man running away from you. Your breathing is harsh, raspy. You’ve been running for almost an hour now, jumping and weaving through pipes. You’re trying to get to him, the one man you’ve been chasing for years now. The man that taunted your dreams. Your life.

Your eyes caught onto the rubbish on a nearby ceiling, and you throw out your arm. Yellow energy shooting from your arms as it attaches to the objects and fall. Trapping the man by high walls, and a fifty story drop.

“Come on, you know you want to give in!” You pant as the man stops running, he turns around, his guard is up. His gaze concentrated on you entirely as you stop in front of him. The yellow energy filling your hands as you raise your own guard. “Give in.”

“As much as I would love to wrestle it out with you, sweetheart, I’m in a loving relationship.” His voice is dripping with sarcasm as green lights spark out of his skin. You ready yourself for anything.

The two of you were among the minuscule population that had superpowers. A revolutionary feat that had the world in battle. You were a superhero. As if you were straight off a comic book, you fought against people who threatened those beneath them. Hell, most times you were a glorified therapist! You really only hardly ever got into fistfights, but this man. This… vile man in front of you was an exception. He was cruel.

Using this power of his to create chaos and mayhem. It was not something you liked, you hated him for it, and you have been trying to get him. To corner him! But he was always one step ahead. A finger brushes away from you as you tried to get him.

It was a dreadful and repeating dance now, one the two of you frequently explored. You would lunge forward, and he would take a step backward, you would spin out, and he would pull you back in. Even the way you two fought, it was fluid, sharp, deadly, yet melodic. Had it not been for the fire in your stance, the occasional locking fists, it could have been a dance.

“You know, I pray for the person you kiss at night, they must be so disappointed in who you are.” You say as he shrugs his shoulders.

“Don’t be jealous that it isn’t you.”

“I don’t think I could ever be jealous of your so-called significant other.” You laugh, your eyes glaring at him.

The masks on your face covered everything but your eyes. You could not tell what color his eyes were, but you knew he was looking at you. The only thing you needed though was to have him pinned to the ground. His wrists in a handcuff as you dropped him off to the police. Then you’d be able to go home to Izuku, to tell him the only secret you kept from him.

“Mm, I guess so! But, I will have to bid you adieu, my sweet Zeal! Duty calls and well, I’m merely here to distract you!”

Your eyes widened as an explosion blew in the distance, and you whipped around. You snap back around to see him waving goodbye, and you snarl. “Fuck you, asshole!” You took off in the direction of the explosion, your heart hammering away as you near it. Screams and cries echoing through the streets as you jumped in to help. Your words aiding everyone in the firey trap.

“Don’t worry, I’m here for you!” You repeated over and over. Your mask showing your smile as you tried to ease crying victims.


One Month Later

You wore an elegant dress.

It hugged your body as you stared into the mirror, your eyes burning into your reflection as you did your makeup.

You were very scared. It was a month since that explosion. A month since you first experienced someone dying because of you. Since then, you’d been on edge. You fear it was going to happen again. Scared that while you were out with Izuku you get attacked. Your worst fear was seeing the man you love die in your arms.

“Hey there, baby,” Izuku says walking into your room. Your eyes look up at him in the mirror, and your smile is affectionate. Izuku is in a pair of dark blue slacks. A white button-up shirt that hugged his chest beautifully, and a black-tie with a jacket on. His hair combed back, overall, he was drop-dead gorgeous.

The green-haired man walks to you and hugs you by your waist. Izuku’s eyes dawdling on your outfit as you turn your head to press a kiss to his temple. “Hi.” You smile as he kisses your forehead.

“Who you getting all dressed up for?” He asks jokingly, and you hum as you lean up against his body. You’re grateful for his support. His hands stroke through your long and styled hair, his fingers twirling your locks in his hands. “I hope it’s not for me because that would be awkward…”

You snorted as you hit his collarbone with your head, “Yeah it would be! I was actually on my way for a booty call. Do you know Bakugou Katsuki? Mm, good, well you see he just really really knows how to fuck my pussy right. It’s immeasurable, really! I recommend you give him a spin one day.” You cackle and his fingers pinch your sides.

“Watch it, and you’ll be covering the tab tonight.” Izuku teases you as he nuzzles your neck with his nose.

“Oh, don’t worry! I also have another booty call, you may know him as well! Todoroki Shouto? Super rich!”

Izuku laughs and you laugh as well your lips caressing against his with echoing pecks. “They wish they had someone like you in their lives.” He whispers against your mouth, and your smile drowned with love.

“I don’t blame them.” You whisper as you continue pressing kisses to his mouth, not wishing to let this end. “Besides! All my friends have wanted to, and I quote ‘climb you like a tree’.” You quote with your hands before gripping his jacket pulling him in closer. “God, I love you.”

“And as much as I would love to show you how much I love you, we have a reservation we can’t miss.” Izuku moans as he pulls you to your feet. You huff as you roll your eyes, your arms wrapping around his neck as you nudge your nose against his.

“When has that ever stopped you before, Midoriya?” You tease as Izuku smirks, his mouth pressing against yours softly.

You move to deepen it, but he bends down quickly, throwing you over his shoulder as he walks out. “WE AREN’T MISSING IT!” Izuku yells over your shrieking laughter as he runs out of your house.

The dinner is fantastic.

Romantic and special.

You love the way Izuku’s eyes burn into you the entire night, his energy never once wavering. His hand held yours after the meal was over. You were complaining about never being able to eat again. Izuku listens to you all while he presses fluttering kisses against your wrist. You giggle out his name as he refuses to quit, and your cheeks glow red.

“Y/l/n y/n,” Izuku states, and you raise your eyebrows inviting him to continue. “I met you in a bar more than a year ago, and I knew the second I caught your eye I was going to fall in love with you. I didn’t expect you to come back to me after that first night.”

Your heart stills suddenly, and a warm pool fills your body as you’re realizing what is happening.

“Sex with you is incredible, phenomenal even. Honestly, it’s why I wanted you back, but your soul. Your energy, I love you so much…” Izuku smiles as he kisses the back of your hand. “I love the way you hate Monday mornings like the stereotypical dumbass you are. I love that you always jump onto your bed, you do not have to, you’re not that short! But you do… you complete me. You make me want to be a better person every time I do anything… and I have one last thing to ask…”

You wipe away tears that continue to pour out of your eyes, and you sob as a waiter places a covered plate in front of you.

“Will you marry me, y/n? Would you do me the honor of being my wife?”

The silver lid comes off, and you continue to sob as a black velvet box presents itself on a plate. A luminescent diamond ring shining against the light. The words he uttered printed in chocolate on the plate. Izuku is on his knee in front of you, the ring in his hands as you sob into his neck.

Your head nods over and over.

“Yes!” You cry as you pepper wet kisses all over his face. “Yes, please! Yes!”

The diamond ring slips onto your finger, and you can’t even begin to describe your emotions as you kiss him. The cheering of the crowds disappearing as you hold him even closer.

That night, you arch off the bed many times. Your voice full of mirth and joy, Izuku’s voice needy and never once anything but loving.

He asked you for your hand that night, and yet you united in a whole other way. The overwhelming love between the two of you palatable the entire night.


One Week Later

You struggle against the wall, gasping as the villain holds you by your throat. You had foiled his next plan and were now paying dearly for it.

You slam your foot into his crotch and he grunts, letting you go. You collapse to the ground gasping for air. You stagger but act quickly, sweeping his feet out from underneath him. He falls to the ground, and you shoot energy from your hands, allowing you to quickly and smoothly hop on top of him. You press your knees into his arms, and he hisses.

His legs sweep up, kicking you forward and you tumble off of him.

So the two of you embark on another dangerous dance of yours. Mina screaming in your ear about the dangers lurking around you if you don’t get out of there! But you had landed a hit, you were going to get him today!

You duck under a punch and shove a palm to his ribcage. He stumbles backward, you narrow your eyebrows as you lock an energy strand around his leg, pulling him in. You race over, but you miss the electricity escaping his skin. You’re blown backward, white-hot pain scorching your cheek, the mask on your face cracking in two. You gasp for air, the mask cracking completing as it falls to the ground. Fuck… you couldn’t hear Mina yelling at you anymore as knees slam into your chest and you wheeze.

Your eyes lock onto the villain before you. His arm cocked back for another punch, but he’s frozen. His body is still. You don’t feel your energy power up, only that you’re arm is thrust up and he’s thrown off you. A sickening crash heard and you sit up wheezing.

You stare at the man, your vision dizzy, and you feel sick.

Not because you’re dizzy, but because of the face that’s revealed as his mask cracks around him.


His green eyes are so wide, and your eyes are tearing up.

He’s speechless, and you’re cursing his name.

He can’t stand up, and you stumble to your feet, swaying where you stand.

“Get the fuck out of there, y/n!” Mina’s voice is yelling at you, and you flinch finally hearing it.

“‘Zuku…” You whisper, your head shaking in disbelief. “You can’t be… how are you Deku?”

The villain’s name. The name you loathe, the name you refuse to use. You prefer villain because giving him a name gives him an identity. A reason for him to be committing the atrocities he’s committed.

How was this man in front of you the person you loved with all your heart?

How was this the man who loved you tenderly and gently? The man who was afraid to deny the simplest of favors because he was a generous and kind person.

You can’t remember running away. You only remember that you’re back in your house sobbing as you stare at the diamond ring on your nightstand.


Two Days Later

You stare at the ceiling of your room. You feel hallow.

Since that fateful encounter, neither one of you has attempted to reach out. Neither one of you calling, texting, or showing up. You hated it, but you couldn’t stand seeing him here. How could you ever talk to the man you love knowing who he was? What he was… what he is?

You knew everyone had secrets, but why was his secret this? Why couldn’t it have been that he was a soprano vocalist in an acapella group? Something embarrassing so that you could tease him!! But not this, anything but this…

The engagement ring is on your finger still. It makes perfect sense, everything tells you that it should be there. But it feels heavy… it weighs you down in more ways than it’s weight. Could you really forgive a man like him? Yes, he’s your Izuku, but he’s also Deku.

Notorious as the underground crime king, Deku was someone you’ve been fighting since day one. It made you nauseous just thinking about how that man was your Izuku.

How were they the same person?

The floorboards in your hallway creak, and you slam up. Your eyes concentrating on the doorframe. Your mouth runs dry as you stare at angry green eyes. His mouth pressed into a flat line as his hands roughly weave through his hair.

It hurts knowing that it wasn’t a hoax. You knew Midoriya Izuku like the back of your hand and being able to read him now burned your throat and your heart. You lick your lips as he steps closer his eyes focused on you.

“You’re Zeal?”

“You’re Deku…”

Izuku shakes his head, his lips barking with cold humor as he can’t believe it. To be fair, you can’t either as you stare at his conflicted features.

“I don’t understand?” He admits, his eyes swimming with confusion, anger, and yet longing.

“You and me both,” You laugh bitterly, you shake your head as you look up at him. “Care to explain?”

“I don’t really want to.” Izuku shakes his head, his smile sad, and you blink.

“You’re fucking kidding me, right?” You snap, your brows furrowing as you stand up, stalking over to Izuku who held his ground. “You’re the one causing all this mayhem, and you’re not going to even explain it to me?!”

“What’s the point, y/n? So that you can cry the next time we meet? You’re not going to give me mercy! You don’t understand! So why should I bother?!” Izuku’s face clouded, angry, and focused. You’re almost nose to nose as you roll your eyes.

“Because you fucking love me!” You hiss, shoving Izuku with your full strength. This entire time you’ve been able to pull off using mere fractions of your strength. Enough to play fight with Izuku, but definitely not enough to send him stumbling backward.

Izuku’s green eyes snap on you as he gathers his balance. The freckles on his forehead disappearing as he furrows his eyebrows. “Don’t do this.”

“Do what? I just found out my fiancée is a fucking spandex-wearing wanna-be-hero!”

“I AM A HERO!” You scream, your hands pulling at the roots of your hair. Your heart is racing in the worst of ways, you feel faint, ready to fall over and never wake back up. “I save people nearly every damn day, Izuku! I save people from you! What the actual fuck is wrong with you?!”

There’s a glower on his face, and you know it’s because you’re putting Izuku on a fence he doesn’t want to be. A fence that he hates. Izuku always had something to say, he wasn’t one to pretend to not have an opinion, and so this was killing him.

“Some people in this world deserve to have checks,” Izuku states his voice steely calm, his eyes raging. “I don’t do anything to people who don’t deserve it.”

Your nostrils flare, and you can feel your throat thick with emotions. What the actual fuck was he on? “Really? Do these people deserve to die? People fucking deserve to get their life blown to shreds because of what? Because you think they’re corrupt? Oh, grow the fuck up, Izuku! No, I don’t believe your bullcrap! Do you think I really haven’t tried finding correlations? Correlations for every single crime you committed? Yes, these people are terrible! But that’s why we have other ways of stopping them! You can’t play fucking god and decide whether these people deserve to live or not! What the fuck is wrong with you?!”

You’re pressed flat against his chest. Your chest heaving with lack of air and overwhelming emotions. Izuku’s face contorted with anger. His green eyes flashing before sinking into blackness.

Then you say words you wish you could regret, words that broke your own heart as you said it.

“How can you expect me to love someone like you?”

His lips are on yours suddenly.

“This is fucking why I kept it a secret from you all along, I knew you wouldn’t agree.” Izuku heavily pants against your lips.

You reciprocate his kiss. Your fingers bunch around his green curls as he picks you up. Your chest burning from lack of air as his fingers dig into your sides. “Shut the fuck up, Izuku!” You snap, pulling on his hair so harshly his head snaps up. Your lips attack his neck as soon as you see his exposed skin.

You bite harshly against his neck. Its less of a nibble that people usually use for hickies, and instead it’s a full-blown bite. Izuku lets out a snarl as after you bite down again, your hot tongue goes to soothe the inflamed skin.

He pants as he tosses you on the bed a movement you’ve always enjoyed, and even now still do. Izuku’s shirt is quickly taken off his body, and you stare at the scars on his body. The overwhelming realization that every single scar caused by you. You had scarred him. You hate to admit it, but that horrible realization sends a pool of heat down to your cunt. You rub your thighs together as he climbs over you.

“The world’s greatest hero Zeal is about to be fucked by her greatest enemy,” Izuku mutters as he presses his mouth back against yours.

The kiss feels poisonous. Your skin burning in every place he kisses you. It’s corrupt and you know it. But… his touches are also your antidote. His trailing hands that grip your breast. You arch off the bed and your erratic heart stirs. Your face twisting as you let out a moan. His tongue slips into your mouth, his hot and heavy tongue.

It dances around in your mouth, a dance that makes you think of your rooftop dance. It’s attacking, evading, pulling each other close for no reason other than to fluster the other.

You slip your hand down from his neck and grasp his dick through his pants. A low hiss from Izuku makes you swivel your hips in anticipation. “You’re not my greatest enemy.” You sneer, as you look at Izuku’s dark eyes that are full of want and need. “I don’t have a great enemy, don’t be giving yourself credit where it doesn’t belong!”

He slams your shoulders back onto the mattress. You glare at him as green electricity emerges from his forearms. You’re own energy seconds from materializing, but instead, he uses it to split the dress you’re wearing wide open. The tearing of the fabric makes your eyes run wide as you can not believe he just ruined your favorite dress. “Whoops.” Is all he says before attaching his lips onto your breasts.

His mouth attacks a sensitive part of your breast. You let out a staggering moan. Your legs clenching together at the overwhelming pleasure just by his touch. You hate that. Your arms move to remove the bra from your body, and you grin at his expression. He didn’t like that at all.

“Whoops,” You taunt, a simper blazing over your features. “Did I do something wrong?”

Izuku’s nostrils flare now and you roll the two of you over, your strength catching him off guard as you pinned him down. You roll your hips against his crotch, and you delight in the fact that you can feel his boner right on your ass. “Wow,” You mutter as you give another roll, you turn your attention towards his restrained pants. Izuku curses your name as you glance back at his scrunched up face. “Do you want me to do something about it?” You ask a taunt in your tone.

A sadistic smile fills your face as he nods his head rapidly.

“Sorry, I only help out good people.” You spit, your ass dragging roughly against his bucking hips again. You smack his chest, not at all liking the disobedience. Not liking the fact that he ruined everything by doing this to the two of you. Your anger is almost palatable, and in your mental fight, Izuku flips the two of you over, dragging you to your knees.

“Would you shut the fuck up, and open your mouth like the good girl you are?” Izuku commands as he takes off his pants. You can’t help the shiver that rolls under your skin at the sight of his dick springing free.

“Just because I’m a hero, doesn’t mean I’ll be helping you out.” You state as you stare at him unimpressed. Although at the moment you want nothing more than to go down on his impressive length. “I only help out people who need the help, not—mmph!!” His mouth is on yours again, and he sits down on the mattress.

His fingers moving to pinch and pull your aroused nipples, “Would you shut up and suck my damn dick?!” Izuku pants against your mouth and you nod, giving in.

Your hand has a vice grip over his twitching cock, and you smirk up at Izuku. His eyes hooded as you stare at him.

“I must say,” You begin to confess, as you arch over him. Your free hand tracing shapes into his thigh as you give the tip of his head a few kitten licks. Smiling when you see the clear pre-cum escaping the tip. “Aren’t you at all embarrassed to admit that the greatest superhero has you on the–”

Your words silenced as Izuku takes your head and sinks your mouth around his dick. You resist the urge to gag as his cock hits the back of your throat. “You can’t fucking talk with my cock down your throat can you?” Izuku hisses as you moan softly around his dick. “Try fucking talking more, see where that fucking gets you.”

You bob your head against his length, smirking when his head throws back. His hips snapping against your mouth. You gag slightly this time. The wet sounds and struggling breathing turning Izuku on further. He increases his speed.

You drop your jaw further. Your fingernails scratching the underside of his dick as he fucked your face. “Shit, y/n!” He grunts as he vehemently continues pounding away. His brows scrunched as his pleasure was slowly winning over him. Your eyes begin to water slightly as the lack of oxygen burns your lungs. The size, and girth of his cock stretching out your throat as you sank all the way down to the base of his cock. It was turning you on so much as you once more moaned. “You take my cock so good, like a good fucking whore,” Izuku growls as he brushes your hair out of your face, and your nose is now in contact with his lower hips.

You hold onto his moving hips, your gagging was a noise that was happening a lot more now, but Izuku didn’t care. His musty scent was overwhelming and you moan louder, why was he so damn alluring. He was relentless in your mouth. Your pussy was throbbing in anticipation for him to finish with your mouth. “Fuck,” Izuku hisses. You can’t prepare as his hot sticky seed shoots down your throat, and you pull away gasping for air.

His mouth is on your again, and his tongue slips into your mouth. His cum is still in your mouth, and when he pulls away, a saliva trail mixed with both his spit and cum. Izuku snarls as you continue panting for air.

“Now lay down and spread your legs open, like the fucking slut you are,” Izuku growls into your ear and you can’t help but nod. You slip off your soaked panties and get on all fours.

You toss your head back to stare at Izuku who’s busy rubbing himself, getting ready to come inside of you now. His eyes lock on yours, and a fire erupts in your belly at the sight of your disregard for his directions. You grin wickedly, like hell he was getting his way.

He drags you to him, and you yelp in surprise until the tip of his cock is rubbing up against your aching entrance. “Why are you so bad at following directions?” Izuku groans as he presses kisses down your stomach.

“I only follow people I respect,” You sigh as the tip of his dick enters your sopping cunt, and you move back onto it.

You can’t see his expression, you refuse to look back. You aren’t sure if it’s hurt, lust, or anger but he stills. You’re about to call out his name feeling guilty but he enters you without warning. Completely. With no warning.

“Shit!” You shriek. Your arms almost giving out on you as his dick stretches out your throbbing pussy in only the best of ways.

“You may not like my decisions as a… villain,” Izuku huffs as he slams into your again, your body moving with his thrust. “But here you are. Pussy dripping for a villain, back arched heavenly for a villain, the man making you feel this way is a villain.” With every phrase, he slams into you, and you hiss. He was too fucking huge in your throbbing core.

You move backward. Your pants are harsh as the movement was something you much more enjoyed. “Don’t worry…” You wheeze as his lips trail down your spine again, his fingers circling your clit. “This will be the only time.”

He freezes within you, but you don’t care, as you slam yourself back against him. An animalistic growl rips from his throat as he begins pounding into you. It’s different from usual. Unlike any other time, he’s not holding back, he slams into you without mercy, without care, without caution.

The feeling is almost overwhelming, his fingers digging into your clit as he thrusts in and out. You curse as his waist slams into your ass. The sounds of your rutting bodies making very loud sounds throughout your room. You mewl as his fingers pinch your throbbing clit. Electricity running through your veins, as your arms give out. Your chest pressed into the mattress. Izuku is drilling into you, his hips slamming into your spasming body.

“Baby!” You cry out, unable to keep yourself from using a pet name as he hits your g-spot.

“I know,” Izuku pants harshly.

Your eyes roll to the back of your head as his hips never falter. They continue to hit again and again into your g-spot. Your legs shaking completely as you struggle to keep up with him. Stars are forming in your vision as moans continue to pour from your mouth. His name a repeating verse on your tongue. Izuku uses this as fuel, as ambition as he continues to circle his fingers into your clit. His hips were merciless as he shoves your chest further into the mattress.

“FUCK!” You scream as your orgasm is teasing you with a release. “Let me come, ‘Zuku, please! Fuck! You’re so fucking good to me, let me come around your cock please!” You beg your pride now out of the window as you only wish to come around his throbbing dick. “Baby, please! I need… ohh my god… I needa–”

The coil in you is burning, the fire is everywhere throughout your body, and you’re finally tipping over.

“Come for me, love.” Izuku hisses as he presses his sweating forehead to your back. His fingers pinching both your throbbing clit and sensitive nipple.

The coil snaps, and you come hard around his spasming dick, his name a scream in your mouth. Your pussy clamps like a vice around his dick, you pant for air, and you feel Izuku shudder. He was close.

You turn your head to watch his screwed up face as he chases his orgasm. You smirk as you feel your walls clench around him again, and again. He can’t handle it anymore as he comes within you. His dick slips out from inside you, and you groan at the lack of feeling as he collapses beside you. You smile as you sink into the mattress beside him.

Green eyes meet y/e/c.

It’s over.

The smiles of love and post-sex feelings disappear. Sadness filling its space instead, and you stare.

This wouldn’t work. This couldn’t work.


“I know.”


“I do love you.”

“I-I love you, too.”

“I’m sorry it came down to this…”

“I am too.”

“You can keep my stuff.”

You nod your head as you watch him roll off your bed and dress.

Izuku walks away leaving you on your bed. Alone. Cold.

Izuku is panicking, what is he supposed to do now?

“Izuku?!” You yell, and he knows it’s wrong, but his heart jumps in hope. “I love you.”

Your lips are over his again, and Izuku wants nothing more than to turn the clock. To go back to that first night when he saw you from across the bar.

You pull away before Izuku can have enough, your hands lingering in his before you turn away. Tears streaming down your face.

The diamond engagement ring seemed dull in his fingers. It was nothing but a promise to each other that was never meant to be.

Now, what were the two of you to do?

All was fair in love and war, but neither one of you wanted a life without the other.

Chapter Text


Dabi pants as he pulls the lip of his water bottle away from him. He wipes his hand against his mouth. Cooling down his burning skin and drying his mouth. With the league’s increasing popularity, he had to start training with the others. Defeat was no longer allowed by Shigaraki, and defeat was not something they wished for.

Dabi’s quirk was powerful, there was no denying that! The issue arose with the way it was burning him out from the inside out. So there was only so much he could do without turning into a crisp.

Dabi didn’t mind that much as long as he could continue training with you. His eyes locked on you from a distance.

You pulled your arms over your head, and your head is rolling in circles. You’re cooling down.

Five weeks ago you had shown up, a new recruit found by none other than Sako. You had seemed innocent enough, someone Dabi definitely would have never recruited himself. You were so benign seeming, too bland. You had a vivacious smile and stargazing expression. Those traits further solidified the idea you were in over your head. That was until he observed you in action.

Your quirk was horrifying, to say the least. Called Fission and Fusion, you were able to split living cells apart and put them together. It was terrifying the way you had sent Spinners’ arms and legs flying away. The single-action sent entire league ready to both to unite you onto their lineup, and of course, kill you. Your laughter was sweet, your head bowing in apology as you retrieved Spinner’s limbs. You reattached it with a smile, soon pointing out the lack of blood everywhere.

There was also no denying that you were attractive, hell, the entire league had a thing for you. Dabi, however, was the most adamant in denying his attraction to you. Even as most of their feelings for you faded, Dabi’s remained strong. As if it was there with a vengeance. He obsessed over you but never once let you in on that secret.

The smug bastard, Sato, was the League’s hero–oh the irony. All because he found a recruit they could use as a healer and a fighter. It was soon discovered that there was a major limitation to your quirk. First, you couldn’t use it on yourself, and second, burns weren’t something you could quite fix.

For the most part, your quirk didn’t help much with Dabi’s overexertion of his own quirk. You would, of course, try your best. Your fingers trailing his purple scars as your fingertip glowed. Dabi always felt a bit better after those touches, but it didn’t ever stop the burning sensation under his skin. He was grateful, it still helped.

His eyes continued to gaze at your closed eyes. Your arms circling in front of you, and Dabi watched as your breasts squeeze because of those actions. He watches the sweat from your face roll down your neck and into your cleavage. The trail of sweat disappears, and he takes a few slow blinks. It was almost like it was teasing him, and he blinked again. He feels a strange arousal at the sight of your glistening cleavage. Shaking it off, his eyes travel back up to your face.

You were looking at him, an amused grin on your face as you saunter over.

“You need some help there?” You ask, a smirk on your face as Dabi shrugs his shoulders.

“Go wild.” He replies sticking out his arm for you. Dabi won’t give you the satisfaction of your perverted question. You plop down on the floor beside him, your warm fingers touching his burnt skin.

You trail your fingers up and down his smoke smelling arms, and Dabi relishes in the warmth of your hands.

“What were you staring at earlier?” You tease as you grab his right arm. Although nowhere near as used as his left arm, his right arm was equal in burns.

Dabi shrugs, leaning onto his left arm, his eyes flicker over to the view he has of your cleavage. “I had zoned out.”

You clicked your tongue, but you drop it as your fingers heal over the few cuts he has on his chest.

“You’ve been improving though,” Dabi states, catching you off guard by the looks of it. “You’ve improved a lot over the last five weeks.”

A laugh vibrates through your throat, as you pull away, your hands pressing onto your lap. “I did go from sorta being able to kick your ass, to completely kicking your ass.” You agree and the smile on your face has never once withering.

“You only won the first time because I was caught off guard,” Dabi retorts. His blue eyes rolling as he runs a hand through his sweaty locks.

“You’re not the type to underestimate anyone, Dabi!” You cackle and Dabi once again looks you over. Were you always this damn hot?

“I wasn’t underestimating you,” Dabi disagrees, a smirk coming to his face. Dabi stares at you as he now craves a new expression on your face. He stares at you with hooded eyes and your smile waivers. “Do you want to know the truth?”

There’s a pregnant pause, but you soon nod, your eyes sealing over with the decision.

“It’s because you’re hot to look at,” Dabi admits. A victorious smirk comes over his features at the blush that stains your cheeks. Your mouth opens to respond, but Dabi’s closing in on you for some reason. His eyes hooded, and you find yourself compelled by some outside force as you try to meet him halfway.

Something knocks into you at full force, and you’re on the ground as Toga straddles you grinning atop of your waist.

“Y/l/n-chan!” Toga giggles as she hides her face behind the sleeves of her schoolgirl uniform. “I’ve been waiting for you to finish with Dabi for so long now! I have so many cute people I need to show you!”

Dabi exhales as he watches the two of you discuss the plans you had in store. Dabi can only watch as you flash an apologetic smile and leave.

He watches you run away with Toga, a bright smile back on your face, and an unknown feeling sits heavy in his gut.

Thinking about it, Dabi ponders as he tries to figure out what he is feeling right now. It takes a moment, but as he thinks back to the way your fingers touch his arm. The way he had tried to kiss you made his stomach squeeze. Oh, no.

Dabi wanted you.

This day was not the last one like this to happen, nor was it the first. Only now it happened to be the first time he had noticed how fucking hot you were.



~ Two Months Later ~

Recruiting was the best and worst thing Dabi did for the league.

He wasn’t going to lie. There was something so glorious and wonderful about killing these men. Men who thought they were better than everyone else. He loved the way they would scream for mercy while dying in front of him.

What he didn’t like were the initial conversations. The begrudged talks he had to have before he decided to kill them. Only so that he could tell Shigaraki that he did his job “correct” and perfect. Yet lately, it seemed that no one believed Dabi when he said he talked to the groups of potential followers. They weren’t wrong to believe that, but it still annoyed Dabi to see that you were waiting for him this morning.

There you stood with your given upgrades to your costume. You played a game on your phone as Dabi walked down the hallway. Your eyes locked on his, and there was a smile on your face. Dabi hated you, or so that’s what he kept telling himself. He hated your smile especially because it made his stomach flip, and there was no reason for that. He walked right past you, his hands shoved in his pockets, and groaned under his breath when you followed him out.

So Dabi now stood by the entrance of an alleyway, and you were three steps to his right.

Your damn outfit was attention capturing. The fitted suit highlighted every single damn curve you had. You had garnered the attention of the masses of people waiting for the two of you, so Dabi wanted to kill them. Who the fuck did they think they were staring at his girl–no, you.

The look on your face was one of complacency. You flirted back with every single catcall, your eyes holding a mysterious glint as you did so. Hell, Dabi watched on as you stood next to one of the men, your lips by his ear, and his entire face flushed red. The man went to grab your waist to pull you closer, but you were three steps ahead. You were already walking back towards Dabi.

There was no doubt in Dabi’s mind that none of them deserved to join. They had an interest in you, not the group’s movement! So when you pressed a hand to his shoulder, Dabi feared the worst as he bent down for you.

Your lips brushed against the shell of his ear stirred something from within him. The hot flow of air further increasing his heightened need for you. But it was the words that left your lips that sealed the last nail in his coffin.

“Kill them all.”

Dabi smirked his eyes locking on your bright eyes. The brightness was sadistic, very hidden under the brightness of your energy. He growled lowly, his lust increasing by tenfold, and all while staring into your eyes, he shot his left hand out.

Blue flames illuminated the alleyway in a blink of an eye. The shrieks and screams made the two of you gaze at the burning bodies in silence.

“I didn’t think you had it in you,” Dabi says after the last shrieks end. You glance up at him, a giggle leaving your lips.

“Because I’m super innocent?” You ask, your bottom lip captured between your teeth. Dabi wants nothing more than to slam his mouth on yours and bite down on that lip. To hear your pant his name while the bodies crumbled into dust beside you. “I’m not as innocent as you think me to be.”

The tone seems innocent enough, but the look on your face makes Dabi stop a groan from leaving his mouth. It’s sinister, yet overwhelming and hot, and he feels himself growing in his pants. So, he takes a step towards you, and he delights in the fact you stand your ground. “I would agree but you’re as innocent as I know you to be.” Dabi counters.

A lazy grin stapled onto his face. Your eyes swimming with a bunch of emotions Dabi can’t pinpoint. “You’re a great fighter, don’t get me wrong.” He takes another step, his eyes now blazing into yours. A triumphant smirk lacing his face as you step back. “But, you don’t seem like a killer.”

Another step backward. “After all, princess, you did command me to kill them all. You could’ve taken them without a sweat.”

He has you pressed against the alleyway walls. The cold brick digging into your backside, as you stare at Dabi, your mouth opened ever so slightly.

It seems, though, you may have guessed exactly what Dabi was feeling because your eyes sparkle. A smile graces your face against as you look at him through your heavy lashes. “I just think it’s hot when a man does my job for me.”

Dabi chuckles, his hands pressing on the sides of your head. “I think I can deal with that.” He whispers, leaning into your face wanting nothing more than to make you his right here, right now.

Your eyes don’t close even as he draws nearer, the look of defiance making his cock twitch in anticipation. But a phone rings in his pocket right before he can press his mouth to yours.

Dabi groans, the spell over the two of you broken as he takes out his phone. Putting it to his ear.

“What?” He almost growls.

“Did you find anyone? I sent y/n with you so that there could be one potential coming back.” Shigaraki’s voice questions, his tone annoyed and hopeful.

“They were all terrible, y/n thought so, too.” Dabi sighs rubbing his face, and he glances over at you, who merely shrugs.

Now Dabi had a boner to deal with, and a certain girl would not be readily available to help him.



~ One Week Later ~

Dabi walked to the bathroom. He frowned when he figured out that it was not free, and he trained his ears a bit. The shower was on. Sighing, he turned and walked to the much further bathroom in their house.

He peed and went down to the living room. The living room is small, with only a couch and a few individual chairs. The floor was also more comfortable than some of these chairs! In fact, there were more people on that floor than in a seat. Everyone had gathered tonight because they decided they all wanted to “bond.” So Toga and you had suggested a movie night, and much to Dabi’s annoyance everyone agreed. He sat down on the couch, grateful that everyone else was on the floor or on chairs. Dabi scanned the room, looking to see who wasn’t there.

Everyone was there except–

“Where’s Y/n?” Sako asked, his eyes darting around. Dabi rolled his eyes as he slouched on the couch. Of course, it was you in the shower.

“In the shower!” Toga chirped. “She came back all bloody and cute, but she wanted to get it all off…”

“Ew blood is disgusting!” Twice yelled, “I LOVE IT!”

Dabi groaned as everyone began bickering. They argued if the blood of one’s enemies on you was hot. Dabi had to agree though, it was hot. He didn’t join in on the conversation though.

“Sorry!” You chirped from the entranceway, and everyone cheered at finally being able to get the movie on the roll. Dabi felt the couch shift from beside him, and you hopped onto the stiff cushion beside him.

Dabi glances over at you and immediately regretted doing so. You were wearing an oversized sweater that fell to your mid-thigh. Dabi could not keep his eyes away from you, his eyes trailing down your shapely legs. Your animate arms moved as you explained what had happened. But Dabi wasn’t quite paying attention to what you were saying. He only knew that he was damn positive he could smell your citrus and berry shampoo from where he sat. It was not his favorite smell, but on you, it was quick to arouse him.

His eyes fell over the swell of your breast, and he glanced at the logo. He froze. The blood that was rushing through his body frozen as he realized who’s sweatshirt that was.

It was fucking Sako’s sweatshirt! Dabi felt his upper lip curl into a snarl as he shifted back towards the television. Now Dabi was uncaring for the conversation. As the movie finally began, the conversations stopped. Everyone invested in the scenes unfolding before their eyes. Toga had for dumb reason brought back the Lego Movie, and so that was what they were watching.

Why the fuck did you have Sako’s shit? Dabi’s thoughts trailed as he glanced over at you, and you were whispering to Shigaraki.

Rolling his eyes, he thought of you in his own clothes. He was definitely going to burn that sweatshirt off your body once he had you under his body. You would look so pretty with your mouth around his cock. Stunning when your back will arch off the bed. Dabi could see himself pounding into you until you couldn’t do anything but scream his name. Beautiful as you were on all fours, you back arched as he took you from behind, his name a prayer on your tongue.

Dabi inhaled sharply as you brush your hair to the side, and the waft of aroma from your hair hit him at full force. His pants felt tight as he sat there, trying his best not to grab you at this very moment and make you his. He would not care if the others looked or not! Hell, Dabi figured it would be better for them to look as he drilled into you. It would mean no one could question who you belonged to. You belonged to him.

Dabi stilled as you almost appeared at his side. Your hand on his shoulder as you pressed your mouth by his ear, “I wanted to let you know that I can handle myself just fine.”

It takes everything within Dabi to not turn you on your backside and drill you into the couch. Your words are teasing and taunting him. Instead, Dabi grips his thighs and he nods. “Is that what you were doing?”

“That among a few other things.” Your tone is teasing as you shift back to your original position, and Dabi stares at you. It was as if you were doing this on purpose.

The way you had dressed up? You knew that he was possessive of the things he wanted, and to be wearing a sweatshirt he didn’t know you had until now? The outfit was an entire tease. The way that he could only see your hands, neck, and legs. It was as if you wanted to rile him up. Especially with you tossing your hair every three seconds. It was getting harder and harder to ignore you.

So Dabi sat there, his nostrils flaring as the movie continued on. He couldn’t hear the movie anymore. Dabi was hyperaware of the delicious giggles that left your lips. Giggles that paralleled whenever something funny happened in the film. His ears picking up on your voice whenever you talked with Shigaraki. It was pissing him off.

The movie wrapped up without a hitch, and everyone quickly retreated back to their rooms. That is except Dabi and you. Dabi was trying to conceal his hard-on. He did anything to make sure you wouldn’t see because he wasn’t going to give you the benefit of a victory over him. You were cleaning up the few messes people had left behind. You hummed to yourself as you cleaned up the few pieces of popcorn that had hit the floor. Brushing past Dabi with an apology, you bent down in front of him. The action revealed a pair of navy blue booty shorts. Shorts that sent Dabi over the edge in the aspect of his mental strength.

Oblivious to his internal struggle, you walked to the kitchen. You tossed the trash away with a satisfied nod. You finished cleaning up, and you were now ready for bed.

“You’re such a fucking tease,” Dabi’s voice rustles against your neck, and you still. His chest pressed against your shoulders. You can feel his aroused dick pressed against your lower back, and a grin overcomes your features.

You delight in the way his fingers seize your waist, and you can’t keep yourself from rolling your hips. Your ass dragging pleasingly against his crotch. “I have no idea what you’re talking about?” You innocuously state, your hands gripping his pants to keep Dabi close.

“Now, now, love.” Dabi presses his lips to your neck. You groan slightly as the cool metal of his piercings conflict with your warm skin. “I know you’re not an idiot… don’t play dumb.”

You tilt your head to the side, giving him more room on your skin, and you once more roll your hips. He hisses softly against your neck. You laugh as the adrenaline courses through your veins making you giddy. This was something you wanted since day one after all. “I’m no idiot,” You agree, your hand trailing from his legs to clutch his black locks in your fingers. “I just can’t put together what I did to get myself into this situation.”

There’s an almost territorial grown from Dabi, and you’ve spun around. Your back is now pressed against the counter. You sigh as his warm hands slip underneath the sweatshirt. His fingers pausing at the waistband. “You wear this fucking sweatshirt. You talk to everyone but me all night long. You flip your hair in my direction as if I’m not already hard enough. And then you bend down right in front of me as if I hadn’t mused claiming you on that couch during the movie?”

You let out a moan, his words overwhelming you as he nips at your throat. Unable to keep yourself stagnant anymore, you clutch his face and bring his face to yours.

“Hey– oh shit! Was I interrupting something?!” Spinners’ face is blushing, and the two of you pull apart. Distance put between the two of you as you both stiffen.

“Nothing at all.” Dabi’s voice is too strained, and you watch as he storms off, his fists clenched at his side.

“It’s fine,” You say again with a laugh, Spinners face was almost beet red after all. “He was, what is it… checking up on me.”

“Are you… are you sure?” Spinner chokes his hand covering his eyes, and you walk over and press a kiss to his cheek.

“Don’t worry, honey!” You laugh as you pull away. “Nothing was happening!”

You cackle at his uncomfortable status and leave with a skip in your step. Oh yeah, Dabi was just about to be yours.



~ The Following Day ~

Dabi was trying not to stare at you.

You were laying on your stomach on the opposite end of his bed. Your ankles crossed as you read the book in your hands.

He didn’t know what was wrong with him, all he knew is that since yesterday, you had been cold. Then again, you never seemed to be in his room ever. You wore a white tank top that showed off your stomach. Paired with black shorts that seemed to be the tiniest bit too tight. It was, to put it simply, too alluring for him. The outfit made Dabi want nothing more than to burn your clothes off and drill into you.

His eyes concentrated on you as you rolled over onto your back. Your hair fanning out around you in a way that Dabi could now envision himself between your legs. Your face flushed, screaming his name. He bit down hard on his tongue to keep himself from thinking about it any further. There was no stopping his thoughts when you shifted your weight. Your back arching as you stretched. A low moan resonating from your mouth as Dabi wheezes slightly.

Your eyes flicker over to him, and a confused look falls over your face as you scrunch your eyebrows. “You okay?” You ask placing the book to the bed.

“Yeah,” Dabi says an easy lie, his hands running through his hair. “Are you?”

“Never been better!” You respond sitting up, and you fix your hair so that it lays on your shoulders. “I do have some questions though?”

Dabi quirks an eyebrow as he nods, letting you know that he’s listening.

“It’s about yesterday,” You breeze, adjusting your top, and his eyes flicker down to the swell of your breasts. Dabi feels his mouth running dry, but he nods his head. “I wanted to know how you felt…”

There’s a questionable tone to your voice, but your eyes glimmer. It’s that same glimmer from the meeting. It reminds him of a sadistic smile. Even so, Dabi shifts again, “About… about what?”

“The movie, silly!” You say as you fall onto your hands, and Dabi rolls his eyes. Of fucking course.

“It was stupid.”

You tut softly as you shrug, “We’re all entitled to an opinion, even if your opinion is dumb and stupid.”

“Shut up, you’re being annoying.”

“I’m only curious!” You grin and take your book in your hand. “My hands are cold…” You murmur looking at the book. Your eyes snapped up to Dabi, and he felt frozen under your gaze.

“Can I stick them down your pants?”

Dabi licks his lips, a smirk coming over his face as he sits up completely now. “No,” Dabi says with a mocking look.

The look on your face incites something within Dabi. The look is territorial, it’s sultry, and it stirs something within him.

“Your belt looks really tight on you…” You lament, and Dabi watches with widening eyes as you’re on all fours now. His eyes struggling to keep themselves from falling to your displayed cleavage. Your teeth bite down onto your bottom lip, “Let me loosen it for you?”

You’re crawling slowly towards Dabi, and he forgets how to speak as your fingers come to graze at his ankles. Dabi’s breathing staggers as you crawl onto his lap, your hips straddling his own. He feels as if he’s choking when you press your breasts flat against his chest, your hot breath hitting his ear. “Can I confess something?” You whisper into his ear.

Dabi exhales a breath he didn’t know he was holding as he nods his head. You’re completely and utterly overwhelming him.

“In my head, we’re already having sex, so my opinion is we should just get it on already.” You confess as your lips press against his neck.

Dabi struggles to breathe as you pull away, your eyes locking on his. “Can I kiss you?” You ask your face leaning in titillating close. “I really want to kiss you.”

Dabi forgets how to say yes as he feels your lips ghost against his own, and his eyes fall closed. He’s waiting for you to press yourself against him completely.

“Aw, you guys are so cute!” A voice interrupts the two of you, and you screech falling off Dabi. “Ugly and disgusting, please never do it again!”

Twice peered his face into the doorway. A smile is heavy in his tone as he giggled at the two of you blushing and heaving like horny teenagers.

“I’m going to leave…” You whisper the energy between the two of you ruined.

“Y/n!” Dabi calls after you. He’s angry with the fact that you were leaving and furious at Twice’s giggling expression.

“Sounds like you’re in trouble!” Twice laughs. “Clean yourself up!”

Dabi groans as he falls back onto his bed, why the fuck could he never do what he wanted with you?

Dabi was through. He was sexually-frustrated and now that he knew you wanted him? He was not going to let you slip away again.

He was going to fuck you by the end of the night.



~ One Hour Later ~

You were in your room. Your hands rummaging through your drawers trying to find a better set of PJs. To be honest, you were sure that you were going to get laid tonight, but Dabi didn’t seem to be all that into it.

After last night, you were sure he would spring at the chance! He had, after all, pressed a raging boner against your back. So, you figured that he would take the opportunity to bed you right then and there. Even when Twice had walked in, you thought he would have fought you to keep you there. That he would clash with Twice for walking in. That he would pin you to the mattress and had his way with your regardless of the fact that you were being watched.

Sighing, you stripped off your clothes. They were especially picked out to stir some sort of reaction from him. It was disappointing that all you got was a blank stare as you slipped under his arm. You slipped on a pair of sweatpants, frowning. You had even worn your favorite pair of black lacy lingerie! But you guessed that there was time for this another day.

You went to grab your shirt that was on your bed, but the door slams open, and you shriek. Your arms moving to cover yourself.

You watch as Dabi closes the door behind him, locking it, and your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Are you–mmph?!”

His mouth is on yours the second you blink. The coolness of the staples in his chin press into your own chin and it sends chills down your spine. A gasp leaves your lips as you grip onto his sleeves, your head tilting to give a better angle for the two of you. His arms shift, and he grasps your ass tightly. You tear your lips away from his, panting heavily as he picks you up.

“You’re such a fucking tease,” Dabi growls into your neck. His hair tickles your cheek, and his smoky aroma fills your senses. You laugh carelessly. You shiver at the feeling of his cold staples pressing into your warm skin, but still, you crave more.

“I’ve been teasing you for months now,” You confess as he tosses you on the bed, his eyes scouring your body. “You’re just an idiot who needed me on your lap to solve that out!”

His tongue runs a circle around your neck, and you shudder, “I think you need to shut up.” Dabi warns.

“Make me, pussy!” You counter and Dabi rolls his eyes. His hands seize your bra covered breasts in his hands, and he chuckles lightly at your whimper.

“I had to suffer twice within the past twenty-four hours…” Dabi drawls out his lips peppering scattered kisses along your chest. “I’m going to fuck you until you cum so fucking hard around my dick…”

The promise in his voice sends your heart pounding, and you tremble as you gaze into his vehement eyes.

“You know, typically when someone says ‘make me,’ you’re supposed to–”

“Would you shut the fuck up?” Dabi snaps, his lips back on yours, and your eyes roll to the back of your eyes at the pressure.

He crawls on top of you, making you crawl backward, your head bumping the headboard of your bed. Dabi still on top of you as you pant. You sit up, your lips still dancing against his own, your hands locking into his thick hair. His lips are intoxicating. Pressing fully on yours. His hands gripping your waist and make you shudder from the strength of the hold.

Your thrust your hips upward, savoring in the fact that you were able to graze up against his pelvis.

“Stop fucking moving!” Dabi hisses against your lips, and you whine as his teeth bite down on your lower lip. You smile, your eyes watching at his lust-filled eyes. You wrap your legs around his waist and grind your hips into his crotch.

You yelp has his hands shove your hips back onto the bed, his mouth pulled back into a snarl, “Don’t fucking test me, baby girl.” He nearly seethes.

“You’re not giving me a reason to not test you!” You groan. You shift restlessly, your arousal getting to you, and yet you were now unable to do anything about it. Dabi’s scarred hand grabs your bra and he chuckles.

“Such a pretty bra,” He utters as your chest heaves. Your mind driving yourself crazy as you longed for him to do something, anything. “Were you wearing it all this time?”

“Nah,” You gasp as his fingers skillfully trace over your hardened nipples. “It was for Sako, I was waiting for him to reply to my ‘are you uP–’!!!” Your banter is harshly stopped as he burns the bra to a crisp. The snarl on his face turning sadistic as you look at him.

Before you could open your mouth to tell him off, the heated cavern of his mouth latches onto your left breast. His tongue lashing out to swipe out your nipples. “Yes,” You crave his touch, even more, and you tug on his on hair. “That feels--aah oh fuck–that feels so good!”

You arch into his mouth, wordless gasps pouring out of your mouth as you clench his thick hair in your hands. His left-hand pinch your free nipple, and you thrash against his hold, his name cried from your lips. His mouth and fingers were unrelenting. His teeth biting down harshly on your perked nipple, and his fingers rolled your other nipple. Pulling on it on occasion until your hips began to buck, desperate for some sort of friction.

His mouth leaves your breast with a fulfilling pop, and you tremble against the mattress. You pant while looking down at your flushed stained breasts. They shone with his saliva, and the cool air intensifying the sensitivity. “You’re pretty when you’re laying underneath me,” Dabi grins, a gleam in his eyes. You gaze at him with heavy-lidded eyes and he looks down, a smirk on his face. “But, you’re terrible at following directions,” Dabi states, victory lacing his eyes as you moan. You’ve never felt needier, and you were hoping he would just get to the point where he was railing you into the mattress.

“Fuck me, please!” You cry as you push his hands down to your needy sex, and you shiver against his fingers.

“I think I’m going to have to teach you a lesson on following rules.” Dabi teases as he slides his hands to your waistband.

“Don’t you dare fucking burn my pants and panties!” You warn as your head tilts backward, Dabi’s mouth pressing open mouth kisses down your neck. The coolness of the staples on his face almost steaming against your scorched skin.

“I’ll get you a new pair.” Dabi snickers as your remaining materials get burned off.

Your eyes widen, words unable to form as he pulls his shirt off his head. The smell of the burning material intermingling with the scent of your arousal, and his own aroma. You sit up and grab his belt, unbuckling it as his thrown shirt reaches the floor. You ignore his movements to get you to lean down as you manage to get his pants down to his knees.

“What are you doing?” Dabi pants. You ignore him as you lick your lips, staring at his awaiting cock.

You grasp his hard dick, and you smirk at his hiss. His dick was large, three large veins bulging out from the side, and your hand almost wrapped around it. You push him onto his ass and lean down, your tongue flicking out to touch the tip of his head. His smell is musty, the pre-cum leaking out of his tip salty and he moans. Your mouth envelopes around him, and he tugs your hair roughly. Your hands run up and down the parts of his cock that weren’t in your mouth. You stared at him, smiling as you slowly took him in until your lips touched the base of his dick. Your head is roughly pulled off, and you don’t know how, but your back’s pressed back into the mattress. “I don’t fucking want your damn mouth around me right now,” Dabi grunts, the tip of his cock teasing your own entrance.

“Well fuck me, before I fuck myself and kick you out!” You cry out, your hands grasping onto his shoulders as he grinds further into you.

“I wouldn’t mind that,” Dabi admits, his teeth nipping at your earlobe, and you dig your nails into his hips. “God, you’re fucking wet…”

“Fuck me, already!” You sob and with a satisfied snort, he picks up your leg and rams into you at full length.

Your head throws back, and a soundless scream emerges your lip. Gasps escape your mouth as you clench around his cock. Your breathing unleveled as you adjusted to his size. His damn girth was too much for you to handle, but his hips snapped back and slammed back into you.

“Dabi!” You shriek as your nails scrape down his back. His face buried into your neck, and the hot puffs of air send goosebumps down your body. You’re heaving as his speed increases steadily, your body not entirely adjusted. Despite the pain, you start rolling your hips against his. His hips are merciless, slamming into you over and over. The pained look on your face quickly dissolving into pleasure.

Sharp pants escape his mouth as he places his hands onto the pillow by your head. Your legs wrapping against his hips as you meet his with every thrust. Your arousal intensifies as a burning pressure erupts within you. Your head falling backward as you lacked the energy to keep your head up. “Look at me,” Dabi growls. The pleasure burns through your veins. It almost prohibits you from staring into his cerulean eyes. Your core felt as if it was on fire.

Dabi pushes himself off the mattress, grasping your hips as he continues to slam into you. The new angle is overwhelming, your eyes rolling to the back of your head as your nails dig into his back. Tingles reaching your toes, and you find yourself curling your toes, as he slams into your g-spot.

“DABI!” You screech as he grunts, he angles himself into you in the same way. Ragged groans tumble out of your voice as he slams into your over, and over, and over. The tip of his dick never once missing. “Harder, please! Fuck!”

You choke as his left-hand clutches your throat, and you arch your back off the mattress again. “Fucking shit, you’re so damn tight.” Dabi gasps as his hips circle and slams back into you. The pressure in your core was only increasing as you felt his cock spasm from within you, and you cry. Your neck pushing up against his hand. “Do you need to come?” He asks, a desperate tone to his voice.

The build-up of the pressure was sending you over the edge, and you shoved his hand off your neck as you sit up. Your arms wrap around his neck, your lips pressing tightly against his own as you come hard around his dick. Ragged moans pour out of your mouth as his hips chase your orgasm, approaching his own.

Your pussy continues to spasm around his thrusting cock, your eyes clenched. Dabi’s mouth presses open kisses against you, and he curses your name. You moan as you feel his seed expelling within you, and he gasps. His hips stutter as they try to finish his final movements. Dabi collapses with you in his arms, the two of you panting for air as you lay there. Sweating, panting and kissing each other softly.

You pull away brushing his sweaty hair off his forehead. “I seriously underestimated you,” You chuckle.

“I wanted to do that since day one…” Dabi sighs as he presses a kiss to your mouth.

“You didn’t have it in you!”

“You’re fucking annoying.”

“And yet,” You shift in his arms burying your nose into the crook of his neck. “You still fucked me.”

Chapter Text

Everyone always expected Bakugou Katsuki to be a dom in bed. In their defense, they weren’t wrong for assuming so. Bakugou Katsuki was a leader, he loved to be in charge, hated being overrun. But that was outside of the bedroom. You knew him better.

Whenever your friends would ask how it was to sleep with bakugou, you would just smile, your eyebrow quirked. Everyone always assumed it was because Bakugou constantly had you against the wall.

Drilling into you until you couldn’t think.

Making you scream his name until your voice went raw.

“Come on, y/n-chan!” Mina cried as you once again avoided talking about your sex life with bakugou. “We told you about our stories! why won’t you tell us yours!”

As always, you laugh and place down your drink. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to share, it was that Bakugou was embarrassed to admit that the one time he wasn’t in complete control was in the bedroom.

You looked at the curious faces of your beloved classmates and laughed again, thinking back to last night.


Bakugou walked into the house, he was utterly and completely ready for you tonight.

Having a day off from work, you had spent your free time sending Bakugou… provocative pictures. The entire time he ignored you, only leaving you with a growing smirk. You knew that every time you sent something, within two minutes Bakugou was opening it. It didn’t matter where he was, hell, you were positive he took his phone out during an interview today! He may not be responding, but you could feel his annoyance and growing want through the screen.

So now he was home. throwing his bag on the ground, he walked through the halls quietly, hoping to catch you off guard.

His vermillion eyes locked on you sitting by your vanity mirror. Your hair was curled delicately, red lipstick stained your plump lips as you stared into the mirror. With your fingers running through your hair, you micro adjusted things before smiling softly.

Bakugou watched as you stood up, his black t-shirt swamped over your torso, ending right beneath the swell of your ass. His mouth felt dry as he continued staring at you. Your shimmery eyeshadow catching in the light of the room as your eyes slowly locked on him.

A kind smile fills your face. Warm, inviting, welcoming. It was everything Bakugou wanted from you, but after a long day of teasing, it just wasn’t what he needed. “Hi, baby.” You drawl out, your steps are agonizingly small as you walk to him, your painted lips kissing his.

Bakugou growls lowly, the sound vibrating in his chest as he pulled you close. His fingers dug into your hips as your arms wrapped around his neck. “You’re such a fucking tease,” Bakugou snaps, his lips trailing your neck as you exhale softly. Soft giggles hit his ears as his hand’s stroke down to grab your ass. The soft flesh filling his hands. “You have no idea how annoying it is to see you in those clothes, not able to do anything about it.”

“Do something about it then,” You smile as your fingers tangle into his thick ash-blond hair. Your eyes closing as he grinds his crotch into you.

“I will.”


Your eyes trained on the girls, a smile on your face as you took another sip of your tea. You shrug your shoulders as you place the cup down, moving your hair to the side as you displayed the arrangement of purple and yellow bruises on your neck.

“OH MY GOD!” Mina shrieks as she presses her face near your neck, her eyes wide as the other girls try to slip in. Everyone was curious to see the hickies on your flesh.

“That doesn’t surprise me!” Jirou laughs as she covers her face, embarrassed.

“My darling prudes,” Hagakure’s voice interrupts everyone, and the table stares at the invisible girl who places her hand to your face. “The real question is: where they place before, during, or after sex?”


Bakugou’s mouth sucked harshly on your neck in multiple areas. His teeth nipping your skin as your fingers roamed his chest. You let him have his way with you, his built-up frustration from the day seeping out as he walked you towards the bed. Pants escaping your lips as you can feel the nth hickie on your neck.

The back of your legs hit the mattress, and you go down, Bakugou fluidly following you to the surface. You hum contently against his determined lips, and you get Bakugou to submit to a much slower pace as you unhook a single arm around his neck. You crawl backward on the mattress, Bakugou shifting to keep up with your fleeting form. As soon as you feel the headboard of the bed frame, you grin against his lips. Tucking a single leg around him, you rolled the two of you around, straddling his waist. His vermillion eyes opening as he pants. Lust and need heavy in his eyes, and you giggle.


You smile, taking her hand off your face as you shake your head, “It was before and during.”

“Okay, you know that I would never, ever actually date Bakugou, but I have to admit… I would not mind sleeping with him. If you know… you never dated him, to begin with.” Mina admits, her cheeks puffing slightly. “I really just want to be controlled and dominated! Is that so much to ask for?”

“I think sometimes you just need to take over,” You say, trying not to reveal the secret in your sex life. “Dominate the dicks for a change!”

“Like you’ve dommed??? With a guy like Bakugou, I wouldn’t be surprised if you never commanded him before!”

There’s agreeing laughter, and you laugh the same, a knowing smile on your face as you grab your teacup. You take a slow drink.


You pull off Bakugou’s top, your hair falling messily back onto your shoulders as you toss it to the side. Bakugou’s breathing hitches as he takes in your form. You’re clad in a rose gold lace flutter bodysuit. The sheerness of the fabric leaves nothing to be imagined, and the intricate lacing over your breasts makes Bakugou moan in anticipation.

“You were not wearing this one earlier,” Bakugou snaps as his hands grasp your waist, and you laugh. “Where the fuck is the set you wore when you were teasing the hell out of me?”

“I figured you wanted to see this new piece!” You interject, a smile on your face. You didn’t really care for the other set, while this one was nowhere near as sexy as the black piece you owned, you didn’t want Bakugou getting too riled up for what you had planned for him. You lean against him, your breasts pressed against his clothed chest, and your lips ghosting the shell of his ear. “Besides, you forgot to greet me… I don’t think I loved that.”

A soft whimper escapes his mouth as you pull away with a sadistic grin, “Well, maybe if you didn’t fucking tease me all day I wouldn’t have been–mmph!!”

You effectively shut him up with a kiss, your hands immediately snaking under his shirt to run against his toned muscles. You roll your hips up and down his crotch, smirking when you feel his arousal through his pants. Oh yeah, he was not going to enjoy tonight.

“Now, I’m gonna tie your hands to the bed.” You say as you quickly roll off Bakugou, leaving him breathless and dizzy headed as he attempts to sit up. Before Bakugou can even adjust to the lack of your body on his, you’re back on, your hips grinding into his as you pull off his shirt. Your mouth trailing down his torso as he groans. “Hands up.”


“Well, I don’t think I really want to know about Bakugou-san in this way…” Momo admits to the group, and their attention is momentarily diverted away from you.

“Yaomomo,” Uraraka begins to speak, a teasing tone in her voice. “Our very good friend needs help for domming a dominant boy! It is our job as her friends to help her out!”

“Yes!” Mina and Hagakure shriek as everyone whips their heads around to you, stars gleaming in their eyes.

“I will give you your first tip!” Mina announces, a cunning smirk on her face. “Tip number one: tell him you want to try something new.”


“I’m going to try something new tonight.” You sigh as you fasten the silk fabric around the bed frame. Your hands tugging on the ropes as you stare at the flustered Bakugou underneath you, his breathing is eerily calm, but his pupils are blown up in anticipation. “All you’re going to be able to do is go along with it.”

“You know, I can easily break out of these bonds, right?” Bakugou informs you, his arms testing the bonds and he nods. He can break out of them for sure.

“Then do it.” You breeze, flipping your hair over your shoulder as you stare at him, challenging him. Bakugou could win if he wanted to, but you know him thoroughly, he wouldn’t dare.


“Next tip,” Hagakure interrupts the conversation where you were playing dumb. You just weren’t sure how to bring up something new to him! “Start with a simple command.”


Bakugou throws his head back hissing loudly as your mouth sucked a bruise onto his collarbone. Your eyes locked on his turned head as his hips buck into yours. It throws you off slightly, the pleasurable tingles running through your core at the pressure. Your lips continue trailing down, your teeth grazing his nipple. Your hand moving to pinch his free nipple as you focused on one.

A smirk on your face as he calls out your name, his red eyes snapping back on your pouty lips as you left lipstick stains around his stimulated nipple. You suck on it gently, rolling the skin with your tongue and Bakugou barks words at you. Words you don’t understand as you finally bite down on his sensitive skin. Your tongue is quick to lash out and soothe his inflamed skin with your tongue, his moans telling you that you had done it just right.

You shift over to give his other nipple the same treatment, only this time Bakugou manages to have his eyes locked on your the entire time.

You pull away with a satisfying pop. You look down, smiling at the sight of the shiny and slick skin of his pecks, and you lean down. You blow soft cold wind over the few areas of wet skin and relish in the way your name is groaned from his lips. As if this was some rehearsed dance, your hands slam into the mattress by his head.

“You’re not allowed to come until I let you come, okay?” You ask, your face leaning in close.

“I’ll come whenever I damn well please it!” Bakugou snaps at you, and your eyebrow raises. You lick your lips, relishing at the feeling of his body now trembling underneath yours. Oh yeah, this was going to make Bakugou a pile of mush by the end of the night.


“Tip number twenty,” Uraraka speaks up, surprising everyone there. “Make him beg.”


The sharp intake of breath from Bakugou caused you to giggle as your hand stroked his hardened dick through his underwear.

You maintained eye contact with him as you took off his underwear, your hands now gripping the hot skin of his cock. Running your tongue along the underside of his dick, you made your way back down to the base, your teeth teasing the sensitive skin. The stuttering groans from Bakugou’s mouth enticing you to continue. Your tongue licked the tip of his head, the salty taste of pre-cum hitting your senses. Your tongue lay flat on the underside of his cock, and you slowly sank your mouth around his cock. Bakugou let out a rough breath through his nostrils as his legs tremble intensely. Your free hand moved to Bakugou’s balls, squeezing them between your fingers, his legs twitching in surprise.

You pushed yourself further down his cock, your tongue swirling around his length as you took him in deeper. You felt his tip hit the back of your throat you pulled up, gagging on his dick, but you drown it with a hum. Bakugou’s eyes clamped at your actions, cursing you as he tried to conceal his lewd noises.

Bakugou stared back at you and gave you a darker glare. It was challenging, once again, but you knew better. His hands slam against the restraints, and you have to remind yourself not to laugh as the lewd noises of your throat being stretched out by his dick resonate in the room.

This time Bakugou groaned deeply, his hips bucking up towards your touch as he almost cries in frustration. You smirked up at him as you continue your movements, uncaring of his pleas for you to go faster. Your speed is agonizingly slow.

Bakugou grunts as you pick up your pace. The hums now intermingling with gagging as his dick continued to hit the back of your throat. The sounds only exciting Bakugou further.

His cock twitches in an all too familiar way, and you pull away. Saliva trailing on his dick and your lips as you gently pat your wet lips.

Bakugou’s eyes are wide in anger, frustration, and lack of release.

“You fucking–”

“Ah ah ah! You can’t come yet.” You remind him, and you shift over his aroused cock and straddle his chest as you lean down whispering against his lips. “Maybe if you beg for it, I’ll let you off with a lighter sentence.”

His vermillion eyes burst with a million emotions, but you grin at the most prominent ones. Refusal, love, and lust.

Bakugou Katsuki was, after all, the biggest sub on the planet with the attitude of a dom.


“I think, I get it now!” You exclaim happily, your eyes shining with faux realization as they finished telling you their tips and tricks for dominating men who were unwilling to give control to anyone but themselves. “It seems to me that within the fifty-three tips you guys gave me, the most important is that it’s okay to be rough? I felt that it was a common theme for about forty of them!”

“You have to be rough sometimes,” Tsuyu agrees her finger to her mouth as she pondered. “If you aren’t they’ll try taking over.”

“Yeah, especially someone like Bakugou!”


Bakugou was sweating profusely. His chest heaving with frustration and from constant denial.

You dropped the vibrating ring to the bedside with a laugh as you painted yet another bruise onto his tanned skin. “You’re such a good sub.” You moan as you rub your slicked wet core onto his dick. Bakugou groaning in lust as his hips bucked, desperate for both your pussy to be wrapped around him, and for the release he had been denied.

Five times now.

You had made out with him so intensely at one point, he almost came in his shorts, you then face fucked him twice, rode him once, and now he could not remember his own name anymore as you stopped the torture with the vibrating ring.

“Do you wanna cum?”

“Fucking shit, y/n!” Bakugou yelled, but there was no malice in his voice, only the gravely tone of his arousal in his voice. “Please, god fucking hell, I wanna fucking come inside of you!”

You easily laugh, and Bakugou sighs as your swollen lips are pressed against his own. The first time in a while, and he moans softly as the kiss is slow. It’s slow, and sweet with your hands threading through his hair in a way that makes his mind spin.

“Let’s get you to come.” You promise against his mouth, as you lean towards the headboard. You quickly untie the silk ropes, and Bakugou’s hands fling to your waist. His grasp is tight, bruising even.

You moan slightly at his touch, rather impressed that he did not try to assert his faux dominance over you.

“Please baby,” Bakugou begs against your lips, and a shiver runs down your spine. He’s putty in your hands and is relying on you to get him over the edge.

You break away from the kiss and position yourself over the tip of his dick once again. “Ready?” You ask as his fingers grip even tighter around your hips. Bakugou nods his head, and you sink yourself onto his dick. Hisses escape both your lips at the since forgotten feeling, your hops moving to help better the initial pain.

But the single movement is too much for Bakugou to spare, and he comes hard in you. Your eyes shine brightly as his grunts are soundless, his fingers digging harder into your definitely bruised skin. “Did you just–?”

“Please, shut up…” Bakugou pants, his eyes sealed shut. You stilled for a bit, trying to see if he was wanting to continue on despite his… early release.

Deciding to test the waters, you swivel your hips into a small circle, and Bakugou’s jaw falls open. You can feel him hardening within you in seconds as you shift again. “Oh shit, why are so–FUCK–why are you so damn tight?!”

His head is thrown back as you begin to ride his cock, your own arousal building up entirely too quickly at the sight of your blond, sweating, and quivering lover underneath you. You lean against his chest, your naked chest pressed tightly against his, you ass bouncing as his grip intensifies. Your lips seek his out, and he kisses you with ferocity.

The kiss is sloppy, teeth clashing, and wet noises emitting from your mouth as you grind down tightly against him. “Baby, you’re so fucking big!” You shrill softly into his ear as his hips begin to slam into you.

It seems that he was still near his high as he comes again into you.

The ecstatic laugh that is heard from you makes Bakugou growl in anger. He may be a sub, but he definitely did not enjoy this humiliation. In your current state of amusement and pleasure, he begins to thrust deeply into you. His movements overpowering yours as the power of who was in charge was quickly turning.

Gasps leave your mouth as you arch off him, your hands on your breasts as you play with your nipples. You get the timing right and are soon bouncing in rhythm to his powerful thrusts, but he’s testing waters, trying to get you to come too.

You realize this as you scream out his name, your pussy throbbing and dripping from your arousal, his name the most repeated word on your lips. Bakugou sits up so that you’re riding him in a seated position, and you pant into his neck as you pull his hair harshly. The stuttering grunt from his voice causes you to sigh in satisfaction, and in his own moment of pleasure, you grind your hips in the opposite direction of what you had initially begun at. YOur bounces are higher, the penetration is deeper, and Bakugou is pleading for you to come around him.

You’re panting, your hips desperate as they turn, as you almost crumble as with a snap of his hips Bakugou hits your g-spot.

It’s over and over, your g-spot is slammed into and muffled shrieks escape your lips as you attempt to drown them with Bakugou’s mouth.

The two of you pant hot breaths of air into each other’s mouths.

The liquid heat in you pooling out until you begin to see white.

The coil is tightening with no mercy as Bakugou’s mouth latches onto your breast, his hands gripping your bouncing ass.

“I’m going to–ahhh oh my god, yes ‘Suki like that!!–I need to come!” You moan, your head tossed backward as your speed and roughness increases.

Bakugou keeps up, his face buried into your neck now as he nods his head, unable to speak.

“Please… come…” His voice is small, begging, pleading for you to come, and that’s all it takes.

You scream as you come around his throbbing cock. Your walls clenching tightly around him as you ride out your orgasm. Bakugou hisses as his hips falter under yours, and with an echoing moan, he releases too.

Panting, he falls back. Without bothering to remove yourself, the two of you groan as you lay against his chest, your fingers tracing shapes into his chest. “How was that?” You ask unaware if the orgasm denial was something he was going to like.

“Humiliating…” Bakugou gruffs into your ear, but his tone indicates that he enjoyed it.

“I’m glad.” You say as you place a kiss against his jawline.

“I love you…” Bakugou whispers utterly exhausted.

“I love you too,” You agree, a smile painting your bruised and lipstick-stained lips. “Do you need anything?” You ask him as you snuggle into his chest.

“A fucking nap…”

“That sounds fantastic.”


“I’ll have to try it out one night, who knows maybe it’ll work!” You laugh as the girls look at you not quite believing you would try it out.

“You promise?”

“With all my heart, but I have to go! Bakugou’s expecting me!” You say as you stand up, gathering your things as you throw a few yen on the table to pay for your tab. “You know girls if you want, I think I’ll actually try your tips!”


You walk away laughing as a text comes in from Bakugou.

katsuki: what’s the harness for?

Chapter Text

Todoroki Shouto was an intriguing man.

When you first met him five years ago, in high school, you would have never thought you were going to be friends. He was rather cold, aloof, and sometimes rude. No amount of attractiveness could make that up to you, so you were hardly what you would consider friends.

Even after Shouto seemed to begin to overcome some of his demons. You were turned off by the idea of being his friend that you spent the rest of the first semester uncaring. You had no opinions for the powerful boy.

It wasn’t until he apologized to you during the summer training camp. An apology that caught you off guard, did you finally think you could become friends.

You two were fast friends at that too! Shouto and you had your own respective friend groups in your first year. But two times a week the two of you would eat lunch together.

So it went. The next two years of U.A. were incredible, the two of you helping each other out with areas of weakness. The areas you lacked in, Shouto excelled in, and vice versa. So it was no wonder the two of you were always paired up to spar.

It wasn’t until the third year when you sat with your entire class around you, did something happen. You and Shouto were having your own conversation outside of the one the class was having. Your hands shoving a grinning Shouto whenever he said something annoying.

“You guys are fucking disgusting,” Bakugou’s irritated voice snapped at the two of you during a moment of silence. Everyone was staring at the two of you, and Shouto and you were nonetheless wiser to it. “We’re trying to fucking eat here, could you for one damn minute stop fucking flirting?!”

Your cheeks flushed red.

Shouto stilled next to you.

Your eyes flashed over to Mina and Hagakure who were gaping. The girls were your closest friends here. You knew that those two, in particular, liked Shouto still. Which was why you never made a move, why you denied your feelings for Shouto for two years now.

“Oh my god, Kacchan!” Midoriya’s snickering voice sent everyone’s attention to the green-haired boy. He was sitting next to Bakugou. “No one says anything when you flirt with—“

“SHUT THE FUCK UP SHIT-KU!” Bakugou raged sending the conversation into a whole new tangent.

You and Shouto, however, stayed silent next to each other. Refusing to look at one another.

At the end of the day, you packed your bags, talking with Mina who was waiting for you to walk back to the dorms. You pulled on your jacket and said your goodbyes to the last lingering classmates in the room. It was, for the most part, the old Dekusquad as they had been playing a card game. Because they didn’t want it to be with the entire class, they stayed in the classroom.

You enjoyed finishing your homework in the classroom. So Mina would stay here with you as she would hang out with Uraraka and Tsu in the meantime.

You and Mina chatted about today’s lessons, as most conversations went. Mina was not that confident in her understanding of things. It wasn’t to say she was stupid. In fact, if you excluded Momo who was, in fact, a genius. The difference between the two spots in class and Mina’s spot was a total of six wrong questions. Yes, everyone had dramatically improved over the years.

“You know, y/n-chan,” Mina said clasping her hands together. “If you like Todoroki-kun, you should go for it!”

You snap your head to the pink girl who was grinning at you, a knowing look on her face. “Mina, but you—“

“Nuh-uh, girl, we all see how the two of you act with each other. It’s disgusting and super cute!” Mina sighs, the romantic in her shining right now. “Toru-chan and I are in love with his face and body! That’s all! Have you ever seen us have an actual conversation with him?”

“Well, that’s because you two, even three years later, drool when he talks to you instead of responding back!” You laugh, trying to mask your discomfort. Shouto couldn’t like you, you knew that he liked someone in the class, and you figure it was Momo. Of course, it was the worst girl to have a crush on, but you understood why he would! Momo was amazing but super gay.

“Even if you never existed, if you never came to U.A., it wouldn’t have changed anything!” Mina insisted, her hands squishing your cheeks between her hands as she stared at you. The two of you stopped moving as your face flushed embarrassed looking down at the ground. “If you like Todoroki-kun, go for it!”

“Mina, he doesn’t even like me though!” You say with a sad smile, but Mina laughs so hard your eyes widen as she sinks to the ground in tears. “Mina!”

“Girl, you’re literally the only person in the entire world who calls him ‘Shouto-kun,’ and he likes it!” Mina gasps as she lies on the floor, a loopy grin on her face. “Hop on that dick, please!”

“Y/n-chan,” Shouto’s voice is distant. You shriek feeling as if you had gotten caught doing something dangerous. Mina gets off the floor and throws her arm around you as the two of you await Shouto.

Your eyes stare at Shouto who looks like he ran the entire time to catch up with you. His shirt partially untucked, his tie loose, and without his jacket, he stares at the two of you. Your hands trying to hide your burning cheeks.

“Could I take y/n from you, for a bit Ashido?” Shouto asks turning his attention to Mina who nodded.

“Remember, Todoroki-kun, y/n loves caramel chocolates!” Mina says with a nod before she grins, laughing and running away as you begin to squeak in embarrassment.

You reluctantly return your attention to Shouto who stares at you. His eyes swimming in confusion.

“You look disgusting, where’s the proper Shouto I know?” You say, not wanting to look at Shouto instead tugging at his untucked shirt. Your fingers tightening his tie as he goes to tuck in his shirt.

Shouto never stops looking at you, his lips pursed as you finally reach his gaze. “I need to tell you something.” He begins, and your stomach flips and flops. “Well, I should’ve done it earlier, but I just didn’t.”

You can’t deny that your heart begins to pound as he reaches his hand into his pocket, and your breathing stops. What in the actual fuck was he—?

“Your eraser, you forgot it,” Shouto says placing your white eraser into the palm of your hand and you freeze. Your soul freezing up and cracking into a million pieces as you take it with a quick nod.

“Oh… I could’ve just gotten it back tomorrow, Shouto-kun!” You squeak snatching the eraser from his hands and shift your backpack so you can throw it in. Your cheeks burn as you bow in thanks, turning on your heel so that you could run to Mina and start crying.

Before you could get that far away, his hands clenched on your wrist and pull you back in. You stumble into his chest, your hands pressed flat against his chest.

You feel a hammering heartbeat, but you’re too afraid to ask if it’s his or yours. “I like you,” Shouto admits, and you snap your head up towards his, your cheeks burning red.

“I… you… oh my god…” You feel faint as you attempt to understand, your head spinning as he’s intoxicatingly too close. His body burning and freezing you. His fresh detergent smell overwhelming your person.

Ever so the reactionary person, you can’t conjure the words to reciprocate his feelings. So instead, you lean up to press your lips clumsily against his own. It’s short, soft, and sweet.

Blushes exploding over both your faces as you nod, “I’ll see you later?” You ask, your voice pitching.

“Yes, tonight?”




His lips are back on yours and you can only think of throwing your arms around his neck. You kiss him with enough passion to make Shouto pull away prematurely.

Both your cheeks are blazing hot and without saying much, the two of you walk away from each other. Both of you unaware of the screaming onlookers of your classmates. All who had been trying to get the two of you to confess for a solid year now.

That was two years ago.

Now at twenty years old, you stared at your boyfriend who was eating his bowl of rice and salmon. His eyes concentrated on the food as you pushed yours around distracted.

You loved Shouto, truly you did. But your sex life was a means… of a mockery.

To put it in simpler terms, making out was much more exciting than fucking, and it made no sense to you. You could be grinding away on his lap. His hands roaming your figure as another simple kiss turned into a make-out session. You were on your shared bed, clothes stripped off, and you sunk into his dick. Like clockwork, he froze up.

All passion and intensity went and Shouto stared up at you with lit eyes as you would attempt to get the two of you off.

Even when he came, he was quiet, his eyes fluttering shut as he would fight the loudness of his orgasm. Panting as you felt nowhere near done, at first it was okay. But given it was nearing a year since the first time the two of you had sex for the first time, you were sick of it.

You loved being on top, you enjoyed it so much! But Shouto took it in a way that he was unresponsive and just sort of laid there. You were twenty and wanted to get dicked down so good by your insanely hot and amazing boyfriend.

So with regrets and no regrets, you asked the girls for help. They all seemed to be having a better sex life than you were anyways.

The six of you boiled it down to doing two things to get Shouto to snap out of this shell he sunk himself into.

Bondage and praise.

You had to admit, the first few times having sex was extremely awkward, so you never praised him. But in a non-sexual environment, Shouto loved praise. Hell, he had hugged you for twenty minutes after you praised him for his meal cooking.

You had no idea how things were going to go tonight, but you had made a plan and you prayed something was going to work.

You stood up from the kitchen table and went over to Shouto and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “I’ll be right back.” You promise as you walk over to your bedroom.

You got onto your hands and knees as you reached underneath your bed and you dragged out a box. Opening it, you smile seeing what you were going to need for the night. You let out a shaky breath as you put it back under the bed.

Shouto and you had vanilla sex, you knew that. It seemed that in order to break him, you would have to crank it up from vanilla to kinky in one go.

You returned to the kitchen as Shouto was staring at his phone. “Midoriya and Iida want to go to a store later tonight,” Shouto informs you as you draped over his shoulder. Your chin perched onto the crook of his neck. “Do you want to come with me?”

“That sounds like a bro date.” You admit as the corners of your mouth brush against his sensitive skin. You delight at the goosebumps that flash against his skin, and the shiver that goes down his spine. “Isn’t it for his wedding suit?”

“It’s the final fitting,” Shouto nods as his hand grasps yours and he places a gentle kiss to it. “Do you want to come with us? I’ll be leaving in an hour, and it shouldn’t take long.”

You smirk, well it seems you only had an hour to get what you wanted. You two were Pro-Heroes, you always performed better on a time limit. “No, you should enjoy the time with your friends!” You finally say and Shouto sighs.

“They’re your friends, too!”

“Well, I’m not sitting on his side during the ceremony.” You tease as you nuzzle your nose into his neck. “But since you have an hour, wanna make out?”

You say this as easily as you can, hoping to catch him off guard. But it seems that Shouto was expecting that question as he shrugs, “I guess that would be okay.” He teases and you snort as you are quick to straddle his hips despite him still eating.

Your eyebrow quirks to match his own as Shouto drops his chopsticks to hold your waist. “I love you, Shouto.” You say as you run your fingers through his hair, your eyes kind as you stare at his handsome face. His eyes were light as they stare at you, love and joy reflecting as your thumb traces his scar burn. Something that never truly embarrassed him. Something that never failed to remind him of why he was a hero, and something that he loved wholly because of you.

His eyes flutter closed as you press warm kisses against the heated flesh. A content hum escaping his mouth as you do so.

You pepper kisses around his face, placing one on his forehead, temples, cheeks, noses, eyelids, chin, jaw, and finally, you press one onto his mouth. His mouth doesn’t hesitate to press against yours, his lips never losing contact with yours.

Your hands hold his face to yours as your head tilts to the right. His nose pressing softly against your cheek as his hands grip your hips. You smirk as you roll your hips, your weight shifting so that you’re now on top of his dick. Shouto reacts the way you hoped he would, his hands slipping underneath your shirt to lay on your skin. His calloused fingers tracing shapes onto your skin.

You break away from him, Shouto trying to follow your mouth. Your heart is hammering as you’re almost embarrassed to say what you need to say. Your lips pressing against his ear. “I love when you touch my skin like that, it makes me feel so good.”

You make those words feel as alluring as you can. Despite the embarrassment that fills you from those words. Shouto stills completely underneath you, and you’re unsure if you broke him in a good way or a bad way. You return your lips onto him, hoping that you could move on.

His hips twitch from under you, and you can feel his arousal.

Oh… he did like that.

It’s more minutes of making out, your hips continuing to roll on top of his. Shouto’s pants filling the air as you were merciless in your teasing. Shouto grumbles as he pulls away, his mouth on your neck. Sucking and biting his way down your neck. You moan at the feeling, your heart hammering as you cry his name. “Yes Shouto, keep biting me like that, oh god yes, I love it so much!” You praise and Shouto curses into your neck. “Keep going, Shouto, you’re doing so well.”

As if willed by Kami herself, Shouto yanks you closer to him. His hips bucking against your ass as his mouth refuses to give you mercy as he sucks and bites down your neck even more. Your mind is dizzy as his hands grip your breasts and you toss your head back as your arch into his groping hands. “Fuck… you’re perfect, shit Shouto! Don’t stop!”

A strangled moan escapes his mouth as your head returns to kiss him, his lips eager to meet yours again. You squeak as he sits up with no warning, his hands clutching your ass as he begins walking to your shared room. A heated pressure begins to form as you anticipate what’s to come. You know that if you don’t act quickly, he’s going to flip you on top of him and go stiff for the rest of the night.

Your fingers begin yanking his shirt over his head, your lips breaking for less than a second to do that. Shouto is able to remove your shirt with ease with only one hand. He sits down on the bed, your knees sinking into the soft mattress.

You pull away reluctantly, your chest heaving as you shake your head, “Wait!” You say as you watch as Shouto’s eyes open with curiosity. His eyebrows scrunched as if he was trying to figure out what he did wrong. “I want to try something new…” You gasp trying to collect your breath.

“What?” Shouto asks most likely unaware of what you said.

You get off Shouto and walk to your side of the bed, pulling out the box. You take out a black rope, “I want you… I want you to tie me up.” You demand, and you look into his eyes that widen slightly.

His nod is minuscule, you almost miss it, but with awkward movements, your at the head of the bed. You are slipping the rope between the spaces and you lay down on the bed as Shouto is above you. His face unsure, unknowing.

His hands knot the rope around your wrists, and your breath hitches each time as you stare at him. Your chest rapidly rising and falling as he looks at your form. “Keep being good for me,” The words roll off your tongue, hoping it’s praiseful enough to incite action for him.

“I… I don’t—“

“Yes you can, my love,” You say your eyelashes fluttering. “You got this. You always make me feel content and happy.”

Shouto stills from above you, his eyes locking on yours and he leans down and presses a kiss to your lips.

He breaks away, panting in the thought of what’s to come.

“What if I fuck up?” Shouto asks his hands sliding down your torso, leaving a trail of goosebumps in his wake.

“Shhh,” You disagree, now regretting the ropes as you can’t pull him in. Was he really just insecure this entire time? “You’re doing perfectly? Okay? You got this.”

Shouto stares at you, a fire in his eyes. It’s dim, wavering, and unsure, but it’s there. He presses his hands by your head, and you can’t help but shift in anticipation as he leans down. His lips gliding over yours soft and smooth.

Not one to shy away, you pressed your tongue against his lower lip and smiled as he opened his mouth. His tongue letting yours dance with him.

Shouto pulls away, his chest heaving as he shakes his head. “No.” He snaps and your furrow your eyes confused.


“You want me to be dominant… don’t you?” He asks sharply, his eyes scouring yours. “I know I’m not the best in bed, and this is your way of helping me.”


“Stop, y/n, it’s okay…” Shouto says his hands raking through his hair. “Please… let me be the one to take charge.”

All you can do is stare at him, ambition and fire in his face burning you as you feel your arousal spike. You nod your head, agreeing to his terms, and his mouth is on yours again.

Hesitant yet demanding.

You gasp as he splits open your legs and settles between them. His tongue immediately lashing into your mouth. You shudder against him as his tongue traces the roof of your mouth, his fingers gripping at your waist.

Your hands tug at the ropes, and you sadly moan at the denial of raking your fingers through his hair. You gasp as his lips trail down your neck. His tongue softly pressing against the hickies he had early engraved into your skin. “Keep going lower,” You pant, your eyes screwed as you pant.

Shouto still against the valley between your breasts, and he shakes his head. “You’re going to have to stop praising me…” He shudders as his left-hand grasps your bra in his fingers. “It’s making me want to lose my control.”

“I want to see you lose control,” You tease, your eyes staring at him through your eyelashes. “You want to do it, no? Do it.”

Shouto snarls against your skin, and your bra reduced to ashes as you gasp in shock. He doesn’t give you time to reprimand you as his mouth is surrounding your nipple. His tongue flicking your pert nipples in his mouth. “Fuck, baby, yes oh my god that feels so great!” You cry out, your chest arching off the bed. You jut your hips up off the bed in an attempt to get some form of friction with him.

His right-hand rolls your right nipple, his teeth biting down on your sensitive nipples. You shriek softly, this new feeling overwhelming. His free hands gently touch the underside of your breast and you gasp again, and Shouto pulls away. Your breast gleams with his saliva, and you moan as his fingers gently grind against your crotch.

“You’re doing so well,” You groan as Shouto’s fingers undo your shorts. Shouto heaves again as he pulls off your shorts, staring at your soaked panties, and he chuckles.

“You’re so wet…” Shouto says, a curious tone to his voice as he shifts backward, his finger ghosting where your slit is. You squirm slightly. Your hands fighting against the restraints once again as you shudder.

Shouto rolls his finger against his thumb, “All this just for me?”

“You make me feel so fucking good…” You whine, and your hips try to reach out to his hand, desperate for friction.

“Am… Am I doing alright?” Shouto asks, and you blink again, your mouth falling slightly. Your heart swelling even more so for the man between your legs.

“You’re doing perfectly, keep going.” You say biting down on your lip as he nods, full of insecurity again. “Shoucchan, I am so fucking wet right now, and you did that all on your own… I want you… so badly.”

His lips pressed into a fine line, as he nods again, this time confidence once again filling his form. Before you could react, your panties were thrown off, and his tongue is between your folds.

You scream his name, your knees clenching around his head as his tongue teases your entrance. His eyes search yours, and your legs shakily release your vice grip around his head. His eyes are looking at you for help, and you nod your head, unable to come up with words. “That’s good, baby… fuck, it’s good!! Why not try–aahh my god–try using your fingeRS!” You squeak, your hips rolling into his flickering tongue. Your body is unable to handle the feeling of him.

Your belly fills with liquid heat as tingles shoot down your legs. The coil in your stomach tightening with every passing lick.

Two fingers curl as they enter you, and you shake against him. The overstimulation was quickly getting to you and your legs thrash around.

His nose brushes against your clit, and you sob out his name. You want nothing more than to tug on his hair and to bring his soaked lips to yours as you ride him, but you’re unable to do that. Another finger enters you, and his free hand presses into your clit.

The pressure builds up higher and higher. Your hips are relentlessly rolling into his mouth and fingers.

“I’m going to… shit… Imma–!” His mouth leaves your pussy. You pant as you looked at him with pained eyes as he wipes his mouth which is coated with your juices.

“I can’t believe I didn’t let you do this earlier.” Shouto murmurs as he licks your juices off his fingers, grinning slightly as he does so. “Did that feel good?”

You don’t know whether to praise him or to berate him for having you on edge like that.

“I just…” Shouto sighs as he takes off his pants. “I want to see you around my cock…”

You whine softly at those words. Your arms once more tugging at the restraints as Shouto undresses completely. Your wet your lips again as the tip of his cock teases your entrance. “Are you ready?” You ask, your eyes locking onto his, Shouto looks worried but he nods his head.


With a hand to guide his cock into your soaked folds, you yelp as he thrusts into you. Burying his length to its entirety into your heated cave.

“Oh my god, your dick feels so good!” You moan as your hips wiggle in an attempt to get him to move. “Baby, you’re so perfect to me.”

A growl leaves his lips, and the next thing you know Shouto’s hips are drilling into yours. His movements are sharp, rough, and fast. Your arms pulling yet again on the restraints. As you ever so desperately want to feel his toned body under your fingers.

“Fuck, you’re so fucking tight…” Shouto groans as you nod your head pathetically in agreement.

His grip is leaving bruises on your waist. You let out another lewd noise at the sound of his body intercepting yours. “Don’t stop, you’re doing so well. Shouto, oh my god, please go faster, you’re so amazing!” You shriek as his arm moves your leg to his shoulder.

His penetration deepens and you pull against the restraints. Your body moving towards the bed, and Shouto is quick to follow after you. His thrusting never waiver once, his grip leaving your locked leg to press flat onto your clit. You shudder against him.

Sharp pants escape his mouth as he places his hands onto the pillow by your head. Your leg hooked around his shoulder stretching as your hips meet his with every thrust. Your arousal intensifies as a burning pressure erupts within you. Your head falling backward as you lacked the energy to keep it up. “Look at me,” Shouto growls. The pleasure burns through your veins. It almost prohibits you from staring into his mismatched eyes.

Shouto drops to his forearm, and you scream, the tip of his dick brushing against your g-spot.

“Did you like that?” Shouto snarls against your throat. You nod your head as he angles himself into the same position and rocks even harder. Even further than before. Your body is trembling underneath his own. Languid moans seeping from your mouth in harmony with Shouto’s grunts.

“You’re so fucking amazing!” You sob as the heat within your core is overwhelming. Your breathing hitching with every slam of his hips.

“Come for me?” Shouto almost pleads against your neck, and you nod frantically.

The pressure breaks, and you come hard onto his dick, your mouth open as his lips messily press against yours. You cry his name as you pathetically squirm underneath him. Your pussy clenching around his dick with every thrust. The tingles spreading throughout your body as he chases your orgasm.

You feel Shouto curse against your throat. And with a stuttering thrust, expels his sticky and hot seed within you.

Shouto pulls away from you, sweat dripping down his face as he smiles. His hands wipe his forehead as he puts your leg back onto the mattress. He presses another soft kiss to your lips as he stands up and grabs his phone.

Looking at the screen he smirks before dressing himself.

Despite your high, your whine at the fact that he was dressing without untying your wrists first.


“I have to go now, love,” Shouto admits as he presses another kiss to your bruised lips. “I’m not quite done with you yet, you’re just going to have to wait for me to come back? Okay?”

He doesn’t give you time to reject those thoughts as he slips out of the room. Ignoring the pleading calls for him to get back. The sounds of you thrashing against the mattress making him smile as he leaves.

Oh yeah, you had definitely awakened something within him.

Chapter Text

Being friends with benefits was one of the best things in life, and also the worst things in life. You knew that men were always attached through physical intimacy. Ride their dick, suck their dick, let them pound you with their dick? You had them for as long as you needed.

So it was always wonderful being able to have a dick with no relationship. Somedays the hormones were undeniable and insatiable and you needed that extra help. That’s when friends with benefits seemed the best! You didn’t have the time and energy to invest in a loving relationship, not with your career. So the occasional ‘are you up’ text was the best thing you could have.

But it also had its downsides. It wasn’t the cliche issue, you weren’t in love with the guy who was giving you dick! As you said before, there is no time for a loving relationship, so there was no time to fall for anyone. The downside was that your stupid friends with benefits refused to cave to your needs. You had an agreement, if someone was horny out of their goddamn minds, you had to help out! No questions; it didn’t matter when or where; you had to!

What you couldn’t understand is why your friend-with-benefits was ignoring you. Nothing you did was getting his attention. No matter how much you begged did he look. His eyes focused in on his stupid fucking game while you begged to get dicked down.

“Shiggy,” You snap again, your upper lip pulled into a snarl. “I. Am. Horny.”

Shigaraki has the audacity to ignore you. Speaking into his mic to some other gaming nerd somewhere in this goddamn country.

Sure it didn’t fucking matter when you were in the middle of the damn store buying groceries! He fucked you behind a stack of boxes that day! But now that you needed some fucking dick, nope, the rules didn’t apply.

“Stupid, spoiled, son of a bitch,” You mutter taking a seat on his mattress. Why did you even agree to be Shigaraki’s fuck buddy? Well, Dabi was too lazy half the time and m.i.a. and a girl has needs. Toga would attempt to kill you in her passionate love affair, and you valued your life. Sako was a hard no. Spinner felt like a baby brother to you. Twice was too old.

It could only be Shigaraki.

Unsure of what you could do, your eyes roamed his body in -attempt to find that ‘aha’ moment. You could suck his dick underneath the table, but that would be helping him. Not you. Right now you could give two fewer shits about if he got off, you only wanted yourself to get off.

You also knew taking his pants off and using him for penetration alone was not a good move. You may be a villain, but you sure as hell weren’t a rapist. Also again, it would be beneficial to him, and right now you could give a rat’s ass about what he wanted.

You could also masturbate on his bed, but what was the fun in that? With that stupid headset on, he would most likely not hear you unless you were moaning like some porn star! Better yet if he didn’t hear you, you couldn’t make him feel stupid for ignoring your demand to get fucked. You needed to get him back for not wanting to dick you down when you wanted.

His thigh was bouncing in its typical manner whenever he played video games. He was always bouncing it to calm himself down. It was the stupidest thing, you thought. Why would he need to calm himself down over a video game that lets you respawn as many times as you needed? Ridiculous.

It hit you.

Oh yeah. That seemed like the perfect way to get yourself off and also make him pay for putting you through this garbage.

Really all you needed was a fucking quickie, but boys and their video games were the worst.

Standing up off his bed, you slipped off your shorts revealing a modest black thong you had been wearing. There was never really any need to dress up nice for Shigaraki. But you did enjoy not wearing your ugly panties when you needed to get fucked. You pulled off your shirt, leaving you only in a white sports bra.

You heard Shigaraki curse, and your eyes snapped over. You were hopeful that he had noticed you changing and was now going to join you. But your eye twitched at the sight of his red screen, the words ‘You Died” illuminating across the screen. Shigaraki raked his fingers through his hair.

Sighing you walked over, making sure to keep your current wardrobe choice hidden. “Shiggy, please?” You whisper into his ear, the one not connected to his mic so as to not get picked up by any other nerd listening in to him.

Shigaraki shoves you away with his shoulder, his fingers jabbing towards the screen. “I’m busy.”

You just about snarl as the screen illuminates the start-up page. Giving him a thirty-second waiting period before respawning him.

“Yeah, I’m still here.” Shigaraki snaps into his headset, “They got me at the Old Tower… yeah, I didn’t see them at all. No, we got them next time.”

Your nostrils flare as the waiting time is now less than ten seconds, and in two smooth movements. You shove Shigaraki’s chair slightly backward and straddle his thigh. His eyes snap over to you, his red irises dark with irritation.

You cock your eyebrow up as you can hear the sounds from his headset. “Better not die again,” You quip, a sarcastic grin on your face.

“Ready Player One!” The game announcer calls, and Shigaraki’s attention gets snapped back to the game.

“I am ready.” You sigh as your hips roll against the rough fabric of his jeans. The shivers the shoot through your body as you do so causes you to bite on your tongue to keep from being too loud. You were horny as hell before you started this, so you had no idea how long you were truly going to be able to last.

You smile realizing that Shigaraki’s legs have quit bouncing. You also note that he’s silent as the muffled voices of his teammates hit your ears. Your hips fall into a slow rhythm of sliding up and down his thigh. Your fingers trailing from your hipbone all the way to your breasts.

A muffled moan escaping your mouth as your fingers squeeze your aroused nipples. Even if it was through the fabric of your sports bra, it’s enough to make your body shudder.

The heated pressure of your cunt is raising quite fast. In response to that, you drop a single hand towards Shigaraki’s inner thigh. You do this to stabilize yourself. You do it so that you can grind your dripping cunt up and down his pant leg at a faster face. Shigaraki, however, didn’t see it in that way as he hisses softly at the touch.

A gasping laugh escapes your mouth as his leg tenses underneath you. “Your leg feels soo fucking good,” You gasp as you finger roams up your neck, tangling in your hair.

“Stop.” Shigaraki snaps at you, his eyes shifting from you and back to the screen.

Muffled voices fill your ears again as his teammates try figuring out what he’s saying stop to.

Your hips jut out, now circling themselves into the same spot at your silently chant Shigaraki’s name. Your head tilts backward as you moan. The continuous pressure of rubbing your clit on his pant leg catching up to you. Your pussy feels like its soaked through your thong as you cry out his name.

Clear as day, Shigaraki lets out a low groan.

“Dude, what was that?!” You hear someone yell in his headset, and you laugh as you drag your sports bra above your breasts.

“Nothing, keep fucking playing!” Shigaraki seethes, and you quirk your eyebrow. Oh, you were definitely going to get him to snap in front of these friends of his.

Shigaraki’s eyes now flashing from his screen to your perky breasts like he was playing on two screens. Your hands roll both your nipples within your thumb and forefinger. Your hips start creating figure-eights on his thigh.

You grind your hips even further into his thigh. Gasps escaping your lips as your pert nipples feel overstimulated. Your tugging fingers never stopping once. His name is a hopeless cry in your mouth as you were slowly increasing in sound. “I’m so fucking close,” You whine as you drop your right hand to press against your throbbing clit.

An entirely too provocative moan escapes your lips. You gasp as Shigaraki’s thighs begin bouncing again, further increasing your stimulation. The overall motion becoming way too much as you curse over, and over, again. You’re eyes trained on Shigaraki who is now staring at you. Breathless pants escaping his mouth as his screen turns red.

He was dead.


Shigaraki crumbles his headset into dust and shuts off his computer. Throwing his controller to the side as your body convulses on top of his leg. The pressure built higher and higher, and his hands forcefully ground you deeper into his lap.

“Oh my–fucK!” You shriek as you come hard on his lap, pants continuously pouring out of both of your mouths as your hips still. Your face flushed and warm from coming off of your high.

Smacking his hands off of your hips, you stand up, grinning at the wet patch on the fabric of his jeans. Your legs were wobbly, but you felt like you were on top of the world.

“Thank you for that,” You sigh as you press your lips against his chapped ones. “I’ll see you later?”

You only bother to fix your sports bra as you pick up your shirt and shimmy on your shorts. You walk to the front door, opening it as you grin.

The door slams before you can get out, his pale hand keeping it in place as his raging boner ground into your ass.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?”Shigaraki sneers as you roll your ass into his crotch, a smirk on your face.

“Going to bed now,” You state with no issue. “Did you need anything?”

“Well because you can’t seem to fucking listen to me, I’m horny now too.”

A grin overcomes your features as you turn around in his arms. Your leg hooking around his hips to draw him nearer as your lips press against his.

It’s a passionate kiss, bodies grinding into one another. The feeling of his hands tracing the sides of your torso. You pant into his mouth as his tongue dances with yours.

Your pull away suddenly, opening the door and slipping out. “Sorry! I’m super tired!” You apologize as you turn around and bound down the hallway, a giggle in your step.

You can feel him stalking after you down the hallways, but you don’t care. He started this, and you sure as hell were not going to be the bigger person in this scenario.

Slipping into your room, you let him in with a smile. “How may I help you?” You ask as you throw your clothes on the floor. Stripping off your shorts as you move to your dresser to pick out some pajamas.

As you bend down, his hips are on your ass immediately, and you moan softly at the sensation.

“I’m going to fuck you just like this, and don’t you dare try fucking moving.” Shigaraki snarls as his fingers crumple your thong into ashes, and you smack his legs.

“Don’t fucking ruin my clOTHES!!!” You shriek as he unexpectedly rams his full length into you. A mewl rips from your throat as your hands grip the handles of your drawers.

“You’re such a fucking whore,” He snarls, his hips slamming into you without you being ready. “I bet you wanted to get noticed by those fucking idiots.”

“M-Maybe if they heard me they would’ve fucked me instead of you!” You gasp as your face pressed against the cool wood.

His hand reaches around your shaking thighs to press firmly against your aching clit. Your body tensing at the pressure. “You’re fucking mine,” Shigaraki insists, the tip of his finger curling on your sensitive clit. “Do you understand?”

Your pussy clenches at those words. His body ramming into your at such a delicious force your arms quivered. You were desperate as they tried to keep you from falling completely into the dresser. He grabbed your hair, tugging it harshly as you cried out his name. Your spasming cunt was once again building in pressure.

“You better be quiet,” Shigaraki hisses. His opposite hand moving to grasp your breast in his four finger hold. “I don’t want anyone walking in on you taking my cock like the fucking slut you are.”

You gasp as your hips continue to rock back into his, the rhythm of your fucking making you almost delirious. Shigaraki growls out curses as he moves his hands back to your waist. Slamming your body at a higher ferocity into his hard cock. Your hands slamming against the wood for greater support.

“God, you’re such a disobedient slut, trying to get me to fuck you like this? Was this your plan all along?” Your head nods vigorously, your unsteady pants filling the room. Your hips are no longer able to keep up with his insane speed. “I want you to come around my cock, can you do that for me?”

A pained mewl escapes your mouth as you nod your head again, “Yes! OH my god!!”

Your pussy clamps around his cock, unable to hold back your orgasm as you come hard around his moving dick. You moan out loudly as pleasure-filled waves shoot down every ligament in your body.

Shigaraki grunts, his hips never slowing down as he chases after your orgasm. His hips are merciless in his own quest for release. He chuckles at your staggered groans. Your hips weakly shifting back into his until he moans loudly. His cock releasing his hot load into your pulsating cunt.

He stills, leaning against your dresser for support until he removes himself from you.

Your breathing heightens, you’re barely able to stand back up to stare into his lust-filled eyes. A satisfied groan leaving your lips as you can feel his cum seeping out of your pussy. Dripping down your legs.

“Don’t ever do that again,” Shigaraki mutters as he presses a kiss against your lips. “Next time, I won’t be as kind.”

A smirk endows your face as he leaves, his jeans unbuckled still. You lick your lips softly, you were definitely doing that again.

Chapter Text

There were often moments in life that made you reflect on the reasons why they happened.

It was currently nine at night, and you were still in the office working. Your stomach growled quietly again as your lips pressed together. Why the hell were you of all people getting kept here this long? You were a secretary, not a goddamn creator. Alas, it didn’t matter because your boss specifically asked you to stay, and you could not say no.

Well… you could say no, but you didn’t because you don’t think things out to the fullest extent. Your eyes trailed back to your boss who was currently placing papers into stacks. What seemed like his forever tired eyes were half opened as he did so.

His eyes snapped up to yours as if he could sense that you were staring at him. “Y/l/n-san,” He calls out, his voice husky from his lack of using it for the past five hours.

“Yes, Aizawa-sama?” You respond back, your cheeks tinting pink at getting caught looking at him.

“I’m sorry for keeping you in late, food is actually here if you’d like to go get it? We’ll eat and then we’re free to go?”

You nod your head in agreement, a grateful smile on your face as you stand up. “I hope it’s nothing from the cat cafe,” You tease as you begin walking away. Your heels clicking against the cold marble floors.

“That place has the best snacks, and you can’t deny that.” Aizawa chuckles as you roll your eyes, entering the elevator.

Best snacks your ass.

You went down many floors and saw a young man with a bag of food waiting outside the locked doors.

“For Aizawa?” The man asks, and you nod your head. Smiling as you took the bag from him and bid him a good night.

The bag was warm. It wasn’t from the Cat Cafe seeing that it wasn’t inside of the outrageous pink bag they provided for takeouts. You went back to the elevator and went up the floors until you were back. You walk back over to Aizawa who seemed at the very least cleaning up.

“Dinners here!” You exclaim as you enter his office opening up the bag. You discover two salmon bowls from the one corner store you loved. Your jaw dropping as you feel grateful for him buying this. “Now I feel bad for making fun of you!”

Aizawa snorts as he grabs his own bowl, breaking his chopsticks before even taking off the lid. “You’re jealous that you can’t pet cats when you’re eating.”

“I may have enough cats at home to not want to go to some Cat Cafe and pay for what I can get at home for free!” You chortle as you take off the lid, sectioning off the salmon into smaller pieces before eating it.

“As do I, but you can never come across enough cats,” Aizawa smirks as you laugh.

“You’re cheating on your cats, that’s what I’m hearing?!”

“If you put it that way, yes. But I am only looking for more cats in my life, to increase my happiness.”

“Sounds like what a cheater would say.”

“Shut up, brat.”

You roll your eyes despite the smile plastered on your face. The two of you fall into silence as you finish eating your late-night dinner.

“I got it,” You say taking Aizawa’s empty bowl from him. “Finish cleaning up, I have a lot less than you do.”

With a grateful smile, you grin back as you take the trash and deposit it into a trash can with a lid. Returning back to your desk, you gathered the papers into neat piles. Putting some into labeled manilla folders before grabbing them. You begin heading back into Aizawa’s office.

“These are the ones that you’re taking home, and this is the one you’re keeping here.” You present the papers and folders to Aizawa who nods.

“What would I do without you?” He asks as you snort.

“Hire another secretary who is only half as amazing as me?”


You stared at the three boxes of folders. Aizawa was going to need to take back home with him, and your eyebrows scrunch slightly. “Do you need me to help you take them to your car?” You ask as you know exactly how heavy just one of them is.

“If you wouldn’t mind?”

You stare at the black-haired man and smile at him. Through appearances alone, you would never say he was a CEO of anything. Sure he wore nice suits! But his hair was longer, and his cheeks were almost always stubbly and patchy.

“I’ll help you take them in, too.” You decide. Aizawa’s eyebrows scrunching at your declaration. You can see him piecing together what you meant by that. “I’ll follow you home!”


“Oh hush, you’re on my route anyway!” You exclaim as you grab a box, turning on your heel and walking out. Uncaring for his protests as he catches up to you.

“You know, I liked you better when we first met and all you were was obedient,” Aizawa mumbles as you enter the elevator and smash the garage floor.

“Well, you were intimidating and knew my job better than me! But now you’re simply my boss who doesn’t know how to take care of himself!” You laugh as Aizawa shakes his head in denial. “You said to me, and I quote, ‘I don’t think you’ll last here very long’.”

“I did not!”

“YOU DID TOO! Oh my god, it took everything within me not to cry!”

You smile broadly as his eye roll, and you slip out past him with your head high as the elevator doors open.

“You know I can take multiple trips to and from the car when I get back.” Aizawa insists as he opens your car door for you to let you place in the box.

“Don’t be crazy!” You retort, your hands placing in the box with ease and shutting the door. You walked over to Aizawa’s car and helped him open his own car. You watch as Aizawa places the boxes in, and your eyes lock on his ass as he stretches while he secures everything.

Your eyes widen.




Aizawa Shouta was an amazing boss! Don’t get it wrong, but you were not going to be some cliche secretary screwing your boss! Besides, you didn’t even know if he had a wife, fiancee, girlfriend or not?!

“Y/l/n-san.” His voice calls to you, breaking you free from your internal panic.


“You can close the door now? Let’s get going, it’s late as it is.”

“We don’t work tomorrow though, I can stay up.” You mutter, your cheeks flushed as you close the door and scurry to your car. You get in before he can say anything else, and you start up your engine as you wait for him to move.

It takes less than twenty minutes, but finally, you’re pulling into his driveway. You step out of your car and go to the other side to retrieve the box. Your eyes locking on Aizawa who was holding his own two boxes.

“You good?” He asks, and your head nods. It’s too quick to be normal, but he doesn’t ask as he turns down to the entryway. Unlocking the door with ease and letting you in.

His house is surprisingly very neat, it’s organized, and has a modern theme to it that you find to be breathtaking. “You have an amazing house…” You say in awe, as you kick off your heels and put on slippers that weren’t his own.

“I had someone else set it up for me,” Aizawa admits with a shrug. “It is quite amazing though.”

You laugh as you nod, your eyes turning to the heavy box in your hands.

“Where do you want me to put this?” You ask lifting up the box for further emphasis.

“My office space would be nice,” Aizawa says, nodding his head in the direction of where he wanted you to go.

“Lead the way!” You chirp and he sighs, but he gets in front of you and walks towards his office.

You walk into a room that was most definitely an office space, with a large computer, desk, files, and books. It was a honest to god office. Aizawa places his two boxes down, and once again your eyes locked on his ass. You bite down harshly onto your lip as he moves to the side. If only you could get him to fuck you. But Aizawa was a man by the rules, you knew better than to assume he would ever have his way with you. Not while you were ever his employee.

“Go ahead and place it on the floor.” Aizawa nods and you sigh, doing as commanded. You place the box down was a soft thud, adjusting it so that it would lay perfectly parallel to the other boxes. You grunt softly as it’s a bit heavy to slide against the carpet. Satisfied with its placement, your body stiffens as something warm presses into you.

You stand straight up, and your body’s pressed against another warm body. Hot breathes of air hitting your neck as the feeling of prickly stubble brushes your ear. “A-Aizawa-sama?” You squeak as you feel his warm hands settle onto your waist, and a lush moan escapes your lips.

“I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist anymore.” He pants against your ear. You can’t believe this is happening. “Is this something you want?”

You nod your head quickly, not trusting your voice at all as your hips move against his pelvis. You relish in his low growl, and you grasp the fabric of his pants, keeping him close to you. “I need you to say it to me, sweetheart.” He growls as he begins to grind his pelvis into your ass, and you laugh.

“I don’t feel like it.”

Aizawa turns you around, his dark eyes blazing into your own, and you smirk. He just had no idea what he was getting himself into.

His lips burn against yours, and your hands find solace in his hair. His lips are demanding, rough, and full of purpose. He groans against your mouth as you give his hair a particularly hard tug. His fingers are gripping your waist tightly. Aizawa’s grip is strong enough you believe there’s a possibility that you’ll have bruises from it. You shudder softly as his tongue pressed against your bottom lip, his way of asking for you to open up. But you refuse.

Your lips remain closed as you continue kissing him. You’re smirking softly as you can feel his irritation at your disobedience. “I’m going to warn you just this once,” Aizawa speaks against your lips, and he pulls away. Your eyes fluttering open to see his eyes locked on you, annoyed, furious, and yet turned on. “I don’t like it when my kitten is disobedient. “

You let out a sound that could only be close to a purr as your nose brushes against his own. “And I love it when I drive men crazy, it looks like we’re in a disagreement, ne?”

Aizawa’s nostrils flare and his lips come to crash against yours. But you’re two steps ahead and smile when his lips press against your cheeks. “It seems to me that you’re wanting to be a brat,” Aizawa growls as his hands travel up to your breasts, groping them without mercy as you gasp. Your body arching into his chest. “Do you wanna know what I do to brats?” Aizawa mutters in your ear, and your head lolls to the side.

“Let them have their way?” You tease as your hands roam his chest, the feeling of his muscles under his shirt quickly turning you more on.

“I punish them.” Aizawa snaps, his fingers freezing over your breasts.

Your eyebrows scrunch, not at all liking the lack of movement on your breasts. You, however, have no time to complain as you’re tossed over his shoulder. Your shrieks filling the room as he walks away. His hand stays on your ass you try figuring out where he is. You weren’t able to see anything but the floor and his ass.

“Stop squirming.” Aizawa snaps, his fingers pinching the back of your leg and you let out a moan. Why did that feel so good? You gasp as your body gets thrown onto a bed, your hands flying out to stabilize yourself. “Now, let me ask you this. Are you going to behave, or are you going to continue being bratty.” His eyes shine with lust and need. At this moment you don’t know which response would be better, but you did want him losing control. You wanted to see Aizawa pound you into the mattress like no tomorrow.

Your lips lock onto his, your mouth pressing against his like there was no tomorrow. You crawl onto his awaiting lap and sigh when you brush against his growing arousal. You sigh as his tongue pressed against your bottom lip once again, but the smirk on your face makes him pull away.

A sigh leaves his lips as he shakes his head, “I was hoping we could do this the easy way, y/l/n…”

Before you could question those words, you’re thrown onto his lap. Your stomach pressing onto his legs in a very uncomfortable way, it almost hurt to breathe fully. You shifted in an attempt to look at him, but his hand shoved your head back down. His other hand raising your skirt well above your ass.

“Were you expecting to get fucked tonight?” He asks you, and you shudder at his light touches. His fingers gently touching the panties you wore.

“Yes.” You snap, waves of pleasure flowing through your veins as his finger rubs down your slit. Your arousal beginning to seep its way through your folds.

“You’re such a naughty girl,” Aizawa tuts, his finger curling into your heat, and a lewd moan escape your lips. “Do you want to know what I do to naughty girls?”

“Let them have their w-way?” Your voice hitches as he shoves two more fingers into your heated cunt. A sharp intake of breath leaving your lips as he thrusts them in forward and backward. Pained gasps echoed in the room as his fingers leave you without warning.

“I spank them,” Aizawa growls and you can feel his heated palm rest against your bare ass. “You’re going to count for me every single time I spank you okay, kitten?” He asks as his hand rubs a warm circle into your ass. “I want to hear you thank me with every hit, too.”

Before you can retort, his hand comes to spank you hard. The slapping sound echoing as you shudder. Your ass stung from the single hit, but your bit down on your lip defiantly. Not wanting to give him the satisfaction of your submission.

“What did I fucking tell you to do?” He growls, his hand yanking on your hair.

“Sorry, do you consider that a spank?” You snarl slightly, a cunning smirk on your face as you glance at his infuriated face.

You don’t have time to relish in this situation, however. You feel your body getting shifted further down. Your face almost pressing into the floor as his hands kept your secured against his lap.

“Now, I expect you to fucking count, and say thank you, daddy.”

Your breathing is unstable as his hand now rubs where your cunt and ass are, and his hand comes down hard. You cry out the second his hand slaps against your skin, your body shaking at the impact.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you,” Aizawa growls, and his hand comes down for another hard spank. You scream at the pain-filled pleasure of his smack.

“One!” Your sob is quiet, your ass moving to relieve the stinging pain. “Thank you, daddy.”

“Ah so now you’re not being a brat,” Aizawa growls as his hand comes down again.

“T-Two!” You moan, your face flushed in embarrassment and undeniable lust. “Thank you, daddy!”

His heavy hand comes down on you again, and again, and again. Until you’re a quivering mess underneath him. Until your ass raw and red from this punishment. Until your voice is almost hoarse from your loud screams and moans.

You shake against his thighs, your body weak, and your arousal high.

“Get up,” Aizawa commands, and you follow his order without much resistance. You scrunch your face slightly at the pain that shoots through your body. He did not hold back. “Did that turn you on?” He asks as you quiver in front of him.

He may have just thoroughly abused your ass. It seemed, however, that your fighting spirit still remained.

“N-No.” You stammer, your eyes locked onto his own. His eyebrow cocked slightly as he stood up off the bed, his hands moving to get his belt off.

“Get on your knees,” Aizawa commands, and you still. You don’t listen, choosing to instead glare into his eyes. His hands grip your face, and it takes all your mental strength not to moan at his ferocity. “Who do you think you’re talking to, kitten? Who do you belong to, right now?” He growls as his fingers hold tightly onto your face.

“I don’t know.” You moan as your hands move to sit onto his chest.

His eyes swim in yours, a cold smirk flashing across his face, “I guess I’ll just have to fucking teach you again.”

As if by magic, you’re on your knees. Your shirt removed from your body, and Aizawa lets his pants fall off his waist and onto the floor. You watch with hungry eyes as he strokes his cock in his hands, his teeth grinding as he does so. Licking your lips in anticipation, you get closer to him. Your mouth wanting more than to envelope his long and thick cock into your mouth.

His eyes snap over to you, no longer focused on his cock, and you freeze. Once more pretending not to be at all interested. “Open up, kitten.” He commands, tracing the head of his cock against your lips. Precum slathering against your skin.

Still, you stare at him, unwilling to budge for him, unwilling to open up. His eyes narrow as he glares at you, “You’re such a fucking brat.” He hisses, and he reaches down, pinching your nipple through your bra with ease. Your mouth drops into a moan, and he shoves his length into your mouth without hesitation. “Shit,” He hisses as his hips snap into your mouth.

You gag as he hits the back of your throat at full force. Tears springing into your eyes as you try adjusting to having his length feel bearable in your mouth. You grasp the back of his legs as you open your mouth further, his hips snapping into your mouth with no mercy.

His hair pulling at your hair as he grunts, “Look at me, I want you to look at me.” He growls as you. “Don’t you dare look away.”

The simple command sends pressure through your body. The liquid heat of your arousal soaking through your panties.

You moan around his dick, his hips relentless in their conquest. Your eyes can barely keep themselves locked on Aizawa’s as he fucks your face. “You’re so pretty when you’re choking on my cock, kitten.” Aizawa groans as dick spams within your mouth, and you choke around him. Fire erupting in your lungs from the lack of oxygen, but it feels so good.

You felt the head of his manhood hit the back of your throat as you pulled away despite his grip on your hair. You gasp for breath before going back onto his cock, once more gagging on his length. You repeated the action, feeling Aizawa hit the back of your throat as you sucked his dick. Your fingers shooting forward to play with his balls, fondling them as he curses your name.

It’s your first name this time that escapes his lips, and it sends a spine chilling sensation down your body. You hum as your mouth sinks all the way down his length until your lips brush against the base of his cock.

A feral sound releases from his mouth as he pulls you off his dick, and gets you up onto your feet. “Strip.” He snarls as he moves to take off the rest of your clothes, and you nod dumbly. You wanted him to come in your mouth, but he took that away from you.

His eyes lock over you. Your fingers slow in taking off your bra. Your skirt still bunched around your waist. Aizawa wastes no time in helping you get your skirt off, letting it pool to the ground, and he drops your panties onto it.

He tosses you on the bed, and you giggle slightly as your head is near the footboard. A grin on your face as he comes over to press a kiss to your mouth. His lips are far more gentle than he’s been all night. The sensations making you sigh against his mouth as his tongue slips between your lips.

Your tongue dances around his, avoiding it at all costs much to his annoyance, but you’re smiling. “Even when you barely have energy, you’re still being bratty, kitten,” Aizawa mutters against your lips, his mouth trailing down your neck and you sigh.

“I can’t let my daddy just win,” You moan as his fingers tease your clit, your body arching off the bed.

“Turn around,” Aizawa groans as he shoves your body onto your stomach, you gasp as he shoves your ass into the air. “God, you ass looks so pretty up in the air for me.” He moans, pressing delicate kisses to your skin.

You mewl as you feel his cock tease your entrance. You snap your head around when you feel his weight far closer to you than you would have believed it to be. “You better hold on, kitten,” Aizawa growls as he holds one hand onto the footboard, and one on his cock. “I’m not going to be easy on you, you were a naughty kitten tonight.”

Before you could ask why his feet were getting planted by your hips, his cock rams into your dripping cunt. A shriek ripping from your throat as he pounds into you. Your hand shooting out to hold onto the footboard centimeters from his own hand.

“SHOUTA!” You shriek as he ruthlessly slams into you. His hips coming down so fast your body moves with every thrust. Your moans tumble out of your throat as the bed is quick to move with your movements. It squeaks are loud in your ear alongside his insistent pounding.

“What’s that, kitten?” He growls, his hips hammering into you at mind fogging speed. “What’s my fucking name?!”

“Daddy!” You scream as your pussy throbs around his pounding cock. You’re unable to even throwback your hips in rhythm with him. You were stuck to the mattress, only able to feel his cock entering you at toe-curling speeds. “Oh my god, FUCK you feel so good!”

“You take my cock so well!” Aizawa grunts as he releases one hand from the frame and runs it down your back to press against your clit. Your head throws back, your back arching further into the bed as you scream again. Your pussy clenching with no remorse around his dick. “Your pussy is so fucking tight. Do you want to come now, kitten?”

You can only nod your head as the pressure continues to build and build.

“I need to hear your words.”

“Fuck me, daddy, please I need to come so badly!” You sob out as your body trembles under his thrusting, you’re so close you’re seeing stars.

“I knew you would fucking submit.” He growls as his hand slams near you, his hand moving to pinch both your clit and nipple.

That’s all it takes and you come hard around his dick, his name ripping through your abused body as he moans. His knees falling to the mattress as he continues pummeling into you. Chasing after his own orgasm now.

You pant harshly as you move your hips against his own. Your pussy still clenching around his throbbing dick. You hear him expel a wavering sigh, and you can feel him come within you. The heated fluid filling you up as he collapses onto the bed. You moan as you push yourself off the mattress, staring at Aizawa who leaned up to pull you into his body.

The two of you laying there. Your sweat-soaked skin pressed into each other as silence overcomes the room.

“You know, I don’t see why I needed to go to your office to play out this scenario.” You moan as you shift over to grab the rings off your nightstand, slipping them onto both of your fingers. “We could’ve just done it in your home office just as easily.”

“I needed help though, and you had the day off.” Aizawa smiles into your neck, his face nuzzling in closer.

“And you say I’m the brat!” You scoff as your fingers play with his hair and he nods.

“I didn’t hurt you did I?”

“No, you were perfect.” You whisper as you press a kiss to his forehead.

“Okay…” He whispers as he sits up, “Do you need anything, my love?”

“A wipe would be nice.” You sigh as he presses a kiss to your lips.

“One wipe, coming up.”

Chapter Text

Your eyes locked on Mirio. The two of your mouths pressed into fine lines as you glared at each other.

It didn’t matter that you were clad in only your bra and panties, or that Mirio was only in his boxers. The two of you would not rip your attention away from the other. Eyes focused. Deadly. Sharp.

“I bottomed last time, Mirio.” You say again. Your eyes focused in on his blue eyes. Mirio shook his head as he scoffs.

“You bottomed but still controlled me!” Mirio insists, and your eyes roll. “I get to top again, but get to be in control.”

“Don’t be a brat!” You exclaim, your cheeks huffing as you crossed your arms below your breasts. You smirk as you see his eyes shift hungrily down to your breasts. You lean in closer, in the hope that he’ll cave. “Please let me top?”

“If I get to power bottom.”


“Then no!”

The room went silent again as your eye twitched. This was infuriating. The two of you were switches, and typically one wanted to be the top, and the other craved to be the bottom. However, as of late, both of you had been struggling and fighting for the top. Neither one of you liked the act of defiance. Furthermore, after too many bumping head moments, it was surfacing finally.

“Then what are we gonna do?” He asks, his body leaning in towards you.

Your breath hitches as your eyes rack over his bulging muscles. His hand was near your leg, and you stared at his scarred arms. What a fucking tease.

“A competition?” You state you swallow a bit too loudly as you catch the smirk on Mirio’s face as he slides in closer to you.

“I’m listening?”

“Rules are simple.” You say as you shift onto your knees. You lean forward, getting closer to him. Your elbows pressing your breasts closer together. You giggle as Mirio shifts in his seat, his hand close to reaching out to touch your glorious mounds. “We have five days, starting tomorrow. The person to get the other one to come the most within these next few days wins. The winner gets to dom and is on top for an entire week, and the loser has to comply.”

Mirio’s eyes snap back onto yours, a mischievous glint to them. “Any other rules?”

“The first time someone comes, it can’t be through penetration.”


“It can happen wherever, whenever.”

“Sounds good.”

“Last, but not least,” You say as your lips ghost over his own. Lust filling his eyes as Mirio defiantly continues to stare at you. “If the person doesn’t come, you get a negative point.”

You smirk at his groan, you could always make Mirio come. That was no issue. Your boyfriend was the closest thing to a human golden retriever. At least when personality, energy, and sociable skills get involved. You could always be a bit trickier to get to come. You thought if he was trying to get you off in the middle of an alleyway, it would be hard.

“I can agree with that.” Mirio smiles, his hand extending out for a handshake. You grin as you take his hand, your head nodding. “Until the last one comes.” He whispers and you smirk.

“Have I ever told you how fucking hot your body is?” You question as your lips brush against his sensitive neck, and Mirio chuckles in his throat.

“Good luck babe, but I don’t plan on losing.” He whispers. Mirio gets off the mattress and dresses. His eyebrow quirking at your slightly disappointed stare. “Don’t worry, princess, I’ll have you coming so hard later you’ll be begging for me to dom you.”

“You fucking wish!”


Five Days Left

Your hand raises during class. You had needed to pee.

“Y/l/n?” Your homeroom teacher calls on you, and you smile with your initial apology.

“I need to use the restroom!” You admit as the class laughs at you. Everyone seemed to be needing to pee today, so with a sigh, you get dismissed.

You scurried down the hallways. Your legs pressing tight as you felt the need to pee growing higher and higher. Making it into the girl’s restroom, you slipped into the empty stall. You peed all while humming to yourself, grateful for the lack of anyone in here.

You stood up and wiped, flushing the toilet as someone walks in. You don’t mind much as you walk out, your sleeves rolled up to wash your hands. You wash your hands pretty well, the soap suds still in the sink as you dry them. Your eyes finally trailing to the mirror to see Mirio grinning at you. His arms folded across his chest as your jaw drops. You’re ready to yell at him when his mouth overwhelms you. His lips dragging against your own.

“Mirio!” You squeak against his mouth, your face burning as he guided you back into the stall. His large hands grabbing your ass as he does so. “How did you even get out of class?!”

“My secret ninja skills,” Mirio gasps against your lips and you moan as his hands slip down towards your cunt. His large calloused fingers brushing against your sensitive bundle. You moaned out loud at the feeling. “I’m only kidding, I said I needed to pee, too!”

You inhale sharply when Mirio doesn’t even bother to slip off your panties. He instead uses his quirk to press into your clit. Your body trembles in his hold as your curse his name, the bathroom door locking behind him.

You pant when Mirio’s other hand unbuttons your shirt. His lips never stopping in their conquest against your own lips. You shudder against his touch as Mirio gets your shirt to be completely unbuttoned. Your skin scrawling in the cold air of the restroom. Your skin scrawls due to the heat radiating from both your bodies.

The pressure in your cunt grows as Mirio’s heavy finger is relentless against your clit. Shuddering gasps interrupting your kiss as you clutched Mirio closer. Desperate for contact. Mirio seems not to be on the same page as you, as he pulls away. His mouth grinning wide as he slips off your shirt, and places it on the bathroom stalls hook. His lips are on your collarbones as he takes off your bra, and you cave into his touch. Your voice whining as he pulls away, his features grinning.

“Are we keeping the skirt on?” Mirio wonders aloud, a grin on his face as you can no longer hold yourself back. You smash your mouth against him again. His energetic kisses drowning you in their passion as his fingers dance on your waist. It’s not long before slipped back down under your skirt. He pulls down the small pair of panties you were wearing, pocketing them with a grin. “Sit down.” He purrs.

You follow his command, sitting down on the toilet seat, your feet pressed onto the cover as Mirio leans down. His lips pressing kisses to your inner thigh. You shudder against his lips, only rolling your eyes when you feel his proud smirk. “Stop smirking, Togata, and do something about it.” You snap as he laughs. Apologizing to you as he is quick to sink in two fingers into your awaiting cunt.

You gasp at the feeling of his fingers entering you, your mouth dropping as he begins thrusting them.

“Fuck you look so damn hot,” Mirio growls, his lips peppering kisses on your breasts as your hips roll against his fingers. You nod your head in agreement, your face feeling hot and bothered due to the location of your activity.

Everything was turning you on further and further. The way his arm muscles rippled as he thrust into you. The way his typically innocent eyes turned black with lust. The way you knew he wanted nothing more than to stop naked and claim you against the bathroom stall.

You shudder against his fingers. The coil in your lower belly tightening with overwhelming pressure. Your fingers grip the toilet seat cover as you mewl out his name. Your pussy feeling like it’s dripping as you rock your hips against his hands. Your jaw opens and voice panting.

“Your pussy is so fucking right, baby. It’s so wet, too.” Mirio observes, his trademark grin on his face as his mouth nears your spasming pussy. A shriek nearly tears from your throat when the door opens and shuts.

Fire erupts from your sex as Mirio’s hand immediately shoots towards your throat. Choking you into silence as his fingers never once slow down. Your breathing is too strained. Your body acclimating to new levels as he was resilient in his finger fucking. Your head was thrown back as the stall next to you In the middle of getting used. Your desperate eyes snap to Mirio who only grins, his eyes challenging you to make a noise, but you won’t. The girl next door stall hums. It was covering up what you believed was the loud sound of his fingers slamming into your soaking cunt.

“Y/l/n-chan?” The voice asks from the stall next to you as the toilet flushes.

Shit, it was Neijire.

“Y-Yes?” You stammer. Your words are too strained as Mirio refuses to let go of your throat. Your face feeling overwhelming hot as you buck roughly against Mirio’s hands.

“In case you wanted to know—“ The water from the sink goes off. “—everyone needs to pee, so hurry back!”

“O-Okay, thank you!” You cry out your hips stuttering against Mirio’s fingers as the door opens and closes.

You let out a muffled shriek as his fingers slam into you at a vigorous speed. His other hand moving from your neck to stimulating circles into your clit. Your breathing hitches, your back arching, and you come hard onto his fingers. His name a scream from your lips.

You pant from your position, Mirio standing up and pressing a kiss to your lips. “I’ll see you in class, baby.” He whispers and you nod. Your legs shake as you stand up and he kisses you again. “Also, that’s one point for me.”

Your eyes widen as he escapes from the bathroom stall in a heartbeat. Your jaw on the ground as you can’t believe you forgot your little bet overnight.

First Day Stats: Mirio - 3; You - 0


Second Day Stats: Mirio - 6; You - 3


Your hand stroked Mirio’s length under the blanket. Your eyes locked on Tamaki as you talked with him about the new takoyaki shop that opened. Your eyes were bright as you refused to look at Mirio.

Despite his needy whines in your ear, and the way he had his face buried in your neck, you wouldn’t stop. Your knees shifted under the blankets. This created a large tent for you to get him off while not drawing too much attention.

Mirio hissed into your skin as the tip of your thumb rolled his head of his cock.

“Mirio-kun?” Tamaki finally overcame his hesitation to ask why his best friend was being, well weird. “Are you okay?”

“Never been better!” Mirio grits out, your fingernails gliding against his throbbing skin.

“He was in that fight earlier, it could have something to do with that?” You question, the concern and question very lovely on your voice. “You know how reckless he can be.”

Tamaki nods his head, he knows that what you’re saying isn’t wrong, but he doesn’t quite believe it. His mouth twitches but in comes Neijire.

Mirio can’t focus on anything as your hand continues pumping his length. Your grip mind fogging as he can’t keep from bucking his hips. You glance over as his cock twitches once again, their time enough for you to lose your grip. Mirio grunts as your warm hands clench his cock near the base. Your other hand slipping underneath to fondle his balls. His eyes roll back to his head as you do this, your other hand gripping near his head without mercy.

His hips buck, and he comes into your hand. A muffled moan released into your neck.

“Wow, Mirio-kun are you okay?”

“Never been better…” Mirio huffs against your skin, and you coo pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“That’s three for me…” You grin as you pull away, getting sucked into a conversation with Neijire.

Mirio was for sure getting back at you for that.

Weirdest Place You Had Sex: On the roof of U.A.’s building. It took ten minutes to get up there, and forty minutes to be very much done.


Third-Day Stats: Mirio - 8; You - 7


In one day, you and Mirio managed to fuck in six different locations. All of which with his fingers shoved down your throat.

The best thing that happened today:

Mirio pretending you weren’t making him come several times over. All while he was on a video call with Hero Agencies.


Fourth Day Stats: Mirio - 10; You - 12


Your mouth pressed fervently against Mirio’s. Your skirt hiked up to your stomach as Mirio held you again the wall. His cock slamming into your without mercy as your nails clawed down his exposed chest. It was the end of the school day, and after you had gotten him to come three times in the locker room. He had corned you in the classroom after everyone was finally dismissed. His hands slamming you between his chest and the wall, your eyes wide. They soon turned defiant, but it was to no use.

He made little work of you, having no mercy he had made you cum within forty seconds. Mirio wasted no time and soon after pinned you against the wall to continue fucking you.

Your back arched off the wall as his right fingers circle on your clit. His mouth sucking on your throat, definitely leaving a hickey on your neck. You cry out his name as he continues to bounce you up and down his length. His jackhammering speed overwhelming you as your cheeks feel red hot.

Your legs tremble without restraint around his hips. Your core feeling over a million degrees and entirely dripping with your arousal. His mouth intoxicating, his hips captivating, and his cock undeniable. You dug your nails into his skin. You shriek as the building pressure of your orgasm is on the build again. The toe-curling sensation shooting through your body as you shook with raunchy need. The lewd noises of his dick slamming into your soaked pussy making your eyes roll back as you chant him on. The bet no longer on your mind. The only thing fueling you was his slamming body into you, and the release you know is going to leave you dizzy.

You cry as your fingers lock into his hair, your body rolling to help with his rutting hips. They snap into you without mercy, his abs strained and flexing as you run your hands selfishly over them. “Faster, harder, Mirio please!” You cry as your body feels like it’s overheating. Mirio grunts, his hands grasping your waist with enough strength to leave bruises. Your arms resting onto his shoulder as you assisted him in bouncing yourself on his dick.

Heavy breathing fills the air. His gasps and stuttering hips riling the both of you on as you continued fucking. Your head throws back as the pressure within you snaps. You scream out his name, muffled by his hands as you tremble in his grasp. Your head falls against the wall as he continues slamming into you. His speed much slower, the depth of his slams greater as you mewl.

His hips stutter, he presses you harshly against the wall, and you moan at the feeling of him coming within you. The warm fluids filling you up as he pants against your sweaty skin. You laugh as Mirio presses a sweet kiss to your lips, placing you with high caution onto your feet.

“Do I get to count you coming?” You sigh as your body aches. Your smile is sugar-sweet at Mirio who laughs. You watch as he dresses you. You groan as you feel your intermingled cum escaping your still throbbing cunt.

You smile as he presses another kiss to your lips. After awhile you sigh contently as he massages circles into your bruised waist.

“Not at all, princess,” Mirio whispers against your lips and you groan.

“You’re mad that we’re tied now!”

“I am never mad! You can ask anyone!”

The worst thing that happened today:

Your panties falling out of Mirio’s pocket. Someone also noticed the white trail on your leg before you managed to clean it up.


Final Day: Mirio - 10; You - 13

0 Hours 14 Minutes Left.

You sighed as you entered the bathrooms in the dorm. Your robe snug around your body, your body was sore from a long day of Hero Work. You had spent the night in Mirio’s room, the both of you calling a momentary truce to cuddle that night. It had been sweet and cute. Your body very much so needing the softer version of your boyfriend. At least in oppose to the sex machines, the two of you had become.

Of course, the moment you woke up you were ecstatic! Your blond teddy bear boyfriend was still knocked the fuck out. You slipped out of his cuddle without much resistance on his end and gave him quite the good morning call. He did wake up to his cock in your mouth. His overeager morning sex drive making him cum in less than two minutes as you kiss him morning and left. A giggle in your steps as he cursed.

You were well in the lead now. Given that you hadn’t seen your boyfriend all day, victory was in your grasp. So you were taking a late-night shower to rinse the grime of the day away. Of course, it would also mean that Mirio would have less time trying to get you to come within the diminishing time.

You waved at your classmate who walked out of the shower. She smiled in return as she fastened her robe around her waist.

“Did you just get back in?” She asks and you yawn as you nod. You walk over to the shower stall that was yours. There weren’t that many of you so you all had your self proclaimed showers.

“I did!” You say as you place your towel on the hook, your eyes shining with amusement. You were in love with the hero life, it thrilled you to no end being able to save people for a living.

“Alright, well I’m off to bed, I’m so fucking tired,” She says with a wave, and you return it. You turn on the shower water and let your hands touch the running warm water with a satisfied sigh.

Throwing your robe onto the hook, you stepped into the shower, closing the tinted wall behind you.

The warm water seemed to soak all the way through your skin. Satisfied moans leaving your lips as you tilted your head, letting the water soak your hair. You grabbed your shampoo, lathering your hair in the strawberry liquid. You hum a song as you wash your hair, the dirt of the day falling away with every sud. Your fingers scratch your scalp and you sigh at the sensation and your thoughts trail.

You felt bad for Mirio. The disagreement started because you were the one who misremembered your last romp. You had also made him cum four times within ten minutes the other day, and you shook your head.

A bet was a bet, he was losing!

But you did enjoy getting dominated by Mirio, he was rough, hard, and incredible…

You groan as you press your head to the cool tile. Well when you won, you would let him be on top at least once during those seven days. Poor baby would die from being a sub all the time.

Grabbing your conditioner, you pause at the sound of the bathroom door opening and closing. Lathering your hair with the sweet fluid, you pondered who it would be.

Besides the girl who left no one else was ever showering this late, not even if they came back late from patrols. Too many of them fell asleep under the hot jets of water. Neijire almost ended up in the hospital one time… Many stopped after that.

Tying up your conditioner soaked hair, you grabbed your washcloth and cleaned your skin. Humming slightly as you went. Trying to ignore your curious instinct on why a door opened but no water turned on. There hadn’t even been a toilet flush!

Shaking it off, you undo your hair and step back under the jets. A soft sigh leaving your lips at the feeling of the water cascading down your now clean body. But a pair of hands jolted you from your tranquil mindset. You screamed at the sight of Mirio permeating through the shower door. A grin on his face as your mouth opened in protest.

You didn’t get to say anything as his lips slam against yours, “I know you weren’t expecting me to do this.” Mirio growls as he kisses your slick skin. Your hands tremble against his body as you laugh.

Your try getting your hands to his cock, you refused to lose to him now. He would never let you forget it if you got you to come at the very least four times in less than twenty minutes. You were a bit of a challenge to get off, so you hoped it would be your saving grace.

You lean your lips towards him, ready to distract Mirio with your alluring kisses, but he’s predicted it. His fingers sink immediately into your cunt, not at all horny yet. You hiss at the uncomfortable feeling as his finger wiggle within you. You gasped at the feeling of his moving fingers. Your hands slamming against the tile walls as the small movements begin a fire within you. “You know, when you woke me up this morning, I thought I died and gone to heaven,” Mirio whispers against your ear as he presses your heated body against the cold tile. You curse at the sensation, your body jerking against his fingers as you couldn’t move away from the tile. “I can’t lie, I fucking love when your pretty lips are around my cock. You look so fucking sexy it turns me on.” He growls this into your neck, your hips bucking against his scissoring fingers.

“Then let me do that for you t-then, Mirio.” You cry as he chuckles lowly, his teeth biting the skin on your neck.

“Fuck, I wish I could let you do that,” Mirio admits, the heavy truth evident in his tone, but his fingers don’t stop. “You see,” his free hand trails from your waist to your clit, pressing down on your bundle of nerves as you sob softly. Your hands shooting out to him, desperate for more contact. “I just really have to beat my amazing girlfriend in a contest.”

You chuckle, your head banging against the wall as the pressure in your stomach only grows. You can feel your arousal seeping onto his fingers. Your heated arousal turning the both of you as he curses your name. “Y-Your girlfriend?” You ask as nonchalantly as you can, your teeth nibbling his ear. “Do I know her? Would she approve of you doing this?”

“You know her better than anyone in the world.” Mirio groans as his fingers begin pumping into you. Your back arching off the cool tile as you they jut against his moving fingers. “I think she would approve of this.”

With his fingers pumping inside of you, and his fingers merciless against your clit. Your body was reaching its high. Your eyes scrunching together as you feel yourself flushing. “M-Mirio!” You cry as waves of pressure shoot down your legs. Your knees buckling as he continues increasing his pace, uncaring of your shouts. “I’m going to–fuck!” Your body shudders as your orgasm is threatening to spill over. Your cunt is clenching so hard Mirio’s fingers have to shift in your wake. But still, he doesn’t stop. His pumping fingers continuing their conquest. His circling fingers continuing to press small circles into you. “MIRIO!” You scream, what feels like your orgasm hitting, but it isn’t and you tremble even more so. Your hands shooting to his as you beg for him to let you release. His curling fingers are unable to give you your desperate release.

His fingers pull away from your throbbing cunt, and you mewl loudly as your orgasm slams into you. It hits you hard! Your pussy clenching in his wake. Your knees almost giving out on you as you feel your arousal slicked against your thighs. But it’s what happens when you orgasm that has you crying. You just squirted all over Mirio’s awaiting hand.

Your head presses against the wall as your orgasm stops, your squirting ending with it. You stare at your boyfriend. Jaw opened as you can’t believe what just happened. Mirio grins at you, his mouth does not hesitate to press full of need against your own.

“That was the hottest fucking thing you’ve ever done.” Mirio laughs against your lips, but you smack his chest. You were very embarrassed, but goddamn was that the most intense thing you’ve ever felt. “That eleven.”

You can not even try to stop him as Mirio sinks to his knees. His back hitting the hot jets of water, as he lifts your leg over his shoulder. “You don’t mind if I eat you out? Do you?” Mirio asks with a cheeky smile. “I’m hungry for you tonight, princess.”

Your hands press onto the tile by your ass as his soft lips press against your inner thigh. His hot tongue lapping at the come that remained on your legs.

“Mirio…” You gasp as he moves further down. His licks becoming bolder, larger, and harder.

Your hips shudder against his mouth as he licks your sensitive cunt. You gasp as his nose brushes against your clit, his blue eyes locked on yours. You bite down on your bottom lip as his tongue enters between your folds. His hot appendage making you squirm as he lapped happily into your dripping folds. “You taste so fucking sweet.” Mirio groans as he becomes more aggressive in his eating you out.

His teeth biting softly onto your sensitive sex and you whine out loudly. Your hips rocking against his face as he stares at you, a lustful gleam in his eyes. You don’t seem to care anymore as your hands grip his hair like a vice, and you shift your hips to fuck his face. Mirio keeps up with an effort to your demanding speed.

The pressure builds up once again at both the sight and the feeling of his mouth eating you out. The occasional slurps and thrusting tongue making you thrash. Both in joy and undeniable lust. You grunt as your pussy throbs, you’re once more on the edge and you want nothing more than to get over it. You cry as his fingers pinch your clit, and it drives you on. Your hips merciless against Mirio’s awaiting face as you make sure he gets face fucked properly.

His other free hand moves to grasp your ass. It slips the first few times, the slick and supple skin unable to remain in his grasp and he growls into your cunt. The vibrations sending you two a whole new level as you shriek his name. Your hips ramming into his tongue as the coil in your snaps, and you come onto his face. You pant heavily as you fall against the tile wall. Your eyes heavy as you stare at Mirio who wipes his face with a large grin. “Thank you for the meal,” Mirio whispers against your mouth. “But that makes two, princess.”

A beep goes off, and the two of you know how much time you have left. Five minutes.

“Five minutes to get you to come at least twice?” Mirio grins as he scoops you off the ground. Your mouth dropping in a soundless moan at the feeling of his large and very hard dick. He is pressing against the entrance of your sore cunt. This could go two ways, and your hips roll against the tip of his head, and Mirio curses softly.

Either he’s got you to come too hard and your body is unable to come any more, or you were for sure fucked.

Mirio presses a capturing kiss to your lips, and he pushes you onto his dick without any problems. But your still clenching pussy has Mirio cursing against your collarbone as you moan. The feeling of his dick stretching you out in the most delicious of ways was mind-numbing. You huff as he begins to move his hips against yours.

“Mirio!” You shriek as he ruthlessly slams into you. His hips coming down so fast your body bounces with every thrust. Your screams tumble out of your throat as your back drags against the cold tile. Your back arching as you shake around his relentless hips.

“What’s that, princess?” Mirio growls, his hips hammering into you at mind fogging speed. “Are you needing to come already?”

“NO!” You scream as your pussy clenches around his pounding cock. You’re able to barely keep your hips in rhythm with him, but you can’t keep your eyes open. You wrap your arms around his broad shoulders. Your breasts are achingly sweet against his own hard chest. You’re able to feel his cock entering you at toe-curling speeds, and all you can do is accept your fate. “Oh my god, FUCK you feel so good!”

“The way you bounce on my cock is so fucking hot!” Mirio grunts as he releases one hand from your waist. He presses your stimulated nipples between his calloused fingers. Your head slams back, you’re uncaring of the pain the pleasure far greater, and so you scream again. Your pussy clenching with no remorse around his dick. “Your pussy is so fucking tight. Do you need to come now, princess?”

You can only nod your head as the pressure continues to build and build.

“Good,” Mirio pants with a grin. “I want you to come.”

“Fuck me, I need to come so badly!” You sob out as your body trembles above his thrusting hips, you’re seeing stars now.

Mirio growls as his hand slams near your head, his other hand gripping your waist tighter. Fuck he was so fucking strong.

That’s all it takes and you come hard around his dick, his name ripping through your abused body as he moans. Mirio grins even more so as your chest heaves with your finished orgasm, but he drops you to the floor.

You’re on your hands and knees, and Mirio’s dick pulls out of your spasming pussy to only reenter in less than two seconds.

“Mirio!” You scream out in almost discomfort. Your body has come hard three separate times within ten minutes.

“I’m winning this,” Mirio grunts as his hips thrust into yours. You cry as his hips slam against your ass, your body moving forward with it.

His hand reaches around your shaking thighs to press firmly against your aching clit. Your body tensing at the pressure. “You’re coming,” Mirio insists, the tip of his finger curling on your sensitive clit. “Do you understand?”

Your pussy clenches at those words. An uncomfortable pleasure shooting down your body as his fingers circle on your clit. Mirio’s body then starts ramming into yours at such a delicious force your arms quivered as they held you up. You were desperate as you tried to keep from falling completely onto the floor. He clenches your hair, tugging it harshly as you cried out his name. Your spasming cunt was once again building in pressure.

You gasp as your hips continue to rock back into his, the rhythm of your fucking making you almost sob actual tears. Mirio growls out your name as he moves his hands back to your waist. Slamming your body at a hot-blooded pace into his hard cock. Your burning face slammed against the cold tile for support.

“God, you’re so fucking, beautiful princess. Spread out with your pussy soaking for me?” Your head nods vigorously, your unsteady pants filling the shower. Your hips are no longer able to keep up with his insane speed. “I want you to come one last time around my cock, can you do that for me?”

A pained mewl escapes your mouth as you nod your head again, “Yes! OH my god!!”

Your pussy clamps around his cock, unable to hold back your orgasm as you hope to hard around his moving dick. You moan out loudly as pleasure-filled waves shoot down every ligament in your body. But as before, it doesn’t happen, and you shriek as fire erupts within you. The sensation now familiar as you beg him to slip out.

Mirio grunts, his hips never slowing down as he chases after your orgasm. Ignoring your pleas. His hips are merciless in his own quest for release. He chuckles at your moans. Your hips weakly shifting back into his until he moans loudly. His cock releasing his hot load into your throbbing and unreleased cunt.

Mirio pulls away, and you once again squirt against his now softening cock. His alarm for midnight blares as your body slides to the floor.

Mirio laughs in mirth at his victory, and you groan as he wraps you close.

“It seems like you’ll get to be mine for the week, princess.” He mumbles against your skin as he reaches up to turn off the water. The two of you laying on the floor, mingling with the water from the shower and your intermingled cum.


“You guys are like done with whatever sex competition thing the two of you are having, right?” Neijire asks, her face bright and cheery.

“WHAT!” You shriek as Mirio bellows in laughter.

“Y-You guys were so obvious…” Tamaki sighs, his hands covering his own blushing cheeks.

“We are!” Mirio affirms despite your embarrassment. “I won!”

Chapter Text

You sometimes wondered how Amajiki Tamaki was such an unconfident man. His need for perfection was something that worried you, after all, in your eyes he was perfect. Your relationship with Tamaki had begun with major bumps in the road.

He had assumed in the beginning that you hated him. Your sweet words only a taunt in his mind, your affectionate smiles only a hidden snarl. It truly broke your heart when he finally admitted that to you. Tamaki was such a talented Pro-Hero that it often left you bewildered at his nervousness. You knew he would never get defeated in battle. But his often flashes of anxiety that filled his veins while he was in fights scared you.

You would watch via television while Tamaki went from confidence to crippling anxiety. Your hands always clutching your chest as you stare at your, at the time, best friend gets stomped on screen. However, without fail, Tamaki always pulled through. Of course, once you were finally done with work, you raced to his house. Waiting for the indigo haired boy to return home, bruised but victorious.

You could never resist throwing yourself into his arms, his voice squeaking your name. Heavy with embarrassment. You would always follow him in and help him with whatever he needed. You used to leave whenever Mirio and Nejire showed up. Given the three of them were best friends you always felt like you were intruding. It took a while but when Tamaki finally insisted along with the other two, you stayed.

You never expected to become friends with this very talented Pro-Heroes. Even now it made you smile whenever the four of you hung out. But things changed drastically between you and Tamaki. It all beginning after a fateful encounter with a merciless villain.

You remember watching from your office. Too many Pro-Heroes and sidekicks were getting tossed around like rag dolls. Your eyes widening as the onlooking camera crew focused in on Suneater running to the scene. They praised your best friend! Tamaki seemed unaffected by the villain’s immense threat as he began to apprehend him.

It was a long fight.

It lasted an entire ten minutes, dramatic highs and lows. All to the point where you believed Tamaki had been killed. The panicked screams escaping your mouth as your coworkers held you. But with tears still streaming down your eyes, Tamaki rose. The costume is torn and in shreds, he ate something. Your shouts intermingled with the entire floors as you cheered him on. And within seconds, the villain was finally defeated. Tamaki standing over him, chest heaving as more Pro-Heroes arrived on the scene.

Tamaki shortly fainted afterward and was then rushed to the hospital.

He was released that same night, thankfully. You were in the waiting room for him to be discharged. Mirio and Nejire asked again if you were sure you were able to take him home. Your eyes were swollen and puffy due to the high amounts of sobbing you did. Your lips are chapped and brittle as you waved them away. “You guys have early rounds tomorrow,” Your voice weak and yet steely strong. “I can get him home. I’m fine now.”

“There’s nothing wrong with feeling scared, y/n-chan,” Nejire says, her voice serious as she held your cheeks in her hands.

It often made you speechless when Tamaki’s friends turned serious. They were all such dynamic people you forgot they could take things very seriously.

“I got this handled.” You affirm, your mouth pulling into a soft smile. They hugged you before leaving. The quiet hours of the late-night consuming you as you waited for Tamaki to be officially released.

You saw the battered hero exiting his room and into the hallway. Bandages surrounding his arms and a few gauges on his cheeks. He acknowledged you with a shy smile, his head slamming away from you as he talked to a nurse.

You stood up, collecting your things as you walked over to the Pro-Hero who talked with the nurse. She looks at you as you approach the counter, a tired smile on her face as she greets you.

“Hi, I’m assuming you’re here to take Amajiki-san back home?” She questions and your head nods in confirmation. “Okay, well please keep an eye on him. We were able to heal him mostly with our resident healing quirk. But he will be extremely groggy in the next few hours when it hits him.”

“O-Oh, of course. I’ll do my best to look after him.” You say with a bow, and a muffled sound comes from Tamaki as you grab his arm gently.

“Ready to go?” You ask, your eyes locked on his blushing cheeks.

He nods, and with that, you take him home.

It’s silent the entire car ride to his home.

Your eyes shifting over to his stiff form as you drive.

He had nothing to say to you, and you had nothing to say to him.

You had been scared out of your mind for him, but you couldn’t help the anger from filling your veins. The only question was why were you so angry?

Angry at him? No, that wouldn’t make sense. You worked hand in hand with Pro-Heroes, you knew what they did was because they wanted to be everyday heroes. So why were you mad at your best friend for scaring you like that?

Your hands tighten over the steering wheel as you pull into his driveway. Stepping out, you helped a stumbling Tamaki to his feet. Your eyes staring ahead as he leaned against your shoulder for support.

You often forget your friend was as strong and as big as he was. His weight crushing your shoulder. You attempted to maneuver him towards his front door.

“Y… Y/n…” Tamaki mumbles as you get to the front door.

“Yes?” You respond getting him to lean between the corner of the walls. All so that you can fish out his spare key from under his rock garden.

“Butterflies are my… my favorite things.” Tamaki tells you this, and you laugh as you shake your head. Your fingers finding the cool brass key and you stand up to see Tamaki looking at you with groggy eyes.

“I know that, Tamaki.” You remind him, “You told me that during our twenty questions drinking game.”

His face flushes red, and you sigh as he slams his head against the wall, his body shaking. “No… it’s not just that.” He admits and you quirk your eyebrow as you unlock the front door.

“Then what is it, Tamaki?”

“C-Can I call you butterfly?” He asks you, confidence seeping into his voice and you freeze as his front door opens.

“W-What?” You stutter, as the man stumbles in his stance, he looks so tired and yet so painfully in love with you.

“I… I like you a lot, y/n…” Tamaki whispers, and he takes a few steps towards you. His tired eyes burning as he presses his forehead against yours. Your chest is hammering as you feel his flushed skin against your own, his eyes closed as if this was a dream. His hands resting on your waist as you choke softly. “Today with that battle… I thought I was going to die, and I was going to die a coward. I couldn’t die knowing that I… that I never got to confess my feelings for you. I’ve always been a coward, my entire life… I know that! But as I lay there… as I lay there–” His eyes were full of tears and your hands grasp his face.

Your fingers brushing away his falling tears as you shake your head, “You aren’t a coward, Tamaki.” You say, the anger within you making sense now. You were in love with your best friend. “You weren’t going to die there, I wouldn’t have let that happened.”

A broken sob escapes his mouth as he shakes his head, furious. “I am a coward, y/n. I’m in l-love with you, and I never confessed until I thought I wasn’t coming back.”


“Even if y-you don’t like m-me back, can I p-please call you butterfly… you just make me so happy…”

His dark eyes search yours, and without a single word more, your lips press against his. Your soul overcoming his own as he cries against your mouth. You don’t care, and tears are coming down your own cheeks as you pull him in close. Your lips uttered to him everything you had never told him. Promising him a future he would never think of until now.

You were in love with your best friend, and you were going to live the rest of your life engraving that into his heart.

When the two of you showed up to the next hangout with your friends. Everyone was so overjoyed to see Tamaki turning beet red as you held his hand cheering in excitement.

Your love was pure, forgiving, wholesome.

Late-night dancing, lingering kisses in the morning, and an insane amount of food dates.

Tamaki surprised you in many areas. His initial anxiety and unconfident nature erasing in many areas. After five minutes of doing something, he tended to feel confident. Of course, the greatest surprise came in bed.

Humans had a natural ability to make things… sexual, to say the least. It took until your fifth month anniversary for you to ask Tamaki to bring his quirk into play. Your mouth brushing against his trembling torso as your hand grasped his cock. “I want to use your tentacles one day,” You sighed, and like that, Tamaki had come into your hands.

Of course, it took another month for Tamaki to not crumble when attempting your request, but once he did. It unlocked something new and exciting within Tamaki. Something that made you wish you had asked him to bring his quirk to bed earlier.

Tamaki bit down on the golden broken takoyaki, your tongue slipping out of your mouth to lick your lips.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this, butterfly?” Tamaki asks as he finishes his food. Your thighs rub together in anticipation as you laugh.

“I’ve never been more ready for anything.” You counter, a cunning grin on your face as his gentle face smiles.

You had no idea what was going on in his brain, but the confident smirks sent waves of pleasure down your spine. Your breaths turning into pants as you wanted him to climb on top of you. Last time around he had simply fingered you, but it seemed he had a new idea in mind.

Your eyebrows furrowed as Tamaki pulled up a chair, and sat down on by the foot of the bed.

“Tama-chan?” You ask confused, why was he sitting down.

A shriek leaves your lips as something grasps your wrists and ankles.

Your body is pulled against the mattress, and you gasp as you try looking. Sure enough, four pink tentacles are holding your limbs tightly to the bed. The suckers on the limbs making you groan in pleasure at the intense pressure it added to your arms. Pants leave your mouth at the sight of Tamaki smiling at you, pure of innocence.

“You’re quite beautiful when you’re spread out like this, butterfly.” Tamaki sighs as he leans against a single hand, a grin curling on his features. Your body trembled as another tentacle traces up your leg. The cool limb touching your inner thigh, and you struggle against his tentacles. Your body wanting nothing more than to cover up. “Now, now, don’t cover-up. I love seeing your clenching pussy like this, butterfly. I don’t want you to hide from me.”

“Tamaki…” You moan his name as the tentacle moves to your left breast. It encircles it tightly but continues moving. It is quick to reciprocate its actions to your right breast. You arch off the bed as the tentacles pulsate, squeezing your chest delicious as you cry out his name. Good god was this on another level. You shudder against his groping tentacle. The tip of the tentacle pressing against your nipple and you whine greatly.

A chuckle comes from Tamaki, but you lack the will to stare at him in the position. Your arousal feels like its growing as you feel the heat being emitted from your lower lips. Your hips shifting to ease the uncomfortable buildup within you. You weren’t getting the attention you needed down there. Unfortunate for you, Tamaki seemed focused on your breasts right now.

“What’s wrong, butterfly?” Tamaki asks, a smirk all too evident in his tone.

You curse as your hips thrash against the mattress. Your jaw-dropping as his tentacles continue lavishing your body. The pleasure in you only seeming to spark higher as he watches from afar. Your head spinning with lust as you can’t help but feel dirty as his tentacles do his bidding. The tentacles around your wrist tighten and you moan out.

“Do you need more?” Tamaki wonders, and you finally manage to look back down at Tamaki who bites down on his lip. “Tell me, butterfly, do you want more?”

You nod your head, unable to trust your voice as he grins. He raises a single finger, and you watch with the utmost glee as it manifests into a tentacle.

It immediately sinks into your desperate cunt, and you mewl loudly. The moving appendage pressing against the walls of your pussy as it thrust into you. Your hips slam up against Tamaki’s tentacle, your jaw falling down as you pant. The feeling mind-numbing as it slams in and out of you. Over and over, twitching and twirling within your dripping cunt. You plead for more, wanting nothing more than Tamaki’s cock to enter your pussy as well.

“Tama, please! Oh my god!” You scream as the tip of his tentacle easily presses into your g-spot. “SHIT!”

He slams the tentacle into your g-spot without mercy. A feral grin on your face as you continue thrashing against your bonds. His tentacle growing in girth inside your spasming walls. All while he continues to build the fiery pressure from within.

“I think you’re being too loud.” Tamaki groans. The tentacle that was groping your breasts shooting down. The smooth skin pressing against your aching cunt.

Your head throws back and your mouth drops as you’re about to scream his name. You’re cut off as another tentacle fills your mouth. Your scream is muffled, and you choke around the tentacle. The tip of the tentacle pressing against the back of your throat. The tentacle rams further down your throat, and your eyes roll back. The double penetration overwhelming you. There is nothing more that you can do except take it. Letting him have way with you as he fucks both your mouth and clenching pussy.

In and out, your body trembling as he fucks you in both places fast, hard, unforgiving. Your dripping cunt making the most lecherous noises as he pounded into you. The occasional gags emitting from your throat as his thrusts don’t give you enough time to adjust to his speed.

“Kami, you look so fucking delicious like this.” Tamaki pants from the distance, and you moan around his tentacle. Your mind wanting him even more so as the building pressure of your pussy increases. “Are you ready to come yet, butterfly?” You sob a sound that’s choked around his pounding tentacles. Your head nodding as your cheeks feel as if they are on fire. “Then come for me.”

It all comes crashing down. The tentacle sliding up and down your throat erases your sobs. The tentacle pressing into your pulsating clit goes faster. The tentacle slamming into your pussy widens within your clenching walls. You come hard, your vision turns white as you choke around the tentacle.

Your body weakly thrashes around on the mattress as he tentacles finally leave you. Your body sweaty, aching, and on a whole new high as Tamaki finally crawls onto the bed. A teasing smile on his face as he presses butterfly kisses to your collarbone. You heave for air as his touches are achingly sweet.

He gathers your limp body into his arms, and you sigh as he smooths your bruised wrists. “You were so beautiful,” He whispers. You groan slightly as he presses a kiss to your aching throat. “But don’t think this is over.” Your eyes slide over to Tamaki who grinds his raging boner into the palm of your hand. “You’re just too sweet to resist.”

Tamaki.” You moan as you begin palming him through his restricting pants. You grin as you feel his lips beginning to suckle against your neck. You smirk as his hips rock against your moving fingers. You whine as he pins you back onto the bed, the tips of his hair brushing against your flushed and sweaty skin. Butterflies once more erupting into your stomach.

“I’m glad you’re ready for a round two,” Tamaki groans as your fingers grip his hard-on. You chuckle as you silence him with a kiss.

“Me, too.”

Chapter Text

When your fiance had called you kitten the very first time, you never expected things to transpire to the way they are now. Kitten was an innocuous nickname, a pet name for you. You just assumed that it was Shinsou’s version of love, babe, or princess. 

The first time he muttered that nickname against your lips, you snorted. You pulled away from his puffy pink lips with the widest grin on your face. “Kitten? What am I? A furry?” You asked as you threw your arms around his shoulders, Shinsou’s tired eyes were annoyed. “Don’t tell me you have a furry kink, or else I don’t think this relationship is going to work, my love.”

He had simply rolled his eyes at you, slamming your mouth against his as he mumbled something about ‘kink-shaming’ him. After that night, you had forgotten about it for the most part. He had, after all, fallen back on the safe names such as baby, and sweetheart. The nickname did not resurface for a solid month until the two of you were drunk out of your minds, bodies stumbling into your apartment. Hands desperate against the fabrics of each other’s clothes, on edge to take them off. 

Then with enough confidence to make you smile he groaned out the name kitten. You pulled away, this time not with amusement, but with confusion.

“Why did you call me a kitten?” You ask, your eyes wide in confusion. Your fingers still pulling through his thick purple hair as he presses kisses to your neck. You gasp as he grinds his aroused dick onto your flushed front. He laughs against your skin, his crotch was merciless. 

“Because, kitten,” Shinsou begins. His hand tangling in the locks of your hair as he pulls harshly on them. “You’re mine, and as your owner, I get to call you whatever the fuck I want to.”

Chills flew through your veins as you shudder against him, and his low chuckle makes you moan. Why were you so turned on with just his words? “But am I really yours?” You gasp as your back presses unto the cold wall. 

“Do you want to test that out?”


“I want you to say, no daddy.”

“No, daddy.”

“Wonderful, kitten.” He growls and drags you away. The rest of the night your body was drunk under his touch, but your mind felt sober as he drilled into you. Calling you kitten as he choked you, your strangled screams of calling him, daddy. It was far too much for you to handle, and you passed out as soon as he drew you in for a cuddle. 

That was almost two years ago, and now, you could safely say that you had adopted his kink quite well. Of course, since that night the two of you indulged more into said kink, and things have definitely gotten kinkier. Toys and costumes had been involved on numerous occasions. Roleplay has even been conducted at some point. It worked well for the two of you, and there was no regret in it coming out the way it did. 

However, today had been a hard day for Shinsou. You knew that as soon as he slipped out of bed this morning. Originally the two of you had this day off of work and were planning on spending the day out and about. 

You shifted as he got out of bed, your eyes heavy with exhaustion as you tried to watch him get ready. He walked back over eventually and placed a kiss to your lips. “I’ll be back late.” He groaned and you succeed in pulling him back into bed, your tired body holding his. Shinsou’s face pressed against your chest as you hold him. 

“Don’t go.” You moan and he chuckles. 

“I wish, kitten.”

“Tell them you needed to save me. I’ll pretend to be injured.”

A proud smile lines your face as Shinsou chuckles, “Kitten if you’re the one in trouble, I don’t think I’d be strong enough to beat them.”

You scoff as Shinsou finally pulls away from your grasp, a smile on his face as he presses a kiss to your forehead. “Alright tiger, go get ‘em.” You whisper as he pinches your cheeks. You sigh from your bed as he stands up and leaves. The front door echoing throughout the house as he left.

The rest of your day had been boring. You were left to your own devices at home. Hell, you even walked to his agency to see if he was available for lunch with you, but the front desk lady profusely apologized as she shook her head. He was in important meetings about his rebranding. Shinsou was not available to talk.

You left back home sighing, a few hours after getting home, your phone buzzed.

My love: sorry, kitten. I heard you came for lunch, maybe next time when these guys stop being idiots.

You chuckled lightly as you stared at your figure in the mirror of your bedroom. Shinsou Hitoshi deserved to be spoiled tonight, and you were going to do everything in your power to make him feel extremely special. Walking over to your closet, you pulled out your simple black box, a smile curling over your features as you opened it.

It took no time for you to change. What you knew to be Shinsou’s favorite black piece secured to your body. It was black lace lingerie, the thong had more fabric in its intricate straps on your hips than the actual thong part. You attached the garter belt to the piece, then rolling thigh high stockings, a dark purple bow attached to the backside of it. You swapped your practical bra for the pieces set. It was also a black lace bra. It supported your breasts, pushing them up slightly to enhance the swell of it. Your hands adjusting the way they sat when you had it fastened.

It was a great set.

Grabbing two final pieces from the box, you walked over to your vanity mirror. Sitting down you pulled out your makeup. You knew you had around an hour until Shinsou would be back, most likely on time since he did not wish to be at work today. You looked over your makeup and began applying to your face. Making sure to not overdo it, you were sure that the way nights typically went, you didn’t want all of it being rubbed off on the pillowcases.

You gradually smoothed over the tinted makeup, applying the colors on your face to make everything pop in the way that brought out your features the best way. You smiled, appreciating how your face glowed in your reflection. With a confident nod, you grabbed the final pieces. 

A shiver trailed down your spine as the cold purple leather collar wrapped around your neck. It was always a bit too tight around your throat, something Shinsou enjoyed very much. He claimed it made face fucking you that much more intense. Clearing your throat, you nodded. The bell on the collar tingling slightly as you moved to the side, grabbing the final piece to your outfit.

You place the cat ears headband into place. Your eyes concentrated on your head as you adjusted it so that it sat nicely in place. You hoped it wouldn’t fall off as it did last time. 

Taking your favorite lipstick from its holder, you glide the wax against your lips. Your bottom lip dropping as you did so. You smack your lips together, a habit that refuses to die, as you place the lipstick down. A smile on your face as you brush your hair over your shoulder. Your fingers tangle in your hair as you stare at your reflection, a small pout on your face as you entertain yourself.

It’s working as your grin widens, but you shriek when arms wrap around you. A warm back pressing into your backside.

“You’re looking hot as hell.” The husky voice of Shinsou interrupted your panic.
“You’re not supposed to be here yet!” You exclaim as you suddenly feel very, very embarrassed. As if you had been caught stealing his favorite food.

“Mm, I was able to sneak away early,” Shinsou stated, a proud smirk on his face as he presses his cheek against your neck. His hands gripping your waist immediately. “But why this get up kitten?” He asks, his lips ghosting down the side of your neck.

You lean into his touch, arching against his torso as you moan. “I… um…” You can’t collect your thoughts as he nibbles along your neck. His hips grinding slowly against yours, and your head almost falls backward from this sensation. “I wanted, oh my god, I want to surprise you since you had such a–oh my–long day at work…”

Shinsou’s lips come crashing against yours, and you fully succumb to him. He pulls you up off the chair, and you spin into his arms. You let his hands trail down your back to grasp your ass, and he lifts you up off the floor. Your legs immediately wrapping around him.

“Don’t you know, kitten?” Shinsou asks with a devious smile plastered on his face. “I am always surprised when it comes to you.”

You gasp as his lips are back on yours, and you can’t resist the way your body melts into his own. A whimper in your throat as his cold hands touch your warm body. You groan when he places you on the floor, the bell around your neck tingling with your dismay. “On your hands and knees, kitten. Daddy’s had a long day, and only you can help me.”

Sinking to your hands and feet, Shinsou takes a step back, smiling at your form. His hand rubs the back of his neck as he chuckles, “You are the best, you know that, kitten?”

A smile overcomes your features as you chuckle softly, “I know, my love.”

His eyebrow quirks and he nods his head, “I’ll forgive you just this once because you’re amazing.” Shinsou states and your cheeks flush with your realization of your mistake. 

You nod your head in grace as he reaches out, grabbing your already restricting collar, and you choke as you crawl towards him. Ass up, face looking at him.

“Such a sweet kitten,” Shinsou sighs and you moan as his hand comes down to spank you softly on your ass. You shake softly as your nose brushes against his clothed leg, your eyes still trying to stay on his. “Can you help me out, I’ve had such a terrible day?”

Your head nods eagerly, Shinsou didn’t like you to be verbal unless requested. Your eyes trained on him, and he pushed you so that you sat on your knees. Your legs rubbing together in excitement as Shinsou removed his belt. You breathe hitching as his pants came down alongside his underwear. His impressive cock bouncing at his semi-hard state. “I’ve only been home for so long, kitten, but I’m already hard for you.” You bite down on your lip, resisting the need to speak as Shinsou strokes his length, hot puff of air escaping his mouth as he stepped closer.

“Here, kitty, kitty,” Shinsou grins wickedly as you stretch forward, and his dick enters your mouth.

He groans as your hot mouth envelopes his cock, and you give him kitten licks as you stay still. Waiting for him to have his way with you.

You moan as he steps closer, his hands gripping your hair as his length falls further down your throat. The tip of his cock sliding down your throat. You gag softly against his length as Shinsou slowly starts to rock his hips back and forward into your eager mouth. You widen your mouth as his hips pick up in speed, your cheeks hollowing out to the best of your ability as he thrust away. He curses slightly as he roughens in his pace, and you choke as the collar is now restricting your breathing. 

“Relax, kitten.” Shinsou grunts as his thrusts are rhythmic, and you’re desperate in keeping up, saliva slowly pooling from your mouth as his breathing staggers. His pace quickening.

You moan around his cock, turned on by the fact he was being so harsh with you so quickly and he curses pulling away, “Stand up.” He commands. Panting, still attempting to gather your air, you stumble to your feet, and Shinsou yanks off your panties and garter belt. The belt clatters against the floor, and when the thong hit the floor, he pulls you off your feet. You muffle a scream by shoving your face into his neck as Shinsou has you on his hips, your aroused cunt sinking onto his cock. “I don’t want to hear you moan, or come without being told so.” Shinsou grunts as his hips rotate underneath you, and you slam your face further into his heated skin. The feeling too much, and your throat aching to make noise. “Confirm that you understand, kitten.” He barks, hand slamming against your bare ass.

You nod your head as you bounce on his cock, your eyes clenching as you muffle your moan. “Such a good kitten,” Shinsou sighs as he begins thrusting into you, and you bite down on your lip hard as your back is thrown on a wall. 

Shinsou’s hips are merciless as the pound into you, his typically slow and steady pace long forgotten as you bounce on his hips. Your hands slamming against the wall and clutching his hair as if it would give you some sort of relief. But the pressure of not making any noise it quickly getting to you, your core aching as his hips continue slamming away. It’s too premature, too soon in his action of slamming into you, his fingers only now paying attention to your clit. You choke back a noise as his fingers pinch your clit, a throaty laugh escaping his lips as your head bangs against the wall. 

“You’re doing so well, kitten.” He praises, “Taking my cock so well without even making a noise.”

You nod your head pathetically. You arousal seeming to seep out of you as Shinsou refuses to slow down. Your heaving chest nothing but something for Shinsou to bite onto as you can’t hold back anymore. You shriek out his name and come hard around him. Your walls nicely clenching around his as he stills within you.

Shinsou’s face conflicts with wanting to tease you and to punish you, but as it hardens, you know what he chose. “Well, you disobeyed me, kitten.” Shinsou states, and you groan, covering your face.

A throaty groan leaves your lips as he moves your right leg to the meet your left. All while in you, he moves over to the bed, sitting down with you on his lap. “Now you know what your punishment is, right?” 

Your head nods weakly.

“Good, good.” Shinsou sighs as his hands push your hair to the side. “You don’t get my dick in your pretty pussy anymore.” Your mouth presses into a fine line as you look down to where his dick is clearly in you. “Unless, of course, you can make me cum before your vibrator makes you cum.”

You hiss as he pulls you off his length, your body missing the fullness of having him within you.

You watch with hooded eyes as he grabs the vibrator, bringing it back as he undoes his shirt. “Bra off, kitten.” You follow his command, and sink on you knees, already knowing the position you were needing to take. Shinsou climbs onto the bed and slips the vibrator underneath your aching cunt. You shiver at the cold material, but Shinsou direct’s your attention back onto his hard dick as the vibrator turns on. 

Shinsou had it set to the highest setting and your body trembles on top of a hit as you lean forward. “Open your pretty mouth, kitten.” Shinsou grunts and you gasp as his head presses through your mouth. 

It’s completely overwhelming as his hips snap into your mouth, and the way the vibrator is merciless against your cunt. 

Your eyes roll to the back of your head as all you can do is let Shinsou have his way with you. Your gags are hardly audible as he is relentless in your mouth. Your legs begin to shake as your stomach’s pressure continues to heighten. The head of his cock rams into the back of your throat and you choke, stimulating back to life as electricity seems to shoot down your body. Saliva once again escaping your mouth as moans, and screams are silenced by his moving hips.

You shake, unable to hold it in any longer, the sounds of the bell on your throat louder than anything right now.

Shinsou cums in your mouth, and you on the vibrator. You struggle to swallow his heavy load, choking sounds emitting from your mouth as he pulls away. His slowly softening dick falling down. You, also, fall of the vibrator, your legs shaking as Shinsou draws you near. His deep chuckles gaining your attention as you roll your eyes, cheeks flushed. 

“Thank you. y/n.” Shinsou whispers pressing a kiss to your lips as your hand searches out to turn off the vibrator. The kiss is sweet and you relish against his lips as he pulls you up onto his lap. “We did come at the same time though.”

“That we did.”

“Round two?”

“Only if you wear the collar and ears?”

“Ha, deal.”

Chapter Text

Sero Hanta prided himself on being a reasonably laid-back guy. He knew when to light the fire under his ass, but most of the time he was chill.

Many people go as far as to say they’d never seen him freak out. That was also true, as Sero tried to be as level headed as possible, even when facing grave odds. So it was no surprise that when he was freaking out, everyone panicked.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN Y/L/N IS COMING TO MY ROOM?” Sero screamed as he desperately tried rearranging his neat house. “I CAN’T LET HER SEE MY HOME LIKE THIS?!”

“Do you think y/l/n thinks Sero doesn’t live here?” Kaminari staged whispered to Kirishima who knocked him in the ribcage with his elbow.

“Sero, I think you need to calm down! I’m sure she’s not going to judge! Is there anything we can do to help?” Kirishima asks, his hands going to pick up shoes Sero had left outside of his closet.

“I’m not going to fucking help out,” Bakugou rolled his eyes as he scoffs. Kirishima rammed his elbow into Bakugou’s ribcage.

“WHY WOULD MINA INVITE HER OVER?!” Sero screams as he moves around the home in a whirlwind. Tape shooting everywhere and the desperate words of Kirishima were being entirely muffled.

“Well, Mina said she is very tired of us bozos, or something like that. Plus, y/l/n is her best friend.” Kaminari says throwing an arm around Sero who was panting. Desperate to see what marginal thing he could fix. “I think your house looks great!”

“Yeah, super manly!”

The three of them looked over at Bakugou who had his arms crossed, face twisted into a scowl. “It’s okay.” He muttered and Sero nearly collapsed in relief.

The front door then swung open, Mina marching in with a large grin as you followed in afterward. A pack of pocky in your hands. “Alrighty, my dumb babies,” Mina proclaimed thrusting a box in her hands forward. “Who’s ready to lose at some trivia?!”

“Let’s hope there isn’t any academic stuff in there, huh raccoon eyes.”

“I told you Kacchan, nothing you say hurts me!” Mina cackles as she sat down, and Kirishima had to restrain Bakugou from fighting the pink girl.

“Nice house, Sero!” You exclaimed looking around with a bright smile. “I haven’t seen it in a while.”

Sero nearly faints in Kaminari’s arms as the six of you sink to the ground. Mina screaming the instructions and the teams. Sero froze as you sank next to him, smiling broadly as you shifted the boxes opening towards him, “Did ya want one?” You ask.

“I really LOVE POCKY!” Sero yelps and your grin fades and everyone stared at him. Sero wheezes at the encouraging thumbs up Kirishima and Kaminari flash him. The hard facepalm by Bakugou, and the smirk from Mina. You are oblivious though. You laugh, shaking your head, once again offering the box. “Thank you.”

“Are you sure we can’t ask her to leave, this is embarrassing for me.” Bakugou hisses at Kirishima who shakes his head.

“Leave him alone, it’s not every day you’re eighteen and in love with a beautiful girl.”

Sero laughs a bit too loudly at something you say. He flushes and begins choking on the chocolate covered pretzel.

“I’m going to fucking kill him.”

“No, you won’t!”


Sero glances over at you. You were in what was a rather intensive battle against Kaminari. Both of you arguing over what was the right answer because, “I know what I’m talking about, and you’re the idiot here!”

“KIRISHIMA!” Both of you shouted at the same time. Kirishima choked. His hands waving to calm down his a bit too passionate about trivia partners. “WHO’S RIGHT?!”

“I told you, I have no idea what the names of the CareBears are!” Kirishima said, scratching his cheek.

“Thirty seconds!” Bakugou snaps, eager for this time to tap out as they have because no one on their team knew anything apparently.






“Care Bear is pink with a rainbow, final answer.” Kirishima groans as you scream in victory.

Sero freezes as both you and Kaminari snap their attention to him, after all, he had the answer. “Y-You’re correct!”


“The vitamin D thing really turned me off.”


Sero sighed as everyone got up, it was well past three a.m., and your team had finally won. Sero didn’t even have time to stand up before everyone was gone. Shouts of goodnights filling the house. As well as Bakugou complaining about not being able to get the proper hours of rest he needed. All while Kaminari made fun of him.

“They clear out really fast.” You state from besides Sero, and he freezes.

“Oh… ye-yeah they do that a lot!” Sero grins over at you. He savors in the fact that you seem comfortable around him. Your shoulders caving as you groan.

“Well, thanks for hosting! You guys are definitely a lot different to hang out with than Uraraka and co.”

“R-Really? It’s not like this?”

“Well… we don’t have a Bakugou to bully as you guys do, so no!” You giggle and Sero laughs. Both of your hands moving for the Pocky in the box.

You both freeze as it’s the last one, and Sero yanked his hand away, face blushing. His voice stammering out an apology as you laugh it off. “It’s okay, we can share!” You state, and Sero watches as you place the chocolate pretzel between your lips. “Come on.” Your muffled voice states.

“W-Wait, what?”

With a grin, you take the pretzel out of your mouth, a crooked grin on your face. “You have heard of Pocky Challenge, right?” Sero nods his head, of course, he has! At this point who hasn’t? “Play it with me?”

Your words are innocent enough, but the gleam in your eyes, and the feeling in your smile makes Sero moan. His hands slam over his mouth, face flushed red, and embarrassed pants leaving his lips. Your eyes only gleam brighter as you shift closer. The snack swinging in-between your teeth.

“I mean, unless I’m reading into things wrong, you do like me right? If not I’ll totally forget this!” You say, your hands touching the tops of his thighs. A seductive smirk on your face.

Sero nods his head, breathes escaping his nose harshly. Too fast to be normal. Too fast for Sero Hanta! He watches as your fingers raise the pretzel up to his mouth, shaking it slightly as you grin. “Open wide.”

And he does.

Sero quivers under your weight as the two of you take another bite. His heart feels like it’s about to rip out of his chest as another bite happens. He can feel your breath hitting his chin. He almost snaps the Pocky. Sero groans as you crawl closer, your lips so close it’s frustrating. The smell of perfume overwhelming him as you’re one more bite away.

Then it happens, your lips pressed against his. You jaw moving as you chew, and Sero forgets how to breathe as you crawl onto his lap. His hands trembling against your skin. Sero feels like fainting as your arms wrap around his neck, your hips shifting to sit better against his lap. It’s too much to handle, it’s too much for him to take in as you move.

Sero pulls away panting, and you grin as you kiss down his neck. Sero moaning as your teeth bites into his skin. “I win.” You whisper against his skin and Sero gawks at you. Unable to think of anything to say as you continue sucking and biting on the same spot. A lecherous moan escaping his lips as your hip easily rolls in rhythm with your love bites.

“D-Does this, shit, does this mean you like me?” Sero squeaks under your mouth. You pull away from his neck, and Sero groans. The spot you were paying attention to feels rough and sore, and most definitely throbbing.

“I’ve liked you since our first year, Sero.” You state, your lips pressing against his own softly. “You’re the one who’s catching up here.”

“B-But I-I, oh my god!” Sero groans. Your mouth is back over his jugular. Your teeth nipping, nibbling, and biting over the sensitive skin. Sero throws his head back overwhelmed by your increased passion. His breathing is heavy as your lips and teeth continue their assault. His senses are overwhelming as you shift towards his collarbones. Your hips now rocking against his. Sero moans as a particular roll has him now completely hard.

You take notice in it as you pull his shirt off over his head, your grin devious as your lips press against his once again. “You have no idea how long I wanted to do this.” You sigh as your fingers run up and down his toned skin. “You’re the worst at focusing on someone.”

“I-I’m sorry!” Sero squeaks as your canines drag against his chest, your arms pushing him down. His back hitting the cold floor. Sero can feel his cock twitch as your mouth never stops biting its way down. He can see the purple bruises and teeth marks everywhere. The entire display of dominance making him thrust his hips against your own.

A moan escapes your lips. A sound Sero only heard in his wet dreams, a sound he could only imagine. A sound he very much so loved as you continued down. Your teeth biting down on his nipple.

“Y/l/n!” Sero squeaks, his hands attaching to your waist as you giggle.

“I’m leaving your body in hickies, I think the least you can do is call me y/n.” You tease, your eyes staring into Sero’s soul as you leaned down, your tongue swirling around his nipple. Sero squeaks at how erotic it looks, something he never imagined to happen ever.

He grunts as your lips trail further down, your fingers ghosting over his hard cock. He watches with wide eyes as you groan. “Hanta, I don’t think you even know how beautiful you are.”

Sero freezes as your hands unbutton his shorts, and he lets out a low hiss as you remove the fabric. Sero pants as the tented materials of his underwear capture your attention. “Aw, are you excited to see me?” You giggle as Sero laughs.

“I’m going to say yes,” Sero teases, and you grin.

“I was wondering where your personality went.” You giggle, and your fingers hook around his waistband. “May I?”


Sero watches with almost pure fascination as your fingers peel away his boxers. His cock springing out, and your hand grasping it firmly within your fist. “Now,” You say with a sigh. “I know you’re excited and all, but as you lost, you’re not allowed to come into my mouth.”

“Wait, what–y/n!”

Your mouth envelopes around his hard dick. Sero hisses as his fingers lock around your hair. His hips unconsciously bucking into your throat. The sound of you gagging fills his ears, and it’s a sound that has Sero cursing everything in existence. Your mouth slides up and down his length. Whatever you’re not easing down your throat is being stroked with your hand.

Sero head slams against his floor, pulling you against his length. You choke slightly, relaxing your jaw and throat as you take on more. His hips work in rhythm with your mouth, allowing for the two of you to feel comfortable as you go down on him. Sero trembles as your hands squeeze his balls firmly in your fingers. His eyes rolling as you massage them.

“Fuck, y-y/n, I needa… SHIT! I need to–” Sero’s hips are frantic in your mouth.

You gag as he hits the back of your throat at full force. Tears springing into your eyes as you try adjusting to having his length down your throat. You grasp his waist as you open your mouth larger, his hips snapping into your mouth with no mercy.

The simple excitement of the man you’ve had a crush on for the longest time sends pressure through your body. The liquid heat of your arousal soaking through your panties.

You moan around his dick, his hips relentless in their conquest. Your eyes can barely keep themselves open on Sero as he fucks your face. “You’re so amazing, y/n.” Sero groans as dick spasms within your mouth, and you choke around him. Fire erupting in your lungs from the lack of oxygen, but it feels so good.

You felt the head of his cock hit the back of your throat as you pulled away despite his grip on your hair. “Don’t be thinking you’re going to be able to come!” You pant, your chest heaving as you try to gain your air back.

But you shriek as Sero sits up, and in one smooth motion as you on your back. Arching against the floor, you hiss at the cold feeling as Sero’s mouth lavishes your skin.

“What are you gonna do to me?” You gasp as Sero bites down on the skin behind your ear.

“Whatever you want,” Sero growls. You sigh as your hands come and press against his chest, his black hair tickling your skin.

“I want you to hit me,” You start, and Sero freezes against your skin. “I want you to bite me, and I want to be breathless.”

You remain still as he pulls away, his black eyes filled with worry and lust. “Are you sure? T-This is my first time, and… well, I don’t want to disappoint you.”

Your fingers touch the back of his head and pull his bruised lips towards yours. You kiss him sweetly, making his chest still as you pull away. “The only way you could ever disappoint me is if you never use your tape on me.”

Sero laughs, pressing his nose to your neck.

“Alright, y/n. I’ll try, no promises I’ll be any good.”

“Oh, you special baby, we both know you’ll have me screaming your name tonight.”

Sero pants his head shaking as he nips your neck. “If you keep saying such crude things I may come even before getting inside you.”

“That would be amazing for me!”

Sero groans but his hands grasp your breasts and squeeze, making your laughter die on your lips as you moan. “H-Hanta.”

“How I see it, you’re not in a position to be laughing at me, babe.” Sero almost mocks. His teeth biting down hard on your collarbone, and you shriek at the pleasure shooting down your body. “I don’t think I can hit you, not tonight at least. But I will make sure you’re bitten and breathless before I’m done with you.”

Your heart hammers in your chest as Sero’s mouth sucks harshly on your tender skin. Your body pressing into his as you moan loudly. “Yes, that feels so good!” You flush as his teeth mark your skin. Sero wasting no time to shift over to an unmarked area of your skin to make more indentions and bruises. Your button-up shirt gets ripped apart. Buttons flying as Sero continues his conquest lower and lower.

Your breathing staggers as Sero marks your breasts. The paler color of your breasts, in comparison to the rest of your body, made the love bites stand out. Sero simply shoving your bra down. You groan as your arms circle below you to remove your bra. Laughing slightly as his teeth attach onto your nipple. Sero mimics your earlier motions, his eyes locked on your burning face.

You shudder as he pulls away with a wet pop, and you stare as he pulls down your skirt, your black tights in his way.

“Do you mind if I–?” Sero asks. His hands grabbing the wet crotch and tearing the fabric in two, your shocked gasps ringing in his ears.


But his fingers sink into your waiting cunt, and you pant as his fingers thrust in and out of you. They curl slightly, and your almost shriek makes Sero grin widely.

Your body thrashes on his pumping fingers, and Sero laughs. His lips pressing against your inner thighs. Your head throws back as his teeth sink into your soft flesh, and your hands slam on the floor as you cry out his name.

“You’re so pretty, fucking yourself around my fingers,” Sero states with a grin. His mouth still pressing into your trembling legs as you place marks against your legs. “Such a pretty girl.”

“Hanta, I sw-swear to god!” You moan as your hips roll against his fingers, and Sero laughs.

His fingers pull out of you now throbbing sex, your eyes heavy as you glare at Sero who stands up. Your eyes widen as his tape wraps around your wrists, pulling you to your feet. “You see, I’ve been imagining this day for a very long day, and I’m not fucking you in my living room, sweetheart.” Sero sighs, biting down on a purple bruise on your neck, and you whine loudly. “You had high expectations of me this first time around, and I won’t disappoint you.”

You whimper against his chest. Your thighs rubbing together to release what little tension you could get rid of. His fingers grasped your waist, and you were then hoisted up onto your feet. Your bondage arms slammed between both of your chests, as you groan.

His lips are back on yours, and you shudder as he begins walking down to what you assume is his room as he tosses you on the bed. You move to shift better on the bed, but Sero flips you onto your stomach. Your face turns red as he bites down on your ass, and you slam your face into the mattress.

“Did that embarrass you?” Sero chuckles against your flesh, and you moan in affirmation. “After all that teasing I was expecting you to be a bit tougher to crack.”

“I’m not a brat!” You exclaim. Your body shuddering at the feeling of the tip of his cock teasing your slick, throbbing entrance. “Just stick it in or else I will mount your dick for you.”

“You’re quite the talker.” Sero teases as he easily slides his cock in all the way. Your tangled moans are music to your ears as he began thrusting in and out.

Your breathing hitches as Sero pushes your chest into the mattress. His knees sinking into the mattress and the new angle furthering your pleasure as he thrusts in and out. His speed is almost too slow, and you grunt, shoving your ass back onto his moving hips, and Sero grunts.

“You’re so fucking tight, you need to wait.” Sero hisses, and you laugh.

“Like hell.” You say, your hips increasing in speed. Your tied arms supporting your arched position as his hands grip your skin. His grip will definitely leave bruises, and it excites you even more so as he slowly begins moving with you.

His speed and power overcoming yours, and soon all you can do is scream into the mattress as he’s ramming into you. Sero’s hips snapping deliciously into you. The sounds of your dripping sex resonating throughout the room.

“Mmm, you look so hot like this, baby.” Sero moans. You moan as Sero grinds his hips against yours, his hand snaking around your legs to press onto your clit.

You cry out when his hand comes down hard on your ass, your body nearly giving out as he did so. “H-Hanta!” You squeak, as his hand comes down hard again. Pleasure pained screams fill the room and Sero grunts as his speed increase behind you. A grin on his face, his eyes fascinated with the way your ass shook with his spanks and thrusting.

Again and again, he spanked you.

More and more, the pressure within you built.

The coil in your belly tightening as you struggle to keep from pouring over the edge. Lecherous mewls escaping your mouth as you back arches further onto the bed.

“You’re so fucking hot, y/n,” Sero grunts his fingers pinching your clit, and you sob into the mattress. You felt as if your ass was on fire, it was stinging in the most delicious way as he rammed into you. Sero seemed to be uncaring about how much your pussy was clenching around his cock. It never once interfered with his actions as his hips thrust into you. A rhythm that you could no longer keep up with. “Do you need to cum?” Sero pants and your head nods desperately against the mattress.

“Yes, I need to fucking cum.” You cry as he shifts his hips, and slams back into you.

You swear you can almost see stars as he does so, your eyes rolling back.

He’s found his g-spot, and he continues slamming into the same spot with a breathy laugh.

You’re breathing is hitching. Lack of oxygen burning at your lungs as he slams into it over and over. Shrill screams leaving your mouth as the pressure shoots throughout your body. Your body thrashing against his beating hips and hand.

You come as Sero leans on top of you, his mouth biting the crook of your neck.

Your scream is silent, and your cunt clenched around his moving cock and Sero grunts. His teeth biting harder as his hips continue pounding into you. His speed is unwavering as he chases after your orgasm. Cries finally are heard from you, as your pussy still flutters around his cock and Sero groans.

He unloads his hot seed in you, and you collapse as soon as he pulls out.

“Oh, my god.” You breathe heavily as Sero falls onto the bed beside you, his hands pulling through your hair.

“W-Was I any good?” Sero asks, trying to capture his breath.

“The best.” You say scooting closer to him, and Sero laughs as he cuddles you close.

“I like you, a lot.” Sero sighs pressing a kiss to your damp forehead. “Can I take you out on a date sometime?”

You look up at him, pressing a kiss to his lips, “I would love that…”

The two of you lay in your blissful silence, his hands slipping the tape off your bruised wrists. You smile as you’re able to wrap your arms around him, and the two of you stay. For however long.

“You really bruised me up, I have your hands printed on my ass.”

“…sorry, but you asked for that.”

“True, hashtag no ragRETS!”

“You’re so dumb.”

“Hey, as your girlfriend, I will warn you that you should have known about that a while ago!”

“Hm… true. Hashtag no ragrets.”

“‘Atta boy.”

Chapter Text

You leaned against Momo’s shoulder as you took a drink from your bottle of water. Your girlfriend leaned her head onto yours for a second. At least before shifting her attention going back into the conversation. You hummed to yourself as you looked over at Mina who was on her back talking to Momo. A conversation about something that you couldn’t quite focus on.

Sighing, your head pressed harder against Momo’s shoulder, and she looked down at you. “Are you alright, y/l/n-chan?” She asked you, her eyes concerned as her hand moved to brush her bangs out of her eyes.

You didn’t know what to say. You were a well-known actress, having once met Momo in your high school days when she appeared for a commercial gig. The two of you had bonded instantly, and you left the same day with her phone number. The years passed on between the two of you, and one day, you confessed to her.

In all honesty, you cried when confessing to her. It wasn’t done in loving light with a future cute memory. It was you sobbing, your face puffy and red. Your hands tearing into your hair as you professed your love to her. You had, after all, been hiding it for as long as you could remember. You weren’t straight, and the fear of not being accepted, of being told once again by your crush that they liked just. However, it wasn’t in the same light you liked them, it never ways. Of course, there was nothing you could do about those girls, it was alright. But they tended to act weird around you there on out. Momo had stared at you, for a solid minute, unmoving. Silent.

Her face was as smooth as steel as she turned away, walking out of your apartment as you broke down sobbing.

Your love story did not start as a love story, but a broken-hearted one. Momo ignored you completely, not responding to your texts or calls. She was then one night seen with Pro-Hero Shouto and your heart cracked. It was over for you, she was just another heartbreak.

Another girl for you to say was not for you.

You weren’t healing, your agent has to drag you to your events. Thankfully you had no ongoing projects. That night had been a charity ball attended by the biggest names in Japan, and you had made the list. Your smile wasn’t as bright as you walked down the red carpet. Paparazzi screaming at you about why you still didn’t have a boyfriend. You didn’t want a boyfriend, you thought. A glass giggle leaving your lips as you finished posing and walking away.

Your heartbreak consisted of your team covering you as you sobbed in the corners of your events. Eyedrops in hand to clear your puffy eyes.

It seemed to be going nowhere, you were just exhausted of this all. You wanted to be loved, and even if it wasn’t by Momo, why couldn’t you have been accepted?

It was then that your blotchy faced self locked eyes on Momo who walked in with Shouto by her side. Her eyes seeming to lock onto yours, and you stare at each other. You face glazes over, like you were on set, a new personality coming upon your face as you almost glare. Momo stares back, but her expression is unreadable as you turn around storming away. You nearly break down as you take your seat. Your team once again jittering to intercede before your makeup was ruined. At least before anything unfixable occurred.

You were silent the entire evening, your smiles strained as you made sure to be as far away from Momo that night. Dancing began, and you took Momo taking Shouto to the dancefloor as your cue to leave. Your hands clutching the length of your dress as you walked away, eyes brimming with unresolved feelings.

Escaping into the coolness of the night, your driver seemed surprised to see you out so early. As he scrambled to go get the car despite your pleas for him not to worry. At the very least the paparazzi were gone, and you let your tears fall as you waited in the cold. Your hands clutching your arms as you shook slightly.

There was a glimmering sound, and something soft fell across your shoulders. You knew who it was already, and the small action alone nearly made you want to throw up. The blanket seemed to both warm you up, and make you bitter and cold.

“Thanks.” You snipped, your eyes trained ahead as she stood next to you. Her hands folded properly in front of her, as the trained lady she was. Why did it not surprise you that she wasn’t into girls? When were the rich ever gay expect to get free drinks that they very much could afford? Your gaydar was the worst thing ever apparently.

“I’m sorry, y/l/n-san.” Momo whispers, her face turned toward you. Your jaw clenches as you stare ahead, your throat thick with emotion as you merely shrug. You don’t speak up as she steps closer to you, there’s so much hesitancy in her movement you get nervous. “Your confession, it frightened me at first.”

You laugh bitterly, your tears falling heavy down your cheeks as you shake your head, “Don’t make yourself t-the victim here.” You snap, your lips pressing tightly to each other. You weren’t going to cry in front of her again.

“What I did was unfathomably rude and indifferent of me,” Momo says, and you’re a bit shocked to hear the emotion in her voice is thick. “It just terrified me.”

Your heart feels like its hammering in your throat as you shake your head, a shaky laugh escaping your mouth. “S-Sorry, I forget that gays are the most terrifying thing in the world.” You slip off the blanket as you see your car making its way to you now. You don’t want to be out here in the cold, crying about a girl who was more ashamed of herself than your human emotions being hurt. “Thank you for the blanket, it was unneeded. Have a wonderful rest of your night with Todoroki-san.”

Your bow is stiff and almost mocking. You watch as her face panics as you begin walking away, but there’s nothing in the world that she could do to you that would get you to stay.

“I like you, too!” Momo’s voice declares.

You don’t stop moving, your feet hitting the staircase.

“I’m in love with you, y/n. As a woman, not as a friend!”

You freeze. Millions of emotions circulating through your bloodstream as you turn around to look at Momo. Her eyes screwed as her head shook.

“I’m not supposed to be gay, and I always denied that part of me. You admit your feelings to me after I had finally suppressed my feelings for you destroyed me. I didn’t know what I was doing until it was too late. I’m so sorry, y/l/n-can… I just… I didn’t think that I–”

Your arms circle around her torso. Your smaller stature bringing her tall body into yours and she wrapped her arms around you. The two of you crying in each other’s arms as you pull away, your face red and blotchy as you smear your makeup. “Can I kiss you?” Momo asks, her voice soft and unsure.

“Won’t you?” You ask.

Like that, the walls between you and Momo are torn down, and the beginning of your relationship was documented for the world to see.

It was now one year later, and Momo’s friend from high school was over. Another Pro-Hero who was quite energetic. She seemed extremely sweet when she entered your home but was very much so only talking to Momo leaving you bored.

It wasn’t to say you were expecting at least some sort of attention given that you were her friends’ girlfriend and a well-known celebrity, but you were expecting attention.

“I’m telling you, I will actually strangle Kirishima with my bare hands if he does that!” Mina laughs as your eyes gaze over to Momo.

“Red Riot,” Momo tells you, and you nod.

You weren’t quite well informed on her classmates’ own personal names, you were much better versed in their hero names.

“Wait, so how long have you been dating?” Mina asks as if by chance remembering that you were here too.

“A little over a year now!” Momo exclaims happily, her hand clutching yours. You feel your face run red as she squeezes it softly, curse your fragile heart.

“That’s crazy! Congratulations you two!” Mina awes her smile wide as you feel warm. Warm expressions for you and your girlfriend’s relationship always made you giddy. “Never have I ever had a relationship even hit three months! Actually, can I use your restroom? I really need to pee.”

“First door to your right,” Momo instructs Mina who slides off your bed with a flashing thumbs up.


You groaned as you stared at Momo who glanced down at you, her lips pressing a sweet kiss to your temple. “Why doesn’t she want to talk to me?”

“Mina’s just a bit hyperfocused sometimes. I don’t think she means any harm!”

You sigh, your head nodding slowly as you grab your girlfriend’s cheeks. You bring her down for a kiss, your mouth smiling at the way she tries pecking you. As if she is ashamed to display affection in the presence of others. However, your mouth is persistent as you continue kissing her. Lip dragging as her fingers clutch your t-shirt.

“Y/n, we have company!” Momo exclaims, but your lips are still against hers.

“She’s in the restroom, and she hasn’t even flushed yet! Plus I haven’t been able to kiss you in three hours!” You laugh at her formal ways.

Momo sighs against your lips, and you smirk as you greedily continue kissing her. Your bottom lip biting hers as you sit up, your knees by the side of her thighs. Your hands tangle in her hair as you keep her close. The two of submerged into this little world of yours as you continue kissing, Momo’s light pants stirring you on.

Your ear catches onto the flushing toilet, but given that Momo’s fingers slide under your top, she didn’t hear it. You still had a few moments it seemed. But you had miscalculated as you hear the soft footsteps of Mina halting in the doorway. But the way Momo’s fingers trace your skin you don’t seem to care anymore.

“Um,” Mina’s voice breaks out, and a sharp cry is heard from Momo who rips away from you. Her face immediately burying into her shirt. “Wow, Yaomomo, I never thought you had it in ya!”

Your eyes lock on the pink Pro-Hero who has a sly grin on her face, “What are you thinking about?” You ask curiously, wanting to embarrass Momo more. “Wanna join in?”

Momo’s aghast gasp makes you grin, winking at your girlfriend as you roll off of her. Your eyes on Mina who seems to be thinking about things. “Well, never have I ever slept with girls before, but I definitely would not mind. I m-mean if you were serious about it!!!!”

Your eyes look over at Momo who’s face is practically glowing red in embarrassment. You grin wickedly, your hands touching Momo’s exposed knees. “You did say this was your fantasy, right?” You ask your tone alluring as Momo’s chest heaves in panic.

“I think it’s everyone’s fantasy.” Mina sighs, her shoulder shrugging as she walks in closer. “Again, I won’t do anything unless you both agree. If not, we can forget about this entirely!”

Your grin widens, “I’m down. Momo, what about you?”

Momo’s eyes are wide as she stares at her pink-haired friend and her y/h/c girlfriend, and almost as if she weren’t embarrassed enough, she nods. You lick your lips, eyes shifting over to Mina who is slightly blushing, a shade you never expected to see on her pink skin. Without waiting, you leaned over Momo. A single hand pressing away her arms as your lips press against her lips.

Momo immediately moans and you know its due to her prior arousal. That and the entire situation that was now happening.

Your hands travel down her body, your lips continuing to ravish her own as you grasp her shirt. Your hands are slow to pull it over her head, and you gasp as you feel hands grasp your leggings. It’s not Momo’s hands that are paralyzed on her chest.

You break away to see Mina already in just her bra and panties. Her grin is wide as she winks. Smiling, you turn back to Momo, slipping her shirt off from her head. Your leggings are slipped off and you straddle Momo’s torso. Your hands grasping her breasts as she moans against your mouth. Your tongue slipping into her mouth as she does so.

Momo shrieks against your lips, and you sit up. Your eyes snapping to Mina as you see her licking your girlfriend’s bottom lips. “Does that feel good?” You ask Momo, eyes curious as you reach below her heaving chest to remove her bra.

Momo’s eyes scrunched closed. Her body trembling between your legs as you watch Mina eat your girlfriend. You roll off her torso. Your sex throbbing at the mere sight of your girlfriend convulsing on the sheets. It was so provocative knowing that this is how she looked like when it was you doing these things to her. Mina scooted over as you joined her at Momo’s shaved cunt.

You stroked Mina’s back as she continued tongue fucking your girl. Your teeth sinking into her pink shoulder as you whispered praises to her. “Doesn’t she taste so fucking good?” You ask into Mina’s ear, your eyes gleaming as Mina moans against you.

Your hand moves out under Mina’s moving chin. Your fingers slipping into Momo’s dripping cunt as Momo cries out again. “Momo, you’re so wet.” You groan. Fingers interfering with Mina’s tongue.

You pull your fingers out of her soaked cunt, and suck on your fingers, laughing as Momo moans deliriously. You move further back, your hips now pressed against Mina’s ass. Your hands trailing around her waist, your fingers instantly pressing against her clit. Mina shivers against your touch and you press a kiss against her spine. Your fingers hooking around her panties. You yank them down and you’re excited to see that they’re soaked. “Do you want to ride my face?” You ask, and Mina freezes.

Momo’s pants are the only audible thing in the room as your fingers slide into Mina’s cunt, your fingers curling. You delight in the way she snaps up, her back pressing against your chest as you finger fuck her. Mina, however, also seems to be a dominant person. Her arms shoving you to the bed, and you shift staring at your girlfriend who has scurried off the bed. Most likely bringing in toys.

Your eyes widen as Mina’s knees are by your head, and you grin as you wrap your arms around her thighs. “Let me know if I just about pull the muscles in your neck.”

“It’s cute you think you’ll be able to do it, not even Momo can do it, and Momo knows how to be rough.” You tease, and Mina laughs, her pussy sinking onto your mouth.

Your tongue pokes out with full teasing intent. Her juices already coating your lips from the initial touch. Her taste is sweet, and she smells so fucking good as Mina moans, her hips swiveling around on your face. Your jaw drops as your licks become bolder, more daring, and rough against her sensitive clit.

Your breath knocked out of you as when she rocks her hips against yours. A vibrator is placed onto your clothed clit. Your nose rubbing into Mina’s clit as Momo’s sweet giggles fill the air. Your hands grip Mina’s thighs as she continues rolling them against you. The vibrator is making you pant heavily against Mina’s cunt. Her shrieks turning you on as you are desperate to get her to fall off so you can focus on Momo.

Your fingers find her clit, and Mina falls forward, her hands support you as she ruts against your mouth. Over and over.

Your hips fly off the bed as the speed and pressure increases. “No coming just yet.” Momo teases, and you tremble as you feel her lips press against your thighs.

Mina shudders, “I need to come, oh my god, you’re so fucking good at this.”

The praise is all you need. Your licks are more aggressive. Your fingers continue pinching and rolling her bundle of nerves between your fingers. Mina stills for a moment, before coming hard against your mouth. Her juices filling your mouth as you easily lap it up, and she collapses off of you. Your neck is slightly sore from her repetitive harsh rolling, but you don’t care as you slam the vibrator out of your girlfriend’s hands. You drag her onto her back and grab her leg.

You sink between her legs, her clit brushing against your own. Both of your heads slam back as you do so, and your hips begin moving. Rolling against her own. The slick wetness from both of your spasming pussies making the action so smooth and enjoyable as you continue rubbing your pussy against hers.

The small act has you panting as Momo’s hips slam up against yours, and you shudder as Mina’s fingers remove your bra. Her fingers rolling your nipples and you arch against her chest.

“You guys are so fucking hot.” She breathes into your ear, and you feel the heated pressure within you growing as your hips continue rocking against hers. “Will you guys use one toy for me… it just seems like it would so fucking hot…”

Mina lets go of your right nipple, and her hand presents the double-ended dildo that the two of you owned. You laugh, “What can’t have simple pussy fucking?” You tease and Mina laughs. Her face moving to press scattering kisses against Momo’s chest.

Your hips move to a stall as you pull off of her, “Well if we do, you have to use the vibrator.” You said grabbing the still buzzing sex toy.

“Deal,” Mina affirms as she sits on the bed. The toy already between her legs.

You sigh, pressing a kiss to Momo’s trembling leg as you tease her entrance with the dildo, and she nods. She was ready for it.

Slipping it into her throbbing cunt, your lay back and watch as Momo shifts forward. The action letting the dildo slip easily into your own aching sex.

The fullness of the toy-making your head throwback as Momo snaps her hips towards you. Over and over, Momo’s hips slam towards yours, the dildo moving deliciously into your cunt. Your hips move to press back into hers, burying the toy between you deep enough to make you hiss as you feel her nether lips pressing against yours.

More and more, the pressure within you builds, and Momo is gasping with every move. Your eyes move to Mina who’s legs are coated with her arousal. Her mouth opens as she tries containing her panting and moaning. Your hands move over and touch her cunt, and she moans loudly, her hips shifting against the vibrator.

“We’re all sluts here, Mina.” You gasp as Momo’s shifting hips increasing in speed as she’s getting closer to her own orgasm. “Please be loud, we love knowing how you’re feeling.”

As if your dirty words did the trick, Momo and Mina scream in synch, their hips spasming as they come together. You grin, you were the only one who hasn’t reached your peak. It seems the know this as well as the dildo is removed from your throbbing core, and Mina and Momo are at your pussy. Their tongues joining to lick your soaked cunt.

A mewl escapes your lips as a finger touches your clit, and your hips thrash. Strong hands keep them down, and firm fingers enter your cunt. You can’t open your eyes, waves of pleasure drowning out your sense as you cry out their names. “Please, more!” You beg, the overstimulation of them lavishing your pretty cunt making your eyes roll to the back of your head as your cries only spur them on.

You moan as you watch Mina grab Momo, her lips on hers, tongues mixing with your arousal. Momo’s fingers still teasing your clit.

You don’t know when they get back to you, someone’s fingers pinch your nipples, and someone is finger fucking you without mercy.

“I’m so close!” You shriek, your toes curling as teeth nip at your clit, and your skin seems to ignite as you come hard.

Your scream is melodic and almost savage. Your hips sputtering uncontrollably as you chase the end of your orgasm. Your body is heaving, your cunt feeling sore, and your heart hammering away as you stare at the two girls sitting up from your pussy.

“Wow,” Mina says with a grin.

“You did fantastically.” You say, sitting up, pressing a kiss against Momo’s lips, and a kiss to Mina’s. “I don’t know about Momo, but if we ever want a third again, we’ll definitely hit you up.”

“That would be pretty fun! Momo?”

“Yes, I would love that.”

You grin as you pull your girlfriend into a hug. “I love you!”

“Ew, keep your love out of my face, please!” Mina laughs teasingly, Momo’s flustered hands hitting her friend.

Chapter Text

“Do you want to try it?”

Being married was something you thought of as unimaginable. Marriage and you didn’t ever seem to go hand in hand. Not that you didn’t want to get married at some point in your life. You never expected anyone to want you for the rest of your life.

You met Kirishima Eijirou in middle school. As you were best friends with Ashido Mina. You often noticed the shy dark-haired boy always watching on your friend group. You remember going to the U.A. entrance exam and sitting between Mina and Kirishima. The written exam you listened to Mina curse under her breath, and Kirishima shakes as he filled out his sheet.

You remember looking at the field he was then placed in for the practical exam. Sighing when you saw the three of you were then scattered everywhere. You had wished him luck! His cheeks turning pink as he stammered back good luck as you and Mina took off to get dressed. You didn’t know much about him besides that he was shy and very sweet, but you hoped he did well! The next month, the three of you called to the principal’s office. You were absolutely astonished to see that Kirishima had gotten in as well! The three of you would be going on to U.A. together!

After ending middle school, you didn’t see him again until orientation. Except, he was different. A good different. His hair stylized, large spikes, and bright red. It was attention-grabbing, demanding even, but his face was still as sweet as ever. Kind and loving.

The first year flew by. Near-death experiences with him formed a bond with him that you never knew would manifest. The three of you–Mina, Kirishima, and you–were close. Buddies, but sometimes, if you were being honest, your eyes would stay on him for a bit too long.

Your heart hammered when he went out for his internship, scared he’d come back scared. Your eyes locking on his flexing muscles, and Mina’s sharp laughter pulling you back to reality. The way he was reckless and shield the class from attacks. Because he was a shield, and he could take it. The way he would catch you in his arms. Those black sleeves were so soft, making you squeak as you were now distracted from your own battle. His toothy grin sucking you in as he made a cute comment about getting there on time. His warm large hands on your body as he placed you down, encouraging you to finish the villain.

There was the night you found yourself knocking on his door. Tears brimming your eyes because you needed to be in someone’s arms and Mina was asleep. He took you in without you even asking. Taking you to his bed as he wrapped you in his blanket. His voice apologizing about the state of his room. Apologizing because his blanket wasn’t that soft, and you deserved a softer one. He seemed to panic around his room, setting up a kettle for tea, all while you stared at his blushing face. His cheeks bright enough to match his hair as you stood up from the bed and wrap your arms around him. Your words are weak as you ask him to hold you because that was all you needed. You fell asleep in his arms, your head on his chest as he smiled at you. Lips pressing to your forehead.

It wasn’t until your second year did you do something about your feelings. Your eyes on Kirishima as he was joking around with Kaminari over Bakugou’s fuming head. You felt yourself walking over, no plan in mind. The girls staring at you as you went, muffled screams because they could tell what was coming.

You didn’t ask, only grabbing Kirishima’s wrist and pulling him so that he could look at you. His face went from grinning, to shock, to a blush erupting to cover his entire face as he realized it was you. His hand slamming against the back of his neck as he apologized for something. Not that it was actually needed. His lips were so pretty, and you were sick of him not being yours. Your hands fisted into the shirt of his collar and brought his lips to yours. Your first kiss with Kirishima a slamming force. You clenched your eyes as your lips pressed against his, and you felt him stiffen against you.

His quirk going off and you pull away, lips stinging because of his mishap.

The screams of the girls were loud, Kaminari’s seemed louder, and Bakugou was laughing loudly. Kirishima returns to normal his face turning redder than his hair as he apologizes. Kirishima admits he likes you so much, and you caught him completely off guard.

So with a breathy laugh, you pull him in close once again and seal your lips over his.

The kiss makes you dizzy as he holds you tightly. His finger gripping your waist as if you would crumble between his fingers.

So the two of you began dating. Four years of a very serious and committed relationship had your heart soaring. The two of you were each other first’s for many things. There was never heartbreak between the two of you. Fights were always avoided, the two of you always talking before things escalated. So it was no surprise on the night before your fifth anniversary, the two of you home in your sweats, did he propose.

You cried, screaming at him for proposing when you looked like this. Kirishima cried as he stayed on his knee, a sparkling ring in his fingers.

“That’s not an answer,” Kirishima says, as you cover your face. Sobs refusing to stop as you shake your head overwhelmed. “A-Are you not ready?”

“EI!” You bawl as you stumble to your feet, and throw yourself into his strong arms. “YOU’RE SO DUMB! Yes, I’ll marry you! Every day for the rest of my life if I could!”

The two of you spent the rest of that night in each other’s arms. Tears intermingling on your cheeks as you expressed your love for one another.

Your wedding was unimaginable, intimate, and wondrous.

So here the two of you were. Six months into marriage on your day off he asked to try something new. Your guy’s sex life definitely was not vanilla. Both of you sported your favorite kinks and positions, and you incorporated them into bed. Today he asked something that you never thought you’d hear. So without judging you uttered those words.

“I’d like to try pegging, one day. I just–I don’t know–I feel like I need to try it out!” Kirishima says, scratching his cheek as you laugh.

“Well, I think we should definitely try it out! I hear it’ll be super enjoyable for you.” You agree as you stand up. “Do you want to order it online or go to a sex shop?”

Kirishima sighs as you take a seat on his lap, and his hands rest on your hips. It’s muscle memory at this point as you kiss his cheek. “If the store is open, let’s go?”

“It’s only three in the afternoon, Ei. It’s open.” You laugh as you kiss his flaming cheeks. Kirishima sighs as he stands up from the chair, his arms wrapping around your legs as he carries you.

“No need to be mean!” He pouts, and you laugh as you pepper kisses against his lips as he walks towards your home’s entrance. “I just hope we don’t run into fans again…”

“Hey!” You laugh as he slips on your shoes all while holding you still. “It’s their damn fault for thinking we don’t have kinky sex… or sex at all.”

“You didn’t let me smash for a whole year.” Kirishima laughs as he shifts you in his arms so that he’s holding you piggyback style. You laugh as he puts on his own shoes. Your limbs tightening around his body for support as he’s leaning down.

“It’s because you kept telling me to smash, and the first time it happened you pulled out Super Smash Bros.”

“You’re telling me you denied me for a whole year because of that?!”

“EIJIROU, YOU LITERALLY MADE ME PANIC SO HARD! The girls and I went out to buy me lingerie and everything!!”

“You’re telling me this now? Sorry, y/n, sounds fake.” Kirishima laughs as he stands up, and begins your journey out.

Eventually, you slide off his back, and he takes your hand into his own. The two of you talking as you walk down the streets of your city as you enter the sex shop. You went were you remembered where the strap on dildos and harnesses were. Kirishima, however, seems frozen as you pick out a sturdy harness. It was black and rather daunting as you handed it to Kirishima.

“You get to pick the dildo.” You say, looking at the collection they had.

“T…This is a lot more than what I was expecting.” Kirishima gulps as his hands rake through his flat hair. “Is there a one size fits all?”

You snort at you shake your head, “No, baby. Just like there are no two dicks alike, you have to choose. We can always start with the thinnest one?”

“Yeah. That sounds right.”

You grab a thinner dildo and choose the bright red one. “For my Red Daddy Riot?” You ask, a burst of bubbling laughter in your throat as Kirishima tosses his head back.

“That was one time!”

“It still happened, and you liked it!”

The two of you laughed together as you bought the two things. Even taking pictures with the person at the register because he was in love with you two. Besides that, the two of you left back home.

Steps quick to try it out. Breathing picking up as you reached the house.

Kirishima’s lips were over yours as soon as the front door closed behind him. His strong arm keeping you on his hips as his other one held the black bag.

“Wow, you’re impatient.” You moan against his lips, as you kick your shoes off.

“It’s the nerves.” Kirishima sighs as he walks towards the bedroom, your lips gliding against his.

Your fingers tug at his hair without care, his heavy pants making you grin. You knew his body as well as you knew his own, and hair-pulling always lit a fire under him. Your back pressed into the mattress, and your breathing increases as he shifts. His shirt pulling off his head. You pull away and watch as his scarred chest heaves.

You sit up, your lips pressing light kisses against every scar. Every bruise. Every impurity. Your lips were hot against his skin, and Kirishima’s wordless praises stirred you on. Your hands grabbed his shorts. Without him even realizing it, you’ve removed his shorts, and have him on the bed in two-fluid movements.

“Is the lube, fuck, is the lube in the box?” Kirishima asks as your lips suck the crook of his neck.

You nod your head as you remove your own shirt, and his hands squeeze your breasts. You hiss at the sensation, your hips involuntarily moving as well. Kirishima’s gasping breathes stir you on as you feel his arousal pressing into your ass. “Are you ready?” You ask, your nails running up and down his abs. You know he likes the teasing of the sensation, and he nods his head as you pull away.

Kirishima watches you from the bed as you strip off your shorts. You’re wearing a nice set already, a deep maroon bra and matching thong piece. It wasn’t lingerie. But the color of red against your skin made Kirishima moan as you pull out the lube from your box of other goods. His heart feels like it’s hammering in his throat as you open the harness.

Your eyes locked on his own, a smile on your face as you slip your legs through the ties. Fastening them all tight around your thighs as you spin around for Kirishima when it’s done. It’s tight enough that you feel comfortable, but not loose enough for it to fall off ever. Kirishima groans, his body falling onto the bed as you place the dildo into the harness. Why did you look ravishing like that?

Kirishima feels you climbing onto the bed, your hair tickling his cheeks as you lean down. “On your knees, Red Daddy Riot.” You whisper into his ear, your teeth nibbling his earlobe.

“You’re the worst.” Kirishima groans as he does as commanded, slipping his underwear off. Your teeth bite your lower lip as you stare at his ass. This was a new angle, and it was one you very much enjoyed. Hell, if you looked this hot, it was no wonder why Kirishima loved doggy style. You could see the sharp lines of his body, the muscles rippling in his nervousness. His ass looking firm and delicious as you shuffle closer. A sigh leaving your lips as you rejoice in him being the perfect height for you to peg him.

“I’m going to start with my fingers first.” You inform Kirishima who nods his head.

“Be gentle at first?”

“Like a flower.” You promise as you grab the lube, rubbing a very healthy amount on your index finger and middle finger. “Ready?”

His nod is weak but sure of his request.

So with as much precaution as you can, your index finger slides past his tight hole. You ease it in as Kirishima lets out a string of curses, his body trembling as he almost falls onto his forearms. Your tongue pokes out, unsure if it was okay to savor the way he was feeling or to be actually concerned.

“Does this feel good, baby?” You ask as your finger curls.

“Y-Yes, oh my god, princess…” Kirishima pants as he thrusts his hips out towards you.

Your finger makes it all the way in, and Kirishima cries out your name as you begin to move it back out. Your finger now slowly beginning to thrust into him. Your hips shifting in the excitement in the way he shakes. His chest falling to the mattress as you continue thrusting into him. Kirishima’s moans stirring you on as you add another finger.

H makes audible gawking noise. You chuckle as your free hands trail up and down his muscular thigh. Your hand moves up his inner thigh and then grasps his hard cock. Kirishima’s pleasure and pained moans filling the room as you stroke his length. “You’re taking my fingers so good, baby.” You groan against his rippling back muscles. “I hope this feels as good as you look.”

Kirishima spasms as your nails gently tease the walls of his hole. His nearly shrieking gasps turn you on further. Your hand that is moving down his length his fisting him as you go. A sadistic smile on your face as his cries continue. His body trembling. Your fingers moving in a wave-like function as he gasps prettily.

Your cunt is now throbbing at the sight of your husband like this. The dom in you bleeding out as you remove your fingers from his hole. Your other hand releases his twitching cock as you pull back. Kirishima’s pleading gasps making you laugh as you slap his ass.

“Don’t worry,” You say grabbing the lube and placing a large amount onto the dildo. “I’m not done with you quite yet.”

Kirishima whimpers softly, the noise music to your ears as your lips press against his ass.

“You’re doing so well.” You whisper as you press the head of the red dildo onto his hole, not yet inserting it. Your grin widening as Kirishima rocks his hips, wanting you to thrust in already. “I’m going to put it in now, and I don’t want to hear a single moan, groan, cry, or word.” You warn.

Kirishima’s husky voice lets out a whine, and you shiver at the feeling as you move your hips forward. The head of the dildo sinking into his awaiting hole.

“You didn’t make a sound, I’m impressed. Are you okay, my love?” One of your hands moving up to rub soothing circles on his back as you pressed deeper inside him. Kirishima replied with a weak head nod. Rutting his hips back into you as you entered completely inside him. You wait a moment as his heavy pants let you know he’s still adjusting. Your thighs twitch with your anticipation, and you want nothing more than to thrust into him. The pool of heat within you intensifies as Kirishima drops to his chest.

“I-I’m ready.” He asserts, and you smirk, your hand coming down heavily onto his ass.

“Are you ready to feel how good I am with my cock?” You tease, and Kirishima laughs, his head nodding.

“Show me how you like it.” Kirishima staggers as your hips roll into his ass.

A shriek of pleasure leaves his lips as you begin pushing your hips against his ass. Your pace a lot faster than it probably should have been. You began to buck your hips against him, admiring in the way Kirishima moans loudly. His hips moving to meet yours. You grinned as you landed another hard smack on his ass, expecting a raw noise in response. Your face lits up when your husband sinfully moans at the action, his jaw-dropping as he pants. Your fingers continue running across his soft skin as you watched it redden under your touch. Your handprint was evident in its shape.

“Please, baby, more!” Kirishima gasps as you shift your hips slightly. His back arching as he clutches the fabric between his fingers. You laugh, your head leaning to press a kiss against his spine.

“Kami, you look so damn pretty when you’re crying for me.” You moan, uncaring about your sloppy thrusts for the moment. The way Kirishima is so responsive to your actions is stirring you on. You’re positive that you’ll be coming as soon as he touches you later. You grip his hips, angling your body so that you’re thrusting into him at a better angle. Trying to desperately find that angle that will make his eyes roll to the back of his head. To find the angle that will make him scream and drool. The loud and raw ‘fuck’ that leaves his lips, lets you know you found his prostate. You continue in at that angle, the same power and depth as the rawness of his voice send chills down your spine.

Your body feels like it’s on fire as you feel so much power. Your husband’s continuous whimpering stirring you on. Your right-hand leaves his waist, moving to grasp his still rock hard cock in your grasp. “Oh, poor baby,” You coo. “Does your cock need to come?” You pant, the action of your thrusting hips making you sweat.

“Yes, fuck, baby yes!” Kirishima shouts, his face burying into the mattress as you massage his length up and down. Your hips are relentless against his ass as you continue fucking him. Your laughs nearly inaudible at the sight of him still fucking himself against you.

“What if I don’t want you to come yet.” You pout, your fingers leaving his length, your hips stilling.

“Please let me come, baby, please!” Kirishima pants his hips unapologetic as he continues pushing against the strap-on. You giggle, taking his cock back in your hand. Your arousal slicking against your thighs as you continue.

You’re intent on getting him to come within seconds, and it shows. Your hips are thrusting harder and faster than you’ve gone yet. Your hand fisting along his length, his leaking precum covering your hand. Kirishima’s spluttering shouts fueling your inner lust. His body convulses under your manipulation.

Sinfully loud mewls and moans leave his lips, and you feel his cock spasm. Your hips finding it difficult to go as fast as you had been going as his hole tightens around the dildo.

“Y/N, FUCK!”

Your hand covered instantly in his hot sticky seed. Your lips in a wide grin as your hand continues stroking his length. His fluids continuing to come out in his heavy load. Your thrusting stops, and with a sigh, you pull away. Falling down on your ass as Kirishima collapses. His eyes locked on you as you lick his come off your hands.

“You’re super hot like that.” You inform Kirishima as you shift towards his heaving body to press a kiss to his lips. “I didn’t think you would be so into it.”

You slide off the bed, taking off the harness and letting it fall to the ground as you groan. You remove your panties and show Kirishima just how fucking wet they were. “Just in case you weren’t sure how turned on I was.”

You take off your bra as you crawl back onto the bed, Kirishima turning onto his back as you straddle his torso.

“You still need to come, huh?” Kirishima states. A low hiss escaping his mouth at feeling your throbbing wet cunt against his hips.

“Yeah, I do.” You sigh your fingers teasing your breasts as your husband leans up. His lips pressing against the underside of your breasts. Your head drops back as you feel content. “Are you gonna help me out, or am I going to be forced to fuck you by myself?”

You shriek as you’re on your back, looking up at Kirishima who is trailing his heavy and hot hands down your figure. You moan at the feeling of his teeth biting against your neck. His sharp teeth sending waves of pleasure throughout your body.

“I’m going to fuck you so good, you’ll know how I felt that entire time,” Kirishima promises, his finger entering your aching core.

“Give it to me, Red Daddy Riot.”

“…I’ll leave.”

“No! You know that I’m only tea–OHMYGOD!”

Kirishima has his once again hard cock slamming into your throbbing pussy. His voice snarling at the sensation as his hands bring your legs over his shoulders. “Now shut up, and let daddy show you how to fuck properly.”

You can’t even tease him as he begins jackhammering into you. Your head slamming into the mattress as a shriek rips through your throat.

Chapter Text

“So, you’re not seeing anyone else right now?” Your blond date asked from across the table.

You lifted your wine glass to your lips, eyebrows scrunching as you shake your head. “No,” You respond as soon as you’re done swallowing the bitter liquid. “I’m completely single, which is why I’m here on the date with you.”

It takes everything within you not to roll your eyes at the grinning blond in front of you. Why the hell would it even matter if you were seeing anyone? This wasn’t even a first date, it was a preliminary date! You were definitely ready to have a boyfriend. But more often than not these boys you were with always left you unimpressed in bed. Yes, you fucked guys before dating them. You wanted to see if they could please you in bed. That was something important to you especially after dating a guy for a year who never made you come once!

So at the prime age of twenty, you were not ashamed to admit that you slept around. A girl needed her needs to be always met, and if all it cost you was a bad conversation and a mediocre fucking, it was fine.

“So Kaminari—“

“My last name is Monoma.”

“Right, sorry. Monoma, why don’t you tell me more about yourself?” You ask your smile kind as his blue eyes shine.

“Of course, but where to begin…”

You smile a bit strained as he begins his story from the very beginning, and you raise your glass to the waiter. You were going to need a full bottle to get through this dinner date.


Your naked back pressed against his mattress. The blond man, Monoma, long asleep as you contemplated leaving now or later. He had just fallen asleep. Moreover, while he wasn’t horrible in bed, the dinner conversation did not leave you wanting more. You grabbed your phone from the nightstand and you checked the time. It was only one a.m. and you figured you would wait thirty minutes.

Your group chats with your friends who were expectantly waiting for you to respond back to them. All of them curious about how your date went.

you: sex was a 7/10

hagakure: OMG that’s an improvement from your last 15 2/10’s

mina: is our girl going to be loyal to one dick?

you: dinner was a 2/10

uraraka: F

jirou: F

yaomomo: it could have been worse?

mina: but maybe you’ll get new dick?

you: ugh no, he’s attached to the relationship aspect. I can’t sleep around and pretend to want to go have dinner with him!

uraraka: just… stop going back to your other fuckboy


jirou: no, we caught him in her room two nights ago

you: please stop!

mina: shes obsessed because he fucks a solid 9.5/10 and he refuses to have anything personal

you: I just want dick! it’s not that difficult to explain

yaomomo: we know, it’s just,,, you can do better,,,

you: you’re the ones who introduced him to me!

tsu: you guys woke me up, but we did so because we thought you both wanted a relationship. but what happened was way worse.

jirou: I mean, no offense everyone, but I think he may actually be serious about her?

You, mina, yaomomo, tsu, uraraka, hagakure: yeah right

You sigh as you place your phone down to your stomach. Monoma’s breathing is constant, and his chest rises and falls in a steady rhythm. So you slip out of his bed, and grab your pile of clothes from the floor and slip out of the room unheard. In the hallway, you slip on the black lingerie you wore, and the little black dress you own over it. You glanced at your phone again, the screen illuminating with another text, but it’s one not from the chat.

dick appointment: hey, you up?

You smile, your eyes rolling as you make your way to the front of the house.

you: depends on who’s asking why?

You delight in the way the text bubbles appear immediately. Despite the situation of your relationship, neither one of you could truly deny the other.

dick appointment: me, of course. where are you, baby girl? I had such a bad day today, and well… I need a good release ;)

You scoff as you slip on your heels, opening the front door and slipping out into the chilly night.

you: well I got good dick but stank personality, but might fuck around and see if there’s another open dick I can score.

dick appointment: where are you?

you: nowhere and anywhere.

dick appointment: y/n

you: Denki

You walk towards the train station. Hoping that there was some cab still there despite the early hours.

dick appointment: photo_img.0278392-82. look how fucking hard I am just thinking about you, baby doll

Your eyes don’t even widen as you look at his dick pic. You’re at the very least amused knowing that he doesn’t send you old dick pics.

you: the guy I just fucked had a bigger dick

dick appointment: but did he know how to use it the way I do?

you: I don’t know, he’s that one pro hero I can’t remember his name for, maybe you know him? copies quirks?

dick appointment: I swear to god, baby girl if you don’t tell me where you are right now

you: (location) if you’re not here within 10 minutes I’m leaving.

He leaves you on read, and you sit inside the station. Your fingers already ordering a cab for ten minutes from now, and you wait. In all honesty, you know that he lives fifteen minutes away. It was something you calculated on the way over. But there was something so amazing about teasing him like this. You wouldn’t stop, and you couldn’t stop. Kaminari Denki, Pro-Hero Chargebolt, was plain and simply a fuckboy. You didn’t hold it against him. You really didn’t! But with the increased female popularity he had since becoming a Pro-Hero… he and you weren’t compatible. You knew he was talking to so many other girls, and it didn’t bother you as of now. At the end of the night, despite his fuckboy personality, he was always crawling back to you. It was a terrible game the two of you had. You both slept around a lot, but at least five times a week you found yourself back into his bed. His strong arms around you, and it was blissful. That was until someone from his groupie texted him. Then the reality of your relationship fell back into place.

You two were simply horny and found each other to be amazing in bed. So your feelings for him were continuously destroyed. It was to the point where it didn’t matter all too much anymore. The pain had subsided, and it made your weekly activities improve.

However, none of your friends approved. They all tried getting you to stop, but what would you say? You were too addicted.

You froze as within six minutes Kaminari’s black car rolled up in front of you. You stood up, canceling the taxi as you walked near him. Your heels clicked against the concrete as you watched his window roll down.

“Hey there, sexy.” Kaminari whistles as you lean onto the open window. His hair is tied back, the black streak on his hair nearly hidden within the blond tresses.

“Hi.” You almost purr, your face drawing near his own, your lips ghosting over his own. “What are you doing here?” You ask innocently, your eyelashes fluttering.

“I’m here picking up a very beautiful woman, maybe you’ve seen her.” He breathes against your lips. You smirk, your hands pressing against his leaning shoulders, making sure he didn’t get too close.

“Well is she prettier or uglier than me? Maybe I’ve seen her?”

Kaminari hums, his large hands over yours as he strokes the length of your arms. Chills spreading among your body as he does so.

“Well, baby girl, you’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen. So, I’m going to say she’s as pretty as you. There is a way that you would know if it was her though.”

“Mhm? Please tell me.”

“Whenever she first kisses me, she always tilts her head to the left just to throw me off. Mind if I test you out?”

“What do I get out of it?” You tease, the smile on your face stretching as his lips press against yours.

“A hell of a ride, baby.”

Your eyes close as his lips press heavenly against yours. Your head, as it always does, leans towards the left. Kaminari, as he always does, leans to the right. He curses softly as your giggle vibrates against his mouth, and you tilt back towards the right. It didn’t matter that he knew you would do it, he was always caught off guard.

His tongue is heavy against your bottom lip, begging to be let into your mouth. Not complying with his request, your teeth latch onto his hot appendage and you pull away. His yellow eyes are dark with lust as you gaze at him, a smile curling onto your face.

You let go, pulling away from the inside of his car as you begin walking towards the other side. You can feel your arousal beginning as the car engine comes back to life, and you slip into the seat. “Your place or mine?” You ask, a smirk on your face as you buckle in.

Mine.” Kaminari groans as your hand rests upon his thigh.

“Then drive.”

Kaminari doesn’t need to hear you say it twice as he throws his car into drive. The tires screaming against the concrete as he drives away. You pull on the seat belt. Uncaring about the dangerous speed the Pro-Hero was driving at as your lips attach onto his neck. Your hands travel down his chest, resting upon his crotch. His growls turning you on as your fingers wrap around his clothed dick.

“Are you sure you had a bad day today?” You moan into his ear as you feel his thick cock grinding into your palm. “You sure you weren’t jealous that I was getting dick?”

Kaminari glances at you, his eyes flickering with millions of emotions. His lips are over yours again, his quirk coming out in a small dosage through your lip contact, and you gasp. “I don’t like others touching what is mine,” Kaminari growls against your lips, as he turns back towards the road. The engine of his care accelerating as his foot presses harder against the pedal.

You roll your eyes, but your hands slip underneath the waistband of his pants. Your hand grasping the heated flesh of his cock as you bite down harshly against his jugular. His head tilting back as he groans. “I’m no idiot, Denki.” You hiss against his flesh. “Your words are pretty, and you do make girls feel special and like they’re the only ones you’re looking at. Don’t think I don’t know that. I’m using you as much as you are using me.”

Kaminari still, but his hand moving out to the middle of your legs. His fingers rubbing against the crotch of your panties. “I’m glad you know.” Kaminari murmurs his fingers teasing your soaked slit. “You’re already so wet for me.”

Your gasping moans seem to spur him on as his finger slips through your soaked panties. His finger pressed against your clit and you hiss at the new sensation.

Your hand fisting up and down his length as he parks, and your free hand goes to undo the seatbelt. It seems, however, that the two of you are far too horny to make it up to his apartment. You delight when Kaminari seat slams as far back as possible. The two of you work in tangent to slip his pants off his waist, the fabric pooling at his calves. His cock was average in length. But his girth was undeniable as you move to press his teasing fingers away from your clit.

You watch as his cock springs up. His blond pubes thick yet neat, and you lick your lips at the sight of the bulging vein on the left side of his thick cock. You lean down, your eyelids heavy as you envelop him around your mouth. The sounds that come from his mouth almost making you laugh in victory. Kaminari was such a vocal boy, a feat that you enjoyed completely.

Your hands travel to hold the base of his cock in place as you lower yourself against his length. His cock stretches out your throat in the most delicious way as you bob against him. Kaminari hisses. His hands gripping your hair as his hips weakly buck against your movements.

His hips swivel beneath him as your head continues bobbing against him. Then Kaminari bucks his hips too hard, and the head of his cock pressed against your throat. Your breathing feels like it is on fire as you gag against his length. You pull away, heaving as your hand strokes his length. Your fingers teasing the vein running down his side. You lean back down. Your free hand massaging his balls, and his groan makes you rub your thighs. Your tongue pokes out, licking his balls and Kaminari convulses under you.

“Y/n!” He snaps his tone warning and his cock twitching in your hand. You lock eyes with his nearly black lust-filled eyes, and you suck on his ball. The skin is weird in your mouth, but the way his head slams back and the way his quirk spreads through your body is worth it.

You moan around his ball, and his resulting loud mewls makes you pant. Your arousal seeping onto your rubbing thighs.

Stop!” Kaminari hisses, his hands ripping you off from his balls by the grip on your locks. You moan, not at all pleased as you were not done. “Stop being a fucking tease, sweetheart.” He growls, and his hands position your mouth against the cock of his head. The leather of his car seat sticks uncomfortably to your knees as you shift. His pre-cum spreads against your lips as you refuse to open up. “Stop being a fucking brat.”

Without much resistance, his cock presses through your awaiting lips. But his hips are slamming against your throat immediately. Your gags are loud, repetitive, and only drowned out by the sputtering grunts of Kaminari. His praises making your eyes roll to the back of your head as he face fucks you without mercy.

His cock continues hitting the back of your throat. You know your teeth are gently scraping the sides of his cock. But he likes that, you know he does. The air in your lungs burn, your eyes watering as you attempt to hum. You’re deep-throating his cock. But his speed and strength incapacitate you from keeping your breathing stabilized. Over and over, his loud praises, his slamming hips, and your lack of breathing make you delirious. Saliva escapes your mouth. Dribbling onto his slamming cock, and spreading across your chin. The sight seems to turn Kaminari on further as his grip in your hair tightens.

“You’re sucking my fucking cock so damn good, sweetheart.” Kaminari breathes, you gagging meaning you approved in his ears. “You’ll get rewarded for sucking my dick so well. Fuck, you’re so damn pretty like this, do you like my cock? Please don’t stop!”

Your moans are unstopping, and his thrusting stumbles as you moan against his length.

Your hand moving between your thighs. Desperate for attention on your own throbbing cunt. A spark of electricity shoots through you, and Kaminari pulls you off his cock. His eyes are angry and dark.

“Did I tell you to touch yourself?”

“No,” You pant. “But I wanted it, so I did it.” There is still droll on your chin, but despite that, he pulls you over onto his lap, his mouth on yours. You groan as you clothed pussy pressed against his thigh. Kaminari presses your back onto the steering wheel. The horn going off for a millisecond, but neither one of you is then fazed as he raises your dress up to your chest. The skirt of the dress blocking him from your sight.

“Look at yourself!” Kaminari laughs. You moan as he presses a finger against your clenching cunt. “So pretty, so fucking wet, and so damn ready for me.”

You feel him removing your panties. His lithe finger pressed sinfully against your clit. “Do you trust me?” He asks you.

There was a certain danger in using his quirk in sexual ways. There was a high risk of damage and possible death if not used correctly. But you completely trusted Kaminari. Your hips roll against his finger, and you press your dress down so you can see his bright eyes. “I trust you.” You confirm, and he moans, his eyes rolling backward.

It happens then. The voltage escaping his fingers and powering through you.

You nearly came on the spot, your back arching against the steering wheel as a shriek escapes your mouth. The sensation shoots through your entire being, pleasure rolling through you. The currents were unending as he continues rubbing against your clit.

Your hands slam onto the steering wheel and the door as his fingers begin pumping into you. Your head lolling backward as he continues using his quirk on you. The liquid heat in you continuing to pour out, and Kaminari’s delighted chuckles have you on edge. You rub your soaked cunt into his pumping fingers, his name a chant on your tongue.

Currents shoot down your limbs, and you tremble against him. Kaminari moans, your name a prayer on his voice as he pulls away mixing your arousal on his hard dick.

Your eyes can barely open. Pleasure slamming through your body still. The electricity still feeling like it was coursing through your nerves and bones. You watched Kaminari coat your juices on his hard dick. “Denki…” You sigh as the tip of his dick now lines against your entrance, and your legs tremble as he smirks. His hand bringing you in for a world spinning kiss as he slams you into his length.

Your back arches into the wheel, your screams swallowed in his mouth as you adjust to the penetration. Kaminari’s cock stretches you out in wondrous ways. God, he was so fucking thick.

Kaminari doesn’t wait for you to adjust, as his hips begin hammering into you.

You feel stupendously overwhelmed. His mouth intoxicating to you, the way his tongue traces the roof of your mouth makes your legs tremble. His hands grabbing your ass and breasts, always alternating. Always making sure to give you the attention he wanted to give you. His fingers still shocking you, and so the moans pour out of your mouth. The vibrations from his own moans hitting yours. Creating the mind-numbing vibrations in your mouth you only ever got with him.

His hips slamming his cock in and out of you. His girth making you tremble on top of his lap. It didn’t matter how many times you’ve fucked him. It always was an indescribable feeling of his entering and exiting cock.

It was too much.

Your hands go from the wheel and the door to pressing his head closer to you. His body flushed against yours, yet you wanted more. You yearned for more. The walls of your pussy clenching in the arrival of your orgasm.

“You’re so fucking amazing!” Kaminari curses against your mouth. His lips trailing down your neck as he slams you against the wheel again. The horn going off as you begin bouncing up and down his length. Your eyes clamped shut as he presses you harder against the car. His hips ramming into you. Your hips meeting his again and again.

“Denki!” You shriek as his fingers pinch your clit. You shudder against his hold, electricity flowing through your body, but it’s not from his quirk. “Ohmygodohmygod…”

“Tell what you want, sweetheart.” Kaminari snarls against your skin. “I’ll give you anything you want.”

“I need to fucking come!” You mewl, your fingers running against his clothed torso.

“Come, baby, come.” He growls, and your vision turns white.

You come hard around his cock. His relentless hips pounding into you. He shoves your shoulders into the steering wheel. The horn blares as you convulse on top of the blond, your lecherous moans driving him as he chases your orgasm.

Fuck!” He snarls. His face crumbling as he looks at your blazing hot face, your eyes still clenched. Your mouth open and panting. “Shit!” He slammed into you relentlessly, brutally clenching your thighs. Watching you scream for him. Kaminari loved you like this. Screaming for him and with you letting out more overstimulated and raunchy moans. He’d completely lost his control, snapping forward. Letting out a heavy load into your throbbing cunt.

The two of you panting in the car. The windows fogged over, and he presses off of you, the car horn finally silencing. You feel dizzy as he brings you in for another kiss. His cock still twitching within your sex. The quiet of the night deafening in your ears as the two of you stay in the car.

You smile as Kaminari pulls you off his cock, the both of you hissing at the removal, and places you onto your seat. You moan as you feel his come seeping out of your cunt. “Want to come up still?” Kaminari asks, a hopeful glint in his eyes.

“Round two?”

“Of course.”

“I’d love to.”


You woke up the next morning, the bed empty, and your body sore. You slipped out of the bed and sighed as you saw the thousands of hickies littering your body. Your hands holding onto one of Kaminari’s t-shirts on the floor and pulling it over your head.

You slinked over to the kitchen where you can hear Kaminari cooking something.

You’re pleasantly surprised to see him cooking some fried eggs and rice.

“Good morning, beautiful.” Kaminari chirps. “You woke up just on time.”

You sit down on the barstool, the cold metal making you shiver as he places the bowl in front of you. “Thank you.” You sigh as you grab the bowl and the paired chopsticks. The two of you eat in silence, and your hand subconsciously moves to rub a throbbing bruise.

“C-Can I tell you something?” Kaminari says, and you look up at him. You nod, unable to speak because of the food. Knowing him he probably had someone other girl coming in soon, and you were being asked to leave. “Well, I know you’re wanting a boyfriend, and well… I was wondering if I could be that for you.”

You stare at him, and amusement bubbles into your voice. You begin laughing, and your hands, cover your mouth, unable to keep yourself serious. You realize that he’s not joining in on your amusement, and you look up at him. Your face burning as you see he’s being serious. “D-Denki…” You breathe and he pulls out his phone.

“I know you don’t believe me, but look. I promise when I say you’re the only one I’m talking to, I mean it.”

You take his phone in your trembling hands. Your eyes widen as you see that in fact that he texted every one of his groupies. Saying that he would not be seeing them anymore. It had been over three months ago. You go to his snapchat. You see that the only girls he’s talked to in over four months month, besides you, are his old classmates. Even his Instagram only has you as the only girl in it for over five months. You feel like a trapped animal. Your chest heaving as you look up at him, your eyes swimming with confusion and sadness.

“I… I thought we were fucking around…” Your voice says, and the hopeful look on his face cracks. “I-I’m sorry Denki, I–”

“No.” He snaps, his voice cracking. “It’s okay… I understand.”

“I’m sorry…”

“No… don’t do that. Please, a-anything but that. I want to date you, y/n. Don’t m-make this harder.”

Your eyes search his face, hoping that for some reason he was being dumb, that his feelings are true. It scares you. The food in your stomach turning into acid as you stare at the blond who refuses to look at you.

“I’m going to go.” You whisper.

“Yeah, that’s for the best.” He snaps, his eyes hardening over.

You leave without a word, and as soon as you were out, Kaminari broke down. His sobs wrecking in his chest as you left him.

Chapter Text

“Open up, please!!” Jirou and Mina screamed through the door.

Jirou was holding on to an entire crate of sake and she turned towards Mina who had a box of soju in her own arms.

“Do you think anyone of them heard that? Bakugou’s as deaf as an old man.” Jirou wonders aloud.

“Well, y/n is already here, and I texted her when we were just dropped off,” Mina responds, shifting the box in her arms. The weight of the box slowly becoming uncomfortable. Jirou’s eyes widen as her eyes snap down at her casual clothing, her cheeks burning as she shakes her head.

“I thought, wait no, didn’t you tell me she wasn’t coming?!” Jirou hisses at Mina who laughs, her eyes snapping away. She had been caught.

Jirou’s head snapped forward as the door opens, and there you are. Your hair was down, grazing your shoulders as you smiled. Jirou’s face darkened as she saw the gray sweatpants that sat comfortably around your waist. She froze as she noticed the tank top embellishing your figure and curves.

“Finally!” You say swinging the door open, stepping back to let the girls in. “Everyone else is here, and everyone wants to get Ei drunk as quick as possible!”

Jirou scurries in, avoiding your greeting hug. She is barely able to kick off her shoes as you envelop Mina into a hug. Jirou doesn’t wait for you to try to hug her again, walking over to Kirishima’s kitchen with the box in her arms.

This tight-knit group of friends wasn’t one that Jirou was all that close to. Yes, she was great friends with both Mina, Kaminari, and surprisingly Bakugou! But she didn’t see herself as apart of this squad. Your presence especially was one that had her on edge. Because Jirou Kyoka was undeniably in love with you. It was embarrassing because it seemed that everyone and their mother had picked up on her crush on you. Except, of course, for you. Or maybe it was that you knew and just didn’t want to hurt her. Either way, it was horrible.

“What the hell took you two so long?” Bakugou barked as soon as Jirou entered the kitchen.

All four of the boys were already there. Kirishima sipping on some metal flask, with the most disgusted look on his face.

“Happy birthday, Kiri!” Jirou states, thrusting the box into the ash blond’s expectant hands as she sits down.

Jirou watched with flushed cheeks as you walked in with Mina. You lifted the box of soju over your head as Kaminari, Sero, and Mina all joined in screaming. Bakugou’s smirk growing as Kirishima looked scared. Jirou could not lie, she loved the dynamics of this group. She watched on as everyone besides Kirishima laid out multiple glasses. Alcohol being immediately opened and pouring into them all.

She watched on as you in your comfortable clothes, swatted away Bakugou who was trying to take over. Sero and Kaminari trying to down a bottle of sake without being caught. Mina by your side, being your help as you fought Bakugou on who should give Kirishima his first ‘real’ drink. Kirishima’s laugh was way too forced as he slunk over to Jirou, who nodded at him.

“Happy birthday!” She stated as Kirishima grins, thanking her with a kind smile.

“I was not excited about this day at all,” Kirishima admits as Bakugou rips the soju bottle from your hands. Bakugou’s grin is wide as he laughed as you attempted to reach it. Your body jumping in an attempt to get it, and Mina was on the floor with laughter. “I fully believe they will get more drunk than I will.”

“Even Bakugou?” Jirou asks shocked. She had never been out drinking with this group after all.

“If y/n starts challenging him…” Kirishima trails off, and Jirou laughs. She knows that the two of them could never back down from a challenge.

“Well, it’s still your birthday,” Jirou affirms, taking her own bottle of sake and handing it to the birthday boy. “So, take a drink.”

Jirou wished she could have taken a picture of everyone’s reactions when they saw that she had given Kirishima his official first drink.


You weren’t paying much attention to the group anymore. It had been a few hours since getting started and you were helping Sero with the drinks. You kept feeling someone gazing at you but when you turned around. You saw that no one was even trying to hide that they were looking. Maybe you were just too a bit too tipsy.

“Alright, everyone! Listen up! The birthday boy wants… he wants to switch up the next games’ rules. Truth or dare. But we’re playing the XXX rated version.” Kaminari slurred excited. You glanced back to see everyone groaning, but the blond was smiling and winked at you.

“What do you mean by XXX-rated?” Jirou asked, her cheeks slightly red from her drinking while she sat nearer to the blond. You blinked. The tiniest bit of jealousy shooting through your veins as you watch him lean his head against hers. What can you say, you had a crush on the sound hero.

“The whole shazam. I’m talking about taking clothes off! Lap dances! 7 minutes in heaven or even hell! Yeah, why not? Of course, more, if ya know what I mean.”

“Are you fucking serious, dunce face? Not everyone here is-” Bakugou tried to rip him a new one but Kaminari shushed him to be quiet.

“What? A big fat pussy? Suck it up! Besides, we need to get you ‘virgins’ out of your shells. Want me to start naming who hasn’t had any in months? OR AT ALL?!”

“Come on, really Denki.” Mina was shaking her head, her fingers rubbing her temples. You brought the drinks to the floor and sat next to Kirishima again. You rested your legs on Bakugou’s knees who put a hand on your calf.

Jirou glanced over at you, her eyes looking at the close proximity between you and the boys. You waited for her eyes to look up at yours, and when you do you motion the ‘crazy’ symbol towards Kaminari, and she smiles.

“Come on, just relax! It’ll be fun, I promise! Um, Sero help me out here! Pick someone random to start? Maybe with a random selector thingy for someone else to make a question…randomly.”

“Good job dude, you sound like a fucking idiot!” You laughed, throwing a pillow at him and Bakugou high fived you.

“I mean, I guess?” Sero sighed, pulling out his phone. Mina was over his shoulder, looking as he inputted everyone’s name into the generator.

“Alright… first up is, Mina, you get to ask… Bakugou anything.” Sero states placing his phone down.

Kaminari gave Bakugou a drink. “Oh man, I don’t even know? I’m the worst at this game… Ok…umm what is your fav-” Mina was immediately interrupted by Kaminari.

“What part of rated XXX do you not understand?”

“You didn’t hear the rest of the fucking question, idiot! Shut up!!!!”

The group burst into laughter as Kaminari sulked, his body wilting as he took another drink from his cup.

“What’s your favorite lingerie color to see?” Mina wiggles her eyebrows at Bakugou and saw him shaking his head.

“Why would I want lingerie when I prefer people stripped naked. I’m trying to fuck, not explode in my pants.” He never dropped his gaze from hers. Your eyes widen as you look at Bakugou, tipping your drink towards him, you took a gulp of the warm bitter liquid.

“WOOOW didn’t expect that from you of all people. Drink up!” Kaminari handed him a drink.

“I thought we only fucking drink if we don’t answer?”

“My game. My rules. You drink either way.”

“I thought this was my game?” Kirishima asked.

You laughed as Kaminari flushed again, oh boy, this night was going to be rough.

The game went for a long time. Kaminari and Mina were having way too much fun with the questions. Jirou was then dared to guess what the bra color of Mina’s was. Sero asked Kirishima about who in the group he would fuck if he was a girl. Everyone was very buzzed. You were too lost in your gaze on Jirou who was whispering to Kaminari that you didn’t hear them calling you.

“Sorry what?” You feel your cheeks turning red as Mina laughs a bit too loudly.

“You only had like seven drinks. Wake up!” Kirishima claps near your face and you shove him aside.

“Who’s asking me?” Your question, your lips sipping at your drink again.

“Me,” Mina declared, her hands clasping.

“Alright.” You clear your throat, shifting in your spot to prepare for the worst.

“When was the last time you got laid?” She questions, her eyes curious and innocent, but her smile knowing and cunning. You honestly did not expect that low-leveled question out of her at all.

“Wow, you are an asshole. Fine. Ummmm pretty sure since I high school.”

“No fucking way. That’s not possible. Y/n you’re one hot as hell chick. How is that-” Kaminari grabs your thighs and Jirou shifts.

“No nuh-uh. I was asked when not why, so I am not answering anything!”

“No wait, we’re not moving past this. You need to answer-”

“NOPE! Sero, next person please.” You were still smirking when you looked at Jirou. She looked really uncomfortable and when she saw you staring at her… she dropped the face and smiled shyly at you.

“Kaminari… dare… Y/N?”

“Wait, no! THAT’S NOT FAIR!” You screamed.

“The generator chose it’s victim,” Kaminari grins as he leans forward. “Submit.”

Your mouth twitches, your frown growing as you glare at him. “Fine. Denki if you please.”

Kaminari was thinking for a while. Which lead you to believe you were at the very least safe from follow up questions. You felt it all crumble away when Mina got up and whispered something to him.

“YES, you’re a wizard girl. Y/n…I dare you to give someone a lap dance. This someone has to be the person you find the hottest in the room, too!”

“What the hell kind of dare is that?” You protest. Blood rushing to your cheeks as suddenly the boys were all hyperaware of what was happening. It wasn’t to say they all liked you, but no one could deny they wouldn’t take a lap-dance from you.

“The one you can’t back out of. Now, do you want us to get on chairs and close our eyes until the music starts?” Sero asked. You were about to answer when Mina yelled out chairs before you could say it yourself.

You were still on the floor as suddenly all the boys were on chairs, staring at you as you sat on the floor. Your jaw dropped as Mina brought two chairs over for her and Jirou. The black-haired girl trying to get herself from not being on the chair, and it made your throat clench. What would she do when you went over to her?

Mina shoved a phone into your hands, the one connected to the Bluetooth speaker. Your heart was pounding in your ears as you tried thinking about the best song to choose from. You looked at their closed eyes, all of them expecting you to mount them as your heart finally chose one.

The beat started and you sang along.

Every time they turn the lights down

Just want to go that extra mile for you

Your public display of affection

Feels like no one else in the room (but you)

Eyes snap open, and everyone is silent as they watch you saunter towards Jirou, swaying your hips to the music. Her gaze was so intense, so surprised, but you made sure you never broke eye contact. For a moment, you thought you saw her smirk but it was gone the second the thought intruded your mind.

We can get down like there’s no one around

We’ll keep on rockin’ (We’ll keep on rockin’)

We’ll keep on rockin’ (Keep on rockin’)

Cameras are flashin’ while we’re dirty dancin’

They keep watching (They keep watching)

Keep watching

Feels like the crowd is saying

You slid your hands down your neck to the valley between your breasts. Stopping right below your navel. Shutting your eyes, you focused on just you and Jirou. At this moment. With no distractions. Just you and her.

You straddled her thighs the moment the pace picked up.

Gimme, Gimme more

Gimme, More

Gimme, Gimme, More

Gimme, Gimme more

Gimme, More

Gimme, Gimme, More

Gimme, Gimme more

Gimme, More

Gimme, Gimme, More

Gimme, Gimme more

Gimme, More

Gimme, Gimme, More

You were thoroughly enjoying this. Grabbing her shoulders and holding on, you arched your back and kept on rubbing yourself on her. Too close to the middle of her parted legs. It didn’t help that the sweats you wore were thin. And god did she feel so fucking good.

A center of attention (Can you feel them?)

Even when we’re up against the wall

You’ve got me in a crazy position (yeah)

If you’re on a mission (uh-uh)

You got my permission (oh)

You slowly felt her hands grabbing your waist, its tentative, yet confident. Your tanktop has ridden up and you loved feeling the seeping heat of her hands on your skin. It drove you crazy. You held onto her biceps and she couldn’t help but move them against you, wanting to show you just how much she loves this.

We can get down like there’s no one around

We’ll keep on rockin’ (Keep on rockin’)

We’ll keep on rockin’, rockin’ (Oh ah-ha)

Cameras are flashin’ while we’re dirty dancin’

They keep watching (They keep watching)

Keep watching

Feel’s like the crowd is saying:

You turned around quickly and straddled her again, your back hitting her chest. You felt the heat radiating off of her and couldn’t help but shut your eyes and moan. The curve of her breasts overwhelming as your ass ground into her. You grabbed her hands and placed them back on you. Rubbing your ass further onto her, you felt how hard she was breathing against your sweating skin. And fucking hell was it turning you on. She got a little bolder and placed one hand right below your breasts. The other going to your back and forcing you to bend down.

Gimme, Gimme more

Gimme, More

Gimme, Gimme, More

Gimme, Gimme more

Gimme, More

Gimme, Gimme, More

Gimme, Gimme more

Gimme, More

Gimme, Gimme, More

Gimme, Gimme more

Gimme, More

Gimme, Gimme, More

Gimme, Gimme more

Gimme, More

Gimme, Gimme, More (Gimme more)

Gimme, Gimme more

Gimme, More

Gimme, Gimme, More (Oh woah oh!)

Gimme, Gimme more

Gimme, More

Gimme, Gimme, More

Gimme, Gimme more (Gimme more, yeah)

Gimme, More

Gimme, Gimme, More

You came back up and reached back to rake your fingers through her hair, trying to pull her closer to you. You felt her breath on your skin and heard her whine. Jirou was muttering expletives that only you can hear.

Sadly, the song ended. You wished you could stay like this forever but let go. You turned around and looked at her. Jirou’s eyes barely had any color left in them. You both snapped out of your haze when you heard Kaminari and Mina whistle and clap.

“Damn Y/n that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” Kaminari remarked while handing you your drink back. You hoped no one noticed how hard you were breathing and just sat back down in your seat, chugging the whole drink.

Jirou stood up and marched out of the room, not listening to anyone calling him back.

“Is she okay?” You ask. You worried that she was completely uncomfortable with you giving her a lap dance. You no longer felt tipsy as everyone looked around. As if they knew something you didn’t.

“I’ll go check on her.” Kaminari was about to stand up when you motioned for him to sit down.

“It’s ok I’ll go. I need to apologize for what I did anyways.”

Arriving at a closed-door, you were about to knock when you heard her from inside.

You knocked on the door and asked her if you can come in, your sweating forehead pressed against the wood. Hearing some shuffling and footsteps, you waited patiently. Jirou opened the door a little and walked back to the bed. Pushing it, you walked inside, trying to adjust to the darkness of the room. You walked and sat next to her, your feelings feeling like a steaming mess as she won’t look at you.


She didn’t reply. This was a terrible start.

“I-I wanted to…apologize know.” You motioned to her lap, and her eyes finally locked on you.

She shrugged but said nothing.

“I should have asked if it was ok with you before I did anything.” When she nodded, you took the chance to get closer to her, resting your head on her shoulder.

Jirou’s breathing hitched, she was surprised by what you just did.

“I-I like you. I really, really, like you. And sometimes, I almost feel like a coward because I’ve liked you for so long now, but… I don’t know if you feel the same way.”

“Are… are you being serious right now?” Jirou asks, her voice low. Soft. Scared almost.

“I have no reason to lie.” You laugh, trying to mask your own insecurity.

What you didn’t expect, not once in a million years was for her lips to be over yours within seconds. Your eyes widening as you saw her eyes clutched closed as her lips pressed against yours. A shocked gasp escapes your lips as your eyes flutter closed, kissing her back as much as you could.

She breaks away, her face red, her breathing unstable as she shakes her head. “I really, really like you too, y/l/n.”

Your smile has returned full force as you bring her lips back towards yours. The kiss is sensual, her lips dragging over your own as she pushes towards you. Your back hits the mattress as she slides on top of you. Your chest heaving as the arousal and excitement from earlier makes its way back to you.

“D-Do…” You trail off as her soft lips press against your neck, and you arch into her body, overwhelmed. “Are you trying to fuck me in Kirishima’s guest bed?” You tease as her hands slip under your tank top.

“We’ll clean his sheets for him. Besides, they’re all hammered, they won’t notice unless you’re loud.” Jirou breathes against your skin, and you moan as her fingers make contact with your breasts.

Chapter Text

“We shouldn’t–oh my god–be doing this here!”

The closest thing to a committed relationship you had came in the form of you and your job. Yes, you had your friends, but you were a very focused individual. You valued your work, and you were insistent on making sure you did the very best that you could. So did you have a boyfriend? No. Did you have a girlfriend? Definitely not. Did you have a single significant other in any type of form? That would be a hard no.

There was nothing in this world that was tying you down.

But if you were being one hundred percent factual… you did have a “committed relationship” with none other than the Winged Hero: Hawks.

Your head tilted back, your chest heaving as your breasts were very exposed. Your eyes despite drowning with lust kept snapping towards the open door. The snap of Hawk’s hips, however, sends you sputtering again as you cling even closer to him. You weren’t even sure when this relationship started, or even how it came to be.

You were the number twelve hero, of course not bad at all. But not of high status to ever capture the high ranking hero. All you can recall is seeing him once in your agency’s area. The bird-like man apologizing as he stole your win right from under your nose. He claimed that it looked like you were needing some help, you didn’t, and he was only trying to help, he shouldn’t. With enough spitfire to make Hawks uneasy, you had stood there and argued with him about how ignorant he was. All because he stole your case with a terrible apology and reason. You were a goddamn Pro-Hero, you didn’t need help! Especially not when you had sidekicks who balanced out your weaknesses.

It didn’t take much for the two of you to find yourself in an empty alleyway, lips smashing against each other. Costumes being half removed as your sidekicks wondered where in the hell the two of you had gone.

That was nearing a year ago, and to this day, whenever you met Hawks you two fucking was inevitable. But the thing about the rather nonchalant hero was that he enjoyed–he craved–the adrenaline almost being caught. So every time without fail, even at this very moment, he had you squirming to keep quiet. Craving to be loud. Desperate to fucked correctly.

You hiss as the tip of his cock easily finds your g-spot. The two of you have fucked for so long it only took him a few muscle memory thrusts to get to it.

“You’re so loud as always,” Hawks–you refused to call him Takami or Keigo as you were fuck buddies–laughs into your ear.

Your eyes rolling, not from annoyance, but because of the speed he is thrusting against your g-spot. Your fingernails scrape against his bare shoulders. His jacket removed because he enjoyed the thrill of not being clothed to completion. It was to the point that with every successive month he would begin stripping more clothes off the two of you. He was drunk off the high that came with these sessions.

“I can be louder,” You gasp as the stubble of his cheeks brushes against your sensitive skin. His mouth capturing your hardened nipple as your back continued to slam against the wall. “If you would fuck me properly–shit–against a bed in a p-private room you would find out!” Your voice ends on a pitchy note, your back arching as he sucks against your nipple. His blazing finger pressing against your cold clit.

“As much as I would love to do that,” Hawks chuckles against the valley of your breasts. Your hands going from supporting your weight on the wall to locking in on his ridiculously soft hair. “I prefer having images of you like this. Up against the wall. Bouncing on my cock. Shaking because I make you feel so good.” His mouth sucks against your collarbone. “Your worried eyes shooting towards where anyone can walk in on us every five seconds.” His tongue trails from your jugular to the bottom of your ear, your voice whimpering at the feeling. “You’re insatiable to me, y/h/n, and you can’t blame me for being in love with this adrenaline high.”

Your lips connect with his own. Your eyes clenching together as his tongue tangles with yours. Pleasure shooting throughout your body as he has you on edge. You can feel your walls spasming against his thrusting cock. Your fingers tugging at his hair as your way of warning him.

Hawks pulled away, his lips shining with your mixed saliva. You resist the lewd scream that threatens to escape your mouth as his speed quickens.

“Where’s Hawks and y/h/n?” A voice calls from the distance, and your eyes widen. You were not appropriate for anyone to find you, and the damn door was partially open.

“Better come soon…” Hawks mutters, a cunning grin on his face. As if he wasn’t already fucking you at a high speed, he only gets faster. Your back hitting the wall with repetitive low thuds as footsteps approached.

Your gasps increased as you buried your mouth into the crook of his shoulder. “You’re almost there, sweetheart.” Hawks chuckles, and you nod your head in agreement. Waves of pleasure were beating inside of you. Your legs only wrapped tighter against his slim waist. Your arms trembling as your hips began circling against his own. His fingers pinch your clit, and it’s over.

The wave of pleasure comes crashing down hard over you. Your vision turning white as you splutter into his neck. Your body trembling as your orgasm overwhelms you.

“Hawks? Y/h/n?” The voices are nearer, and Hawks is desperate to clear his orgasm. If he was nervous, he did not try to hide it as a lazy grin covers his face. In contrast, your weak body held onto him tighter.

You can feel him unload within you, a low grunt in his throat as his thrusts slow down significantly. His breathing labored as the voices only seem next door now. Before you can even react, you’re on your feet. Uniforms are thrown into place by his feathers as Hawks is now on the opposite side of the room, jacket on.

Your eyes are wide. Your body trembling against the wall as the door opens, and your sidekicks are very relieved to find the two of you.

“They’re ready for us!” Your sidekick informs, a confused look in her eye.

Your head nods, looking over at Hawks who looks up at you all as if he was finally in the conversations. You take off without waiting for him. Your cheeks feeling like they were on fire as you feel his come slowly seeping out of you.

“You had a feather in your hair!” Hawks sidekick says, and you freeze as it’s removed. You felt like you were about to die on the inside. You snap your gaze over to Hawks who looks shocked at this revelation.

“Keep your fucking chicken feathers off my body!” You snap, trying not to tremble as you storm away. Your sidekicks stare shocked at each other as you and Hawks walk away, bickering with each other.

“For two people who didn’t seem to get along, they are always in the same room together.” Your sidekick murmurs, her eyes wide.

“Tell me about it…”


Now, you would never say you were dick crazy.

That was a very false statement. You could admit you enjoyed your sex life and looked forward to the next session. What you were doing now was something you were very embarrassed about.

On top of the highest tower in Tokyo, in the middle of the damn day, you were on your knees. Hawks cock sliding further down your throat as you sucked him off.

Hawks moans loudly, his head dipping back as your fingers tightened around the back of his thighs. Your head worked in synch with his moving hips, your head bobbing against his hard length. The soft gags that escape your throat only willing on the Pro-Hero to try getting you closer to the edge. Desperate for someone to try and see you blowing him.

Your eyes fluttered as you stare up at him, his brown eyes sparkling with amusement. His gloved hands rake through your hair, dainty words escaping his lips as he encouraged you on.

You groaned as your mouth took him in further. Your vocal vibrations that shot against his heated skin made Hawks curse your name.

Shit,” He hisses as his hips snap into your mouth.

You gag as he hits the back of your throat at full force. Tears springing into your eyes as you try adjusting to having his length in your mouth. You grasp the back of his legs as you open your mouth further, his hips snapping into your mouth with no mercy.

His hair pulling at your hair as he grunts, “Look at me, I want you to look at me.” He growls as you. “Don’t you dare look away.”

The simple command sends pressure through your body. The liquid heat of your arousal soaking through your panties.

You moan around his dick, his hips relentless in their conquest. Your eyes can barely keep themselves locked on Hawk’s as he fucks your face. “You’re so pretty when you’re choking on my cock, sweetheart.” Hawk’s groans as dick spam within your mouth, and you choke around him. Fire erupting in your lungs from the lack of oxygen, but it feels so good. You fall further against his moving cock. Your nose brushing against his soft and trimmed pubes.

You savor the feeling of the head of his manhood hitting the back of your throat, but your lungs scream for air. You have to pull away despite his grip on your hair. You gasp for breath before going back onto his cock, once more gagging on his length. You repeated the action, feeling Hawks hit the back of your throat as you continue sucking his dick. Your fingers hastening forth to fondle his balls, and he curses your name.

It’s your first name this time that escapes his lips, and it sends a spine chilling sensation down your body. You hum as your mouth sinks against his full length until your lips brush against the base of his cock.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Hawks grunts, his head tilting back as he unloads in your awaiting mouth. His hot seed shooting down your throat as you choke. Pulling away, you heave as he picks up his pants, a shaking grin on his face. “You’re so pretty on your knees for me.” He says as his hand helps you up from the floor.

Your body wobbles as he settles you onto your feet, and he points down. “Do you think we got caught?” He whispers to you.

Your eyes widen as you look down, a group of civilians gathered by the window as they waved. Their cameras on display in their hands.

“Considering that they don’t look disgusted, I’m going to say no.” You whisper, gratefulness in your tone as Hawks scoops you off the roof.

“Alright sweetheart, I think it’s time for us to find our sidekicks.” He says jumping off the roof.

It didn’t seem to matter how many times Hawks did this with you, your arms tightening around his neck as he flew. Your stomach dropping as you looked at the ground below.

“You wanna know a secret, y/n.” Hawks asks you, and you still, not sure if you heard your first name from him again or not. Nonetheless, your head nods. Your arms tightening around him as you feared him dropping you from this height. It was irrational because he never would do it. But still, it was something you couldn’t keep yourself from feeling. “I like fucking you up on buildings so that way I can fly you up and down.”

“You’re an idiot Hawks,” You laugh into his neck, not wanting to look down.

“Thanks,” Hawks says, and you can feel his chuckle vibrating against your face.


It’s been a few months since the last time you and Hawks had “slept” together. It was much more mindless fucking as he never even attempted to fuck you on top of a bed. His kink of almost being caught too high for him to get the two of you a motel room, or go home.

The last time anything had happened it ended with a disastrous argument. Hawks had wanted you to call him by his first name, something you had been refusing to do. After what had been a strenuous week. On top of a rather competitive fucking session on his desk. He had snapped about you and your insecurity over his name.

It had shocked you when it first happened. Your eyes widening as the typically relaxed and easy-going man seemed to break at the seams. Having forced yourself many months ago into seeing this as a sex-only relationship. You had fought back. The two of you stood there, angry words pouring out of both your mouths as you were desperate to end the fighting. His brown eyes shone with anger, and you shone with defiance. It made no sense as everything willed you to say his name. Nothing would change if you did so, right?

While it most likely would not have, his followup to your defiance was his confession. He liked you and was sick of only having you whenever you crossed paths. He wanted more. He wanted to be able to text you. Take you out on dates. To be able to talk to you about things that weren’t just how amazing you felt up against the wall.

You had looked on with shock. Your eyes confused as he stepped away from you, neither one of you have even neared reaching your high. You felt cold as you dressed. Your instincts screaming at you to stay, but you stormed out feelings shattered.

Since then, he was avoiding you. Not that you were seeking him out as you hadn’t quite figured out your feelings for the winged hero. But it stung seeing him in action. His body too quick to keep up with while watching him, but he was always gone as you arrived on the scene.

You didn’t blame him for avoiding you. Hell, you were pretty sure you would have been doing the same thing if things were reversed. But you wanted to talk to him, like an adult this time. You wanted to sit down and explain to him your feelings, and your opinions. He had unloaded everything onto you after you had been begging for him to go faster. Your mind was hazy on lust and need, what did he expect from the much slower hero?

But it didn’t matter if you sat at his office all day on your free days and his active ones, he wasn’t there. To be honest, you didn’t know much about Hawks besides his kinks. As well as how exactly to get the reactions you were seeking.

But the dumb chicken was avoiding you, and it was quickly pissing you off. So you found yourself begging his sidekicks on information on how to hunt down the world’s quickest bird. Now you were waiting outside of his home. Your arms folded, form engraved into your face as you waited for the man to come home.

You waited behind a thicket of bushes, not wishing to let him fly away without you getting to speak. You had been waiting so far for about three hours, but you weren’t giving up anytime soon.

It took an hour more, but then he came down from the sky. The air from him landing making your hair blow out as he reached for his key, ready to most likely call it a night.

“Hawks.” You call, your legs walking out towards him. Without as much as glancing at you, Hawks enters his home and shuts the door behind him. You were a fingertip distance away. “HAWKS!” You yell through the door, your fist pounding on the door as he refused to even acknowledge your presence. “Are you fucking serious? Are you five years old? Open your door, I’m a fucking guest!”

The lack of any noises infuriates you further. Your palm continues slamming against the wood door. “I can break this damn door down!” You threaten, but the words hold no worth as the two of you know you won’t do it. Angry tears form in your eyes as you slam your head against the door, your hand still knocking against the wood. You know he’s still at the door, you know he hasn’t moved, but what is he waiting for? Especially if he is acting like he doesn’t care. An idea hits you then, and as if you were some lovestruck idiot, your throat tightens with emotions.

Takami… please open up.” You whisper.

Your pounding fist stops. Your body wilting as the door still doesn’t open.

Biting down on your lip, you shake your head, defeated.

You push off the door, muttering nonsense under your breath as you realize you’re too late. It stings, you can’t lie, but seeing that it’s months later Hawks–Takami–is over you.

You walk forward towards the stairs, ready to sit there on the steps until he left the following morning. Maybe he didn’t want to talk to you, but you were going to wait until he did. You were not going to do it until he was face to face with you.

The front door creaked open, and you felt like your heart jumped to your throat. Something lifted you off your feet. Your eyes widening as you were brought into his home. Your body being lifted by your jacket as Hawks stared at you. His typical jovial face looking very neutral.

“If you had given me three seconds I could have walked over!” You gasp, feeling like a bratty puppy as you hung from the air.

“I’m doing this so I have no resistance from you if I need to kick you out.” Hawks shrugs, and you still, your face twisting at the haunting look in his neutral face. You didn’t like it, not one bit.

“Haw–Takami.” You say, rolling your shoulders that were not liking this hanging position a single bit. “Can we please be adults about this?”

“I am.”

You sigh, exasperated as you pull up on your jacket, desperate to feel comfortable.

“You have thirty seconds before I kick you out.”

Your jaw drops, your eyes narrowing as your upper lip curled, why was he being such an ass.

“You’re a fucking asshole, Takami.” You say, the words very much not what you had planned. “I’m trying to fucking amend things here, and all you can do is give me shit? Are you for real right now?”

“Must suck having to be the adult here, huh?” Takami says, his eyes still cold as you struggle against his hold. “Twenty seconds.”

“You do not get to tell me that shit!” You spat. Your first clenching into the fabric of your jacket as you adjust your pose. “We started this relationship between us the first day we met! I was under the impression that this was not only a one-time thing but a relationship that was only tied down to fucking! We did this for literally a year, and you ignored me every time I tried confessing! You’re being the adult here? Grow the fuck up Takami Keigo; I’m the only damn adult here right now! I’m here trying to tell your chicken ass that I like you too, and what do you do? Treat me like–”

Your words are swallowed as his lips press against yours softly.

Takami pulls away, and your eyes are wide, and anger and lust pool in your stomach. You had missed his lips on yours, but goddamnit you were in the middle of telling his ass off!

“I’m not fucking done with telling you off!” You yell, your body twisting mid-air as a small smile overcomes Takami’s features.

“I know.” He says as you’re dropped from the air, and instead are now being held by Takami, your legs circling his waist. “But I think I’ll prefer to hear it after I have your pretty pussy around my cock.”

“You’re an asshole.” You murmur as his lips are over yours.

“Save the cursing for when you’re praising me.” Takami chuckles as he begins walking.

Your eyes are closed tight as his lips roll against yours. Your hands roaming his chest and shoulder as he moves his hands over your ass. His warm hands deliciously gripping your flesh as you feel him sink onto a bed. Your knees sink into the soft bed, and you smile as you’re able to grind into his eager crotch.

His breathing staggers as your grinding is far from kind. Your movements are sharp, quick, and rough. All things that sent him over the edge, and it was an edge you were desperate to get to. You had craved him for so long, and you needed him in you as soon as possible.

The two of you made little work of his shirt and jacket. Both clothing articles being discarded as your lips worked their way down his neck. Your teeth biting down on the sensitive skin. Takami groaned, his hands slipping under your shirt to grasp your breasts.

You hiss against his hold, and your shirt and jacket are removed from your person. Your torso pressed flush against his skin, and the two of you moan at the feeling. Despite the numerous amount of time the two of you had fucked, none of which ever had the both of you this naked before. Your lips continue pressing against his own as Takami removes your bra. The material discarded somewhere in the room. You grin at the low groan that escapes Takami’s mouth as your supple breasts press against his toned chest.

“Will you ride me?” Takami moans against your mouth, and you pull away, your eyes clouded with lust as you stare into his brown eyes. They’re needy, the lust that emulates in his eyes making you blush as you nod your head. You hadn’t had the chance to do that, most often you were held against the wall, or bending over something after all.

He grins, and without hesitance, he has his mouth back against yours. The stubble scraping against your chin as your tongue presses against his lips. He grants you entrance as your hips grind heavy against his growing arousal. His hips snapping up to mirror each action. Your eyes roll to the back of your eyes as you moan. Your tongue swirling against his own as he pulls you tighter against him. His hands burning against your body.

You pull away. Your head tilting back to moan. As with a particular thrust, you feel pleasure shooting through your body. His lips are quick to attach to your neck, his teeth biting against your flesh.

“I’m sorry I was being such a cunt.” You moan, your fingers reaching to the base of his wings. A sensitive area of his body that never failed to get him to heed your every command.

“I’m sorry for avoiding you like a coward.”

“I don’t blame you, Takami–”

“Please, call me Keigo…” Takami moans as your fingers rub circles around his wings. “You’ve sucked my dick on every building rooftop in Tokyo, please call me Keigo in bed.”

The laugh that escapes your lips is raw, but tears leave your lips as you feel entirely too guilty. “I’m still sorry.” You whisper, your hips stilling.

Takami pulls away from you, his eyes worried as he stares at your saddened face. You bite down on your lip as he brushes away your tears. You sniffle as his warm soft lips press gently against your tear-stained face. “I was the one ignoring you out of spite, sweetheart.” He whispers and you stare at him, shaking your head. “I forgive you as long as you forgive me.”

You sputter as you bury your face into the crook of his neck. “O-Okay…”

His warm hands rub circles into your lower back, and when you pull away from his neck, his lips meet yours in a sweet kiss. You slide off his lap. Your fingers are quick to pull off his pants and underwear, yours coming off soon afterward.

“No foreplay, y/n?” Takami teases you, his eyebrow quirked as your eyes playfully roll.

“Nope!” You say as you place the tip of his hard cock against your heated core. “Fuck me well?”

“When do I not?” Takami asks, a lazy grin on his face as you sink onto his dick.

The two of you sputter as your walls surround him. Your head buried into his neck as his girth stretches you out. Damn has it been a while since you had last done this. Your hips swivel against his, testing out the almost forgotten action as his head drops backward. Takami stammering curses escaping his mouth.

Again, you move your hips, but with gaining confidence and strength as his hands grip your waist.

“Yes, y/n… just like that.” Takami groans as your body bounce on his cock. Your arms pressing against his shoulders for support.

Again and again, your body comes down to roll against his hips. Takami finally beginning to rut his hips against yours. Creating greater friction that the two of you desired. Your lips seek his out, finding them quickly as you moan into his mouth.

Your arousal building up at the sight of the blond and shivering lover underneath you. You lean against his chest. Your naked chest pressed tightly against his. Your ass bouncing as his grip intensifies. Your lips seek his out, and he kisses you with passion.

The kiss becomes sloppy, teeth clashing, and wet noises emitting from your mouths. You’re relentless as you grind down against him. “Baby, you’re so fucking good to me!” You whine softly into his ear as his hips begin to slam into you.

The ecstatic laugh that is heard from you makes Takami growl in lust. In your current state of amusement and pleasure, he begins to thrust deeply into you. His fingers gripping your skin. His movements overpowering yours as the power of who is in charge was quickly turning.

Gasps leave your mouth as you arch into him, your hands on the base of his wings, trying to get him to lose his mind. You get the timing right and are soon bouncing in rhythm to his strong thrusts. But he’s testing waters, trying to get you to come too.

You realize this as you scream out his name, your pussy throbbing and dripping from your arousal. His name the most repeated word on your tongue. You pant into his neck as you pull his hair harshly. The stuttering grunt from his voice causes you to cry in satisfaction. And in his moment of pleasure, you grind your hips in the opposite direction of what you had initially begun at. The simple change, causes Takami to curse your name. His teeth biting against your skin as he tries not to come on the spot. Your bounces are higher, the penetration is deeper, and Takami is pleading for you to come around him.

You’re panting, your hips desperate as they turn, as you almost crumble as with a snap of his hips Takami hits your g-spot.

It’s over and over, your g-spot slammed into and muffled shrieks escape your lips. You fail in your attempt to drown them with Takami’s mouth.

Your pleasure is building and building, your eyes opening to stare into his own. The mirrored pleasure on your faces as his cock twitches from within you.

“Y/n.” He grunts and his finger slips down to press against your clit.

Your mouth drops, intensifying pleasure shooting through your body. But to your horror, there’s a scream.

The two of you snap towards the noise. Takami’s wings immediately shielding you as his sidekick covers his eyes.

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry! I was just wondering if y/h/n had killed you or something! I just– oh my god! I’m so sorry! Hawks! Please forgive me!”

You tremble against Takami’s figure as he talks casually to his sidekick as if he didn’t have you sunk onto his cock. Your face burning as you shook your head nonstop, you had been caught in the act in the privacy of his fucking house! What the fucking hell was that type of luck?!

You barely realized that the sidekick had rushed away.

“I believe we have something to continue?” Takami implies, his eyebrows wiggling.

“We just got fucking caught in the act…” You whimper, and you stare into his brown eyes.

“Well, sweetheart, I must say, that was much more thrilling than fucking across Tokyo’s skyline.”

“You’re the worst.”

“I’m your boyfriend, it’s my job.”


Chapter Text

“You two are nothing but trouble!”

At first, you had been a rather good student. Clever enough and almost shy! You had never even dared to pass a note in class. Although, that might have more to do with your lack of friends than obedience. You had shown a slight rebellious streak when faced with subjects you didn’t like. But as you never received any encouragement to be anything but good you did what was always required. Instead, you would put your head down and work hard. Always coming out with the best answers and results in the class.

And then Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu came to the school.

He had appeared like a bright sun to you but a dismal cloud to Rei and the other teachers. He turned their world upside down, his eyes had noticed the shy you for what you truly were. A rebel yearning for the bravery to show it. He had dropped himself down beside her. Quite literally offered her his hand in friendship. From that moment on, whenever something was then thrown. Or the school handbell was missing its clapper. They knew where to look. You and Tetsutetsu both sat with matching secretive grins. Never ratting on each other but never letting one go with punishment without the other. No one ever understood why someone as bright as you would want to be friends with Tetsutetsu. He wasn’t all that smart and he managed to make a mess out of whatever work he was doing. But when it came to planning pranks… Tetsutetsu actually showed signs of being a mastermind.

Today had been one of their worse moments and yet there was no evidence that it was them. They’d been sure of that.

“Wipe that smirk off your face Tetsutetsu! You may think this is funny but because of you two, three teachers are at the hospital! Most of the others are not going to be able to teach for the rest of the day.” You stifled a giggle. It had all been so easy and your baking skills that your father ingrained into you, had finally been of some use. Friday was cake day in the staff room. Smuggling in a sumptuous chocolate fudge cake had been the teachers’ undoing.

They had begun dropping in first class. As it turned out only the greedy ones would be actually affected. The dosage in a normal-sized slice of cake was a bit over what would be seen prescribed to someone. So it would only put them out of action for a couple of days. The ones that had to get carted off to the hospital would be fine! But it was obvious that they were the ones who had eaten an extra slice.

“We didn’t do it!” You argued knowing that there was no way they could prove it was you two. Even the cake was made in the utmost secrecy at the dead of night! Then it was snuck in its tin onto the back step. Tetsutetsu had picked it up and cycled it to the school to hide behind the gardening sheds. He would drop it off early that morning and get it into the school later when there was no one around.

It was unlikely any of their parents would know about a single thing they had done. Your house was soundproof so the baking was unheard. Your parents would never notice the missing ingredients as they never cooked! Tetsutetsu’s parents were heavy sleepers. They wouldn’t have woken if Tetsutetsu had run through the house singing at the top of his voice! So getting in and out had been a breeze.

“Do not lie to me!” The principal threatened, staring down at the once quiet girl hoping you would break

“I’m not lying!” You looked back defiantly.

In danger of losing his temper, the principal turned away from you and walked into the assembly hall. The remaining teachers were trying to control the one thousand plus pupils. Some of the remaining teachers were already looking unwell. He didn’t know how long they would last.

As soon as the door closed behind him, both you and Tetsutetsu collapsed to the ground laughing. “Let’s go!” Tetsutetsu clasped your hand in his and gave you a smile that made you flush every time he gave it.

You sprinted down the corridors still laughing at your teachers’ misfortune. It was the end of the year so punishments wouldn’t be too bad! After the break, this incident would still be remembered by the rest of the school. You had quite a notoriety when it came to pranks. Your latest would bring your status to a higher level than ever before. Outside in the playground, you looked for an escape. The large gates shut and there was a guard, plus the bike path gates chained shut…

“This way!” Tetsutetsu pulled you along to the back entrance that few knew about. It was also the way he had smuggled in the cake last night. It was an alleyway where the trashcans are. There was a small wall on one end. The bins that are on either side of it made for easy climbing especially when unhindered by a large cake tin.

“Oh, gross!” You yelled as you landed with a squelch on the other side. The always muddy path, which was unpleasant when dry, after a night of heavy rain had become a river of mud.

“I know! Let’s race!” Staring down the muddy lane both your eyes brightened at the prospect before them. You both knew that neither of you would make it down there upright unless they walked with caution. “From here to the end of the lane!”

A race promised a muddy mess that would get them in a lot of trouble with your parents. But it promised moments of complete enjoyment!

“I’ll get in trouble…” You decided, a frown on your face.

“Chicken!” Tetsutetsu taunted. He made suitable clucking sounds and an appropriate wing imitation with his arms. His floppy silver hair falling into his face.

“What’s the point in racing when there is no prize!” You retorted not wanting to be thought a wimp.

“Fine!” Tetsutetsu recognized. “We decide our own prizes… If I win, I get a kiss”

The words that Tetsutetsu found himself uttering pulled both him and his friend up short. Whilst you gave him a momentary wide-eyed stare, he covered his own shock with his usual cocky grin.

“And what if I win?” Your counter showed a little more of your normal bravado.

“I'll…” he paused trying to think of something.

“If I win, you have to kiss Monoma!”

“What? No way!” He held his hands up looking repulsed.

As he did once before, your voice imitated a clucking hen, your hands creating wings by your ribs. He doesn’t buy it, so your hands fall on your waist, your eyes rolling.

“Fine, I’ll kiss Monoma!”

Tetsutetsu’s jaw drops, and you grin as he falls for your trap.

“No to that too!” Finally, Tetsutetsu gave in to your triumphant grin. “Fine, I’ll kiss him”


“Really, Ready… Set… GO!” You both ran, each one determined that you would win.

Tetsutetsu was the first to fall. Slipping and watching as you ran on ahead before you fell. Having caught up to you, Tetsutetsu was beside you when you fell a second time. You, determined that he wouldn’t win, grabbed hold of his jacket and pulled him down with you. Using the pull you got back up in no time and was across the finish line as Tetsutetsu managed to stand.

“Cheater! YOU CHEATED!” Tetsutetsu yelled as you danced around at the finish line

“Loser!” You called back.

Tetsutetsu didn’t even bother to get to the finish line he sat down in the mud and sulked, now you felt bad. Tetsutetsu had been already called loser a lot at school even by the principal himself. Walking back to him, you sat down beside him and gave him a short hug.

“I did cheat… you don’t have to kiss anyone. We’ll say there was no winner?” You leaped back up to your feet with ease and held out a hand to help him up.

“Do I get my kiss?” Tetsutetsu asked hopeful as you pulled him to his feet and you walked back towards the school.

“Ew, No!” You pushed him away and giggled at his hangdog expression… you didn’t want to kiss him… but at the same time…

You shake your head. Hitting him on the arm as you got ready to climb up onto the bins and back into school. It was then when two voices caused you two to freeze in fear.



“It’s my mom!” Tetsutetsu hissed looking at the wall that separated them from the playground

“And mine…” You looked down at your clothes. “We are so dead!”

“Better give me that kiss before we both die…”

Once again you hit him.


You were fifteen when the request for a kiss came up again.

A little older now your pranks had disappeared, you were good friends as ever but you were growing up. Your intentions for the future need to be considered. The both of you were wanting to become Pro-Hero’s! The two of you going as far as having admittance to U.A., a feat that shocked your school district. At school, you often sat with different groups of friends as your homeroom had been split. It was rare for you to be together. You would watch as girls flirted with your childhood friend hoping for a chance with him. At these times you would catch his gaze. You would raise one brow making him laugh aloud. Whenever this happened, your own friends would accuse you of liking him. To which the response was always a disgusted and far too emphatic ‘no!’ You were friends and you were sure that was all you would ever be.

It was when he ran laps that they would see each other. Every morning you would wake early and meet at the park near your dorms. Together you would run three laps before you would warm down and sit correcting his homework. Once he finished his own six laps he would sit with you, and eating a small breakfast you would go over his mistakes. It was mid-October when the subject came up. You were discussing the upcoming joint-training when Tetsutetsu asked:

“If my class wins, do I get a kiss?” As with the first time, there was a shock from you, but this time for him it had seemed natural. “Well do I?”


“Oh come on!”

“You’re weighing in the fact we don’t know what we’re even doing! Tell you what, if it ends up being a battle royale sort of thing, and my class loses all rounds, I’ll kiss you.”

“That’s not fair!” Tetsutetsu was a bit insecure about some of the larger heavy hitters in your class. To be fair it made sense, there were some massive monsters in your class.

“It is to me, you better get training!”

“What if my team in specific wins? What happens then?”

You chuckled, thinking about what you would receive if he failed? Choosing to ignore his ask you continue on with your own thoughts.

“If you lose, you have to kiss Bakugou!” You smirked as he picked you up, throwing you over his shoulder and began running. Your startled shrieks making him laugh. “You can’t use me as a weight!”

“I can and I will!”


A few days later, Tetsutetsu woke up in the infirmary. He should have been happy, he was able to go toe to toe against Todoroki Shouto! But it was still a tie, and more so, it wasn’t enough! Leaning against his pillow he groaned next to a surprised Pony.

“We still almost won, Tetsutetsu! I think you should be happy about the tie! We showed them who we are!”

“It’s not enough though!” He moaned miserably.

Pony’s eyebrow scrunched as she brushes her hair. Her eyes blinking as she tried to put together a correct response.

“Hey, guys!” You walked in on the two of them and smiled, “How are you feeling Tetsu?”

“Tetsutetsu is a bit sad, but we put up a great, great fight.” Pony exclaimed knowing you would be pleased for your friend! Even if Tetsutetsu himself wasn’t.

“It was pretty fucking amazing!” You exclaimed.

Pony nodded relieved someone else finally agreed with her, “I know, but he seems all upset about it…”

“It isn’t good enough, is it?” Tetsutetsu asked you miserably, you smiled and shake your head.

“Not this time, but I am proud of you, you did really well”

“What about the other end of the deal?!” Tetsutetsu questioned nervously glancing at the door next to him. You went off into chimes of laughter and shook your head.

“I’ll let you off after all my rule was that you had to all lose, and well, you guys did win one!”

“Oh thank God!” They exchanged smiles “I’ll get what I want one-day!” Tetsutetsu promises you. You grinned and tilted your head to one side.



The final time Tetsutetsu asked you to kiss him was when you were twenty.

Your life had become insanely busier as Pro-Heroes. The days and nights out on patrol made you often feel like a zombie as you desperately tried to balance a social and career life. So far, you were failing at it very, very badly.

You collapsed next to a grinning Tetsutetsu who looked at you expectantly. His wide grin making you feel like you were missing something, but you had no idea as to what. Your body felt like lead as Tetsutetsu blinked, his grin fading.

You were missing something, and you knew it with his withering expression.

“It’s October sixteenth,” Tetsutetsu said and you felt as if someone had shot you in the stomach.

“It’s your–”

“It’s my–”

“Birthday.” You say together and you moan into your hands, your elbows slamming into the table as you feel like the worst friend in the world. “I’m so sorry, Tetsu…”

Your eyes peeping through the slits of your fingers. Somehow, for some reason, Tetsutetsu is grinning instead.

“Don’t worry about it!” He laughs, his face jovial, his face forgiving.

“No, no! It’s totally not okay! I need to text Kirishima, too! What are you doing tonight? Or tomorrow?! I need to make this up to you!” You exclaim as you fish out your phone from your jacket pocket. Another horrified moan escaping your lips as you see that your group chat with your class. It had very much been active with celebrating another birthday.

“I’ll forgive you on one thing!” Tetsutetsu’s voice says in a calming tone. You, in a state of panic over the terrible feeling of being a horrible friend, nod.

“Of course!”

“Give me a kiss?”

You freeze then. Your eyes snapping up from the phone screen. You still had not been able to press send on your birthday message to your old classmate. “W-What?”

“Kiss me,” Tetsutetsu nears your face, a smirk on his face as you freeze. “Come on, it’s all I’ll ask from you ever again.”

“Tetsu!” You hiss, your face feeling as if it was on fire as you look around. There’s no one near though, no one able to keep your decency up for. “W-What? I thought you were…”

Your voice trails off as his black eyes lock with yours. He’s silent, nothing happening as his eyesight drop to your agape lips.


Your breathing nearly stops as you stare at your childhood friend. For how long as he liked you? You could not say.

You knew you liked him, but with the chaos of your blossoming career, it had been easy to deny your feelings. Deny they existed due to the fear of him hating you should you ever break up. Your heart continues hammering as he gets nearer. His pale skin tantalizing close as your breath stops.

Your body moves on its own, your fingers grasping his jaw and pulling him in for a kiss. Tetsutetsu, however, did not seem like he was expecting this. His body stiffening against you as you continue kissing him. Your lips fluid against his own, uncaring that he was caught off guard.

His hands finally tangle themselves in your hair, his fingers tugging at your roots as he keeps you close. Your head tilts as you let him kiss you deeper, his hands traveling to your waist to draw you nearer. His tongue heavy on your lips before you pull away, your eyes wide as his eyes open up.

“Oh my god!” You squeak, standing up. Your legs wobbling as if you had just finished an intensive training and not just kissed your best friend. “I gotta- fuck- I gotta go!” You shrill taking off before Tetsutetsu could even stop you.

It doesn’t take long for you to find yourself back home, your body heaving against your front door as the kiss replays over and over again. After ten years of knowing Tetsutetsu he had finally gotten his kiss, and after ten years of denying him said kiss, you wanted more.

A groan escapes your lips as you sink to the ground, your body trembling as years of denied attraction fill your body with a vengeance. Your hands grab your phone as you look through the worried texts from Tetsutetsu, each one apologizing for making you kiss him. It had been a joke that he thought you would have refused, and he was sorry.

But you want more, you crave more, and you need more.

Shaking fingers nearly prohibited you from sending your response, but only ten minutes away Tetsutetsu looked at the bubbles dancing on his screen.

you: I have a gift for you if you still want it. And don’t worry about the kiss, I liked it.

Tetsutetsu found himself opening your unlocked front door. He stepped inside, his eyes searching through the darkness for you.


“In the bedroom!”

Tetsutetsu has never been more confused as he continues walking through the darkness. His heart in his throat as he follows the dim light towards your room.

Now, for a man that just kissed you, what he did not expect to see upon entering your room was for you to be sitting on your bed. Your legs bound by your ankles, and ribbon circling around your arms as you sat tied up.

Bound up.

You’re wearing metallic colored lingerie, your cheeks feeling like they were burning as you stared at him. “I… I couldn’t think of anything better.” You confess, your eyes sinking to the ground as Tetsutetsu approaches you. “I love you, Tetsu, so much. I know I haven’t always been the kindest to you, but tonight I want to give you my everything. If you want it of course, if not you can forget about this! Oh my god, I’m so sorry, this is embarrassing of me and I totally assumed you’d be down to–mmph!”

His lips are over yours again, and you tumble backward as the solid man crawls on top of you. His arms slamming beside your head as your wrists struggled against the ribbons you had placed against your limbs.

Tetsutetsu’s lips are heavy against yours. His mouth swallowing your desires and moans as his fingers run up and down your figure. An almost snarl like laughter escaping his throat.

“Well, if this was what I would get after one kiss, I’m glad I saved it until now.” He moans softly against your lips, and you want nothing more than to run your fingers through his soft hair. But you’re unable to do that.

His lips move from your lips to your cheek, his large and thick eyelashes fluttering against your skin as you moan softly. Your body shifting as you want his strong body pressed against yours. You want to feel him flat against you, but he doesn’t undo the restraints.

“Please, you would have totally pissed your pants if I kissed you back then!” You laugh, your head dipping back into the mattress as his sharp teeth bite against your throat. A pained yelp escaping your lips until his soothing tongue presses against the throbbing skin.

“It’s my birthday,” Tetsutetsu growls lowly, and you can feel shivers running down your spine from the tone. “What I say is always right.”

You freeze as you feel his scarred fingers trail down the valley of your breasts all the way down to your panties. You gasp as his finger pressed against your clothed clit. Your hips thrust against his finger, and his breathy laugh makes you huff in frustration.

“You’re so beautiful,” Tetsutetsu kisses the bruise on your throat that he had just given you, admiring in the way it looked against rising skin. His hand retracts from your clit, the whine in your throat making him chuckle. “You teased me for ten years, baby, don’t you dare start complaining to me.” Your eyes snapped towards him, your bound hands ready to smack him for the rude response, but his hands rip the bra from your chest. You scream out his name, but his hands are giving your breasts a delicious amount of attention as his fingers began to knead the soft flesh around your sensitive nipples.

Your jaw drops, a resonating moan escaping your lips as Tetsutetsu continues leaving love bites down your chest. His hands were so close to your nipples, teasing the sensitive skin as he refuses to touch them. Desperate to feel his strong fingers touch your craved skin, you press your arms forward, hopeful that the squeeze will get him to slip up. “Tetsu!” You groan trying to manipulate him to your will. “It’s your birthday, I should be treating you!” Each squeeze made a pleasurable jolt course through your core as you imagined soon enough doing things to you you hadn’t imagined before.

“But you’re my present,” Tetsutetsu whispers against your breast. Your body trembling against the sensation.

“Please, Tetsu. I want–” You were torn from your exchange as Tetsutetsu pressed one of his free hands up to sit against your heated core. His hands grinding against your sex. Your reaction causing him to grin against your breast.

Your mewls are now pouring without any restraint as his teeth bite down against your hardened nipples. His hands pushing up against your grinding hips as waves of pleasures build up within you.

“Fuck, you’re so fucking beautiful like this,” Tetsutetsu moans as your fingers fist awkwardly into his shirt. With his help, you pull the material over his head and your awe in his chest. You had seen it a million times, his costume left little to imagine about his torso, but this feels different. It’s raw, and it’s incredibly intimate. You watch as your lover shuffles his pants down, discarding them in your room as he flips you over onto your chest, your knees supporting you in a faux doggy style. Your ankles are still bond, and you feel bowlegged as you pant. Your panties are removed, and you hiss as your blazing sex hits the colder air.

“Are you ready for me?” Tetsutetsu asks you, and you laugh breathless. You turn your head as you look at your lover, his hands fisting his hard cock ready to enter you whenever you allowed him.

“I am.” Your ass rolling as he presses you further into the mattress.

A shriek of pleasure leaves your lips as Tetsutetsu begins entering your slick pussy. Your hips moving painfully slow against his girth, a pained cry escaping your lips as he stills. “Shit,” He curses, his head falling, “are you okay?”

“Give–fuck–give me a second!” So, Tetsutetsu stays there, buried deep within your folds as you blink away painful tears. His fullness eventually becoming bearable and so you began to roll your hips against his. A pained smile on your face as you marvel in the way Tetsutetsu moans loudly. His hips moving to meet yours. You simpered as you manage to slam into him at the same time. Your body quivers at the impact, your pussy clenching at the feeling. Your face lits up when your lover sinfully moans at the action, his jaw-dropping as he pants. He liked it as well. Your fingers clutch the duvet, and you shift, ready to go even faster.

“Please, fuck, you’re so amazing!” Tetsutetsu puffs as you angle your hips anew. His fingers gripping your soft flesh as his pace increases, and you meet him at every pound. You giggle, your head leaning to the side to watch his eyes clenched closed as he rocked into you.

“Tetsu, you look so damn handsome when you’re whining for me.” You moan, uncaring about your sloppy thrusts for the moment. The way Tetsutetsu is so surprisingly responsive to your actions is just stirring you on, you’re nearly positive that you’ll be coming as soon as he touches your clit. You grip the duvet, angling your body again so that he is thrusting into you at a better angle. The raw moans that leave both your mouths letting you know you had succeeded. The loud and raw ‘fuck’ that leaves his lips makes you shriek in delight. You continue to keep your that angle, uncaring about the discomfort, only caring that the same power and depth in the rawness of his voice were sending chills down your spine.

Your body feels like it’s on fire as you feel so much power. Your lovers’ continuous mewls stirring you on. Your right-hand tugs against the ribbon, moving your entire body, but Tetsutetsu growls not liking this dominance you were beginning to show.

His fingers press harshly against your clit, and your back arches as you shriek his name.

“Yes, fuck, baby yes!” Tetsutetsu laughs, his face burying into your back as your pleasure-filled noises rile him up, his fingers circling on the bundle of nerves. Your hips are no longer relentless against his cock as he continues fucking you. Your screams nearly inaudible at the sight of him still hammering himself into you.

You’re intent on getting him to come within seconds, but the way he’s manipulating your body doesn’t allow you to think straight. Your hips are thrusting once again, harder and faster than you’ve gone yet. Your fingers clenched as you try to focus on anything but your spasming walls against his protruding cock as his fingers dance against your clit. Tetsutetsu’s spluttering yells fueling your inner lust as his body convulses under your manipulation.

Sinfully loud mewls and moans leave his lips, and you feel his cock spasm. Your hips finding it difficult to go as fast as you had been going your walls clench around him.

“Y/N, FUCK!”

Your pussy is filled instantly with his hot sticky seed. Your lips in a wide grin as your hips continue moving along his length, his fluids continuing to come out in his heavy load. Your thrusting continues, moving towards your own orgasm now. Tetsutetsu, not one to give up, continues thrusting, his fingers pinching and pulling gently at your clit. With a shriek, your pussy clamps against his cock, and you come around him. Your chest heaving as you fall forward, body exhausted.

Wordlessly your childhood friend, and now lover falls down next to you.

“You know,” He says quietly. “You didn’t have to do all that. I would’ve taken the kiss as a present.”

“Are you saying the sex wasn’t good.”

Tetsutetsu laughs as he undoes the ribbons. “No, baby, it was amazing.”

Chapter Text

Stereotypes were the bane to your existence.

They were cruel, mean, and unneeded. Why they were even created was something that you wish you could give a definite answer to. Were they created out of love at first and then twisted into horribleness? Or were they always derogatory?

You had no idea.

All you knew is that people always held two stereotypes triumphantly over your head. You were a woman so you couldn’t drive, and that you were gay so you even worse at driving.

Those were the two things forever held over your head. You had a conversation with someone every three days about your driving skills. It seemed that this stereotype was forever chained to your leg.

Were they wrong?

Of course! You were an amazing driver! You always looked over your shoulder before changing lanes and… you can’t even lie.

You were an awful driver.

Every day without fail you were either fifteen miles above the speed limit or fifteen below it. You could never parallel park, and would always hug one side of a parking space. You always used your blinkers! But again, you also left them on to the frustration of other drivers. You cut people off, flipping others off when they did the same to you. You slam your brakes instead of easing into it, and often you get distracted with your playlist to drive. You also clipped the curbs a lot. All and all, how you passed your driving exam was a mystery no one could solve.

The largest evidence of your shitty driving was the number of tickets you had as well. You were good though! The major points against your record happened once a year! But this year it seemed you were dwindling on your typical luck as you were racing home. Trying to tune in to the Bachelor. Why you liked that show was beyond you, but the drinking game always left you buzzed and ready to take on the world. You knew, as well, that you had two speeding tickets. You also figured that there were two months before you would be clear to restart your ticket clock. But it was already super late. The lack of cars on the highway made you press past the seventy-five miles limit by a whopping twenty miles.

You had taken this route before, and the highway patrol had never been there. Was it your luck that as you passed a large sign you were then met with bright blue and red lights. The all too familiar sound of a siren blaring as you cursed. You didn’t resist, however, turning on your blinker and pulling off to the side of the road. Your head slamming against the wheel as you awaited for the officer to come over. It felt like an eternity before a flashlight shone through your window. Tapping against the glass window as you lowered the window without looking.

“License and registra–” Your head peaked up to catch the pink-skinned officer. “Oh my god, are you serious, y/l/n?!” The female voice groaned, and you moaned further as your hands fished for your purse and your papers.

This was not the first time you had been pulled over by Officer Ashido.

“Evening, officer.” You sniffle, already thinking about the incoming notice of the suspension of your license.

Officer Ashido had never let you off with a warning before! You wish you were kidding when you said that she is the only officer to have written you up for speeding. Most male officers looked down your shirt and gave you a warning. You weren’t opposed to using your body to get away with things! You were not ashamed of it either! You just wished Officer Ashido was a hopeless lesbian so you could get away with things.

“Do I even need to tell you what you did wrong here?” She asks you, a coy smirk on her face as she leans on the threshold of your window. You can feel your face turning on fire as you sigh, staring straight ahead you nod. Why did you feel like a misbehaved puppy whenever she was involved?

“I’m especially pretty today? So you felt the need to pull me over and tell me?” You flirt anyways, your eyes falling onto her grinning face. Officer Ashido laughs shaking her head as she takes out her ticket machine.

“So,” She continues ignoring your words. “Is this the seventh time I’ve caught you?”

Your face burns as your hands reach out for her, her fingers punching in a serial of numbers into the machine. “Let’s not be hast here!” You interject as her fingers pause, her eyebrow quirks as she looks at you.

“Why’s that?”

You know she knows, there’s no doubt about it especially with the devious glint in her eyes. You felt your blood boil as you square her off, “It’ll be my third ticket!” You say as you try reading the screen. “I can’t get my license taken away.”

“Sounds like you knew what you were doing wrong then, sweetheart.” Mina clicks her tongue, but she doesn’t go back to writing up your ticket. “You took a chance and slipped. It happens to the best of us. Tell your boyfriend to take you places from here on out then.”

Your cheeks puff out as you’re a bit flabbergasted with her words. What about you screamed that you had a boyfriend?! “I don’t have a boyfriend! I also don’t have roommates!” You whined, hoping that there would be some sort of sympathy in her heart.

“Should’ve thought of that before speeding on my highway.” Officer Ashido sighs as her fingers begin tapping away at the buttons.

“There’s never been anyone there before!”

“So, you’re admitting to speeding multiple times?”


“I’m pretty sure that’s what you confessed to earlier?”

“I wasn’t confessing anything! I–just–fucking shit, Officer Ashido, I can not get this ticket. Please, I’m begging you! I’ll do anything!”

You watch as she pushes off from your car, her arms folding as she turned away from you. Your eyes widen as you continue looking at her, unsure of what she was even doing. You felt on edge. You had never, ever, used that phrase before. Anything could mean anything, and a part of you feared she would say something dumb or straight out refuse. Your lips part as she turns around, a serious expression on the typically jovial cops face.

“Alright, let’s get you down to the station!”

“T-The… the station?” You repeat confused. Why did you need to go to the station? Your show was playing!

“Well, considering this is your third violation of the year. On top of you attempting to seduce an on-duty officer, you are violating the law.”

“WHAT?!” You panic as you feel your stomach fall out of your ass. Strings of apologies pour out of your mouth, tears welling in your eyes as you try to show how apologetic you were. “Please forgive me! I didn’t mean for you to–fuck I’m an idiot, come on Officer Ashido, just this–”

You freeze as her giggles sound in your ears, and you look up. Your tears quickly dying in your eyes as you stared at her laughing form. Oh, she was joking. Annoyance floods your veins as you pout, your hands crossing over your chest as you look ahead again.

“Sorry, sorry, I had to take that!” She laughs as she leans in towards the window again. You can feel her soft breaths hitting your neck as you try to remain unaffected. Officer Ashido was someone you found to be very attractive. But you knew nothing would ever come out of pining after an officer you only saw when breaking the law. “Now, let’s talk about this ‘you’ll do anything’ business.” She sighs and you snap your gaze over to her.

“What makes you think that still stands after what you did?” You retort, your eyes angry as your eyes shift over to her bottom lip that is captured between her teeth.

“So you want the ticket?”


“Good, because if I’m being honest I have something I want to attempt with you. Of course, if you’re up to it.”

Your breathing feels like lead as you stare at her blown wide pupils. Something convinces you to continue. “Depends, what do you want?”

“You see,” She removes the officer’s hat, her curly pink hair tied back into a messy bun. It was nearing the end of her shift as well it seems. “For the past few… years. I haven’t been having that much fun in bed. Long story short, men… aren’t my favorite things anymore.” You feel your fingers tremble as you stare at her face. It seems she’s trying to judge how you’re reacting to her story. The trembled breathe that escapes your mouth lets her know to continue. “They’re boring, egotistical, and by all means never want to see a woman on top of them. I’ve always been attracted to women, but I’ve never tested out the waters before. But, I want to try it with you, of course, only if you want to.”

Your chest heaves as you feel very, very turned on. Her yellow eyes on yours as they trail against your chest, the tank top you wore leaving little to imagine.

The words pour out of your mouth before you can even think about the consequences of your actions.

“Get to the backseat.”

Your fingers unlocking the car doors, you unbuckle yourself from the seat. Your fingers rolling up the window as Officer Ashido slips into your backseat. The car door slamming as you relocked the car. With the car doors locked, you get up from your seat. Jumping over the armrest to get to the backseat where Ashido is expecting you. The red and blue lights of her patrol car blinding you as it flashed in your eyes.

Her strong hands grip your waist, and you gasp as in your blinded state her lips latching onto your neck. Her teeth nibbling on your vein makes you moan, your back arching as she presses on, unafraid of what she’s doing.

“Tell me…” She wonders against your skin. Your fingers clutching her biceps between your hands as you lie against your seat. “What does my dirty little slut like?”

Your eyes open. Degradation was something you’ve never tried before. But those words send heat towards your cunt. You moan as her fingers trail under your tank top, her nails dragging against your sensitive skin. Her hands are on your waist, and she drags your legs until your ass is adjacent to her crotch. Your hips come to roll against hers, a movement that causes her to hiss.

Her smile makes your walls flutter in anticipation as your mouth opens to answer, “I… I like being fucked by a dom who isn’t afraid to wrestle around with me. I’m not giving in quickly, and I don’t expect to be on top. I love being tribbed, it’s so fucking hot feeling a girl grinding her soaked pussy into my own.” You grin as your watch Ashido’s head drop backward, a preemptive moan escaping her mouth at the thought of doing all those things. You weren’t ashamed to admit it, and you glowed at her inability to look at you right now. You didn’t ever sleep with anyone with a degradation kink, but you knew about it well enough to play with her own emotions. “I love being used as someone’s sex toy. Using me after dominating me in whatever way and desire they want. I love watching people play with themselves as I’m forced to watch, the look on their faces as they’re getting off. The look on their face when– shit!”

There’s a hard thrust against your aching core, and Ashido has your hands above your head. Cold metal circling your wrists as you watch her handcuff you to the door. “Officer–!”

“Call me, Mina.” She grins before her lips come and connect with yours. Goosebumps shoot through your body as your hands tug against the restraint. The cold metal hissing against your burning skin as her hands push your shirt up and over your breasts. Your face twists with pain and pleasure as her hands force your back to arch. A muffled moan escapes your lips as she undoes your bra. Her hands shoving the trapped material up with the shirt.

You pant as Mina pulls away, her fingers unbuttoning her blue workshirt as she grinned. “Don’t you just look lovely like this. Saying things about how you’re a bratty sub, but look at you. You’re trembling with excitement. Such a fucking whore, aren’t you? How long have you waited for me to do this to you, hm? Did you want me to fuck your dirty fucking pussy the first time around? How many people have you fucked to get out of a ticket before, are you a desperate whore as I think you are?”

An aroused and insulted moan escapes your lips as Mina pulls the white tank top over her head. Her breasts restrained behind a sports bra as she leaned back down. “I want a fucking answer, whore.”

Your breathing hitches as you stare into her lust-filled eyes, her emitting confidence was very quickly overwhelm you. Was this really her first time domming?

“I’ve n-never done this!” You stutter as her fingers pull off your pants, your hips bucking with the desperate need of attention to your throbbing core.

Mina chuckles as she spreads your legs apart, her hot breaths hitting your soaked core causing you to whine. Chills of pleasure spreading among your skin as you cry out her name. “I’m glad because you’re mine and only mine, got it?” Mina asks you, her fingers tracing your clothed slit. Your head nods rapidly in agreement.

Mina’s fingers push aside your panties, and her fingers push into your dripping core. Your back arches off the seat, your body almost tumbling off as you scream her name. “God, you’re such a tight fucking little whore. You really wanted this to be the end result, didn’t you?” Mina snaps, her fingers curling into your walls. You sob in response, the overwhelming pleasure spreading like fire through your body as she coaxes her fingers against your walls. Her other hand shoots out to your noisy mouth, sinking two fingers into your mouth as you gag against it slightly. “Come on, I know you can take my fingers like a good bitch.”

You moan against her fingers, your hips awkwardly bucking against her fingers as your backseat was definitely not spacious enough to maneuver without care. As if she was not doing enough, Mina’s head tilts down to suck onto your pert nipples, your gagged scream only riling her further. Her tongue swirls your stiff nipple around in her mouth, the sucking sensation of her mouth making you plead to her around her fingers. Her eyes are locked on your desperate eyes. She doesn’t stop, her fingers now scissoring within you as you shudder against her movements.

Mina lets go of your nipple and sighs. “You’re such a dirty fucking bitch. Your pussy is so fucking wet, are you going to come so quickly?” Your head shakes fast, your back arching off the seats as you try getting more friction to your pussy. “I know you’re a good whore, you won’t come yet right now, right?”

Her fingers leave your mouth, and you cough, your lungs finally filling with a full amount of oxygen, “Mina, please, I want you now!”

Mina doesn’t even flinch as she instead removes her fingers from within you, and removes your panties. Your strained cries also ignored as she removes her pants, your hips wriggling in hope to catch her leg between them. You need contact.

You watch with increasing lust as Mina removes her sports bra, now in front of you, gloriously naked. She’s beautiful and perfect. Her breasts look full and ready to be touched, her curves making you feel jealous as she leans back over you. “Did you know you have the prettiest fucking pussy I’ve ever seen, harlot.” You grunt, not at all liking all the talking and wanting her to grind her pussy against yours. “Do you need to come now? You were taking my fingers so well, and I think my pretty fucking whore needs to come. I sure want to come against my whore.”

You sob as your hands pull desperately against the restraint, your body unable to move from your position.

“Yes, Mina!” You cry as her fingers trace the sides of your body, your hips squirming under her touch. “I want to come, and I want you to come on me.”

“You say such sweet things for a dirty cumslut.” Mina giggles as her legs straddle your opened legs.

You hiss as she lowers herself over your throbbing pussy.

“Oh my god!” You shrill as she places herself directly onto your clit.

Fuck, shit!” Mina gasps, her back arching as your hips rut against hers. It’s obviously a new sensation for her, and her clenched eyes tell you that easily. “You’re so fucking wet, so fucking messy for me.”

“Mina!” You shout as you roll your hips, creating friction between your both soaked pussies. “Please, Mina! You need to move!”

Mina shakes her head her body still adjusting to this new pleasure as her hips finally move. The sopping sounds of your interacting pussies make you nearly shriek as Mina’s hips roll against yours. She grinds against you sinfully, as if she has been doing this for ages. “You’re so fucking wet!” She cries out her hands playing with her breasts. “You’re such a fucking slut, your pussy is fucking soaked for me!”

Your head throws back as you feel her pussy throb against yours. Your teeth biting into the side of your arm to keep yourself from screaming. “You’re so fucking good at this!” You praise against your arm. “Don’t stop mina, you’re so fucking amazing!”

“You’re such a sexy woman, slut.” Mina cries, a single hand moving from groping her breasts to placing her fingers onto both your throbbing clits. The two of you cry out, your hips bucking wildly against hers as Mina laughs.

“MINAE, FUCK!” You sob as your hips try to start a merciless speed against her hips, but she keeps you under her pace.

“Keep screaming my name, whore.” Mina gasps, her cunt grinding even harder against you and you pull against the handcuffs so hard you’re sure to leave a bruise. “Screaming my name like the fucking slutty mess you are. All this shit just to get me to fuck you? God, you’re so fucking pathetic y/n. Yet here I am, my pussy fucking wet as you’re handcuffed and screaming under me. Begging for me, begging for more? I think you’re my favorite whore ever.”

“Mina,” You wail, your wrists and pussy throbbing as she continues rocking her cunt against yours. Your vision seeing stars as you tremble more and more. “I am your whore. Please let me come, please! You fuck me so well, fucking hell!”

Pleasurable waves crash through you as her fingers focus on your clit, and your walls spasm. Your breathing hitches as the pleasure within continues building mercilessly. It shoots through your body, your toes curling as your jaw drops in a soundless scream.

You’re about to tumble onto your orgasm when Mina’s finger let go of your clit, and a resulting cry rips through your throat as Mina reaches towards the floor. Her hands taking her keys and freeing your hands from handcuffs. Your hands immediately seeking both your clits and Mina’s resulting hiss making your cunt tremble.

“Yes, yes, fuck yes!” Mina cries as your moving fingers will you both on. Mina’s head is thrown back, and the lewd scream that leaves her lips does it for you.

You come hard, your hips twitching and throwing in every which way as you scream her name. Your fingers freeze against Mina’s clit, but she continues riding against your finger, coming seconds after as she falls forward. Her sweaty body pressing against yours.

The two of you lay there, your mixed breathing filling your ears as after awhile she presses away.

“Well, I think you need to give me your number, I would love to take you out.”

You feel a smile come to your face as you laugh, your head shaking.

“You don’t have that memorized yet? It’s on my registration papers!”

“Oh, I never noticed!”

Chapter Text

Kirishima could not keep his eyes off of you as you squatted yet again.

His fingers were wrapped around his own weights, but his eyes betrayed him as with every repetition you pulled, he watched. It did not help that everything you wore seemed to be turning him on either. The colorful yoga pants you wore that hugged your legs and accented your curves made Kirishima freeze the first time he saw you. The black sports bra hugging your chest and revealing your stomach had his jaw-dropping as you stripped off your jacket.

Kirishima’s work-out routine wasn’t even that bad. Most of his exercise coming in due to patrols and things, but he could never say no to going to the gym with you. Not at all. Especially when you looked like this.

His head shook, focusing back onto the camera, he grunted as he lifted the cold and heavy metal again. It was going okay so far, his face concentrated on his reflection as he made sure his form was correct. His technique was great, but at the corner of his eyes, he saw you squat. The curve of your ass almost sending Kirishima to the hospital as the weight left his fingers. Coming down crashing hard on his foot. It was okay, his quirk activated, but now your eyes were on his, focused, concerned.

Waving you off, he felt like his neck burned as he put away the weights, good lord, this was not going to be okay.


Kirishima dodged a swift kick to his head. Your legs whizzing by his head and he smiled as he went to counter, but he stumbled onto his face as you kicked his legs out from underneath him. You grinned, your cheeks red, forehead sweaty as you laughed. “You’re still too predictable!” You say as you step back, your stance still on guard, your body ready to pounce any way.

Groaning, Kirishima raised to his feet again, his arms hardening over as he charged.

You were light on your feet, dodging and weaving through every single throw. Your hair was the only thing he managed to hit as your foot connected hard to his ribcage. He could not focus as your hands grabbed his arm. He stiffened as for a millisecond your ass brushed against his crotch. Only for you to toss him over your shoulder. Kirishima didn’t even activate his quirk as he lands hard. His jaw-dropping as you squeak, “Are you okay?” You immediately fret, your hands going over to his taut chest. “Why didn’t you activate your quirk, you dummy!” You exclaim your eyes wide. Desperate for some reaction from the man who could not respond back to you.

“I’m okay…” Kirishima gasped, pain shooting through his back. “You caught me off guard.”

You didn’t buy it, not a single bit, but you sigh falling onto your ass. “You’re an idiot, Ei,” you state for what feels like the millionth time today during this sparring session. “What’s got you distracted?”

“You.” Kirishima moaned, not even bothering to hide his increased arousal for you right now. It was too much, this was just becoming too sad for him to go through. “You’re so fucking hot in those clothes, and you don’t even know it.”

Your jaw drops, a fire igniting under your skin as you look at your very not attractive appearance right now. Your body drenched in sweat. Your hair frizzy and out of place, your skin red, and your outfit looking disgusting. “Aw, baby, you’re so cute!” You laugh as you pinch his cheek. “But if that’s how you’re feeling, let’s go home? I’ll give you a good time there.”

Your tone is very teasing, and Kirishima nods, fully wanting that outcome.

“Alright, I’m going to shower really quick though! Please get ready!” You say standing up and walking towards the locker rooms.

You didn’t like fucking while drenched with sweat. You felt as if you smelled horrible. You didn’t like feeling that way while trying to fuck your amazing boyfriend.

Kirishima, however, watched you leave, his eyes glued on your ass as you entered the locker room.

Like hell, he was going to wait until the two of you got home.


You sighed as you entered the shower stall in the locker room. Your towel tightly around your body, your body was sore from the long workout you did. You turn on the shower water and let your hands touch the running warm water with a satisfied sigh. It was so nice being in an empty gym, especially because that meant the locker room was empty for you to shower.

Throwing your towel onto the hook, you stepped into the shower. Closing the plastic sheet behind you.

The warm water seemed to soak all the way through your skin. Satisfied moans leaving your lips as you tilted your head, letting the water soak your hair. You grabbed your shampoo, lathering your hair in the lemon-scented liquid. You hum a song as you wash your hair, the dirt of the day falling away with every sud. Your fingers scratch your scalp and you sigh at the sensation and your thoughts trail.

You groan as you press your head to the cool tile. The warm water felt so good against your gross skin.

Grabbing your conditioner, you pause at the sound of the locker room door opening and closing. Lathering your hair with the citrus fluid, you didn’t bother trying to figure out who it was. Most likely a stranger you would never see.

Shaking it off, you undo your hair and step back under the jets. A soft sigh leaving your lips at the feeling of the water cascading down your now clean body. But a pair of hands jolted you from your tranquil mindset. You screamed at the sight of Kirishima throwing open the shower door. A scowl on his face as your mouth opened in protest.

You didn’t get to say anything as his lips slam against yours, “I know you weren’t expecting me to do this.” Kirishima growls as he kisses your slick skin. Your hands tremble against his body as you laugh.

“You couldn’t wait until we were home?” You say against his lips, and his sweaty body presses against your clean one. He shakes his head and you moan at the feeling, arching into him completely.

You try getting your hands to his shoulders, you refused to let him fuck you in here so easily. Locker room showers weren’t always the cleanest after all.

You press your lips towards him. Ready to distract Kirishima with your sweet and innocent kisses. But he’s finally predicted your actions it seems. His fingers sink immediately into your cunt, not at all horny yet, you hiss slightly at the uncomfortable feeling as his finger wiggle within you. You gasped at the feeling of his curling fingers. His nail brushing against your walls. Your hands slamming against the tile walls as the small movements begin a fire within you. “You know, when you showed me what you were wearing, I wanted to claim you out there. I didn’t care who the hell saw!” Kirishima growls against your ear as he presses your heated body against the cold tile. You curse at the sensation, your body jerking against his fingers as you couldn’t move away from the tile. “I can’t lie, I fucking love when your pretty little ass clenches when you work out. You look so fucking sexy it turns me on.” He growls this into your neck, your hips bucking against his scissoring fingers.

“Then let me shower and I can show you a-at home, Ei.” You cry as he chuckles lowly, his teeth biting the skin on your neck.

“Fuck, I wish I could let you do that,” Kirishima admits, the heavy truth evident in his tone, but his fingers don’t stop. “You see,” his free hand trails from your waist to your clit, pressing down on your bundle of nerves as you sob softly. Your hands shooting out to him, desperate for more contact. “I want to fuck you right now though, and you’re so fucking gorgeous fucking yourself against my fingers.”

You snort, your head banging against the wall as the pressure in your stomach only grows, you can feel your arousal seeping onto his fingers. Your heated arousal turning the both of you as he curses your name. “I’m fucking myself against your fingers?” You ask as unaffected as you can, your teeth nibbling his ear. “What if this is me saying no?”

“Tell me to stop then, and I’ll stop. You know I will,” Kirishima groans as his fingers begin pumping into you, your back arching off the cool tile as you they rut against his moving fingers. “I think you want more all things considered.”

With his fingers pumping inside of you, and his fingers merciless against your clit. Your body was reaching its high. Your eyes scrunching together as you feel yourself flushing. “E-Ei!” You cry as waves of pressure shoot down your legs, your knees buckling as he continues increasing his pace, uncaring of your shouts. “I’m going to–fuck!” Your body shudders as your orgasm is threatening to spill over. Your cunt is clenching so hard Kirishima’s fingers have to shift in your wake.

But still, he doesn’t stop.

His pumping fingers continuing their conquest. His circling fingers continuing to press small circles into you. “Eijirou!” You scream, what feels like your orgasm hitting, but it isn’t and you tremble even more so. Your hands shooting to his as you beg for him to let you release. His curling fingers were unable to give you your desperate release.

His fingers pull away from your throbbing cunt, and you mewl as your orgasm slams into you. It hits you hard. Your pussy clenching in his wake. Your knees almost giving out on you as you feel your arousal slicked against your thighs. But it’s what happens when you orgasm that has you crying. You squirted all over Kirishima’s hand.

“You’re so fucking hot when you squirt, my love.” Kirishima laughs against your lips, but you smack his chest. You were always embarrassed when you squirted, but goddamn was that the most intense thing you’ve ever felt.

You’re suddenly lifted up. Your hips roll against the tip of his head, and Kirishima curses.

Kirishima presses a capturing kiss to your lips, and he pushes you onto his dick without any problems. But your still clenching pussy has Kirishima cursing against your collarbone as you moan deeply. The feeling of his dick stretching you out in the most delicious of ways was mind-numbing. You huff as he begins to move his hips against yours.

“Eijirou!” You shriek as he ruthlessly slams into you. His hips coming down so fast your body bounces with every thrust. Your screams tumble out of your throat as your back drags against the cold tile, your back arching as you shake around his relentless hips.

“What’s that, princess?” Kirishima growls, his hips hammering into you at mind fogging speed. “Are you needing to come already?”

“NO!” You moan as your pussy clenches around his pounding cock. You’re able to barely keep your hips in rhythm with him, but you can’t keep your eyes open. You wrap your arms around his broad shoulders. Your breasts are achingly sweet against his own hard chest. You’re able to feel his cock entering you at toe-curling speeds, and all you can do is accept your fate. “Oh my god, FUCK you feel so good!”

“Yes, that’s it, baby, keep moving against my cock! Fuck you’re so damn good at this!” Kirishima grunts as he releases one hand from your waist and presses your stimulated nipples between his calloused fingers. Your head slams back, you’re uncaring of the pain the pleasure far greater, and so you scream again. Your pussy clenching with no remorse around his dick. “Your pussy is so fucking tight. Do you need to come now, princess?”

You can only nod your head as the pressure continues to build and build.

“Good,” Kirishima pants with a grin. “I want you to come.”

“Fuck me, I need to come so badly!” You sob out as your body trembles above his thrusting hips, you’re seeing stars now.

Kirishima growls as his hand slams near your head, his other hand gripping your waist tighter. Fuck he was so fucking strong.

That’s all it takes and you come hard around his dick, his name ripping through your abused body as he moans. Kirishima grins even more so as your chest heaves with your finished orgasm, but he drops you to the floor.

You’re pressed against the wall, your hands trembling. Kirishima’s dick pulls out of your spasming pussy to only reenter in less than two seconds from behind.

“Ei!” You mewl out in almost discomfort as your body has come hard two separate times within ten minutes.

“I’m going to make you feel the way you made me feel this entire time at the gym!,” Kirishima grunts as his hips thrust into yours. You cry as his hips slam against your ass, your body moving forward with it.

His hand reaches around your shaking thighs to press firmly against your aching clit. Your body tensing at the pressure. “You’re coming and thanking me,” Kirishima insists, the tip of his finger curling on your sensitive clit. “Do you understand?”

Your pussy clenches at those words. An uncomfortable pleasure shooting down your body as his fingers circle on your clit. Kirishima’s body then starts ramming into yours at such a delicious force your arms quivered as they held you up. You were desperate as you tried to keep from falling completely onto the wall. He clenches your hair, tugging it harshly as you cried out his name. Your spasming cunt was once again building in pressure.

You gasp as your hips continue to rock back into his, the rhythm of your fucking making you almost sob actual tears. Kirishima growls out your name as he moves his hands back to your waist. Slamming your body at a hot-blooded pace into his hard cock. Your burning face slammed against the cold tile for support.

“God, you’re so fucking, beautiful princess. Spread out with your pussy soaking for me?” Your head nods vigorously, your unsteady pants filling the shower. Your hips are no longer able to keep up with his mind fogging speed. “I want you to come one last time around my cock, can you do that for me?”

A pained mewl escapes your mouth as you nod your head again, “Yes! OH my god!!”

Your pussy clamps around his cock, unable to hold back your orgasm as you hope to hard around his moving dick. You moan out loudly as pleasure-filled waves shoot down every ligament in your body. But as before, it doesn’t happen, and you shriek as fire erupts within you. The sensation now familiar as you beg him to slip out.

“What do you say?” He growls.

“T-Thank you!” You sob, your legs trembling in his grasp.

Kirishima grunts, his hips never slowing down as he chases after your orgasm, unintentionally ignoring your pleas. His hips are merciless in his own quest for release. He chuckles at your moans. Your hips weakly shifting back into his until he moans loudly. His cock releasing his hot load into your throbbing and unreleased cunt.

Kirishima pulls away, and you once again squirt against his now softening cock. His alarm for midnight blares as your body slides to the floor.

Kirishima laughs in mirth at his victory, and you groan as he wraps you close.

“I can’t believe I let you do that to me in the locker room showers…” You exclaim as Kirishima pulls you into a hug.

“Well, it was either here or in the car. I couldn’t wait, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay! Just now I have to shower again!”

“Whoops, sorry…”

Chapter Text

Sometimes, you really needed to learn how to shut up.

All you had done was get caught up in a conversation with Midoriya and Bakugou. Midoriya had been holding your bag because you had to carry something back to your dorm. The two of them had been your friends since the first year. Bakugou had been making sure to have all the doors open for you, pretending like he wasn’t apart of your little group.

Of course, this made you laugh. The conversation between the three of you flowing without much of a problem until you got into your dorm. With Bakugou complaining as loudly as he was, there was no questioning if you had walked in with anyone. Midoriya’s occasion shouts back about how Bakugou was being too loud. Overall it was their typical banter with your interruptions of the conversation.

Monoma was your boyfriend, someone you found endearing and loving when he wasn’t around people from other hero class. Today was the day he would stay behind and tutor Pony with more Japanese. She was fluent now but still struggled in grammar while writing. So while you would normally wait with Monoma during the tutoring sessions, helping out Pony yourself, you decided to leave when you saw Midoriya and Bakugou.

Instead of leaving when you entered your room, however, they made themselves comfortable choosing to hang out instead. It wasn’t too big of a deal, you sat down on your bed as they got comfortable as well.

So that’s how Monoma found you two hours later. Your legs are thrown over Midoriya’s lap, and Bakugou’s head on your leg as the three of you played Mario Kart. Laughter and raging occurring at every possible moment. Monoma’s smile was tight, his eyes trying not to show that he was still hooked on the rivalry thing from your first year. Something that was still very much a thing, but not to the extent of your first year.

You graced him with a smile, scooting over to make more room for your boyfriend who walked over. Placing himself behind you, you smile as your back falls onto his chest. Midoriya and Bakugou moving while they shouted at each other about who threw the blue shell at him, resulting in Bakugou moving from first place to eighth. You, however, were frozen as Monoma’s lips ghosted over your warm neck, his fingers digging into your hips as your words died on your lips.

“Baka,” Baugou snaps his eyes snapping over to yours, “don’t make us fucking lose!”

It was a team battle you guys were doing after all.

Monoma’s teeth pressed into your neck, your fingers trembling as you stand up, “S-Sorry! You guys have to go.” You say grabbing your friends by the wrists and dragging them out of your room. Their confusion and protests landing on deaf ears as you slam the door behind them.

Your eyes fluttered as Monoma pressed against you, his lips by your ear. “Was I interrupting a date with your boyfriends?” He growled, his hands gripping your waist.

“Neito…” You mumble, your eyes fluttering closed as he nibbles on your earlobe. “I don’t l-like them.”

“It didn’t look that way, sweetheart.” Monoma runs his hands up to your breasts, his hands squeezing them roughly. A lewd moan escapes your mouth as your ass grinds against his crotch.

“Oh, yeah?” You tease, “Sorry, I just didn’t want to tell you about the orgy I was planning for us.”

Those words were teasing. Monoma knew it, too. But it didn’t stop him from snarling, repeating the statement from the very beginning, and you knew then you went too far.

“You really think they could fuck you better than me?” Monoma growls, his teeth sinking into your skin. “You think they have the skills I do?” He asks, his tongue lashing out to smooth against your throbbing skin.

You whimper as your body confirms to his. “Maybe? I wouldn’t know.”

His body stiffens against yours, his hands leaving bruising prints onto your hips.

“I was going to fuck you so well, y/n.” He tuts, his hands trailing down your ass. “But I guess, I’ll just have my way with you.”

Monoma shoves you away, your eyes wide as you come to see his face. He sinks you to your knees in front of him. He sighs your name and is shaking his head, his hands keeping you down, and he’s already fumbling with his trousers, trying to broadcast his intentions in any way possible.

“You’re going to suck my cock like the good slut you are, do you understand?” Monoma snaps, his blue eyes are almost black with anger and lust.

You know that he seems very affected by your words, most likely feeling insecure, but it sends a chill down your spine. It’s hot to feel how badly he wants to fuck your mouth, to prove to you that he’s the one, and you don’t try to hide how much you want him in the same regard. You love Monoma Neito, and you were going to let him have his way with you.

When Monoma does finally free his cock, you have to take a moment to ask yourself how ready you are for this. You’ve sucked Monoma’s cock before, obviously. But each time, for the most part, had been gentle. The poor boy is nervous about hurting you as you went down on him. But it seemed that at least this time, he wasn’t going to be as gentle.

He lets out a curse as you pump him a couple of times, the precum beading on the end of his cock aiding your efforts. It would probably be fun to keep watching him thrust into her hand until he comes, but this is not enough for Monoma. He wants more, and he’s not going to stop until he does. Your gaze flicks upwards to see him biting his lip in an attempt to stay quiet while he stares down at her with an expression that’s a mixture of want, anger, hurt, and love.

The very different emotions tug at your heart as you contemplate what to do.

You have no illusions about your worth; you figure that anyone would be wearing that expression if they were about to go from insecurity to having their cock down someone’s throat at the speed with which your and Monoma’s attentions have shifted. Still, it’s tough to tap down on that thought before it makes its way through his confused, lust-addled haze. One of his hands is braced on the pyramid above them, but the other is tangled in your hair, pulling it out of the bun you had thrown it into earlier. He’s pulling hard enough to hurt, but you know that he knows you like a little bit of pain.

Monoma’s grip on your hair tightens and he realizes that you’re unsure. His dance between aggression and passion too much for you to decide things on your own. You don’t have time to ask him a question as he grips his cock. Steering it towards your mouth. You don’t bother to hide how satisfied you are by his action as you open your mouth and wraps your lips around the tip of his cock.

“Fuck,” he hisses, his hips bucking forwards like he can’t stop himself from demanding more. You don’t mind; you open wider to take more of him in, and his cock thrusts further down your throat. He’s already panting, in his desperation, judging from the strangled sound he makes as you take him even deeper.

It’s the power you have over him when you got him like this. No matter what, it seemed that he couldn’t face fuck you hard, no matter how angry he was. The thought makes you hum, and you take him deep enough now that he must be able to feel the vibrations from your throat because that makes him hiss out another explicative. He’s shaking with the effort of not just slamming his cock down your throat. It’s surprisingly respectful, given that he hasn’t held back any of his other blows.

He’s underestimating you, however; you could take him in all power and length he could muster. You know that as you begin bobbing your head.

“Y/n,” he manages to get out through gritted teeth. “Fuck. y/n. You—” He cuts himself off with another groan as the tip of his cock hits the back of her throat.

There’s a brief moment of panic as you struggle to breathe. The force a but more than you expected, but you relax, getting yourself to calm back down. But then you inhale through your nose and force your throat to relax until you can take him all in, and not long after that, Monoma lets out a long, loud groan.

Your eyes flash upwards to look at his thrown back head. Your head moving at a gentle pace as his hands tug at your hair. He pulls you from his dick, his cock twitching as he does so.

“Neito.” You say as Monoma heaves softly. He wasn’t one for rough sex. “I want you so badly, my love. I want you to take my mouth and fuck me however you want. However you need.”

It’s then that your words seem to snap into place. Your wants coming to him. Monoma growls, his head nodding in newfound vigor.

Monoma shoves his cock past your lips, groaning as your expectant cheeks hollow out. Your tongue stroking against his head. You began to bob your head along his length, tongue swirling around the underside of his cock, feeling the prominent veins brushing against your teeth.

“You can do better than that,” Monoma’s voice was soft but confident he dragged his hands down to your face. Monoma pushed his cock forward again, pushing inside you deeper this time so his length hit the back of your throat. The motion causing your gag reflex to kick in as you spluttered against him. Monoma’s locked back into your hair, pulling and pushing while you were gagging as he continued to push his cock inside you. Each thrust had him hitting the back of your throat, saliva slipping out of your mouth as you tried to breathe through your nose, groaning against his length. It sent vibrations along with Monoma’s cock, causing the blond to grunt, his pace increasing. Your eyes began to water at the slightly painful sensation and tears slipped down your cheeks, his hips thrusting into you forcefully. Moving your hands to his upper thighs you try to relax against his forceful thrusts, desperate for time to adjust to his movements. Instead, Monoma pulled his fingers from your mouth, opting to weave them between your locks of hair, tilting your head up so he could have a better look at your clouded eyes.

“You look so pretty,” Monoma’s hands clutched your hair, fingers digging into your scalp as he used it as leverage to move you against his length. “Is this what you wanted all along? Is this why they were in your room? So that I could fake fuck you like this? You love me face fucking you don’t you? Such a fucking whore for my dick.”

The words shoot waves of pleasure down your back, your panties feeling like they’re soaked now. Your hands gripping his legs as you nod in agreement. Your moans vibrated around his length as you let your boyfriend pound into your heated mouth. Your attempts to swirl your tongue along his length are futile as the speed in which he was thrusting into your mouth made it hard for you to do anything except let Monoma continue his deep thrusts.

You felt Monoma’s thrusts stagger as he came closer to his release. His hips stuttering, your gags almost chokes as he gave a final hard thrust into your mouth. His tip hitting the back of your throat as he releases inside you with a groan. His hands held your head down on his length as you gasp, trying to take in all his release; his seed dribbling down your chin. When Monoma pulled his length from your mouth you immediately closed your jaw, trying to ease the tension that had built up over Monoma’s harsh thrusts. His own larger hands stroking your jawline comfortingly as his eyes softened.

You smile at him, his head dropping to press a gentle kiss against your forehead. “I’m not done with you just yet.” He whispers. “If you’re not naked and on the bed, in less than ten seconds you don’t get to come for the rest of the night.”

Chapter Text

coming soon :)

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There wasn’t a single piece of lingerie you didn’t own.

Silk to leather. Sheer to solid. Edible and not edible.

You owned it all.

Lingerie spoke to you, giving you a new personality with every new set. It empowered you. Moved you. Made you believe that you were someone else.

Someone who was always confident, sexy, powerful.

When you stared into the mirror right before your persona changed from you, to whoever the lingerie was. Sweet and playful, demanding dominatrix, or flirty and hot.

So many different personalities all wrapped in your body.

Lingerie also happened to make anyone stare. It made everyone freeze.

What you didn’t expect was that your apartment roof to be knocked out and a very large lady to be pulling you from safety while you were trying on a new set. It was purple and sheer, a one-piece that didn’t leave anything hidden, your curves accentuated and deep. You were beautiful but were very exposed.

The giant lady gawked at you, unable to do anything as your jaw dropped.

That was your introduction to Mt. Lady, or Takeyama Yu, your now current girlfriend.

Today was a soft night. Your girlfriend was upset about reports still insisting she and Kamui Woods were a thing. She stressed about the climbing crime rates, scared about how she hadn’t been around due to this. Stressed as she was, you were always there. Silently encouraging her, forever helping her.

You put on your creamy white slip. It had embroidery on the breasts, creating a bra like effect. The fabric falling down as it revealed a matching g-string. Simple, elegant, and sexy.

The door opening and shutting. Alerting you of your girlfriend as you turned on your heel waiting for her to enter.

Yu walked in tired, her fist to her eyes as she rubbed it. “I’m home.” She says, her eyes looking at you.

You don’t know how to react, on the one hand, you want nothing more than to comfort your girlfriend, to fuck her tonight. On the other, she looks tired, drained, and in need of a nap. But you don’t miss the curl of her smile as she steps forward, her footsteps light.

“What do we have here?” She purrs her hands wrapping around your waist.

“A present for you,” You tease pressing a kiss to her cheek. “I didn’t think you were going to come this tired.”

Her lips are on your neck, pressing warm kisses to your flesh. Your eyes close, your head tilting as you open up to her. “You know what lingerie does to me,” She whispers against your neck. Chills running down your spine at the feeling of her soft breath against your warm skin. “You’re just irresistible when you’re like this.”

Her mouth is on yours finally, her eyes closed as she claims your lips. Your head tilting to the side to give her better access. There the two of you stand, her arms around your waist as yours ruffled her hair.

Blonde locks moving smoothly with your fingers. Untouched by the day’s work. Silky as if she has just showered.

“What if I force you to rest?” You murmur against her lips, your eyes fluttering open.

Her eyes open. Her blue eyes charming, bright, and soft.

“I think you’re bluffing.” She giggles, her hands separating. Her soft fingers rubbing soft circles into your waist. “This is your lingerie dreams set. You’re soft and gentle, never making yourself dominant. You assist and help, just like the best of dreams.”

Your cheeks heat up, embarrassed of a not-so-secret secret. You don’t have time to respond, instead, she presses her lips back over yours. Guiding you to the bed.

Your heart hammers as you fall onto the bed. Yu pulls off her costume, the white and purple costume falling to the floor. She’s in a black sports bra, and blue boy shorts. Her scent is musty from a day at work, but it’s okay.

She climbs on top of you, her legs straddling your hips as she leans over you. Your eyes are wide, lips parting as you stare at her. Her long blonde hair tickles your cheeks as she stays above you. “I love you,” she whispers, her calloused hands touching your cheeks.

It shocked you sometimes how rough her skin was. How hard it was. Steely strong and unforgivably tough. Your lips curl into a smile as you take her hands pressing a gentle kiss to her hand.

“I love you.”

Her lips quickly replace her hands. Your lips tangling in a dance that only lovers know. It’s soulful, chilling, and loving. Your hands rubbing her neck as you massage her, a pleasured moan leaving her lips as you easily roll the two of you over.

You pull off her boy shorts, watching them fly from across the room as she lays out. Her knees bent as you lean against them, comforted by her touch. Her hands remove your slip, the soft fabric falling onto the mattress beside you.

“I want to make love to you,” You whisper, your fingertips dragging up and down her smooth thighs. Bruises litter her legs. Imperfections you love and yet want to kiss away.

Yu chuckles, her hands removing her sports bra. “Please?” She asks, her words soft. Sweet.

Dreamlike against your ears.

Your lips press against hers, your fingers pressing against her heated clit. A lewd moan escaped her lips, muffled by your moving mouth.

Her body jerks towards your movements, wanting more. Needing more.

“No foreplay…” She gasps, and you pull away.

“No foreplay,” You repeat, rolling your body as you slip off your panties.

You shift her leg up, sinking your warm clit against hers.

Chests arch as your head drops backward. Resulting in soft cries music to your ears as your hips shifting.

Over and over your hips roll. Yu’s hips meeting yours every time.

Heat fills your belly. Stuttering moans pouring from your mouth. Your fingers clutching her hand as she praises you on. Her words are sweet, pretty, almost unheard as you shudder.

Your clit throbs softly. The overwhelming heat of the slow and erotic movements swimming through your body.

Again and again, your clit rubs against hers. Yu’s fingers clenching tightly around yours.

Her hips flinch under yours. Your name leaving her lips as her pace against you increases, your free hand raking through your hair. Sputtering gasps come into unity from you both, her eyes rolling to the back of her head.

Her hand tugs you close, her mouth over yours her body tensing. She’s close.

The sight of seeing her like this starts sending you over the edge.

Your hips come around in circles harder, your own screams of pleasure silenced in her mouth.

More and more your toes curl.

The heated pressure flowing through your legs as it snaps. White heat shoots through you and you gasp, Yu’s chest pushing against yours as she comes as well. The two of you lay there, silent, content.

“I love you,” Yu whispers, your body falling to the bed, your fingers circling her ribcage.

“I love you, too,” You repeat, eyes heavy with love and adoration.

There the two of you lay, the lingerie dreams between you filling your bodies as the two of you drift to sleep.

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Iida Tenya was always someone who considered himself to be a virtuous man.

First and foremost he was a gentleman. He was always ready and willing to lend a hand to someone in need. The women he courted were always impressed by his actions. His integrity and his devotions.

Second of all, he was a Pro-Hero. A model to others, a figure of support for those who believed themselves to be hopeless. He was strong, and he was mighty. Swift and keen.

You considered yourself to be diligent and persevering.

First and foremost you were a lady. You were always helping those in need. Assisting those who needed attention and devotion. The men that courted you were always left wanting more, needing more.

Second of all, you were a sex worker. A shame to most people in society. A woman of the night who emerged to help out those disgruntled men, cheating men, unwanted men. Nevertheless, you were tenacious, full of fortitude, and vigor.

You never expected to run into Pro-Hero: Ingenium, especially not in your club.

You worked in the notorious strip club: Limbo. The most well-known club in the red light district in Tokyo.

You had been working there since you had turned eighteen. Most other things in your life had been terrible at the time. The people working at this club had wholeheartedly accepted you. At first, you had stuck primarily to waiting. Taking drinks to clients. Making sure they were all happy as they watched your co-workers–your family–up on stage.

You helped in purchasing of private rooms. At least for the few men and women who had managed to prove themselves worthy to the workers. When you had turned twenty, you took to the stage, creating a new persona to present to clients. You were a massive hit and everyone wanted you.

With your signature light pink wig and white lingerie and costumes, you had become Angel.

Limbo presented you like no other. You were the star of the show.

Your presence was so powerful, so compelling that other clubs were shutting down.

So when death threats came around, it was to no surprise the night that someone took action.

While on stage, someone fired a gun, it landed centimeters from your head as you were then rushed out.

You couldn’t remember much of that night. Only that your white lingerie was now stained with your sweat and tears. Your makeup running down your face as the pink wig fell from your head. Someone had tried to kill you and nearly succeeded.

What you never expected, the next day following, was that when you graced the stage. Proving to everyone that you weren’t afraid was for Pro-Heroes to be at the back of the club. The audience cheered as the light focused in on you. Yens already thrown onto the stage as you covered your body with the white faux fur jacket.

The music played, and your body moved with the music. The music was soft, light and sweet in your ears. Your body rolling with the melody, clothes dropping during the harmony.

Your eyes continued watching the back where the Pro-Heroes stood. You could feel them staring at you as you leaned down, your supple ass exposed for them all to see. The slight lean up before you rolled down on your knees, crawling to a man in front of you. Eyes dark with faux lust as you grabbed his tie. Your mouth ghosting his lips as he dropped the contents of his wallet on you. Your giggle rings with the song, your deep red painted lips leaving a mark against his clammy mouth.

Still, their eyes are very locked on you.

Groans of jealousy filling the room as you stand back up. Your fingers slowly unbutton the shirt you wear. Your eyes locked on an awe-struck look on her face as you let the fabric of your button-up fall off your shoulders. Pooling at your elbows.

Screams filled the room as you mounted the girl. Her trembling fingers shaking against your legs as your hips rolled. Your hands grasped onto the collar of her shirt as you pulled her in. Your lips pressing against her neck as you stood off her. Your lips pressing against hers as hoots and shouts fill the room.

You twirl back on stage. You find that the Pro-Heroes seem enticed by you as your fingers touch the cold pole behind you. A confident smile fills your face as you grip the pole. There were definitely pluses to being able to use your body like this.


You sat backstage, the pink wig taken off your head as you fixed your natural hair. While you weren’t ashamed of your line of work, you did not like having to interact with clients outside of Limbo.

“Y/l/n,” Your manager calls for you, and while fixing the last bits to your hair, you turned. Your manager was smiling, her finger thrusting towards the man beside her. Your eyes widened at the sight of Ingenium beside her. “We’ve hired this dashing young hero to be your bodyguard while here!”

“Kina-san, that’s not necessary!” You exclaim, your cheeks flushing in embarrassment. You didn’t think that you needed any bodyguard.

“Yes, it is,” Kina scolds, her lips tugged into a frown. “We could have lost you yesterday! Until Ingenium and the Pro-Heroes find whoever enacted on their threat; we’re not letting you go anywhere. At least not alone!”

You lick your lips, your mouth twisting. “I think that’s a bit too much, I’m sure Ingenium has much bigger cases to worry about than acting as my babysitter!”

“Actually,” Ingenium states, his deep voice very clear through the mask. Your eyes snap over to the armored hero who has a hand raised. “I don’t do much after midnight, so this works out perfectly.”

Kina smirks, folding her arms, “So, I better not see you without him.”

Your cheeks puff out in irritation as you know that there is nothing that you can do to change her mind. “Fine!” You agree, standing up. You’re still adorning the white lingerie that you had worn for your performance. You march over to Ingenium who seems to panic and looks everywhere but at your scantily clothed body. “I’m y/l/n y/n, but you can also call me–”

“A-Angel.” The Pro-Hero stammers, “I do remember hearing that.”

Your lips curl into a wide and pleasant smile, “Oh, good.”


“This is me.” You say pointing at the run-down apartment where you lived. You could definitely afford a better place now, but you enjoyed the comfort of this building. The future you built here, the person you’d become stained the walls of your apartment.

“You’re taking this situation very robustly,” Ingenium compliments as you open the gate to the building. He shakes his head, his hands flying as he corrects himself, “The being shot at situation. Most people would not be this calm about something like that.”

You shrug your shoulders as you begin climbing up the staircase. Your hands clasped together as you speak, “I just don’t think there’s a reason to worry about it now. They have you guys patrolling our club now. Bouncers are checking for any concealed weapons! Also, prior-quirk information is being implemented soon.”

He nods his head, agreeing with you. “But still, this is about your safety, and there is no joking about it. That is why I’m here.”

You giggle softly as you get to your apartment, your fingers on your keys as you unlock the door. “Well, I’m glad I have a strong and valiant hero to protect me. Thank you, Ingenium-san.”

“Please, call me Iida.”

“Iida.” You smile at him, your eyes falling down as your heart hammers in your chest. He had been a very nice companionship on the typical quiet walk home.

“Well, I wish you a good night, and call me if you need anything,” Iida tells you, and you nod.

You watch as he turns on his heel, prepping to run away at high speeds when your voice interrupts him. “Would you like to come in for a bit?” You ask, your head cocked to the side as an innocuous smile brightens your face.


“Well, I figure if you’re going to be visiting me and taking care of me, I should do the same.” You state, eyes murky with humor and wantonness.

“I-I… um, well…” Iida stammers, and you can practically see his inflamed cheeks under his helmet.

“I won’t bite,” You promise as your hands reach for his. He doesn’t pull away as you drag him towards you.

Your front door clicks behind the two of you.

The night was coming to an end, but there was still much, much, to do.

So began the ongoing seven months sex relationship with the one and only, Pro-Hero: Ingenium. Better known as Iida Tenya to you now.


Iida moans against your mouth as you have him pinned to your front door. Your fingers rake up and down his armored chest as he drops his helmet without thought. “I’ve missed you,” you whisper against his opened mouth.

The deep chuckle resonating in your mouth confirms his appreciation of you. Your nimble fingers work off the armored pieces of his uniform. They fall to the floor of your apartment with loud clatters, bangs that would normally scare you, but go unnoticed.

His lips are your addiction, and you soak him up. Your fingers gripping the tight black t-shirt that clings to his well-sculpted body. Your innate desire for him breaking through as his own hands press greedily against your bare skin.

Today had been your day off.

After a single month, they had caught the since shut down club responsible for your failed murder. It didn’t matter that he had been captured and arrested, Iida was always there to escort you home. It was always in the dead of night when you two interacted. You were mostly asleep during the day, then would be off to practice a new routine, or find a new costume. Iida was active during the day, dealing with his hero work, and maintaining the peace of Japan. But without fail he would walk you home.

You weren’t a couple, conflicts in your schedules were the main reason why things didn’t work out, or so you figured. But you guys were pretty damn close to one. He spent the night at your place four times a week, some nights didn’t even result in sex. Rough days at work concluded with soft touches and cuddles. Your arms wrapped around him as you curled into his chest. Your relationship was pure, soft, and gentle.

Of course, there were nights like these. Where the other was desperate for the other, craving the feeling of their skin and sex as they fucked the night away. Nights that began with a simple ‘i need you’ text. All in all, your relationship with Iida Tenya was that of friends with benefits. To put it even more simply, you were fuck buddies.

Iida’s scarred fingers gripped your hair, your body pressed against his own as you craved more of him. It had been two weeks since you had seen him. Iida had been away on a press conference. While away there had been many exchanged sexts, pictures, and even video calls. It was not the same as having him under your fingertips.

“And you said you could last an entire month without me.” Iida taunts you, a smirk on his lips as you pinch his skin.

“You were being an utter asshole to me that day!” You grumble as his hot mouth trails open mouth, tongue pressed, kisses to your neck. An appreciative exhale leaving your lips as you tilt your head to the side giving him more access to your soft skin.

“I just remember you being a brat,” Iida counters, his canines dragging against your teased skin. Your back arches against him, your arms trembling as he lifts you up. Your knees locking onto his sides as Iida pulls away, staring at your heated face. “How should I fuck you?” He wonders, and a chill travels through your body at those words. Your core coming to life as his fingers rub circles into your plump ass.

“Whichever way I want you to fuck me.” You interject, his red eyes falling on yours.

“Why should I do that, angel?” He asks, his hips snapping to press against your low aching core. A longing noise leaves your mouth at the pet’s name.

There was a difference between Angel and angel. You loved your stage name because it empowered you, but the way Iida called you an angel? It was weakening, your body trembling because of the hold he had over you.

“I-I want to suck your dick,” You whisper into his ear, your hips grazing against his growing arousal. “I want you in my mouth, your body squirming because of my touch, your voice praising me.” Your mouth sucks softly against a special spot on his neck. A sensitive spot that never failed to make Iida lose his gentleman composure.

The fervor groan that echoes in your ear shoots fire through you as you find yourself back on your feet. Confusion inks your eyes as you watch Iida strip off the rest of his clothes. Gone is the tight black t-shirt, the navy blue joggers shoved down to his feet. He kicks them off as you continue staring. His fingers hooking around the waistband of his very tented boxers. His red eyes are nearly burgundy when he looks up at you.

“Strip.” He says. Your eyes wander down to your white tank top and black running shorts. Your face confused on why you had to be naked to suck his dick. “Strip.” He commands. Iida’s hands grasp your tank top, pulling the fabric over your head.

Your breasts fall down. An embarrassed squeal leaving your mouth as you are instinctively covering up. You look at Iida who is pulling off his underwear, his hard cock bouncing up from its initial restraint. Your breathing quickens as you pull your shorts down. Your body shivering as the cold air hits your burning core. “Why am I–TENYA!”

Your world is now upside down, and your fingers seize onto his thighs. Your own thighs lay against his toned shoulders, and you feel dizzy from the sudden flip. The blood rushing to your head as you try twisting your head to look at Iida. “Suck my dick.” Iida all but orders you, and your eyes widen as he licks your pussy.

Your eyes clench at the sensation. Your body trembling at the feeling of his heated appendage licking your throbbing cunt. You shudder as your hand grips his thick cock. His tongue swirls within you. His appreciation evident in the way his fingers tighten their hold against your waist.

It must be the rush of blood in your head. Your body drunk off of your need of Iida, but the second Iida’s cock enters your mouth you feel as if you are in heaven. Your cheeks hollow out as you move among his length. His tongue coaxing your own clenching pussy as you continue bobbing your head.

Your teeth are teasing against the bulging vein on the underside of his cock. Your tongue wrapping around the twitching cock. You switched from side to side as Iida moans in commendation. Your head thumps with every heartbeat. Your hand wrapped around the area of his dick you could not place into your mouth.

Back and forward, back and forward.

Saliva slobbering out of your mouth as you continue your routine on his cock.

Iida’s noises will you forward. The tremble in his legs exciting you and his teeth nibble against your puffy nerve. Your jaw drops, a moan slamming out of your throat. Vibrating around his cock as the head his the back of your cock, making you gag.

Iida presses two fingers into your core. The feeling of his thick and rough fingers making you squeeze his head between your thighs.

“Come on, suck my fucking cock, angel.” Iida murmurs against your cunt, and you nod your head. You deepen the angle, his cock sliding down further in your throat. His head presses uncomfortably against the back of your throat, the new angle not easy for you to deal with.

Iida moans loudly, his head dipping back as your fingers moving to go around the back of his thighs. Your head worked in synch with his thrusting hips, your head bouncing against his hard length. The soft gags that escape your throat only prompting on the Pro-Hero to try getting you closer to the edge. Desperate for your own orgasm, too.

Your eyes fluttered as you stare at his balls, you stick out a hand, fondling the skin between your fingers. Iida’s lewd words pummeling from his lips as he encouraged you on. His own fingers curling within your inner walls.

You groaned as your mouth took him in further. The vibrations that shot against his heated skin made Iida curse. Oh, the things you did to him.

Fuck, angel,” He jeers as his hips snap into your mouth.

You choke as he hits the back of your throat at full force on top of the weird entrance angle. Tears springing into your eyes as you are failing at adjusting to having his length in your mouth. You grasp the back of his legs as you relax your jaw and throat further, his hips snapping into your mouth with no mercy.

His fingers scissoring within your inner walls, your body jerking under his mercy. “Listen to me, I want you to have me completely in your mouth.” He growls as you. “Don’t you dare leave anything out.”

The simple command sends pressure through your body. The liquid heat of your arousal making audible noises against his tongue and fingers.

You whine around his dick, his hips relentless in their conquest. Your eyes barely keep themselves open as he fucks your face. The skin of his hips hitting your nose as you have him completely down your throat. “You’re so pretty when you’re choking on my cock, angel.” Iida groans as dick spam within your mouth, and you choke around him again. Fire erupting in your lungs from the lack of oxygen, but it feels so fucking good.

His fingers are powerful as they enter and exit your pussy. His tongue lapping in with a smooth rhythm that makes your body tremble. The building sensation of his thrusting fingers and tongue in your core making your vision fuzzy.

You relish in the feeling of the head of his manhood hitting the back of your throat. Your lungs scream for air, but you can’t pull away. You once more gag on his length, your airway burning as he does not stop. You repeated your action, feeling Iida hit the back of your throat as you continue sucking his dick. Your fingers rushing forth to once again groping his balls, and he curses your name.

It’s your first name this time that escapes his lips, and it sends a spine chilling sensation down your body. You hum as your mouth sinks entirely against his length until your lips brush against the base of his cock. His wiggling tongue adds more to the shooting pleasure in your bloodstream. Your hips moving around in circles desperate for more friction. Needy for more pressure. He’s so fucking good at lavishing your sopping cunt.

“Shit, fuck, shit.” Iida grunts, his head tilting back as he unloads in your awaiting mouth. His hot seed shooting down your throat as you choke slightly. Pulling away, you heave as he digs his tongue and fingers down your clenching hole, and you shriek as you come.

You feel dizzy. The white-hot heat making you swoon as he places you back onto your feet. Your head collapses against his chest as Iida holds you gently by your waist. “Are you okay?” He asks you, and you nod.

That was insane.

“I still want your dick…” You mumble, your fingers pushing through his thick black hair.

Iida laughs nodding, “Anything for you, angel.” You’re picked up easily as Iida takes you to your bedroom. The slamming door behind him rattles as your giggles are drowned out as he presses a kiss to your lips.

Iida smiles as he crawls on top of you, his mouth latching onto your jaw. A shuddering noise leaves your mouth as you place your trembling fingers against his shoulders. “I missed you.” You repeat, your eyes clenched as Iida nods his head. The sounds of his lips peppering your skin making your body heat up.

His lips leave your person, and you open up. Your eyes heavy with lust as you peer at Iida who is grabbing a condom from your dresser. Iida rolls the rubber against his now hard against dick, and you shift onto your elbows. Your chest heaving with your thoughts of what he’s going to do to you.

The air is knocked out of you as Iida grabs onto your hips. Your shoulders pressed onto the mattress, your arms flat, and your head pressed into a pillow. Iida supports your lower back and legs as he teases your entrance.

He’s still on his knees as he glances at you, his red eyes looking black.

Your cunt throbs at how assertive he looks, how demanding and strong. Iida smiles, he noticed your reaction as he chuckles. “Already so wet for me, angel.” He whispers but his words are loud in your ears.

“Fuck me already, Tenya.” You whimper, your hips shifting in his hands as you desperately try to level yourself to the tip of his cock. Your inner walls needing his length within in you, needing his girth to stretch you out in the best of ways. “Your cock is already hard, too! Don’t pretend that– oh my gOD!”

Iida slams into you, his thick cock stretching you out in the most incredible way. Your jaw drops as you sputter out gasps. Iida grunting but does not hesitate to continue thrusting his cock into your sore cunt.

The bulging vein on his cock glides against your walls. Your pleased noises making Iida snarl.

His hips snap faster into you, harder into you. Your body shifting with his movements. The pillow bunching under your neck from the repetitive harsh movements.

TENYA!” You shriek as he ruthlessly slams into you. His hips coming down so fast your body moves with every thrust. Your moans tumble out of your throat as the bed is quick to move with your movements. It squeaks are loud in your ear alongside his insistent pounding.

“What’s that, angel?” He growls, his cock hammering into you at mind bogging speed. “What’s wrong?”

“Tenya!” You scream as your pussy throbs around his pounding cock. You’re unable to even roll your hips in rhythm with him. You were stuck to the mattress, only able to feel his cock entering you at toe-curling speeds. The bulging vein only adding more to your cries. “Oh my god, FUCK you feel so good!”

“You take my cock so well!” Iida grunts as he releases one hand from your thigh and runs it down your inner thigh to press against your clit. Your head thrashes back, your back arching further off the bed as you scream again. Your pussy clenching with no remorse around his dick.

“Your pussy is so fucking tight.” Iida laughs, his hips swiveling. “Do you want to come now, angel?”

You can only nod your head, gasping breathes choking you, as the pressure continues to build and build.

“I need to hear your words.”

“Fuck me harder, Tenya, please I need to come so badly!” You sob out as your body throbs under his thrusting, you’re so close you’re seeing white.

“I knew you would be able to tell me what you needed.” He growls as he leans forward. The furthering of his penetration making you scream as his hand slams near you. Your legs are locked around his waist, and his hands moving to pinch both your clit and nipple.

That’s all it takes and you come hard around his dick, his name ripping through your tender body as he moans. His elbows falling to the mattress as he continues pummeling into you. Chasing after his own orgasm now.

You pant harshly as you move your hips against his own. Your pussy still clenching around his throbbing dick. You hear him expel a wavering sigh, and you can feel him come within you. The heated fluid filling you up as he collapses onto the bed. You moan as you push yourself off the mattress, staring at Iida who leaned up to pull you into his body.

“Welcome back.” You laugh as you fall onto his sweaty chest.

“Glad to be back…”


Your eyes opened softly the following morning as you stared at Iida’s sleeping form.

Despite the nature of your fuck buddy relationship, you were ready to put it out there. You wanted the relationship, the anniversaries, the gifts and showering affection that wasn’t confined to just being a booty call. It was also seven in the morning, so you knew the punctual man would be waking up any moment now.

You sigh, curling up closer into his arms, his right hand holding your waist still.

“Good morning.” His groggy voice pierces your ears. It’s heavy and husky, just as you liked it to be.

“Good morning.” You respond back as you feel him get up. He had to work today, as did you, so that meant that he was going to be doing his morning routine.

You watched him with bright eyes as he slipped on his glasses, and walked into your bathroom, uncaring that he was naked. Your heart hammered in your anxiety, wanting to let him into your desire for a relationship. This was seven months strong, and he seemed to like hanging out with you! There was no way he could say no! Everyone at Limbo agreed as well!

“Tenya?” You called out to him. You sat up, the blanket that was sitting on top of your skin tumbling down. The water faucet turns on and off, and Iida appears in the doorway, toothbrush about to be placed in his mouth as he cleaned his teeth first.

You looked at his quirked eyebrow and you exhaled, your fists tightening. You were y/l/n y/n, an Angel by night, and an angel at home. You got this.

“W-Would you be my boyfriend?” You ask him, your cheeks burning in your awkwardness and shyness. What you saw instead of joy, agreement, or contemplation was horror, sadness, rejection. “T-Tenya?”

“I… I’m sorry.” Iida whispers, his red eyes wide. Discomfort on his face as your eyes blinked rapidly.

“W-What?” You say, trying to make sure you heard him properly. “Is that a no?”

“It is,” Iida whispers, and for the first time since you met him, his hands are glued to his side. “I can’t date you… I’m sorry…”

A bitter acid burns in your throat as you stare at him, your body trembling as ice seeps into your bloodstream. “Why?” You spit at him, your eyes burning holes into his face.

“I do like you, a lot, angel,” Iida says, taking a hesitant step towards you.

“No,” You snap, your eyes watering with tears as your lips curls into a sneer. “If you did you would have said yes.”

“I can’t be associated… I can’t date, someone within your line of work. It would not be seen as honorable of me.” Iida admits, and the rest of his words fall deaf on your ears as you feel your world tumbling around you.

“Because being in love with a sex worker is a shame,” You say, your head shaking as you stand up. “How dare you, the ever so noble Ingenium, date someone like me? Someone who uses their body for the sake of others, huh?”


“No!” You yell, your eyebrows scrunching as your trembling fingers clench into a solid fist. “You’re the one sleeping around with a sex worker! You’re the one who was insistent on our relationship! How the fuck was that ever honorable of you? Fuck you, Iida. Get the hell out of my house!”

Iida stares at you, eyes wide, toothbrush limps in his fingers.

“Get. Out!” You yell, shoving the Pro-Hero towards the door. Your rage bitter on your tongue as Iida is barely able to shove on clothes before you shove him out of your house. Your broken screams are hopeless as you sink to the floor.

Fuck buddies never end in anything but sadness and you knew that from the start.

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Chapter Text

Losing to Bakugou was one of the worst things in the world. 

Not because you were then embarrassed, you never were when losing to him. It also wasn’t because he would never let you live it down either. 

The reason was plain and simple: you hated to lose to the ash-blond because he was a tease. 


Your fingers gripped around your pencil so tight that your knuckles turned white. 

Your breathing was very controlled, but you felt as if your ears were burning hot. What was happening was too much, this was too too much. 

Aizawa’s voice droned on from the head of the classroom reminded you where you were. Today was the start of your final trimester here at Yuuei and there was nervous excitement in the air. Everyone was listening in. Occasional soft whispers exchanged as no one wanted to alert their homeroom teacher. 

As for you?

You couldn’t hear a single word of what was being said. 

Nope. All you could hear was the low hum that was making your legs spasm without your consent. The low hum that you prayed no one could hear. The low hum that was making your hips shift in ways to relieve yourself from the vibrating pulses. 

Your eyes glanced across the room to Bakugou, your boyfriend, who concentrated in on Aizawa. His hands shoved into his pockets. 

Composure was not something you had in mind as you leaned backward, desperate for the low hum to disappear within you. 

Before the beginning of an intensive winter break Hero Work, you two had a deal. It entailed that of whoever could apprehend the most villains within the month would win. The loser would have to do anything, and by anything you two meant anything, the winner wanted. 

Typically when you won, you were cruel. 

You made Bakugou tap dance for the new first-year class of Hero students one time. Another time you had him profess his love to Mineta. An event that was forever recorded and celebrated by the now Class 3-A group chat. Hell, you even made Bakugou eat the spiciest chile pepper in the world. Of course, only because he said he could handle it, and you didn’t believe him! (Spoiler alert, he could not handle it.) 

Bakugou, however, was a tease. 

The first time he won he had asked for a kiss. That, of course, started your relationship, so to this day you had no qualms about it. But he started to use it to explore kinks that he had previously been too ashamed to mention. Today though, he had decided your punishment for losing was to go to class with a pair of remote control panties. 

It hadn’t started off too bad, a lulling vibration that pressed against your sex. Hell, you could go as far as to say that it was relaxing, comforting even. It wasn’t until you were talking with Todoroki, who sits next to you, did the pressure somehow increase. 

Your friendly conversation with the quiet boy had left you smiling. Your hands clasped as you leaned toward him ready to talk even more. It had hit you then, the smile erasing from your lips as your eyelids fluttered.

“Are you okay?” Todoroki asked, his face filled with concern and pure ignorance of what was happening.

You nodded quickly, your smile weak as you sat onto your chair and faced forward. Your ears felt stupid hot and your fingers trembled as you glanced over at Bakugou. He was having a conversation with Midoriya. His hand shoved in his pocket.

It was like he was oblivious to what he was doing. Of course, your opinion changed when Bakugou’s vermillion eyes swept over to yours. His eyebrow quirked as he smirked. What a fucking dick!

He had left you this morning with one request. His lips finally leaving yours as his fingers snapping your special panties’ waistband. 

“You’re not allowed to come, not until I say you can.”

Currently, you could feel your arousal starting to seep around the vibrator. Your twitching nerves overcoming your senses as you tried to pay attention. But all you could think about was how dirty this was. The sex toy was completely swallowed in your lower lips. Your tongue was being mashed between your teeth in order to keep yourself from crying out. The vibrations somehow get stronger, and your pencil snaps in your fingers. 

You ignore the glances that come your way. Placing your pencil down on the table, electrifying pleasure courses through your veins. You’re so close. So near the edge that it is starting to hurt. You know you can’t come, but your hips are rocking against the sensation. Your toes curling inside your shoes as a light pant escapes your lips. Your eyes are locked on Bakugou who has his hands shoved into his pockets. His arm so relaxed you would have no idea what he was inflicting on you. His body so blissfully unaware you felt slutty.

The vibrations stop, and you feel as if you can’t breathe, your body entirely too stiff as your orgasm is so close. Your heart hammers away as Bakugou turns his head around, a coy smirk on his face as you two lock eyes for a millisecond.

The vibrator is turned up all the way. You knew that because of the way you physically reacted to the powerful fluctuations.

So now vibrations coursed through you with such intensity you thought you were vibrating. You slammed your head against the desk a soft moan leaving your lips. The sound of your head slamming against the desk was loud. Breaking through Aizawa’s announcements, and the vibrations stopped.

You should have been glad that the continuous assault against your stimulated clit was over, but you had yet to come… and you needed it.

“Y/l/n?” Aizawa says, his tired eyes looking curious and annoyed. You pressed your fingers against your now throbbing forehead. “Is everything okay?”

With a scorching face, you nodded your head. You felt disheveled, tensed, and your pussy is throbbing from a denied orgasm as you stutter out a response. Your breathing pitched. Your eyes returning back onto your papers as you hear a chuckle from Bakugou.

Please let this day be over…


For Hero Basics today, it was sparring matches. No quirks were now allowed, it was a plain and simple hand to hand combat training. It was useful for your class as many of you were going to be fighting heroes. Even the future rescue heroes needed skills outside of their usual domain. 

You were entirely too stiff, though. You couldn’t get into your normal fighting stance in fear that the vibrator would fall out of you while it was on. You believed that while it was vibrating it would be more susceptible to falling out. Also, you weren’t letting anyone touch you in fear of someone feeling the waves flowing through your skin.

The majority of the day you had stayed far away from Shouji and Jirou. In your overwhelming paranoia, you thought that they would somehow hear the vibrations coming from you. 

Your eyes locked on Kirishima in front of you, and you groaned. You knew already that Bakugou was going to spike up the charge on the vibrator the moment Kirishima touched you. You hadn’t come today, thank the lord. But you weren’t too sure you were going to be able to last through the intensive cycles of the powerful vibrator. At least not for much longer. 

“Begin,” Aizawa called out. You rolled out your shoulders as you dropped into your lowest fighting stance. The stance you would permit yourself to be in at least. You were small in comparison to most males in your class and in Japan. You were a low fighter. Using your size, speed, and agility to your advantage when fighting without the aid of your quirk. 

But right now? You were nearly standing straight up, your legs in a half-assed lunge. Kirishima, unknowing of the predicament you were in, hesitated to go after you. You were one of the best hand to hand combat fighters, and if this was a new style of yours he had the right mind to be cautious. 

You felt the vibrations of the toy stop, and you almost cried in relief as you sunk into your normal position. Kirishima adjusted accordingly and surged forward, but you were ready. You shoot towards him. Your body low as you watch as his arm pulls back to punch at you, his speed slowing down, but you pick up speed.

You chuckle as you catch him by surprise, he had not expected this, so all he could do was watch as you slid between his legs. Your own leg sweeping him out as you stood, your body twists ready to pin him with your victory.

Bakugou turns on the vibrator at full power and you yelp. Your body folding in on yourself as Kirishima regains his composure. Grabbing your distracted body, he pins you to the ground. Your eyes clenched in both failure and increasing pleasure building upon you. If Bakugou didn’t fucking stop–

“Are you okay, y/n?” Kirishima asks, his eyes wide as your hips buck against his thigh despite your best effort. Your eyes crack open to see Kirishima’s face as red as his hair from your movement. The friction aiding in your pleasure. Despite the coursing pleasure wracking through your body, you manage to flip him over. Your knee pressing into his chest as you wheeze.

But the vibrations continue, and worse yet. They are somehow getting stronger, sharper, and too excessive.

Your teeth are biting against your lower lip so hard that you taste copper in your mouth. You’re trembling on top of Kirishima. Your fingers shaking on the grasp his gym shirt, your toes curl and your back arches the slightest of bits.

Oh, no.

With your senses heightened, and you feel as if you’re breaking at the seams now. Your breathing is a harsh pant as Kirishima’s hands place themselves against your waist. Your cunt throbs at the feeling of his heated hands pressing through your gym shirt. Your back slams back down hard against the floor. 

That’s all it takes. 

Your hand slams into your mouth to keep yourself from sobbing out in pleasure. Kirishima pins you to the ground in victory. His legs straddling you to the floor, and your body thrashes under his. Your orgasm shoots through you. The long-overdue orgasm setting every nerve in your body on fire as your twist.

Your hand leaves your mouth as Kirishima stumbles off you. His face beet red and the low vibrations against your clit have lessened into a soft hum before stopping. Everything feels dizzy, your body deliriously light as you stare up at the gym ceiling. Despite the ongoing breathing issues you were having your eyes found Bakugou. He is expressionless. His face was stone hard as he turns away.

You had come, and you had come against his best friend…

This was not going to end well for you.


You expected Bakugou to be fuming at you because you came. You were not expecting anything less from your emotionally driven boyfriend.

What you weren’t expecting; however, was the rope around your wrists, the ties around your ankles, the fabric gag in your mouth, and the machine between your spread legs.

“I’m surprised you lasted as long as you did, you fucking slut,” Bakugou growled from beside you. Your tear-filled gaze looked at him. Your pleas for forgiveness muffled by the damp fabric between your teeth. “I’m sorry, did you say something? Only good girls who don’t come around her boyfriend’s best friend get to speak.” He snarls his hand gripping your inner thigh.

Your legs buck in desperation, you needed Bakugou, you craved him so bad.

Since getting back to the dorms, Bakugou had almost sent you over the edge more times than you could account for. If you had thought the vibrator all day was bad… you would much rather get back onto it instead of this barbarous treatment. He was putting you through hell right now.

Your pussy had never once been this sore. Your legs coated with your juices, yet not a single drop of it was from your orgasm. Your body twitched excessively, your overstimulated yet denied body craving a release. 

A release that Bakugou was refusing to give you.

Bakugou stood without a shirt on, but his dark grey sweatpants hung low around his hips. His face dark and pissed, yet the satisfied smile and raging boner said otherwise.

“Since you want to be a filthy slut and come around someone who isn’t me, why don’t you take this fucking machine?”

Your eyes follow Bakugou. Your raw throat making noises that can not be understood, and he turns on the machine. 

A sob rips through your throat as the machine presses the dildo into you. Your sopping walls easily letting the dildo slip in without trouble. Your arms tug you one way, and your legs thrash in an attempt to lessen the friction. You wanted to come, but you didn’t want to come around the fucking machine!

“Stop pretending that you don’t want to be fucked like this,” Bakugou growls, his hands slamming your wiggling hips back into the mattress. Your heavy cries are useless as he overpowers you. The machine is sliding in and out of your cunt. Stretching your walls in a way you’re not used to as your hips bucked involuntarily. “See, trying to pretend you didn’t want this dildo in you, and look at you! Fucking it like a whore.”

You blubber against the gag, your hips bucking in time against the machine as Bakugou laughs. His mouth coming to press harshly against your throbbing clit, and your body twists again. The feeling overwhelming as he glides his teeth against your puffy bundle of nerves. It doesn’t matter how much you yell, however, Bakugou continues on. 

“Maybe I won’t even let you come around my fucking cock, baby.” Bakugo sighs as if he accepted that outlook. 

You shake your head, your arms trembling as you once again resist against the machine. The rhythmic thrusts of the machine are so fucking good though. Your inner walls fluttering against it despite your greatest effort. You were so desperate for a release that you would do it anywhere at this point. 

Bakugou’s hands grope your breasts, and you arch against him. His fingers roll against your pert nipples. His tongue trailing saliva against the valley of your breasts and your muffled moans only stir him on. Your legs begin to shake, a sure tell of your oncoming orgasm and Bakugou looks up at your clenched face.

Your hips were ramming against the machine harder than the machine was entering you,. You were so preoccupied with your nearly crashing orgasm you didn’t notice that Bakugou had seen you trembling.

The machine is now removed from you. The sounds of the twirling motors the only reminder that it had even been there.

“You’re such a fucking, cockslut,” Bakugou smirks as he presses kisses against your clammy neck and you sob. “Do you want to come?” He growls and you pathetically nod your head.

Your need for release for so high at this point that you were desperate for anything to get you over the edge. Your eyes flutter closed as Bakugou smiles against your skin. His lips trailing open mouth kisses against your skin as he pushes away.

Your eyes feel heavy as you watch him remove the restraints from your legs as he removes his sweatpants. Your chest heaving at the sight of Bakugou’s now freed cock slapping against his stomach. His erection making you clamp your thighs shut, rubbing together for friction as he takes a hand through his hair. 

His eyes locked on your needy form, a cocky smirk on his face as he crawls over you, his hands planted to the sides of his head.

Bakugou leans against his left hand, his right-hand maneuvering to release the gag from your mouth as you stare at him. Tears long gone from your eyes, but the same overpowering lust and need for an orgasm pounding throughout your body.

Your jaw feels like it cracks as you close it, your hands shifting in the harsh constraints. You never liked using rope because it always chafed at your skin…

“Are you ready to come around an actual cock?” Bakugou growls into your skin, and your head nods quickly, your voice unable to make a noise as he chuckles.

You don’t know what’s happening, only that Bakugou has thrust his full length into your awaiting cunt. Bakugou’s hiss rings into your ear as he bottoms you out, and your shriek is now muffled by his hand.

“Shut the hell up,” He snarls. “I don’t need our entire fucking class knowing I’m fucking you!”

You nod your head, trying to keep quiet but his cock is stretching you out in the best of ways, your chest arching and brushing against his as he pounds into you. Your hips are attempting to keep up with his insane speed, your legs wrapping around Bakugou’s waist as he holds your ass.

His fingers clench onto your supple skin as you find yourself being thrust into the mattress. Your jaw dropping, silent screams ringing into the air as he is merciless in his conquest.

Sharp pleasure pierces through your body. Never-ending heat flooding your cunt as his length continues ramming into you. The two large veins on the side of his cock adding even more friction against your inner walls. 

“Ka-Katsuki!” You mewl loudly, your body trembling in his grasp as he continues pounding into you. Again and again, he slams harder into you, faster into you. Electricity flows through your veins as your eyes fall to the back of your head. Your body growing tense yet weak in his grasp. “F-Fuck! Fuck me faster, fuck me harder, please!” You beg.

Bakugou, never one to back down from a challenge, complies.

Your legs are thrown over his shoulder, and the new angle lets the tip of his cock brush against your g-spot. Bakugou grunts, having picked up on all your tells and adjusts himself. He rams back into you, the penetration further, the angle even more pleasing than before.

Your body shakes around his hold, his cock now slamming against your g-spot and without mercy. Your stammering breathing and incoherent praises only will Bakugou on as the fire within you burns. The seeming never-ending pleasure within you courses through your body as your hands slam against the restraints.

“You can– fuck– you can keep fucking going,” Bakugou snaps, his hips still going as fast and hard as ever. “Don’t fucking come yet!”

“B-Baby, please!” You sob your body contorting, your release so close you can taste it on your tongue. His cock twitches from within your walls, and the tip of his cock slams back against your g-spot. Your legs kick wildly, you being unable to contain your nearing release. 

Bakugou pinches your legs as he holds them tighter against his chest, and you’re practically seeing stars as he grunts out sweet nothings.

Sharp pants escape his mouth as he places his hands onto the pillow by your head. Your legs hooked around his shoulder stretching as your hips meet his with every thrust. Your arousal intensifies as a burning pressure erupts within you. Your head falling backward as you lacked the energy to keep it up. “Look at me,” Bakugou growls. The pleasure searing through your veins. It almost prohibits you from staring into his lustful eyes.

Bakugou drops to his forearm, and you sob, the tip of his dick hitting your g-spot with full force now.

“Did you like that?” Bakugou mocks against your throat. You nod your head as he angles himself into the same position and rocks even harder. Even further than before. Your body is spasming underneath his own. Languid moans seeping from your mouth in harmony with Bakugou’s grunts.

“You’re so fucking good to me!” You bawl as the heat within your core is overwhelming. Your breathing hitching with every slam of his hips.

“Do you need to come?” Bakugou snarls against your neck, and you nod frantically. “Then fucking come.”

That’s all you need and the pressure breaks, and you come hard onto his dick, your mouth opens as his lips messily press against yours. You cry his name as you pathetically squirm underneath him. Your pussy clenching around his dick with every following thrust. The tingles spreading throughout your body as he chases your orgasm.

You feel Bakugou curse against your throat. And with a stuttering thrust, expels his sticky and hot seed within you.

Bakugou stays over you, his breathing ragged, trying to calm down.

You chest heaving as you watch him with heavy-lidded eyes as he falls down, his hand resting on your stomach.

“Can you untie me?” You mumble, and Bakugou chuckles, his hand moving to undo the restraints.

You sigh in relief as you slip your raw wrists from the material and immediately curl into Bakugou’s side. 

“Did I hurt you?” Bakugou asks, his fingers gingerly grabbing your wrists. His warm fingers massaging the aching skin.

“Just my pride,” You giggle as his lips press soft kisses against the tender skin. “You did make me come on Kiri, and I don’t think I can ever live that down.”

“Yeah, well imagine how I felt, shitty woman. Who the fuck do you think you are, coming because of another guy.”

“You’re the tease who used the highest setting on the vibrator!”


“I love you, ‘suki.”

“…I love you too, y/n.”

Chapter Text






These words were important to your relationships. It kept you happy, they kept you safe.

Shinsou’s lips pressing softly against yours, his hands caressing your cheeks. His kisses were peppering against your lips, so light, soft and loving.

Your hands pressed against his warm hands, your smile wide as he mumbled to you about his day. His hard and laborious day.

You concentrated on his words, figuring out very fast that it hadn’t really been a long day. No, in fact, he probably had a lot of fun today! He had Kaminari and Kirishima working on an open case with him today. It was nothing strenuous, or potentially newsworthy. Only that their happy attitudes had left the poor man drained by the end of their second hour together.

“For someone miserable all day,” You giggle as his purple locks swept against your forehead. “You seem pretty eager now.”

Shinsou pulls away, a smirk on his face as his fingers stroke soft motions into your cheek. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He drawls out, his face coming in again to press a kiss to your forehead before he moves away from you.

You shift in the kitchen chair as Shinsou walks towards the refrigerator. Grabbing a cup, he fills it with water. Your hands brushed away a few strands of hair that fell into your eyes. Your eyes trained on his flexing arm as he drank away.

“Why don’t you go take a shower, love?” You suggest, your chin resting in your palm as Shinsou pulls the lip of the cup away from his mouth. “We can have a quiet night in?”

Shinsou’s tired eyes look at you, they close slightly as he smiles, his head nodding. “I think that sounds amazing. Want to order some udon soup from the noodle shop?”

You nod your head in agreement as he walks over, hands in his pockets. You watch as your boyfriend leans in close, his mouth centimeters from yours.

“Unless,” Shinsou ponders, his eyes teasing. “You want to join me in my shower.”

Your face resists a smile as you roll your eyes, shoving his face away you scoff, “Sorry. I’m saving myself for someone.” You scoff as Shinsou laughs.

“Alright, alright.” He says walking away, a whistle on his tongue as he slinks off into the hallway towards the bathroom.

Pulling out your phone, you smile as you call your local noodle shop.

“Hi, can I please place an order for two udon noodles?”


You walked back into the house and were very surprised to still hear that the shower was still on. Not wanting to let the soup run cold you placed the bowls into the microwave for short keeping. You closed it and walked to your bedroom, and collapsed onto the bed.

Your eyes locked on your phone as you aimlessly scrolled through social media. Liking pictures and commenting as you go. Finally, the water turned off, and your eyes looked at the door expectantly. You wondered what pajamas he was going to be wearing.

Shinsou had a habit of changing in the restroom right out of the shower. A habit that implemented during U.A. and had yet to die hard.

What you didn’t expect was for the door to open.

Shinsou walking out with nothing but your cream-colored towel around his waist. Drops of water sliding down his toned and scarred chest stopping your breathing. His purple hair wet and no longer constricted to the hair gel he was so vehement in putting it. It was low, fluffy, and always made you blush.

Today was no different as his eyes found yours.

You could read Shinsou like a book. It was a strong skill of yours and you were proud of it. He was sort of shocked to find you there on the bed, his cheeks tinged pink as he smiled awkwardly.

“Hey, sexy.” You call and wink. Shinsou rolls his eyes and smiles as he walks over to you, and all you can do is watch as his towel-clad body bends over you.

“Hi.” Shinsou breathes his lips ghosting over yours. “I wasn’t expecting you to be here.”

“Oh, really?” You laugh as you press up to meet his lips. “Considering your state of affairs, I have to call bullshit.”

Your grin as Shinsou pinched your sides, a disapproving look on his face as you lean up to kiss him again.

Shinsou’s lips are frozen against yours, but it will take a lot more to discourage you. Your fingers tangle in his damp hair, your chest brushing against his as your draw him nearer. His hand comes to rest right below your ribs, supporting you as your lips danced against his.

He soon kisses you back.

His lips soft and smooth over your own, his fingers tight and grasping at your clothed skin. He feels so warm you believe that there’s steam seeping from his skin. The water droplets falling against your body. But you don’t care, you didn’t care. You can only think of his Shinsou, the way he feels against you, the way his hair lands on your forehead.

The towel around his waist teases your leg as your crawl back, allowing Shinsou further onto the bed.

Your eyes flutter open to look at his face. His eyes closed, a dreamlike expression on his face as you tear away from his lips. Your lips trail delicate kisses along his jawline and all the way down his neck. Shinsou does not fight you as you roll the two of you over. Your legs straddling his wet torso as a soft whine leaves his lips.

You pull away, a grin on your face as you chuckle, “Is everything okay?” You ask your fingers running through his bangs, and Shinsou sighs as you play with his hair.

“Do you want to try something new?” He asks you, his tone hesitant, but his eyes tell you he’s had it in mind for a while now.

“If you’re suggesting food kink, that’s going to be a hard no from me,” You shake your head. “I don’t like my food touching people’s bodies, like why is that even a–mmph?!”

Your eyes widen as Shinsou covers your mouth with his hand, his eyes amused as he shakes his head. “You didn’t let me explain, dumbass.”

“Hey! I am not being–” You froze as you feel the effects of his quirk overcome you. As Shinsou trained his quirk he was able to allow people to live what they were doing under his quirk. Should it be necessary of course, and well, you two had definitely tried it out in bed before.

So this was not new.

While you cursed him off internally, you watched paralyzed as he took your hand in his, “Can you use your quirk on me?” He asks, his request is hesitant. “I… well, being brainwashed just seems so nonsensical, and I just really want to experience it. Plus, if you’re planning on fucking me anyways tonight, might as well test it out.”

Oh, that was new.

Your quirk was rather simple and handy at times too. Your quirk was called Reflection. You could send back out any quirk that was placed onto you. It was helpful for quirks such as Shinsou’s, but was, for the most part, useless if the person at large was someone like Midoriya.

Shinsou’s lifts his quirk on you, and you blink rapidly staring at him confused.

“How would that work?” You ask your eyes wide. “I get what you want, but you’re only going to be able to give yourself one command and that’s all you’re going to get! I can’t control you after the first request.”

Shinsou shrugs, his hands trailing up and down your side. “I know there are a lot of… technicalities to work out, but it doesn’t hurt to try.”

Well, he wasn’t wrong, per se. But could you really handle your boyfriend using you to use himself? Oh lord, this was so confusing already…

“I’ll try it,” You cave, your eyes worried as you press a kiss to his forehead. “But if this is weird, we’re never doing this again! I don’t mind you using it on me, but that’s because you can do the most with it! What are you going to say, ‘fuck me like no one else in the world had.”

“Oh, that’s what I was going to say.”


Shinsou barks in laughter as he shakes his head, “No, no, I have something in mind.”

You blink and your head nods.

“Well, to be fair, I have no idea if it’s actually going to work, but if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work.”

You watch as Shinsou adjusts under you, his chest rising and falling as he nods his head, “Okay, ready?”

You nod your head, activating your quirk. But you are unsure if this truly was going to work out the way Shinsou wanted it to.

“Listen to whatever y/n says.”

You watch as Shinsou’s eyes go hazy. They’re no longer focused, creepily spaced out. Your finger pokes his nose softly as if he really was not under command.

“Shake your right foot?” You whisper, your heart hammering. This absolute power making your skin itch in the weirdest and best ways. You watch from over your shoulder as his foot moves, and you giggle. Was this really happening?! “Stop.” 

He stops.

You watch in mirth as your hands reach for your clothes. You are hyperaware of the fact that you can feel your boyfriend staring at everything you were doing. Yet his hands can only remain by his side. Frozen and stiff.


Only a man who trusted you like none other would ever allow you this much power over one’s autonomy. The simple thought sending fire to your lower belly.

“We really should have tried this out earlier,” You sigh into his ear. Lips kissing him gently right where his jawline sat. You knew how delicious it felt to be kissed in this state. The overwhelming neediness that you never knew you had until you weren’t allowed to do anything.

You sigh as you remove your bra. Your breasts falling free and the stress of wearing the bra releasing immediately.

“My boobs really hurt, massage them for me?”

Shinsou’s hands immediately fall onto your tender and sore flesh. His fingers pulling and rubbing against the tired skin as your head drops in content. “Such a sweet and obedient boy,” You snicker as your head tips to the side. Your body very much enjoying this.

You shift against his body. Your crotch pressing against his own waist where his cock was already hard.

“Grind onto me.”

Sputtering gasps leave your lips as he grinds his hard cock against your aroused sex. The feeling of the towel’s fabric against the thin material of your shorts was exhilarating. Shinsou’s hands continue massaging your breasts. Although now he is partially leaning up to reach your body.

Your hips grind back against his, your smile growing as you feel his cock twitch. “Already so aroused for me and we’ve barely begun.” You tease your hips rotating against his crotch. “Go harder, I know you need it.”

Shinsou’s hips grind into your harder and your smile grows as it almost feels as if he was not under your control. It felt as if it was really happening. He better fucking appreciate you for this later!

“Such a good baby,” You moan. The stimulating pressure against your clit was overwhelming. This power you had was too much. It made you feel as if you were drunk as if you were playing god. “Do you want my pretty pussy around your thick cock? I’m sure you do… but I’m not ready to let you in just that quickly. Stop moving.”

Shinsou’s body freezes against you. His hips at an awkward angle, his finger digging slightly into your breasts.

“Relax,” You coo. As he lets go of you, you roll off of him. “Watch me.”

Shinsou’s body adjusts accordingly so that his eyes are on you. Your eyes watch him with a smile. “Your eyes will not leave me for the rest of the night.”

You wiggle off your shorts, sighing in relief as the cool air of the room hits your heated cunt. You nestle into the pillows, your naked body revealed for him to see. You look at him with bedroom eyes, taking glee in the fact that all he can do is watch.

“Make me come around your fingers.”

You watch as Shinsou sits up, and shuffles over to you. The towel around his waist slipping off and he reveals his glorious cock to you. You sigh at the sight, but you immediately forget about it as soon as his fingers slide into your wet cunt.

Gasps resonate from your lips, your hips shaking around his moving fingers.

In and out they thrust.

In and out.




Shinsou isn’t a gentle lover, but he is not one to start off rough. But with no mental restriction, his fingers were merciless in their speed and force.

Fuck!” You shout, your hips twisting against his fingers. “Curl your fingers inside of me, baby.”

Without hesitation, his fingers curl.

It spreads out your inner walls, stretching you out as your head falls back into the pillow.

You can feel Shinsou’s steady breathing against your now soaked cunt. Your whines and moans going what seems to be unnoticed by Shinsou. His fingers tremble within you, and you let out a gasping laugh. “No!” You laugh as your fingers go and touch your cunt. “You wanted this, and now you’re getting it.”

His nails drag against your inner wall and you cry out at the sensation. The rippling waves of pleasure crashing through your body at the new feeling. “G-Go faster!” You pant, your hips bucking against his fingers at a desperate speed.

His fingering only increases in power and speed, your back arching off the pillows as you sob in pleasure. Your finger rubs quicker and faster circles against your clit. Fire burning further within you. The coil within you winding faster and faster.

“Yes, baby, yes.” You praise, your hips snapping faster and faster.

The sopping sounds of his finger thrusting into your pussy sends your legs thrashing. One kick nails Shinsou in the thigh, your jaw dropping as you moan. The waves of pleasure finally overcome you. Your orgasm washing over you as Shinsou’s fingers continue slamming into you.

“Stop!” You gasp, your hand coming off your stimulated clit. But Shinsou doesn’t stop. Your eyes are wide as you snap your attention back onto your boyfriend who stares up into your face. A devious smirk on his face. “‘Toshi–”

You feel your body fuzz over, locking and relaxing all in one.

“I can see why using my quirk during sex is fun, but I think I prefer using it on you,” Shinsou mutters. “Now, suck my dick.”

Your body moves without you thinking, and you can only zone in on his leaking cock as your mouth surrounds it.

As soon as your lips wrap around his length, he twitches within your mouth. Shinsou’s fingers gently picking your hair into a faux-ponytail as your mouth takes him all in. You were a tease in bed, hell the two of you were, and you felt yourself gagging softly as he bottomed out in your throat. His wide cock stretching out your throat uncomfortably. The stinging of the restricted airway burning you.

Your head pulled off before slowly lowering again. Shinsou’s praises hitting your ears as you felt your pussy clench.

“Faster, slut.” Shinsou moans at your slow pace, and you feel your pace increasing. Again you take his full length in. Your head moves almost robotically. You’re moving up and down his shaft, with speeds you never dared to reach on your own.

Gags tumble out of your mouth, but Shinsou seems to thoroughly enjoy it.

“Even under mind control you’re gagging against daddy’s cock.” Shinsou snickers, but the groan that leaves his lips undermines his words. “God, you’re so fucking good at this.”

As hazy as you feel, the fire within your core is aflame again. Burning bright as his cock slams against the back of your throat. It was enough to knock you from his control.

Your fingers seize his length, and Shinsou twitches underneath you not expecting this. Your hands grasp where the base of his cock is, and you hum against his length.

“How long have you been snapped out of it.” Shinsou grunts, his face scrunching with painful pleasure.

You’re not dumb though, resorting instead to pinch his thigh as you hollow out your cheeks. Your tongue tracing against the bulging vein on the front of his cock.

Shit!” Shinsou curses as you sink further down his length. Your throat purposefully restricting around him. It’s all it takes it seems, and Shinsou comes hard. His seed shooting down your throat as you swallow. His load plenty in your mouth as you pull away, your hand rubbing your lips as you stare at him. The salty-sweet cum still on your tongue as you shove his shoulders.

“I’m going to ride you,” You warn as your hand grabs his softening cock. “You’re going to listen to everything I have to command even without your quirk, do you understand?” You hiss as you straddle his thighs. You glance back to rub his cock against your slick slit. A low groan from Shinsou’s chest making you look back at him.

You frown as you lean in closer. “I said,” you fingers grab his soft hair, “do you understand.”

Shinsou stares at you, his eyes wide and lips partially opened.


A proud smirk overcomes your features as you press down, your lips pressing against his. “Good.”

With that you sink onto his cock, a low hiss escaping your clenched teeth as you bottom out on him. Shinsou’s head snapped back, his eyes scrunched together as his fingers dig into your sides.

Your hips move towards the side and Shinsou’s hips buck.

You take this as an initiative to move faster.

However, it seems to be too much even for you.

Your back arches, your whines overcome by his own moans as you adjust to the penetration. Shinsou’s cock stretches you out in wondrous ways. God, he was so fucking thick.

“Fuck me, hard.” You say, your hips rolling out in a circle as your fingers drag down his chest. Shinsou doesn’t wait for you to get more comfortable. Doing as commanded as his hips begin hammering into you.

You feel stupendously overwhelmed. His moving hips intoxicating to you, the way his brows were set into a steep line makes your legs tremble. His hands grabbing your ass and breasts, always alternating, never forgetting to give each attention. Shinsou making sure to give you the attention he wanted to give you, that you commanded him. His fingers feel almost shocking to you. His physical tough so nerve pulsing the moans pour out of your mouth. The vibrations from his own moans are felt on your hands that still rest on his chest.

His hips slamming his cock in and out of you. His girth making you tremble on top of his lap. It didn’t matter how many times you’ve fucked him like this. Deep and fast penetration was always too much. It always was an indescribable feeling of his entering and exiting cock.

It was too much.

Your hands go from his chest to behind you, fondling with his balls. “You’re fucking me so good baby, you’re so great.” You encourage, your face screwed up as your hips come in junction with his every time. “Fuck me even deeper, don’t stop!.”

His body is suddenly flushed against yours, your back pressed into the mattress as he hoists your on leg on his shoulder. The angle is deeper, and he doesn’t stop, yet you wanted more. You craved for more. The walls of your pussy clenching in the future arrival of your orgasm.

“You’re so fucking amazing!” Shinsou curses as he leans forward to capture your mouth. His lips trailing down your neck as he presses you further into the mattress again. The headboard begins striking against the wall. The bed creaking as you begin thrusting up and down his length. Your eyes clamped shut as he presses you even harder against the mattress. Your air almost restricted as you cry out in pleasure.

“Faster! Please, faster!” You cry and his hips increase their ramming into you. Your hips meeting his again and again.

“‘Toshi!!” You shriek as his fingers pinch your clit. You shudder against his hold, sparks flowing through your body, and it’s from his touch. “Oh my god, yes! ohmygod…”

“Tell what you want me to give you, sweetheart.” Shinsou snarls against your skin. “I’ll give you anything you want.”

“I need you to make me fucking come!” You wail, your fingers raking against his naked back.

“Come, baby, come.” He growls, and your vision turns white.

You come hard around his cock. His relentless hips pounding into you. He shoves your shoulders into the mattress. The pounding of the bed on the wall intensifies as you convulse under the purple-haired boy. Your lecherous moans driving him as he chases your orgasm.

“Fuck!” He snarls. His face crumbling as he looks at your blazing hot face, your eyes still clenched. Your mouth open and panting. “Shit!” He slammed into you relentlessly, brutally clenching your thighs. Watching you scream for him. Shinsou loved you like this. Screaming for him and with you letting out more overstimulated and raunchy moans. He’d completely lost his control, snapping forward. Letting out a heavy load into your throbbing cunt.

“…you know,” You mutter as Shinsou rests on top of you. His cock still buried within you, your hands rubbing up and down his back. “You have an issue with me being on top, admit it.”

“I just think your tits look so much prettier when I fuck you from atop.”

“You didn’t even let me use your quirk the entire time!”

“I followed your commands!”

“But took me from the top!!”

“Sorry, love, I trust you and everything… but that mind-control thing was the weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced.”

“Wow, break my heart like that, and our udon is probably cold now…”

“…still want to eat it?”


Chapter Text

Midoriya looked into the mirror as he pulled up his black slacks. His eyes trained on his waist as he tucked in the white button-down shirt he wore. His shirt was now unbuttoned two buttons from the top, teasing at his toned chest as he zipped up his pants. The black leather belt slide in shortly afterward. His green eyes stared into his reflection as he pulled on his black blazer.

At twenty-three years old, Midoriya Izuku was no longer “plain.” He stood tall, toned, scars littering his body that showed off his hero status. Kind warm eyes, with freckles scattering his nose and cheeks. He was, if anything, a fine and beautiful man.

His fingers tentatively touched his slicked-back hair. A new style he had wanted to test out for gala’s like this one tonight. A few dark curls lay across his forehead still, but most were very much fought into place. Even Midoriya had to admit that he looked good.

He walked over to his nightstand and grabbed a four heavy silver and bronze rings. They slid against his calloused fingers. Secured tight onto his index finger and middle finger. Wiggling his fingers to get used to the new weight, Midoriya grabbed his cologne. He sprayed the scent against his neck and rubbing some on his wrists.

All that was needed were shoes, which were waiting by the entrance of the house waiting for him to leave.

“Izuku?” Your voice called out, and Midoriya’s eyes trained on the master bathroom’s closed door.

“Yes, angel?” Midoriya responded, his feet already moving over to the bathroom.

“I need help!” You laugh as Midoriya opens the bathroom door. He stares at your face through the reflection of the mirror.

Midoriya’s eyes wander down your body. You’re fit into a gorgeous formal dress. The rose champagne color or the dress shining because of the silk material. Your thighs slightly picking out as he realizes that it was a double slit dress. Midoriya smirks at your appearance, you’re totally and completely hot.

Your makeup complete. Your face set with natural colors and fake eyelashes, and a dark red lip completing your look. As he walks over to you, his eyes fall onto the body chain on your chest. The dress was revealing, the fabric holding your breasts like a bra. But the delicate silver chain that runs down your neck and into your cleavage… it makes Midoriya suck air between his teeth as he zips up your dress. His fingers purposefully trailing against your exposed skin.

You smile as you thank him, your gaze focused in on your reflection as you fix your hair.

“Do you think this outfit works for the gala?” You ask as you finally turn towards your fiancée. “I don’t look too overdone.”

“You look amazing!” Midoriya disagrees as he presses a soft kiss to your lips, making sure not to disturb your painted lips.

You hum contently, your fingers trailing up his chest as you lock them behind his neck. Your body pressed against him as your own eyes glance at his outfit. “You, my love, look sexy mega ultra hot.”

Midoriya laughs, a blush rising to his cheeks, “Thank you…”

“What those fingers do.” You ask, a teasing smile on your face as his blush strengthens.


“Especially with those rings? I could melt on the spot, for real.”

Midoriya whines softly in the back of his throat before burying his face into your neck. The flustered hot breaths hitting your neck harshly. “I’m sorry!” You giggle as your giant of a boyfriend tries shrinking to your height. “But are you ready to go? I hear Momo has a chocolate fountain, and that is calling my name.”

Midoriya pulls away, his lips pressing against yours again.

“Okay, let’s go.”


You loved going to “fancy events”.

The food was amazing, and the music was always live and beautiful.

Second of all, while it was under the pretense of being fancy, it was a total joke.

Your eyes concentrated on the small platter of fruits in front of you. Your fingers plucking some onto a small plate.

“I love your dress!” Uraraka sighed beside you as she grabbed a strawberry.

“It’s the only thing I had that wasn’t short.” You giggle as you help your friend pile more food onto her plate.

You also loved seeing your old classmates and beloved friends at these events.

But the main reason you loved these events?

It was the way Midoriya looked.

Tall, handsome, and breathtaking.

His smile was wide as he talked with Bakugou and Todoroki. The suit he wore was delicious against his taut muscles. His chest mocking you from the distance. The rings on his fingers shining with what seemed immense intensity.

A dull throb hit your lower belly and your lips pressed firmly against each other. Why did formal clothing turn you on this much? There was no need for you to be thirsting over your fiance like this in public.

Plopping a cube of pineapple into your mouth you turned away. You walked beside Uraraka as you joined your group of girlfriends by the dance floor. You smiled as you sat between Mina and Momo, and you joined in on the conversation.

Everything was going fine, the laughter between you seven girls warming your heart. It wasn’t even as if the seven of you didn’t see each other constantly. You all had a tradition of going to lunch or dinner every weekend. There was also the gym you all worked out at together, but being here at this gala, it was just riveting.

As the night drew on, more and more couples began gracing the floors. Dancing had begun and the group of you girls were out there dancing as if you were back in high school. Pairing up and whisking each other around the dancefloor as giggles filled the air. You held onto Tsuyu’s and Jirou’s hand as the three of you twirled around. The song was too good and both girls were being too shy.

“You wouldn’t mind if I steal y/n away for a second?” Midoriya’s voice fills your left ear as his hand comes to lay against your right waist.

“Please take her, she won’t let us sit down!” Jirou exclaims, shoving you towards your fiance to which you scoff.

“My heart is broken because you don’t want to dance with me.” You pout as you watch your friends wave as they run away towards the other girls. At least they weren’t sitting down.

You looked up into Midoriya’s green eyes and smiled. There was that small smile on his face as well, not anything like his grin. It was alluring enough to make the momentary forgotten heat flare up again.

“Hi there,” Midoriya greets you, and your smile broadens as his hand presses against the small of your back.

“Hi.” You say as you slip your hand into his free one.

Both of you don’t talk for a while as Midoriya moves you across the ballroom floor. The two of you seem to be gliding across ice. Each knowing each other so well that your steps match each other perfectly. Dancing with Midoriya was effortless, it was easy, and it was fun. You were not the greatest dancer, but somehow you turned out to be the very best with him gliding you across the floor.

A hum is then heard from your throat as he spins you, and you fall back into his arm. Only this time his hand presses your against his body. Your eyes flutter back up to his face. You had taken a comfortable position of laying your head against his shoulder.

“You alright?”

Midoriya nods his head, his jaw tightening as he leans in close, his lips brushing ever so soft against your ear.

“Your dress is doing something to me.” He whispers low into your ear.

A cunning smile extends onto your features as you fail to suppress it.

“What is she doing? I’ll tell her to stop.” You tease looking down at the shining jewelry between your breasts. The champagne color of your dress was truly memorizing.

“She’s making everyone look at you.” Midoriya sighs. The hot air of his exhales making goosebumps flash down your neck. “People wanting to know if you’re available for them. Asking me if we were still together as if that ring around your finger wasn’t enough to warrant them off.”

“Oh, who asked? Do I know them?” You ask, your lips pressing onto the sweet spot on Midoriya’s neck. The place where his jaw met his neck. “Because, if it was Bakugou, I may have to leave you.”

Midoriya snorts as you giggle against his skin.

Bakugou just was not someone he was jealous of or insecure about.

“Should we go ask him?” Midoriya purrs into your ear.

You swear that the pooling heat of your arousal is finally gracing your thighs. You pull away from Midoriya, a sly look to your eye as you pull him towards the ash-blond who is refusing to go and dance. “Let’s ask?”

You wave and smile as you approach Bakugou, Kirishima, and Todoroki. Midoriya squeezing his hand as his obvious embarrassment at you catching his fake. “Hi boys,” You say as you bring Midoriya next to you, nudging him into the free chair at the table. They all greet you back, of course not all were verbal welcomings. “Bakugou, I have a question–”


“– can you watch Midoriya for me? I need to go use the restroom, and well, he’ll destroy the dance floor if left unattended like during high school?”

You don’t wait for a response, choosing instead to wave as you walk away towards the bathroom.

You grin as you pick up your wallet from your table, taking it with you to the restroom.

You walked into the nearest restroom. Staring at your reflection in the mirror for a solid minute before peeing. Flushing and washing your hands, you returned your gaze towards yourself. Then a brilliant idea flashed across your mind.

Your sex life with Midoriya Izuku was not vanilla.

But he would never ever attempt to get frisky in public even if he would tease you as he did earlier. It seemed like you were going to change that finally. Nodding to yourself, your fingers held onto the small pair of panties you wore with the dress. With firm fingers, you slide them down. Grabbing your wallet, you folded up the panties and shoved them in. They would go unnoticed there.

With a final nod of approval, you walked out of the restroom, head high, confidence emitting from your skin.

You were not going to leave without fucking Midoriya in the bathroom and that was final.

As you reentered the ballroom, your eyes focused on your fiance. Said fiance who was now by the drinks talking with Todoroki. Deciding to start things low, you took your phone and sent him a text message.

you: i forgot to mention this earlier, but i thought you looked very hot tonight…

Placing your things back onto the table, you grin as you watch Midoriya pull out his phone and checked the text. His cheeks flushing when Todoroki moved to read it. Midoriya waves him off repocketing his phone as he babbles off.

Oh, how you loved the fact that no matter how confident your fiance was, he was still the same fifteen-year-old high school boy you fell in love with.

You returned to the girls and continued on as if nothing was different.

Your behavior didn’t change, not even in the slightest! Well as long as you didn’t count the fact that you were looking back at your fiance every thirty seconds. Your heart rate racing as he was always looking at you, his green eyes locked on your figure as you danced about.

Midoriya had even come back and danced with you again for a few more songs. Each and every time resulting in you “accidentally” brushing yourself against his crotch. A needy whisper into his ear as he held you close. Hell, at one point your whispers had gotten to him so much that he tripped over his own feet after standing still for more than ten seconds.

How you saw it, you were ready to move on to the final nail in the coffin.

You sauntered over towards Midoriya who was standing with Iida. The two friends chatting as they drank. You smiled in greeting at Iida as your mouth immediately pressed against Midoriya’s ear. Your lips teasing his ear as you spoke.

“I forgot to mention this earlier, but I’m not wearing any panties…”

You pull away looking over at a confused Iida who looked ready to ask his questions, “No worries, Iida-kun! I was telling Midoriya that there were no more chocolate-covered strawberries.” You pout as Iida strikes up a conversation.

While you were paying attention to every word he was saying, Midoriya’s grip on your waist was intoxicating.

“Well, actually.” You interrupt Iida, your hand that was resting against Midoriya’s waist trailing down to his ass. “I don’t mean to interrupt, but I have to go use the restroom!”

You wave goodbye as you walk away praying that Midoriya would either follow you or understand what you meant. You were walking towards the furthest restroom. Something you only knew because Hagakure had complained about it being the one open when she had to pee.

Your eyes glanced behind you. Disappointment flooded your veins as you realized that you hadn’t succeeded. But you did need to check up on your makeup, it had been a bit hot on that dance floor.

Opening the bathroom door, you stepped in and you moved to turn it.

Before you succeeded, the door slammed open.

Your curly-haired fiance stepped in, his face set into an almost scowl as he closed the door as quickly as he had come in. The small click echoing in your ears as your heart rate picked back up. The heat between your thighs aflame as his lips are on yours suddenly. You don’t even have time to tease him about finally giving in.

Your hands don’t even have the time to fist themselves into his jacket as he picks you up. He roughly sets you onto the cold marble counter.

Your heart hammers in your ears as his lips are possessive, lusting, and intense. Your whimpers leaving your throat as his lips pepper down your neck. His teeth making contact with your flesh every so often.

“First, you’re wearing this voluptuous dress and you’re moving around as if you don’t even know it.” Your moan staggers out of your lips as his fingers run up and down the silk dress. “Next, the fucking body chain directing everyone’s eyes to your fucking tits? Are you a slut, y/n? Do you want everyone to be imagining your tits when they’re getting off? And now? You’re telling me you’re not wearing any panties? All night? You’ve been dancing around and moving… were you trying to expose yourself to everyone? Such a fucking whore…” His peppering kisses turn into hisses as his fingers reach your exposed thighs. The rings on his fingers cold against your skin and you arch into his touch. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you’re trying to get me to fuck you in public…”

You grin as you feel his fingers tease your slit as if trying to make you desperate to sink him into your aching heat.

“I’m sorry,” You moan as he begins to insert the tip of his finger into your wet pussy. You pull out his fingers from under your dress, a triumphant smirk on your face. “I need to fix my makeup. I have a beautiful fiancee waiting for me!”

Slipping off the counter you turn towards the door, unlocking it.

Before you can open it, Midoriya’s pressed sinfully against your back. His hand slamming on the door, and his hard cock rubbing deliciously into your ass. “I guess I’ll have to fucking remind you who you belong to, sweetheart.”

“I don’t belong to anyone.” You breathe as his teeth bite down on your earlobe.

“We’ll see whose name you’re praising to in a few minutes then,” Midoriya promises and you laugh. Your hand snaking behind you to grasp his dick.

“Maybe you’ll be the one moaning my name…”

His hand reaches back out to lock the door. “Unfortunately, only good girls can have their ideas heard.” He growls.

Your eyes widen as you’re back onto the counter. The green sparks of his quirk use making your mouth open in retaliation. He was cheating! However, he steals all words leaving your mouth as he sinks his two fingers into your blazed core.

The heat emitting from his fingers and the cold, cold metal of his rings makes your hands shoot out to hold him for support. A sensuous moan pouring from your mouth as his fingers pump into you. “Fuck, you’re so wet already.” Midoriya groans, his head tilting backward as his fingers move within your walls.

Your head drops back as he continues slamming his fingers within you. The temperature difference between your needy sex and the rings on his fingers is overwhelming.

“‘Zuku…” You gasp, your hips rolling in time with his fingers. “Ohhhh my god!”

“What’s wrong, angel?” Midoriya snickers, his fingers curling within you. Your jaw drops as the sensation build from within you. The rings drag against your inner walls, his fingernails teasing your walls as well. “Do you like my rings?”

Your breathing is so shaky, so irregular you can only nod your head as his fingers work their magic from within you.

“You’re so fucking wet, how long have you been craving me?” Midoriya groans as he moves the skirt of the dress from between your thighs. Revealing your wet throbbing sex to him. He lowers himself to the level of your cunt. His cold breathes of air hitting your heated sex in a way that made you sob. “You really like the cold, huh.” Midoriya chuckles as his hand reaches behind you to turn on the cold water.

His fingers disappear from within you, “Suck.” Midoriya commands you, his fingers thick with your arousal by your lips.

Your mouth opens and he inserts his fingers.

You moan as you taste yourself on his fingers. The salty taste you recognize as Midoriya’s skin overwhelming you. Your swirl your tongue against his fingers. Your cheeks hollowing as you suck every single last drop of your arousal off his fingers.

What you didn’t expect was for his other fingers on his left hand to enter you. They were clumsier, not as trained as his right hand, but the cold metal on the rings once again making you cry out in pleasure as he scissors his fingers.

“Such a naughty girl so worked up and all I’ve used is my fingers.” Midoriya clicks his tongue as he moves his fingers from your mouth. He places them into the running cold water. “Have I ever mentioned how fucking pretty you look with my fingers deep in your pussy?”

“‘Zuku!” You moan in embarrassment and pleasure. While his fingers were magical, you wanted more. You needed more. “P-please I just want your dick.” You mewl as the water turns off.

Your whine even more as his now cold and wet hand hits your heated inner thigh.

This was too much, the feeling of his fingers within your heat. The impossibly cold metal refusing to warm up within you. The desperation within you wanting Midoriya to do nothing but fuck you against this counter. You sit up straighter, your fuzzy mind clear as you unbuckle Midoriya’s belt. It undoes easily, and your mind spins as Midoriya enters his other fingers in you.

Your head drops back as you curse his name.

Four fingers are in you.

Four rings burning against your heated walls.

Your pussy throbs in the sensation as you pant.

“Please!” You cry as your hips rut against his moving fingers. Fighting through the hazy fog in your brain, your slip his pants off, the light fabric dropping to the floor. Your eyes lock on his constricted underwear and your breathing quickens.

You gasp as his fingers leave your sopping cunt as they hook around his underwear. You watch in aching pleasure as his cock springs out, and your thighs tremble at the sight of him. Midoriya has you pinned against the wall. His mouth leaving kisses down your neck. His hot tongue gliding against the metal links on your chest and you moan.

“I can’t believe I’ve been too afraid to do this earlier.” He chuckles against your wet skin. Your eyes shut closed as he pushes his cock into your waiting pussy. The veins in his cock applying more friction to his entrance and you whine. “I’m going to fuck you so well.”


Midoriya smirks, and his hips pull out slightly before ramming into you. His cock bottoming out into you.

His pace is demanding, your body already very used to what he can do with his length.

Your fingers grabbed onto his flexing biceps and held onto them for dear life as he slammed himself into you. Your hips met his with every thrust, rolling against him, the actions encouraging him to speed up. A small pant escaping his mouth as he picks up his speed.

Your cries aren’t unnoticed as Midoriya presses his mouth against yours, his lips hungry and choppy over your owns. You gasp louder as a particular thrust catches you off guard in terms of speed. Midoriya grins against your mouth, his tongue tracing your bottom lip. Your fingers drag against the fabric of his jacket, how you wished it was your skin he could touch.

“What would we do if someone caught you like this?” Midoriya teases, his breathing heavy against your mouth.

“T-They’d catch you all the same!” You squeak as your pussy clenches against his moving cock. Midoriya curses as well, his face moving to bury into your neck as he continues rocking into you.

He adjusts your position by dragging you against the wall and you moan at the new angle of penetration. The new rhythm making your toes curl against your heels. Uncaring that your makeup will ruin, you grabbed Midoriya by the collar of his shirt and pulled him into a kiss. He kissed you back, the same intense fire in this kiss as every single one. Pushing off the wall your arms wrap around his tensed shoulder and you sink your teeth into the flesh of his neck.

Midoriya curses. The words sending butterflies to your stomach as he bounces you harsher against his length.

Up and down.


Up and down.


Your cries are almost unnoticed against his mouth and stumble as he places you back on your feet. His hands spin you around and your chest is pressed against the cold marble. You splutter as Midoriya lifts the skirt of your dress and thrusts his cock back into your aching cunt. “I think for someone so desperate to fuck in public, you definitely are not secretive enough to do this.” Midoriya chuckles as his hips continue to slam into you.

Your hands press into the counter, your ass moving back in synch with his crashing hips. Your whines are louder now, no longer drowned out by Midoriya.

“If you wanted me so badly, we could have left early.” Midoriya teases as his hands slide down your thighs.

“I – fuck – I didn’t want to leave!” You cry out. Your cunt felt like it was on fire, the crashing waves of pleasure overpowering you. “Go harder, oh god ‘Zuku, don’t fucking stop!”

Midoriya’s hands trailed back up your thighs and as the tip of his cock slams against your back of your walls. His cold fingers press against your throbbing clit. A sharp sob escapes your mouth as you arch off the counter.

Your sobs are constant now, the electrifying pleasure stirring your nerves.

You were so damn close.

“Hey, is y/n okay? Is she crying?” A voice, sounding like Mina asks.

You squeak and Midoriya’s free hand muffles your voice as he shoves his fingers into your mouth.

“S-She’s just a bit sick,” Midoriya calls, his voice smoothing over. “She got a little emotional and started throwing up, she’s okay now.”

Your saliva flows down his fingers, you’re unable to contain your fluids. But despite this, Midoriya continues in his conquest. Your pussy clenching around his cock as you whimper.

“Ah, okay! Do you need me to get some water?”


“On it!”

Midoriya pulls his fingers from your mouth, a snarl in his tone as he speaks to you. “Almost getting caught, sweetheart, that would be embarrassing.”

“P-Please, Izuku, I’m so fucking – oh my fucking god – I’m so close!” You splutter, your legs trembling under his control.

“Then come.” He growls, his fingers pinching your clit.

An overwhelming pleasure crashes through you. Your body trembling against his hold as he continues slamming into you. He chases your orgasm, shifting you further against the counter to allow him to speedily crash into you.

His cock stretches you out in a new way, the bulging veins on his cock rubbing a fire against your walls. Midoriya fucks you barbarously, his fingers clenching your ass as you come apart for him. Midoriya, unable to keep a secure head on his shoulder, loses himself within you. His hips snapping forward one last time. A heavy load shooting into your throbbing cunt.

Shaky breathing fills the air as he pulls out of you.

You whine at the lack of him within you, and your knees buckle as he steps back. You hold yourself against the counter as you pant, desperate to find your air again. A whimper on your tongue as you feel your combine cum seeping from your clenching pussy.

“That was amazing.” Midoriya chuckles as he slips back his underwear and pants. You can only watch him through heavy lids as he buckles his belt. “I’ll go find Mina, I think you need to fix your makeup for real now.” He teases as he presses a kiss to your mouth.

“You have my lipstick on your lips…” You mutter as he pulls away.

“I carry around makeup wipes with me for you.” Midoriya chuckles as he pulls out his packet of them. You can only watch with an open mouth as he rubs your lipstick off his mouth and neck. “Now, I have to go find Mina, bye my love!”

Chapter Text

Being a doctor was the biggest dream you’ve had since high school. You wanted to take care of people, improve their physical and emotional wellbeing. A doctor was your everyday hero and you wanted to be that.

When university applications began during high school, you submitted an application to the best school in Japan.

Yuuei University.

They were now known for their very low acceptance rate, it’s high retention and graduation rates! As well as most graduates becoming the most successful individuals in their field! It was no question that you applied there!

When you got in, your family and you had celebrated for an entire week. It was extraordinary.

Of course, Yuuei was a rigorous university. You spent days and nights studying. Even the weekends weren’t filled with partying due to the nature of your classes. As a Biochemistry Major, you had a lot on your plate. All while taking the needed courses as well as the pre-req classes for medical school. You were always at the top of your game.

So when you were selecting classes for the second semester of your third year, it shocked you to hear that four more units of a psychology class were needed. A class needed to complete the core requirements that the university held.

So you sat in your advisor’s office. Your eyes looked at the different courses offered for psychology. All the weird ones were for the second semester. You had first pick still, given that you had so many credits and were now an upperclassman.

“Is there anything in psychology dealing with physiological or neurological issues?” You asked, only seeing Abnormal Psychology which you’d already taken.

Your advisor looked up at you, his tired eyes bloodshot as he skimmed the course list. Aizawa had been your advisor since you were admitted. You came in already declared as a Biochemistry major and had stuck with your decision all this time.

“There’s a 400 level class called Psychology and the Brain,” Aizawa told you, moving his computer screen for you to look at. “It looks like you met the requirements to take the class, and it’s the only class close to what you want.”

You nod your head as you type out the class on your phone.

“It meets twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday for two hours,” Aizawa tells you as you nod. All of your other classes were on other days. It worked within your schedule.

“That sounds good!” You chirp standing up, slinging your backpack over your shoulder you sigh. “You’ll let me know if I have any of the same classes as him?”

“No can do, you two have the same major. You need to get over this childish rivalry.” Aizawa deadpans as your nose wrinkles.

“Fine.” You moan as you wave goodbye, your pace quickening so you wouldn’t miss your one p.m. lecture.


The Next Semester


Your eyes widened as you stepped into the Psychology lecture. It was a bigger class then you were expecting. With a total of what you were guessing to be already sixty people in the class, your eyes locked onto your friends.


“Hi, Mina.” You smile as you walk over towards the empty seat next to your best friend.

“I can’t believe I’m taking this class!” She gushes as you sit down next to her, your fingers pulling out your laptop in preparation for the class. “I wasn’t going to take this class at all, but then you told me you were taking it! I also heard that this is a huge partner-based class, so if we get paired up together it’ll be super fun!”

You nod your head in agreement as the pink-haired girl rambles off. She speaks excitedly about what this new semester was going to bring! About how excited she was for the final year next year! While she was speaking to you, your eyes took a better sweep of the room.

There were a lot of people you recognized! You’d taken classes with many of these individuals before. It was for general biology, general chemistry, and the abnormal psychology class. You smiled and a warm feeling spread in your chest seeing that the one person you didn’t want here wasn’t here.

“Did you hear that Yao-momo is going on a date?” Mina asks you, and your eyes widen.

“What! No?! With who?!” Your jaw is on the floor as Mina catches you up to speed.

During your freshman orientation, you were then placed into a group of twenty kids. Under the name of Group 1-A, the twenty of you became very close friends! To this day, you were all very close! That is, except for you and him.

Well, he wasn’t close to anyone except ten people.

Your eyes snapped towards the front of the lecture hall as Professor Midnight walked in. Multiple binders in her hands as she tossed them onto the table by the podium.

Professor Midnight was a blessing to your school, in your opinion at least. She was incredibly intelligent and was very open about her sex life. Midnight was funny and entertaining. It made you wish at times that you were a psychology major just so that you could have more classes with her. Midnight believed that being open with your sexual identity and things alike were important.

“Alright!” Midnight shouted towards the class and everyone quieted down. “The syllabus is on the website, make sure to read it! We have a lot to cover and not enough time so without further adieu, let’s get—“

The doors opened.

Your eyes looked back and your previous excitement died in your chest as you saw who walked in. Tall and serious, with a pair of black joggers and a black t-shirt he sat down near the front of the class.

A short giggle was heard from Mina who nudged you. You had to restrain the frustrated groan at the back of your throat as you rubbed your throbbing temples.


Why must this always happen?

“Todoroki-san, thank you for being on time for the first lecture.” Midnight jokes with no malice as she turns her attention back to what she was saying.

Your eyes wander toward the two-tone-haired man. Your fingers drum against the desk as you exhale, why was this always happening?

“As you may or may not have heard already, this class is a major project class. There is minimal lecturing, only presentations that will be conducted based on your topic. The final is a paper and formal presentation to be done with your partner.” You felt Mina nudge you with her elbow and you glanced at her and grinned. “That being said, I have already created said partners for you.”

Your smile fell off your face as Midnight connected her laptop to the projector.

“This list was created at random, so no, I do not care if you want to trade or switch partners. You don’t get that option. Please find your name and partner and sit next to each other. We will begin with your first assignment after you’re paired up.”

The list flashed onto the screen, and your eyes scour the list in search of your name.

Please just let it be someone good…

“Oh,” Mina exclaims, her hands on her face as she grins. “I’m with Aoyama!”

“Aoyama’s in the class?!” You ask looking around for your favorite blond.

“I guess so, but I need to go find him now! Good luck!” Mina cries as she grabs her things and looks around.

Your frown increases as your eyes continue down the list.

Y/l/n y/n.

Y/l/n y/n.


Your breathing stops in your throat as you find your name near the bottom.

Todoroki Shouto, Y/l/n y/n.

Oh no.

Your eyes immediately look over towards Todoroki who’s looking back at you. If this was an anime, the class would have dropped in temperature by fifty degrees by two of your’s icy glares. Both of you didn’t move.

Everyone else was already with their partner, introductions being made if they didn’t already know the other.

But you and Todoroki?

Neither one of you moved.

Your gazes still locked, but your bodies were unmoving. Like hell, you were going to move to the front of the room.

In fact, Todoroki was the only person in the front of the room! You had also decided that you were not moving.

With your gaze never breaking away from his, you point towards the empty seat next to you. Todoroki rolls his eyes, his own finger pointing towards the empty chair next to him.

Both of you refusing to move, and your heart was pounding in your frustration. Why was he such a fucking dick?

“Todoroki, Y/l/n…” Midnight called, her arms folded as her eyes swept between the two of you. Giggles erupt within the class. Oh yes, the hatred and rivalry between the two of you were legendary within the school. “One of you needs to move…”

“I was here on time, professor.” You say never once breaking eye contact with the heterochromatic man. Who the hell did he think he was anyway? Thinking he could act this way because his dad was rich and sort of famous?

“As was I.” Todoroki quirks his eyebrow. “Lecture starts at one thirty-five. It was one thirty-four when I walked in; Midnight was early.”

“Doesn’t change the fact I was here first.” Your lips pressing into a scowl as you crossed your arms.

“Too embarrassed to sit in the front, y/l/n?” Todoroki taunts and your rage spikes.

“Too stupid to pay attention near the back, Todoroki?” You retort.

“Children, children!” Midnight cries, her fingers rubbing her temples. “Let’s compromise! Why don’t you sit in the middle of where you both are.”

You want to say no, but you know what a pain in the ass the two of you are. Still, as you gather your things, the two of you refuse to break eye contact. You walk towards the middle and sit on the aisle seat. The class snickering as Todoroki takes the other aisle seat.

There was no winning in this war.

“…okay, well moving on. Let’s pick your first research project which is due next month!” Midnight exclaims her hands grabbing a jar with folded pieces of paper in it. Seeing that you and Todoroki were in front of everyone else, Midnight approaches you two first. “Who’s pulling?”

Both your and Todoroki’s hands shootout. Your eyes glaring at each other as Todoroki retreats his hand given that you’re closer. You smirked in triumph as you place your hand into the bucket and pull out a piece of paper.

You unfold the paper and read-aloud for the class.

“The Mental and Physiological Effects of Attraction…” Your voice trails off, your body seemingly wilting in on itself as you sigh.

Todoroki’s glare slams onto your face and ooh’s and ahh’s resonate through the class. Your hands rub your face as Midnight giggles leaving the two of you to get to the next pair.

Why were you so out of luck when it came to Todoroki?


“So, you’ll never guess what!” Mina laughs as she drinks from her bottle of soju.

You roll your eyes as you look over your class notes from the week. After what you would call an average first week back to school, you and your friends were gathered together to study and drink. Was it a bad combination? Yes. Was it fun though? Yes.

“Let me guess!” Hagakure squealed. The medical mask she always wore was on the table, her stack of textbooks and notes on the floor. Hagakure wasn’t one too involved in her studies. “Todoroki-kun and y/n are in all the same classes together!”

Your cheeks flared up in embarrassment and anger as the six girls howled in laughter. “Come on!” You moan as you pouted. The many pages of notes you had been writing were currently being transferred onto a google doc for clarity and memory retention.

Mina nods her head excitedly, ignoring your protests as she rambles. “Not only are they in the same classes, but they’re partners for the entire rest of the semester! Plus they’re writing about attraction!” The girls seem to eat this right up as you try to ignore them.

Momo nudges you with her shoulder, her fingers grabbing at your notebook for the psychology class. “You two can’t get enough of each other, can you?” She teases as she flips through your notebook that was already filled with notes.

“You’d think with all those classes they have together they’d at least be lawful with each other.” Uraraka snorts as she takes a rather big chug from her drink.

“He’s a fucking dick that’s why.” You roll your eyes as you crack your sore wrist. You had finished up your notes for your biochemistry class. Now you would be moving on to starting the paper with Todoroki.

There was a good reason for this paper to take an entire month to be due. It was required to be at least fifty pages with fifteen different resources, and to your belief, it was going to be a pain in the ass to complete.

“I think he’s super hot, too bad he won’t ever give in to my seduction!” Mina sighs and you choke on your water, your eyes flying to your best friend.

“E-Excuse me?!”

“Just because you two want to skin each other doesn’t mean I don’t want to.” Mina laughs and you groan.

“Why do you even hate Todoroki-san?” Tsuyu asks, her fingers on her chin in a quizzical fashion. “I thought you two were finally over your pride?”

“OH, I can explain this.” Jirou cackles as leans onto the table. Her musical compositions hidden behind her elbows. “Todoroki and y/n are in the same major! They have the same classes all the time somehow, and have received the same test scores on everything! They share the same ranking in school because of this, and y/n is super salty about it.”

“I am not salty!” You complain, your hands covering your face as the girls laugh at you. “I tried to be fucking nice, but he was a total cunt to me, so I stopped.”

“But Todoroki-san isn’t rude.” Momo defends her longtime friend.

“To you maybe.” You sigh, your fingers grasping the bottle of wine that Momo had been hogging. “I just think there’s no reason for me to be nice to someone who isn’t nice to me.”

“Sounds petty to me!” Uraraka laughs as you kick her shin from under the table. But the girls are too lost in their mirth over this situation that your protests fall on deaf ears. “Watch them get into the same medical school, too!”

You freeze as you look up from your new google doc, “What now?”

“He wants to be a doctor, too.” Jirou sighs, her head leaning against her palm. “This is really old news.”


“Why do you even dislike Todoroki-kun?” Hagakure asks, her head tilted as she takes a long chug from her drink. “I’ve never understood why.”

“Because he’s arrogant, condescending, his voice is entirely way too annoying! He always rolls his eyes when someone says something wrong but never raises his hand to say the right thing! Then he always has this attitude! For the one philosophy class, I took, did you know he always was on the opposing team just to fight against me? I was never fucking wrong, but he never failed to be on the opposite team just because I was on the other team. Plus, that one time I had my hands full of shit and was trying to go to the elevator – stop laughing – he let the doors close before I even got there!” You scowl at your amused friends who were in very much enjoying your rant. “So no, Jirou, it is not because of school-related things!”

“Maybe they just need to fuck to get over whatever’s happening between them.” Mina stage whispers to Uraraka who nods in agreement.

“Come on, what is this high school?” You roll your eyes.

They could only grin as they shouted to each other their ideas as to what was happening between you and Todoroki. There was a knock on your door and you sighed as you pushed away from the table and walked over to the door.

“Who is it?” Tsuyu calls before you can even open the door.

“I don’t know!” You respond as you throw open the door and come face to chest with Todoroki.

A scowl solidifies over your face as you look up at the taller man. “What?” You ask, your arms folding as you lean against the door frame.

“You guys are being loud.” He says, his face in a deadpan.

“Quiet hours aren’t until midnight, and it’s only eleven.”

“I know, but we can still come over and complain.”

“We’ll be quiet at midnight.”

“I’m asking you to be quiet now.”

“You’re the only ones complaining, and I’m sure you and the boys aren’t being quiet yourselves.”

“Midoriya has a headache.” Todoroki narrowed his eyes at your stubborn position.

“Midoriya-kun was over ten minutes ago! He was feeling perfect because he was talking to Uraraka-chan.” You remark, your hands coming out to look at your fingernails.

“Who is it, y/l/n-chan!” Momo calls out this time.

“It’s me,” Todoroki responds as you made no effort to respond to your friend.

Your eyes shut in a grimace at the sounds of scraping chairs. You can hear them walking over. The small yet amused chatter ringing in your ears as you glare up at Todoroki who quirks an eyebrow at you.

“Hey, Todoroki-kun!” Mina exclaims and you watch as your friends all greet your bitter rival.

“You guys are being loud, would you mind being quieter?” Todoroki asks someone in the group, but his eyes are concentrated on yours.

“Oh, yeah! Sorry for being loud.” Jirou responds back for the group, but you roll your eyes as Todoroki smiles in thanks. It’s a smile directed at Jirou but his damn eyes are still on you. A stupid charming smile on a stupid fucking asshole.

“Is that it?” You ask, your nose sticking up into the air, your hand on the door ready to slam it into his face.

“Oh, for the paper. I’ve already started.” Todoroki tells you with a condescending smirk. “I’ll share the document with you, but I don’t expect you to write anything productive or of value onto it.”

“I can write a fucking paper in two minutes that is a trillion times better than you in a whole month.” Your sneer as your grip on the door tightens.

“You look like the type to forget to write your own name on papers, oh wait–”

You slam the door in his face, your ears burning with embarrassment as you refuse to turn around. You don’t want to see your friends faces as your head slams against the wood door.

“You… forget to write your name on your papers?” Momo asks you.

“It’s okay, y/n, I forget all the damn time.” Mina cackles as they drag you back to the kitchen. Despite your best attempts, the girls remained relatively quiet for the rest of the night.


Two Weeks Until the Paper is Due


You walked into the library. Your fingers were holding onto your cup of tea. Your arms filled with books for your research paper, and your backpack was open. You ignored the looks of pity that followed you as you climbed the staircase of the library.

How was it only two weeks into the semester and you were looking like it was finals week? This was the fucking worst.

On top of your disheveled state, you were late for your meeting with Todoroki. On one hand, you hated being late. You were a punctual student and always arrived before necessary! So there was a part of you that felt bad even if it was Todoroki. But on the other hand, fuck him.

You giggled at that thought as you moved towards the study rooms on the back walls. Your eyes peered into each room. Looking for what seemed like the genetic phenomenon boy himself. You found him in the room furthest away sitting in there with Bakugou who was packing up his own things. Without knocking you walked in, the door slamming against the wall as you did so.

“Fucking hell, y/n/n!” Bakugou hissed as you walked in. “Learn how to open a fucking door correctly!”

Placing the cup of tea onto the table you smiled at the ash-blond who was zipping up his backpack. “Sorry, my hands were full and I don’t know my own strength.” You tease as the blond man pinches your cheeks playfully. “Ow, don’t be an asshole!”

“Respect the laws of the school first.” 

“Don’t become Iida!” You laugh as Bakugou pulls you into a one-armed hug. Oh, how the three years at Yuuei had changed this man.

“Hah? Shut the fuck up.” Bakugou rolls his eyes as he pulls his backpack on. “Alright, I’ll be going, see you guys.” His hand waves as he walks out of the room leaving you and Todoroki in the awkward silence of the room.

You move in silence. Pulling out your notebook, organizing the textbooks you had, and grabbing your laptop.

Todoroki is sitting by the wall, and in a room designed to hold at most ten people, you sat on the chair furthest from him. You pull out the rolling chair and sink in. Your eyes falling on Todoroki finally who was looking less than amused.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”

“I don’t want to waste my memory data on you.”

“Too bad, you’d finally have something of value on your phone.”

Todoroki rolls his eyes as he leans backward. “You were late though.”

“Oh get your panties out of a twist,” You mumble as you open the shared document between the two of you. “I lost track of time.”

“You said you were on your way thirty minutes ago. You’re five minutes away.”

It’s your turn to roll your eyes as you stare at him, “I’m tired, Todoroki. I went to go get some damn tea and they messed up my order! But since it was the coffee rush hour they couldn’t make my tea right away as they typically do.”

Todoroki glares at you but breaks away from it as you both turn to the paper.

It’s silent outside of your fingers hitting the keyboard. The paper was being written at the very least.

Well, okay, it wasn’t really.

The two of you had fought at three in the morning about how ugly the paper was being written. Yes, your roommates were sick of the two of you when the argument was being fought. The same night he had told you and your roommates to shut up, you went over thirty minutes later to complain about how he was writing the paper. Under the combined powers of Momo, Iida, and Midoriya the two of you agreed to write the paper separately. Later you would join whatever flowed better between the two of your pieces. The prompt was the same after all, and you were both using the same resources.

“I’m playing music.” You announce, putting your Spotify playlist on.

You knew what music Todoroki hated. It took getting your best friends drunk, but you had managed to get a shitload of information on Todoroki. Details surrounding what he liked, but more importantly, what he hated.

You concentrated on the paper in front of you, but the curling grin on your face was unstoppable as you caught him freezing. His eyes snapping over to your hunched figure as I Want It That Way by the Backstreet Boys played through your speakers.

“I don’t like this song,” Todoroki says, his tone smooth. His hands pressing into the table in what could be an intimidating position.

“Hm, I don’t remember saying I was playing this song for you…” You murmur. You straighten up as you stare at him, your mouth dropping as you shake your head. “Don’t tell me you’re not a fan of pop music? This genre has the greatest artists in the world! Like when people say they like rap or lo-fi they’re insane for ever believing that!”

Todoroki stares at you, his expression unamused as he turns back towards his computer.

Oh yeah, you were both going to murder each other well before this paper was due.


One Week Before the Paper is Due


You sat on Todoroki’s bedroom floor.

Your hands shifting through the mountain of books the two of you were in possession of for the paper. The assignment itself was not hard at all. In fact, had you been with a less infuriating partner, you were positive it would have finished already. But for some reason, whenever Todoroki and you made one step forward, you shot back twenty steps.

Today you were working on the assignment in his room for a few varying reasons.

One is that for some reason all the study rooms were being used and the two of you didn’t have time to wait around. Second, being that Uraraka had requested to have the dorm room for four hours. Given that you have all requested to have the place to yourself before, everyone agreed. The third and final reason being that Todoroki’s kitchen and dining areas were now occupied by his roommates.

When the two of you trudged in together, his roommates nearly lost their shit. Kirishima and Iida were the most expressive, and Bakugou had quirked an amused eyebrow. You were a bit confused as to why they all seemed so excited by your arrival with Todoroki of all people. Most people were not so amused when the two of you entered the same room.

“We’re here to write the paper.” Todoroki inputted right away, walking to his room as soon as he could. You rolled your eyes as you went around and said hi to his own roommates– your friends.

You, uncaring of what Todoroki thought of you, stayed out there and talked with your friends. Todoroki and you were both thirty-seven pages into your separate and yet to be fused paper. Given that you had a whole outline for the next at least thirteen pages, you weren’t in too much of a hurry to run over to his room.

“Y/l/n, really?” Todoroki snaps as you were talking to Kirishima about if he would help you dye your hair one day. You look over at Todoroki who’s changed into sweats and a white t-shirt.

Stupid fucking genetic phenomenon you internally cursed as you smiled at the other boys.

“I guess I gotta go, don’t forget about me.” You depart with a sad smile, Todoroki glaring at you as you pass him in the hallway.

Now, you sat on his floor as he took his bed. Your fingers were typing away as you hummed to the playing music. It was Todoroki’s turn to play the designated music, and you had to admit lo-fi music was extremely catchy.

Your feet tap along with the music as you think of ways to rearrange a sentence you had written.

“What did you get on Aizawa’s test?” Todoroki asked you, ripping your thoughts away from your writing. Your eyes fluttered as you looked at him.

“The test grades are out already?” You asked as you pull out your phone to look at your grades app.

“Just posted,” Todoroki grumbles.

You nod as you look at your result. A swell of pride shoots through you as you nod, “What did you get?” You ask a confident smirk on your face.

“Ninety-seven percent.”

“Fucking hell.” You growl tossing your phone away from you. “Same here…”

Your eyes glue onto your laptop again, and you miss the amused smirk on Todoroki’s face as you continue writing.

“Are you almost done yet?” Todoroki asks you, his eyebrow quirked.

You glance up, your eyes rolling as you scoff. “I’m on page forty-three, what are you on? Twenty?”

“I have fifty pages done.”

“No, you don’t.”

“I do.”

Your fingers trace your mousepad. Sure enough, there are ninety-three pages on the single document. Your lips tighten as your eye twitches.

“Well, it’s easier to write when you’re implementing an eighty percent quote paper.” You snark as you return to your pages.

“My paper has the bare minimum amount of quotes, you’re the idiot who can’t keep up.”

You huff your fingers returning to the paper as you typed away. The music kept playing as the two of you remained in silence. You pushed your hair out of your face. You continued looking between what you were writing and what you were needing to put.

“What are you even writing?” Todoroki asks you, his brows furrowing as you type away.

“The paper we’ll be submitting, why?” You ask, your eyes looking over at him before returning back to your screen.

“It’s kind of shit.”

“I bet yours is worse, so shut up.”

“You know, there’s no shame in admitting that you’re not good at writing.”

“There is nothing wrong with my writing!” You sneer as you continue writing, your fingers coming down to hit the keyboard harder. The clattering of the keys echoing in your ears as your heart hammers away.

“Nothing is making sense, it’s a research paper, y/l/n. Why are you trying to make the wording pretty? No one cares how many high-level words are in your vocabulary, be concise and stop being a fucking scholar.”

“Oh yeah, sorry, I forget that words like brain and neurology are too advanced for you.” You gasp as you stare at his unamused eyes. “Oh, let me dumb that down for you. My words too smart for your head.” You pout in mocking sadness as you return to your paper.

You can’t explain it, but your heart feels like it’s cracking as the two of you remain in tense silence as you finish writing.

It takes an hour, but you’re finally done with your fifty pages. You stand up without a single word. Your joints are sore from the uncomfortable floor, but you pack up without a sound. You can feel Todoroki’s eyes following after you as you throw your arms under your backpack and leave. His bedroom door slamming closed as you walk into the hallway.

Six pairs of eyes stare at you as you smile weakly.

“Bye, boys,” you say as you walk out.

This semester was nearly a month in and you were going to have to deal with him for the rest of the semester. Something told you that you were not going to be able to handle Todoroki for much longer.

Yes, you hated him, but you could not fight and argue with him every day of the week. It was just exhausting.


Three Hours Until Paper is Due


Your eyes trained on Todoroki’s paper.

Your pointer dragging along sentences you hated. Editing basic issues he passed by and leaving comments where you deemed necessary.

“What the fuck was wrong with that sentence?” Todoroki asks, his eye twitching as you were busy typing in a reason why the sentence was wrong.

“Wait for my comments,” you sneer as you press publish.

You continue reading his paper. Your eyes concentrating on yet another sentence that you believed was subpar.

“You hate the entire thing because I didn’t use a semicolon?” Todoroki exclaims, his hand dragging against his face. “Are you fucking sane, y/l/n?”

“Very much so, you’re twenty-one, grow the fuck up.” You roll your eyes as you type up yet another rude comment on his paper.

The two of you had been in a study room together for the entire day. Yes, the entire past sixteen hours the two of you have sat in this room together attempting to fuse this damn paper. So far it was not working.

Since the two of you had edited your works during the week, today was actually supposed to be a fusion day only. The second the two of you began reading over your essay, Todoroki looked at you, his eyebrow twitching.

He had gone on to complain that what you were writing was atrocious. That it was by far one of the worst things he’d have to read in a while. You, not wanting to be talked to like that about your hard work, fought back.

The two of you were now editing every single little word of each other’s paper. Nothing passed your eyes as suddenly you both became literary geniuses. Grammar and spelling suddenly making sense to you as you destroyed Todoroki’s paper in your hands. No word went unhighlighted. Comments littered the sides of the paper commenting on truly trivial things. Things that weren’t needed to be said. Things that a psychology professor would not care about in the slightest.

There was nothing productive about your comments. With the ticking time falling through your fingers the two of you should be paying greater attention to what you were doing. But the anger, the uncontrollable rage for what was happening was too large, too grand to be ignored.

The two of you were obsessed with every new comment that was made. Your fingers scrolling to the new comment to yell and argue about how the other one was being childish. It was infuriating and you wanted to leave. Fuck Midnight’s random matching machine, that thing had to be broken if it landed on Todoroki.

“I don’t know why I didn’t fight Midnight on why you were my partner.” You growl as you highlight an entire block text of a quote and wrote in that it seemed fictitious and off-topic. “You’re the most immature person I have ever had the displeasure of knowing.”

“Oh please, I have a niece who’s in her terrible twos and behaves better than you do on a good day.” Todoroki jeers his eyes like ice as he glares at you.

“I’ve met a four-year-old who’s able to write more complete sentences than you!” You sass, your elbows on the study room table, your face leaning in towards his. “You either write run-on sentences or a three-word sentence. Did you ever learn about the subject and predicate of a sentence? I would be more than happy to teach you because it’s obvious you weren’t taught!”

“Honestly, it shocks me that you’re even a STEM major. You want to be what? A doctor? Oh please, you have to be actually smart and a team player. But you? I have never seen you once try to be apart of the team. If it’s not your way, it’s no one’s way.”

“Aw, you do know things about me.” You coo, but your words are steely. Your nostrils flare as you lean away. “Don’t even fucking start on me with the team playing. I participate in groups, I fucking love group work. Just because I don’t enjoy doing these things with you doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it at all. You’re not the center of my world.”

I’d beg to differ.” Todoroki coldly smirks, his body shifting closer to yours, and you move in too. Your eyes flash down to his lips that are pulled into a disgustingly attractive smirk. His muscles tensing on his arms. “Tell me, y/l/n, what are the different things the body goes through when you’re attracted to someone. It seems like you don’t fucking know this.”

Your eyes narrow, what was this some fucking test? Of course, you knew! You spent an entire fucking month researching it. Your hand moves to wipe a rolling piece of sweat from your temple. When did it get so damn hot in this cold room?

“The main components of being attracted to someone is summed up in the following physiological states. When attracted to someone, eyes dilate. Bodies sweat more. Bodies become in sync, due to mirroring habits people have when they are high on endorphins. Dopamine levels rise as well as serotonin. Dopamine helps regulate movement, attention, learning, and emotional responses. It also enables us not only to see rewards but to take action to move toward them. Since dopamine contributes to feelings of pleasure and satisfaction as part of the reward system. It also plays a part in addiction. Serotonin in the brain is thought to regulate anxiety, happiness, and mood. The more you have the better your mood. It was also seen that the putamen and the insula light up on an MRI. Indicating that the studied person is experiencing feelings of romantic love, or attraction.” You snark this all while staring him in the eyes.

Your body as tensed as his.

Neither one of you moving.

Neither one of you allowing yourselves to breathe heavily.

“You don’t even fucking see it, do you?” Todoroki growls as he leans back.

You lean back as well, your arms folding. His arms fold.

“See what Einstein? That I fucking know what I’m doing despite what you think? Are you fucking kidding me Todoroki? I deserve to fucking be here even if you hate me! Would you for one moment stop being a complete asshole to me and fucking leave me alone? And people fucking wonder why I hate you,” you hiss leaning in.

Todoroki’s hands slam onto the table. You jump taken off guard due to the loud noise, and you feel your breath stop in your throat as he leans in dangerously close. His face is centimeters away from you, his eyes angry and yet convoluted with something else…

Your eyes widen as your jaw drops slightly, did you finally push him over the edge?

You watch as his own eyes widen slightly he chuckles. The sound is deep, running against your skin in a way that sends chills down your spine as his eyes trail your body.

“Your eyes are dilated right now,” Todoroki observes, his voice low and husky. “You’re sweating just the slightest bit, don’t think I didn’t catch you wiping it away. Your body has been moving in sync with my own this entire fucking month. I’m sure your dopamine levels are soaring on account to your attention to me, is your heart racing because of me? Are you anxious? I think you are, which means you have a healthy amount of serotonin in your body. The putamen and the insula make the hate circuit more interesting. Both of these areas light up on an MRI when the person is experiencing feelings of romantic love. So, you tell me, y/l/n, do you actually hate me? Or are you attracted to me?”

Your eyes are wide, Todoroki’s soft yet heavy breathing hits your lips as you continue staring at him. The wide and cocky grin on his face is infuriating, yet stupidly hot. Your blood feels like it’s boiling, anger and fury pumping through your veins as you take in his words again. The knowing laughter that slips from his mouth only further incites your swinging emotions.

“That’s what I thought.” Todoroki determined as he moved to sit back down.

Now you were no idiot. But what you did next was fucking dumb.

Your fingers lashed out, fisting into the collar of his shirt and slammed your lips into a searing kiss against his own.

The windows had been drawn earlier on account of your noisy roommates and friends taking pictures of the two of you fighting. The door was also locked due to that fact, and you were planning on using that to your advantage.

Your lips pressed against his, hot and heavy movements as you pressed further into him. Uncaring, unconcerned about his reaction.

Todoroki groaned softly, his lips moving to keep up with yours. His fingers digging into your biceps as the two of you stood up, leaning over the table as your lips continued this passion-filled battle.

His lips are fervent against yours and your mind spins from having his mouth against yours. Where you really all this time just attracted to him but refused to admit it to yourself? Todoroki’s hands move from your biceps to searching the table, your eyes barely manage to open. They’re heavy with lust, laced with growing desire as your lips part. The books and laptops are taken off the table, leaving the table meant for four students empty and clear. As you come back up from placing your laptop down, Todoroki’s warm hands feel like fire against your heated skin. And you let him pull your face in for another impassioned kiss.

His lips are heavy against yours, pushing and pulling you in with every movement of his lips. He continues pulling you closer and soon enough you’re climbing on top of the table, pants leaving your mouth from the high position of the table as you crawl closer to the boy who was making your heart beat faster than any strenuous activity. As you move closer, his hand runs from your face to rest against your ass. His hands are strong against your ass, and he pulls you nearer so that you’re sitting on the edge of the table, his body between your open legs.

You’re gasping now, sharp breathing as you try to calm your nerves. This man set your mind on fire, and you were drowning in his lips. His mouth dissipating all the anger and hatred you held in mere seconds. Your mouth opens and your tongue swipes at his bottom lip, pleading for entry. Todoroki moves his hands from your ass, trailing down your legs to pull you closer to him, and his mouth opens granting you entry.

Tongues crash together in the middle. Dominance riding high on both of your parts, neither one of you wants to let the other into each other’s mouth. But lord, is his tongue working magic against yours. Your body shuddering as your legs wrap against his waist, your crotch pushing forward to grind into his pelvis. His budge is obvious against your clothed core and both of your moans tumble into your mouths.

His hands trail under your shirt and you arch against his chest, and in your moment of serenity, his tongue is able to push into your mouth. You shudder in his hold, his tongue tracing around your mouth in a way that makes your eyes roll back. His tongue runs against your tongue, swirling around it before tracing the roof of your mouth. A moan expels from your mouth as his other hand slips under your shirt. Todoroki laughs, his voice falling on his tongue and you tremble softly.

What the fuck was wrong with you? Making out with Todoroki Shouto in the library study room? There must be something in the air.

Todoroki’s mouth left yours completely, his hot mouth trailing down your neck. His teeth nipping at your skin, his lips sucking against your skin. Your head tosses back in increasing pleasure as your hips press against his bulge again. His mouth stays on the same spot, his mouth sucking harshly against your skin, his teeth biting down sinfully against your skin.

Your arms wrap around his body, pulling him desperately closer to you. The friction not enough, these actions not strong enough for you. “Don’t be a pussy about fucking me.” You can’t keep yourself from stating as Todoroki pulls away from your neck. Your skin throbs from the hickey that has for sure formed.

“Don’t worry,” Todoroki smirks as he lifts your shirt over your head, “I won’t.”

You suck in a sharp breath of air as the cold air hits your exposed body. You feel dirty for wanting to fuck Todoroki. You feel disgusting and delirious for wanting him to claim you right in an often-used library study room. You don’t have time to think anymore as his lips come back to claim your lips. This time, you’re not going to give in as your teeth sink into his bruised lower lip.

The harsh motion of your teeth sinking into his plump and used lips makes him moan. The sound is electrifying to your ears. Your tongue slides back out to soothe over his throbbing lip. Your grin spreading across your face as Todoroki picks you up from the table. Your body shudders as your aroused sex brushes up against his hard cock. His hips thrusting up against your own and you cry out in his mouth. Your own teeth sinking into your bottom lip as Todoroki’s mouth trails down your chin. His teeth brushing against your jaw causing your hips to roll out against him.

Your arms wrap around his neck as you bring your mouth against his neck. Your mouth trails peppering kisses against his strained neck, and your hips grind down against his bulge. “Please take your shitty shirt off, Todoroki.” Your groan as your fingers drag against his muscular back. The muscles delicious against your skin, yet you feel denied, you feel teased at the fact you can feel him better.

Todoroki moans as your heavy and hot breathing makes his mind reel against the cold saliva on his neck. “Call me Shouto, y/n, I think we’re past this last name business.” He growls. The simple use of your name sends a heavy shiver down your spine. You never thought you’d hear him call you y/n and Shouto felt like a stranger on your tongue, but you feel coy as you nod.

You push away, your hair whipping over your shoulder as you stare at his blue and gray eyes. You watch his pupils that are blown wide stare into you as you lean in close. The sweat building slowly on his temple as your mouth pressed against his ear softly.

“Of course, Shouto,” you accentuate his name and he groans.

His hands grip tighter against you as his lips come back against yours.

Your hands reach down for the hem of his shirt and you waste no time in tearing it up over his head. His toned body now exposed for your desiring eyes as you breathe shakily. Maybe you were always attracted to him.

You look at him and a proud blush spreads across your face as he stares at your breasts. You were not at all wearing a cute set, they were simple, black and not revealing. But the way Shouto was looking at you. The way his finger trailed up to your covered bra made you believe that you were wearing the best lingerie set in existence. “Do you like this set?” You tease, your teeth biting down on your bottom lip as you look into his eyes under your eyelashes.

“I think I’ve been the world’s biggest idiot for denying you for so long.” Shouto groans as his face pushes forward to kiss your breasts. You feel like you’re melting in his arms as his lips ravish your tender breasts.

“Who says – fuck – who says I want you?” You gasp as his mouth continues trailing sweet and hot kisses against your skin. “I’m a wanted woman, you know.”

“Like hell, I’m letting you go now,” Shouto grunts his large hands enveloping your breasts as he gropes them. “Don’t pretend you don’t want to be mine.”

You don’t have the chance to respond back as Shouto’s right-hand moves behind your back and removes your bra with one hand. The smooth action somehow turning you further on. The bra is thrown off your body and your breasts bounce as they’re not entirely exposed. You don’t know how to feel bashful or to feel confident in the way that Shouto stares at your exposed chest. His eyes locked on your breasts, his lips dragging against his teeth as he looks back up at you.

“You’re so fucking hot,” Shouto groans as his mouth slips your nipple into his mouth. You cry out as your hips roll against his crotch again, and you feel him walking forward.

You whine as Shouto sets your back onto the cold surface of the library table. Your pants heighten as he slips off your sweatpants. The cold air hitting your hot legs making you shudder at the temperature difference.

His fingers roll your free nipple between his fingers. The sensations on your nipples overwhelming as your hips thrash against his. Moans and gasps pour out of your mouth as he continues ravishing your breasts. His teeth nipping and pulling on the sensitive skin. Your head throws back as he pulls away, a resonating pop filling your ears as he lets go of your nipple. Harsh heaves leave your mouth as you look down, your breasts shine with his saliva and you moan again.

“I’m going to fucking eat you out, and you’re going to watch me the entire fucking time,” Shouto commands you, his fingers hooking around your panties. “Do you understand?”

Breathlessly you nod your head. Your eyes locking onto his bi-colored ones as your panties join the rest of your clothes on the floor. Shouto chuckles as his finger drags against your soaked slit, “You’re so fucking wet.” Shouto remarks and your body shudders against his actions. Your eyes flutter closed before you force them back open to peer down at Shouto, “Good girl.” He praises and you feel your pussy throbs at those two words.

Shouto presses a hand against your waist and you watch as he sinks two fingers into your blazing heat. You cry out in pleasure as his heated fingers plunge in and out of you. Your eyes struggle to keep themselves onto his proud form. Your hand slaps across your mouth as his fingers curl within you. Their curvature adding even more stimulating pleasure within your body. Melodious moans are now muffled underneath your hands and Shouto sneers at that.

“Don’t hide what I’m making you feel, y/n.” Shouto snaps. His fingers increasing in their roughness as they pound against your soaked pussy. “Don’t you want the world to know that I’m the one making you feel this way?”

Your hand trembles as you move it away from your mouth, but your teeth subconsciously clamp down onto your bottom lip. You’re embarrassed at being caught in the library. Even though you were attracted to Shouto, you didn’t want to be found in this state.

On a public table, legs wide open, and Shouto’s fingers deep into your pussy.

Shouto, unsatisfied with your quiet affirmations of his actions, slips another finger into your aching pussy. A silent shriek leaves your mouth as you push up off the table. The additional width of his thrusting fingers overwhelming.

“Oh,” Shouto laughs smugly, his smile stretching wide across his face. “Did you like that?”

“Yes, you blind fucking idiot!” You thrash against his fingers, your head falling back in your distracting pleasure. The sensations are numbing your mind. Your rationale slipping away as his fingernails drag against your inner walls. Your cunt feels like it’s pulsating faster than your heart as he continues going.

“Aren’t you just a fucking sweetheart.” Shouto purrs and his hand reaches out to lock in your hair. Your head is roughly brought back up, and a low groan of pain rumbles in your throat as you stare at his slightly furious eyes. “Didn’t I say to fucking look at me?”

Your chest heaves in embarrassment and wounded pride. Like hell, you were being dominated by him.

Before you could try wrestling him for dominance, his mouth lowers towards your dripping cunt. His tongue takes a languid and slow lick. His tongue slipping between your slit and you fall back onto the table. Your eyes fluttering in their battle to stay open. Your eyes still locking onto his victorious face.

Your legs tremble as he thrusts his tongue within your drenched walls. His tongue swirling in circles and thrusting further in. His fingers still thrusting into you as you fall apart on the table. On one lick, one measly irresistibly mind-numbing lick, your legs come crashing against his head. Shouto’s free hand moves to grip onto your trembling thighs. His tongue coaxing your orgasm closer to the edge.

“S-Shouto!” You curse, your hips moving desperately against his mouth. Your hips were unforgiving against his merciless tongue.

Your eyes struggle to remain locked on his eyes, your body twitching with the building pleasure. The electricity igniting in your flesh and bloodstream. You can hear the sounds of your squelching pussy against his moving fingers, and your jaw drops. You’re under his absolute control and you’re no longer able to hold back anymore as your orgasm is right on the edge, but then he pulls away. His fingers and tongue disappearing from within you. Causing you to whimper in pain, in lust, and in denied orgasm.

“Suck yourself off my fingers.” Shouto pants as his arousal covered fingers press against your mouth. You take his fingers without a second thought. Your teeth scraping softly against his fingers as you suck your juices off of him. Your eyes remain on his as your tongue slips between each finger. You suck onto his fingers as he pulls away and Shouto growls as he pulls his hand away from you.

“Get up.” Shouto snaps, his hands moving to remove the belt around his waist, and you are quick to slide off the table. Your knees buckling under your weight as Shouto removes his pants. You watch in an almost lusting horror as his cock springs out from under his underwear. He was by far the biggest guy you’ve ever seen and your throat feels dry as he gasps. His dick must be hypersensitive already.

Steeling yourself over, you drop to your knees, uncaring that he wasn’t quite ready as Shouto struggles to step out of his pants.

As soon as his feet are free, your hands immediately grab his length. His girth wide enough you struggled to hold it with one hand. You smirked at the fact that he had two protruding veins on both sides of his cock, how typical for this half and half genetic phenonium.

“Y-Y/n…” Shouto stutters as your hand fists up and down his length in pretense. Your eyes snapping up to meet his lust covered ones.

“Now,” You sigh as your thumb rolls over the pre-cum that slips from the tip of his head. “I better not catch you not looking at me, understood?”

Shouto licks his lips, his eyebrow quirking. “I don’t take orders from you.”

You smile softly, but there’s a strong sadistic tone to it as your hands twist his skin. Shouto curses as he nods, “Fine!”

“Good boy,“ you tease as your mouth opens and you let him penetrate it. His girth so wide you had to open wider than you were used to. You gasp as you push him further down your throat. Your eyes flashing up to see Shouto struggling to keep his head down and eyes wide. Good god, you hope you were wet enough to take him in without lube.

Your mouth sinks down as far as you can go while not straining yourself. Your fingers trailing up and down his toned thighs as you move your head up and down his length. You’re now in a smooth rhythm, sucking his cock with enough vigor to make Shouto curse your name.

Your movements signal to Shouto that he can move as well. Shouto groans and his hips move forward. You relax against his rocking hips, you’re focused on your breathing as his cock moves up and down your throat. Deeper and deeper, you feel his cock move within you. His hand pressing against the back of your throat, and you gag softly against his length.

Your eyes look back up to see Shouto’s eyes closed. Moans and pants spilling out with every thrust, and your cheeks hollow out. Creating a vacuum sensation against his length.

Fucking shit!” Shouto snaps. His hands tangling within your locks as he overtakes your dominance. Shouto then begins fucking your throat without hesitation. “Taking my cock like the dirty slut you are, of course, you would be good at this,” he hisses as his cock only goes further down your throat.

You struggle to breathe with his thrusting. His snapping hips overwhelming you with their speed and depth. He’s barbarous against your throat. Uncaring about the burning sensation erupting through your airway as he continues at his strength and speed. Your tongue swirls around his thrusting cock. Trailing against his veins as his hips stutter.

You moan against his length. The action allowing you to gain more air and sending a snarl from Shouto’s mouth as his pace increases.

His hips abuse your throat, and you’re delighted in the fact that you’re keeping up. The soft gags that occasionally slip from your mouth stirring him on. The hum on your throat allowing him to further his strength and speed as your actions overwhelm him. He’s sinful yet heavenly in your mouth and you want him in your dripping cunt. Your thighs shaking with the mere thought of him having his way with you.

He pulls his length away from your mouth. Your saliva stringing between your mouth and his still erect cock. You cough as you try taking in the air again, the lack of oxygen had been ignored as your pleasure was so high.

However, you don’t have the time to adjust to your new air as Shouto pulls you up from the floor. His mouth once again attacking yours as you find your back pressed against the table. His lips are intoxicating, and you can still taste yourself in his mouth. You moan as he lifts you up on the table again.

Fuck you’re amazing.” Shouto grunts as his mouth trails down your neck and you shudder. How you craved a man you were ready to beat the shit out of earlier was beyond you. Maybe attraction and hatred ran on a fine line.

“I know I am,” you gasp as he spreads your legs, the tip of his cock stroking your soaked folds.

“I’ll get you to say it when my cock is in you,” Shouto chuckles and you moan at the feeling of the tip of his head sinking into your trembling cunt. “Are you ready?”

Your head nods nevertheless, and you still as he chuckles.

Say it.”


“I want to hear you say it,” he interrupts, and you stare into his bi-colored eyes and feel as if you’re drowning in his them. They’re desperate, needy, and full of want. It’s enough to steal your breath away as you nod again.

“Please fuck me.” You whisper, and Shouto smiles.

A shriek crashes through your mouth as he pushes his cock all the way into your awaiting cunt without hesitation. His girth stretches you out in an unimaginable way. Your walls fluttering as they attempt to relax and grow used to his size. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, you’re so fucking huge!” You cry as your body trembles as Shouto leans forward. His own breathing a quiet hiss as your walls clench around him.

“I bet I’m the biggest you’ve e-ever had.” Shouto cockily rasps, but his words feel powerless as he is affected by your pulsating walls. “Fuck, you’re so fucking tight.”

You whimper as the painful throb in your pussy lulls and you wiggle your hips against him, “N-Now fuck me right. Don’t fucking make me regret giving in.” You gasp as his eyes lock on yours.

There’s something unsaid flowing between the two of you. An agreement, a secret being whispered through your eyes. Three years of frustration and denied attraction. Three years of forced hatred disappearing between your bodies.

Shouto smiles, small and sweet, yet terribly contrasting as he adheres to your demand. His hips position to a better angle, and you can only watch with fluttering eyes as he begins ramming into you. Your hips move in time with his. Both of you desperate under your denied orgasm and this heightened state of pleasure. Shouto’s hands grip your waist. His grip leaving bruised marks as he slams your body faster against his huge cock. He’s stretching you out deliciously. His hands drag out under your ass, clenching your supple flesh as this tiny different position stretches you out in a mind-numbing way.

His hips crashing into yours is transcending, and your cries only fuel Shouto on. Your body feels as if it is on fire as he drags a single leg up onto his shoulder. His cock bottoming out into you making your back arch off the table as you wail out his name. Shouto’s heated fingers press against your throbbing clit. You sputter as he rubs harsh and delicate figure-eights onto your puffy nerve. Your pussy is clamping down on his moving cock, slowing him down slightly, before he grunts and increases his speed and strength.

Your noises of pleasure silences as his cock hits the back of your walls, your legs thrashing around as he drilled into you the same way.

Again and again.

More and more.

His cock smashing against your walls until he tilts his angle and comes down hard against your g-spot.

SHOUTO!!!” You scream as he continues pounding into your g-spot. His name a prayer on your lips as he continues fucking your brains out.

You shoot up off the table, your screams sounding in his ear as you wrap your arms around him. Despite the fact that your leg was on his shoulder, you held on. The angle allowing Shouto to drive his cock against your g-spot over and over again, your screams drowning out as his mouth covered yours. His body is giving you exploding sensations, your tightness making Shouto moan and curse.

“I needa – fuck yes, baby do that again – I needa come!” You squeak as your body rocks against his own.

“Come for me, baby.” Shouto sighs into your mouth. “Come around my cock.”

The pleasure in your belly is overwhelming, it’s building up so fast, and your toes curl in electrifying pleasure. You can’t handle it anymore, the pleasure being too much.

Your orgasm crashes through you, your vision turning white as your jaw drops as your screams go silent. Shouto’s mouth continues to move against yours, kissing sloppily against your teeth as he chases his own orgasm.

His hips continue slamming into you, they’re brutal as they slam over and over again. He’s chanting your name as your stimulated cunt continues clenching around his length. His pace is making you grow limp in his arms, although your hips still continue to roll against his. His breathing is short and tense. Panting as he struggles to keep himself composed.

“Come inside me…” You whine into his ear, desperate to feel his hot seed expelling within you.

His cock stretches you out in a new way as he presses you back onto the table his arm lifting your second leg over his shoulder. The twin bulging veins on his cock rubbing a fire against your walls. Shouto fucks you mercilessly, his fingers clenching your ass as you come apart for him. Shouto, unable to keep a controlled mind on his shoulder, loses himself within you. His hips drilling forward one last time. A heavy load shooting into your throbbing cunt.

Shaky breathing fills the air as he pulls out of you.

You whine at the lack of him within you, and your body relaxes as he steps back. Your hands pressed against the table as you pant, desperate to find your air again. A whimper on your tongue as you feel your combine cum seeping from your clenching pussy.

“You were amazing.” Shouto chuckles as he leans down next to you.

You moan as you look over at him.

“I can’t believe I let you fuck me in the library without you even buying me dinner…”

“…would you let me buy you dinner one day?”

Your eyes blink as you stare at your rival in front of you. Your cheeks feel like they’re on fire as you nod.

“I’d love to…”

You moan softly as his lips press against yours.

You lose yourself in his lips until the reason why you’re in this library to begin with flashes across your mind.



Everyone stared as you held onto Shouto’s hand as you walked into your psychology class. Everyone was silent as the two of you sat next to each other in the same row you two had claimed as your own.

No one dared to speak as you kept your head down and Shouto, unconcerned about others’ opinions, placed his arm around your shoulder.

You’re pretty sure you heard people choking on their air at that fact.

Midnight thankfully strolls in, her hands full of her things as she’s ready to get these presentations over with.

“Thank you to all of you who turned in your papers on time! We only had one pair not do that!” Midnight chirped as she stared at you and Shouto.

There was a spike of restless energy in the room as they all put together quickly that it was top students Todoroki Shouto and you.

“Care to explain to us why it was late, and why you two are suddenly… buddy-buddy?” Midnight grins, her cheeks blushing as she finally was able to bring the two of you together, not that you knew anyways.

Shouto stood up, and your heart beat in your chest as you had no idea what he was going to say.

“We fucked.”

And screams sounded throughout the classroom.

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki did not enjoy being teased.

Never once in his life did he enjoy having the lower hand. He hated feeling powerless, unable to act on things he needed. Bakugou was a dominating person and no one on this planet could say otherwise.

Bakugou was also eighteen years and very much in love – shocking to everyone – with y/l/n y/n.

You were the ray of sunshine to his bitter lightening and grey clouds. You were able to calm him with a simple touch of your hands. Your words a prayer to him that always switched his worst of days to the best of days. You completed Bakugou and he completed you. Bakugou made you more reassured with yourself. Always helping you commit to your opinions and didn’t let others overpower you. He helped you study for tests and you were not assaulted as Kirishima told you he was. Hell, he even helped you go to bed at a semi-normal time! Eleven at night instead of three in the morning.

But oh god, what Bakugou could not bring himself to understand was why you were sitting on Midoriya’s desk.

His eyes kept glancing back as he heard you talking with Midoriya and Sero. He couldn’t make out what you were saying because your hand was on his shoulder. Your fingers massaging soft circles into his skin. Your body leaning on his every other minute as you laughed. Bakugou didn’t think of himself as needy or desperate. He was a strong-willed individual who didn’t succumb to dumb needs.

But there was something that he didn’t like about the fact that you were laughing prettier than tiny bells. The way you pressed the side of your breasts into his back whenever you laughed. The way your fingers dragged his shoulders and back as you talked as if you were unaware of what you were doing to him.

Bakugou felt like he was under your spell despite you not doing anything.

His hand reaches up to grab your hand, and you slip your fingers through his. It warms Bakugou’s heart feeling your soft and smaller hands between his own. He can’t help it as he presses a kiss to the back of your hand; your lips press against his cheek.

The classroom door slams open, and Aizawa walks in. He informs everyone to head to Ground Gamma while in costume for Hero Training class. Bakugou stands up to move, Hero Basics was for sure his favorite class, and he was punctual. So, it surprised him as he felt you hold him to his chair as everyone else filed out.

“What the hell are you doing?” Bakugou questions as the two of you are now the only ones in the room.

You slide off of Midoriya’s desk and wrap your arms around Bakugou’s lean waist.

Bakugou wishes he could glare at you, but can only get himself to roll his eyes and look away.

“Kiss me, ‘Suki.” You say as he feels you lean up onto your tiptoes.

“Shitty woman,” Bakugou groans, but still, his head leans down to press a kiss to your mouth. It’s short and sweet, but it’s enough for you it seems as you sigh contently as you pull away. Bakugou lets you slip your hand back into his as you walk to the wall. His eyes trail down to the slightly opaque black tights you were wearing. It wasn’t the standard stockings you normally wore. “Those tights are new.”

You glanced back at Bakugou who pulled his box from the wall. His vermillion eyes were now locked on you as you walked backward to your own box. His eyes narrowed at the coy look in your eyes.

“They’re actually stocking.” You say, as you turn around and bend over to grab your issued box.

Bakugou Katsuki could count on his hands the number of times he’s lost his breath. So far, you made up eight of eight times he forgot how to breathe. This made nine.

As you bent over, the small skirt that barely passed the curves of your ass exposed to Bakugou what exactly you were wearing.

What he thought were black opaque tights, were, in fact, black opaque stockings. They ended centimeters from the swell of your ass. They connected a lacy black garter, the thick material running up both legs. They smoothed over your ass. Disappearing to what Bakugou could only imagine being a high waisted garter belt. Then in between your delightful ass was the laciest black thong that Bakugou had ever seen you in.

Bakugou recovered quickly, as he always did, and his eyes flashed over to yours. You were still bent over, looking over your shoulder and grinned.

“Pervert.” You say as you arch up, and you swear you can hear a whine in Bakugou’s throat. You saunter over, your lips pressing a lip gloss stain against the corner of his mouth. “I do need to go, the girls will worry, and well… I need to get changed without them noticing my little treat for you.”

Now there was nothing in the world that should have Bakugou Katsuki speechless. But all he was able to do was stare after your retreating figure as you ran out of the room.

Bakugou Katsuki felt like this day had just gotten terribly longer.


Bakugou groaned as he was launched onto his ass by you again.

For some goddamn reason, this class was not going his way.

You laugh as you rise above him again, your arms pinned to your sides.

Today was leg day.

Leg day meant you were only able to fight with your legs.

Bakugou was a bit dependent on his arms and fists, so you were – to put it kindly – killing him out there.

You were smaller than him and were often forced to use your entire body to even battles, so it was no big surprise. It just didn’t make him feel all too great. There was also the fact that whenever you would duck under his kick, his mind remembered the terrific panties you were wearing. Then he’d choke up.

Grunting, he got back up, sweat pouring down his face as he glared at you. Thankfully, everyone was running through these exercises or else he would have felt a million times worse. Bakugou groaned as he saw you sink low, his own stance lowering as he tried to not fall for yet another trap of yours.

Unfortunately for him, you sprang towards him suddenly, your body outmaneuvering his own. All Bakugou could feel was your feet pressing into his gut and then he was on the floor. Your ass landing hard on his torso as you had him pinned to the ground. Now Bakugou was always grateful for the calm head– at the very least when it concerned you– on his shoulders when placed into situations like this. But you shifted back to stand up and your ass dragged against his crotch and he stiffened completely.

“Y/n…” Bakugou hissed as you snapped your attention towards you. Your face feigned innocence, but he saw the spark in your eye that told him you knew exactly what you were doing. “Don’t. Fucking. Do. It.”

“I can’t get up, Ground Zero.” You look offended by his words. Bakugou trembles slightly at the sound of his hero name expelling from your lips like that. “My legs are stuck in a weird position.”

As if to prove this horrible detail, you shifted again. Your ass further grinding into his crotch.

“Shitty woman!” Bakugou yelled. His sanity slowly crumbling as you continued grinding into him in your attempt to stand.

“Bahaha! Aizawa-sensei, Bakugou and Y/l/n are stuck!” Kaminari yells and Bakugou feels as if his skin is on fire as he pants.

Bakugou glares at you as you’ve been helped to your feet by your teacher, and Bakugou stumbles to his own feet. His breathing erratic and not at all calm.

“I need to go to the fucking bathroom!” Bakugou snarls as he storms off, the earth quaking with every stomp.

You stare at his retreating form. A coy smile on your face as he yells at Kirishima for asking about the binds still around his arms.

Phase two was complete.


Bakugou sighed as his hands shoved deep within the pockets of his pants. Nothing new at all.

His eyes low and head down as he walked through the busy hall. It was after lunch and he had eaten alone on account that you had ditched him today. He didn’t mind, Bakugou enjoyed eating alone!

After becoming friends with people like Kirishima and Kaminari he was never allowed to be alone. Those two idiots were always near him! Then when you became his girlfriend, the two of you always ate together. Of course, it was not the same as Kirishima and Kaminari; he enjoyed having you by his side as you ate. But today, you had run off with the other girls in the class leaving him alone.

Wanting to get back to the room to relax his mind for a bit, Bakugou had eaten quickly and walked back to the classroom.

What he expected was to walk through the hallways. Avoid people as normal, ignore the scared squeaks of first years as he passed them. Finally, get into the room and place his head down. What he didn’t expect, when rounding a corner into an empty hallway, was for a pair of hands to wrap around his wrist. The hands pull him into the janitor’s closet.

Bakugou’s quirk went off immediately. His mouth pulled back into a pre-rage scream before a pair of lips pressed themselves over his own.

Bakugou knew every little thing about your body, and he knew exactly how you kissed.

“Shitty fucking woman!” He growled into your mouth.

While explosions still emitted from his palms, Bakugou kissed you back. The darkness of the closet and the oddly pleasant smell of bleach sinking into his nose as he kissed you.

“What? Expecting someone else?” You tease as your lips trail kisses up his neck.

“Like I want anyone but you.” Bakugou groans as your tongue licks against his skin.

“Good answer,” you murmur as you pull away before crashing your lips back against his own.

Your fervor lips press against his. Your fingers tangling into his unruly hair as you shoved him into the door. Bakugou’s eyes widened in pleasant surprise, he did enjoy the few moments where you were dominant. Allowing you to keep him by the wall, Bakugou’s hands settled on your waist. His fingers trailing down under the skirt. Bakugou grunted at the feeling of your supple skin and the lacy lingerie you wore.

What a fucking minx.

Bakugou hates how reactive he is to you. His lips moving with vindication against yours. His fingers pulling at the string and letting it snap against your skin. The resulting moans from your mouth make it worth it.

Your mind spins slightly at what you’re doing. Making out in the janitor’s closet was the most cliche thing you’ve done with Bakugou. Yet it makes your body numb with pleasure from the shivers running down your spine. Bakugou’s hands move to grope your ass. Your flesh molding under his hands as you shove him even further into the door.

His lips are a drug to you, addicting and have you longing for more as your tongue trails his bottom lip.

Bakugou growls as he opens up his mouth, his tongue shooting out and entering your mouth. You let him take control of your mouth, the dominance alluring as your hand trails down his chest.

Bakugou’s eyes fly open as your hand palms him through his baggy pants.

“Y-Y/n!” He snaps as your lips reattach onto his neck.

“Yes, Ground Zero?” You sigh softly as your hand slips through his waistband.

Bakugou’s head slams back onto the janitor’s door as your hand grasps onto his cock.

It’s not erect or hard, but feeling your hot hand around his girth has Bakugou expelling harsh breaths through his nose. Trying desperately not to be affected.

“Fuck, Ground Zero…” You whine as your mouth peppers hot and wet kisses against his neck. Trailing down to his exposed neck as he still chose to keep the top button undone and wore no tie. Bakugou curses as your mouth sucks against his chest. Your hand stroking his length as he becomes harder with every touch. “You’re getting so hard for plain little me.”

“I’ll show you just what else you do to me,” Bakugou growls as your teeth nip at the same spot you had been sucking at.

“You don’t have it in you to fuck me in school, you fucking nerd,” you tease as the bell rings.

Bakugou’s eyes widen as you stare up at him, your eyes fluttering with unseen emotions.

“Y/n, don’t you fucking dare.” Bakugou threatens, his eyes wide.

He could get you both to come in less than five minutes if he tried his best. It would be the amount of time needed to get the two of you back to class.

“Sorry.” You apologize with a faux pout that he felt against his chest.

With a small pop, you disappeared.

Fuck your fucking teleportation quirk.

You shuffled between the crowds of students, your sudden appearance having gone unnoticed. But you swore you could hear the most guttural scream coming from the janitor’s closet as you scurried away.

Phase three was complete.


Bakugou was stalking back to the dorms.

The top button of his shirt was fastened because you had left a fucking dark hickey on his chest that was very, very visible.

Worse yet, you had left the classroom before he could stop you. Only seeing your retreating figure holding onto Uraraka’s hand as the two of you raced away.

You had left him needy, desperate, and horny.

It had been a miracle no one noticed his boner. It was a miracle he had even managed to sit through the rest of school, his body on edge as he looked over at you by your desk. You sat diagonally in front of him, and he swore – no he knew you were shifting as often as you were on purpose.

Then stupid fucking Raccoon Eyes talked to him for twenty minutes. She had gone off on a nineteen-minute tangent to see if she could wear his gauntlets one day. All because she wanted to see if she could create an “Acid Bomb” and of course Bakugou denied the thought.

But now, Bakugou was feeling completely insane. He would go as far as to say that he would fuck you in the common room if that’s where he found you.

So as he stepped into the dorm, everyone looked over at him as the door slammed open.

“Where the fuck is y/n?” He growled.

They all pointed upwards.

You were in your damn room.

Bakugou didn’t even hear their pleas to not explode on you as he stormed up the staircase. His quirk going off to get him to the fourth floor as quickly as possible.

Bakugou didn’t wait to even knock, choosing instead to throw open the door and storm in. His eyes locked on your form. You were by your desk. Your body now out of your uniform, wearing the same damn lingerie but you also wore as his fucking black t-shirt.

It flowed down your body, his shirt enveloping you within its fabric as you merely glance over. As if you didn’t know what was wrong. Bakugou snarled as he locked the door. His jacket throwing off his shoulders and backpack on the ground.

You turned towards your angry ash-blond boyfriend, welcoming his impassioned kiss as he had his way with your lips. His lips clashing against yours without mercy.

His hands trembling with suppressed emotions, with a greater need as he shoved you towards the bed.

“I’m going to fuck you until you can’t fucking walk,” Bakugou snarls against your mouth.

“Really?” You ask, sighing softly as his mouth attacks your neck. His teeth sinking into your flesh in multiple areas without mercy.

“Making me fix my outfit to look like some fucking dumbass extra!” Bakugou hisses as your fingers ghost over the exact area where you sucked his skin.

“I wanted every person to know you’re mine.” You laugh as his hands grip your ass as he picks you up and he sits down on the bed. You smirk as he forcefully grinds your hips against his.

“Like hell, I’d ever want anyone of them!”

“I know.” You giggle as your hands press against his chest.

While pulling away from his assaulting lips, Bakugou can only watch in horror as you teleport the two of you towards the corner of the bed. Bakugou’s head spins slightly from your quirk. In that moment of his disorientation, your hands snapped forward. Handcuffs snapped around his wrists.

“Y/n!” Bakugou yells as you roll off his lap.

You watch as Bakugou thrashes against the handcuffs. You grin as you sit out of his grasp. His chest heaving as he continues staring at you, desperation in his eyes as he continues staring at you. Your eyes travel over his body, how fucking good he looks with his hands over his head, how vulnerable he looks.

“I’m mad at you,“ you admit as you crawl back over his lap.

“Why the fuck are you mad, shitty woman?!” Bakugou snarls as you press your ass against his crotch. You slightly moan as the friction you desired from him was finally there. His own anger dissipating with your rolling hips.

“You had me on edge for the entire fucking day,” you sigh. A sadistic grin overcoming your face as Bakugou’s mouth flattens. You lost a competition and now, here the two of you were, now exacting your petty revenge.

Bakugou watched you, his nostrils flaring as you removed his shirt from your body.

“You know,” you sigh as your hair falls down onto your collarbones. You wear a black lacy bra that is most definitely showing off your aroused nipples. “I think the best part about you being into the entire voyeurism is that this is going to be the best, most painful thing for you to watch.”

Bakugou can feel his cock twitch at the meaning behind your words, and he watches as you lean in close again. Your lips press against his again, your hips rolling in a large circle against his hips. You smirk as you feel Bakugou resist his moan, his jaw trembling as you grind your cunt into his hips.

“I really love that you’re always so responsive to me.” You sigh as you pull away, your ass brushing against Bakugou’s hardening cock. “Now, you’re going to watch me fuck myself, and maybe… just maybe you’ll get to fuck me when I’m done.”

“Y/n…” Bakugou’s voice is low, it’s a warning, and it only stirs you further.

Your hands move behind your back as you scoot back onto the mattress. Bakugou’s vermillion eyes are locked on you, his pupils blown open as you drop the bra from your breasts. His tongue licks his lips as your fingers trail down your breasts. They stop below the curve of the tissue as you sigh. Your fingers tease the bottom of your breasts as you close your eyes.

You imagine instead of your hands that they’re Bakugou’s. Strong and weathered, but unbelievably soft against your skin.

Your fingers tug at your nipples, rolling the skin between your pointer finger and your thumb as you moan. Soft electrifying sensations shooting through your body as you shift. Your hands continue massaging your breasts. Groping them between your fingers as a possessive groan escapes Bakugou’s lips.

Your eyes snap back open, amusement heavy in your eyes as your hand cups your right breast. Bakugou’s boner is restrained through his pants, but his arousal is very evident. Keeping your eyes locked on him, you lower your mouth to press gentle kisses against your supple flesh. His eyes flash in fury and lust as you do so, and the smile on your face only widens as he watches your tongue push out. Teasing the skin of your breasts as all he can do is watch on.

Dropping your breast from your hands, you feel it bounce, and you see Bakugou’s eyes follow the movement. His stare is so intense you could have thought he was trying to figure out the calculus behind your bouncing breasts.

“I was really excited to show you this new set,” you inform Bakugou as you remove the high waisted garter belt. The stockings on your legs immediately sag, and you take your time in removing the fabric. “I’m trying to find the perfect orange, black, and green set. But they only really have black,” you fake pout as you toss the stockings to the side. Your bare legs coming into contact with the cool material of your comforter. “I mean, I guess it’s okay that I can’t find any lingerie related to Ground Zero when I got him wrapped around my finger.”

Bakugou’s eyes narrow as your fingers hook around the lace thong.

“I’m just so happy that you’re going to enjoy watching me fuck myself.” You say as the thong comes off, joining the rest of your clothes on the floor. “Now, I hope you won’t tear your eyes away from me.”

A giggle erupts from your mouth as Bakugou whimpers softly as you lean back. Your legs spreading out to expose your dripping cunt to him. Your fingers run down your abdomen, your nails teasing rises against your body. All while looking at Bakugou you sink two fingers into your awaiting cunt.

“F-Fuck!” You gasp, your head already leaning backward from the intruding sensation.

It had been a while since you’ve last masturbated, and you sure had not had your fingers in your cunt in awhile. Your walls are hot against your fingers, your walls contracting softly against them as you pump in and out at an easy pace.

“‘Suki, you make me feel so good,” you whine as your hips rut against your fingers.

A needy sigh forms in your throat as you curl your fingers.

The new angle makes your body tremble as your fingers pick up their pace within your walls.

In and out.

In and out.

Your fingers brush against your walls making you fall onto your back, your chest arching off the mattress as you imagine it’s Bakugou doing this to you. That it’s Bakugou’s teasing fingers curling inside of you as you cry out his name.

Faster and faster your finger pump into you.

Your moans and cries are melodic as your other hand trails to your clit to rub circles into your puffy bundle of nerves.

The smallest touch to your clit nearly sends you off the high end. His name coming out as a harsh curse as you sob. Your legs nearly snapping together as you continue your assault on your pussy.

“Y-Yes, Bakugou – ahhh that feels so fucking good – I’m so close,” you sob. Your hips are coming off the mattress at this point as your juices slather against your hands. Your clit throbbing as you apply even more pressure. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

The sounds of your fingers driving into your soaked pussy is unbearable for you. The shooting pleasures ramming throughout your entire body as you quiver uncontrollably on the bed. Your jaw wide open as your eyes are screwed closed. Your fingers are not yours but Bakugou’s and you jerk up as the pressure within you snaps.

You come hard around your fingers, your body twitching in its wake. A resulting stammering breath rattling in your ribcage as you try to get your breathing back to normal. Your eyes heavy as you stare at Bakugou who’s staring at you. His eyes nearly emotionless as you chuckle.

Sighing you pushed your still twitching body off the bed, and walk to your desk. You grab the key and unlock Bakugou who is slow to rub his wrists that are somehow red and bruised.

Was he trying to get out the entire time you were doing that?

You squeak as Bakugou grabs your wrists and puts them into the handcuffs now. His uniform covered crotch grinding into your wet pussy as he snarls in your ear.

“I hope you had fucking fun imagining that it was me fucking you,” He snaps, his fingers sinking into your cunt and you cry out. Your pussy is still sensitive from coming off of your high. “I’m going to fuck you so well now, you’re never going to be able to use your goddamn fingers or toys again. I’m going to ruin you from everything else in this world except for my cock.”

“I – shit ‘Suki – find that hard to believe.” You challenge as your eyes lock onto his angry red ones.

His lips are over yours, possessive and angry. His fingers leaving your cunt as you hear his belt unbuckling and before you know it, his cock is teasing your entrance.

“I’m motherfucking Bakugou Katsuki,” your boyfriend hisses at you. “What I say is the goddamn truth.”

Before you could think of something witty to say, his cock slams into you and your eyes roll to the back of your head as he begins ramming into you. Your head throwing back as you cry against his throbbing hard length.

“And you better be fucking quiet,” He warns as his hips begin hammering into you without a second thought.

Unforgiving and relentless you stayed handcuffed for the rest of the evening. Bakugou Katsuki kept to his promise and made sure to permanently ruin everything entering your damn pussy for the rest of your life.

Chapter Text

Midoriya Izuku was a hard-worker.

You knew that well before getting into this relationship! You also knew that well after getting into the relationship. His hard work was evident everywhere, in everything that he did.

Midoriya was a wonderful boyfriend, and you were grateful for him in your life.

But being a hard-worker often meant that Midoriya poured his time over the smallest of things. Which meant that you were not the center of his focus. Most of the time it wasn’t that big of a deal! But today, it hurt you.

For unknown reasons, today you were particularly horny. It was your day off and instead of doing nothing today – as the two of you had originally planned – Midoriya had pulled away from your embrace. He had left you in the middle of watching a sitcom based off of some weird Pro-Heroes that you and Midoriya loved to go finish up paperwork. You understood, for the most part, your boyfriend was a successful man! But did that mean he had to leave you when you needed him most? You didn’t think so.

You sat next to Midoriya in the bedroom, your hands holding your head as he was busy writing away on his report. A report he neglected because he would rather spend time with you. Of course, he then chose to remember about it shortly after getting you extremely worked up. Who the hell made out with their girlfriend for a solid ten minutes while grinding into them and then pull away unaffected?

So now you glared at Midoriya who went about as if he was oblivious to this entire ordeal. His pen scratching at the paper as you groaned again.

You were not happy.

“Are you almost done?” You mutter as Midoriya’s green eyes looks up at you.

He shakes his head sympathetically, “No, give me ten minutes?”


So there you sat, not for ten minutes, but for twenty minutes.

Your nostrils flaring as your eyes tore into Midoriya’s concentrated figure. Now he wasn’t even being a dick about it, the damn nerd had become totally invested into the report.

Damn nerd? You blinked multiple times, since when did you become like Bakugou?

It didn’t matter as you shook your head, your throat clearing as you leaned in closer to Midoriya.


“Sorry, y/n…” Midoriya mutters, his teeth chewing softly onto the pen’s lid. “Almost done.”

Huffing to yourself, you stood up walking towards the kitchen and grabbed yourself a cup of water. Swallowing the entire cup you placed it down with a soft thud. Your eyes focusing on Midoriya who was still writing away.

Now, you wouldn’t ever call yourself a needy person, but you were craving Midoriya right now. Fuck his report, he could do it in the morning if it was that big of a deal, he’s done it before!

You walk over and stand behind Midoriya. Your face lowering down onto his shoulder.

“You seem pretty focused,” you hum as you read his writing. It was for a minor case he had closed two days ago. Your fingers place onto his shoulders and Midoriya nods his head quickly. Not at all bothered by your touch.

“There were a lot of issues surrounding the alibi of the victim and stuff…” Midoriya trailed off. “But, I was able to get it straight, but you know, still need to write all of that.”

You nod your head as a smile sinks onto your face as your hands push further down his shoulders onto his chest. “Have I ever mentioned how much I fucking love your muscles?” You sigh as your fingers stop on his abs. Midoriya’s gone stiff against your body, his arms locked into place as you sigh. “They’re so strong…”


You push away, a giggle on your lips as he shakes his head, returning to his writing.

It seemed you needed to push him even more, and you were not afraid to go past any limits that he may have.

Sinking to the floor, you made sure you were silent as you crawled under the table. Your eyes setting on Midoriya’s strong legs and the gym shorts he was wearing to lounge in. Without as much as a warning, you shoved his chair back. The chair legs screeching against the floor as you gave yourself enough room to do as needed.

“Y/n, what are you–?”

“Just focus on your report, you seem a bit busy!” You smile as your fingers shove his gym shorts down his legs, then they moved to his underwear. “Don’t mind me.”

Midoriya gasped as your hand palmed his clothed erection. His hips bucking up into your touch as if his lower half had a mind of its own. Beaming up at him innocently, you move your fingers to curve into his underwear. Tugging them down so you could free his growing dick.

“Pay attention, Izuku.” You pout, “I don’t want to leave you like this, but if you can’t focus… I’ll go home.”

“You’re playing a dangerous game…” Midoriya warns you as you move your head closer to his length. Your soft breathing teasing his head.

“Well, there won’t be a game to play unless you get back to your work,” you insist. Your grasp around his girth only strengthening.

Midoriya’s length twitched between your fingers as you began to languidly stroke him. Watching as his eyes fell half-shut as he snapped his attention back to his report. He steered straight ahead, you almost believed you weren’t under the table about to blow his brains out with the way he was behaving. You did not like it, not one little bit.

You were going to have to try harder to make him lose control. Your eyes meeting his clenched jaw as you lower your lips to his throbbing manhood. Salty pre-cum immediately coating your tongue as you pushed down lower.

Midoriya’s breathing went an octave higher as he tried to regulate his breathing. His legs tensing on either side of you as your lips now wrapped around his length as you took more of him in. Your tongue swirling around his length as you progress further. You had to start with a tortuously slow pace as you hollow your cheeks to suck his length. The action creating a vacuum effect that caused his hips to buck into your mouth. His head slamming to the back of your throat as you gag softly.

You, however, were not amused with only getting a physical reaction out of him. You wanted to hear his voice crack, to see him rip you out from under the table. So you moved your hand down to the base of his dick, giving you more space to take more of him into your wet cavern. You continued to move the head of his cock further down the back of your throat as you pulled back. You now hummed as you took more of his length. You repeated the bobbing and sucking, each time feeling him hit the back of your throat as you sucked his dick.

“y/n…” Midoriya whines as his fingers thread within your hair, his hips now snapping into your mouth. Dominating your bobbing as you relax your jaw in order to take him in without hurting either one of you. “I – shit – I can do my papers tomorrow.”

You choke against his length, pulling away from his length with a resounding pop.

Your eyebrow quirked as you shake your head, “No. You need to finish that paper.”

“It’s a bit hard to do that when you’re sucking my dick.” Midoriya groans as his cock is still rock hard, but now he can’t come. His hands shooting out to try and get you back around his cock, but he’s too predictable as you lean out of reach.

“Oh?” You innocently state, tilting your head. “So when you leave me in a state of neediness it’s okay?”

Midoriya pauses, his pupils blown wide with lust, but he shakes his head.

Nodding your own head you crawl out from under the table, and you feel his green eyes following after your ass. Perfect. “I appreciate your honesty, but unfortunately you need to finish up that report.”

You stand up, your head tilting to the side as you stretch. The few moments on the floor making your limbs ache. But, you slide off your shorts and panties as you turned back to Midoriya whose jaw is on the floor.

You grin as Midoriya is only able to watch as you step your leg over his lap. Your hand clutching his cock within your warm grasp as you look back towards his still not complete report. “Wow, this is going to suck for you.” You giggle as you suddenly sink all the way down his length.

Midoriya immediately hisses against your collarbone, his cock pulsating within your aching walls.

Your mouth presses against his ear, your voice low and husky as your hips rock into a circle, “Focus on your paper.” With the end of the sentence, your hips still. No longer moving as Midoriya pants against your collarbone.

Cockwarming, there was something so damn pleasing about it.

“Be a good hero and do your report.” You whisper as your fingers move to his shoulders. The pads of your fingers gently tracing the tense muscles as you sigh, you really loved his muscles.

“Y-Y/n…” Midoriya moans into your skin as you feel his trembling arm reach out for the paper. The small sensations in his arms letting you know that he’s finally working again.

Midoriya thought it would be fun to tease you. You weren’t one to respond back in this way. Sure you would be needy and would whine, but never before have you attempted to suck his dick. Especially not cockwarming, and he could barely focus on his paperwork. The feeling of your heated pussy fluttering against his walls as his cock twitched. Cursing under his breath, Midoriya couldn’t help but rut his hips up.

Immediately, your hand came down to smack his thigh.

“Don’t.” You snap into his ear, your words chastising, they’re steely. You don’t want to be tested.

It was too much, though. The feeling of your breasts pressed flush against his skin. Your clenching pussy, and your soft breathing in his ears. Midoriya wanted to burn these papers and fuck you against this table.

“Fine.” Midoriya calmed down as his eyes burned holes into his paper.

He began writing again, his hands trembling, his words no longer perfect, but sloppy.

Your fingers trailed over his abs, your approving noises soft on your tongue as you nod your head. “I fucking love your muscles…” you cry into his ear, “You’re just so fucking strong, ‘Zuku…”

“Y-Y/n!” Midoriya warns, his pupils blowing wide at your noises. His hips instinctively snapping up to rut into yours.

“I’ll get off and you’ll get nothing if you don’t stop moving.”

You smile as he stills under you. The pen is now smashing in frustration against the table as your hips slowly rotate. Your waist spelling random figures on his cock as he splutters. The sounds of his pen hitting the paper only quickening.

“I always love it when you fuck me up against a wall,” you moan as you purposefully clench your inner walls around his twitching length. “It’s my favorite thing because your muscles are sooo fucking strained, and they look. So. Damn. Hot.”

You felt the muscles on Midoriya’s legs tighten underneath yours, and the next thing you knew the papers and pen went flying. Your back slammed onto the table.

“Now.” Midoriya snarls as his hips move out and slam back into you. “I’m going to make you come four times and your going to count them each time and thank me, do you understand?”

You grin widely, “Yes, sir.”

Chapter Text

Hado Nejire


Your breathing was quick.

Your heart hammering in your chest as Nejire sat in front of you, fingers on her chin as she wondered aloud. While you loved and admired your girlfriend’s curiosity, sometimes it made things a bit hard.

Especially right now.

Your arms were pinned above your head. You were unable to do anything that you desired as your periwinkle girlfriend talked about something you could not hear over the hammering of your heart. All you could tell is that as her lips moved a million kilometers a second, her eyes were set on your dripping cunt.

“Nejire-chan…” You whine as your feet brush against her legs. You wanted to be touched like no other, your cunt was practically convulsing at this point.

“Y/n-chan!” Nejire asks, her eyes wide as she leans in close to you. Her face so close she might as well kiss you, yet too far that you couldn’t lean up and kiss her yourself. “How many of my fingers do you think I can put in your pussy?”

“I– I don’t know.” You stammer as she giggles in delight.

“I think there’s only one way to find out!” She exclaims as she’s suddenly back down by your pussy.

All you can do is watch as she sinks one finger in.


You gasp at the intrusion.


Your walls flutter against her fingers.

“Three! You’re so tight, sweetie.”

You moan in response as your hips jut softly.

“Four…” She breathes harshly, your eyes squeezing at how far your walls are stretching.


You look down in pleasing horror to see her entire fist in you. Your inner walls spasming at the feeling of her first stretching you out in ways you never thought possible.

Your cries only seeming to turn your girlfriend on more.

“Wow, y/n, who would’ve known I could fist you and that you’re so into it!” She cries happy as her fist starts slamming in and out of you.


Shindou Yo


You gasp harshly as Shindou pulls away from your aching pussy. The back of his hand wiping away your soaked juices on his face as he chuckles.

“I barely even started and you came already?” He snickers, his body crawling forward as he places his forearms by your head.

“You used your stupid quirk that gave me a 6.7 earthquake on my damn clit,” you complain as you roll your eyes. But your cheeks burn away at the fact that you did come within seconds.

“Now, now,” Shindou tsks, his hands trailing up and down your still trembling body. What a cocky prick, you thought as your body reacted to his touch. “What did I say about being sassy?” He asks.

His black curls brush against your skin as your body goes rigid.

“On your knees, brat.”


“I said,” He snaps, his hands forcefully rolling you over. “On. Your. Knees.”

With a whimper you pull onto your knees, your back arched, ass in the air for him to manipulate.

“You know,” He sighs as your body stiffens at the sound of the lube spilling out of the bottle the two of you owned. “I really enjoy the fact that you don’t know how to be submissive because it always brings us back to this moment.”

Your body stiffens as the tip of his cock presses against your puckered hole. Your knees nearly giving out on your immediately as his fingers sink into your cunt.

“I fucking love getting to give you my cock in the one place you don’t want it.” He snarls as his fingers begin vibrating within you.

FUCK!” You scream as the waves of his quirk ram throughout your body.

“Now, you better unclench that beautiful ass of yours, or else this is going to be a pain to stick in,” Shindo growls as he slides it in.

Your back arching further as a pleasure-pained sob fills the air.

Sometimes Shindou could be an amazing sex partner and while you were not a fan of anal… situations like this made it worth it.