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The In-Between

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Lena walks down the aisle of the lecture hall where she teaches her Introduction to ABO Pharmacology class. The annoyingly perky professor who teaches before her rushes to get her mess of papers and laptop out of her way and shoves everything into her bag before waving at her and saying goodbye. “Professor Danvers” remains on the whiteboard, the name of this fool of a lecturer, who teaches some kind of literature class.

English professors, gag.

Picking up the eraser, she wipes away the name off of the board and out of her mind, writing her own over the ghostly lines of the other woman’s name. It’s only the second lecture of the semester and she’s intent on weeding out the students who aren’t serious. The first class was all about the syllabus and what she expects from everyone, but this class will jump right into the material at breakneck speed.

Lena watches as her students begin to filter in slowly as she connects her laptop to the projector. Her nostrils flare as all of the mixtures of pheromones and scents waft through the air, invading her senses like rotting meat, and she remembers why she hated college so much. So many hormones and people looking to score when all she wanted to do was finish her degree as soon as possible and get out of there.

She waits a couple minutes after the class starts to give death glares to all of the stragglers and the room is full of hushed whispers and a few snickers in Lena’s general direction. She knows full well that students and faculty talk about her, the unmated thirty-something professor, who would rather die than have to deal with some random alpha during her heats.

Previously, she’s had to find a substitute to take over her lectures, or cancel them altogether during those times, and everyone always knew when it had hit, because she would be gone for two to three days at a time and came back even grumpier than usual. Still, no one ever said anything to her face, even the chancellor of the university, because everyone was fucking terrified of Lena Luthor.

Rumors have been circulating around about her, some saying that she used to have an alpha, but he left her for someone else before they sealed the deal. Others say she never mated, because no alpha wanted to try and keep up with an overachieving, perfectionist omega like her. It works out just as well, though, because it usually means her alpha students leave her alone. Every once in a while, she gets an asshole alpha trying to tell her that she just needs to meet the right cock to tie her down.

This class appears to be chock-full of them, unfortunately, but she’s completely ready to put them all down a peg or two.

After her lecture, one such alpha waited until most of the class had already gone before walking up to her with a stupid smirk all over his face.

“Hey, Professor Luthor,” he drawls as he leans against the large table, “I just wanted you to know that if you ever need any assistance with anything, I’m totally available.” He gives her an obvious wink, which makes her want to slam his ugly nose right down into the table, but she likes her job. Most of the time.

She turns to face him with a tight-lipped smile. “Thank you, uh, what’s your name?”

“Brett,” he winks again.

“Brett,” Lena grits out, “but I don’t need the services of a young and very small,” she pinches her finger and thumb together, “alpha like yourself. I have vibrators that are probably larger and more satisfying. Thank you for the offer, though.”

Brett’s face turns crimson and he retreats up the aisle, his friends laughing at him as he runs straight out the door. Lena smiles to herself and an alarm on her phone goes off. Groaning, she checks it and sees that she needs to go pick up more heat suppressants and pheromone blockers before the pharmacy closes. As shes gotten older, the medications have become less effective, but she’s afraid of what will happen if she doesn’t take them at all.

Just as she’s about to leave, she spots a jacket on a stool next to the table. She picks it up and checks the pockets to see if she can find who it belongs to. She takes a folded up paper out of the pocket and sees a scrip for alpha-blockers and she raises her eyebrow at the name.

K. Danvers.

The jacket belongs to the English professor who teaches before her. The alpha English professor. She looks at her watch and figures she has enough time to drop off the jacket at make it to the pharmacy, so she takes off toward the English department and checks with admin to see where Professor Danvers’ office is.

She scales the stairs to the second floor and finds the door that has the professor’s name on it and knocks softly. She hopes that Professor Danvers has office hours, or else she’s walked clear across campus for nothing.

“Come in,” an echoey voice shouts through the door. Lena opens it slowly and the other professor is busy entering some kind of data into her laptop, but when she sees Lena, she stands up immediately, knocking pens and an empty coffee mug off of her desk. “Oh, shoot,” Professor Danvers says, scrambling to pick everything up.

Lena looks on with an amused smile and the jacket draped over an arm. “You forgot this in the classroom.” She holds the jacket out.

“Oh! Oh wow, thank you,” the woman says as she takes the offered jacket. “You saved my life. I had something important in there.”

“The prescription?” Lena asks.

The other woman gulps and blushes. ”Yeah, you saw that?”

“Well, I had to confirm ownership somehow.”

The other woman nods and then shakes her head rapidly. “Oh gosh, I’m sorry. I’m Kara Danvers,” she holds out a hand. Lena looks at it curiously and shakes it.

“Lena Luthor.” Kara’s eyes widen slightly and Lena supposes she’s probably heard the rumors about her, too. “Anyway, I should be going. I have to get to the pharmacy before it closes.”

Kara slaps down the top of her laptop. “I could walk with you. I, uh, also need to go there myself, but you already knew that.”

Lena raises an eyebrow. “Are you sure you want to be seen in public with me? I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors.” This is what Lena does whenever she’s given the chance. She confronts the elephant in the room, the elephant usually being whatever ludicrous rumors people have come up with about her, about why she’s never mated.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I?” Kara asks with a shrug. “I don’t believe anything hormonal twenty-somethings say.”

“And what about what the faculty say?”

Kara screws her brows together. “I don’t believe what they say, either. People can be cruel for no reason.”

Lena looks Kara over. She can’t believe this woman is an alpha with her hunched posture and nervous hands. Against her better judgement, she agrees to walk to the pharmacy with her. Kara nearly knocks over a filing cabinet during her celebration and gives Lena a sheepish smile.

On the way to the pharmacy, Lena notices the looks they’re both getting, but Kara appears to be completely oblivious.

“So, you teach a pharmacology class?” Kara asks. When Lena nods, she continues. “That’s neat. I’ve actually wanted to sit in during one of your lectures to see what it’s all about. Sounds interesting.”

Lena huffs out a laugh. “You’re interested in pharmacology?”

“Yes? Why is that funny?”

“Sorry, it’s just that you lecture about Toni Morrison and JK Rowling. I didn’t think you’d be into the sciences.”

“I’m interested in a lot of things,” Kara says with a frown. Lena feels kind of bad for assuming, but they arrive at the pharmacy before she can apologize. Kara opens the door for her and she walks inside and up to the counter. She hands the pharmacy tech her prescription and waits for the normal barrage of questions.

“Miss... Luthor. You know these are essentially placebos, right?”

“Yes, I’m aware,” Lena answers, sighing.

“We have stronger suppressants if you want to try those.”

“No, these will be just fine, thank you,” Lena says, not letting her eyes leave the beta tech’s. With a gulp, the tech slides the prescription across the counter behind her and the pharmacist takes it, looking through the window at Lena and then back at the prescription. Lena’s used to the scrutinization by now, but it still annoys her that she can feel the judgement oozing out from some people. Not from Kara, though, curiously.

Lena moves off to the side and let’s Kara go next.

“Hi, Professor Danvers!” the tech chirps happily. Of course she knows Kara and of course she’s nice to her.

“Hey, Colleen. How’s the family?” Kara asks.

“Oh, you know. The same,” she giggles. Is she blushing? Disgusting. “What can we get you today?”

“Just the usual,” Kara answers, pushing her prescription forward.

“Ah, A-blockers. That’s coming up again, huh?” The tech licks her lips and Lena rolls her eyes into the furthest recesses of her head.

“Uh, yeah,” Kara says nervously, rubbing her neck. “Any day now. Want to be prepared.”

“Well, these are the strongest we have, so,” Colleen slides the prescription across the counter and the pharmacist gives Kara a little wave. She waves back and Lena wonders if everyone knows who this irritatingly pleasant professor is. “Should be ready in a few minutes.”

Lena sees Colleen beckon Kara closer and she leans in. The tech whispers something into Kara’s ear and glances over at Lena. Kara stands up straight and frowns while shaking her head and then walks over to stand next to Lena.

“What was that all about?” Lena asks, even though she has a sneaking suspicion it was about her.

“Nothing,” Kara answers curtly, tightening her grip around the coat draped across her arm.

A few minutes later, Lena’s prescription is ready and she walks back to the register to pay. The beta doesn’t make eye contact at all while she gives the total and Lena slides her credit card through the reader. The tech hands her the receipt and walks off somewhere to make herself look busy. Lena rolls her eyes and walks back over to Kara, who’s looking at the various candy bars.

“See anything you like?” Lena asks and it startles Kara enough for her to throw whatever she was holding into the air and the both watch it flop onto the floor. Kara clears her throat and picks up the candy before setting it back into its box.

Kara’s name is called before she can answer and heads over to the register to pick up her medication. Lena watches Kara pay quickly and she can hear her tell the tech that it’s none of her business with whom she spends her time with and storms off, passing Lena on her way out. Lena takes one more look at Colleen and smirks at her before leaving the pharmacy. She catches up with Kara, who still looks upset.

“Hey, is everything okay?”

“I just—I don’t get why people think it’s their business why people are unmated. It could be for any various reasons.”

Lena takes a step forward, releasing some calming pheromones, trying to placate Kara.

Kara’s nostrils flare. “What are you doing?” she pushes Lena away.

“I’m just trying to help. I don’t want you to end up ripping someone’s throat out over some rumors.”

“I didn’t ask you to,” Kara snaps and starts walking down the street in the opposite direction.

“Well, I didn’t ask you to defend my honor,” Lena yells back, but Kara doesn’t acknowledge it. Maybe she is just another alpha. She starts walking back to campus to pick up her car when her phone rings.

Hey, teach, it’s been a while.

“Hi, Sam,” she answers, knowing it’s her friend, because no one else bothers to call her regularly. Mostly everyone has disowned her or pretend she doesn’t exist.

What’s new? Scared away any students yet?”

Lena snorts. “Probably at least one. Had some alpha jock come up to me and offer his services to the poor, sad, unmated professor. Told him my vibrators would do the job better.”

A laugh rings through her ear. “Atta girl. What a dick. That’s it? Meet anyone else?”

“Sam, it’s only the second class of the semester.”

“So what? Don’t you have, like, faculty meetings or whatever?”

“You seem to forget I basically wear a scarlet letter on my forehead whenever I’m out in public. No one would dare come near the disgraced Luthor.”

“Hey, it’s not your fault Lockwood was a major tool. What kind of asshole cheats on their mate, anyway?”

“To be fair, we hadn’t quite made it official yet.”

She can hear Sam huffing over the phone. “Still, he’s a fucking moron for leaving you and it’s my job as your best friend to tell you that you always deserved better.”

Lena rolls her eyes and chuckles. “Thanks, Sam. And you’re pretty much my only friend.”

“That’s why I’m the best. Anyway, I should let you go. Go make some friends and get laid, will you? They’ve got to have services for it, right? Every single person in the world can’t possibly have a mate. We’re not immortal.”

“Yeah, yeah. Bye, Sam.”

Get some big alpha dick!” The call ends and Lena sighs to herself. She’s made it back to her car and is about to open the door when she sees Kara walking across the lot. Lena thought she’d gone the opposite direction, but must have cut back at some point. She doesn’t know why, but she feels like she should go talk to her, to apologize for... whatever. Overstepping? It’s been so long since she’s had to use her pheromones, maybe that’s not how things are done now. Maybe she was supposed to ask for permission first.

Lena doesn’t walk after Kara, though. She’s embarrassed herself plenty already. Last thing she needs is a cranky alpha kicking her out of her office. Still, though, Kara has treated her with more kindness than anyone had in a long time and she’d almost forgotten what it felt like. It didn’t matter, though, seeing how Kara practically ran away from her.

The next time she has class, Kara isn’t there waiting for her. In fact, there’s no class there at all. Lena doesn’t have time to figure out why that is, because students start filtering in early. She does notice a certain alpha isn’t in attendance and smiles to herself as she sets up her laptop. The lecture goes fairly well, limited questions on the material and no one comes up to her afterward.

After she packs up her things, she walks to the English department and walks up the stairs to Kara’s office. She can smell a strong scent all the way from the ground floor and it only gets stronger as she walks toward the office. She stands just outside the door and knocks softly.

“Go away,” the wavering voice says from inside.

“It’s Lena.”

“I know, go away. You shouldn’t be here.”

Against her better judgement, Lena slowly opens the door. The office is dark and the smell overwhelms her. Lena hasn’t smelled anything like it in years. She shakes away the the feelings and carefully closes the door as to not make too much noise. Walking around the desk, she spots Kara sitting on the floor with her knees bent up to he chest.

“Kara?” Lena says soothingly while she kneels down next to the other professor. “Did you take your A-blocks?”

“Yeah, but they’re not working,” Kara replies in a low voice. “Thought I could work through it, but I couldn’t. Had to cancel my class.”

Lena nods, even though it’s dark. She knows better than to touch an alpha in the middle of their rut, so she just sits next to Kara, trying to gauge whether or not she should try the pheromones again.

Kara growls low. “You smell really good.” She huffs and makes a noise that’s almost a whine. “You should go.”

“At least let me take you to the health center. They might be able to help, or they might at least have holding rooms.”

“No, I can’t leave. I don’t know if I can control myself.”

Lena scoffs. “So, what, your plan is to just hole up in here until classes are over for the day? That’ll be at least six more hours.”

Kara full-on huffs and lets out a sound of frustration. Lena doesn’t know what she can do to help, until she remembers she’s been working on new medications in the lab on campus. They’re in the final stages of being cleared by the FDA. She’s been working on them since finishing her dissertation for her PhD and the long and arduous process of getting them approved was almost complete.

“I may have something that will help. Is it okay if I go get it and come back?”

Kara mutters a yes, so Lena stands up and leaves the office. She turns to walk down the hall and bumps into someone.

“Oh, Danvers, huh? Finally moved on? And an English professor, no less!”

“Ben, what the hell are you doing here?”

“Is that any way to greet an ex?”

Lena sneers. “When that ex is a lying and cheating piece of shit, absolutely.”

“Come on, Lena, it’s been years. Bygones?”

“Fuck your bygones. Excuse me.” Ben blocks her path and when he puts his hands on her shoulders, she’s about to kick him his stupid alpha dick when the door to Kara’s office opens.”

“Is there a problem?” Kara says with a low growl.

Ben looks over Lena’s head at Kara, who’s holding herself up on the door frame, looking incredibly haggard.

“No, no problems here.” He looks back at Lena and smiles. “Maybe you should help her out. I know how well that mouth of yours works.”

With a loud snarl, Kara rushes forward, gripping Ben by his collar, pushing him backwards until they hit a wall. She presses her forearm into his neck and begins to push it deeper until his face starts to turn red and he chokes and gasps for breath.

“Kara, Kara stop!” Lena yells, grabbing onto one of her arms. She releases more soothing pheromones, hoping it won’t cause Kara to turn her anger towards her, but Kara will probably kill Ben if she isn’t stopped. Thankfully, Kara loosens her grip and Ben bends over, covering his throat and coughing.

“You’ll pay for that,” he croaks, eyes red.

“You’re lucky I didn’t rip your throat out,” Kara grits, taking another step toward Ben before Lena gets in between them.

“Hey, alpha, eyes down here.”

Kara switches her gaze to Lena, her eyes wild and uncontrolled. Ben slips away with his proverbial tail between his legs, but Lena doesn’t care. She’s trying to keep Kara calm, so she doesn’t get herself fired. She doesn’t really know why she’s spending all of this time on energy on someone she barely knows, but Sam did tell her she should be making friends.

Kara’s nose is nuzzled into Lena’s neck and she can feel teeth grazing across her skin. The bulge in Kara’s pants is pressing into Lena’s leg and she’s doing everything she can not to react. She’s not about to let some rutting alpha fuck her against the English department’s wall that’s covered in old gum and tape that used to hold flyers up, so she threads her fingers through Kara’s hair and tugs a little to get her attention.

“Do you think you can make it to the science wing without attacking some unsuspecting omega?”

Kara nods and takes a step back. Lena takes her by the hand and leads them both out the door. She takes the less busy way to the science lab building, hoping to avoid running into people and they make it there fairly quickly. She uses her pass to open the door and she shuffles through a few drawers before finding some test packets of the drug.

She fills a glass with water and hands it to Kara, along with the pills.

“Take both and drink plenty of water.”

“What is it?”

“More effective rut suppressants I’ve been working on. They’re nearly cleared through the FDA.”

“Nearly cleared?”

“Look, it’s going through the last stages of reviews. I’ve been having alphas test them for the past year and no one’s died yet. Think of yourself as a test subject.”

Kara bristles at being called a test subject, but rips he package open and pops the pills in her mouth before drinking the whole glass of water down.

“How long will it take?”

“They’re fast-acting, so within the next five to ten minutes. Just try to take deep breaths.” Lena watches as Kara closes her eyes and her white-knuckled grip that she has on the lab table starts to ease up. Her breathing starts to steady and her eyes are no longer hollow and feral when she opens them again.

“How do you feel?” Lena asks.

“I feel... good,” Kara replies, blinking a couple times. “What’s in these?”

“Think of them as liquid soothing pheromones. You’ll still have a rut, but the usual violent tendencies and uncomfortableness that come with it are nullified.”

“This is incredible. You developed these on your own?”

“Unfortunately, I have to share the creation of them with Ben, the guy you nearly ripped apart. I’ve done all of the work getting them through the reviewing process, though, handled all of the testing and everything.”

“He sounded pretty familiar with you. Is he—“

“My ex,” Lena answers sharply.

Kara nods in understanding. Lena can tell she wants to ask more questions, but is holding it in, which Lena is grateful for.

“How long do these last?”

“Around twelve hours. I can probably give you enough to last the next day and a half, but you’re on your own after that.”

“Oh, that’s okay. The fact you’re giving me any is great. I don’t know how to pay you back, especially after how I acted before.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Lena says, busying herself at one of her computers. She has to keep a detailed log of whom she gives samples to, for legal purposes. Kara stands up and walks over to Lena, placing a strong hand on her shoulder. Looking up and meeting striking blue eyes and a gentle smile, her breath got caught in her throat.

“No, really, thank you,” Kara says. “I don’t know what would have happened if someone else walked through my office. I don’t understand why my rut is so bad this time around. Usually, they’re manageable.”

“Do you…” Lena trails off. She has no idea how to address this question without sounding rude or intrusive. “Do you not have someone who can help you with them?”

Kara takes her hand back and smiles sadly. “No, I um, I had a mate once, but she passed away.”

Lena looks mortified. “Oh, god. God, Kara. I’m so sorry. I didn’t know. I thought you were like me and just didn’t care about being mated. I feel like an idiot.”

Kara waves her hand dismissively. “It’s okay, it was a while ago.” She sits down on a stool across from Lena.

“You never found someone else?” Lena asks.

With a shake of her head, Kara clears her throat. “No. I haven’t really been looking, either. It’s stupid, but it feels like I’d be cheating.”

“It’s not stupid,” Lena says, nearly reaching out to touch Kara’s hand, but thinks better of it. “How long were you two together?”

“Ten years,” Kara answers wistfully. “Best ten years of my life, honestly. What about you?”

“What about me what?”

“Why aren’t you, you know…”

And here it is, the conversation that scares off anyone who tries to get to know Lena. She’s ready to don the scarlet letter once more, to be the family embarrassment who couldn’t hold onto her alpha. If that was the case, there must be something wrong with her, right? It has nothing to do with Ben being an awful person. Blame is always put on the omega for not doing enough, for not pleasing their alpha. So, she takes the defensive, decides not to give Kara an opportunity to judge her.

“Tried it, didn’t work for me.”

Kara looks like she got punched in the gut. “You—you just choose not to?”

Lena shrugs nonchalantly. “Yeah, turns out I’m not mate material. I’m more comfortable with casual encounters. Scratch their back while they scratch mine, so to speak.”

The look on Kara’s face spells confusion, like she’s been speaking in a completely different language for the past five minutes, but then she runs a hand through her hair and shrugs. “Well, if that works for you, that’s great.” She looks at her watch and curses. “Oh, gosh, it’s really late. You probably have other things you need to be doing.” She scrambles around for her coat, which had been left in her office.

Lena doesn’t let the disappointment show on her face. She’s just realized that she enjoys being around Kara, not being judged for who she is, for once. They say goodbye to each other and Lena leaves Kara with a couple more packets of the medication and Kara surprises her with a hug. Lena revels in it, lets the warmth from the alpha flow to her cold touch-starved body. Later that night, she spends some quality time with her vibrator, fooling herself into believing she’s thinking of anyone but Kara while she comes.

Every lecture after that, Kara always has something for Lena, whether it be something simple like an apple, or danishes from the local bakery. One time, she has half of a pizza, because she said her class got hungry, so she ordered it and had it delivered in the middle of class. Lena laughs and shakes her head, accepting a slice before she sets up her laptop. Her students send raised eyebrows and whispers in their direction, but no one dares say anything.

The pre-class treats graduate into coffees after class when Kara meets up with her, or sometimes lunches before Kara’s class. They enjoy each other’s company when it doesn’t necessarily mean more than what it is – a meal as friends. Still, they get looks thrown their way and more traditional people turn their noses up at them and Kara notices this.

“We’re getting glares,” she says lowly.

“Yeah, so what? They act like we’re the only unmated people in this city, but that obviously isn’t true.”

Kara stirs her spoon in her mug mindlessly. “No, but we’re probably the oldest unmated people in the city.”

“Honestly, who cares? Both of us were dealt shitty hands and we have to live with the consequences. How is that fair?”

“Maybe if we—” Kara cuts herself off, shaking that thought away.

“Maybe if we what? Mated with each other?” Lena scoffs. “A few days ago, you were saying it felt like cheating on your wife. Look, I’m sure you’re a really great alpha, but I am not looking for commitment, not after what happened. If people aren’t okay with that, they can fuck right off. I’m not here to adhere to their archaic views on what omegas are meant for. I’m not a breeding machine. I have my own goals, my own aspirations.”

Kara sits back, tight-lipped, and lets Lena rant across from her. More people are watching them now and Lena ignores them all, going on and on about how society has become this misogynistic cesspool of unrealistic expectations that targets omegas to make them feel subservient, but she’s not taking it any longer. By the time she’s done talking, Kara has a strange look on her face and her eyes are nearly black.

“Oh, sorry, I guess I got carried away,” Lena says, sipping her now-cold coffee. “Are you okay?”

Kara snaps herself out of whatever she was thinking and blinks a few times, her eyes turning her usual blue again. “Yeah, I’m fine. You sure are passionate about omega rights.”

“Well, yeah, the whole reason why people look at us differently is because of the societal constraints and roles we’re boxed into. You, the alpha, are the meant to breed and I, the omega, am meant to carry the pups, right? That’s it. We have no other purpose, according to whoever it was that decided that procreation was the single-most important thing for us to do. So, if I’m unmated – happily, might I add – I’m not fulfilling my duty.”

Kara nods thoughtfully. “I guess I never thought about it like that. I always thought people looked at me differently, because my wife died, not because I’m slacking on my societal expectations.”

“God, this conversation turned really glib. Sorry,” Lena apologizes, finishing her coffee.

“It’s okay,” Kara laughs. “I don’t really get to do this often.”

“I think it’s my turn to pay. Do you want a scone to go?”

The corner of Kara’s lip pulls up into a crooked smile. “I never say no to food.”

After that meeting, Lena wants to ask Kara what happened to her wife, but doesn’t want to pry. But she wants to know! Kara hadn’t been disgraced, hadn’t had some ex tell all of his friends that she was a bore in bed and that the only reason why he looked elsewhere was because he felt like his dick was going to fall off for lack of use. That’s the part that pissed Lena off the most. She knew she was good in bed. He was the one who was boring, always wanting to be in the same boring position, saying the same boring things. Anyway, she didn’t know how to ask.

Lena knew her heat was coming up, but not for at least a week, so she was fully prepared to hide out in her apartment for days, testing the heat suppressants she’s been working on. But, fuck, sometimes she really did miss sex. Sam’s been trying to talk her into finding a fuck buddy, but she hates the tiptoeing around each other, trying to figure out what they like. She hates the newness and awkward first meetings, especially if it ends up not working out. Feels like a waste of her precious time. When Lena mentioned meeting Kara and actually forming a friendship, Sam jumped at the chance to suggest they mess around, even one time, just to see.

“She lost her wife, Sam. I can’t just go ask a widow if she wants to be friends with benefits.”

Why not?” her friend asks. “Maybe she’s too shy to ask you.”

“If you saw her, you wouldn’t think that. She wears tweed jackets to her lectures, with the elbow pad things and everything. She wears glasses. She teaches English, Sam.”

Okay, fair point. But still, you like her, don’t you?”

“Sure, in the Biblical sense.”

What does that even mean? You know what? I don’t really care. How many times have you thought about her while you diddle yourself?

Lena’s mouth drops open. “That is none of your business.”

Oh, so the answer is at least one. Good to know.

“Jesus Christ,” Lena mutters. “I’m not going to fuck her.”

Then give me her number and I will! Do you know how long it’s been?

“I’m hanging up now. Bye!” Lena presses the ‘end call’ button and throws her phone next to her on the bed. Sam is the worst. She refuses to be one of those omegas who finds the first alpha they see and turn them into a friend with benefits. Lena is above that. She doesn’t need it. That’s why she’s been developing these medications, for fuck’s sake, so she doesn’t have to. She can get through her heats without anyone else. But, she does wonder how big Kara is. No, fuck. She doesn’t care.

Her phone rings and it scares the living daylights out of her. She swears to god, if it’s Sam again, she’s going to throw her phone into the river.


“Lena, hey!” It’s Kara, thank goodness. “So, a student gave me two tickets to the university’s next football game and I was wondering if you wanted to go with me. No pressure! I know sports aren’t your thing, but I thought it might be fun.”

Trying to sound as genuine as she possibly can, even though she despises sports, she replies, “Yeah, sounds great. What time is the game?”

“Kickoff is at seven, so I thought maybe we could grab a bite to eat beforehand and then take the campus bus back to the stadium.” Kara sounds really excited about this and Lena isn’t about to rain on her parade, so she agrees. Kara says to meet for dinner at five and they can head to campus together afterwards. It hits Lena then that the two of them have never to been to the other’s houses. She doesn’t even know if Kara lives in a house or an apartment, not that it matters, but she feels like it’s something she should know - as Kara’s friend, of course.

So, she nonchalantly tells Kara that she can pick her up for dinner instead and then drive to the stadium together, that way, they don’t have to be surrounded by students giving them the stink-eye on the bus.

“Oh, okay. Yeah, that’s a better idea. Sure!” She gives Lena her address, which she immediately looks up on Google Maps. It’s a house, cute with a little garden out front. She wonders how old the photo is, though. If it was taken before or after... “Lena?”

“Hm? Yeah, I’m here.”

“I asked where you wanted to eat.”

“Oh, anywhere. I’m not picky.”

“Okay, haggis and sheep’s brain it is.” Lena snorts and she hears Kara laugh through the phone. They finally hang up after a few more minutes and Lena actually feels content for the first time in an incredibly long time. It’s such a foreign feeling that she’s convinced that she’s going to jinx it somehow. She and Kara haven’t known each other long, so she’ll have plenty of opportunities to fuck things up.

The day of the game, Lena picks Kara up at her house and it still looks like the photo on the map, save some different varieties of flowers in the gardens. They end up going to a pub near campus and while it’s filled with patrons, most of them are too busy pre-gaming to pay them much mind. They share a basket of fries while Kara orders a burger and Lena tries the salmon fillet.

When they get to the stadium, they pay for parking and find an empty space. Lena takes a blanket out of her trunk and they walk inside together and find their seats.

“Do you want anything from the concession stand?” Kara asks.

“We just had dinner. How can you eat again so soon?”

Kara shrugs. “It’s a football game, you have to at least have popcorn or a hotdog.” She stands up and walks back down the aisle, leaving Lena behind. Looking around, she sees a few people she recognizes and catches the eye of that dickhead Brett. He narrows his eyes at her, but turns back around to talk to one of his friends.

She starts to feel a wave of nausea wash over her and a low throb between her legs. No, it can’t be. She checks the calendar on her phone to double check that she’s not due a heat for another week. Her skin feels like it’s on fire and her hands begin to shake. She digs through her purse to see if she has any spare heat suppressants or phero-blockers. At the bottom of her bag, she finds the ineffective heat suppressants from the pharmacy, but that’s it.

“Shit,” she says under her breath. She takes a pill and drinks what’s left of an old bottle of water that she had. Someone behind her takes a deep breath, sniffing the air and she starts to panic. People are beginning to notice. Lena stands up and slowly walks to the end of the row of seats, walking up the stairs to the concessions area. She tries to look around for Kara, but there are so many people there that she could be anywhere.

Ducking into a bathroom, she shuts herself in the last stall and quickly texts Kara that she’s not feeling well and needs to go home. Soon after, she hears the bathroom door creak open and footsteps creep closer.


Her stall door bursts open and it’s not Kara standing in front of her.

“Hey, Professor Luthor. Miss me?” Brett says with a sly grin. “Looks like you could use an alpha’s help now. What do you say?” He’s about to step forward when two hands grab him by the shoulders and throw him into the wall next to the door. Kara grabs him by the throat and pushes him up against the wall.

Mine!” she growls, her eyes dark as night and teeth bared. Brett whimpers and turns his head, exposing his neck submissively. Kara squeezes a little tighter until she smells the air and her grip slackens. Brett coughs and crawls out the door. Kara turns toward Lena, who’s still huddled near the back of the bathroom. She takes a cautious step forward, arms outstretched.

“Are you okay? Did he touch you?”

Lena shakes her head, still visibly shaken and clearly uncomfortable. Sweat glistens across her forehead and she can’t see clearly. And then there’s the glaring emptiness that she feels in her pussy, and along with it comes the incessant need to be filled. When she doesn’t answer Kara, a bottle of water is shoved into her face.

“Drink this. Do you want me to take you home? Can you walk?”

Lena answers her with a whine, drinking the entire bottle in one go. “Do you know how many people are out there? We’ll get mobbed.”

“I can go see if I can find someone with heat suppressants. I’ll be right back.”

“I already took some, but they’re the ones from the pharmacy, so they’re not going to work. God, Kara, I need you,” Lena practically screams, grabbing onto Kara’s arm. The point of contact radiates heat and she can see Kara biting down on her lip. “Please.”

“I—gosh, no, I need to get you out. Is it all right if I carry you?” Lena nods, even though she thinks it’s a terrible idea, but she’s at a loss on what to do. Their options are limited. Kara scoops her up into her arms and Lena wraps herself around Kara’s neck, resisting the urge to kiss the skin there. She can hear Kara’s breathing pick up as she walks them out of the stadium, Kara growling at anyone who looks at them.

Lena rubs her nose across Kara’s neck, letting her lips graze the soft skin and lets out a shuddering breath. She hears Kara whimper sympathetically and it just makes the emptiness more prominent.

“I want you to fuck me,” she whispers into Kara’s ear.

Kara shivers, but doesn’t say anything, marching toward the car as fast as she can.

“Please, Kara,” Lena continues, on the verge of tears. “I need you to fill me.”

“We just need to get you the stronger heat suppressants and you’ll be fine.”

They get to the car and Kara sets Lena down. Kara’s about to ask for the keys when Lena pushes Kara against the car door, cupping the hardening bulge between her legs.

“Don’t you want to fill me with your cock?” she asks as she grinds herself against Kara, whose eyes are screwed shut. With a frustrated snarl, Kara pushes her back a few inches and asks for the keys. When Lena tries to get close again, Kara takes her by the shoulders and pushes her against the car with a little too much force.

“Keys,” she says, baring her teeth.

Lena pulls them out of her purse and hands them to Kara, exposing her neck and rotating her hips into nothing. Kara unlocks the car doors and opens the passenger side for Lena, the climbs into the driver’s seat.

“Lena, I need your address.”

She gives it and Kara speeds off, driving in the direction of Lena’s apartment as quickly as she can. Lena rubs her thighs together with a desperate sob, but nothing can soothe the discomfort she feels. She shoves a hand down her pants and starts rubbing her clit, whining and feeling all of her muscles tightening up.

Beside her, Kara’s nostrils flare and she grips the steering wheel so hard that she leaves hand indentations on them. After the longest drive of her life, Kara pulls up in front of Lena’s apartment complex and if it had been any other day, she would have taken note of how fancy everything was, but she had to concentrate on getting Lena inside safely.

She rounds the car and opens Lena’s door. The other woman is still desperately trying to ease the throbbing need she feels, but her hand just isn’t cutting it. Kara grabs Lena’s purse and holds the woman close to her while she tries to figure out which floor to go to. She checks the buzzers outside of the front door and sees Lena’s name at the top, so she takes them both to the elevator, which is a terrible idea. Confined space, omega in heat.

Lena tries yet again to try to get Kara to put her hands on the her, but Kara has the highest discipline Lena has ever seen and it’s aggravating as all hell. They get to the top floor and Kara unlocks the door, leading Lena to lie down on the couch.

“Where are your suppressants?”

“Bathroom, down the hall.” Kara walks where she’s directed and Lena can hear rattling and the sound of water running. She comes back out, stops at the kitchen and grabs a glass of water before kneeling in front of Lena.

“Here,” she says, offering the pills and water. Lena reluctantly takes them and gulps down the water.

“You know you want this, Professor Danvers,” Lena says, once again reaching out for Kara crotch.

Kara shakes her head and moves Lena’s hand away. “You’re not thinking clearly. Get some rest and I’ll check up on you in the morning.” She lays the blanket that was draped over the back of the couch across Lena’s body and sets down another dose of heat suppressants and phero-blockers on the coffee table. Kara must have given her the fast-acting tablets, because she’s already starting to calm down and her temperature is decreasing. Before long, she’s drifting off to sleep knowing she’s going to have a full day of damage control ahead of her.